Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Redstate Blogger: Walker UNACCEPTABLE.

According to the wingnet, the Wisconsin Wuss  is trying to toughen up some by hiring a RINO Street Tough for his campaign team.  While this is a Good Move, a RedState Blogger is having none of it. Walker is now unacceptable.

If the clown car comes down to Establishment Guy and tea party loon. and if you are Scott Walker and you've taken down the unfortunately named Jeb "Bush" to be that establishment guy, you are gonna want some RINO hit-men at your disposal. So this make sense.

On the wingnet, grudges are serious business. Say you are far right winger gazing starry eyed at far right ideologues like the creepy Milton Wolf, the hyper-belligerent Tom Cotton and neo-confederate Chris McDaniel. These guys and their right wing utopian visions (i.e, "dystopia") for America are just so dreamy. Having these guys in the Senate are going to make it an angrier-less functional place. So you are stoked.

Then some RINO hit-man comes along and savages your preferred candidate causing his campaign to crash and burn - ultimately costing the Tea Party seats in the Senate.  YOU GET REALLY MAD. 

In the case of Wolf, it wasn't so hard to brush aside his primary challenge to a sitting GOP senator. RINO operatives just point out that Wolf had done some really "messed up" and "creepy" stuff on the internets - which he had. Boom. RINO victory.

In the case of neo-confederate McDaniel's primary challenge in Mississippi, all you have to do is to remind folks that McDaniel really doesn't have much use for Black Folks and then ask black folks to vote for Good ol' Thad. When given a choice between a Tea Party Guy who hangs out with confederate flag waiving malcontents and grandfatherly fella' who supports local historically black colleges...., well then you get another RINO victory.

So hell yeah, when you go into these Red States you are gonna need to have muscle on your side if the crazy is gunning for you. Walker knows this.

While grudges are serious business on the wingnet so to are "bright shiny objects." New bright shiny things are very distracting. They can gobble up all the oxygen on the wingnet. This factor can be used to Walker's advantage due to the concept affecting the wingnet called "Rage Confusion."

If there are enough "bright and shiny" things going on at once, hardcore wingers have a hard time focusing on any one thing.  More often than not, they will focus on the wrong thing to me enraged about. When confronted by the base for his RINO dalliance, Walker will have to do is say "Obamacare," "Benghazi," "Jack-booted IRS agents," and "Hillary." He'll skate by unscathed.

Walker should be fine even if he's deemed unacceptable by portions of the lunatic fringe.

Charlie Cook is Shrill

Good luck doing this:
 “The momentous events of the last week can be interpreted in numerous ways. But one thing has become increasingly clear: The Republican Party needs to change.”
“Simply put, Republicans are loaded up in a car, racing toward a generational cliff with their eyes focused on the rearview mirror, with many (but notably not all) oblivious to the societal changes taking place all around them and the growing wedge building between their comfort zone and presidential swing voters… Republicans need to do some soul-searching about their future and their relationships with voters of generations to come. Vibrant parties change with the times, adapt themselves to changing conditions and circumstances. Maybe this past week will help the GOP do this.”
Right now this whole demographic and generational cliff thing is "just a theory." But there are lots of things that have been "just theory" in the past - like Global Warming, Gravity, Evolution, and Heliocentrism.  So there is that.  So who knows. Maybe the moon landing was a hoax after all.

Deep Thoughts with Powerline Blog, cntd

A sober commentary on the state of the GOP clown car:
So with the entry today of Gov. Chris Christy into the GOP presidential sweepstakes, the field is now complete from the diversity standpoint. Christy means we Hefto-Americans have a candidate, to go along with Cuban-Americans (Cruz, Rubio), Indian-Americans (Jindal), Uterine-Americans and Italian-Americans (Fiorina), Slavic-Americans (Kasich, eventually), Arko-Americans (Huckabee), folically-challenged Americans—or are we “Toupee-Americans?”—(Trump), Phamacolocigal-Americans (Paul), Cheesy-Americans (Walker), and the plain vanilla middle class—better known to academics as the “Bushoisie”—has a candidate, too
Crazy Ben Carson is not on this list?  A Faux Pas?

Is it any accident that the Powerline Blogger left "the black guy" off the list?  Probably not.  I wouldn't say that this is a mistake as much as it is a "Freudian Slip." This is just how the GOP does diversity and outreach and such.

There is one other glaring screw up. Cruz was mistakenly included with Rubio as a "Cuban-American." This is a "Rookie" mistake. 

When you bring Cruz's "birth certificate" into the mix, and this is proper because right wingers are "into" this kinda deviant behavior, he is more accurately identified as a "Canadian-American." How could he forget the birth certificate?  Its almost like its amateur hour at Powerline Blog. 

GOP finds itself painted into a corner

One way to look at the Obergefell decision is that the court has spoken on same sex marriage. Now that it is the "law of the land," its time to move and talk of other things. RINOs say this.  "The court has ruled. Now let us talk about good and decent things like tax cuts and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries. It is time to move on," they say.

Others see the world a little differently. Having been told that scary gay marriage is dangerous and that western civilization hangs in the balance, they simply cannot "look away." They feel compelled to act and demand a counter-attack to the collective madness and wildfire of the mind and society raging all around them.

One winger explains the consequences of the Supreme Court ruling:
Think about this in the clear light of day: For many conservative voters, the issue is not settled at all. Many oppose gay marriage, and even more oppose the sort of judicial interventionism that was just used to impose it. They aren’t just going to go away, and of all people, the Republican candidates most certainly cannot ignore them.
Conservative candidates will now be faced with demands to undo what has been done — and that’s harder to promise or do than the mere act of preventing something. For the general electorate, a promise to take something away from someone is more difficult politically. It may not be the enormous downside that social liberals expect, but this will have some kind of downside for any of these candidates, depending on how far they decide to go. 
What this ruling does is to throw the primary into mild chaos by introducing a new element. Democratic candidates can simply cheer the Supreme Court’s decision, but Republican candidates who have professed opposition to state-recognized same-sex marriage will have to take a position showing just how much they oppose it. Will they call for a Constitutional change that puts states back in charge of marriage policy — as Scott Walker already has — or will they settle for religious freedom protections, as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio appear to have done?

If the GOP were a fully functioning party, it would move to shut down the crazy and "move on" to do the "Lord's Work," i.e, tax cuts and deregulation.  It would be difficult, sure, but at least it would be a possibility.  Now this possibility does not exist. John Boehner is held hostage but the inmates running the House of Representatives, Foxnews babbles nonsense continuously all while the money bags are controlled by a cabal of wealthy right wing ideologues.

In a 14 candidate field, with money flowing freely, and instantaneous communications, the crazy can prevail. Nay it must prevail.  Candidates will try to out-flank each other to pander to the base and tell them what they want to hear. Tailgunner Ted Cruz is already out with calls for a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage and judicial retention elections. But as far as the crazy is concerned, this is Weak Tea.  So why not go further?

In 2012, Rick Perry issued a vague threat against Fed Chairman Bernanke warning him that "ugly" treatment awaited him if he crossed into Texas anytime soon in a manner that harkened back to the days when the statement "you best not come around here anymore, boy," meant a lynching would be in the works if you did not heed the warning.  But that was sooo tea party and sooo 2012. In 2016, the candidates need to step up their game and adjust to the times.

Here's a suggestion.  How about "nullification" and "civil disobedience?" Bobby Jindal is a sitting governor. He could call out the national guard block access to the Parish Clerks' Office across his state to prevent issuing "Marriage Licenses" to the wrong sorts.  Ditto Scott Walker, but up in Wisconsin he'd have to be a bit more subtle.  Other candidates could call for "picket lines" of protestors in front of some red state courthouse. "There will be no Homosexual Marriage today. We follow God's Law in South Carolina!" Huckabee could thunder through a bullhorn from some backwater in front a cheering throng of supporters.

This is the crazy in action. Someone will go there - maybe it won't be quite as crazy as using a bullhorn in front of a mob. And when it happens, the others will get dragged along to the dismay of the RINOs. "If we spend all our time talking about legitimate rape and scary gay marriage, we are never going to win an election and we are never be able to cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy, deregulate dangerous and greedy industries or invade a country that didn't threaten us," the RINO will bemoan. "How did this all happen?"

And so it goes.

Monday, June 29, 2015

October 23, 1987; The Day FREEDOM died

 The wingers have a new date to peg as "History's Great Error."

The History's Great Error meme is a game played on the wingnet. Basically the rules are this: everything was right and just until that one day when the huge Clusterfuck happened. If only that "Error" had not occurred everything would be good today. Its a law of the wingnets.

The game is underway and a new meme us starting to develop on the wingnet. Its all great fun!

Here is how it goes.

Back in 1987, one of President Nixon's hatchet men, a hard right ideologue named, "Robert Bork" was nominated for a seat on the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan.  Bork was ultimately rejected for the seat by a coalition of RINOs and Dems by a vote of 58-42. This defeat lead to the term "Borking," as in he was "Borked."

In his place, Reagan eventually nominated Judge Kennedy who holds that seat today.  Judge Kennedy while being right of center has also voted in favor of equal treatment under the law for gay folks. As everyone on the wingnet knows, this is BAD.

But what if Bork had been actually nominated and held that seat instead of Kennedy? Would gay folks still be back in the closet? Maybe! Or so wonders the wingnet. Things could have turned out much differently if the vote had been different on the that dark day of 23rd of October 1987. What if the treacherous RINOs had brought into line? What if a couple of more Dixiecrats decided to switch sides that day instead of waiting a few more years?

The NRO wonders:
I think that if Bork had been on the Court, that platform would have given him an outsized opportunity to influence America’s cultural and constitutional discussion – and that America would have been significantly less likely to embrace the sort of the change the Court affirmed today. History is of course fiendishly complicated, and this sort of counterfactual is impossible to prove. ...But I submit that, in my experience, even legal scholars who are in strong opposition to Bork’s views recognize that he would have been one of the most ferociously intelligent and effective justices ever to serve on the Court. He would, in my opinion, have been a game-changer.
So the "History's Great Error" game rolls on. But Bork also died in 2012. Under this thought experiment, the Obamunist Strongman would get to appoint his replacement.

And after the tyrannical reign of Chief Justice Bork, perhaps President Obama would've had cover to appoint a person who would have not just been to the left of Justice Kennedy but who was a left wing version of Bork.  Its possible.  Thus instead of same sex marriage being optional in 2015 as it today, perhaps it'd be MANDATORY instead in the alternative timeline. In this alternate history, I bet there would be even angrier posts at the NRO than there are today.  So there is that.

Dispatches from the Wingnet

Justice Kennedy and President Obama are Mean:
 The key is this sentence: "In the civil rights era, we rejected the claims of those who said it would violate their religion to integrate." Those who reject same-sex marriage are the new segregationists. "Homophobes" are the new racists. Perhaps there will be a honeymoon period for same-sex opponents to get their minds right ...  Kennedy's opinion, however, and the president's framing of the same-sex issue as the civil rights issue of today leave little alternative. If Kennedy's opinion means "love wins," the flip side is "hate loses."
The wingnet is really struggling with all of this now that they are officially "Haters."

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Theocon Urges RETREAT from the Front Lines of the CULTURE WAR

The GOP played the Gay-Marriage Game once before quite effectively. It turned out voters in 2004 to re-elect George W Bush. 

The rubes fell for it. Unfortunately for them while effective in the short run, it has proven disastrous in the long term.

And now the bill has come due:
I say that we are going to have to learn how to live as exiles in our own country. Voting Republican is not going to save us, nor will falling back on exhausted, impotent culture war strategies. It is time for the Benedict Option: learning how to resist, in community, in a culture that sees us orthodox Christians as enemies.
Oh about 20-25 years ago, the Southern Strategy needed a new source of white voters to keep the fun rolling. That's what the fat cats thought.  So to pump up their share of the white vote - because yelling the N-word had become counter-productive, RINOs decided to chase Evangelical Voters with a "Family Values" campaign. The RINOs thought they were pretty smart.

I guess this can only work so long - promising folks that you will perfect society through bibical morality, but ultimately failing to roll back the Freedom revolutions of the 1960s.

This is cost of doing business when you try to fuse religion and politics  Both get lessened in the process.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Life in the Counter-Culture: Michael Barone Edition

The ever zany Bradley Prize Winner Michael Barone checks in from the bubble:
the president seems to lack that confidence and, facing a world that resembles 1800 more than 1945, reaches out to Iran's mullahs and the Castro brothers while disrespecting many of America's friends. Curious responses to a difficult challenge.
Meanwhile in the reality-based world, aside from the goofy comment about the world resembling the year 1800, the rest of the world checks in:

In the counter-culture, this is what disrespecting your friends looks like....which is opposite of reality. And also Mitt Romney is still just about to win a landslide election due to something Barone calls "the fundamentals."

Why these guys are not locked up in imaginary FEMA run camps is beyond me. 

Deep Thoughts with Powerline Blog, cntd

A member of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade is shrill, again (sigh):
Yesterday’s Obamacare decision told us that we do not live under the rule of law. Today’s gay marriage decision tells us we do not live in a democracy. These are dark days.
Somebody is a Drama Queen.  Just saying.

Today will be another ANGRY day on the Wingnet

Yesterday was an Angry day. Tomorrow will be one too. In fact Everyday is likely to be an Angry Day on the wingnet in some way.

Today, however, will be a cut above the rest:
The Supreme Court on Friday delivered an historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5-4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live and that states may no longer reserve the right only for heterosexual couples....

“The court now holds that same-sex couples may exercise the fundamental right to marry. No longer may this liberty be denied to them,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion.
The country’s first legally recognized same-sex marriages took place just 11 years ago, the result of a Massachusetts state supreme court decision. Now, more than 70 percent of Americans live in states where same-sex couples are allowed to marry, according to estimates.
The outrages never stop. One after another.

What will not happen, for a while anyway, is a reconsideration of the current loony ideology that defines the GOP. Party Doctrine is always 110% correct. Doctrine never fails the people. People fail the Doctrine. The only thing needed to correct course is better and, somehow, more persuasive lectures explaining the awesomeness of Party Doctrine. Once that occurs, the people will see the errors of history and quickly correct course.

Until that day arrives, it will be another angry day.

NH Poll: Trumpmentum Unstoppable

The Latest WMUR/ CNN Poll of New Hampshire voters shows the Donald gaining the big Mo. This is the third poll in a row with Trump in second place

The Same Poll shows Hillary leading 43%-35%.  Compared to supposed front runner Bush at just 16%, getting 43% of the vote is crushing it.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Poll: Trumpmentum continues

A new Foxnews Poll conducted June 21-23 among a random national sample of 1,005 registered voters (RV) confirms the rise of The Donald. For 2 Polls in a row, Trump has held the second position. 

This means he can win the nomination, which means that he can win the General, which means he can be the President. He definitely should not weasel out running like he’s done every presidential election since 1988.

NRO-bot Angry at Chief Judge, again (sigh)

Some guy named "Quin Hillyer" is mad:
With today's Obamacare decision, John Roberts confirms that he has completely jettisoned all pretense of textualism. He is a results-oriented judge, period, ruling on big cases based on what he thinks the policy result should be or what the political stakes are for the court itself. He is a disgrace. That is all.
This is the bubble talking.

Basically, Obamacare is a 2700 word law - or at least that's what wingers have repeated over and over for the past 5 years. 2699 words work together seamlessly while 1 word is fucked up.  The lunatic fringe position is that the court should undo the law not because there is anything wrong with the other 2699 words - because there isn't, but because an usual interpretation of that one word demands that the other 2699 words be unwritten.

Good luck with that.

John Roberts was appointed to the court at age 50. He could be Supreme Court Chief Justice for a 30 period, during which he has the opportunity to shape the law, the social contract in a way that few have historically been able. He is a Republican Loyalist, true. But to be effective over this 30 years he cannot display the temperament of the typical rabid mouth breather that posts shit on the NRO. If he does that, he jumps the shark and loses his place in history.

Wingnuts are angry today. They were angry yesterday. They will be angry tomorrow. Some things are not to hard too predict.

Supreme Court: Tyranny is Good

It looks like the Supreme Court brushed aside the latest attempt to undo judicially what the GOP has failed to do legislatively: defeat Obamacare.

This really shouldn't be surprising.

Anyway. The fight must move on away from the courts and down to the AM Radio where it can live on through the generations.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Poll: Tump SURGE underway in New Hampshire

A recent Suffolk poll [pdf] of 500 likely NH GOP presidential primary voters shows The Donald gaining momentum with the ever fickle GOP electorate.
28.8% - Undecided
14.4% - Bush !!!
10.6% - The Donald
  8.5% - The Wisconsin Wuss Scott Walker
  6.8% - Young Marco
  6.0% - Crazy Ben
  4.6% - Christie
  4.2% - Paul II
  3.6% - Tailgunner Ted, Fiorina
  2.4%  - Huck
  2.0% - Kasich
 -2.0% - Pataki, Perry, Santo, Grahamnesty, Jindal, Ehrich, Someone named "Everson," and Gilmore
This ain't no organized political party anymore.

CIVIL WAR raging at NRO

Over at the NRO the right wingers are divided over the Confederate Flag. Should it stay or should it go?  This is good.

When I first read some of the "Take the Flag down" arguments, I was like "this makes sense. Get the issue over with now before the GOP debates start and everyone one of the poor miserable bastards has to equivocate in front of the Base. Smooth."  Mitt Romney, remembering the clown show in 2012 got things started via twitter stating "This Bullshit has gone on long enough. Take F'ing Flag down, NOW!." Well he did not tweet these exact words. But this is what he probably meant (maybe). But then the tide turned, as pro-flag counter attack eased in to its familiar place at the NRO.

There are some on "the right side of history" at the NRO, which is really odd phrase as The NRO is rarely on the side of the angels. National Review was birthed during the civil rights resistance era advocating something called white superiority in South Africa and the American South. Anyway some at NRO correctly identify the flag as a symbol of white supremacy and insurrection. This position is wholly understandable because if you have to pick one theme for the flag to represent, this is what you'd pick.  You simply have no other reasonable choice.  It was the flag of a Slaveholders' Republic. They called it the first government in the history of the world, based upon the great physical, philosophical, and moral truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.

The insurrection failed however and "Freedom" was to become national while the slaveholders ideology was  to be placed on a path to its ultimate extinction. This journey, however, would unfold slowly and arduously over the next 100-150 years. But unfold it did. By the mid-20th Century, as the civil war’s promise of a “new birth of freedom” could no longer be forestalled and "progress" was being made, the flag re-emerged in a counter-revolutionary grandeur.

This time it was being hoisted by something called a “Dixiecrat.” Angered by a growing civil rights movement within the Democratic Party, the Dixiecrats adopted the Confederate Flag as their symbol of opposition to civil rights. And once again the “battle flag” became entwined in the battle over race and equality in America. Such NRO posts – pointing out the obvious about the confederacy - were met with an angry comment section. But that should not really matter too much. As a general rule, one should never read the comment section of right wing blogs. The very angriest voices lurk in these dark and uncivil places.  Think of the Romans of 2,000 years ago leaving the bastion of civilization to travel to a dark distant corner of the world. Imagine their wonderment as they rounded a bend in the Thames only to be met by throngs of armed half-naked Celts covered in blue war paint.  Like the river Thames long ago, these places, too, are of the darkest corners on the earth.  So like I said, you really should not read the comment section at the NRO.

Yet this is just one side of the "debate."  There are some at the NRO who cannot yet join the rest of us in the year 2015. They fight along side the throngs covered in blue paint. This reactionary faction comes in two flavors – one is the My Culture and My Heritage side represented by a NRO-bot named "David French."  They are allied with the “Liberals are mean” crowd represented by the inestimable Rich Lowry.

According to Lowry, the debate over the Confederate flag is mainly about insufferable liberals telling everyone else what to do. In complaining about the detractor's mean treatment, Lowry does not refer  the avalanche of RINOs across the Red States and Job Creators in Corporate America that are tripping over each over to get on the right side of history, too.  According to the RINOs and the Business leaders, enough is enough and its time to do away with corporate and state sponsored confederate displays. If the Tycoons running Walmart decide that the "free market" no longer values Confederate memorabilia, can you really disagree with them? Of course not. The Free Market always produces rational outcomes.

Ironically the governor of one Red State, Tennessee, signed a Klan/Confederate protection bill in 2013 that will make it problematic to remove confederate imagery from state capital buildings -  like the bust of the first leader of the Klan. One would think that he knew what he was doing when he signed the Protection Law. But since the lamestream media wasn't looking, why cause a fuss with the lunatic fringe and veto it.   

Aligned with Lowry are the lost cause apologists. To them the Flag brings back fond memories of the good ol' days - or an "entire tradition of martial culture and courage," which, this line of reasoning notes, is something the French did not have in 1940.  Strikingly this is a self-refuting argument because many do not have fond memories of Jim Crow nor do many share the appreciation of these good ol' days when culture and courage was marshaled in service of an ignoble cause.  Essentially those making the lost cause argument, fall back on their feelings.  The Flag means something different to them based upon individual experience and personal memories. But this argument ultimately gives way to the tide of history as the next year's crop of 11th graders sit through history class. They'll finish the class and move on. Another group of 11th graders will follow them. This  process will continue.

You can stand awthart history yelling stop, but there are limits.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mayflower Mark discovers new Conspiracy Theory

That whole planned redesign of the 10 Dollar bill seems kinda fishy to Anti-immigration activist Mayflower Mark Krikorian.

What could Obama's thugs really be up to here? Inquiring minds wonder.
Ben Bernanke has joined the call to keep Hamilton on the $10 bill and put a woman on the $20 bill instead, replacing Jackson. I’m probably reading too much into this, but it reinforces my suspicion that the announcement of Hamilton’s demotion is part of a ruse designed to dampen opposition to the real goal of replacing Jackson. ...but such a decision would have met with opposition from those of a patriotic and conservative temperament ...historians rank him among the top 10 presidents. And the whole effort to demote Jackson from the $20 bill has a Soviet stench to it, like he’s going to be photoshopped out of the panorama of American history.... But it seems obvious that if (when?) Treasury relents and announces that Harriet Tubman will be featured on the $20 bill instead, the decision will be met with approval far more widespread than if the announcement had come without the ground first having been prepared by the Hamilton feint.
When the bill redesign comes out 4 years after Obama leaves office.....or at the end of his third term.  Either way.

And then Boom. The wingers won't know what hit them.  Man, Obama is good. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Chatter on "Benedict Option" increasing on Wingnet

"Turn on, Tune in and Drop out" was a 1960s counter-culture slogan. If you didn't like being "oppressed" by "the man" and his "rules" and the "social conventions" of the day. You got that hell out. Maybe it was to a compound in Montana or a commune in California. But you stuck it to the man.  50 years later the equivalent is making rounds on the far right side of the dial in the form of "the Benedict Option."

The idea behind the idea of the Benedict option is that the world is so effed up and that the rate of change is sooo fast that those wanting to remain rooted in various versions of "the good ol' days" need to separate themselves from society by living in ideologically segregated communities. Presumably, within these communities, groups of like minded people would be free to create a counter culture of their choosing. 

But this probably means that these "Benedict" communities - Nowheresville, Alaska, Desolation, Nebraska, etc., would have to be small to ensure the proper narrow ideological focus - since movement conservatism cannot agree when history's great error occurred causing the end of the good ol’ days.  Was letting women out of the kitchen in the 1960s. Was it ending school prayer in schools back in the 50s? Was it a Supreme Court decision in 1937? Was it extending the franchise to women back in the 1920s. For some it goes back farther.

Just what ended the ended the good ol' days? Conservative argue about this and what golden age they are trying to restore. So their Benedict communities would need to be carefully tailored to their targeted ideology.

The Benedict Option is the equivalent of a "white flag" in the culture war. Essentially it is an admission that you are never going to be able to force your neighbors children to participate in a state sponsored prayer before math class starts. You will not be able to return women to second class citizenship. The culture / internet is full of trash, etc. And you realize that there is nothing you can do through the political realm to institute government mandated morality. So you drop out.

That's the pitch anyway. It might "sound good on paper," but in the real world people still need to make a living and the easiest way to do this is to be a part of the modern economy. Cutting bait to become a Monk on a mountain top may seem romantic but it will only be for the most hardcore.

Friday, June 19, 2015

NRO-bot posts a truly "bizarre" global warming rant

A good way to play the denial game is to make fun of something the wingers call "alarmism." 
An eminent scientist--good grief, he eliminated smallpox--claims overpopulation and global warming are going to make us extinct.....

Now why did he have to go and save so many lives who would have otherwise died from smallpox? If only he’d only known that progress = doom!
Well, that’s it, then: Eat, drink, be merry, and burn carbon for tomorrow we die.
This represents an example of and argument from fallacy.

You find it all the time on the wingnet about global warming. Here we have a right wing nut at the NRO ridiculing a 95 year-old scientist who has written that climate change and over population will lead to an Easter Island disaster and cause the extinction of the human race in one-hundred years. Hopefully this worst case scenario will not occur. But it allows the right wing nut to play a fun game. "Oh, those scientists and their predictions," the winger laughs aloud. "Can't really trust them anymore." And it is all great fun.

The fallacy looks like this:
If P then Q
P is absurd
Therefore not Q
If climate change causes humanity to become extinct, then global warming is dangerous
Humanity becoming extinct is "stupid bullshit"
Therefore global warming is not dangerous
And Boom - you got the "Alarmism" game in action. Here, the winger deflects attention from climate science, i.e., that adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect to  instead mocking some "dumb-ass" worst case scenario from some scientist about the dangerous effects that climate change could bring.  That way, the winger, can avoid discussing whether or not "Q" or Climate change is dangerous.

Don't hate the winger, hate the game.

Jon Chait is a mean SOB, cntd

This is mean (but true):
Conservatives disagree about the optimal health-care policy they would implement in a world without political constraints. The closest a Republican can come ... is to insist that repealing the law is not enough, that the party must put in place an alternative plan ... that...is better than Obamacare, and...is better than the pre-Obamacare status quo. The thing you cannot say, and remain a Republican in good standing, is that Obamacare is better than the pre-Obamacare status quo.

But that is the fissure [between] the hypothetical [choice] that Republicans prefer, between Obamacare and an imagined Republican plan that doesn’t impose costs on anybody....[rather than choosing between Obamacare and pre-Obamacare i.e., which] let[s the] poor...suffer...

Obscuring the moral basis of that actual real-world choice is the whole basis of contemporary Republican policy-making. If you’re sitting around the back room of the Bada Bing club and you suggest maybe shifting some operations out of racketeering and into stock scams, you're probably okay. If you just come out and say that beating people up and stealing their money is immoral and you won’t do it, they’re not going to pick you to be the next head of the family.
The Party Establishment has invested a tremendous amount of resources convincing its Base that Obamacare is tyranny. Ordinary Republicans, i.e., people who do not understand the complexities of the American Healthcare System, are generally entitled to rely on the representations of Elites with whom they identify. Ordinary people do not have the time or the expertise to learn how all the moving parts of something as complicated as the healthcare system works. They have lives, families, jobs and responsibilities that take up their time.

That the Base believes that the pre-Obamacare status quo is better than allowing poor folks to see a doctor is a monstrosity of the Party's own making. You create Frankenbagger (the tea party) because its serves the short term goal of making Obama a one term president. Anger and populism have value in politics.  Once this occurs and the Kenyan Strongman is defeated, you want to think that Frankenbagger will go away gently into the night. Things will return to their natural order.

But while this plan shows some initial successful, ultimately it fails to achieve its primary objective. Obama is still around along with Nationalized Romneycare which your voters have been lead to believe is evil. You have assured them of this repeatedly. 

This is bad, of course. Losing always is.  But there is something even worse than losing an election that you were probably gonna lose all along. Now John Boehner is stuck in the car pool lane with Frankenbagger in the passenger seat on his morning commute. Every freaking day.  And far from disappearing, it looks like Frankenbagger is not going anywhere - any time soon.  Try as you might, you can't put the beast down.

C'est la vie. 

Wingnuts Pretty Mad at Obama today(again), sigh

Over at Powerline Blog today, the tinfoil hat brigade has 3 posts up this morning (or maybe they were hammered out last night deep in some basement somewhere) condemning President Obama for remarks he made after (yet another) mass shooting in Charleston this week. There are no posts today condemning the mass shooting or the extremist ideology that motivated the shooter strangely enough.

Basically after these events, Obama will say that there are lots of guns in America - which is true. There are a lot more guns than anyone needs. And he'll say that it is far too easy for malcontented losers to get their hands on one - which is also true.

The President might point out that this kinda shit does not routinely happen in Canada, Australia, New Zealand South Korea, Japan or in Western Europe - which is also true. He'll likely say that Congress won't do a thing about it due to testicular fortitude - which is also true.  People die by the gun every week - whether it is a young child accidentally killing himself or his mother it happens like clockwork. In some Red States more people die by the gun than on the highways. Driving a car is regulated, but gun nuts largely are not.

And then, after the President says that he has to makes these remarks after mass shootings way too often, the wingnet will react with anger.

Which is sad in a sense. But it is also understandable - Malcontented douche-bags act like malcontented douche-bags. It all makes sense. It is far easier to confront the hated Obamunist Strongman which your blog compares unfavorably to Mussolini than it is to confront right wing populism with its underlying racism and gun nut ideology.

People always complain about things they cannot change instead of things that they have power to change. They are not going to change Obama's opinion. It safer to condemn Obama than it is to look in the mirror and say maybe some limitations on guns is OK - perhaps limiting ownership to 43 guns per person? Nope. Too hard.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Global-Global Warming Conspiracy keeps Growing, Globally cntd.....

For some, May is the cruelest Month:
Last month was the hottest May on record, adding to a recent string of heat records, federal scientists said Thursday.
For the entire month, the average temperature on land and water surfaces was 60.17 degrees Fahrenheit, surpassing the previous May record by 0.14 degrees, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said. The last record was set last year.
The periods from March to May and January to May also set new records based on NOAA’s data, which goes back to 1880.
The regular monthly announcement of temperature data from the agency came the same day that Pope Francis made an urgent call to fight climate change.
Francis cited hot weather as one of the climate change consequences in particular that hurts the poor in developing countries.
Add the month of May to the growing and devious list of climate conspirators. Recent additions to the list include the year 2014 which had the audacity to be the hottest year on record......unless it was faking it.....

K-Lo: Chill the Fuck Out, Everyone!

Over at the NRO, amid the various grumbling about the Pope and Stupid Global Warming, K-Lo takes a moment to tell her posse to take a deep breath. The Pope is just taking care of business:
Whatever you read today, I encourage you to take a look at the document yourself. And, again, whatever the commentator and news you read about it, consider that it states that œthe Church does not presume to settle scientific questions or to replace politics. But I am concerned to encourage an honest and open debate so that particular interests or ideologies will not prejudice the common good. Laudato Si is the pope doing what a good religious leader – a pastor, shepherd, and father – does: teaches and challenges everyone.
In other words, K-Lo is telling her NRO-bots to try not to be assholes before the ink even dries. Paraphrasing:
Read the damn thing before you turn on Foxnews and think before you post.  Childish Reflexive Morons. 
At least this is how I interpret it.

Good for Her.

But the Encyclical is 184 pages long. That's a lot to ask people to read. Everyone knows that if a new law can't fit on a post card its basically tyranny. So there is that going against it.

Right Wing Blogger Uses "Coal Company" Study to rebut Pope on Global Warming

This is never a good way to way to start a blog post on Global Warming:
Yesterday the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity released a report that documents how.....
Let me see what does the coal company report document? Oh, I know. I bet it is describes how coal is good for this, that and the other thing.  Of course.

But it is likely that the Pope has not read the Coal Company Report. If only somehow, right wing bloggers could "educate" him on the virtues of coal and global warming denial, he will see the light.
It is easy for Pope Francis, Tom Steyer, Barack Obama and others who don’t have to worry about money to say that government policy should make electricity and gasoline more expensive so that other Americans–the poor and middle class–can’t afford to consume so much energy. But if you aren’t wealthy, government-mandated increases in energy costs mean very real cuts in the rest of your budget–a budget that goes almost entirely for food, clothing, shelter and health care. These are the necessities that millions of Americans have to forgo because of arrogant liberal policies.

We can’t un-elect the Pope–although perhaps we can educate him–but for God’s sake let’s not vote for any more Democrats who care more about discredited global warming theories than about the well-being of poor and middle-class Americans.
The defenders of privilege have always used the argument to prevent good and decent things from happening. "You can enact public sanitation laws because poor people have to, you know, go, too." But sanitary sewers replace the outhouse and public health, the standard of living, life expectancy, etc., improves dramatically. Things go on and the defenders of privilege find a new outrage to fight.

You can see that the Pope really has these guys frustrated. You have someone who is respected by large numbers of "the base" standing tall and declaring that Bullshit is Bullshit.  And all the tinfoil hats in Glenn Beck's closet won't stop the Pope and his "Peeps" from pumping out the global warming gospel. So this is very frustrating.

The result is angry blog posts about how we can "educate" the Pope. The Pope, however, has a master's degree in chemistry and the Vatican has its own scientific academy. This means that lectures in the form of Blog Posts written by a middle-aged loser in his parents' basement will prove useless in advancing the "holy cause" of global warming denial. So more frustration will arise.

Poor miserable bastards.

Right Wing Blogger Disappointed in Ted Cruz


There are lots of reasons to be disappointed in Ted Cruz. Shameless Demagoguery comes to mind as does his pension for McCarthite character assignation. His repeated attempts to stoke a teahadist insurgency in the House of Representative kneecaping John Boehner's ability to fight the Obamunist Strongman would be another reason for thinking wingers to be very disappointed in Tailgunner Ted Cruz.

But these things don't immediately come to mind today as Cruz earns scorn for supporting a .....permanent Torture ban:
This position strikes me as irresponsible. By some accounts, the threat of terrorist activity directed against the U.S. and its interests approaches the post 9/11 level. Certainly, there are more terrorist groups interested in attacking us than ever before.

Bush’s answer, if taken seriously, suggests that he is too sanguine about the threat of terrorism.

But Paul and Cruz are even more misguided because their opposition to enhanced interrogation isn’t limited to “now.” It’s for all time.

I expected no less from Rand Paul. I hoped for better from Ted Cruz.
I've been wondering what position the GOP presidential candidates  would take on the Obamunist Strongman's Executive Order banning torture.  You don't really want to be pro-torture but if Obama is against Torture, what can you do?  But this type of disappointment is natural in a relationship between a carnival barker and the rubes. The expectations of the rube -  the right wing blogger - are constantly built up sky high but upon a foundation of bullshit. What happens next is predictable. His hopes are shattered as they collide with cold hard reality based world.

Poor miserable bastards.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Poll: Walker ASCENDS to top of the pack

More Poll-Chaos this week as PPP's newest national poll [pdf] of Republicans continues to find Scott Walker ahead of a "bunch of losers" for the 4th consecutive poll:
17% - Walker "the Wisconsin Wuss"
15% - Bush !!!
13%  - Young Marco
12%  -  Crazy Ben
11% -  Good ol' Huck
   9% -  Not Sure
   8%  - Tailgunner Ted, Paul II
   5%  - Fiorina
   4%  - Christie
The Wisconsin Wuss remains in the top spot largely due to his strength with self describe "very Conservative voters. Among this group he gets 23% with Carson at 17%, Cruz at 13%, and Huck at 11%.

Based on this result its pretty what must be done. Walker, Cruz, Carson and Huck must fight it out to consolidate the crazy vote. This what happens every time. The crazy gets diluted and the RINO wins.

This time there is an obvious solution. Walker is a sitting governor. Next time Cruz crosses Wisconsin State lines, his "palace guard" should detain him and "deport" him back to Canada.....where he belongs.....just like Justin Bieber.

This will show all the wingers that the "red-blooded" Walker is tough on immigration and at the same time put all the birthers on notice that Cruz was pretty much born with maple syrup flowing in his veins. Its pretty much a double win for Walker and is sure to firm up the conservative support for his candidacy.

NRO-Bot Viciously ATTACKS Donald Trump

Not satisfied, the ever mean-spirited Kevin Williamson launches another "vile" attack on the Donald:
But let’s say that making a pile of money is in itself a qualification for political office. Shouldn’t we scale the billionaires’ political ambitions to their actual financial success? Take Michael Bloomberg, whose net worth is about ten times that of Donald Trump. If the $35 billion man’s fortune qualifies him to be mayor of New York, and if Trump’s money is his main qualification, then shouldn’t he be running for mayor of Columbus, Ohio, instead of the presidency?
Drum roll and Rim shot. The meanness continues:
If we’re going to be about bottom lines, then let’s really look at the bottom line. Charles and David Koch could buy Donald Trump twenty times between the two of them and still be billionaires, and the most David Koch ever has run for was vice president, on the Libertarian party ticket, in 1980. ... A great fortune is a splendid thing to have, but it is not in itself a recommendation for the presidency. Surely the fact that he is Canadian is not the only reason that Justin Bieber (net worth $200 million) should not be president of these United States.
Double Rim Shot.

Yes this is a meme on the AM Radio and the Wingnet: If someone has more money than you, they are smarter than you.  Its quite obvious.  So by that logic, Trump has a base.  He is smarter and more worthy than everyone that listens to the AM Radio. Praise be to the AM Radio.

But Williamson did not limit his animosity to Trump's wealth yesterday his vulgar attacks were personal as well:
Donald Trump, being Donald Trump, announced his candidacy at Trump Plaza, making a weird grand entrance via escalator — going down, of course, the symbolism of which is lost on that witless ape. But who could witness that scene — the self-made man who started with nothing but a modest portfolio of 27,000 New York City properties acquired by his millionaire slumlord father, barely out of his latest bankruptcy and possibly headed for another one as the casino/jiggle-joint bearing his name sinks into the filthy mire of the one U.S. city that makes Las Vegas look respectable, a reality-television grotesque with his plastic-surgery-disaster wife, grunting like a baboon about our country’s “brand” and his own vast wealth — and not see the peerless sign of our times?
On the substance, Trump is — how to put it gently? Oh, why bother! — an ass. Not just an ass, but an ass of exceptionally intense asininity. China? “China’s leaders are like Tom Brady, and the U.S. is like a high-school football team,” Trump says. And so, we should do what?

But Trump can get Williamson back easily using his "great wealth." For example he could buy up every every fashionable ascot in NYC. Next time Williamson wants to buy an Ascot from a Trump approved supplier - boom - its gonna cost him one million bucks.

But more pragmatically, Trump could cut a deal with the Opera, all the Theatres, etc., and the next time Williamson buys tickets, he get the worst seats in the house and, here's the kicker, he'll be wearing an ascot from "last season."  Oh the Horror!

So there is that.  But seriously, Trump can't let this punk push him around.  Perhaps he could buy the NRO, call Williamson into his office and fire him.

Let the winger on winger violence begin!

New Pope about to go "Medieval" on the "Climate Villains" contd.....

Personally, I think he should consider using "the Rack" on these malcontents - meaning he should at least think about it before coming up with a different but probably better plan.  Perhaps "slut shaming" them might be beneficial. Just a thought because when you think about it some of 'em are really just whoring for industry. Heartland Institute, I'm talking about you.

Anyway with the new climate encyclical due to be translated to english soon, the wingnuts aren't wasting any time at getting angry at the New Pope. Here is one of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade laying it down:
Pope Francis has become a deeply problematic figure, all the more so after his encyclical on global warming was leaked to an Italian publication. The letter, some 129 pages long, is directed to Catholic bishops, but Francis grandly says that it is intended for every person in the world. The letter has not yet been translated into English in its entirety, but portions of it have been run through Google Translator. Even from these bits, some conclusions are obvious.
 For the Pope to wade into this controversy would be nearly inexplicable, absent some overriding motive.
That motive is, apparently, hostility toward free enterprise and the prosperity that it creates. Francis has manifested such hostility in previous statements, and it comes through again in his anti-global warming letter. Francis sounds like just another leftist: the solution to global warming is more state control to dictate how people live, and new international organizations to direct vast transfers of wealth and power....Maybe I am missing something, but so far, at least, I don’t see any sign that Francis would consider that a particularly bad thing. I disagree. Jesus said, “The poor you have with you always,” but he didn’t mean that we should conspire to keep them down.
Via Powerline
I like the use of the word "CONSPIRE."  Sometimes the truth slips out.  That's why they all wear tinfoil hats after all.

Poor Bastards.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Pope about to go "Medieval" on the "Climate Villains"

Good for him.

The wingnet is very concerned about the forthcoming Vatican encyclical on climate change. Chatter has it that it is not going to be very good....for global warming deniers that is. But if that means that the new encyclical is going to be "Pro-Earth," then that is A-OK.

Anyway, the tinfoil hat brigade at Powerline Blog is gearing up for battle with a surely blasphemously titled post:
Jesus Christ, Climate Scientist
So the imminent Vatican encyclical on climate change has leaked out, and it sounds from news accounts as though Pope Francis is going all-in with the climatistas. ...the news sent me running to my bookshelf to find an old book whose core message is especially relevant: Edward Norman’s Christianity and the World Order, which ... rightly noted that the politicization of religion was not a good thing—for religion.
I did not know that Jesus Christ was a Climate Scientist. I had always heard on the wingnet that he was more of a "tax-cutter." Learn something new everyday.

Anyway another day and another beat down for the denial racket. Just yesterday, I read somewhere that the Weather Channel was joining the game, too. According the internets, The Weather Channel plans to start running segments on Global Warming. And get this, these segments will confirm that it is real. The worst thing about this is pretty clear. Old folks watch the Weather Channel and by old folks, I mean Foxnews viewers....so that's not good.

On one hand you got the Pope dope slapping you and then the next thing you know the Weather Channel gets in on it. It never stops.

Rough times.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Chaos Abounds as Crazy Ben Carson Tops Latest Poll

The latest Monmouth University Poll of Republican voters nationwide [pdf] shows Crazy Ben SURGING to the front of the pack (just behind undecided).
20% - Undecided
11% - Crazy Ben
10% - Walker
  9% - Bush !!!, Rubio
  8% - Huck
  6% - Paul II
  5% - Tailgunner Ted
  4% - Christie, Perry
  3% - Santo
  2% - Fiorina, Grahamnesty, Trump
  1% - Jindal, Kasich
  0% - Pataki
This is all very funny right now but nobody is going to be laughing when someone loses a limb.

Poll: Bush III crushing foes in NH

The latest poll of registered republicans in New Hampshire [pdf] shows the unfortunately named "Bush" in a strong second place position just behind "Don't Know."

19% - Don't know
14% - Bush III
10% - Walker
  9% - Paul II
  8% - Young Marco; Trump
  7% - Christie
  6% - Huck, Crazy Ben
  5% - Fiorina
  4% - Tailgunner Ted, Someone else

I guess this beats the alternative, Bush III - who for some reason does not like using his last name could be getting hammered like Joementum during his run.

But it does look like the market for the crazy is a lot lower in NH than it is in real America.

Why the Republican Party is sooo messed up...

RedState Blog provides the answer:
2016 Presidential candidate and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% is going to speak at the RedState Gathering. ... 
The Senator joins a long list of 2016 Presidential candidates speaking at the event. Governors Bush, Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, and Walker are speaking. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 100% is speaking. Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is speaking too.

But these are not the only speakers at the Gathering. We will be announcing others soon. Likewise, we have reached out to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 83% and Governor Christie to invite them, but have not heard back.
It's one thing to realize that a significant portion of "the base" is loony - like RedState Blog aficionados. It is another thing for Presidential Candidates to have to cower before the lunatic fringe in horror and tell them what you think they want to hear. Yet this is what GOP politicians feel compelled to do.

If these candidates are lucky, the topics for discussion will not include the mating habits of goats and supreme court justices. But you never know with the RedState Blog crowd. They are into to some pretty bizarre stuff.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Peggy Noonan, cntd....

Peggy Noonan recently criticized the Pope writing that he "is not seen...as a great intellect." In practical terms, what this means is that the New Pope does not watch Foxnews or listen to the AM radio so, understandably, he has fallen for the Global Warming Hoax:
About the encyclical on the environment, due next week, one gets the impression from church leaders that global-warming skeptics will not be pleased. They are quick to say the other side won’t fully love it either. The pope will note at length the previous environmental writings of John Paul and Benedict, the latter actually known for a time as “the green pope.” The Vatican feels the science of climate change is settled. It wants to be in the conversation, it wants to speak on an issue that has great meaning for the young, and as a cardinal said, “The church got it wrong with Galileo and it doesn’t want to get it wrong again.” Also the European elite is all in on climate change and the Vatican is in Europe. The Church fears being tagged as antiscience and antifact.
But is the science of climate change settled? And can a church that made a mistake with Galileo 400 years ago make another mistake by trying desperately not to repeat the earlier one?
As I understand it, in addition to the 97% of climate scientists that accept the science, the Vatican has its own science department full of scientists that work for the Pope.  So even if the New Pope did watch Foxnews he could ask the science department - "Hey what's all this stuff on Foxnews about Global Warming being all fake and stuff?"  "Don't worry about that Boss, that's just Fox bullshitting again...like always," a scientist would reply. And so it would go.

But Noonan is a step ahead of these scientists. Sneakily her argument is this:  The Church was wrong about Galileo 400 yrs ago so do they really want to trust these so-called experts and risk being wrong about something again.  Foxnews says that Global Warming is dumb.  So really do you want to risk it, Pope? Sigh. 

This is an example of one of the wingnet's favorite fallacies on Global Warming Denial - Scientists have been wrong in the past about "stuff." Therefore they're probably wrong about Global Warming too. This, at the most basic level, is a sign of laziness.

This fallacy historically has tied wingers into knots.i.e., change is scary therefore we should be skeptical of new information.  Its fine at face value. The old line about conservatives preferring existing evils while liberals prefer to trade in the existing evils for a new set of evils - or something like that comes to mind.

However when the subject is quantifiable, wingers are at risk of running off the rails. Example: Math can be scary so therefore we should be skeptical that 2+2=4.  This is where Noonan is at - denying the existence of Math.  And ironically she's leveling this very charge at the New Pope.

But when it come to issuing new rules, the New Pope is much higher in the chain of command than Noonan. In fact, of all the people alive today on Earth, this New Pope may be the very highest guy of all....if you believe is such things....which Noonan does....so she needs to fall in line because the alternative is not good. Just saying.

So there will be more of this stuff in the near term when the New Pope issues his new rule about Global Warming being real and something that real catholics should care about.  To me it seems that it would be so much easier for Catholics like Noonan to get over it and accept the settled consensus on climate change: You put more heat trapping gasses into the atmosphere and you end up trapping more and more heat. That way you can move on to the next step in the debate - what to do about it if anything.

That way Noonan and others can act all serious about the issue rather than dismissive and "antiscience and antifact."  They can lead the charge to fight global warming by making it a moral issue. Of course the way you fight global warming, we will learn once the Noonans of the world enter the 21st century, will probably include lots of tax cuts for the super rich along with deregulation for dangerous and greedy industries. Sigh.

But they'll get to make these argument from the high ground. "The stupid democrats fiddle while they watch the Earth burn....literally....when they could be cutting taxes. Outrageous!"


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wingnet: Rubio's personal behavior doesn't matter

Trust them.

Over the past week, the lamestream media revealed certain irresponsibilities of the Rubio family.  Young Marco and wife have run up almost one score of speeding tickets in the past 17 yrs or so. This can happen I guess. The wingnet responded with lots of blog posts on why this does not matter. They are probably right. Sometimes people speed.

Also hitting the Lamestream media is a report showing that the Rubio family has never met a dollar that it did not immediately try to spend.  A get a new $300,000 year job and the money quickly goes to a new set of bills. Get a $800,000 book advance and the cash disappears almost immediately. Get more book money and the same thing happens.  This can happen, too, I guess. Shit does happens.

Does all of this matter - that some people try hard to follow the law and others not so much?  Does it matter that some folks like toys and status and showing that they are better than their neighbors?

The wingnet has weighed in with a flurry of posts. It concludes that this all does not matter. Furthermore it assures us that it should not matter and that nobody should make a big deal about it and if they make a big deal about it in the future, which they have no reason to, that they would be wrong to do so. And on and on the chatter goes. 

So obviously there is nothing to see here. Move along.

Oh one more thing. The lamestream media also has reported that the Romney campaign vetted Rubio as a possible VP candidate and said "whoa....this whole situation is really f'd up."  Then they moved on to Christie said "whoa...he sure f'd up that whole bridge thing." Then they moved on to Ryan and said this starry eyed Ayn Rand acolyte is just right.

But the wingnet is probably right that there is nothing to see here. However, if Rubio wants to turn himself into a fiscal scold like Ryan, it won't work. He's the opposite of a fiscal scold...and that's OK.  If he tries to pretend he like to ride around on Tractors and Harley like Scott Walker, that won't work either. Rubio is not from "Real America" and certainly does not play the part. And that, too, is OK. Somebody has to live in Miami - not everyone can live in the good parts of the country like rural Iowa.  However if he wanted to go windsurfing with John Kerry and chill at the yacht club with brie, people would buy that.

So its like the chatter on the wingnet confirms. There is nothing to see here. Move on. But they sure are chattering on about it an awful lot.