Tuesday, November 24, 2015

IOWA POLL part 2: Tailgunner Ted SURGING

According to NRO-guy Lowry:
In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Cruz has nearly caught Trump. It’s Trump 25, Cruz 23. Cruz is asserting his dominance among Tea Partiers (he’s at 42 percent support with them) and very conservative voters (38 percent), and leads among evangelicals, although that’s closer (27 percent Cruz, 24 percent Carson). This result means that a Trump–Cruz clash could be upon us sooner rather than later. Interestingly, Trump leads among somewhat-conservatives and moderates, creating the possibility that if he loses a fight with Cruz (a big “if,” since he hasn’t lost a fight with anyone else yet), his support could bleed to a candidate besides Cruz.
The Iowa caucuses can be pretty cray-cray. SO. It is conceivable that enough of 'em may put a Joe McCarthy impersonator over the top.

Someone pretty "Messed Up" usually wins or comes close to winning over republican voters there so why not Cruz? He certainly fits that bill.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Iowa POLL: Tailgunner Ted making his move???

Rich Lowry, perhaps taking a moment off from Implementing a non-harassment workplace policy at NRO, offers this on the state of the Race:
The CBS poll over the weekend had Cruz nosing into second in Iowa. Trump still leads at 30 percent, with Cruz at 21 and Carson at 19. At this point, I think you have to say Cruz is the favorite to win Iowa — in fact if this is where the race stood in a poll the weekend before the caucuses, I’d still bet on Cruz because I assume his voters are very motivated and very reliable caucus-voters. It’s hard to exaggerate how much things have broken Cruz’s way. Potential threats to him in Iowa have faded away, with Scott Walker out of the race and Rand Paul a non-factor. Meanwhile, Carson has been losing some altitude on his own. This is exactly what Cruz expected and hoped for, because he couldn’t go out and attack Carson.
Who knows. Maybe the Tailgunner is their kinda guy in Iowa.

Great Moments in AMERICAN wingnuttery, a series, cntd

Aren't American wingnuts then absolute best?

I think so. Otherwise no "thinking" person could ever conclude that Sean Hannity of Fox was about to bring down the whole global-global warming conspiracy back in August of 2010:
If you've had a hard time keeping up with events related to the exposure of the global warming hoax over the past year, tune in to tonight's special edition of Hannity on Fox News at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern). The show is devoted in its entirety to the rise and, we hope, the fall of the hoax. It should make for a valuable contribution to an issue that, unfortunately, remains of political relevance.
The brief promo for the show asks: "Controlling your carbon footprint has become a global fad, but is it all just a con job? And how much green is it costing you?" The show explores the roots of the global warming hysteria, the bogus science used to support it, and how politicians and big business have turned it all into a multibillion dollar industry.
Just over 5 years later the global-global warming hoax is going as strong as ever. So much for so-called "science." IN FACT, somehow, and nobody knows quite how the hoaxers are pulling this one off, but 2015 looks like it'll be the hottest year on record.

It has be a pretty hardcore conspiracy to keep this "hoax" up this long without anyone spilling the beans. You'd think that at some time during the last 5 years that one of these "scientists" or one of their lackeys would slip up - just once - and Hannity would nail 'em. But nope. The conspiracy just keeps going despite the best of efforts of right wing bloggers.


Draft "Mitt Romney" Movement "Looming" on horizon

A new POLL is out and it shows that Trump still "grooving" with Crazy Ben in Second Place. Apart from those who are afraid that Trump's recent focus on "Muslims" will distract the voters from the real enemy - "Mexican" immigrants, The Donald appears to still be in the groove according to the latest WaPo poll. Crazy Ben Carson is 10 points behind followed by a "Young" and inexperienced Marco Rubio and the diabolic Tailgunner Ted Cruz. And a "Bush" rounds out the top 5.

To the Polls:
32% - TRUMP
22% - Crazy Ben Carson
11% - Rubio
  8% - Tailgunner Ted Cruz
  6% - Bush!
  5% - No opinion / Other
  4% - Fiorina
  3% - Good ol' Huck; Kasich; Paul II
  2% - Christie
  1% - Santo; Grahamnesty
The Republican electorate is still easily distracted as shown by Trump and Carson leading the pack.

BUT. Rubio (or an establishment figure) should start rising in the next 2 months. Perhaps against all odds, Bush! or Kasich or Christie can break through, though all 3 have shown no MoJo yet to date. Still my bet would be for Young Marco to get some momentum as the New Year gets underway.
STILL. Who knows. Maybe a Draft Mitt Romney movement gets started on the convention floor. I can see it as a REAL possibility.

First Trumps goons make Rubio's supporters cry through sheer meanness. Young Marco demands an apology and the Donald tells him to pound sand making the Youngster appear weak - which basically he is.

Christie then grabs center stage saying to the audience that he has not eaten red meat in 3 years and in doing so by all rights the nomination is his. He's earned it! This proclamation is met with a rebuttal by John Kasich who rambles on about his Pap-Pap and his Uncle Raymar and the time they outwitted the Revenuers by hiding in a brier patch and how he, as President, could do the same and more for America.

While this is happening Tailgunner Ted Cruz enters the Hall holding a Cross overhead - fashioned from portions of what his supporters claim is the coffin of George Washington. This "blasphemy" causes a fracas with Ben Carson's fanatics as each side's supporters do battle on the floor. The Carsonites defeat the Cruzites, claim the "True Cross" and then "hole up" in Section J of the convention center waiting for the second coming. Bush, muttering under his breath something about "being above it all"  wonders around the floor seemingly unrecognized.

AND THEN when chaos appears certain to reign, a Woman in White appears near the Rafters of the Hall. Her "angelic" voice captivates the crowd as she calls for attention. Slowly unfurling a rolled banner, she unveils it showing the likeness of "Mitt Romney." At that moment, having entered the the hall clandestinely during the chaos, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir bursts into a rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Though a significant minority would have preferred "Dixie" instead, the crowd erupts in rapture.

For 50 minutes chants of "Mitt," Mitt," "Mitt" dominate the hall. The Carson supporters, taking this as the moment very  moment of the second coming, join in the most enthusiastically of all. One of 'em formally moves to nominate Willard Mitt Romney for President as the choice of the convention. More cheers erupt. The Sneaky RINO is charge of the nomination process declares that "by voice vote" Romney has won a super-majority of the delegates needed for the nomination.

As Romney strides onto stage, angrily Trump storms out of the convention center with his supporters in tow. They hastily reassemble at Cleveland State Community College where The Donald declares it to be the absolute best venue in Cleveland. It's top notch and first rate!

Trump is nominated on the first ballot as the Presidential candidate of the "Freedom Party." Trump accepts the nomination accompanied by his VP candidate, Carly Fiorina, freshly attired in a brand new Dalmatian fur coat.  Late Night Comedian everywhere rejoice thanking the God of Ratings for the GOP.

And so it goes.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Neocon Doyenne Offers "8 Open Questions" on GOP Race

With the clown car in high gear and shit hitting the fan on a daily basis, insiders are having a hard time trying to keep up with the cray-cray that is the GOP primary. What is gonna happen next?

Nobody knows for sure, but its sure to involve ample amounts of batshit in some way or fashion. This is because the whole process is, to use a technical term - a clusterfuck. Sigh.

Anyway, Neocon Apparatchik Jennifer Rubin has taken to the internets to post her observations of the drama that is the GOP presidential primary.

I'll paraphrase:

1) Will Carly Fiorina ever get that Dalmatian Fur Coat that she's been ruthlessly pursuing?

Jen-Jen is unsure about this one BUT the odds are high that Carly will fail spectacularly. However this will not be before she either runs her campaign or another tech company into the ground. Regardless Carly is toast. Its just a question of how long she'll stay around.

2) How Much Longer will The Donald dope slap the GOP Establishment around?

Again, Jen-Jen is unsure about this one too. The latest cause for concern, other than The Donald lack of allegiance to the Neoconservative Mission is his plunge into totalitarianism, i.e., playing along with the prejudices that the GOP Entertainment Complex has been reinforcing about Muslims over the past 7 plus years. They - the conservative entertainment complex -laid a foundation of distrust and fear about Muslim-Americans and the Donald has the nerve to come along and build up his campaign on it. Everyone knows that demonizing Muslims is a good thing, but Damn it, Trump could ruin a good thing by taking it a bit too far.

3) Will Hillary Dope Slap Rand Paul and Tailgunner Ted on threats related to ISIS.

Hillary simply cannot be seen as "tougher" than the Tailgunner and Rand Paul.  This is a big concern for the Neocons and their play to whip up war frenzy. Hillary stands to mess things up all their plans for another war.

4) What about the Super-Scary Iran Deal?

Wingers convinced themselves that the Iran Nuclear Deal - whatever that is - was not just going to be bad but it was gonna be "SuperBad." Some of this opposition was reflexive partisanship to be sure.  But other "radicalized" wingers actually believe the crazy shit that Ted Crus says. Jen-Jen wonders, how will this "SuperBadness" play out in the race for the GOP nomination when "SuperBad" shit starts to go down.

5) Does Kasich’s (coming) attack on Trump boomerang? 

The internets are reporting that John Kasich is planning to launch a negative attack on The Donald. Will it work and bring the Donald Down and/or raise Kasich up? Jen-Jen does not know. GOP Establishment Attacks were gonna happen at some point in time. Apparently they are starting now/soon.

6) When does The Donald start Dope Slapping Tailgunner Ted? 

The Tailgunner's schtick is to get to the Far Right and not let anyone flank him. This can be a hard thing to do at times, because as conservatism is an inherently reactionary ideology, you never can be 100% what you'll need to be against next week. Youhave to be against something and its hard to plan ahead. If you take a position, and then the Obamunist Madman comes out and agrees with you next week, you'll be forced to then vehemently condemn your own ideas. It can be frustrating and inevitably you'll slip up on something. But such is life.

Anyway, Cruz has been "drafting" The Donald waiting for the ideal time to "steal" his supporters. Trump will falter and then Cruz will offer up the craziest right-wing rhetoric he can think of and folks will switch over to the Tailgunner/ Ideally, anyway.  BUT assuming that Trump does not falter, at some point in time, The Donald will get tired of this asshole aping him and will decide to swat the Tailgunner aside  - like the annoying sumbitch he is. When will that be, Jen-Jen wonders. Its all great theater!

7) Who wins Iowa.

While it will not be Pat Robertson, Jen-Jen wonders if Tailgunner Ted is doomed if he fails to win here. When it comes to Bat Shit and Crazy, the Iowa GOP takes second to no state without a fight. Here you have a state political party that recently toyed with replacing the 13th Amendment to the constitution - the one that banned slavery! That's seriously messed up. So you know these guys are hardcore enough to dig Tailgunner Ted and his world of cray-cray. He could win Iowa, but most likely won't.

8) Who is gonna win?

Jen-Jen does not know this either. None of 'em do for reasons largely having to do with the Conservative Entertainment Complex, Obama Derangement Syndrome and Aversion to Modernity and the Expert Class - all conspiring against 'em. This means they stay in their echo chamber far more than they should. Ultimately, this works to their detriment. Before they know it, a carnival barker like Donald Trump steals all their rubes leads 'em all astray. Its frustrating.

But hopefully, if someone has to win and somebody likely will win whether they deserve to win or not, it'll be someone who Jen-Jen hates with the white hot intensity of one thousand suns. That way it'll be mucho-mucho fun watching her flack for this former foe. Stab him in the back one day as a danger to the republic and then build 'em up as the savior of Western Civilization the next day!

The GOP is always entertaining.

Some "Black Guy" Wins Book award; Powerline Blog Melts down again, sigh

The Haters are back at it again
Ta-Nehesi Coates was awarded the National Book Award (non-fiction) for Between the World and Me on Wednesday night. It is an utterly abominable book. I wrote about it in the City Journal column “An updated racial hustle.” Christopher Caldwell nailed it in the Weekly Standard. Anthony Daniels administered justice to it in the New Criterion. Most recently, Bill Voegeli took a learned whack in the Claremont Review of Books.
This is an extraordinarily ugly moment in our history. In Coates and his book the man has met the moment. Coates says he has been waiting for this moment for 15 years; he’s a young man. His book harks back to all the worst racial tropes of the ’60s. The book vividly reminds me of Eric Hoffer’s concise estimate of Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice (1968): “Soul on horse manure.”
Coates has much to be modest about, but he is not a modest man. 
I'd have to say this is a pretty promising pattern.

(1)  Ta-Nehisi Coates publishes a "book" about "America"
(2)  The Lunatic Fringe goes Nuts because America belongs only to them
(3)  TNC wins award after award
(4)  The Lunatic Fringe gets even more Angry

TNC should do this more often. How often does one win a "Genius Grant" and a National Book Award?

Somehow I get the feeling that his most vocal critics maybe have not read the book or much of his other work. I have not read this book either, but I have read lots of things that TNC has written. His prose is excellent. His observations are honest and searching in the sense that he describes "what it means to be me." This is not an easy topic for the hard right winger.

This is hardly surprising because it requires something President Obama calls "empathy." And as everyone knows, "empathy" is bad.  It is not needed in America when your side possesses a monopoly on "the truth."

BUT. As it turns out, all the "smart" people like TNC's book. So there is that .....and likely another one to follow. More hate will follow too. Sigh.

Haters got hate.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

GREAT IDEA: National Review the Musical!

A Powerline Blogger asks an interesting question:
If Broadway can turn Alexander Hamilton’s life story into a rap musical, then why can’t we turn National Review‘s 60th anniversary into a musical number as well? 
Say why not! I, for one, can't wait until they get to the song and dance number about the importance of maintaining White Supremacy in the American South and in South Africa. I wonder if any of 'em will dress in "black face" during that number....?

But you got to hand it to them, when it came to bigotry, at least they were equal opportunity. America. South Africa it just didn't matter to them. Treat everyone equally! I guess its kinda like what passed as a non-discrimination policy at National Review back in the day.

h/t Powerline Blog for excellent idea  - NR the Musical!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NRO "Clown" Reflects on the untimely DEMISE of Bobby Jindal's career

An NRO guy has a "sad:"
A Stupid GOP Electorate Takes a Pass on the Best Governor in the 2016 Field
Alright. I’m ready to just burn down the primary process. Do you why I was such a big Bobby Jindal fan? Look at the condition of his state the day he took office, and look at the condition of his state now. Yes, Jindal’s approval rating is way below its peak, and two-thirds Louisianans think the state is headed in the wrong direction. I’ll explain more on that in a bit. But let’s take a time machine back to 2007, right before Jindal was elected....
Apparently despite Jindal's "Bush" level disapproval rating and near bankruptcy of the state, which includes the 2015 season of the LSU football team - could then season have been more successful, maybe challenging for a national championship - if the only opponents it faced were on the football field, the state of "things" were markedly worse before he was elected governor. So posits the NRO. And there may be something to that. Football is not everything and the damage from Hurricane Katrina was real.

The NRO guy continues:
Look at Bobby Jindal. Just look at him. He’s 90 pounds soaking wet, he speaks a million words a minute, and he’s got the brains for Oxford and can’t hide it at all. When he’s not nerdy, he’s square; he chose to be called “Bobby” because he liked the character on “The Brady Bunch.” A state that still reveres Huey Long the way the Turks revere Ataturk was never going to give a guy like him the keys to state government unless they were desperate and looking for a miracle. So they put Bobby Jindal behind the wheel and damn, did he perform.

That's the problem. He "drove," so to speak. To lead "the Beast," he became part of the Beast.
In the GOP, you have a party that indoctrinates its "Base" with the belief that government is beastly, dreadful, incompetent, evil, "never the answer" and/or all the above or WORSE.

AND THEN after electing one of its own to go to Sodom to lead the sinners, becoming a part of the Beast in the process, how can the Base be expected to "trust" this "person."  He's one of "them" and not one of "us."  And in so doing, Jindal has become part of the very system that the Party has declared to be corrupt.

The Base is wise in this decision to reject Jindal. THEY ARE NOT STUPID, like the elitist NRO-guy writes! They see and evaluate Jindal on the terms that GOP has presented to them. Under these terms, Bobby Jindal is understandably unacceptable.

AND this is a problem. If your side wants to implement its ideas and policies into the system, it needs to be a part of that system of government. Standing separate and apart and ALWAYS castigating the very government that you hope to lead is by definition self-defeating....if ideas matter.  Your side won't trust you when its your turn to lead.

Poor Bastards.

These "Clowns" and "Losers" just don't understand consequences of their self-destructive behavior. Trump will have to give them some more doses of reality.


Kasich announces plan to "Re-purpose" Obama's FEMA run camp program; NRO tepidly endorses

Those FEMA-run Anti-Obama Dissident Camps and President Obama's Secret Gestapo-like Force would get a make-over during the next Presidential Administration, if John Kasich has anything to do with it.

No longer would Black Helicopters round up people in the dead of the night to be delivered to imaginary  death panels or to be checked into Camp Bachmann before they harm themselves. Instead there'd be a new mission.

The NRO explains:
I think there is a good case for what he’s talking about, and I don’t think there’s anything inappropriately sectarian about it. ....his proposal to create “a new government agency that would help promote Judeo-Christian values around the globe.” ... his answer explains that the agency would “beam messages around the world about what it means to have a Western ethic, to be a Judeo-Christian society,” which he then spells out as including respect for women, democracy, and so on. I don’t doubt that individual rights and democracy are indeed linked to being in a Judeo-Christian society.
But conflating these ideas with Judaism and Christianity seems like a very poor way to win the battle for those ideas in societies that are not Jewish or Christian.
I don't really have a problem with this, in theory, either. President Obama was never going to use his secret Gestapo-like force which basically means that we will have to wait until President Hillary takes office to get one of them FEMA run Anti-Obama-Dissident camps. I guess good things take time.

BUT. Should there be a Kasich administration, I guess his plans for this part of the Government will take priority. While the "devil is in the details" for such things, I am sure the FEMA officials, UN guards and other government bureaucrats staffing these "camps" and running these government programs will do their best as they nationalize an American Civics 101 Ed program and disseminate it ot the less fortunate among us. There are lots of folks who could use it.

If Kasich's plan means we'll be less likely to be subjected to blather from the latest Tea Party Patriot about the Founding Fathers historic drive around the New Hampshire countryside in a Winnebago to warn the British not to try to take away people's guns and not to try any other bullshit moves, then it'll be worth it.  Allah knows there is enough garbage out there as it stands. If this government program cuts down some of the bullshit....well then, that's something.

Kudos to the NRO for taking a stand, such as it is. Hopefully they'll be equally or more helpful when it comes to rounding up the nutters that haunt their comments section so they can be shipped off to Camp Kasich for their own (and our) good.

Good Riddance "Clown"

Donald Trump tells it like it is about Bobby Jindal dropping out of the race.
“Well, he was, you know, a little nasty with me. But I think ultimately was very nice. And he tried… You know, I’m not unhappy to see one by one they go.”
But what nobody is talking about yet, is Jindal's 1% of the GOP electorate. Where do his supporters go? 

Can Rick Santorum make a mad push to add them to the fold. How about Tailgunner Ted Cruz? And what about Crazy Ben Carson and Good ol' Huck?  Surely one of 'em has a chance to benefit with Jindal's fall. 

Trump Knocks Jindal Out of Race

Its happened again. The Donald has bounced another "Clown" from the GOP primary.

Yesterday Bobby Jindal announced that America was not ready for him or perhaps it was that he understands now that he's not fit for the office or, maybe, the reason he gave had something to do with timing - that it wasn't his time....yet. Whatever.

But the real reason that Jindal got out of the race was that he did not have what it takes to stand up to and next to Donald Trump on a national stage. Jindal, it turns out and unlike Trump, is a "loser" and a "clown." Also he's probably a "buffoon," too, and a host of other names.  Being classified as what right wingers call an "anchor baby," can't help either. How can you bash immigration as dangerous without drawing attention to the fact that your family has done quite well after immigrating to America?

But whatever. The good news is that The Donald has dope slapped Jindal into oblivion for the time being. Maybe in doing so, Trump knocked some sense into him. Somehow I doubt it though.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great Moments in Republican Rhetoric, a series, cntd....

Erick Erickson steps up and offers this (non-goat related) wisdom for the ages:
“France has done more damage to ISIS in one day than Barack Obama, a man who thinks Bruce Jenner is a woman and ISIS is not Islamic, has done in months of alleged conflict.”
Well. The Road from "Freedom Toast" and "Freedom Fries" is long and winding. BUT any time that Erickson is not writing about "goats" is all good, man.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Powerline Continues Operation OUTREACH!

At various times in our nation's history, right wing mythology, i.e., "wingnut mythology" has played around with a powerful but conflicting meme. It went something like this: Now that the GOP has stolen the Southern Dixie-crats and added 'em into the fold, if we can also get black folks to join us too, The GOP will be unstoppable. It sounded good on paper anyway.

BUT.  For whatever reason, black folks and these "racial conservatives" never seem to find anything in common. Go figure. Anyway, despite the best intentions, it never worked the way that these conservatives wanted it to work. BUT. You have to give them something for trying - maybe a participate ribbon or a self-esteem pin or whatever. AND fail as they periodically do with this great plan, wingers are still just where, why and how they f'd it up.

BUT AGAIN. You still must give them some credit for effort - maybe a rainbow unicorn sticker on the front page of their right wing blogs would do. And I write this because some of them are still trying to figure out why groups of folks feel really uncomfortable joining with them. And by some groups of folks I mean groups of folks that are not largely made up of old white folks, exclusively. So that is good in theory.

ANYWAY. Powerline Blog is back at it again offering this explanation for their many outreach failures.
Why the constant call for “safe spaces.” Black students aren’t being assaulted. But they reasonably feel insecure about their status because, typically, they are not well-positioned to succeed academically, in relative terms. ...
I don’t mean to say that all of the militant minority students are mismatched. Non-affirmative action minority admittees can be swept along. Indeed, some may assume leadership roles; spearheading militant protests can be a heady experience. And, of course, some students who are mismatched in theory will, in practice, match the requirements for success at their college quite nicely in practice.
Still, it’s worth considering whether mismatch helps explain the militant black fragility that seems to be sweeping across our nation’s campuses. Assuming the fragility part is a genuine, not a scam, mismatch likely plays a role.
Well they are trying, bless their hearts. I especially like the term: "militant black fragility." That one is sure to add their Outreach Efforts!

But, you know, it all goes back to the age old question that has haunted the internets since the beginning of time (i.e., the very first pixel): "Is conservatism an inherently racist ideology." Reasonable minds differ on this one with right wing bloggers and "fragile" yet "militant" young folks likely not agreeing with each other.

I suspect something called "mismatch" may or may not have something to do with it. Whether its affirmative action in university admissions or "Wingnut Welfare," which is such a problem within right wing media, this concept is likely to blame in some way.

Friday, November 13, 2015

SHOCKING REPORT: Shadowy figures move to "Draft Romney"

With the absolute Cluster Fuck that is the GOP right now along with its clown car meets demolition derby meets Texas No Holds Barred Steel Cage Barbed Wire Death Match going on right now, WHO could ever have thought that this might happen:
Less than three months before the kickoff Iowa caucuses, there is growing anxiety bordering on panic among Republican elites about the dominance and durability of Donald Trump and Ben Carson and widespread bewilderment over how to defeat them.
Party leaders and donors fear that nominating either man would have negative ramifications for the GOP ticket up and down the ballot, virtually ensuring a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency and increasing the odds that the Senate falls into Democratic hands. ...
According to other Republicans, some in the party establishment are so desperate to change the dynamic that they are talking anew about drafting Romney — despite his insistence that he will not run again. Friends have mapped out a strategy for a late entry to pick up delegates and vie for the nomination in a convention fight, according to the Republicans who were briefed on the talks, though Romney has shown no indication of reviving his interest.
Its basically what happened last time. All the "normal" republicans realized the Obama as an incumbent was likely to be re-elected and had no desire to try to tame the shrieking hysteria consuming the GOP base.

Willard "Mitt" Romney was the one man who was up to the challenge. He could be both a Tea Party Crazy and an Establishment Fat Cat at the same time. He could be the Father of Nationalized Romneycare and Obamacare's biggest foe at the same time. He could reach out to the middle of the electorate while reassuring the Base that the 47% of America making up the middle were moochers, looters and scumbags ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Romney was that man who could walk to the center stage of the GOP freak show and captivate the circus going throngs much in the manner of the most capable carnival barker of the 19th Century all while representing to the rest of America that he was also a grown up capable of the duties of the highest office of the land.

It may be that in 2016 that Willard "Mitt" Romney will once again be the only Man who can do it this time as well. Yes. The GOP is that F'd Up, man.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

AMERICAN MASTERWORKS a series: Great Moments in Republican Rhetoric

Rick Santorum said unto the masses - These are my words, which I speak-eth to you concerning all that is righteous and holy. Hear them. Follow them. And Keep Them:"
[And] "I said [unto them], 'This is a napkin. A napkin is what a napkin is. It isn't a paper towel. It isn't a car.' You can call a napkin a car, but it doesn't make it a car. You can call a paper towel a chair, but it doesn't make it a chair. Marriage is what marriage is"
Marriage is not a Napkin, Paper Towel, Car or a Chair.

Well. As far as a Fourth of July Speech goes, I guess they don't make them like they used to make them. BUT SADLY STILL. While some of 'em are more talented than others, unfortunately Rick Santorum is one of their better guys.  He did come in second last time and scared the shit out of Mitt Romney. How sick is that?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PANIC: NRO-bot sounds alarm

Rich Lowry is afraid of Trumpmentum:

It’​s hard to exaggerate the stakes in the first contest of the Republican nomination battle. If Trump wins there — I doubt it, but it’s possible based on current polling —​ he gets a head of steam into New Hampshire, where he has been performing very well. To go 2-for-2 in the initial contests would be an enormous deal, and propel him into the South, where he has also shown considerable strength, with a lot of momentum. In other words if he wins Iowa, it’​s possible to see how the nomination battle becomes a desperate attempt to stop Trump by the rest of the party almost immediately.
Iowa republicans can always be counted upon to do whatever "feels good." If that's Trump, then so be it. The voters will have spoken.  Allah knows that the NRO has spent the last 7 years whipping 'em into a frenzy. So sometime things like Karma happen. Typically at the NRO, Karma is having to fire another White Supremacist writer. Trump winning Iowa could be viewed as Karma, too.

SC POLL: Crazy "shit" roiling GOP race

A new poll of South Carolina voters has hit the internets just before the clown car rolls into crazy town for the next debate.

The results, yawn, are shocking [pdf]:
Ben Carson and Donald Trump are in a virtual tie for the top spot in the
first southern contest of the GOP primary season. The Monmouth University Poll of likely South Carolina voters also found that Marco Rubio, who places third overall, is the clear favorite from the so-called “establishment” pack of candidates. However, his so-called “generational appeal” seems to be appealing to a different generation than expected.
Among voters likely to participate in South Carolina’s Republican primary in February, 28% support Ben Carson and 27% support Donald Trump. Marco Rubio places third at 11%, followed by Ted Cruz (9%) and Jeb Bush (7%). None of the other ten candidates in the field scores higher than 2%. 
Take aways.

In the birth place of secession and one of the craziest places (still) in the union, 55% of GOP voters either prefer Crazy Ben or The Donald. That's over half of 'em!

Young Marco Rubio, according to the poll, is the favorite of "Establishment" leaning voters, i.e., Non-radicalized Old People.  It turns out that Rubio is an idealized version of how an Old Person thinks a Young Person should act. This is hardly surprising. Young Marco's schtick has been "generational appeal" in the form of packaging tired ideas from the 1970s and presenting them as "fresh" and "modern" largely due to his youth and inexperience.  That old people think he's the "Bees Knees" should not be surprising. He is talking to them.

This establishment preference behind Rubio does means that Bush! is on the ropes there now. But things change in a primary process dominated by batshit and cray-cray.  For example: Crazy Ben Carson has yet to announce his coming $9.99 pizza special-special.

Tailgunner Ted Cruz has yet to accuse any of his challengers of being a North Korean Spy yet either. Which one of them are linked to "Friends of Hamas?" We don't know yet. But the one thing that everyone knows is that more craziness is just around the corner.

That's just how a demolition derby filled with clown cars rolls, baby.

Monday, November 9, 2015

GENERAL RULEs of WINGNET: Facts are "relative"

One of the theme one sees on the wingnet is that "only the wingnuts know the truth." It happens all the time and inevitably all of the "best" wingers will use this meme from time to time.  In reality what this theme really means (on the wingnet), is all the "Smart people" are just hopelessly biased - perhaps by science or by other stupid things like that.

Other people who "don't get it" are labeled as "low information" voters by the wingnet.  If only these "low information" voters, so it goes, knew "the truth" they'd become proper wingers and would rise up and usher in a peaceful revolution based upon private ownership of public resources and other "bullshit stuff" they heard about on Foxnews.  But as it turns out, a lot of times these "low information" voters don't vote the "right way." Which maybe is part of the reason that right wingers are committed to limiting the franchise.

But anyway hard core wingers tend to be pretty sure that only they know the "truth" about most issues of controversy. Global Warming is a glaring example for instance. Only the wingers know what is happening and everyone else is dead wrong.

A lot of the certainty about "facts" comes from the daily application of right wing ideology to current events. Over time a sort of "wingnut mythology" is created rooted in the emotional responses to past events that were experienced through a prism of right wing ideology.

Here is an example from a right wing professor in 2012 (as opposed to just some random loser posting shit from his parents' basement):
this video sent to me by a reader gets me excited.
It’s what we saw in 2010, on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, and on National Empty Chair Day — the quiet cell-phone paying majority showing up.
Here the right wing blogger references 4 discreet events that might be missed by the naked eye: 2010, "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" "National Empty Chair Day" and also includes a reference to Obamaphones i.e., "cell-phone paying majority."  Unless the reader is fully immersed in wingnut mythology, the reader will not understand what this right wing professor is writing about.

Here is another example from the same right wing professor:
Tuffy never told other clowns to “make life as difficult for people as we can.”
Tuffy never tried to stop aging WWII Veterans from making pilgrimage to pay their respects to fallen comrades.
Tuffy never tuffycaded anyone.
Tuffy wasn’t a mean clown.
Tuffy just poked fun at a politician.

In the real world "low information" voters tend to be "just a bunch of folks" who have lives and responsibilities and "stuff" to do which all gets in the way of fixating on the outrage of the moment. They won't have any emotional attachment to "Tuffycading" whatever that means.

A reference to Paying a Cellphone bill in the first example likely will not evoke any memories about the Reagan era-program called "Lifeline" or as wingers call it "Obamaphones." The "Obamaflu" is another example as is the Bush-era law to modernize light bulb standards which wingers call "Obamabulbs." The "low information" voter will be lost by such nonsense as "tuffycading." They might not know that Chick-Fil-A Appreciation day refers to super-duper scary same-sex marriage either.

More lectures on right wing mythology will not remove the stigma of "low information" voter status. These folks as "low information voters" don't really have the time, energy or desire to become invested in right wing ideology and, not surprisingly, did not experience the same emotional response back when the wingers were organizing national skip school day or whatever the outrage was at the time. The outrage changes weekly if not daily and if you miss it, you miss out on understanding the wingnut mythology.

Anyway, its a problem these wingers have. Here's Powerline Blog demonstrating the wingnut mythology effect quite succinctly:
I would like someday to have the opportunity to debate these morons. It would be such fun to beat them over the head with facts that they aren’t even aware of, lest it interfere with their delusions.
Here, the winger show us that:

1) There is some point of angry disagreement requiring "debate" with

2) People who are deemed "morons" and "delusional" while at the same time

3) these (same) people are not even aware of "facts."

In such an instance, having an angry "debate" when one side is not even aware of the facts becomes impossible.

Not understanding the wingnut mythology and when it is appropriate to use the term "Tuffycading" or "Solyndra" becomes problematic if not a fatal defect.  Thus "facts" such as they exist, become relative in context of the mythology as the purpose of mythology is not to prove that that Zeus exists but to convey parables that are important to (right wing) culture. In that sense, the feeling of Outrage is far more important than any justification of outrage on the merits.

Again this is a big problem within right wing counter culture as it becomes a crutch which allows the winger to view complicated fact patterns and to come up with (the same) simple answers most of the time. Most of time this simple answer to a complicated question turns out to be wrong.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Over at the NRO's Postmodern Conservative Blog for "smart" wingers, one of the inmates who resides there has taken to the internets to excoriate Republican Coalition members outside of the "lunatic fringe."

Why don't the powers that be (cough- the Establish) consider an "all out war" against the Obamunist Menace and his anointed successor? Good question.  Why not indeed? The fate of the Western Civilization hangs in the balance- or so everyone says. But yet the Establishment "keeps its powder dry" as the lunatic fringe suffers what it must while the the Obamunist Dictator does what he will.

The Fringe is exasperated, flummoxed and at the brink of despondency. The result is more pixels. Sigh.
Has anyone prominent simply talked of organizing the Republican members of the House to even consider merely a collective threat to impeach if Obama undertakes more such violations, which everyone knows would at the most result in an impeachment in the House alone, nonetheless delivering a real reprimand and a lasting testament to his violations? Has anyone done such with similar threats to impeach members of his administration beneath him, an administration which the early accountings are dubbing the most lawless on record? How about with collective promises of what I have called retaliation? No, no, and no; and disgustingly, with respect to any of these measures, not even with the initial step of the talk. That’s been left to private conversations, as far as I can tell; in public, such talk has been left to obscure bloggers like yours truly. It’s been left to those who will stick their necks out to become dubbed the “extremists,” while the connected and supposedly wise ones stay obscenely mum.
It is this sort of collective cowardiceon a number of issues in addition to this one, to be sure–that has now exposed the Republican establishment, and to a large degree the conservative punditry establishment also, to a wave of revulsion from the conservative base, a wave that looks likely to put Hillary in the White House. It is the same brilliant strategy cowardice that will paint every conservative who succumbed to it a base hypocrite who dares to call for her impeachment if she does similarly unconstitutional executive legislating. That is, since nearly every prominent Republican and conservative, including Paul Ryan, did succumb to it, it’s the cowardice that could well wind up handing her, and every president after her, a license to make law at will.
These guys just don't get it.

They are "kept" around and "allowed" political space by the conservative Establishment on "sufferance," i.e.,  they are "tolerated" because they serve a purpose.  Simply put, the Lunatic Fringe consists of what are referred to as "useful idiots" - fundamentalist foot soldiers loyal to whatever the Cause demands.  As shock troops, they can be counted upon to mass at the front and rush the enemy guns. Inevitably, they get "mowed" down shortly after the order to "go over the top" is given. But in some instances, a later wave may take the objective with "acceptable" casualties. In theory anyway.

Such is the nature of the "cause" and its demands. Which, I might add, vary depending upon the occupant of the White House and the issues of the "moment." Where the Lunatic Fringe goes wrong is confusing the Establishment's defense of power and privilege which must "evolve" with the times to a devotion to a ideology that was fabricated to defend power and privilege as it existed in the past. The poor bastards have been "left behind" and don't even realize it.

While defending privilege is always of paramount importance to the Establishment, today's priorities at they exist in 2015 of the Common Era leave no room for an all out "War" against the Kenyan Strongman, his allies and the American Form of Government as it has developed over the past 150 years. The Fringe finds the American form of government quite objectionable  (again, when the opposition party controls the reins).  But what can you do? One can no more turn back the tides as he can turn back the clock to a "simpler time."

The Fringe has no choice other than contenting itself with these realities. The year is 2015 not 1900 and it never be so again. And if that was not enough, the Establishment is vested in defending privilege as its exists today.  But all is not lost. Since the Lunatic Fringe will charge the nearest machine gun nest upon command, they always have a spot at the table - as long as they know their place. So they have this going for them.

Meanwhile they can shriek about great principles as they understand them to be (again when a member of the opposition party is in the white house) and about holy impeachment until such time as those issues align with the Establishment's interests. Until that time occurs it won't do them much good. Rage and Confusion will surely follow.


GOP VOTERS: We want Hillary

That's the unmistakable conclusion that thinking folks have to draw from the results of the latest Poll showing Crazy Ben Carson now leading the GOP presidential field. If the choice is between a crazy guy and Hillary, can there be any other conclusion?

Well yes.

Maybe ordinary GOP leaning voters have been played as rubes in a con-game for so long that they can't see up from down anymore. If one is constantly lied to and deceived and perhaps abducted and held hostage, the victim can end up totally - and this is a technical term - "Fucked Up." Some people may call it stockholm syndrome where the victim ends up sympathizing with the terrorizers. Other people call it Derangement Syndrome or Foxnews Syndrome. Yet others may liken it to joining a cult. Whatever.

The point is that when a large group of people are consistently abused by people they trust, they end up doing some - again a technical term, pretty fucked up stuff. And so Crazy Ben Carson leads in the polls for now.

But there is still time for lots of lead changes in the polls. Trump, who is the best most awesome guy ever, may retake the lead. Rubio, who has the juice right now, may end up winning to whole damn-primary. Bush seems done. Tailgunner Ted would be a disaster. The other RINOs have a chance to prevail by the end of the primary when the moneyed-interests start cranking the oppo up. Shit can happen.

Until then Crazy Ben Leads the Low Class Slobs -  with the exception of Trump because he is First Class, always, by a big margin [pdf]:
29% - Crazy Ben
23% - The Donald
11% - Young Marco Rubio
10% - Tailgunner Ted Cruz
08% - Another "Bush"
03% - Fiorina, Kasich, Huck, Christie
02% - Paul II
01% - "Other," "None" of these Losers
 ---  -  Gilmore, Graham, Santo, Jindal, Pataki
Fun times.

Friday, October 30, 2015

CONFUSION ABOUNDS: The Wingnet confused about Debate Format

GOP Chairman Reinhold Preibus can't catch a break:
The biggest losers in the GOP debate seems to be the CNBC moderators who came across as both bias and ill informed. The real question is why was anyone surprised that moderator John Harwood has a liberal biased? ...The real question that needs to be ask is why did the RNC allow a panel like this one to conduct the debate? CNBC employs Larry Kudlow, tea party founder Rick Santelli, Joe Kernen and David Faber. Why CNBC was allowed to pick the most liberal reporters on their staff to question the GOP candidates needs to be answered for.
So the answer to the Wingnet's question of "Why pick CNBC to host a debate" is really easy. It is so freaking easy that it is almost not worth the pixels to answer. But the wingers on the wingnet seem genuinely perplexed by this question.

So here is the answer. After the 2012 primary clusterfuck, the Republican Party Bosses sought to rein in the process somewhat. Instead of having what seemed like a gazillion debates with various candidates participating in a variety of formats all competing to say the craziest thing possible, Reinhold aka "Reince" and the establishment thought that limiting the number of debates and picking the format in advance would cut down on the cray-cray.  One can recall the look of Horror on poor Mitt Romney's face as he had to play to the lowest common denominator with the likes of "Michele Bachmann," the "999-guy" and the others. That was seriously F'd up.

BUT to do this, they could just say "These Tea Party Assholes are ruining everything" so we going to cut them out of the process entirely by only having a couple of scripted debates among establishment approved candidate (aka Housebroken Candidates).   Since Reinhold needs the lunatic fringe to turnout in November in even numbered years, he had to compromise with them and this year's debate format.

As a direct result of the influence of the Teahadists  and the Cray-Cray, Reinhold traded four or five ad hoc debates with NO RULES and for one somewhat scripted CNBC debate. From the party's perspective and without any doubt what so ever, this was a good deal. You'd get to showcase Larry Kudlow - the biggest fan of George Bush's economic record in the world and one of the founders of the Tea Party in that Santelli asshole. Hell,  Kudlow was writing about the "Bush Boom - The Greatest Story Never Told" right up until the Great Recession hit. How can you get a better party propagandist than Kudlow? You can't. BOOM. Score one for Priebus.

The alternative could have been FAR WORSE and at par at best. Reinhold having done the best he could under seriously f'd circumstances, is being second guessed by the same group of people that tormented Mitt Romney and seriously flirted with nominating "Rick Santorum" as president in 2012. While that would have been seriously awesome for America and comedians everywhere, it would have lead to a calamity for the GOP electorally.

So long story short, the GOP establishment is doing the best damage control they can under the circumstances.  And it is only fitting, since that they've nurtured the Crazy for a generation. From the establishment's perspective, these Teahadists should STFU and let the grown ups do their jobs. But we are all kinda glad that they don't. Its karma.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wingnut says whaaaat, cntd???

Another in a series of random ramblings from right wing blogs presented without context, because sometimes its better that way. Via Powerline:
China announced today that it is ending its coercive one-child policy, and will now allow couples to have two children. That’s mighty white of them.
The "mighty white" line may come up a lot when right wingers among themselves and think non-wingers are listening. It was probably a routine phrase during what passed for staff meetings at National Review back in the day. I think its safe to say it had to have been.

While I think it is also correct that if this were to happens now, it would be an opportunity for the speaker to learn about the NRO's progressive discipline procedure.  Apparently not so at Powerline Blog.

THIRD DEBATE - State of the GOP Race to date

WINGNET: Debate Moderators big "losers; also "Bush"

Checking in with the Wingnet this morning and the hive appears to be unanimous in its assessment. The Moderators were mean and Bush is probably toast. But I think this is a severely conservative assessment of the debate for a couple of reason.

First the format is a joke. With 10 people on stage, many of whom have no business being there the flow is clearly going to suffer.  Next, the GOP primary process is basically a demolition derby filled with clown cars. The best any moderator can do under these circumstances is to put lipstick on that pig and pin a ribbon on her. So what can they do, really? I don't blame the moderators for not running a better circus.  Hell, I'd arm them!  Once Ted Cruz got hit with a stun gun, I bet the others would shape up. Just saying.

Here is what we know about the state of the race after the 3rd debate.

TRUMP - As a coming host of Saturday Night Live, this episode promises to be Spectacular, Huge, Awesome. "Simply the Best." Etc.  The Donald is trying to run as the candidate of white working class which makes up a larger an larger share of the GOP electorate these days. Recently, Rick Santorum accused Trump of his ideas and voters. There may be some merit to that claim. But there is a niche here for voters who don't think its urgently important to give up grandma's medicare to a rich guy who wants to buy another yacht. Ultimately you can screw these voters over, but you don't talk about it too much before hand.

Carson - It turns out that Crazy Ben has a past as a snake-oil salesman. In his defense, no "snakes" were (reportedly) harmed in the production of the miracle  herbal remedy he hawked - which when taken while riding a unicorn may cure cancer. It may not cure cancer too, just to report both sides. So in addition to being out of his depth on things like "issues," this may be one more ufortunate event that hastens his campaign's demise.

Ted Cruz - The old tailgunner had a stellar night last night, according to the wingnet and the lamestream media.  One of the most hated people in politics continue to position himself as the choice for Trump and Carson voters once their candidacies implode. Plus bashing the media for describing the circus that is the GOP primary never hurts you with the Base.

Young Marco - Rubio also enjoyed a productive night as the party's version of John Edwards -a youthful, articulate spokesman for yesterday's ideas wrapped in the vision of the future. Just as John Edwards was to compete in states of the old confederacy using 21st century democratic ideas, Rubio will compete for millenials and latinos using neoconservative doctrine from the 60s and 70s. He is a new face for yesterday's failed ideas.

Carly Fiorina - The Failed former business executive's campaign is officially not dead yet. Running a company into the ground and pocketing $40M on your way out door may be a good job to have, but they are hard to find these days. There just doesn't seem to be many want ads in the classifieds or on the job boards. Go figure. As long as Carly keeps bashing Hillary, there will be a niche for her to go a little longer.

Bush!!! - Ironically the more "right wing" of the Bush brothers does not connect with right winger voters the way his brother could. Maybe not being able to yuk it up in front of the cameras means your ideas will never get a hearing from right wing voters. That his last name is "Bush" also does not help. Various wingers are calling for him to take his campaign around the other side of the barn and shoot it. This could happen soon.

Huck -  Was the alternative to John McCain at the end of the 2008 primary. He kept going after McCain cut Romney's knees off accusing him of collaborating with the Terrorists in Iraq and worse - Hillary Clinton. With other Bible thumpers out there this time around, Huck is not catching on. Santo stole some of good ol' Huck's rhetoric in 2012 and Trump, Carson and Cruz are taking up all his oxygen in 2016.

Christie - Still pretending to be relevant which is not easy to do in today's GOP. He should have used his tough guy persona to join Bush! in bashing Rubio last night hoping to move past both of them as an establishment pick. But Didn't. Must wait for some implosions to move up to take his tough guy act to the next level.

Paul II. Basically a self-described  libertarian who is afraid to act like a libertarian in front of his war-like competitors. If he cannot compete for the non-interventionist demographic he is basically just neocon-lite. If you are a real neocon, why not support someone who threatens to invade Canada over some slight and MEANS IT rather than someone who pretends that he will. Paul II is toast.

Kasich - Kasich is a conservative that represents a different era of Republican which historically valued quaint concepts such as "governance," "public service," "facts" and getting shit done. This reclusive breed of RINO appears to be largely extinct in the wild these days. They do exist but are hardly observed anymore due to their fear of coming into contact with highly aggressive evangelical and viciously territorial Tea Party republicans. In a better place than Christie, Kasich needs other candidates to flame out to move up. And by someone, we mean you "Bush."

So that's the official state of the race. Plus the undercard or the "kids table" debate with the candidates out of the top ten is a joke. They need to put these guys in a steel cage and give them folding chairs to beat each other with or put them out of our misery. Just my two cents.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are Right Wing Bloggers "Radicalized" or just plain "Stupid?"

Maybe its a combination of the two - via Powerline blogger Hinderaker auditioning for a FEMA run Camp:
To avoid default, the government just has to continue to make interest payments on its debt, which by law it is required to do. It can retire old debt and incur new borrowing; those transactions are a wash. The effect would be as though a balanced budget amendment had gone into effect. Any time you hear a commentator or a politician mention default, you know he or she is lying to you.

Those are good reasons for any conservative in Congress to vote against Boehner’s ill-conceived deal.
I don't think the budget works this way. Various "conservatives" have pitched just paying for the interest on the "national debt" and for "Social Security" payments to seniors in recent time. It was a  stupid plan then and its even more so now.

In the right wing blogger's world, it is conceivable that Congress will decide to open up all the federal prisons and let all the inmates outs because some Angry blogger does not want to pay for this item in the budget anymore. This option, however, is not a probability in the real world.

Nor will many Congressmen be expected to vote to withhold ammunition from soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq because of an Angry Blogger throws a tantrum. Nor will many in Congress vote to wheel Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients out of the nursing home to live in parking lots because they are opposed to Medicaid and no longer will pay the bills for the care of elderly folks in their most desperate hour.

Will many Congressmen vote to end the FBI or the Border Patrol? There are (batshit crazy) reports out there on the wingnet about ISIS camps on the border. Do the wingnuts really want to do this? Surely not.  How about repairing roads, operating Locks on Dams for commerce or closing all the national parks, etc., etc., etc. Should these efforts be stopped just because a blogger is throwing a tantrum? Again, no.

But you can understand why these right wingers want to shut down the government. It is because they cannot achieve their goals through legitimate means.  There is not a public consensus behind ending the Center for Disease Control, for example. There is not a consensus for ending the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, Safe Workplace Laws nor is there a consensus to or scale any of these protections back to the point where public safety could be drowned in a bath tub.  These laws are part of the social compact and made their way through the democratic process. The people have spoken on these matters.

In fact the only way to achieve the Right Wing Limited Government Dream is through extreme measures. The "Dream" will not prevail in the court of public opinion nor will it win at the ballot box.  Something drastic is required to undue what your side failed to accomplish in the democratic process.

This also happens to be a definition of terrorism - tactics used by an unpopular minority to impose its will on the majority through hostile act or the threat of hostile action.  In this case the victim is the world economy - give me what I want now or the global economy pays the price. 

This is the level of irresponsibility and "crazy" that we are dealing with. And the level of "stupid" is staggering, too. Wingers on the internet, shrieking AM radio shock-jocks, Foxnews Info-tainers and other members of the Conservative Echo Chamber all pump out extreme rhetoric aimed at ordinary folks.  Ordinary folks consume this "bullshit" and end up (understandably) believing in it. Then these folks support Donald Trump and Crazy Ben Carson (which they are entitled to do).  All and all this leads to a cycle of "cray-cray" which builds and builds into a crescendo until a blogger at Powerline writes in despair:
Holy shit 2016 is slipping away from us just like 2012. We've "made fools of ourselves by chasing one will o’ the wisp after another. I fear that in November, we will pay the price."   
Why does this happen and who is to blame, they'll wonder. They won't blame themselves though.  Sigh.

In perfect world, these right wingers would be held accountable for engaging in this reckless behavior. I realize that they are the product of a failed ideology and that some of them may not know any better. Many of them probably actually think they are doing a public good by posting bullshit.

However the road to hell is paved with good intentions, too. Soul crushing electoral defeats, I fear, are the only way - that and the anti-Obama dissident camps President Hillary (finally) builds - to hold them accountable.

Great Moments in Right Wing Conspiracy Theory, cntd

Those nutters!

Right Wingers can always be counted on to yammer away about some conspiracy or another. Here's Rick Santorum "blowing the lid off" the Great Global-Global Warming Hoax during his last run for the white house:
    I believe the earth gets warmer, and I also believe the earth gets cooler, and I think history points out that it does that and that the idea that man through the production of CO2 which is a trace gas in the atmosphere and the manmade part of that trace gas is itself a trace gas is somehow responsible for climate change is, I think, just patently absurd when you consider all of the other factors, El Nino, La Nina, sunspots, you know, moisture in the air. There’s a variety of factors that contribute to the earth warming and cooling, and to me this is an opportunity for the left to create — it’s a beautifully concocted scheme because they know that the earth is gonna cool and warm. It’s been on a warming trend so they said, “Oh, let’s take advantage of that and say that we need the government to come in and regulate your life some more because it’s getting warmer,” just like they did in the seventies when it was getting cool, they needed the government to come in and regulate your life because it’s getting cooler. It’s just an excuse for more government control of your life, and I’ve never been for any scheme or even accepted the junk science behind the whole narrative.
Riiiight. They are all in it together, man, making this "shit" all up.

Like Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Crazy Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump, Rick Santorum also led in the polls at one time during the last two presidential campaigns for the GOP nod. Gingrich I get. He's not stupid. He just doesn't have a soul.  But the others? That is seriously F'd up, man.

Somewhere. Someplace. Right Now. Sarah Palin must be kicking herself about her "unfortunate timing." Had she run for President today instead of VP back in 2008, it is hard not see Sarah smoking these "losers" and "clowns." And who knows, one carefully timed "Tea Party" inspired global catastrophe and she'd be president in 2016.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

IOWA POLLs: Trump "toast;" Theocons "on the march"

A series of recent polls are out showing Trump sliding into second place behind Crazy Ben Carson. While parts of the wingnet and the lamestream media are noting The Donald's slide with apparent glee, all is not lost for the reality TV star.

For starters, The IOWA GOP Caucus always has a more than just a touch of the cray-cray about it. Evangelical can dominate the Caucus if they coalesce around a candidate. Pat Robertson won (or nearly won) the state one year playing the theocracy card. George W Bush won the state another year by pretending to be a bible thumper. While Good ol' Huck and Rick Santorum each won it in other years the old fashioned way - by playing the theocracy card. Its just the way it goes.

Huck was the best at this - hands down, period. In a crowded 2008 primary playing to the theoconservative media, Huck wondered a loud saying that he heard-tell something about Mormons believin' that "Jesus and the DEVIL" were actually Brothers. Huck didn't know much about the subject, himself, not being a Mormon and all, unlike Mitt Romney who was one of 'em. It could be something that Mormons, such as Romney, believed in. It might not be something they believed in, either.

Huck, like most folks who are not Mormons, just didn't know the answer to that question.  It wasn't that Huck was judging anyone about this or about anything else. Sometimes people hear "stuff" that sounds kinda strange to them. And Huck's no different than most folk 'cause when Huck heard that "stuff" about Jesus and the DEVIL, he wondered aloud about it. But that's what most folks do when they hear a tale they ain't been told before.

And in Huck defense, as far as I know, Romney never piped up and said whether that it were true or whether it weren't true. As far as anyone can tell, Huck still does not know the answer to that question about Jesus and the DEVIL. But I guess that's largely Romney's fault - him not having spoken up and such. And so it goes.

So Huck won Iowa that year. It was a smooth performance by the Huckster, too. But that's the GOP for you and its just how the game is played. So the Lamestream media is all in flutters about Trump having fallen to second place in Iowa in the polls this week. For now that don't mean nothing.

Trump as a top botch student of  History knows all of this about Iowa and Huck and Mormonism and the roll Evangelical voters play in the process. So it is no small coincidence that The Donald recently trotted out a line about Crazy Ben Carson's religion (or lack there of it according to some). According to The Donald, Crazy Ben Carson is a "Millerite" who are known today as 7th-day Adventists. Many Evangelicals do not consider "Mormons" or "7th-day Adventists" as playing for the same team as they - Evangelical Christians play for.

The reason probably goes back to the Founder of this Church - William Miller. Once upon a time a Cleric named William Miller popularized a mathematical formula based on the Bible for predicting the shelf-life of the world. One could use this formula to predict the next coming of Jesus. So this was pretty cool as that day was just around the corner.  

His followers became known as Millerites. Many Millerites gave away all their "earthly" possessions as Jesus's return date neared and kicked back in anticipation.  Miller lectured widely predicting that the world would end with the second coming of Jesus sometime between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844 (it didn’t). When the obvious did not happen, doomsday was recalculated for April 18, 1844 (again, it didn’t happen). And then ultimately due to a "math" error, the end date was "recalculated" for October 22, 1844. However Jesus did not show up on this day either. Go figure.

This last failed prediction was the third strike for Miller for most Millerites, who would label October 22, 1844 as The Great Disappointment. This day would remain known as the Great Disappointment until November 6, 2012 when it would be re-labeled by a different group of bewildered people who also faced an inexplicable mind-numbing event that did not turn out as everyone predicted.

After The Great Disappointment, the fortunate though distraught Millerites returned to their homes and belongings to the ridicule of neighbors. While less fortunate Millerites, having given away their possessions and livelihoods, didn’t have that option. There were reports of vandalized Millerite churches and riots. While most Millerites abandoned Millerism and returned to their previous churches, the most hardcore stuck it out eventually forming the 7th Day Adventist Church - which continues to this day with Crazy Ben on its team. So hardcore means hardcore to these guys. 

So Trump, who knows everything, is playing up Crazy Ben's Carson's Millerite roots in Iowa. It is somewhat likely that Evangelical Church Leaders know all this crazy stuff and would have had some propensity to share the tale of woe with their followers over the years. Maybe this affiliation hurts Crazy Ben. Maybe it doesn't. This is just how the game is played.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Powerline Blogger still "Yammering On" about Climate Change

Over at Powerline Blog one of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade checks in on Hurricane Patricia:
Last week when we heard the news that Hurricane Patricia in the eastern Pacific clocked the highest recorded windspeed evah for a Pacific hurricane, and was headed for the Mexican coast, you could hear the climatistas spinning up their mimeograph machines for the refrain about climate change and extreme weather...[but] the official death count from the strongest hurricane ever measured in the Western Hemisphere [was] zero.
...the reason Mexico avoided a catastrophe is that they had planned for it, and have built up resiliency against such storms. Which is kinda what sensible human beings do. Notice also, in this regard, that Malaria deaths are plummeting around the world—down 60 percent since the year 2000: doesn’t the virus know that it is supposed to be going up because of climate change? Missed have missed the UN memo.
Get that?

Governmental authorities in Mexico planned ahead and built up "resiliency" to cope with a known risk like a mega-storm. Further, we are told that this type of planning is the "smart" thing to do. Planning for risks that one knows are going to become more likely in the future is what some Right Wing Bloggers call "sensible."  Which all makes sense.

Now one would think that right wing bloggers would also endorse "planning ahead" to reduce the likelihood that the same risk will occur in the future. But you wouldn't be correct. 

Right Wing Bloggers may endorse planning and establishing more resources to deal with  predicted epidemics arising from a warmer climate - like investing in fleets of ambulances able to respond to waves of pandemics. BUT taking measures to reduce the likelihood that waves pandemics will happen in the future from a known risk would be BAD, according to the wingnet.

In one instance, thinking ahead is a good thing - a prudent thing to do. Thinking ahead in this Hurrican Patricia instance was smart. HOWEVER planning ahead to do things like limit greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the negative effects of climate change and reduce the number of climate induced disasters in the future would be a bad thing.  So to recap our right wing though experiment: more ambulances in the future would be good but fewer plagues to use them for would be bad.


The thing that our Tin Foil Hat wearing friends just don't get is that most of us are hoping that they - the wingers - are right about climate change and that all the "smart" people are wrong.  The absence of climate change related disasters in the future would be an unqualified GOOD thing in human history.  All would celebrate.

If the unfathomable were to happen and stranger things have happened though not moon-landing denial strange but strange nonetheless, I would gladly admit that the right wingers were correct and I was wrong about climate change.  Hell, I'd go even farther and endorse a Right Wing National Holiday on Ronald Reagan's Birthday to celebrate the one time they stuck it to the smart people. In exchange for the world not burning up its an easy thing to do, man.  Let's hope they get their National Reagan Day Holiday.

HOWEVER putting your faith that the wingers are 100% correct and all the really smart people in the world are not only wrong but really wrong is not responsible policy. AND it is certainly not "planning ahead" for "known" risks. We should "plan ahead" for known risks associated with a warming climate.

Seriously. You cannot reason with these people. You can't lock 'em up in imaginary FEMA run camps either. Sigh.

Observations from the Fever Swamps, cntd

A Lamestream Media Figure Reports:
 “A virulent strain of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, which scientists and Republicans thought had been wiped out at the end of the last century, is now inflicting millions of conservative Americans. Some Republicans so detest Hillary Clinton they are badly underestimating how likely she is, at this point in the campaign, to be America’s 45th president.”

“Their denial is just as strong now as it was a month ago, before Clinton began a run of political victories that have enhanced her prospects, all while the roller derby/demolition derby that is the Republican nomination contest has continued to harm the GOP’s chances of winning back the White House.”'
His observation is essentially correct.

Experts believe that without proper treatment the "Derangement Syndrome" is always at high risk of "mutating" from one form into another form.  It is axiomatic that yesterday's "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome did mutate into today's "Obama" Derangement Syndrome.  They've done tests to prove it - I think.  It is also just as certain that today's "Derangement Syndrome" is in the process  of mutating into the form of a virulent strain of "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome once again.

While this is sad, that it happens to wingers is beyond dispute.  On the wingnet, the "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome currently maps itself as follows:
It is an overwhelming majority view that Hillary is (1) "toast" (2) because everyone (on the wingnet) absolutely hates her; (3) for "obvious" reasons (4) virtually ensuring her electoral defeat (5) if she is, and this is a big if, even nominated by the Democrat Party. 
You see this logical fallacy manifested all over the wingnet - from the Tinfoil Hat Brigade at Powerline to the Nutters at the NRO.  All the "best" wingers do it. 

In a sense, this logical fallacy is a version of the "2012 Romney Landslide" phenomenon which experts attributed to the "Obama" Derangement Syndrome.  If one recalls recent history, as 2012 wound down into the year 2013, some thought that this virus had simply gone away as the calendar turned. However this belief turned out to be naive at best since the Derangement Syndrome cannot be eradicated without proper treatment.  It simply "mutates."  And mutate it did into today's current form. Again, they did tests to prove it.

If everyone you know says something is a certainty (see above about "Hillary" or in 2012 about the "Romney Landslide") then it has to be true.  This is an example of the bubble in action  - which leaves right wingers extremely susceptible to the "Derangement Syndrome." 

Rubio preparing for "Darwinian Struggle"

The Internets Report:
With fewer than 100 days to go until the Iowa caucuses, Republican campaigns are bracing for a new, survival-of-the-fittest phase to take hold in the 2016 primary race, as presidential predators seek frantically to claw their way up the food chain, and devour each other along the way. For all Rubio's talk of wanting to stay above of the fray, the candidate has surrounded himself with political operatives known for thriving in the most viciously Darwinian races.

The Rubio campaign is being helmed by a combative strategist, Terry Sullivan, who once (allegedly) dispatched interns dressed in prison stripes to crash a 2007 Mike Huckabee rally and protest the former governor's controversial parole record.
The leading pro-Rubio super PAC is headed by Warren Tompkins, an infamous South Carolina operative who was widely suspected of orchestrating a whisper campaign during the 2000 Republican presidential primaries to convince voters that John McCain was hiding a black love child.

And in a more recent episode that could have lasting political repercussions in next year's primaries, Rubio's chief digital strategist, Wesley Donehue, is said to have actively hyped unsubstantiated rumors in 2010 that Nikki Haley had an affair with a local South Carolina blogger.

All three of these operatives in Rubio’s orbit have roots in South Carolina’s notoriously noxious political scene, where down-and-dirty campaign tactics are not only tolerated but often celebrated as tributes to the legacy of Lee Atwater — the legendary, impish GOP strategist who masterminded campaign victories for both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.
This just shows that GOP candidates ultimately succumb to reality when their "survival" is on the line. While your average GOP presidential candidate will feign ignorance on a moment's notice when discussion turns to "Charles Darwin" and the age of the Earth or noted "Social Darwinists" like Ayn Rand, they are all down with the Darwinian Struggle for Existence in which the "better adapted" survive at the expense of all the "losers" out there. Its a eat or be eaten world.

There is a common misunderstanding that in the Darwinian struggle for existence that its the "strong" that survive at the expense of the "weak." Strength may be rewarded - this is true. However in the Social Darwinian world, the "better adapted" may not be the strongest or the most honorable or those inherently "decent." Rather the "survivor" and "best adapted" may be the "sneakiest" sumbitch out there or perhaps the most "corrupt" of the corrupt living on K-Street, while the virtuous loses out on the  struggle for existence in a Social Darwinian Compact. In that sense, "strength" and "right and wrong" have nothing to do with who wins and who loses. 

That's just how things sort out. You may work for a lifetime, counting on a pension (if you are lucky) or Social Security and Medicare, only to see the "better adapted" swoop in just before its your turn to loot it away from you. Its just how things work out in a world with a Social Darwinian Compact that people like Young Rubio and Paul Ryan have planned. Don't hate the winger. Hate the game.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Are Canadian "RINOs" responsible for "conservative" party electoral defeat

Over at the NRO, John Fund suggests  that the yahoo toxic-tory faction of the conservative party (???) may have cost the conservatives the election in Canada. Further, Fund suggests that American Conservatives could "learn" from the recent Canadian election.

According to the Link to Canadian Lamestream Media that Fund provides, "Canadian" conservatives need to "rediscover" what "they stand for" and once they discover whatever their principles are, they need to stand for policy that reflects these principles - whatever they are - if they exist.

What American Conservatives can learn from Canadian Conservatives, other than a basic respect of science and how to apologize appropriately for a particular occasion, John Fund leaves unsaid. However, he hints that it would be a future without the stupid RINOs holding 'em down along with their belief in "governance" and not "burning things down" for the hell of it and other "boring" shit like that. 

Which advice would all together be consistent with right wing mythology.  Conservatism never fails. Everyone knows this. It is Conservatives or so-called conservatives who fail Conservatism. Better Pitchmen, Better Lectures and Better Infomercials are all that is really needed for Conservatism to Flourish. This is another Good Lesson from the NRO today. They are just so helpful.

TRUMP knocks Chafee out of Race

The Donald has done it again. Another "challenger" in Trump's enormous shadow has been forced to withdraw from the race according to the internets. Why Chafee, a former liberal Republican - a breed of RINO which is now extinct outside of certain think tanks and the lamestream media, thought he could win the Democratic nomination and then stand on a debate stage with the Donald - who is huge- is not known at this time. Political Scientists will, without doubt, try to answer this perplexing question over the coming decades.

Now Speculation turns toward whom Trump will knock out next. Perhaps it will be "That Loser" Rand Paul. But it could be one of the other "clowns" just as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Well everyone knows that they're behavior is disgusting and that they do not belong in polite society, but what I means is that once again they are challenging the GOP leadership:
House Freedom Caucus members confirmed that they were not able to reach the 80% threshold required to endorse Paul Ryan for Speaker. Representative Raul Labrador called it a “supermajority support” for Ryan. “We were not able to reach a consensus” on an official endorsement, he told reporters, but added that “two thirds of the caucus will be voting” for a Ryan speakership. “If he wants to be speaker, he’s got the votes,” added Representative Mick Mulvaney. The decision came after several grueling hours, in which members met with Ryan in the Ways and Means Committee this afternoon, and shifted to a caucus-only conference beginning this evening. In the meeting, Labrador said that members expressed “appreciation” that Ryan took the time to speak with them about concerns. As for Ryan’s controversial demand to make changes to the motion to vacate the chair, Labrador says it wasn’t even discussed. “We rejected that from the beginning.”
So it appears that 2/3 of the Teahadist will support Ryan. In real terms this means that there are 10-20 of worst of worse Teahadists holding out arrayed against about 230 supporting the Establishment.

In the old days it'd be time for RINO thugs to gear into to action and institute some party "discipline." But the old days are long gone. I guess money replaces "discipline" now.

WINGNET CONFUSED: Harry Reid Back to Old Tricks Again

I think it is safe to mark Harry Reid down in the annuals of Serious Badassery when it comes to F'ing with the lunatic fringe.  If gaslighting the crazies into selecting Sharon Angle to run against him for re-election in 2010 was not enough to mark him down for the ages, yesterday Senator Reid came out and endorsed Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

This "endorsement" is stone cold thuggery on "Harriet Miers" scale because it pours napalm on an already fertile field heavily sown with suspicion and discontent.  If Harry is for Ryan......then he must know something that the lunatic fringe does not know for certain but deep down fears to be true.
Ryan could turn out to be Boehner-lite.

Here's a Powerline Blogger, falling for it:
If the endorsement of Rep. Luis (the illegal immigrant’s best friend) Gutierrez was not enough to demonstrate that Rep. Paul Ryan is a bad choice for Speaker of the House, then surely Sen. Harry Reid’s endorsement is. Reid told reporters yesterday that he’s “Paul Ryan fan” and hopes the former Republican vice presidential nominee gets the nod. Reid added:
    [Ryan] appears to me to be one of the people over there that would be reasonable. I mean look at some of the other people. . .Generally speaking we’ve been able to work with him.
Some will say that Reid is trying to undermine Ryan’s chances by endorsing him in the hope of creating chaos in the Republican caucus. But there’s no disputing what Reid says about Ryan.

From the Democrats’ point of view, Ryan is relatively “reasonable” and the Dems have, in fact, been able to work with him...
Listen to what the poor bastard says about Ryan - He's "Reasonable" and "works with" the opposition party.

So rambling represents the state of the GOP in a nutshell. Its a mess.  Here we have a hard-line ideologue, in Ryan, who is dedicated to creating a far right wing utopia and who is nevertheless deemed unacceptable due to "reasonableness" by a faction within the party.

Sigh. The winger continues, sounding the alarm:
So far, it appears, Ryan is “speaking to it” by demanding to more power than Boehner had. In effect, he is demanding the surrender by Freedom Caucus members that Boehner was never able to obtain.

One conservative summed up Ryan’s demands as follows: more authority, less responsibility, and less accountability. I think that’s a fair characterization.

A Ryan regime might please Harry Reid, but it would, I fear, be highly unsatisfying to conservatives.
All in All a Smooth Move by Reid. Its kinda like Jujitsu. The GOP base contains a fair number of "radicalized" barking mad nutters. Why not use their own extremism against them. Just say that Ryan is "reasonable" and watch 'em reflexively turn on him?

Odds are at any one moment that they are going to be burning something down or issuing some call for revolution or chaos.  Might as well set them off to burning their own house down and leaving the rest of America alone for a little while.  Allah knows they'll be back at it again soon enough.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LAW of the WINGNET: Global Warming Scam is sure to collapse at any moment, now

One of the laws of the wingnet holds that:
(1) Global Warming is a "Complete Bullshit" theory, (2) made up by "scientists," and (3) that it will collapse like a house of cards once the public "learns" the real "truth" about it.
This is a common the game on the wingnet. Today Powerline Blogger and member of Tinfoil Hat Brigade Steven Hayward, is back it enjoying the fun:
A little hard to get worked up about this, [temperature chart] isn’t it? In fact you can barely spot the warming. No wonder you need a college education to believe in the alarmist version of climate change. No wonder the data (click here for original NASA data if you want to replicate it yourself) is never displayed this way in any of the official climate reports.

If this chart were published on the front page of newspapers the climate change crusaders would be out of business instantly.
All the best Nutters do a variation of this post from time to time. It goes like this: All the public needs is one more piece of information and the scientists will be "found out" for the frauds they are, man. In the instance above it is a chart created by another right winger. 

And, the fallacy continues inferring that the "one piece" of information capable of blowing the lid off "the greatest hoax in the history of mankind" is just around the corner. Its sooo close that the writer feels it the same way that a junkie anticipates his next fix. But while the Nutter is sure to get his next "fix" with the next round of screeds posted on the wingnet, the public never seems to come around to seeing the "scam" in the same terms. Many of 'em do this at some point in time. 

This cycle of failed winger predictions is basically a product of their counter-culture. Unable to engage the free market of ideas on its own terms, the Nutter withdraws into a conservative information bubble of epistemic isolation. Withing the bubble, there is a "self delusion" feedback where each winger tells the other winger what they others want to hear., Naturally, each nutter reinforces all the other nutters' pre-existing beliefs. It is sad really. Absent FEMA run camps there is nothing that can be done for them. BUT the cycle continues.

One day a nutter will predict that the next Sean Hannity FOXNews Special will blow the doors off the "Global Warming Hoax" - or something like this.  But Hannity's Foxnews rant comes and goes and the Conspiracy keeps on going all the stronger. Another next day, a different winger will make similar declaration that some other Nutter's cherry-picked data from the latest peer reviewed study on Climate Change will end the scam for once and all.

But inevitably, a scientist will point out that the Nutter's cherry picked data is being interpreted out of context -  showing the opposite of whatever the poor deluded bastard is trying to prove. And so this prediction too, fails, and the climate change conspiracy continues on.

Its a cycle. One would think that the Nutters would learn. Sadly they don't. Poor bastards just keep make predictions just like the Tinfoil Hat Brigade at Powerline. Again. FEMA camps.
Hayward's biggest case of "Wingnet Fail" - or one of them anyway, was without doubt "l' affair d' Mueller."

This spectacular case of "Fail," occurred as Hayward predicted that a Koch Brothers funded study performed by a team of UC Berkeley Scientists lead by a "tenured" skeptic would blow the lid off Global Warming for once and all. Hayward gleefully advised his fellow travelors to watch this one closely. Finally, the wingnet would be able to stick it to the "Climateers" or "Warmunists" or "Climatistas" or whatever they were calling scientists that week.

Unsurprisingly, much in the way of the Romney Landslide that Never Happened, the study produced the opposite results. EXACT OPPOSITE. And it was and the whole "affair" was quickly erased from the collective memory of the hive. This case of "fail" was, however, a thing of spectacular beauty to behold -  much in the way that a slow moving train-wreck without any personal injury or property damage would be to behold. There were lots of explosions all in high definition but all the good guys were left all unharmed and better off for it having happened.  BUT.... as I have said, this is a Natural Law of the wingnet. So no other result could really be expected. No it could not have been expected.  C'est la vie.

A corollary to this Law of failed prediction on the Wingnet  is the Law of Discovering a "New Guy." Often times a winger, looking for someone to reinforce his current belief that Global Warming will come across the ramblings of someone "new" to the wingnet, i.e., "A New Guy." The New Guy has posted "interesting new stuff." The winger inevitably states that this "new Guy's" work will be an important step in blowing the whistle on the great hoax. We know, however, that the "New Guy" is "basically" just  "full of shit" or if you prefer hopelessly in "over his head."

But the winger does not know this key fact when he stumbles across the fevered ramblings of the "New Guy."  Thus being the case, all the Winger knows is that this "New Guy" seems to make sense. Global warming is all just a bunch of bullshit, isn't it?  These are Natural Laws after all, and the winger much as a moth is drawn to a flame, simply cannot help himself.  Should we blame the winger or try to help him? But this is an issue for another day.

Anyway the "New Guy" and his predictions and observations come and go rather quickly. There are so many competing pixels on the wingnet. His commentary is doomed to be forgotten or replaced by the ramblings of some other "New Guy" who has the "goods" on the global warming hoax. This "New Guy" doesn't "have the good," by the way.  But this cycle,  like the circle of life, continues and there is little that we can do to help these poor suffering fools.