Friday, July 22, 2016

WHIG WATCH - Conservatism never fails; People Fail Conservatism....UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!

Or is that the case anymore - that there is never anything wrong with Conservatism?

Usually this is the line. Whenever suffering a setback, the refrain is simple. Conservatism is not to blame. Instead, people let down conservatism. The lectures about Tax cuts and deregulation weren't delivered by an effective messenger. Better communication with the masses is the ticket. If only the next pitchman is more like Reagan!

Sometimes, conservatism appears to have failed. But it hasn't. It only looks this way because the other side cheated. There was imaginary in person voter fraud; ACORN is running rampant, the election was stolen, etc. The AM Radio has been shreiking about this for a generation.
Or, perhaps conservatism appears to have fails because 47% of Americans are scumbag moochers; or perhpas its because the other side keeps black folks locked on the democratic plantation, etc., etc.
But conservatism is never to blame. NEVER. Better messaging will heal all wounds and lead to victory

But maybe not anymore. Perhaps Trump happened because Conservatism has failed. One guy thinks so:
The Republican presidential candidate was usually a gray, bland figure, a stalwart conservative but not a fire-breathing one...
...who had worked his way up the ranks. Romney, McCain, Bush II, Dole, and Bush I all fit this description[, and even] Reagan... did not deviate too far from this model. As a conservative, the Republican nominee would support tax cuts, a business-friendly attitude, a tough-guy attitude toward America's enemies and rivals, and traditional family values based on Christianity. That's what conservatism was.
But in the past fifteen years, the three pillars of conservatism--economic, foreign-policy, and social conservatism--have all had huge, dramatic failures.... The Bush tax cuts failed to reverse [middle-class] income stagnation... [and] a lax regulatory climate appeared to give rise to a financial crisis that devastated the job market.... The formula of 'cut taxes[, deregulate,] and let businesses do as they see fit' is now pretty discredited.... Older intellectuals [who] continue to fight doggedly for this economic program... are rightfully ignored....
Foreign policy conservatism... failed... when Bush turned bellicose rhetoric into bellicose reality with the disastrous Iraq War.... A more minor failure was the seeming emptiness of Bush's bellicose rhetoric when it came to actual threats. Under Bush's watch, Putin's power grew inexorably, and North Korea got nukes, while Bush barked impotently.... Finally, social conservatism... [which] promised to restore family values by promoting Christianity and resisting things like gay marriage. But... Americans have resoundingly rejected the values pushed on them by Christian conservatives in the 80s, 90s, and 00s.... Add all this up, and what do you get? A massive, total failure of all three pillars of modern conservatism within a 15-year period....
That leaves us with the... the question of why Trumpism filled the void that conservatism created with its rapid collapse.... That's a question I don't think I know how to answer... race, religion, tribalism, xenophobia, etc... globalization and import competition from China... a faction that was there all along.... Or all three. Or something else. I don't know. But... a necessary piece of the Trump takeover equation was the collapse of the conservative ideology... [which] is what inevitably happens to an ideology when it succumbs to overreach, dogmatism, and an echo chamber. I hope I don't ever have to watch the same thing happen to the American left.
I've tended to blame the rabble-rousers from playing the extremism game. You think that since riding the tiger seems to work at first that the dismount will be easy.

But its not. When you get off, it turns and does what's natural, Then you get stuck with Donald Trump.

But who knows.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WHIG WATCH - It is in effect

All good things must come to an end. The same is true for the not-so-good as well.

The Internets consider the coming Destruction of Grand Old Party. Vice, Avarice, and Ignorance are not especially to blame any more so than natural causes like "old age," some posit.
Legend has it that after leveling Carthage in the Third Punic War, Roman army generals ordered that the city’s fields be sown with salt so that they’d lie fallow for years, Roman generals not being particularly well known for their benevolence in victory.
Many Republicans think Donald Trump’s nomination is doing roughly the same thing to their party: destroying any chance for growth it once had and leaving the GOP to wither and die on Trump vineyard vines.
“My general sense, looking at this election, is that what we’re witnessing here is the end of something much more than the beginning of something,” Yuval Levin, editor of the conservative policy journal, National Affairs told me recently.
Moments of historical change in the course of a party’s life can be difficult to spot. In “Party Ideologies in America, 1828-1996,” political scientist John Gerring marks the beginning of the modern Republican Party as Herbert Hoover’s shifting campaign rhetoric in 1928 and 1932, when he talked more about the virtues of the American home and family than hard-tack economics. Hoover’s oratory about the progress of the individual being threatened by an overzealous government bureaucracy stuck around for the next eight decades, and the wisdom of generations has helped us discern that this was indeed the start of a new Republican era.
The shock of 2016, though, is just how self-evident the inflection point at which the Republican Party finds itself is; Trump is a one-man crisis for the GOP. The party has been growing more conservative and less tolerant of deviations from doctrine over the past decades, so what does it mean that a man who has freely eschewed conservative orthodoxy on policy is now the Republicans’ standard-bearer?
If Trump lost, Soltis Anderson said — which seems at this point, not an unreasonable possibility — the factions in the party would only become more entrenched. It would not just be the Trump supporters vs. the Never Trumps; instead, Never Trump would be pitted against Never Trump in a civil war of the moral resistance. Lacking a common enemy, they would revert to their differences.
“On the one hand, you have the autopsy folks, right?” she said, referring to those who concur with the findings of a 2012 report that said, among other things, that the GOP should reach out to minority voters. “You have the people that look at Donald Trump and they go, ‘He’s alienating Latino voters, he’s doing damage to the brand, he’s looking backwards, not forwards, he’s the opposite of what we needed.’”
The other Never Trump faction — “the Ted Cruz folks, the conservative purists,” as Soltis Anderson put it — would disagree with the diagnosis of why Trump was bad for the party. “Their main argument with Trump is not that he’s mean to Latinos; their main argument with Trump is that he’s not really a conservative, he’s not really one of us,” she said. “When all is said and done, those two Never Trump forces are going to blame each other for his existence.”
The prospect that the GOP leaders wouldn’t even be able to agree on why Trump — arguably the worst crisis the modern party has experienced — was even a crisis to begin with, seemed to say it all.
“There is no happy ending to this story,” she said
Sometimes shit just happens and alotta shit has happened to the former party of Lincoln- self inflicted or of natural causes. And both are true to varying extents.

And as the predictions of a doomed Republican Party come and possible come to fruition, there looms an unasked question.

Why not give the Whig party another chance? They can't be any worse.

Monday, July 18, 2016


From the Archives in 2012!

One of the members of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade ponders seriously on the nature of political nominating conventions - as would be expected from an operation like Powerline Blog. The democratic party is infested by loons, it seems. Upon observation, one must conclude this to be true. They did nominate Obama.

Whereas for the Grand Old Party the convention is marked by the somber, reflective and measured judgment of its participants. Its party members are no way loons:
Tonight, delegates to the Democratic National Convention will cheer the prospect of another term for Barack Obama. You may wonder: who are these people? Who could possibly approve of Obama’s almost unbroken record of failure? Well, to begin with, many of them are not very bright. Many more have financial skin in the game. But a considerable number are even worse than that….It is often said that there are nutty people in both political parties, and that no doubt is true. But the assumed equivalence is false. We are talking here about senior Democratic Party officials and delegates to the Democratic National Convention. There is no analogous craziness at the same level on the Republican side. Democrats frequently describe Republican office-holders and candidates as “crazy,” but that simply means that they aren’t Democrats. In the Democratic Party, we see the real thing. [em-mine]
I guess when you are one of the crazies, all the other loons seem "normal."

Michele Bachmann becomes a serious person and her views warrant to be taken seriously.  Next Herman Cain becomes dominant momentarily before being swept away by a Newt Boomlet which is replaced by Santorumania.

Donald J. Trump strides into the debate next and powerfully captivate hearts and minds with his "measured" judgment. Compared to the democratic party, this march to Cleveland occurs with all due dignity  - as would be expected.

And so it must be the case that many wingers lack a sense of self awareness. Some say its the echo chamber, others say the right wing immune system is more to blame as the party's deeply nurtured anti-intellectualism leaves the body particularly susceptible to con men, hoaxes and the favor of the month.  Yet others may attribute this lack of awareness to the Derangement Syndrome. I think all are somewhat to blame.

And so it goes.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

BOYCOTT ESPN - Wingers in a tizzy, again (sigh)

It is hard to be a card carrying member of the tinfoil hat brigade these days.

Culture is against you. Science is against you. Facts are as biased as the polls are skewed. And the Kenyan Strongman with his socialist mind trick has everyone - but right wingers - fooled.
Its everything, man. You just can't win.

And now it has got even worse. Sports are against you, too.

The boys from Powerline Blog explain:
Each year, ESPN holds something called the ESPYs. Apparently, the event is a sort Academy Awards for sports. The idea seems ridiculous. Part of what makes sports wonderful is that it’s not show business.
According to Larry O’Connor at HotAir, and confirmed by other reports I’ve seen, “the ESPY award broadcast was filled with about as much race-baiting, left-wing politics as the Democrats convention in Philly will have two weeks from now.” Moreover, “ESPN, the Disney-owned network that created and produces the awards broadcast on their parent network ABC, went out of their way to feature and celebrate the divisive Black Lives Matter grandstanding.”
The broadcast apparently began with luminous social critics Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James mouthing Black Lives Matter lines. Pretending to “follow in the footsteps” of “legends like Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown, Billie Jean King, [and] Arthur were pitches for gun control and for more government spending on medical research. President Obama and Vice President Biden were featured.
But the worst manifestation of ESPN’s leftism isn’t the ostentatious leftism of the ESPYs, but rather the network’s suppression of other viewpoints....We should conclude that ESPN is the worldwide leader in bulls**t.
If you’re a committed sports fan, it’s difficult to avoid ESPN. But if you’re a conservative, you should consider avoiding it as much as you feel you can.
If you think the healthcare system in America is to the 21st century as Slavery was the 19th century. Fine. Don't use it. Boycott the doctor.

If you have no capacity for empathy or can't view athletes as people who may also have "opinions." This is fine too. Don't watch sports.

But they won't. I've seen wingers boycott ESPN before. Apparently Disney, the parent company, not only let gay people in its theme parks but encouraged them to attend from time to time.  As outrageous as this practice was, the Boycott against sports did not last.

This, too, shall pass. as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

DIOCLETIANIC PERSECUTION – A new age of “Lions” Dawns

According to the Wingnet, those Radicals in Robes are back at it.

Not content just to usher in a new age of conservative jurisprudence over the last 4 decades of conservative dominance on the high court, the justices of the US Supreme Court and its allies in the Obamunist Thugocracy are about to throw down the Ban Hammer of the Gods on Christians in the Workplace.

Washington is the only state that has this specific regulation on pharmacies. Now that the Supreme Court has greenlighted it, look for Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion radicals to start lobbying friendly state legislators across the country to pass similar legislation.
Welcome to the new age. It is real, and it is happening.
... I want you to notice something. The Left always accuses the Right of advancing the culture war, even though it is usually the Right playing defense. The pharmacists’ situation is a classic example. Nobody in Washington state had the slightest problem finding Plan B. If they couldn’t get it at the Stormans’ pharmacy, there were plenty pharmacies nearby where they could. Conscience exemptions are standard nationwide, and state and national pharmacy professional associations filed amicus briefs supporting the Stormans. Nobody wanted this regulation, except the Jacobins of the Sexual Revolution.
And now they have it. .... these Jacobins decided to create a problem where there was none, just to destroy Christian pharmacists.
The illegitimacy of the regime grows by the day. 
Render unto Caesar all the stuff that belongs to him. Render unto the Pharmacist who is also a "christian" religious fundamentalist all his stuff too.

So life is not fair. And they have a point. I am sure Muslim Fundamentalists agree, too.  Adjusting to modernity is tough for those who rely on old time folkways and teachings of ancient religious texts to understand all that happens around them on this spinning blue marble.

But there still ain't no Lions.

Friday, July 15, 2016

THE CENTER MUST NOT HOLD - Extremist repudiates America - yearns for "Utopia"

When the only tool that you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And so to is it with Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe, who is either one of the craziest wingers inhabiting the lunatic fringe, or is a caricature of all the vices of American right wingers rolled into a glorious sock puppet.
I am non-judgmental as to which turns out to be the case.

But anyway, one can always count on Rahe to bring the crazy whether its conspiracy theories about the President importing ebola into the US to harm the people or the fevered dreams that the father of Nationalized Romneycare was likely to win a landslide election framed around the repeal of Romneycare as tyranny and repudiation of the last 100 years of American history, of the American administrative system of governance and of progress toward opportunity and participation in public life for all Americans.

If Romney would have only spent more time watching Glenn Beck and explaining this vision (of utopia) more clearly to the American people, this future could have been realized. But it was not to be.

Today is a new day, however. Unfortunately, this day is no different from the days that have gone before. Because when all you have is a nail.....
I think of this poem often [that the Center cannot hold, the extremes are empowered and the virtuous silenced]. I thought of it when John Roberts turned himself into the legal equivalent of a pretzel in a cowardly attempt to dodge the fact that Obamacare was, on the face of it, unconstitutional. I thought of it later while sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis as Mike Pence collapsed when Tim Cooke of Apple called him after the Indiana Legislature passed a facsimile of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I thought of it when Nathan Deal vetoed an act passed by the Georgia Legislature specifying that bathrooms be allocated in that state by sex. And I thought of it today when James Comey, Director of the FBI, recommended that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted for gross negligence for doing all of her business as Secretary of State via an email server lodged in her home, pleading that the poor girl had not intended harm.
We, too, live in a time when the best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity. It has been ugly the last eight years, and it is going to be uglier still.
The Lunatic Fringe has been ugly, this is true.  But one wonders if it can get worse. When will we hit "peak wingnut?"  Trump may instruct us on this point.

Normally, in a functioning Political Party, such lunacy is kept in check, beaten down or simply dismissed.  The Modern Republican Party is not a healthy party however. It has weakened to where it is unable to fight off these all to frequent bi-annual bouts of near-fatal infections and periodic bouts of delusion.

And now comes a new Champion for the American Right.

Donald J Trump.  This is a man who ran for the nomination of major political party not as a man of the Party but as an embodiment of a right wing blogger catering to a lunatic fringe.  Trump would copy shit that semi-crazed right winger bloggers had been yammering about for years and the opportunist in him would use it to carve out a niche within the GOP electorate.

He did not "Build it" himself.  Rather the foundations of "Trumpism" had already been laid. Its walls and roof framed and fitted by a variety of different workmen - Barking mad bloggers at the NRO and other dark places within the conservative media, Conspiracy theorists and nocturnal scribbling Right Wing Professors, Screamers on the AM Radio and Infotainers posing at "TV News personalities" at the Fox News and others, all of these "workmen" laboring together as if a common plan or blueprint for Trumpism existed long before The Donald's arrival.

And so to did extremism become normalized and moderation become demonized so that when the bi-annual infection came again -like it always seems to come, there were none left sufficient to fight off the fever. The GOP succumbed to delirium unchecked its "grown-ups" vanquished and the Kenyan Strongman supreme.

And now right wingers wail in despair - seemingly oblivious to their complicity in "building" the new GOP and many shriek to the heavens with each new moment that invites formerly marginalized folks to emerge from the shadows of civic life to enjoy their birth right as Americans.

If only more people watched Glenn Beck.....It could have all turned out differently.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

WINGNUT STUCK IN PAST - Trumpism offers New "hope"

Over at Powerline Blog, one of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade bangs out a familiar refrain:
For a while I thought we were re-living the 1970s, with Carter era stagnation and weakness. Now we seem to be moving back in time to the 1960s. That was when the Democrats first tried to claim that “law and order” is code for racism. The Democrats lost that one. It turned out that Americans really do care about upholding the law, and really are opposed to crime.
So now the Democrats want to re-enact their losing strategy, believing, apparently, that this time it will win for them. If I were a Democrat, I would attempt an intervention. But I am not a Democrat, so I am happy–well, not happy, since the whole thing is inexpressibly sad–but willing to let them go down the same sterile path to defeat.
Essentially many wingers have been unable to move past the 1970s and routinely have filter current events through the prism of Soviet aggression, Ayatollah's and Stagflation. Events invariably tend to be viewed through a Reagan - Carter prism, though inflation has been arrested, the Soviet Union does not exist and the gospel of tax-cuts for the wealthiest among us has been uniformly discredited.

And so it went. Every problem looked a nail. Obama was to be the new Carter even as he rescued the economy from brink of collapse and eliminated Bin Laden. And, of course, inflation is always just a moment away from washing over the nation like a tsunami instead of the deflationary pressures that exist today.

But all good things must come to an end. The 1960s now beckon many, as they ever do for conservatives seeking to understand "history's great error" and how to reverse the tides of "progress." They gleefully rally around Donald J Trump's call to action.

Many wingers have never left this decade. Many fixate on other decades - the 1860s, 1910s, 1930s, etc., etc., and yet for others it will always be july 1980 in America, "not once but whenever s/he wants it, there is the instant when it's still not yet two o’clock on that July afternoon, the brigades are in position behind the rail fence, the guns are laid and ready in the woods and the furled flags are already loosened to break out...waiting for" Reagan to give the order to take that hill.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NRO GUY SAYS WHAAAT - Soccer Befuddles Winger

Another in a series on North American right wing rhetoric - offered without context, because wingers can right some of the wackiest stuff sometimes.

The topic is Soccer:
The answer starts with a “R” and ends with an “acism!” White people angry about their economic dislocation aren’t interested in palling around with the dirty Mexicans stealing their jobs. That’s why they’ve embraced the sport that Latinos everywhere love! Sure, why not. The Pacific Northwest, hotbed of Confederate nostalgia. Thankfully, immigrants are not fooled. Anyone who doesn’t understand why so few Mexican-Americans root for the United States national team “doesn’t need to look much farther than the crowds who gather in M.L.S. stadiums and bars and sing songs inspired by groups who shove black men off subway trains and travel to foreign cities to taunt Muslim immigrants.” 
It has to be very difficult to be an un-assimilated North American Right Winger in America circa 2016.  Life outside the comment section at the NRO can be strange and confusing.

I feel for these guys. But there is little that can be done until treatment is actively sought out.

They, the experts - those know-it-alls - say you have to hit the bottom first. Maybe Trump will help 'em out in that regard.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CONSPIRACY! RACISM! - Fun times at Instapundit blog

Its a terrible thing when a good meme turns bad.

And over at Instapundit blog they got a good one dog-whistled out to the masses: Barack Obama is hiding something from Black Folks.

The evidence is in a chart - made up by right wingers purporting to show that it is hard for black kids to find entry level jobs.

Shocking. Kids having a hard time finding summer jobs since the great recession?  According to the chart, yes. And, naturally its all Obama's fault.

Apparently this "development" could have been prevented if Obama had extended the Bush Tax cuts for those earning the most. or if the President had deregulated some dangerous industry. Or maybe it has to with minimum wage laws enacted by local or state governments that Obama apparently is responsible for....somehow.

If Obama would have just gutted the Safe Drinking Water Act, or children labor laws or something like that the economy would be booming but nooooooo, he wouldn't do it  That Obama. He's always F'ing things up.

But that's how you play the game on the wingnet. Anyway the nutters had a pretty good thing going until the comment section chimed in.  Because in the wingnet there is a universal law that black + unemployment = racism!

Fun-times man. The Hitler reference is good. References to attending grade school at age 19 is also priceless.

When Barack Obama says "you didn't build it." He doesn't mean the modern republican party. They did "build" that. Its all theirs.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

VULGAR BLOGGER - "Outraged" by vulgar "Commenters"

It is hardly surprising that Powerline Blog has been suffering a bad case of Reap-Sow-Karma in its comment section. But such a thing is not uncommon on the wingnet in dark places like the NRO, etc., etc., where the loudest angriest voices become empowered leading to evermore anger, loutishness, excess, vice and barbarity.

Naturally, I blame the American Mussolini and Lawless Tyrant Obama along with his 21st century version of chattel slavery - Obamacare - for the incivility.

TO the Wingnet!!!!!
As I have mentioned a time or two before, we seek to maintain a tone appropriate to civil discourse on this site. It is a tone that comes naturally to most of our readers and commenters.
I review comments for abuse and vulgarity. Most of our commenters have no problem speaking in polite company. However, every day I now moderate comments by commenters who are routinely vulgar. Some commenters appear to be incapable of expressing themselves without resort to words such as “ass” or “asshole” or “dumbass” or “bastard” or “shit” or “bullshit” or “fuck” or “balls” (of the anatomical variety) or the like and their many colorful variants. One commenter specializes in “libtard,” a word which is not acceptable here.
Our software generally holds such comments and prevents them from appearing without approval, but I am tired of reading them. Those of you who use such language in comments are warned to behave. Those of you who persist in using such language are cordially invited to take your business elsewhere. If you don’t, we will resort to the expedient of banning you from the comments.
Personal abuse of fellow commenters or of the proprietors of this site is also discouraged. Even without vulgarity, personal abuse is unwelcome. Commenters who engage in it will be banned summarily.
These are the guidelines we apply:
We prize civil discourse and ask our commenters to observe elementary courtesies.
Exceptions may be made, and the line may be blurry, but vulgarity is prohibited.
Personal abuse of Power Line authors and commenters is prohibited.
Anonymous/pseudonymous comments are discouraged. If you have a good reason for hiding behind a pseudonym, send a message to my attention at our email address and I will entertain it.
These guidelines are not exhaustive. They may be applied inconsistently and their violation may result in the deletion of comments and the banning of commenters.
If your site has software to screen out the number of commenters using the term "libtard," because it is a problem, your site not only has problems, but its a sign that extremist rhetoric has become the norm: its a feature not a bug.

Not only that but its highly elitist to castigate those using extremist rhetoric in your comment section for buying into and believing in the product that Powerline Blog sells - which is built on extremist rhetoric. "You build it." And so you own it. Deal with it.

Its sad to say (not really) that if Powerline Blog were a dog, it woulda been put down by now.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

MEDIA CONSPIRACY - Erickson just can't quit Benghazi

This is an example of the horrifying effects of right wing counter-culture:
The press has willfully collaborated with the Obama Administration to let them lie to the American public. The press has willingly collaborated with the Obama Administration to deflect with "they did it too-isms", pointing to Republicans. The press now dismisses the Benghazi report as a partisan hit against Hillary Clinton that fell flat. The real story, if there were any real journalists left in America, is that President Obama had his national security and state department staff lie to the press and public about Benghazi because he was fifty days from re-election. They threw the first amendment under the bus, blaming a YouTube video, because to do otherwise would have been to admit failure and incompetence just days after Joe Biden had boasted that GM was alive and Osama Bin Laden was dead.
Its the bubble that is the conservative entertainment complex that does these poor bastards in.

In a "survival of the fittest" world, these bastards are unable to compete in the free market of ideas. That same bubble that reassured the hard right that Mitt Romney was about to win a landslide election, finishes 'em off. Its not their fault though. Its the media that hides truth by "printing" facts and stuff like that. Truth. Liberal Bias. Etc.

Sigh. But its tough for these wingers, man.

I'd suggest "tort reform" to help 'em out.  If the product liability laws could be "reformed" so that defective products like right wing blogs or fox news or the AM radio, etc., came with warning labels-
"Consuming too much of this shit will F' you up" 
or would allow for victims who had been harmed by these sources  to be compensated, such as:
"Have you visited The National Review Online in the last 15 years? You may be eligible for compensation. Call 1-800-Triallawyer TODAY!"
It'd be a start. Perhaps the victim would receive 17 1/2 cents every time they visited Powerline or NRO or something like that.

The point would be to treat right wing media like cigarettes. These things when used as intended will hurt you IF NOT KILL YOU. Using the right wing media every day will hurt you too.

WHITE IS RIGHT - Powerline Blog Plays up "Southern Strategy"

Meanwhile on the wingnet, the "boys" at Powerline Blog are stoked about Donald J Trump's strategy to pump up the white vote.
You no doubt have heard about the ... poll that ... showed Hillary Clinton pulling out to a 12-point lead over Donald Trump ... The poll is an outlier... however: even in this outlier poll, Trump holds a ten-point lead among white voters, 50%-40% (down from 57%-33% in May!). It is remarkable that even at his low ebb, Trump wins by a near landslide margin among white voters, a majority of the electorate. Not many years ago, that would have assured him of victory. 
This is why Democrats are so anxious to “fundamentally transform” the United States through mass immigration from Third World countries. Only by building up the minority population do they have a chance to stay competitive. But that still wouldn’t be enough, even if the Democrats got most of the votes cast by minorities, if minorities voted in anything like a normal pattern. In order to win, the Democrats need to roll up ridiculous margins, like the 90%-8% lead that Clinton holds with blacks in the ABC/WaPo poll.
This is why the Democrats seek every opportunity to stir up racial conflict. They need to keep minority voters constantly riled up and fearful of a phantom “racism.” The Democrats’ strategy, founded on a cynical exploitation of identity politics, explains the sharp decline in race relations now taking place in the U.S. Racial conflict suits the Democrats. In fact, they need it to have a chance of remaining competitive. This is the sad truth that, more than anything else, has brought our contemporary politics to such a low level.
The logical conclusion to argument and its been a part of American Political life since reconstruction, through Jim Crow and up to today (thanks Powerline), is that Black folks are stupid. Think about that and about GOP outreach to non-white voters.

If it wasn't for tricksy Democrats confusing everybody when they talk about a level playing field, equal opportunity to succeed, correcting past wrongs, access to healthcare, a clean environment and all that kinda shit, then more black folks would naturally come to understand that tax cuts for folks that don't need them, deregulation for dangerous and greedy industries and governance based upon the internal cultural norms of a certain segment of older white Americans really are in their best interest.


However according to the wingnet, large numbers of American are unable to determine what is in their best interest. That's one of the arguments behind the old jim crow system - that "those people" shouldn't have a voice in determining elections between competing groups of white voters. And it appears to be one of the arguments in favor of the new Conservative schemes to cut down the number of folks that can vote in the 21st century.

Next there is the argument that voters who are not white are not legitimate voters. Again that's old school conservatism. Its how the wingers played the game waaay back in the day when Presidential Candidate US Grant was elected in 1868. Grant was the first President elected without winning the white vote.  The old-school wingers went nuts about it - that the white vote did not determine the outcome of the election.  Eventually these old school conservatives did their best to undo this new birth of freedom in American democracy.

The same dynamic was at play in the GOP Mississippi GOP Senate primary recently when Thad Cochran won a run-off against Chris McDaniel, a Right Wing Neoconfederate. The lunatic fringe went "ape" over the fact that "black folks" were able to participate in the election and push Ol' Thad over the finish line. "Real Americans" shoulda determined the election, the wingers fumed, not "those people."


Anyway the "boys" at Powerline Blog seem enthused to take up that good ol' game some more. Which when you think about it and when the wingers think about how the fuck they ended up with Trump, its all on them.

They've been banging the extremism gong for so long, pretending that Sarah Palin was the next coming of Margret Thatcher, that President Obama was an a lawless dictator and all the crazy shit in between that the poor bastards can't tell up from down.

If you pimped "Sarah" and derided Obama as "Mussolini," then you own Trump. He's yours and you are his. Enjoy the ride. You "built this."

Friday, June 24, 2016

THEY BUILT IT- Redstate Blog Editor Calls it

These guys have been in the front lines of the war for revolutionary conservatism in America for many decades.  Preaching that America's soul and the fate of western civilization is always teetering on the brink of extinction - the apocalypse is always near, these rabble-rousers have waged a generational struggle to reverse the dismal tide of "progress." And though cloaked in righteousness, their harvest has been perpetually tainted with sorrow as defeats consistently outweigh victories in breadth and number.

But this time was supposed to be different.  The Teahadist Movement that marked the begging of the Obama, era provided a ray of hope that promised to wash away the unnumbered bitter tears of defeat. At that new dawn, a promising front in the struggle would be opened with offensives like "Operation Leper" in which any GOP establishment figure critical of Sarah Palin would be shunned and any Right Wing Political Organizations that hired her would be marginalized.

Potential martyrdom operations like "Hills to Die On," which if the gods be willing, could turn from sacrificial acts of disobedience against the RINO elite into glorious victories against the vile establishment foe in a primary challenge.  In this phase of the struggle, no vice would be spurned, no bridge would be too far to burn, and no act of decency could be allowed to go unpunished. Retribution and recriminations were to abound.

And soon "it" would come. This time would be different. Maybe not tomorrow, but as History marched ever nearer to that glorious moment when the people would realize that their true interests were best served by "conservatism" the People would rise up peacefully. They would cast off the chains of oppression. Conservatism would be their salvation. And its glories would wash away all that came before ushering in New Best Hope for Freedom. The Future glimmered tantalizingly near.
But it was not to be. Instead, as often occurs in great struggles, war, etc., the law of unintended consequences drives events and the best laid plans of men, tend to spiral wildly out of control:
Many Republicans have groused that running the Trump nomination could result in a permanent shifting of the electoral map similar to that of 1964, when Barry Goldwater’s candidacy more or less turned the black vote into a permanent monolithic Democratic voting block. The concern is that Trump’s candidacy will have the same effect with the Hispanic vote.
To some extent, I think the comparisons to 1964 are overblown – I don’t think, for instance, that Trump will lose as decisively as Goldwater did or that the bloodbath will be as bad for Republicans in this election. Democratic primary voters saved the GOP from that scenario by nominating their weakest general election candidate since Eugene McCarthy. Pretty much no matter how much people come to hate Trump (and I don’t think he’s scraped NEARLY the bottom of that barrel), there will always be a huge segment of the population that hates Hillary worse – and she will help them along throughout the upcoming campaign. Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t see Trump losing 40+ states when the dust settles.
On the other hand, the long term effects will likely be worse – in fact, much worse. Like, existential threats to the existence of the Republican party worse. ...You can see the start of this with yesterday’s poll that shows that Clinton only trails Trump by 7 in Texas. There are places like Texas where Republicans have made significant inroads with the Hispanic community and this allows them to be competitive statewide. Nationally, Republicans have likewise remained competitive for between 25-40% of the Hispanic vote. In a post-Trump world, all that might well be undone, and the Republican party relegated to permanent (small) minority status.
I don’t envy the task of the Republican delegates in Cleveland. If Trump is denied the nomination, it will probably cause a massive rift in the party that might well lead to a bigger loss than would otherwise be suffered by Trump. ... It’s a sticky situation and one without an obvious victory condition. 
As movement conservatives joined by hucksters, "war" profiteers and con men launched its war to save western civilization against an imaginary foe of its own making (the Kenyan Strongman and progress itself), the ground troops base actually started believing in all the mis-truths, half truths, outright  lies and apocalyptic propaganda that it was being fed. America was on the verge of collapse. America's best days were behind her. Western Civilization was nearing an end as the President of the United States deliberately weakened allies, uplifted enemies all in an attempt to harm America.
“(W)e’re about where Germany was before World War II where they became a social democracy. You still had votes but the votes were just power grabs like you see in Iran, and other places in South America, like Chavez is running down in Venezuela.”
~ Congressman Jim DeMint (R-SC) - July 2009
And that meant, with America's continued existence on the line, that the most extreme tactics were warranted. Because the threat posed by the Kenyan Strongman was  existential and unlike any threat to the nation in history (expect for the last time), except maybe slavery - which might have been worse than Obamacare, the most extreme reactions became acceptable.

If a true believer is trying to save America, any action can be and was justified - thus propelling a race to the bottom in which the most extreme voices were rewarded. Crazy rhetoric begat Batshit Crazy Rhetoric which begat Barking-Mad-Howl at the Moon-bang-a-gong- Tinfoil-Hat-Powerline-Blog-Crazy Rhetoric. And all joined in unison to  levels of Lunacy not seen since the last time the Lunatic Fringe took hold of the GOP. And so the Lunatic Fringe took over the heart and soul of the GOP Base.

And with this faction, a Carnival Barker became the leader and this cause was declared holy.

And so it goes. Reaping. Sowing. Karma. Life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

YOU BUILT THIS - Wingnut responsible for the rise of Trump

Here is a blast of excess and vice from Powerline Blog circa 2015 labeling the Obamunist Strongman a Tyrannical Tyrant not seen since the days of King Dred Scott:
In his assumption of monarchical powers and his accompanying demagogy, Barack Obama is the man our founders warned us against. That is the thrust of David Bernstein’s important new book, Lawless: The Obama Administration’s Unprecedented Assault on the Constitution and the Rule of Law.
Bernstein devotes a chapter of his book to the depredations wrought in the name of Obamacare, a few of which have been blessed by the Supreme Court. Lincoln famously disparaged the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case as “an astonisher in legal history.” I think the same can be said of the Supreme Court’s decisions in the Obamacare cases.
Its crazy shit like this. Over. And. Over. That Donald J Trump rode to the top of the GOP primary. And that's basically what the Donald did. He ran as a right wing blogger mainstreaming the crazy shit posted within conservative counter-culture.

When you are one of those who helped enable the lunatic fringe - by misrepresenting' basic facts, exaggerating the significance of these misrepresentations and then by validating and mainstreaming fears based upon the same - YOU are responsible for what comes next.

To think. Health insurance reform in the 21st century is the equivalent to 19th century chattel slavery?

There's a case for it I guess. If Lincoln were alive today, he may indeed be leading a secessionist movement alongside Rick Perry in the states of the Old Confederacy over the working poor and the self employed getting to go the Doctor when they are sick.

Good job Powerline Blog. Enjoy the ride. You've earned it.

Friday, June 17, 2016

HEARTLAND INSTITUTE- Google in on insidious Conspiracy

The Former Big Tobacco Flacks and Current Global Warming Deniers over at the Heartland Institute are out with a BOMBSHELL - A conspiracy so nefarious that you'll need to hear it in their words to appreciate in its fullest:
Google Is Rigging Searches For Hillary Clinton
This is huge news – but it is hardly surprising.
Google – President Barack Obama’s biggest crony in a sea full of armadas full of legions of Obama cronies – has been cozying up to the woman Obama just endorsed to succeed him: Hillary Clinton.
And by “cozying up” – we mean warping their search results to hide Clinton’s decades of scandals and scandalous behavior.
Last year, Wired magazine warned us about the election-manipulating power of Google:
Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency: “‘We estimate, based on win margins in national elections around the world,’ says Robert Epstein, a psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and one of the study’s authors, ‘that Google could determine the outcome of upwards of 25 percent of all national elections.’”
...Eric Schmidt and his Google are doing their very best to rig the election for Clinton – in the hopes of delivering themselves another crony president.
So as to continue to reap for another four (or eight) years the ridiculous regulatory favoritism they have been so generously delivered these last eight.
Big Government, Big Business – and scratch-my-back cronyism on steroids between the two.
Welcome to 21st Century America.
And that is telling - the "Welcome to the 21st Century" part. With some of these Right Wing Operations you understand that this is their main grievance - modernity.

They are not enthusiasts fans of the 21st Century but it also seems like they are not much fans of the 20th century either.

BUT that is the state of the right fringe of the GOP where a  reflexively urge to return to the good old days dabbled with conspiracy theory dominates. the base.  So they got their man.  Donald J Trump.

If anyone can turn back the clock to when cigarettes were good for your health, its him, man.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

JOBS AMERICANS WON'T DO - "Foriegner" appointed editor of NRO

Via Lowry
I’m delighted to let our readers know that I have appointed Charlie Cooke editor of National Review Online. Charlie doesn’t need any introduction around here — everyone knows his trenchant and fearless writing. Charlie may be a Brit, but is an impassioned and deeply knowledgeable advocate of American liberties. Don’t expect radical changes in the site....Charlie will be guiding NRO in its next phase....
Next Phase. Its appears obvious to me. An operation founded, in part, upon White Cultural Superiority could transition into European style Racial-nationalism fairly easily, I would posit.

They have Trump - a guy basically running for President by parroting crazy things Right Wing Bloggers have been writing for some time now. As a matter of fact that is a good way to describe Trump. He's running to be president as a right wing blogger.

NR now has this Foreign-chap, and they have their organization's history and baggage, i.e., jim crow fetishing, global warming denial, bashing of experts and the new-Know-nothing-ism that goes with it, etc., etc.,

So yes. Why pretend anymore. Hire back all the white supremacists they fired over the years and go back at it but twice as hard.  Maybe that the next phase....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

FEVER on the RIGHT - If Powerline Blog were a dog, it woulda been put down by now, cntd

From the Archives - back in September of 2010, its almost as if John Hinderaker was in a Pre-Trumpian fugue-state leaving him vulnerable to phantasms of imaginary straw-men and the coming wave that would be Donald J Trump:
At this moment, Sarah Palin may be a more important figure than Barack Obama, despite his infinitely greater powers. Obama's most basic problem is that he has never been a thinker. He has not invested the years of hard work that are needed to develop coherent policy positions. Superficiality has always been good enough to get by for Obama, and now, when his policies are in tatters, he has neither a philosophical foundation nor a deep knowledge of the issues to fall back on. He is left staring into the headlights like a doomed deer.
I am certain (not really) that ever since Hinderaker shared this insight, that the Obamunist Tyrant and Kenyan Strongman Barack Hussein I - First of his Name, has stayed up late each night consumed by the fear of Sarah Palin's growing prowess. How could he do otherwise?

These bastards have played the extremism game, nurturing nutcases and playing to the most base elements of the fringe for the last 7 years.

If anyone is to earn blame for the miserable state of the GOP, its people like these guys. They "built it," so to speak.

THEY BUILT THIS - Instapundit lays foundation for Trump

From the Archives, Instapundit Blog plays the crazy game back on March 6, 2015:
It’s obvious Boehner is being blackmailed or otherwise manipulated. Good Lord, the left has done that throughout Europe, why would here be any different? Maybe that’s why the crying. He knew he’d have to cave.
So primary him. Remove him. Elect men who will say “publish and be damned.” Get someone in the presidency who AT THE VERY LEAST doesn’t hate the US. ... And then we’d have a president who can keep the 1/3 (or less by then) of RINOS in check.
But ... several trends are going our way.
Technology is freeing people from the fortress of doom the left and Soviet agit prop built around our vital institutions: there are new ways to get news, new ways to get entertainment, and the homeschooling movement grows by leaps and bounds. ...
The future is ours, if we can stay the course....
For a hundred years, they’ve patiently been working. They took over one of the major parties. They took over education. They took over the mass media and entertainment and the arts. They had a whole wall of coordinated messages and it all imploded. ... I say we keep taking over the GOP. We’ve been at this for what? Optimistically 20 years. Not a fraction of their (at least) 100.
As for those other democrats? The stooges of a long-dead system? Putin’s best buds?
Yeah. We’re coming for them too.
And then, once we’ve pulled our ship off the rocks, once we’ve made the dems into a wreck, or alternately into an American party again, THEN we can have a grand fight Libertarians against Socons. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be seventy or so, and if I run like my family, a little old lady scary beyond all reason.
But this is no time to get wobbly. Keep Calm and Keep Taking Over the GOP.
They’re corrupt bastards, but we’re stuck with them, until we pick them off one by one. And we already have our sort in their ranks.
Steady as she goes. We’ll win this.
And so they chose Trump as their champion - a bit ahead of schedule, but still!

In doings so, Blogs like Instapundit lent a helping hand by mainstreaming the Lunatic Fringe within that party instead of slapping 'em down - as in phone book to the side of the head style. This would be rhetorically of course, not condoning actual violence.

Instead, folks like Instapundit did the opposite. They, as members of the GOP elite, raised up the rabble beyond their natural station and let 'em run a muck without guidance, without structure, signaling that such "distemper" was now acceptable behavior. When in reality the affliction infecting the Fringe was similar to what got old Yeller put down. Again, rhetorically of course as in radical behavior harms the party's ability to shape public policy and continue on as a viable force in government for another 160 years. or maybe 6 years.  

You guys built it. Enjoy it. Its the new conservatism.  Its on you.

Monday, June 13, 2016

WHIG WATCH - Canary in Coal Mine

Et Tu Jen-Jen?
the stain of intellectual dishonesty and rank prejudice will not, we believe, be obliterated if Trump loses. To the contrary, if the majority of Americans repudiate him because of his noxious views toward women and minorities, then those Republicans who defended him will find themselves estranged — individually and as a party — from the majority of Americans.
To recover from this debacle and rid themselves of the stench of Trumpism, center-right voters will need to allow the GOP to go the way of the Whigs. Just as slavery spelled the birth of the Republican Party, revulsion against a nativist, divisive and xenophobic bully will likely require its demise. With a sharp break from the past, center-right voters, activists and politicians can then recast their priorities, expand a center-right party’s appeal (which will require it reject Trumpism) and step away from groups and individuals (e.g., evangelical boosters for Trump) whose exclusionary views and hypocritical support for Trump made it impossible for the GOP to become a 21st-century, inclusive party.
A new party will need to embrace some aspects of the libertarian agenda (support for legal immigration, tolerance of gay marriage, criminal-justice reform) and to modernize a domestic agenda that has grown stale and unresponsive to the needs of too many workers. It will need to connect a robust and rational foreign policy to our continued security and prosperity, rejecting the notion that we can isolate our economy and hide from the world. That means a new center-right party must eschew demonizing groups of Americans, and instead foster shared prosperity and, above all, protect the individual dignity and right of each and every American to reach his or her potential. You see how the party that supported Trump cannot possibly be that party.
This new third party that Jennifer Rubin is hawking sure sounds a lot like Obama's and Hillary's democratic party minus the center-right label. So she's almost there!

The neoocons are always first to jump ship once something better comes along. Rubin is just following to form with this gratuitous Trump Bashing. Maybe she should have been bashing on Trump earlier on instead of stabbing "Mitt 2016" in the back.

So yeah, its one thing to ride the tiger and bang the gong with the rest of the "Losers" in the GOP establishment. Obama is a tyrant; experts are pinheads; Health Insurance is slavery; etc.  Going along for the ride can be fun. BUT those who play that game tend to end up inside the Tiger. Looks like Jen-Jen wants to be the first one off.

TRUMPISM is CONSERVATISM - GOP Elite "surrendered" to "better" men

Trump is King and the RINOs are his servants. All HAIL TRUMP!!!!

Via the Lamestream Media:
Trump had put countless Republican lawmakers in excruciating political predicaments. Senator John McCain, who told me last summer that Trump had ‘fired up the crazies,’ now needs Trump’s voters to support his own reĆ«lection in Arizona—a state that Trump won by twenty-two percentage points in the primaries—and has said that he will support him. Marco Rubio, whose last days as a Presidential candidate were spent mocking the size of Trump’s hands and the orange hue of his face, recently apologized for the personal attacks, and said that he would speak on Trump’s behalf at the Convention....
Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, another of Trump’s opponents early in the campaign, has transformed himself into a sort of manservant, who is constantly with Trump at events. (One Republican told me that a friend of his on the Trump campaign used Snapchat to send him a video of Christie fetching Trump’s McDonald’s order.)
Plus this from 2009 - The Salad Days of the Teahadist movement in America - from Racial Conservative John Derbyshire (i.e., Racial Conservatism - Ideology  that gets someone banned from the NRO these days).
Much as their blind loyalty discredited the Right, perhaps the worst effect of Limbaugh et al. has been their draining away of political energy from what might have been a much more worthwhile project: the fostering of a middlebrow conservatism. There is nothing wrong with lowbrow conservatism. It’s energizing and fun. What’s wrong is the impression fixed in the minds of too many Americans that conservatism is always lowbrow, an impression our enemies gleefully reinforce when the opportunity arises. Thus a liberal like E.J. Dionne can write, “The cause of Edmund Burke, Leo Strauss, Robert Nisbet and William F. Buckley Jr. is now in the hands of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity. … Reason has been overwhelmed by propaganda, ideas by slogans.” Talk radio has contributed mightily to this development. ...
In place of the permanent things, we get Happy Meal conservatism: cheap, childish, familiar. Gone are the internal tensions, the thought-provoking paradoxes, the ideological uneasiness that marked the early Right. 
There is nothing wrong with lowbrow conservatism. Ideas must be marketed, and right-wing talk radio captures a big and useful market segment. However, if there is no thoughtful, rigorous presentation of conservative ideas, then conservatism by default becomes the raucous parochialism of Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, and company. That loses us a market segment at least as useful, if perhaps not as big.
Conservatives have never had, and never should have, a problem with elitism. Why have we allowed carny barkers to run away with the Right?
And the Carnival Barkers shall inherit the earth. Or at least they have a pretty good claim to parts of it called Real America. Good job RINOs and Conservagentsia. Nobody can say you didn't build this.

In the meantime, John McCain can spend time in front of mirror practicing saying "Yes Sir, Mr. Trump, Sir," while hoping that Sarah Palin does not post mean things about him to the masses.

Its how the Conservative Movement has rolled for 30 years. Man.

Friday, June 10, 2016

CONSERVAGENTSIA- Its waaay too late to stop Trump

AmCon Blog:
“The time to stop Trump was in the 1990s, when the movement’s intellectuals were busy prostrating themselves before Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as they sought to remake the GOP into a party for white Christians. The time to stop Trump was during the George W. Bush administration, when Republicans swallowed the nonsense that deposing secular dictators was a great way to promote moderate Islam. The time to stop Trump was in 2009, when Sarah Palin was dumbing down conservatism into an alternative lifestyle that glorified anti-intellectualism. The time to stop Donald Trump was in 2013, when Ted Cruz was opportunistically telling Republican voters that obstreperousness was the equivalent of conservative philosophy....
2016 was far too late to stop the Trump Train.”
Marrying the Grand Old Party to white evangelicals in the 1990s had its benefits.  You pump up the white vote with reinforcements which allows the Southern Strategy to keep rollin' for a couple more decades. You get George W Bush, Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin, Too. So that's awesome except for the parts about the disastrous foreign policy and trashing the economy.

While the "side effects" of this strategy are bad indeed, these unfortunate events can be explained away.  If Obama was better at community organizing back in 2002 none of that bad "stuff" woulda happened. So don't worry!  Or so reassures Fox News. Sigh.  BUT if you identify the GOP as a vessel for an ideological movement, ultimately this kinda short term "dumb ass" strategy will bring you down eventually.

So, like one of those signs of the apocalypse in the Book of Revelations like that rider on a "Pale" horse clearing brush with one had and bringing democracy to  Babylon, Assyria, Nineveh and  the coastline of Canaan with the other, it becomes obvious that the end is near when you get the likes of the 9-9-9 Guy, Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump leading the parade. So that ain't awesome in any way - no matter what Fox news says.

BUT this is only a problem if the GOP's paramount purpose is to pursue an ideological agenda of small government activism and local-ism for some and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries and tax cuts for the super rick for others.  Since the Nixon Era and its earlier "abortive" attempt in 1964, "White Rights," has been a key part of the GOP's electoral strategy along with the ideological "stuff."  Now in 2016, some 50 years later, mayhaps its the Southern Strategy that ends up crowding out the anti-government ideologists and relegates them to junior partners as the party adopts a new primary mission. If the new wise men like Donald J Trump and Tailgunner Ted Cruz have anything to do with it.

And so it goes.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

KEN STARR is AVAILABLE - Wingers want Independent Counsel to investigate Clinton

The 1990s called. They want their playbook back.

In what can only be filed under "The more things change, the more they stay the same," the Right Wing Nuts are back at it with demands for another Clinton Independent Counsel. And now that Ken Starr has been torched for his role in the Baylor University Sexual Assault scandal, Wingers have their man.

Via the Federalist
Republicans ought to demand that Loretta Lynch... appoint a special prosecutor.
If Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong, if no laws were broken, no classified information was mishandled, and no American men and women were put at risk as a result of her actions, then she has nothing to fear from an independent investigation of her activities.
Where she stands right now is the worst of all worlds: she could still be prosecuted by FBI/DOJ, but if she’s not, everyone will assume that political interference saved her. She can never get out from under that cloud, no matter what happens.
An independent prosecutor, however, can put all of that to rest. If he or she finds evidence of any crimes, then the case will be prosecuted. And if the prosecutor decides not to charge, we’ll know that it wasn’t a political decision.
This is actually the best of all worlds for Hillary, because it actually gives her the opportunity to clear her name, if she’s innocent. It also happens to be the best solution for the American public. We deserve a justice system that actually delivers justice. We deserve a law enforcement system that actually enforces the law. A special prosecutor can deliver it. The current system that is so obviously rigged in favor of certain politicians cannot. 

Maybe its just me, but I am having a hard time believing that hard core wingers associated with the semi-crazed Federalist Blog can be sincere when they voice their concern about the legitimacy of a Democratic President.

I mean its what they learn on day one of right wing activism training. Democratic Presidents are never to be treated with any legitimacy. See Obama, Barack H and Clinton, William J.

Now they want us to believe that their advice about a Special Prosecutor is  anything other than concern trolling on steroids? Count me as skeptical - not as in Global Warming is a hoax skeptical but still.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

THUGGERY on the LEFT - Southern Strategy still Haunts GOP

 Via Jonathan Chait - The GOP needs them their Racists:
“There is nothing inherently racist about Ryan’s policy agenda. The arguments for enormous, regressive tax cuts, deregulation of finance and carbon pollution, and large reductions in spending assistance for the poor may be unpersuasive, but they have no intellectual connection to racism.”
“The trouble for Republicans is that building a real-world constituency for these policies does rely on racism. Conservatives stopped the momentum of the New Deal in the mid-1960s only when they associated it with support for the black underclass. Republican politics has grown increasingly racialized over time, a trend that has dramatically accelerated during the Obama era.
Over the last eight years...Republican voting support is increasingly coterminous with white racial resentment even as conservatives firmly believe in their own racial innocence. Conservatives have built an alternative history in which racism, rather than migrating to the Republican Party as white Southerners revolted against the Democratic Party’s embrace of civil rights, remained in the Democratic Party all along.
Racism, they insist, is a practice of the race-conscious left, not the right, which has long been cleansed of the racist taint. Republicans constantly liken President Obama and his policies to segregationists or to slavery, and cast themselves as the heirs to the civil-rights movement. Conservatives deny the existence of racism in the Republican Party as a matter of doctrinal sanctity, just as Soviet authorities had to officially deny the existence of poverty in the USSR.
Very Mean Stuff.

I am reminded about the line that former Iranian President Amhadinejad used while speaking at Columbia University a few years ago.

One of the students asked him about the human rights of Gay people in Iran. Amadinejad said with a straight face something to the effect "There are no gay people in Iran." The students burst into laughter.

Monday, June 6, 2016

THEOCON SELLS OUT for TRUMP - By their works, they will be known

One should overlook Trump’s style of evil —the wives, the gilded lifestyle, the blustering vanity, the crassness, the pornographic vulgarity, the off-the-cuff horrors and situation ethics of the second, his reflexive lurch toward fascism and his "white makes right" pandering toward racial resentment.

True believers need not be troubled by such trivialities, or so it is said on parts of the wingnet. There is a higher law that demands clean "white" hands to be sacrificed on the alter of the Culture War:
Social conservatives should not be looking for a hero on a white horse or a savior in the federal executive. If America is going to be rebuilt it will be rebuilt at the grassroots level, and that grassroots effort is actually going remarkably well. The grassroots simply need an umbrella to ward off the federal government’s ubiquitous efforts to shut them down. ....If Trump nominates a Supreme Court justice from his recently announced list of possible candidates, signs legislation passed by a Republican Congress on pro-life and religious freedom measures, and advances policies that undo Obamacare and roll back federal regulations, we could be looking at a considerable reprieve.
Some people might think that by not voting, voting for a third party candidate, or writing in someone else entirely they are keeping their lily-white hands clean. They think of it as the “Benedict option.” These people have apparently failed to recognize that under a Clinton regime there will be no refuge in the small communities...“within which the moral life could be sustained so that both morality and civility might survive.” Such small moral and intellectual communities are the target of the leftist administration’s destructive agenda. The new dark age would be darker by far than the old.
Susan Hanssen is Associate Professor of History at the University of Dallas.
These right wing professors can pump out the crazy.  Its true!

As a matter of fact, sometimes, it is the Right Wing Professor, scribbling nocturnally in fevered haze, that crystallizes the crazy like no other. When your ordinary wingnut pounds a keyboard in a suburban basement and comes up short, these "titans" stride nobly forward to bang out the good "stuff."

Take the use of the word "regime." Any wingnut can throw it around as in the Totalitarian Obamunist "Regime" in the Federal City did this or that outrageous thing.   However when the right wing professor does it and crosses that line, the word obtains a little panache. It give cues to others that extremism in defense of "liberty" ain't no vice.  Rather, extremism becomes a civic virtue. Crazy begats more crazy begats a shit-storm of extremism. Each and everyday the Kenyan Strongman is claimed to be up to some new outrage that seems to require an evermore strident response. .And that's a problem.

Its a problem in the sense of extremism is not a virtue and its a problem because when the extremism gets mainstreamed, a Carnival Barker or Reality Show Performer can come in an take the reins and lead your tribe leaving you to wonder what the fuck just happened but determined to make the most of it.

Somewhere in the bible, perhaps in the back or maybe its in the middle or at the beginning even, there is a "post" about reaping what one sows. If you live by the cray-cray, nurture the crazy at right wing counter culture outfits, crank it out 24-7 on the Foxnews and the AM radio and the wingnet, it turns out that eventually the crazy eats you up.

So there is that.