Thursday, April 17, 2014

Republican Base to Get Even Crazier this Year

Believe it or not:
Could a series of “blood moon” events be connected to Jesus’ return? Some Christians think so. In the wee hours of Tuesday (April 15) morning, the moon slid into Earth’s shadow, casting a reddish hue on the moon. There are about two lunar eclipses per year, according to NASA, but what’s unusual this time around is that there will be four blood moons within 18 months — astronomers call that a tetrad — and all of them occur during Jewish holidays.

Could a series of “blood moon” events be connected to Jesus’ return? Some Christians think so.

In the wee hours of Tuesday (April 15) morning, the moon slid into Earth’s shadow, casting a reddish hue on the moon. There are about two lunar eclipses per year, according to NASA, but what’s unusual this time around is that there will be four blood moons within 18 months — astronomers call that a tetrad — and all of them occur during Jewish holidays….This time, Hagee suggests that a Rapture will occur where Christians will be taken to heaven, Israel will go to war in a great battle called Armageddon, and Jesus will return to earth.
The Teahadists are crazy as it is. Imagine a little cross-over craziness if they merge in a little end of days Ideology too.

We'll really need them FEMA run camps then.

RINO (predictably, sigh) Warns Against Tea Party Primary Support

The more things change, they more they stay the same.

So the wingnet is telling me that Former Obamunist Official Kathleen Sebelius may run for the Senate in Kansas this time around.

So what's the big deal? Kansas is a Red State and the people there surely don't want to become enslaved in FEMA run camps - they surely won't vote for her.

Or would they?

That's what RINOs are worrying about now that the wingnet is also reporting that the Creepy Tea Party Doctor Milton Wolf would make the perfect person to litigate Obamacare in the 2014 Kansas Senate General Election.

Vote for Wolf. Its the right thing to do for ......freedom.
But should Republican primary voters in the Sunflower State decide to go with Milton Wolf, President Obama’s cousin and a doctor, Sebelius would probably win.

It would be a rerun of Joe Donnelly’s fairly easy victory over Richard Mourdock in Indiana, and Chris Coons romp over Christine O’Donnell in Deleware.

Now, some Republican strategists might say that because Wolf is a doctor and Sebelius is most famous for the implementation of Obamacare, that Republicans would have a shot in winning.

That’s not going to happen.

The Republican Party is heading in the right direction.  It has some minor speed bumps.  It has to make sure that Mike Simpson beats the debt collecting trial lawyer in Idaho.  It has to make sure that Thad Cochran beats the guy who attended a white supremacist rally in Mississippi.  And it has to make sure that its leader, Mitch McConnell — the most conservative Senate Republican leader since Bob Taft — wins his primary so he can beat a well-funded Democratic candidate in Kentucky.

If it does all of those things, if it avoids nominating a doctor who posts inappropriate Facebook photos, a debt collecting trial lawyer, a person who doesn’t have enough sense not to address a white supremacist rally, and somebody who will lose to Allison Grimes in a general election, if it does all of those things, it can restore its brand, and have a decent shot at winning back the Senate.

The stakes have gone up in Kansas.  Let’s hope the folks there have enough sense to make the right decision in this primary season.
Hey. Either Obamacare and Obamunism are the worst things to happen to America since the Fugitive Slave Act and the Dred Scott Case or they're not. And since the Patriotic folks of Kansas have been told that Obamunism is a scourge that may end freedom its self by folks like RINOs, why not send the loudest message possible: Freedom may die some day, but it ain't dying on our Watch! Vote Wolf.

When you raise a generation of misbehaving children like these RINOs have done with their Tea Party progeny, one mustn't be surprised when they act up. They weren't raise right. What do you expect.

And what's this about a white supremacist trying to represent Mississippi in the Senate? No, surely that can't happen........again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Teahadists Strike into Kansas

Bleeding Kansas Alert - The Insurgency pushes into RINO turf in Kansas.

For some reason, I don't see the creepy guy winning this one - due to the creepiness factor. The RINOs should have a field day with the poor bastard.

But, Kansas has historically been the seat of radicalism - I think the Communist Party was informally headquartered there at one time. Why can't tea party radicalism do the same?  So who knows, really.

Wingnut says whaaat, cntd????

Via RedState Blog Honcho:
The richer a person is, the harder it becomes to pass through the narrow gate. Those of us who’d laugh at Mayor Bloomberg should instead be praying for him. There but by the grace of God go us. If Mayor Bloomberg does not change his heart, he will soon crave Lazurus’s big gulp. But he’ll find that big gulps are banned in Hell.
You can provide context, but it won't always make it less crazy.

Neoconservative Blogger sees Neoconservatism as the Only Way to deal with Dangerous World

Someone Call Douglas Feith -QUICK!. The World is on the phone and needs his help:
I am no fan of Trotsky, but he was right about one thing: “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” Many Americans seem to think that they can swear off foreign policy, but it isn’t that easy. ... Iran’s inexorable march toward nuclear capability, as proclaimed openly by its own leaders. In Ukraine, events seem to be moving toward a climax...In Nigeria, Muslim terrorists bombed the Nyanya bus station, killing more than 70 people.
In another incident in northeastern Nigeria, a Muslim terrorist group attacked a girls’ school, kidnapping 100 or more teenage girls for use as slaves.
Today is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.... and hardly any reference to the people who perpetrated the attack and their ideology.
Coincidentally, the New York Police Department announced today that it is disbanding the unit that conducted surveillance of Muslim groups and neighborhoods. ...Here in the U.S., retreat [from neoconservatism] from the world is the order of the day.
Unfortunately, the world may not choose to cooperate. If there is a nation in which war is all too interested, it is ours.
Via Powerline Blog
If we are to be the World's referee and enforcer, it sounds like we need to re-institute the draft, raise taxes to pay for our new 10 Million Man Army and, of course, call up Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz back to duty to mastermind the effort.

That's thing with conservatism. It ain't worth a damn unless there's something to be afraid of.

Personally, I'd prefer that they spend their time worrying about Black Panthers menacing 95% Democratic polling stations near Philadelphia. That is very scary.

And what about the IRS! We can't forget them. Surely, as I type this sentence, there is some jack-booted bureacrat planning to reveiw the paperwork of a Tea Party Affilitated Fake Social Welfare Group to determine if it is using taxpayer subsidzed funds on social welfare or politics. That is scary too.

But that's just me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why the "Republicans as Reformers" meme will be tough

Red State Blogger Erickson continues the call for Teahad:
When Isildur cut the ring off Sauron’s hand, he became tempted by its power. “But for my part I will risk no hurt to this thing: of all the works of Sauron the only fair. It is precious to me, though I buy it with great pain,” he wrote.

Republicans have always been tempted by government. ...They think they can control the leviathan that the Democrats created. They think they can harness it and use it to their ends.

But the problem is and has always been government — not just the wrong party in charge of it. ... We must keep up the fight in the primaries. We must continue replacing bad Republicans with better Republicans. ... The power of government is precious to the Republican Establishment. We must exert more power than the allure of the leviathan.
You can't reform the modern state if you reject modernity. That's a problem.

McCain: We Must send arms to Ukrainistan NOW!

McCain reminds us that there is no telling how many countries President McCain would have gone to war with:
Predicting that the Ukrainians will fight if Russia’s encroachments continue, he said that “we ought to at least, for God’s sake, give them some light weapons to defend themselves.”

“They feel abandoned by us and rightfully so,” McCain said. “This is shameful.”

Calling for stronger sanctions against Russia, the Arizona senator said that so far, “there’s been a lot of talk and no action.”

“We’ve got to lead, and where is the president of the United States?” McCain asked. “So far we haven’t heard anything.”
A recent survey indicate that people who couldn't find Ukraine on a map were far more likely to support military action there than those who couldn't.   Either that or maybe Sarah rubbed off on him

George Will Sounds Kinda Racist to Me

George Will Joins the Crowd that declares Racism no longer exists in America:
Look, liberalism has a kind of Tourette's syndrome these days. It's just constantly saying the word "racism" and "racist."... Look, liberalism has a kind of Tourette's syndrome these days. It's just constantly saying the word "racism" and "racist."...There is a kind of intellectual poverty now. Liberalism hasn't had a new idea since the 1960s ...[s]o what do you do? You say anyone who criticizes us is a racist. It's become a joke among young people. You go to a campus where this kind of political correctness reins, and some young person will say looks like it's going to rain. The person listening says, you're a racist. I mean it's so inappropriate. The constant implication of this that it is, I think, becoming a national mirth.
Says the guy who has not had an original thought since 1982 - If you talk about the legacy of racism within the GOP, you're the racist. 

It's that simple. Now SHUT UP!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

GOP Psychiatrist Speaks: Face it, the Benghazi Conspiracy is Over

Charles Krauthammer said "the clock as run out on Benghazi" Wednesday night. Earlier on Wednesday, Senators McCain, Ayotte, and Graham said they have no plans to abandon their effort to create a special committee to further investigate the Benghazi scandal. Krauthammer said he is "outraged as everybody" about the scandal, but as a political issue the country is tired of it and "a special committee is simply not going to work," said Krauthammer. "I wish it had and I do think that Republicans in the hearings that they had, which were completely disorganized, let this thing slip away."
You'd think there'd be a better way to do this - tell the Base to cut out the crazy shit. But there ain't. The crazy is not like a bandaid where you tear it off real quick and its done.  The crazy don't work that way. It can take years to run its course.

The best known way to end the crazy - really is not a way at all - is to replace one bright shiny crazy object with another bright shiny crazy object.  But then you still have crazy - just a new crazy. I think we are doomed to live with the crazy forever.  But each generation has this burden.

And so it goes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ex-Tobacco Advocates: Climate Change is Good for You.

So Predictable:
For those concerned about climate change, the ultra-conservative Heartland Institute offers up a calming solution: try thinking of yourself as a pea, instead of a human. Peas in a lab sprouted faster with extreme concentrations of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas mainly responsible for climate change than under normal growing conditions, Heartland said.
“Which pea shoot would you rather be,” asked Craig Idso, the lead author of a new Heartland publication meant to debunk the authoritative new climate change report released by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
What's good for a pea pod isn't necessarily good for the planet, of course. Idso did not mention how rising temperatures and growing water scarcity might affect plant growth under climate change. It was just one of many lapses by what claimed to be a serious scientific examination of the threat of climate change from the thinktank funded by the Koch oil billionaires and anonymous donors.
Why not go back to basics. You know - break it down old-school style.

There was a time that the ol' "Smoking is good for you" argument was a winner. Why can't the same work with climate change? No reason at all.

Obamunism Ensnares 14.5 Million Victims

 “9.3 million Americans gained insurance coverage since the Affordable Care Act took full effect, though most who bought policies through newly established exchanges weren’t uninsured and employers accounted for much of the rise in the newly covered.”
“uninsured rate dropped to 15.8% in mid-March from 20.5% in September, which was before open enrollment started for the exchanges.”
“The report estimates that in total, 14.5 million people gained insurance since last fall while 5.2 million lost coverage, for the net gain of 9.3 million.”
“Rand’s survey found that enrollment in Medicaid … increased by 5.9 million people as of mid-March. It found that most new enrollees were previously uninsured, though some transferred from other government insurance programs.”

The thing about it is that the number of victims that now have access to health care will only grow over the years.....until one day - like Ronald Reagan warned us back in 1964 - freedom will die.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Avik Roy: Grad Students and other young adults are just "Slackers"

Put them to work!
One of the big Democratic talking points has been that Obamacare's "slacker mandate" -- its requirement that private insurers offering family-based coverage allow "adult children" to stay on their parents' plans until they're 26—has increased coverage by 3 million people.It turns out that number is basically fraudulent.
The slacker mandate?  America's future doctors and scientists are just .... slackers???  Not to mention millennial who don't have the same opportunities that their Boomer forebears had in the work force - we need to label young folks just starting out in a tough job market slackers.

Oh well. The derangement syndrome doesn't play favorites. Venture, too far outside of the reality based community and it can get anyone.

Benghazi Conspiracy Continues to Befuddle Wingers

How do you know a conspiracy theory is flailing haplessly?

When a leading GOP "Thought Leader" launches this accusation (Via NRO):
By Morell not telling Congress what he knew, Krauthammer said he allowed them to “reach a false conclusion” and that it “changes the nature of oversight,” turning it into a “prosecutorial adventure.”
So. If I am hearing this right.

The GOPs latests conspiracy is not coming up with any "facts" to support it (surprise).

Since the Conspiracy theory is Valid (goddamn right!), a witness has an affirmativee duty to produce facts to support it. 

If a witness, even though having truthfully answered all the questions asked of him, is not able to produce "Facts" supporting the conspiracy theory, he is "misleading" congress by allowing congress to "reach a false conclusion" that there are no facts that support the conspiracy theory.

In this case, not only must Morrell answer all that is asked of him, he has an independent duty to be up to speed on all the latest speculation on the Foxnews about Benghazi and a corresponding duty to try to dig up anything that could possibly support the Foxnews speculation. Then he must present this information to congress even if he is not asked to do so and even if he thinks it is batshit crazy or unsupported by facts.

In a sense, Krauthammer wants Morrell to be on the front-lines of Conspiracy Theory Formulation. Sure that GOP congressman did not this gotcha question - but Morrell has to come up with the gotcha question in order to minimize the "prosecutorial adventure."

The  allowing congress to "reach a False Conclusion" charge is precious. When the wingnuttery is good its good.

Meanness of the Day

Chait Bullies New Kenneth from 30-Rock about his NEW! healthcare strike>plan
To be sure, there is more to Jindal’s plan than to repeal Obamacare and then drink cocktails made from the tears of the uninsured. But there isn’t much more.
Send that man to counseling - fast.

Wingers are sensitive and delicate. You just can't say shit like this about them flippantly and expect that there will be no harmful consequences.

Bobby Jindal is my brother. He holds some bat-shit crazy ideas - true. But he is still my brother. We should be trying to uplift him and inspire him and redeem him - not accuse him of manically laughing as he drinks the forlorn tears of those doomed to languish without health care.

On the other hand, if Jindal does not believe in the snake oil that he is selling, it makes him kinda of a douche-bag.

So either way.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Powerline Blogger names the "Father of the Mississippi Plan" to the Top 9 list of most admired Supreme Court Justices

Operation Outreach continues at Powerline Blog when - surprise, surprise - Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar makes it on to Powerline's top 9 list of Supreme Court justices.

Other than his time on the supreme court, LQCL's greatest feat included being the intellectual force behind the Mississippi plan this according to several sources including a book titled The Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi: A History.

What was the Mississippi Plan?
1875 Mississippi Plan

In the years of Jim Crow, Whites used a number of strategies to control the Black vote. This post is about one in particular.

After the Civil War, Black people had begun gaining political power due to Reconstruction and amendments giving them the right to vote. They registered en masse and, in the 1874 election in Mississippi, swept Republicans into the governor’s office and the legislature.

Southern Whites still plotted to keep Black people from registering and voting, however. Their tactics were called the Mississippi Plan. White paramilitary organizations like the Red Shirts openly attacked and murdered Black people and caused riots at Republican rallies. White planters and landlords also got involved to intimidate Black sharecroppers who dared to vote. The Republican governor asked for help from the federal government and was refused. By the next election, Black voter turnout was nearly nonexistent in Mississippi, and the tactic had spread to other Southern states.

In 1877, a disputed election led to a compromise between the northern Republicans (the party of Lincoln) and the southern Democrats that subsequently meant the federal government would do little to enforce 14th and 15th amendments. Reconstruction was over.
Reconstruction was over and 100 years of Jim Crow would begin.

Basically Lamar was the leader of a Terrorist mob that used violence including murder to achieve political objectives that could not be achieved using normal democratic means.  But he was also a Strict Constructionist, too. So hey, what can you do?

But does this mean that like the NRO, Powerline has also been infiltrated by White Supremacists? The NRO has had this problem in the past. You add a new author who seems to be a good movement conservative and then you find out - oh shit - that he's also a white supremacist. You do the right thing and get rid of him but man this problem just keeps happening.

There is no evidence to suggest that this is the case at Powerline Blog.  More likely, adding LQCL to the list of greatest supreme court justices was done out of ignorance - which fits the pattern you see there. Lots of crazy shit get posted there. You may think that Abraham Lincoln, if he were alive today, would be leading a secession movement in the states of the old confederacy over the issue of Health Insurance Slavery - so you post shit like that....out of ignorance.

People aren't perfect; they make mistakes. It doesn't by itself necessarily mean that Powerline Blog has a white supremacy problem. Shit happens.

NO! ! ! ! IN THUNDER ! ! ! ! and Exclamation points ! ! ! !

Will the battle to end chattle slavery Obamacare ever end?

Was it over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? No it was not. And it ain't over now, my friends.

In today's episode of Deep Thoughts with Powerline Blog, the drama queens at powerline
answer this question with a THUNDEROUS NO ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Bill recognizes that we are called upon to make a great negation. [against goddamned Obamacare] As Herman Melville put it in his famous tribute to “the grand truth about Nathaniel Hawthorne”: “He says No! in thunder; but the Devil himself cannot make him say yes. For all men who say yes, lie…”
It shall not end.  It cannot not end until freedom reigns supreme in the old states as well as the new; in the blue ones and the red ones; in the north as well as the south and from sea to shining sea. Someday. We shall overcome.

If it were up to me and I had a FEMA-run camp in one hand and an imaginary Gestapo-like force in the other hand, I'd just start locking these people up.

Three hots and a cot. Tofu, organically grown local produce, diversity training, maybe a class or three on white privilege and group drum circles - yeah man - it'd be Chicago thug time.

The poor devils need serious help.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BREAKING: Obamacare Death Spiral Guy still thinks Obamacare is in Death Spiral

It would figure, wouldn't it?

There is an actual blog called ACAdeathspiral blog and its written by a right wing (law) professor instead of an out of work Plumber who re-posts shit he's read on other right wing blogs on his own bonus!  You really can't just beat up on people who post from their parents' basement due to the law against nut-picking.

But if the blogger is a right wing professor then s/he's fair game until proven otherwise (i.e., until proven a "nut"). That's because as both a blogger and a professor, one has the inalienable right to assume that the professor blogger is capable of understanding what s/he's posting and differtiate it from shit posted on right wing blogs by people posting from their parents' basement some of which has been passed around various other right wing blogs until what was once bullshit now is accepted as fact in the conservative echo chamber. 

Here is something funny.

If you are the Obamacare Death Spiral Guy and you once predicted enrollment in exchanges at 2 Million not 7 million because "the 2 million figure feels right," you don't get a free pass saying that enrollment numbers don't matter when they hit 7 million mark instead the number that you said it "feels right:"

these enrollment figures are essentially irrelevant.  Those who persist in touting them as signs of success reveal themselves more as Obamacare fanboys than as credible advocates or serous scholars.  The aggregate enrollment figures are irrelevant for two reasons and of lesser value for another. In short, my predictions may have been on the low side, but the numbers that will be coming out tonight absolutely do not vindicate those who assured us that Obamacare would end up being just fine. Reciprocal honesty would be nice.
I guess if you are dead certain that Obamacare is destined, almost in Marxist-Commie manner, to fail, you will find reasons to justify your belief.
It is ordained that the steamroller of history shall flatten Obamunism! 
How can Obamacare work if it violates the laws of nature, no? Since the free market operates like nature, and in nature only the fittest survive, Obamacare is doomed in the struggle for survival. It will be crushed by market forces - doomed to a end in a death spiral - just as the laws of nature demand.

Everyone knows this.

RINO Counter-insurgency efforts "savaged" in Florida

The Teahadists are serious about defending their home turf in Florida's 's 3rd Congressional District. So when the Chamber of Commerce launched a pre-emptive strike against one of their own incumbent congressmen, the Tea Party struck back!
Congressman Ted Yoho is one of the congressmen the Chamber of Commerce and Establishment have problems with. He was one of the congressmen who would not vote for John Boehner as Speaker. He has been one of those congressmen who does not have a problem rocking the boat on his own side. I wish he’d do it more than he does. Frankly, I think some of the fight has been knocked out of him.
In any event, he finds himself with a challenger. The challenger’s name is Jake Rush. People tied to Rush are whispering that he is “the Chamber’s guy.” He’s given money to Democrats. His father gave money to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He’s a lawyer.
Jake Rush also happens to be into Satanic symbolism, vampirism, “rape” photos, whips, chains, and … you get the picture. If you don’t, I’ve got the pictures.
Via RedState
And they do.  Have pictures that is.

But heck, it may not matter. Vampires seem to be popular these days - not as popular as zombies or zombie ideas now that Paul Ryan's latest manifesto has hit the internets - but still not a total deal breaker. 

Oh well shit happens. Sometimes your party nominates a total loser who likes to pretend he's a nazi soldier or a Tea party Loon who believes that the UN is about to "takeover Denver."

So for now it looks like the RINOs will have to come up with a new plan to re-take the Jacksonville suburbs. It could involve street to street - house to house fighting, take many years and cost hundreds of lives, but that's their call. The Teahadists are dug in tight here.

Fake Climate Denier Redefines Climate Denial

There seems to be some evolution on the wingnet as far as climate change is concerned.

Powerline Blogger Hayward tells us why he pimps Climate Denial at the same time as quietly rejecting the conspiracy theories of the Tinfoil Hat Crowd (his co-bloggers). 

Its this - The Climate Scientists have not invented a magic solution to his liking:
The inability of the climate campaign to ponder whether environmental problems can be solved with means that are compatible with individual liberty, democratic institutions, and market economics is the chief reason they are losing.
Every once and a while, they accidentally spills the beans. Anything that impedes Market-Fundamentalism must be defeated. If you have to cozy up with some loons, so be it.

To the tinfoil hat crowd, the scientists are part of an international conspiracy with a goal to usher in global socialism, sustainable living, hobbit sized homes and to replace the porterhouse steak with tofu on the menu. The science is the scam they are using to obtain their devious objectives. Why not claim that the science is fabricated...when everyone you know agrees.

The Fake Climate Denier realizes that the shit he learned in middle school was not planted in the curriculum by the UN.  The greenhouse effect is real, particle physics is also real as is AGW.

The Fake Denier, however, knows something the pinheaded scientists do not - that the amount of future warming is likely over-estimated and further this over-estimation could lead to hobbit-sized homes (or something else less crazy) if the scientists' doom and gloom goes unchecked. Perhaps he read it on a blog post somewhere or in a report published by an ex-tobacco scientist, but it really doesn't matter. 

So to defeat the scientists' plan to move everyone into hobbit-sized homes with a UN guard posted out front (or something else less crazy), you join forces with the Tinfoil Hat crowd.

Makes sense really. Anything that keeps folks from understanding that the problem is real is worth it - because if people understand that the problem is real, they'll be open to doing something about it.  And this is a debate that wingers don't trust or want the public to have.....because maybe folks will do the right thing (which is mean to market-fundamentalism could lead to hobbit-sized homes).

And so it goes.

Time to bust out a primer on Climate Denial, again.

Stage I - It’s all a Hoax! Anthropogenic Global Warming is a goddamn conspiracy, Man. Quick put on your tin-foil hat before the NSA starts reading your brain waves!

Stage II -  Yes there is some warming going on but people are not 100% responsible. The Climate changes all the time. Don't listen to Algore, the Climateers, the Warmists, the Liberal Scientists and the Media because the Wingnuts know something they have all missed.  Seriously, the Wingnuts have figured something out that the smart people couldn't do.

Stage III- OK all the Climate Scientists believe AGW is real. But that doesn't mean that AGW is bad. We can adapt to small increases in temperature.  Just as Japan can deal with disaster (Fukushima) better than Haiti (Earthquake) because it is resilient while Haiti is not, we TOO can be resilient and deal with disaster.  How will other countries fare and will this cause national security challenges like America's Admirals and Generals are warning?  We should not think about that.

Stage IV - AGW  is real and may be super bad but there is nothing we can do about it. However if there was something that could be done, it would result in the Environmentalists will enslaving us, taking away our guns, and making us live in hobbit-sized homes in designated human habitation zones with only turnips and tofu to eat. Oh, and there would also be a UN guard in front of every freakishly small hobbit sized home.

Stage V - It is real. It is Super Duper Bad. We could have done something about it but unfortunately, because Climate Scientists and Liberals were so mean and condescending with their science, theories and facts and hurt our feelings so much, it is too late to do anything now. We shouldn't think about it anymore. But we should increase the defense budget to prepare for the coming resource wars.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grim Teahadist Insurgency Grinds on in Mississippi

To show toughness in a GOP primary, why not claim 100 votes against Super-Scary Obamacare?

That's what Embattled incumbent GOP Senator is touting in his primary battle against an unwashed (do they ever bathe?) Tea Party opponent:
Facing a tough primary fight, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) launched a new ad that touts his positions on three bread-and-butter conservative issues: Guns, abortion and ObamaCare.

In the ad, a narrator declares there’s “only one candidate for U.S. Senate” who’s been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, voted “against ObamaCare 100 times,” been endorsed by Gov. Phil Bryant (R)  and has a 100 percent pro-life voting record, according to the National Right to Life Committee.

That candidate is Cochran. But despite those conservative bona fides, he’s seen as the most vulnerable incumbent facing a primary challenge.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) swept the endorsements of national conservative groups early on in his race. They’re hopeful that Cochran’s long tenure and rustiness on the campaign trail, coupled with a career built on bringing federal money back to the state, will cause him to fall in the June primary.
Purity against Bacon - that's the fight the Tea Party Challenger is waging.

If you are Mississippi, The Extremism is seductive mainly since  you've been f'd by a legacy of Slavery and Jim Crow. But at the same time you are also dependent upon Cash payments from the Union Treasury - Yankee Dollars.
Leave us the hell ALONE! But keep them greenbacks a' coming. We got our Rights.
And so it goes.

GOP Launches New Effort to Solve "Branding" problem

This is so Reince Priebus!

Why not address image problems by changing the team uniform color from Red to Blue?
Today RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced new changes to the Republican brand as part of the party’s ongoing effort to give candidates in the field the resources needed to win in November. Republicans will now identify with the color blue. Democrats, as a result, can use the color red. In keeping with the new color scheme, the RNC also released a new logo for the party.

“The RNC has made a commitment to attracting new voters and revitalizing the image of the Republican Party,” said Chairman Priebus. “This unprecedented color swap sends a clear signal that we’re serious about change—and that we’re making a clean break with the recent past. After careful consideration and analysis, guided by two focus groups of working women in Colorado and Virginia and a poll of Millennial voters, we determined that becoming the party of blue would improve our standing in 2014, 2016 and beyond.

“Now Democrats will be the party of red, which is much more in line with their record and values. After all, they are the party of red tape, red lines, and red ink. They’ve driven our country deeper in the red, and the DNC itself is swimming in red ink: they’re still $15 million in debt. In other words, this color swap is both beneficial and logical.

Of course it is April First today.

Great Moments from the 2012 Campaign, cntd

Foxnews goes Supply-side with this fun chart:

If you give it 110% you can make the budget give 110% too. Its simple, really.

That way we can spend 50% on defense, 10% on public works, 40% on Social Security and Medicare, 15% on education, 5% on Environmental Protection, 2% on Foreign Aid, 10% on the poor, 30% on new tax cuts and 20% on a couple of new wars......etc.

Likewise you can bring the same commitment and intensity to a GOP primary.

That way Sarah can lead the polls with 70%, Huck can poll at 63%, and Romney bring up the rear at 60%.

Its all good.

Blogger Definitively Proves that Global Warming just a "Big Scam"

Not Really. April Fools.

In other Fake Headlines:

Economists now admit that they totally got the 20th century wrong. "Should have stuck with the gold standard."


Report:The Poor come out on top in Paul Ryan's latest budget Proposal.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Victor Davis Hanson Should Move to France, Cntd

Away with you - BE GONE!
There is a great sickness in California, home of the greatest number of American billionaires and poor people, land of the highest taxes and about the worst schools and roads in the nation. The illness is a new secular religion far more zealous and intolerant than the pre-Reformation zealotry of the Church. Modern elite liberalism is based on the simple creed that one’s affluence and education, one’s coolness and zip code, should shield him from the consequences of one’s bankrupt thoughts that he inflicts on others. We are a state run by dead souls who square the circle of their own privilege, who seek meaning in rather selfish lives, always at someone else’s expense. It is that simple — that pernicious.
-VDH seemingly missing the irony of a bankrupt ideologue bashing bankrupt ideology
If America bothers you this much.... consider leaving a Tea Party-Style commune in France, perhaps.

Just saying.

Winger: Climate Report (probably) Stupid because its too Long....

The poor bastards hate complexity and especially hate any document that Palin couldn't fit on a post card with a crayon:
The “impacts” report of the IPCC is out today, and we’ll try to get through some of the highlights of the thousand-page plus report.  (Always reminds me of Churchill’s note about an overlong memo: “This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.”  We’ll take the risk.

Scientists sure are mean. Couldn't they just pick two or three facts and write about those? Instead they include all that they know about climate change - which is too much, because how can anyone really know that much about the climate.

WINGNET: Teahadist Rebellion Breaking Out in France ! ? ! ?

Well, it is the home of the Guillotine:
Even from the modest height of the ersatz Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas, the twinned radicalization of Lone Star and French conservatives unfolds in neat parallel. On a number of issues, the discourses of the Tea Party in Texas and the FN in France have pushed the traditional conservative establishments to the right.
The common denominator is intolerance, nay, hatred of immigrants, according to HotAir Blog.  The Teahadists and the French hard right share this characteristic. But there is a very striking difference. Since America is a nation comprised almost entirely of of immigrants and their progeny, hating immigration in America is like self-hate.  As such, it is not a really smart impulse. But that's the Tea Party for you - ever impulsive.

I view this development as "good news" in so far that there is another country for persecuted Tea Party Patriots to seek asylum in. If you just can't fit into 21st century America, you can always seek FREEDOM elsewhere like in France.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Someone so totally should dub this in German

The Ol' Tailgunner pours his emotions out:

Yes a cheap shot, but fun - The German dubbing that is.

But the ol' tailgunner is a cheap shot artist who  makes shit up just to whip up, misinform and lead folks astray. He's a huckster.

With a wife that works at Gold Sachs, Cruz tells his audience that default on American debt and the meltdown of the global economic system would be a worth-while price to pay if it meant achieving the end of Obamacare. He does not believe shit like this. He just says it for the rubes. Got to keep the rubes angry and ignorant.

So someone should totally dub this ad back into the original German.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Deep Thoughts from Powerline Blog, cntd

If it were only so:
...liberals want to control our thoughts too. They seek to stigmatize heterodox thought as bigoted or criminal or otherwise beyond the pale. They seek to destroy those with whom they disagree.
Jonah Goldberg wrote the book on Liberal Fascism. “It is my argument,” he writes, “that American liberalism is a totalitarian political religion.
Indeed. Amen Brother. And this is why we got them FEMA run Camps and President Obama has a secret Gestapo-like force that nobody has ever seen on account of its secrecy and such.

Time to start using 'em. The clock is ticking and we got work to do!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Impeachment Watch Moving toward "Code Yellow"

With GOP control of the senate looking like a real possibility from 2015 to 2017, so too does the possibility is of Presidential Impeachment.

That there is not a consensus on an alleged "High Crime or Misdemeanor" justifying Impeachment is of little importance. Impeachment would feel right to a large portion of the Base, so the let right be done.

The results of the midterm will tell us if this doomsday scenario is likely. If there is a sweeping Teahadist victory, they'll feel emboldened and demand their just due: righteousness.
    It’s now clear to anyone who doesn’t need it spelled out—and if you do, increasingly in recent weeks it’s being spelled out for you anyway—that the stealth issue of the upcoming congressional contest is the president’s impeachment. On the right, impeachment has become the wildfire crucible, and the purest purity test yet for those sanctified few who have managed to pass the others; that Obama hasn’t actually done anything to warrant impeachment, or at least anything as egregious as misleading a public into war, couldn’t be more beside the point. He’s Obama; his very existence calls for nullification; the historic fact of his presidency is a transgression against the national image of those Americans who more and more come to the conclusion that things started going very wrong in this country sometime around 1861.
We've seen this playbook before. After years of APPEASING their base, the RINOs lose control and all hell breaks loose. The government gets shut down, there are defaults crises, calamities, the threat of plague and even impeachment. Eventually, and predictably, public opinion turns so negative that the RINOs are able to correct course toward less radical ends. But the damage is done.

This time, will it be different?

I think so. But if history is to repeat.....on the wingnet the growing consensus of a dastardly Obama High Crime and/or Misdemeanor" seems to be forming around the theory that The President has violated take-care clause of the constitution, i.e., the administration selectively enforces laws - Just like a King or, mind you, a Tsar would do.

But Presidents have always done this. To do otherwise would require a Government of unlimited size, scope and power. Ironically this reality evades wingers - many of whom desire to decentralize governmental authority.

That President Obama has implemented a policy prioritizing deportation by focusing on those implicated in violent crime over children is neither shocking nor controversial (except on the winget). The administration simply cannot deport 11MM undocumented people at once. There is cause for discretion. You prioritize.

That the tyranny that is Obamacare has been delayed for some large corporations likewise is not surprising. If the regulations have not been completed, how can a Corporation follow them? 
But if one must be outraged, you have to pick something. And you sure as hell don't want to pick Benghazi

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Deep Thoughts from Powerline Blog....What "Spreading the Wealth Around" Really Meant

The Path to Obamunism is one Slippery Slopes Away. And if The Supreme Court rules that Hobby Lobby can't go to heaven after it dies, its the begining of the end (of the road to serfdom):
...if the Supreme Court rules against Hobby Lobby, in what sense will “private enterprise” ever again be truly “private?” [link]
If the United States government can force the people running a corporation to use corporate resources to provide free abortion-pills to employees (especially when contraceptives are cheap and widely available on the open market), it is difficult to imagine the meaningful limits on government power in the marketplace. . . .

If government can regulate when it pleases, however it pleases, regardless of the strength of the owner’s convictions or the weakness of the government’s interests, then does anyone truly own a business any longer?
The poor bastards aren't gonna know what hit them. That's right prepare to surrender all your stuff to King Obama. Let the confiscation and Redistribution begin!

But seriously, if the Supreme court rules against Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., and its sincerely held religious beliefs what will we tell the children?
Pa, Do You Think Hobby Lobby will go to Heaven When it Dies?
Well I don't know son, but if it puts its faith in Jesus, I'd like to think there is a place for it up in Heaven with the Angels.
But Pa, if it puts its faith only in Jesus instead of the Free Market, it'll surely go out of business. So by putting its faith in Jesus it'd be kinda like a Martyr.
That's right Son, it'd be a martyr for Jesus. Hallelujah!
But what about the folks that get left behind, Pa. What about them?
Well, son, I reckon the employees can go to work for the the company takes up the market share that Hobby Lobby left behind. They'll be OK. That's how things work.
No Pa, The Makers. You know the shareholders. Won't they sue the Board of Directors for wasting their capital investment?
Sure some will - them that don't believe in Jesus that is. But I trust that most of 'em will do the right thing.
Pa, more more thing. When Hobby Lobby dies will all 600 of its Big Box Concrete and Steel Stores go to Heaven or will just its Soul go?
All 600 stores, son. All 600 stores.
And so it goes.

The Bi-Coastal Elitists Have no sense of Shame, really

Now this is Mean!
The UC Santa Barbara Police Department has released its official report on the confrontation between Professor Mireille Miller-Young and a group of anti-abortion activists during which Miller-Young stole one of the activists’ signs, tussled with a teen girl trying to get it back, and then destroyed the sign with the help of her students.

In the report, Miller-Young, who is pregnant, said she was “triggered” by the graphic images of aborted fetuses on the large posters and said she felt the demonstrators didn’t have a right to be on the university’s campus, because their messages were upsetting to her and students. When asked by police if there had been a struggle between her and the activists when she took the poster, Miller-Young responded, “I’m stronger, so I was able to take the poster.”
It is a sad day in America when you can put your Abortion Poster in a pregnant woman's face without risking your property.

And what kind of lesson is this Professor trying to teach here (other than basic Neo-conservatism): The Strong do what they will and Weak suffer what they must - meaning if you are weak they take your abortion poster away from you and cut up?

I don't know what the punishment for this should be, but sensitivity training (quite possibly mandatory drum circle therapy?) should definitely be involved.

Teahadist Insurgency Losing Traction Iowa?

Establishment Candidate Claims Years of Hog Castration Experience a Benefit in Congress:

You probably make wild claims like this to try to fool voters into thinking you got Tea Party Street Cred. Otherwise you'd just say that you've been endorsed by Mitt Romney and be done with it.

RINOs are sneaky.

The Bi-Coastal Elitists Just Can't Leave it Alone

Study: New Price Tag for Bush Era Wars at $4-6T
The Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, taken together, will be the most expensive wars in US history – totaling somewhere between $4 to $6 trillion. This includes long-term medical care and disability compensation for service members, veterans and families, military replenishment and social and economic costs. The largest portion of that bill is yet to be paid. Since 2001, the US has expanded the quality, quantity, availability and eligibility of benefits for military personnel and veterans. This has led to unprecedented growth in the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense budgets. These benefits will increase further over the next 40 years. Additional funds are committed to replacing large quantities of basic equipment used in the wars and to support ongoing diplomatic presence and military assistance in the Iraq and Afghanistan region. The large sums borrowed to finance operations in Iraq and Afghanistan will also impose substantial long-term debt servicing costs. As a consequence of these wartime spending choices, the United States will face constraints in funding investments in personnel and diplomacy, research and development and new military initiatives. The legacy of decisions taken during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will dominate future federal budgets for decades to come.
Not really surprising.

There are still pension payments being made to children of Civil War and Spanish-American war soldiers.

Apart from the Human cost, $6T is a lot of cash. Think of all the taxes that could have been cut instead.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Did a Tea Party "Revolution" happen in Ukraine

The book is still out on the new guys in charge:
They are decidedly not liberals—and some of them may be fascists—but they are far more like the Tea Party or right-wing Republicans than like fascists or neo-Nazis. I for one wouldn’t want them to be setting the tone for Ukrainian policy. But neither would I want the Tea Party to be in charge of Washington. No less important, their role in the Kyiv government is at best tertiary (they would probably win no more than 5 percent of the vote in a national election), and policy is set not by them but by the broad coalition of unquestioned liberal democrats.
Well there we go. Its close enough for me. There is (likely) a Tea Party (style) Regime running Ukraine. And now all the wingers who threatened to leave America if Obama won the Presidency now have a place to go.

Apply for asylum. Fly away. Be away with you all!

Dispatches from the Wingnut-O-sphere, cntd

Mista Kurtz - He Crazy:
Young Barack Obama has come a long way. It’s tough not to wonder whether this Thursday might present him with an opportunity to run Saul Alinsky’s game on the Pope. The Times piece makes it clear that the Vatican is wary of Obama’s overtures. At a difficult political time, Obama would value some gesture of support from the Pope. Yet Obama’s policy goals seem at odds with Catholic precepts. Sound familiar? While the Vatican remains cautious and concerned, best remember that, like his idol Alinsky, Obama has always been adept at seducing his allies.
NRO-bot Kurtz
President Obama, apparently, is about to go Chicago-style thug on the Pope. I wonder if the Pope or President Obama know this. I doubt it. Neither likely read the NRO, so neither likely knows about Obama's plans for the Pope.

But you never know. Perhaps the Pope will decide to click over to the NRO to learn about the latest conspiracy theories and grievances peddled by right wing North Americans.  
Ha! They believe that shit. That F'ing Hilarious. The Poor Devils are in desperate need of our prayers.
And so it goes.

Its all a conspiracy, Man, the Government, the Moon-landing and the NSA - They read our brain waves, Man!

Break out your tinfoils hats:
We are witnessing the greatest scandal in the history of science. Someday before long, the discreditable role played by Benjamin Santer, Michael Mann and others will be universally recognized. Until then, governments will continue to funnel billions of dollars to alarmist scientists to reward them for leading the charge for expanded government power.
via Powerline
The goddamned Scientists - always trying to pull a fast one. 

For the time being, within the wingnet, the nerds are victorious.

They have all the hot chicks. Designer Pocket protectors. Slide-rulers made out of FREAKING GOLD!  Labs with science-type stuff in them. Publishing reports that are several 1000 words long and then forcing them down their throats. All thanks to cashing in on the global warming scam.

Some day scientists. You'll get what's coming to you (perhaps in the form of a guillotine). Until that day.


Dispatches from the Wingnut-O-sphere, cntd

Give 'em hell, Sarah:
The GOP perception of the Tea Party is like the CSA perception of England during the Trent Affair. It wasn’t until after Mason and Slidel’s release that the Confederates realized England only acted to protect their own interests.
At the NLRC both Mark Steyn & John Fund noted that thanks to the two-party system the GOP will likely win by default in 2014 as they did in 2010 but as Fund said, they will only keep power if they use that power to act according to the interests of the people who elect them.
Sarah Palin understands this, would that the GOP did.
First of all comparing the GOP to the confederacy is a winner. It may have been a Freudian slip, but wtf. Well played!

But what must be done? And that it so obvious - the path forward is obvious.  Nominate A Hard-core Winger in 2016.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Control of the House and Senate will be like a pair of cement shoes

Mean Stuff Found on Web:
There’s no easy way around this. Republicans are in a classic Hellerian catch-22: they’re crazy — and they’d be damn fools to behave any different. Their control of Congress depends, in many ultrasafe Republican districts and several deepest of deep red states, in part on fealty to conservative doctrine that will be problematic for the next GOP presidential contender.
....If and when Republicans retake the Senate, the intraparty feud, now simmering, will begin to boil anew. The rightmost flank, flush with victory, will need to be appeased. And the ideological toxicity; the demographics of death; the lack of a viable national standard-bearer — these factors and others will conspire to elect the next President Clinton.
The fact is, we are two countries.
Republicans dominate the smaller one.
The consolation prize, awarded in the off years, is Congress.
-AmCon Blog
If the GOP controls congress, the only thing between the deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries, starving old folks, persecuting scientists, gays, immigrants and whoever the conservative entertainment complex is focused on at a given moment ( Its a goddamned Ground Zero Mosque!) will be the presidency and American Peoples' Protector in chief.

Will President Obama let Paul Ryan take away a poor orphan's school lunch so that the money that pays for it can be better spent on the deserving "Makers."

Hell No!

Will President Obama let Paul Ryan turn medicare into health care coupons so that rich folks can have yet another tax cuts?

Hell No!

What Country do they want to invade now? Are they proposing to turn Yellowstone National Park into the worlds biggest strip mine? And tell me why our Drinking Water is too safe, again? And what's this about Witch hunts? I know that Kate Plus Eight (or the octo-mom or whoever)  was a terrible show, but burning people at the stake really seems excessive.

Not on my watch!

And so it goes.

Powerline Blog Predicts the (possible) end of the Global Warming Scam.......... yet again (sigh)

This happens periodically.

A powerline blogger will predict that something he read on a right wing blog, saw on a Foxnews show like "Fox and Friends" or that he read from an ex-tobacco Scientist or some other flack working at an industry funded Think Tank is sure to end the Global Warming Hoax.

Just wait........

Quite hilariously one the predictions that you could see coming from a mile away - that a Koch Brothers Study conducted by the Berkeley Earth Science Temperature project (i.e., "BEST") headed by a sympathetic UC-Berkeley busy body would surely put an end to the greenhouse gas emission non-sense. Instead it ended spectacularly.

The Kochs' wouldn't waste their money, would they? 

But the opposite happened as the sympathetic the BEST study confirmed the settled scientific consensus.  Man what a drag. You finally get an actual scientist, sympathetic to your views, to look into the controversy and then he reports back:
Sorry mouth breathers. Its real and it's because of us. We gave it our BEST (get it) shot.
But faith sustains, and the next Foxnews Special or Right Wing Blog Post might get the job done.

Who is to say that it takes a PhD and decades of experience to understand complex systems.  Bill Gates dropped out of college, so look what good all that book learning he missed out on did for him. Who's to say that an out of work high school drop out won't crack the case while banging away on a keyboard down in his parents' basement.

Shit happens.

And so too is the latest best hope - that a Foxnews-style "Fair and Balanced" 6 person study made up of three well known Skeptics and three scientists to be named later may do the trick.
This is what makes so significant today’s news that the American Physical Society is appointing a balanced, six-person committee to review its stance on climate change.  The APS, with 60,000 members, has hitherto fallen in line by issuing statements reflecting the usual alarmism about climate, but experienced the resignations of some of its high profile members because of their official stance. ...
The APS committee may well deadlock given its membership, in which case they’ll just move to the sidelines.  But if the APS breaks from the “consensus,” or issues any kind of original statement that confounds the climate conformists, the favorite talking point about the ironclad “consensus” will go Poof.
But the thing about this study is that the "Fair and Balanced" portion of the panel are not full-blown Tin foil hat wearing loons like those writing at Powerline Blog, but rather scientists that differ from the consensus on the degree of future warming that greenhouse gas emissions will cause.
And so it goes.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Tea Party Insurgents are Kind and Thoughtful

Like Matt Belvin:
"There's no one, myself included, who could go to Washington for 20-30-40 years and not change. It's cathartic, good, refreshing for there to be turnover. You've gotta be careful of staying anywhere too long. It's best to retire with dignity. I'm offering Mitch McConnell the chance to do so."
Say what you want, but when it comes to tea partiers, there is nothing more refreshing than a well defined sense of empathy.

Kudos for Belvin for looking for McConnell's best interests ....kinda like he's his brother's keeper.

The world would be a better place if there were more folks like Belvin - assuming those folks also bathed regularly because sometime tea partiers have issues with that.

Right Wing Nut: Acting like Right Wing Nuts is a luxury that we can no longer afford.

Thomas Sowell, one the the nuttiest on the wingnet, is urging his fellow right wing nuts to stop acting like a bunch of assholes for at least a little while:
At a time when polls show public opinion turning against the Democrats, some Republicans seem to be turning against each other... busy manufacturing ammunition for their own circular firing squad.
A Republican faction’s demonization of their own Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, is a classic example [Ed Note: McConnell is stone cold stealing candy from a baby conservative, but he is not a revolutionary, so his head must roll. Its not personal, just business]
This year’s elections and the 2016 presidential election may be among the most important elections in the history of this country {ED Note: If you a winger you make this claim about every election -  its a rule].....
Someone once said that, in a war, truth is the first casualty. That seems to be the case for some in this internal war among Republicans. As the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, “You are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts.”[Ed Note: Notice the interest in facts now? After writing bullshit about this event or that event signaling the imminent demise of Western Civilization, now he's concerned that his audience is not fact based].....
Those Republicans who seem ready to jeopardize their own party’s chances of winning these two crucial elections by following a rule-or-ruin fight against fellow Republicans may claim to be following their ideals. But headstrong self-righteousness is not idealism, and it is seldom a way to advance any cause. {Ed Note: Says the heretic to the righteous]
Politics, like war, is a question of power. If you don’t have power, you can make fiery speeches or even conduct attention-getting filibusters, but that does not fundamentally change anything....
Certainly there has been much for which the Republican leadership has deserved to be criticized over the years — and this column has made such criticisms for decades [Ed Note: Time to cut the crazy shit and follow orders]. ...
If the rule-or-ruin faction among Republicans ends up giving the Democrats another Senate majority under Harry Reid, not only the Republican party but the entire nation, and generations yet unborn, will end up paying the price.
We don't really know if there is a thing such as peak-wingnut i.e, the high water mark of the crazy.  From American History, we see that the crazy is always with us. Today's Teahadist are little more than the inheritors of the traditions of Anti-masons, the know-nothings, the free silver-ites (to some extent), McCarthy-ites and the Birchers. Crazy flows from one generation to the next and it is this generation's burden to deal with Teahadism.

The GOP establishment clearly fears the crazy.  That it has taken steps to reduce democratic participation in the 2016 primary seems to indicate that it, too, fears peak wingnut.

Just think about Tail-gunner Ted Cruz as the 2016 GOP nominee. Peak Wingnut could get you there and in that case it can do you in.

From studying the past, using facts and statistics and by reading unbearably long studies not written in crayon by Sarah Palin, the Political Scientists tell us that there is a demonstrated tendency toward moderation the longer a party is out of power. Think of it as a natural check against hitting peak wingnut. Sowell's article above reinforces this theory in so far as showing a certified right nut preaching out against right wing nuttiness:
I stand before you today ....not as a Right Wing Man....Not as a Red State Man.... but as an American - and as one who fervently opposes the spread of Obamunism down to the states of the old confederacy ...... Liberty and Dis-Union, now and forever, together one and insufferable!
So we'll see. The RINOs in name only seem less afraid than any time since the craziness re-emerged from its slumber.  And they have lots of dark money to spend. But the Teahadists have something that the Anti-masons did not have -  the wingnet. Which is important as the wingnet collects the crazy down the the micro target level and re-focuses it toward peak wingnut.  Technology.

So there is that.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shadowy Interest Group Backing McConnell

Just as the name Al Qaeda was unfamiliar to most folks in the days before 9/11, much the same can be said of the "Kentucky Opportunity Coalition" - a so-called social welfare group dedicated to issue focused advocacy.

Where does the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition get its funding? What "issues" is it likely to advocate? Are international terrorists involved - perhaps the Friends of Hamas or the Hezbollah Junior League of France - nobody really knows.
An issues group supportive of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is launching a three-week, $1.8 million advertising campaign in Kentucky, by far the largest ad buy to date of the 2014 U.S. Senate race.

Unlike other Super PACs operating in Kentucky, the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, so its political activity is restricted to issue-focused ads that don't directly ask voters to support one candidate over another.
Sounds shady to me.

Here is what we know for near certain. We know is that the feelings of "Real Americans" are likely unimportant to Kentucky Opportunity Coalition. This shadowy group may or may not have links to radical islam, but I am fairly certain that they are against Real Americans. That's for certain. And in the end, is there really any difference?

And if that is the case, isn't it also true that McConnell should denounce Terrorist funded ads immediately? 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wingnut says whaaat, cntd????????

Those Wingnuts!
Putin is to Obama what Samuel Johnson was to James Boswell and Bishop Berkeley. He is a walking refutation of Obama’s fantasy world of the “international community” and “smart power.” When you see Vladimir Putin, think Samuel Johnson:
    After we came out of the church, we stood talking for some time together of Bishop Berkeley’s ingenious sophistry to prove the nonexistence of matter, and that every thing in the universe is merely ideal. I observed, that though we are satisfied his doctrine is not true, it is impossible to refute it. I never shall forget the alacrity with which Johnson answered, striking his foot with mighty force against a large stone, till he rebounded from it — “I refute it thus.”
Putin refutes Obama “thus.”
That's freaking hilarious but in an unintentional way. Really its the Obama Derangement Syndrome that's doing the talking. The poor bastard doing the posting turns into a sock puppet for the ODS. The ODS is wicked, man.

Drinking, Smoking, Fornicating, lying, cheating and stealing can all do you in before your time. ODS can be just as bad  - if not worse!

I wonder how may years it'll shave off these poor devils' lives.

5 Million "Enslaved" by new Health Insurance Law

We shall overcome:
The Obama administration says more than 5 million people have signed up for private health insurance under the new health care law.
That still leaves about 1 million to go over the next two weeks for the White House to meet its latest goal of 6 million enrolled by March 31.
That would work out to more than 70,000 people a day. And some independent analysts say that's a stretch.
Obamunism Marches On.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wingnut Says Whaaat, cntd????????????

Those Sanitary Sewers that the know-it-all Progressives wanted, back in the day, where an outrageous restraint on liberty.  How can you regulate a natural process, angry conservatives demanded? 

But they (and the spread of preventable diseases) lost the battle...............until now:
Consider the meaning in contemporary jargon of the famous carbon footprint that we all leave behind us. What is it, after all, if not the gaseous equivalent of Original Sin, of the stain that we inflict on our Mother Gaia by the simple fact of being present and breathing? We can all gauge the volume of our emissions, day after day, with the injunction to curtail them, just as children saying their catechisms are supposed to curtail their sins.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We will always have to deal with wingers. Each generation has its unique burdens. Whereas in the past, regulation to require basic levels of public sanitation resulted in scorn cast down from what passed as the wingnet in that day, our generation must also deal with the rantings of the maladjusted.

If only we had FEMA run camps, I'd lock this bastard up in a heartbeat. I'd be for his own good.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Lessons in Wingnutology - Radical Libertarianism is bad for you

Dispatches from the Fever Swamps

Radical Libertarianism can cause well educated people to believe some pretty crazy shit. One of the things that radical libertarians tend to believe is that all was right with the America until one great and tragic error F'd everything up. If we could go back in time and undo history's great error, all would be well and just again.

If only!

Lots of conservatives believe this. They just have a hard time agreeing when the great error occurred. For Neocons, its the 1960s when the Democrats got pussified, so to speak over Vietnam. For other conservatives the great error is in 1937 with The Supreme Court and the New Deal. Other wingers look to Woodrow Wilson and the progressive era, specially 1913 as the great error with even harder core wingers going back to 1905 blaming TR for laying the ground work for Hitler.

Its always something. And it is always bad.

For Radical Libratarians history's great error is the election of  Father Abraham. That makes 1860 the year that history's great error happened and F'd everything up.

And so its the case with Right Wing Professor Donald W. Livingston, an unreconstructed Cotton Belt guy from Down Dixie. This is how the right wing professor lays it out:
The moral grandeur of Lincoln is rooted in the myth that he made a war on the South to abolish slavery. This is, at most, a Platonic noble lie designed to legitimate the Unionist regime. Lincoln thought that slavery was immoral, but so did Robert E. Lee. And Lee, at his own expense, freed the slaves he had inherited, through marriage, from the family of George Washington. Only around fifteen percent of southerners even owned slaves, and the great majority of these had holdings of one to six. Jefferson Davis was an enlightened slave holder who said that once the Confederacy gained its independence, it would mean the end of slavery. The Confederate Cabinet agreed to abolish slavery within five years after the cessation of hostilities in exchange for recognition by Britain and France. Southerners were not fighting to preserve slavery, but simply and solely because they were being invaded. And the North certainly did not invade to abolish slavery.
The North Invaded for Conquest and to centralize everyone.

A few of points.

That the Cotton Belt states seceded over slavery is beyond dispute. Their representatives published documents expressly declaring that Secession was about Slavery. 

It was not about an abstration of libertarianism as our right wing friends tell us that resistance to Centralization was the cause of the war.

The problem with this rationale is simple. 
“Slavery with us is no abstraction - but a great and vital fact. Without it our every comfort would be taken from us...all lost and our people ruined for ever. Nothing short of separation from the Union can save us.”
- A.P. Hayne to President Buchanan, December 22, 1860
The evidence is overwhelmingly contradictory. So that one falls away.

Next. Time to bolster the myth that slavery had no real bearing on secession by down playing slavery's role within the confederacy. Hence the effort to turn Jeff Davis and Robert E Lee into saints.

But this does not work either.

Lee owned slaves starting in 1829 and at least through 1852 according to Historian Elizabeth Pryor (who is one of the few historian to have access to certain Lee family documents).

During this time there is no evidence that Lee freed all his slaves. Over this period he could have sold some of them, we know he leased/rented them out from time to time and it is possible that he freed some of them, too. The emancipation assumption rests on the fact that since no tax records exist showing sales of slaves, he must of let them go. 

After inheriting more slaves in 1857, we do know that at least three of his slaves ran away in 1859 and made it almost to PA before being captured and returned to Lee. We do know that one of these bondsman later recalled that Lee had order them to be whipped on return. According to this story, Lee ordered the plantation overseer to whip the slaves, but when overseer refused, Lee had to pay another person to lay on the whipping. A Receipt ledger exists today that corroborates that a payment was made for transaction.  If Lee was into "setting the slaves free," he sure had big issues about letting these three go.

We do know that Lee officially freed the remainder of his slaves in December of 1862, that his plantation was well within Union lines and under the control of American troops might have had something to do with it.

So Lee's record as abolitionist is undeserved. As is the case with Jeff Davis - who certainly wasn't a friend of emancipation.

In 1865 with the Confederacy on the verge of collapse, Davis sent Duncan Kenner to Paris and London with an offer to abolish slavery in return for British and French assistance. Davis did not have approval of the confederate congress to do this nor did he have the commitment of the states which had constitutional authority over the institution. It was in football terms a hail mary -  a last ditch attempt to avoid defeat.

The British declined on March 14th, less than one month later, Lee surrendered. All of which makes the argument that slavery was unimportant quite frankly - bullshit.

But that is the problem with radical libertarianism. To make the civil war solely about economic rights of white people in the south, one must pretend that the human rights of black folks are of no concern. So you either make shit up or ignorantly repeat bullshit that other people have made up. Slavery was fun. The Slaves were happy. Jeff Davis wasn't as cruel as other slaveholders, thus making him "enlightened."

And you get to say that actually "Jeff Davis was going to free the slaves after the Confederacy won the war." Further the argue goes, "the war was not about slavery." It was about an abstraction, instead.  In fact Jeff Davis was the real abolitionist - he wanted to free the slaves - he sent someone to London. Never mind that Davis waited until the very last moment to make a concession on slavery based upon constitutional authority that he did not have.

Which all leads to a bigger conundrum. If Davis was to issue a confederate Emancipation Proclamation, what are the chances that the Cotton Belt states would just secede from the confederacy in protest?
That damn tyrant in Richmond! He's just as bad as that tyrant Lincoln was. Give us Slavery or give us Death!
 And so it goes.