Tuesday, March 24, 2015

And so it begins

The lamestream media begins its assault on Ted Cruz
 “Earlier today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced he was running for president. You know what I find interesting about Ted Cruz? He was born in Canada, his father fled to the United States from Cuba, yet Ted Cruz is against immigration.”

-David Letterman
Despite the fact that the Maple Syrup flows thickly in his veins, Tailgunner Ted is as American as Apple Pie. Cruz represents a minority group that has been often overlooked in American History: Canadian-Americans.

Canadian-Americans have contributed greatly to our country. There's Comedian John Candy, ex-communicated republican David Frum and that other guy. Cruz should not run from his Canadian roots by bashing immigration. He should proudly celebrate them instead.

Perhaps Cruz will come around and stop all the self-hating immigrant bashing. His family, too, crossed the border. And Cruz does not have to always be the biggest asshole in the room to draw attention away from his naturally inherited polite Canadian demeanor, either.  He shouldn't feel compelled to to launch vile McCarthy-ite attacks against political opponents to contrast being an around golly-gee nice guy.   Nice is OK.

Sunny optimism sells. It worked for Reagan. We can keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, March 23, 2015

And the Meek shall inherit the Earth

News is out on the internets about a big announcement today from Tailgunner Ted Cruz. According to reports, he will announce his candidacy to become the first Canadian-American President today at Liberty University. This "stunt" shows how far the tailgunner has fallen, when you consider just how "terrified" his fellow Republican Senators were of him just two years ago.

Back in the day, the tailgunner's "mastery" of right wing populism manipulated the base like a maestro moving from one crescendo to the next clusterfuck as the poor dumb RINOs watched helplessly. Embolden the House Tea Party Caucus, check.  Emasculate Speaker Boehner, check.  Shut the government down, check. Take the world economy to the brink of calamity, check. There was no feat that Cruz couldn't use the crazy to eff up.

But that was then. The RINOs no longer fear Cruz now. They laugh at him behind his back instead. Today Cruz is just a "housebroken" version of Tom Cotton bitterly clinging to his "15 minutes" of fame. So today Cruz will show "them" that they are all wrong. He still "matters." He'll go the theocratic Liberty University and "preemptively" announce his candidacy for president, triggering the race to build a 50 million dollar war chest. And then so armed, he will reak a havoc not seen since the 1964 GOP convention.

Or that is the plan anyway. He'll need to raise the cash, of course. And that is where today comes in. The odds of pulling off a successful palace coup are not in his favor, but one should never discount the crazy.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Poll: Walker Leads Pack in Georgia

According to some poll (pdf) of Georgia republican voters, the Wisconsin Governor is crushing it.
27% - The Wisconsin Wimp
20% - Good ol’ Huck
13% - Crazy Ben Carson
11% - Bush III
10% - Don’t know
  6% - Young Marco
  3% - TIE: Governor Oops, Trump, Paul II and Christie
Maybe it is just me but polls that add fake candidates like "Trump" and leave out folks like Cruz and Santorum seem a  little bit elitist.

Walker "Wimp" meme continue to reverberate around internets

Is Walker a wimp for firing a loyal staffer at the demand of a bunch of "kooks?"

More and more pixels on the subject make it likely that he is:
Walker didn’t toss a staffer overboard out of his deep respect for voters in Iowa or anywhere else. He did it out of fear that he would suffer some political damage in the caucuses, which tells us that he has a fairly low opinion of Iowan caucus-goers. It also tells us that he is far too ready to defer to the demands of Iowan politicians, no matter how unreasonable they may be. Caving to the demands of a few activist and politicians over the hiring of a staffer doesn’t reflect respect for voters, but rather implies that you think voters are so dim-witted that they can’t distinguish between your views and those of one of your staffers. It also conveys a certain contempt for any voter that happens to agree with the staffer’s views, and it tells all voters that you are extremely easy to pressure when the people applying the pressure come from within your own party. It is especially ridiculous that the “author” of a book called Unintimidated can scare so easily.
If you cannot tell the "repeal the 13th amendment" crowd to chill out, then basically you are a wimp. 

I mean how hard can that be? All you say is "can you stop being such a asshole for a little while? And while your attitude is adjusted how about you apologize for that whole 13th amendment bullshit."  Walker can even copy what I just wrote word for word. I won't mind.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Powerline Blog Lays Out GOP Strategy for Dominance

Just pretend like the party cares about working folks:
It is undeniable that Congress’s duty is to American workers, not foreign workers, however admirable those individuals may be. The message that Sessions articulated today, as he has repeatedly over the past several years, is devastating. The Democrats cannot stand up against it. If Republicans consistently articulate a populist, pro-American worker message on immigration, they will sweep the 2016 election from the presidency on down to your local county commissioner. And they will be doing the right thing for the people they represent.
Sure the GOP supports free trade and sending American Jobs oversees. It also supports privatizing Medicare and cutting education, clean air, workplace safety, access to health care, etc., and distributing those resources upward to the 1% instead.

The remedy, naturally, is not to change your policies to be more friendly to working folks. No, one needn't do that when the exist party ideology is always 110% correct. What you do instead is to tell folks to forget everything they know about the party and instead focus on the Party's "newly  found" concern for working folks. This is simply masterful.

Is Scott Walker a "wimp?"

Not according to Jennifer Rubin.

Yesterday in her right wing blog, Jen-Jen  takes great pains to point out this non-wimpiness in responding to the "fallout" that has arisen after the wisconsin governor fired a staffer over a series of sophomoric tweets linking Iowa voters, Socialism,  self importance and morons across America. All of which, by definition, is just an ordinary day on the wingnet.  But it was also a day in which a right wing Iowa party official called for the "head" of the offensive staffer - which Walker dutifully rendered.

 Which all leads one to wonder if there is something behind "wimp" label that worries Rubin. Perhaps it cuts a little too closely to the truth.

I mean, if the wisconsin governor cannot stand up to a bunch of ethanol subsidy dependent Moochers Iowans and kooks who once tried to overturn the 13th amendment (that repealed slavery!) as part of a scheme to strip President Obama of his US citizenship over a couple of harmless jokes made by a fun loving zany staffer how can America expect him to stand up to Freedom Hating Iranians hell bent on ushering in the apocalypse?

This is a reasonable concern, I'd say.

Maybe Walker is a wimp. I know he can kick a Union Man around when he's down and can beat down a single mom, but can he punch against his own weight? Maybe that's the wimp factor in action.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Climate "Skeptics" suffer key Set Back

Since wind is "God's" way of moving heat around the Earth, anything that interferes with the hand of the Lord could actually lead to more global warming. All good climate skeptics know that this central irony behind wind power is yet one more reason to oppose renewables such as wind blocking devices like windmills. If they block the wind...well now, they will be doing more harm than good. Everyone knows that.

So sadly this report about technology improvements in wind power offering a future with lower electricity bills and fewer air-pollution-related deaths falls heavy on the hearts of the tinfoil hat brigade.
Cost reductions and technology improvements will reduce the price of wind power to below that of fossil-fuel generation, even after a $23-per-megawatt-hour subsidy provided now to wind farm owners ends, according to a report released Thursday.

"Wind offers a power resource that's already the most competitive option in many parts of the nation," Lynn Orr, under secretary for science and energy at the Energy Department, said on a conference call with reporters. "With continued commitment, wind can be the cheapest, cleanest power option in all 50 states by 2050."
...The report assessed the costs and benefits of wind supplying 10 percent of U.S. power generation by 2020, 20 percent by 2030 and 35 percent in 2050. While power prices will increase by 1 percent in the first 15 years, expanding wind power will save Americans $149 billion in fuel and development costs through 2050.
I don't know but this sounds like positive news to me. If we can get clean energy for cheap, it sounds like most folks would be happy with it. Most folks would anyway.

The GOP Civil War claims another "Victim"

Will the madness ever end?

In wake of recent RINO Victories, a prominent Teahadist has "Bailed" on the GOP:
Conservative talker Glenn Beck on Wednesday announced he is leaving the Republican Party.

“I’ve made my decision – I’m out,” Beck said Wednesday on “The Glenn Beck Program,” his broadcast on TheBlaze.com. “I’m out of the Republican Party. I am not a Republican. I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out.”

The host said Republicans lost him with their inaction on both ObamaCare and illegal immigration.

“All this stuff that they said and they ran and they said they were doing all of these great things and they were going to stand against ObamaCare and illegal immigration – they set us up,” Beck added. “They set us up. Enough is enough. They’re torpedoing the Constitution and they’re doing it knowingly.”...Beck said Monday that his decision to exit the GOP was inspired by their resistance to change.

“So I’m done with them,” he concluded. “Four years ago I was with them. Four years ago I said work from the inside: Let’s change it. Let’s get new guys in there. I think it’s too late.”
There are some who think that the RINO will not prevail in this struggle over the "soul" of the Republican party. We need only be patient. Victory will be ours though it may take another 50 years but then the Tea Party will remake America into the image of Mississippi.

Others come to a different conclusion, preferring to retreat under a "white flag of surrender" rather than suffer under the indignation of RINO rule. Perhaps for folks like Beck - if they are MAN enough, if they truly care about FREEDOM, a third party would be the best way to keep up the "good fight." 

Wingnut says whaaat, cntd????

Those wingnuts!
I’m not sure where President Obama is. As Kerry gads about to meet with his Iranian friends and disparage his critics at home, he approaches the tertiary stage of the appeasement mentality. ...
Like the tertiary stage of syphilis, the tertiary stage of appeasement may involve dementia.

Kerry’s dementia is not the only sign of the tertiary stage of the mentality of appeasement. We also have the self-censorship that abets it.
Via Powerline Blog
Haters got to hate.
Stupid Jon Cary Won't
press the Easy Button

That's one of the things that comes with being a neocon - you know everything. You know with certainty all that will happen if ideology is not applied. You are sure of it. Its so clear - so simple.
Its kinda like having an easy button. You press it, i.e., apply political ideology and the problem will surely be solved. Boom, presto and Iraq is turned into Iowa.  It works every time!

And then you get to say. "That Poor Stupid Jon Cary won't press the easy button. What a "dumb-ass guy." Not only is it stupid to try solve the problem using years of hard groundwork,  a painstakenly constructed international coalition and skill and diligence but its evil to do it that way too. Just press the easy button and make the problem go away, Jon Cary!"

But then again, haters got to hate. It's how they roll.

Monday, March 16, 2015

"Reagan" Latest to Join Global-Global Warming conspiracy

This "shocking news" has really pissed off the tin foil hat brigade. The latest lamestream media report has it locked down cold, it appears to me. An AMERICAN hero has signed up with the international conspiracy designed to force people into hobbit-sized homes, replace their porterhouse steak with Tofu, force folks out of the SUV's and into "bicycle sharing programs" and, of course, to post a UN guard in front of every sustainable dwelling.  That's right.

According to one of the folks who knew him Best, Ronald Reagan has joined the global-global warming conspiracy from the grave. Let's let former Reagan Administration Official George Schultz tells it like it is:
I am also impressed by an experience I had in the mid-1980s. Many scientists thought the ozone layer was shrinking. There were doubters, but everyone agreed that if it happened, the result would be a catastrophe. Under these circumstances, President Ronald Reagan thought it best not to argue too much with the doubters but include them in the provision of an insurance policy. With the very real potential for serious harm, U.S. industry turned on its entrepreneurial juices, and the Du Pont company developed a set of replacements for the chemicals implicated in the problem along a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable cost. It came up with something that could be done then — not some aspirational plan for 2050. Action is better than aspiration. As matters turned out, the action worked and became the basis for the Montreal Protocol, widely regarded as the world’s most successful environmental treaty. In retrospect, the scientists who were worried were right, and the Montreal Protocol came along in the nick of time. Reagan called it a “magnificent achievement.”

We all know there are those who have doubts about the problems presented by climate change. But if these doubters are wrong, the evidence is clear that the consequences, while varied, will be mostly bad, some catastrophic. So why don’t we follow Reagan’s example and take out an insurance policy?
But there is another story to play here - one far more ominous. While you can't reason with the unreconstructed Tea Party wing of the republican party and especially those in the tin foil hat brigade, you may be able to convince the reconstructed wing of party. All you have to do is to ask "What Would Reagan Do?" Its simple he'd LEAD the way FORWARD and solve it through Steely Determination, sunny optimism and RESOLVE.

And that being the case that Reagan stands for Goodness over Badness and if all Reagan had to do to save the Earth was to take out "an insurance policy," well then by god, he'd not only do it, but he'd take out the biggest baddest policy there ever was and single handedly defeat climate change just as he did with Communism when he single handedly won the cold war. In doing so, he's save America, again!

This method of argument is called jujitsu and the wingers hate it.

Powerline Blogger Blows Whistle on Global Warming Scam, again (sigh)

The Government, man, is behind it all, man. You can't trust your own lying eyes, because of the government, man. Its a conspiracy, man. They're all in on it.......man:
....scientists are massively funded, to the tune of billions of dollars every year, by the worst special interest of them all: government. Governments have more at stake in the global warming controversy than anyone: they largely invented it, and use it as a pretext for a grab for power over their respective economies. Which is to say, over their citizens’ lives.
In other words its all a conspiracy.....by the ALL the governments of the world.

If there is one person that i'd like to government to force into a  freakishly small "hobbit-sized home" it'd be this right wing blogger. And in a perfect world, it'd happen but I'd take it one step further.

Say the right wing blogger were to go to the grocery store to buy a "porterhouse steak," if there were any justice in the world, a UN bureaucrat would be monitoring the check out line and would put a stop that shit. "There's no way in hell, that I'm letting the likes of you take a steak back to your appropriately sized sustainable dwelling. Security will escort you to the tofu isle the easy way or the hard way - your choice."

And it'd just be this guy. Everyone else could buy a porterhouse steak if they wanted one. But not this guy.  The UN Bureaucrats would make sure of that.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tom Cotton is "Officially" the "Bright Shiny Object" of the moment

Former Palinite and RedState Blog Editor calls it like he sees it:
Rep. Tom Cotton is the junior senator from Arkansas. In fact, Cotton has only been in the Senate for two months. He spent one term in the House of Representatives before making the leap to the upper house. Prior to his stint in elected politics, Cotton was a soldier in the Iraq War. He is now the most powerful man in Washington....Democrats were attempting to allow Iran to build up a nuclear program without anyone noticing. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Senator Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) shed light on the Democrats’ plan. The Democrats were left scurrying about like roaches with the light turned on. They do not like it.

The net result of Senator Cotton’s actions has not been an indictment of forty-seven Republican senators. Instead, Secretary of State Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) had to admit President Obama’s negotiations with Iran were non-binding and unenforcible. But for Senator Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR), America would never have gotten that admission. It makes the senator one of the few people in Washington who has been able to throw Barack Obama off his game.
This is the bubble in effect.  Here is how the game is played.

The international community (including the US) wants a deal with Iran that prevents it from getting "the bomb" and is behind the Administration's efforts to negotiate a deal that would accomplish this goal. In fact the international community was close to negotiating a deal with Iran in 2005 to prevent it getting "the bomb" - until the deal was "blown up" by neocons in the Bush Administration who thought it would “scare” the Iranians and that “they would give in.”

They didn't. Instead Iran moved forward from having 164 centrifuges to over 19000 today.  And, one could say as a result of "blowing up the deal", Iran now is 10 years closer to getting "the bomb." So that happened.

Now a there is a possibility for a new "deal"

In exchange for giving up "the bomb," sanctions in place by the international community would be lifted on Iran and it would be able to develop its economy. In the US, the President would "temporarily" suspend sanctions on Iran which he can do at his/her "discretion." The "deal" would not be a "treaty" which requires senate approval. It would be an executive agreement like the one recently reached with China on Greenhouse Gas Emissions or the ones the US has in place with Israel to cement an alliance. In fact there is no treaty in place with Israel and the GOP has never - other than from its racist anti-Semitic wing - had any problem with that non-binding "deal."

Once reached, the Iranian "deal," if it is working, will be viewed favorably by the international community and the cooperation for renewed sanctions will melt away. Should a future President Cruz or Perry or Cotton, decide that he wants to "blow" things up and watch stuff "burn," he will not receive support from the international community to re-isolate Iran.

This future President would be able to revoke Obama's "temporary" suspension of sanctions but he will do so without international cooperation necessary to make the sanctions regime effective and at the cost of angering our allies and turning world opinion to sympathize with Iran.

As Erickson notes, a functioning intentionally supported "deal" with Iran is non-binding and unenforceable in the US if an asshole (and/or a neocon) gets elected as President. Of course our "deal" with Israel is non-binding and unenforceable if an asshole gets elected, too.

Hats off to former Palin follower Erickson for figuring this all out and declaring Young Tom Cotton "the most powerful" person in politics ......now that Sarah Palin no longer is.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jindal rival seeks crackdown on Anchor Babies

Any hidden messages here?
Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) is pushing to end "birthright citizenship" in legislation aimed at combatting human trafficking. 
Under current law, if a person is born in the United States, they are considered a citizen. Vitter wants to change that, arguing the promise has given rise to "birth tourism."

"This is a very real, in fact, exploding phenomenon. There is a whole industry, an underworld, that is selling so-called birth tourism," he said. "This acts as a magnet, a potent, powerful magnet, growing in power by the year to lure more and more folks to come across the border, in specific cases to have their babies here."
Under Vitter's amendment, a child born in the United States would be considered a citizen if at least one parent is a citizen, has a green card, or has served in the military.
Jindal is term limited as Louisiana's governor. This is true. So he's not technically in Vitter's way as the disgraced Senator makes a run the governor's mansion.  I know that Vitter does not like the guy but really? Couldn't he just refer to him as Kenneth from 30-rock?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Global-Global Warming Conspiracy Continues to Grow Globally, cntd

Its no surprise that this new group would fall for the global warming hoax, because after all, like one of the Home Alone burglars famously noted: Kids are stupid.  And by Kids, I mean 12-year olds. Apparently they all think that human activity has something to do with rising temperatures...(IF THEY ARE RISING AT ALL):
last September, commissioned a poll from Ipsos on how 12-year-olds view climate change. Out of 1,002 eighth-grade students surveyed, 90 percent responded that climate change is real and it’s “significantly” driven by human activity.
And as it happens, the global warming deniers find that the scientists are not on their side and now they have to deal with demographics too as millions of children turn 12 each year further expanding the number of conspirators in the vast conspiracy.

Outnumbered, surrounded and increasingly isolated at remote locations like the Heartland Institute, powerline blog or a basement that middle-aged misfits inhabit in their parents' house, the tinfoil hat crowd waits in bewilderment wondering why the sheeple can't see what is happening. The other shoe has to fall.  It is only a matter of time before the house of cards comes crashing down and the hoax is unveiled for all to see in sordid detail.

Perhaps a Sean Hannity Foxnews special will do it. Perhaps a yet to be written right-wing blog post will do it. Perhaps that right-wing blog post is being written at this very moment and will be posted later today, tomorrow or sometime soon.  It'll be so clever and witty while sticking it to the Climatistas, the Warmunists and the know it all UN Bureaucrats that nobody will be able to deny its TRUTH. 

It is only a matter of time. Soon. It has to be.

Poor Bastards. 

Teahadist Lays Out Plan to CONQUER AMERICA


So I was scrolling through the Instapundit Blog, because he can link to some pretty crazy shit. And its not all together clear whether he's pimping the crazy out to the wingnet because he believes in it or whether he's just fucking with the nutters who believe the crazy stuff he links to, because you don't have to believe in crazy stuff to pimp it. Don't hate the winger - hate the game.

That's how the conservative echo chamber works. Some folks write stupid stuff out of ignorance or because they lazily rely on ideology to provide them a simple answer to every complicated question. Some folks, on the other hand, are just plain evil and write stupid stuff to watch things burn.  But  most are a combination of the two.  As in the case of Instapundit, the internets say that he's about 95% evil and only 5% stupid. I think that this is unfair, and the internets can be pretty unfair at times. I'd say that Instapundit is merely 80% evil and the rest stupid. Tops.

When Instapundit links to crazy shit written by right wingers sometimes it may be because he digs it and believes it. But other times its likely that he's Effing with folks. I believe this to be the case because no intelligent and decent person would link (with a straight face) to Hard Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe's Romney Landslide predictions and think that Rahe's rhetoric was anything more than the furious scribblings of a poor soul desperately attempting to provide that single revolutionary spark necessary to kindle a fire that, smoldering for a time, would burst into a sweeping and destructive conflagration of Ruby Red (State) Revolution.

That this was so, had to be obvious to a blogger with a 20% - 80% Stupid/Evil ratio because there never was a risk of a Wave capable of coloring the map Red from the Jersey shores to the suburbs of Portlandia in 2012. He surely knew that. So in that sense, its performance art. You pimp the cray-cray just to watch what happens next. 

And so it goes with Instapundit's recent link to a  post describing the coming Red Revolution. It is not yet near. The conditions are not yet right. You may not live to see it. The author may not live to see it.  But history dictates that the Red Day of Reckoning will occur - someday.
You know, I read all over the net, mostly in comments (and more on that later) that the GOP had gone spineless and they had funded Obama’s amnesty. So I went and looked at numbers. 1/3 of the GOP flipped. ONE THIRD.

Two thirds held firm. And this on a matter that has emotional appeal to politicians if not to the people on the ground. You see, they are convinced if they vote against it it will drive Latinos away from the GOP. It’s what the media and their corrupted offices tell them. It’s the “smart” opinion, as opposed to all us rubes on the ground.

And two thirds held firm.

You’d think it would be a moment to celebrate. You know, ten years ago half of them or more would have caved. But we’ve been working on taking over the GOP. And it has effects.

It seems to me what we should be doing is celebrating that two thirds held firm, and taking notes of the cavers to primary them.

It’s obvious Boehner is being blackmailed or otherwise manipulated. Good Lord, the left has done that throughout Europe, why would here be any different? Maybe that’s why the crying. He knew he’d have to cave.

So primary him. Remove him. Elect men who will say “publish and be damned.” Get someone in the presidency who AT THE VERY LEAST doesn’t hate the US. ... And then we’d have a president who can keep the 1/3 (or less by then) of RINOS in check.

But ... several trends are going our way.

Technology is freeing people from the fortress of doom the left and Soviet agit prop built around our vital institutions: there are new ways to get news, new ways to get entertainment, and the homeschooling movement grows by leaps and bounds. Also, their demonstrable and obvious incompetence and the horrors they’re precipitating around the world are starting to break through the wall of glitz the palace eunuchs mainstream media has built around the Low Information Voters.

The future is ours, if we can stay the course.

For a hundred years, they’ve patiently been working. They took over one of the major parties. They took over education. They took over the mass media and entertainment and the arts. They had a whole wall of coordinated messages and it all imploded. ... I say we keep taking over the GOP. We’ve been at this for what? Optimistically 20 years. Not a fraction of their (at least) 100.

As for those other democrats? The stooges of a long-dead system? Putin’s best buds? Yeah. We’re coming for them too.

And then, once we’ve pulled our ship off the rocks, once we’ve made the dems into a wreck, or alternately into an American party again, THEN we can have a grand fight Libertarians against Socons. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be seventy or so, and if I run like my family, a little old lady scary beyond all reason.

But this is no time to get wobbly. Keep Calm and Keep Taking Over the GOP.

They’re corrupt bastards, but we’re stuck with them, until we pick them off one by one. And we already have our sort in their ranks.

Steady as she goes. We’ll win this.
First the Grand Teahad will destroy the Dems and then they will turn on the RINOs. And once the great Democratic party is destroyed and then over the corpse of the Republican Party, the survivors - the highly aggressive evangelicals and ruthlessly selfish libertarians will fight to the death for supremacy: Theocracy versus Mammon. Cue the maniacal laughter.

So this is good. And this is bad.

It is good that the ultimate victory over half of the country that votes Democratic and over most of the other half that votes Republican will not occur during the lifetimes of the majority living today. But it is bad that it must happen. On the other hand, these are the people who don't believe that Global Warming is happening. So in theory, by the time they "inherit the earth," there may not be much left to fight over.

Anyway you can not eradicate the crazy. But you can fight it, restrict it and put it on a path to insignificance.

RedState Blog: Time to bag Boehner and McConnell

The Poor Editor of RedState Blog still, still, still does not understand how the game is played:
Republicans in Washington spend an inordinate amount of time planting stories in the press heralding themselves as strategic geniuses.

But time and again they get outmaneuvered by both conservatives and Democrats. The GOP Leadership in Washington is playing at perhaps the the worst strategy since Tiberius Sempronius Longus attacked Hannibal in the Battle of the Trebia.

And it is the worst strategy because it is really just tactics. McConnell and Boehner live to fight another day. So they do not stand on principle. They do not fully engage. They get trapped repeatedly in mistakes everyone else sees coming. They simply have no vision.

In essence, as Dan Pfeiffer said, the Republican leaders “have no long game.” Instead of setting out to win, they set out to not get beaten too badly. That is not leadership. That is cowardice premised on a lack of ideas. Boehner and McConnell have no ideas, no principles, and no clue how the hell to combat Barack Obama.

Instead, they now spend their time lining up clever ways to give congressional approval to Barack Obama’s liberal advance by plotting their retreat before Obama even makes a move.

It is time for Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to be replaced. It is time to advance on offense instead of staying on defense.
The RINOs calling the shots for the GOP are not playing defense against the Obamunist Menace in D.C. No not at all. But they are playing DEFENSE against the MENACE that is their BASE.

They can deal with the President, they can't deal with the unreconstructed republican right wing of their party.  Obama is not the problem - YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

And so it goes.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Global Warming Conspiracy Continues to Grow, Globally

Last month an operation called the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists officially joined the the global-global warming conspiracy of climate scientists, bureaucrats, middle school science teachers, farmers, insurance industry execs, Admirals & Generals, the CIA, busy bodies, pinheads, various so-called "experts" and "threatened" species like polar bears. Sigh.

Having set up shop in 1945 by a group of scientists that helped create the first atomic bomb, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists claims to inform "the public about threats to the survival and development of humanity from nuclear weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies in the life sciences."

Their schtick is a Doomsday Clock in which midnight signifies the some sort of apocalypse like nuclear war or the end of human existence on Earth or gay marriage if you are Mike Huckabee. When threats magnify in scope, the group moves minute hand closer to midnight. The clock was last moved in 2007 from 7 minute before midnight to 5 minutes before due to the risk potentially loose nukes and from climate change.

So it is hard not to guess what they are up to now. And that would be moving the minute hand of the doomsday clock 2 more places to just 3 minutes before midnight......due to global warming.
According the Bulletin, the effects of global warming are bad and will get worse with inaction and stuff.  This means that it isn't good for people and the future.

Which makes it obvious that they are not getting the news from right wing blogs or Foxnews. Because if they had been, they'd either be denying that anthropogenic climate change is even happening or investing in Alaskan Orange Grove Futures for the coming awesomeness. Anyways, this group has just taken sides and joined up with the global-global warming conspiracy. Go figure.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Redstate Blog Editor Dreams of a Democratic - Tea Party Alliance to "Take down Boehner"

Its a beautiful PLAN and a FOOL-proof one at that:
Thankfully, House conservatives get a do-over. The Rules of the House of Representatives provides a privileged (meaning it takes precedence over other business) resolution to vacate the office of the Speaker. It can be offered by any Member. It would be a simple majority vote of those voting (not of the entire membership of the House). If the entire House was voting, 28 Members would be needed to depose Boehner with all of the Democrats. Once vacated, a new Speaker election would ensue....
Would Democrats vote to vacate Boehner from his position? Doesn’t he serve their agenda well already? Couldn’t Democrats combine with enough liberal Republicans to install a Republican worse than Boehner, as happened with Joe Straus in Texas? These are the critical questions that surfaced in January and be used as excuses by many Republicans to vote against vacating the chair....
Democrats will have to vote, and they will vote against Boehner. They will do so because they have to, but also because they will want the partisan victory of seeing the chaos and demise of the current leader of the Republican party. Nor will a liberal Republican be able to secure the votes of Democrats and a small minority of Republicans.
Ya......that one would leave a mark. As weak as the GOP is, it would still figure out a way to deal out some intra-party discipline. Maybe like this.
Teahadist: Where's Congressman Ted Yoho? Has anyone seen him?
RINO 1: No, maybe he went somewhere. 
RINO 2: Yeah. People do that all the time.
Teahadist: What?
RINO 1: I've seen people go the mall.
RINO 2: Me too and to the grocery store as well. I've also seen people go out of town before, like on vacation.

RINO 1: It happens.
Teahdist: Yes people go mall or to the store and sometimes they go out of town but they come back when they're done.
RINO 1: Not always.
RINO 2: Ya. When I was in 4th grade there was this kid on my street. We used to play ball all the time. But he moved and I never saw him again.

RINO 1: It happens.

Teahadist: Y'all aren't making any sense. What does this have to do with where Yoho is.

RINO 1: Beats me. We have to run.

RINO 2: Ya. Got make our tee time. We'll tell Yoho hello for you if we see him.

Teahadist: WTF?????
This would not happen literally, but rather more in a figurative sense.  But it'd be good theater.

But seriously now, maybe this latest PLOT will convince the RINOs of the wisdom behind FEMA run camps. If there were anti-Obama dissident camps all Boehner would have to do get the Tea Party to cut out the bullshit is to send one or two of the worst ones there for non-stop training on Political Correctness, diversity, sustainable living, feminism, anti-bullying, etc. While they are there might as well add Climate Science for dummies and hyphenated-American Studies just in case there is a chance that they'll actually learn something.

After a 4 week intensive course of this, the poor tea party trouble maker will either be "reformed" and act as a responsible member of society or he'll meekly do whatever Boehner tells him in the future.

They whisper from DARK places; They Plot TREASON

Meanwhile as, the insurgency continues to grind on - one fuck up after another, the risk of Teahadist inspired Coup  looms ominously on the horizon.
Rank-and-file Republicans are openly contemplating a coup against House Speaker John A. Boehner and his top lieutenants after a series of self-inflicted legislative fumbles and political defeats in the first weeks of the congressional session.
This week’s retreat from the standoff over Homeland Security Department funding and President Obama’s deportation amnesty was only the latest embarrassment for Republican leaders, who also have had to yank bills on abortion, border security and education after rebellions within their own party.
The leaders have acknowledged stumbles at the opening of the congressional session, when Republicans took control of the Senate as well as the House and members had high expectations for advancing a conservative agenda. But leaders have insisted that they don’t need dramatic changes in how they run the conference, a Republican aide said
Meanwhile RINOs are responding to the potential coup with to juvenile "name calling."
“I don’t consider them conservatives. I consider them anarchists," [Peter King a RINO from New York put it.]
“The whole party is going to suffer, not just the leadership, all of us are going to suffer if we can’t get more organized. But I don’t know if that group of about 35 wants to be organized. It’s almost as if they sit by themselves in the floor there — like a separate party, like in France or Italy where you have the rump parties out there”
So King seems to think that "the real Americans" represent a rump faction within the GOP.  Maybe they do. But maybe its the RINOs living in Blue States who are endangered instead. And maybe it is time for RINOs like King to walk down to Nancy Pelosi's office and see it there could be a deal on the table for the RINOs to defect en masse from the GOP.

For instance, if King and his fellow heretics defect, can they still keep there friends on K-street and WallStreet?  Maybe. Can King and his friends show up at future Democratic Conventions, get floor time and give a speech demanding the invasion/bombing of whatever country is pissing them off in 2016, 2020, 2024, etc? Maybe.  Can RINOs have some seats on the appropriation committee where the congress actually passes a budget and sends dollars back home. Perhaps. And if the RINOs do defect, will they ever have to stroke their chins thoughtfully and pretend that they are interested in what ever grievances that Teahadists bring up at party meetings. Nope, won't have to do that again. So maybe its worth considering.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walker continues to CRUSH his foes, cntd

According to the latest national Quinnipiac University Poll shows Walker SURGING ahead of the field in the wake of Mitt Romney's decision not to run again. The previous QU Poll had the Romney way out in Front and Walker mired in the back of the pack with the rest of the losers. Not so today
18% - Walker
17% - "Don't Know"
16% - Bush III
  8% - Good ol' Huck; Christie
  7% - Crazy Ben Carson
  6% - Tailgunner Ted; Paul II
  5% - Jr Senator from FL
>3% - the rest of the losers
I think this field could use a good dose of the crazy to shake things up. Maybe a Supreme Court ruling on "gruber-gate" would get things roiling. That kinda ruling would basically mean that the candidates would have to go on the record and either propose "a fix" for health insurance subsidies in the (mostly) Red States or to advocate a return to the Bush Era status quo - "Burn the whole goddamned thing to the ground and let the Lord sort it out," Cruz could thunder!

I'm not thinking that will happen though, possibly the Supreme Court could help us out with a ruling striking down some gay marriage ban. That would set them off. Huck might spontaneously burst in to flames, bless his heart. Something good is bound to happen.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wingnet: Crazy Ben Carson probably should not run for President

Crazy Ben gears Up:
One of the biggest wildcards of the 2016 presidential race has taken a major step toward going all in on a long-shot bet.

Dr. Ben Carson—a retired, world-renowned neurosurgeon who enjoys a vocal and fervent following among a significant segment of the conservative GOP base—announced on Tuesday that he has registered with the FEC to establish a presidential exploratory committee.

The move allows the provocative Republican to begin raising money directly for his prospective White House bid—funds he could transfer to an official campaign.

“His undeniable abilities and extraordinary life experiences drive his passion to ensure that, through hard work and perseverance, the American dream remains attainable to all,” Terry Giles, who would become Carson’s campaign chairman, said in a statement announcing the move. “For the next few months, Dr. Carson looks forward to listening to the American people to gauge support for a presidential candidacy.”
So this is happening. And it bodes well for the crazy. BUT some voices on the wingnet are not sure this is a good thing. One winger urges him to "run for the Maryland's open Senate seat, instead." Presumably trying to distract him with a "bright shiny object" in the same manner that he distracts the "rubes" that read his blog. Another tries a different approach, noting that: "[w]hile Carson is a gifted doctor and deserves our respect for that, I am not sure why he is making this run this way."

Maybe this is the president candidate moderation effect that social scientists tells us grows in relations to years spent as the out party. It must be a factor that's causing (parts of) the wingnet to back off Crazy Ben. It sure can't be good sense or maturity.

But who really knows. 

NRO-Bot does his "Peeps" a "Solid"

Nordinger writes:
I just noticed that today is March 4, which used to be presidential inauguration day. So, under the old system, Obama would have two full years left to go. As it is, he has two years minus a month and a half. You’re welcome!
Yes this is true. The Kenyan Strongman is in office for another 22 1/2 months instead of 24 months - absent a 3rd Obama Term (one can dream). BUT this is still time enough to build some FEMA-run camps or to do other outrageous things like helping  working folks to start getting paid for all the overtime they've been working for free.

So the wingers will still have plenty of things to fume about. And I'm sure that they won't disappoint, because if there is one thing you can count on the NRO and its readers/commenters for, its anger and lots of it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jonathan Chait is a MEAN SOB, cntd

Eventually the Grand Teahad will burn out and the Noble RINO will regain unchallenged supremacy within the GOP, so writes Chait.
The good news, from the standpoint of both liberals and anybody concerned for the long-term stability of American government, is that the conservative movement’s control over the Republican Party is probably not sustainable. American conservatism’s power is deeply rooted to white American racial identity. That identity formed a plausible national majority for much of America’s history, but its time is rapidly slipping into the past. The steady growth of racial minorities is projected to continue for decades. Eventually Republicans will adjust to the new demography, which means they will have to abandon conservatism as we know it, which has only appealed to white voters in the context of racial polarization.
This generation is not the first nor will it be the last generation that has to do battle with far right crazies.  In fact. every generation has had face this challenge whether it is form Yaffers, The Klan, Birchers, Ratfinks, Fire-eaters, Know-nothings and now the Teahadists.

But yes, Chait is right about the GOP's current orientation around the cultural norms and racial identity of the white middle and working classes of a certain age. Its why the Tea Party Faction hates the idea of immigration reform so much. If this Faction is organized on the basis of the internal social norms of the majority of the majority group, anything that reduces the scope of the majority group's influence is threatening - which immigration and demographics would do.

And its threatening enough to the Tea Party for it to treat immigration as a bigger risk to America than ISIS terrorists because once you are in this place, shutting down the Department of Homeland Security can be justified.  This is quite simply because to the Teahadists, their values are "America." And once their "values" no longer dictate the direction of nation and yield to the hopes, dreams and experiences of a more diverse population, America will cease to exist. So they act as they do and we must soldier on until the Teahad burns its self out

Lamestream Media Figure Savages Noble RINO

This is MEAN:
House Speaker John Boehner needs to decide whether he wants to be remembered as an effective leader or a befuddled hack. So far, I’m afraid, it’s the latter.
Boehner’s performance last week was a series of comic pratfalls, culminating Friday in a stinging rebuke from the House Republicans he ostensibly leads. Boehner (R-Ohio) wasn’t asking for much: three weeks of funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which was hours from shutting down. He came away, humiliated, with just seven days’ worth of operating money for the agency charged with keeping Americans safe from terrorist attacks.
By any standard, the whole situation is beyond ridiculous. The government of the world’s leading military and economic power cannot be funded on a week-to-week basis. There’s no earthly excuse for this sorry spectacle — and no one to blame but Boehner.
My question to the Lamestream Media is this: How would you like to be held captive while babysitting a bunch of unreconstructed fire breathing tea partiers? Imagine yourself in his shoes and ask yourself what you'd do.

Not fun is it - not without a FEMA Camp to put them in it ain't.

Nobody could've seen this coming

Boehner throws in the towel on DHS funding telling the Fire Breathers:
“Unfortunately, the fight was never won in the other chamber. Democrats stayed united and blocked our bill, and our Republican colleagues in the Senate never found a way to win this fight.”
And it unfolds according to script: DHS funding will be approved but only after trying to appease the tea party caucus with crazy gesture after crazy gesture.

Monday, March 2, 2015

RINO lashes out at Patriots

There is a Time for Choosing.

Some choose FREEDOM and some choose TYRANNY.  Sadly, Congressman King has chosen not to be free anymore. Poor Bastard.
“There’s an element within our party, a wing within the Congress, which is absolutely irresponsible. They have no concept of reality.” ...[The Tea Party Caucus is] “self-righteous and delusional....Listen, I am as opposed to the President’s immigration action as they are. But the fact is, it’s essential that we fund [DHS]...for these people to be threatening to defund the Department...at a time when the threat streams have never been greater at any time since 9/11, it’s absolutely irresponsible.”
And the Tea Party Protest Movement rolls on.

Mean Things said on Late Nite TV

Some people are mean:
“You know who is going to run for president? Jeb Bush. And he’s hired all his brother’s staff. ... Honest to God, that’s like hiring Custer’s scout.”

- David Letterman

Google Plan to screen out "Truthiness" in favor of "facts" upsets Right Wing Blogger (sigh)

According to the internets (which is unconfirmed at this time), Google has a plan to minimize the amount of "white noise" in your search field by ranking sites according to their "truthfulness" and creating a "bias" against misinformation such as "bullshit." Sources will be assigned a "Knowledge-Based Trust score."

Naturally, the wingnet finds this development troubling:
As the old saying goes, there are facts — and then, there are facts. These days a lot of things are called “facts” that aren’t — often surrounding heated political and cultural controversies. That is why I think Google’s plan will open the door for profound political, cultural, or ideological bias in what should be a neutral function. Perhaps that is the point.
Hey this sounds like a good idea to me. Let's see how the free market reacts to it. As I like to say "the Market knows best."

Right Wing Blogger coming close to understanding "Operation Batshit"

The RedState Blog Editor reflects on the state of the 2016 GOP field:
We have the most solid field of candidates we have had in a long time. The depth of the field in its experience is profound. The media is going to begin the slow assault on the Republicans’ lack of foreign policy experience, which it never did against Barack Obama. But it is as easily overcome as Reagan against Carter in the midst of a hostage crisis.

If conservatives rally by December, Jeb Bush will not be the nominee. But if conservatives fracture headed into Iowa and New Hampshire, the nominee will be Bush. He will have the fundraising ties even without a lot of the major donors. After all, his last name is Bush. Conservatives are on notice.
Diluting the "crazy vote" is a tried and true RINO tactic. Keeping "conservatives" distracted with multiple "bright shiny objects" keeps them from focusing the cray-cray on a single objective. Bourbons and RINOs have been doing it for generations to keep candidates who have not been "housebroken" from elected office. That's what "Operation Batshit" is at its heart.

If by December, after a series of glorious debates, albeit not quite as crazy as the ones preceding them in '08 and '12, and a series of acts of "self immolation" at the hands of the teahadists in the House of Representatives, the party may be sufficiently fragmented to allow Bush III to ascend to the nomination with just 30% of the vote and without "selling his soul" in the process. That's the RINOs best path i.e., that the demand for "the crazy" is high enough to support the maximum number of candidates willing to supply it. How else will there be a "market" for Rick Perry and his 5% market share for instance? So its not an unlikely path either.

But the problem the Teahadist movement has is that it can elucidate on what it opposes - Obamunist outrages (i.e., conspiracy theories), facts that contradict ideology (i.e., climate science I'm looking at you), compromise, etc. and discuss what they favor - return to the good ol' days, tax cuts, theocracy (to some extent) and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries, etc. That stuff just "feels good" so, naturally, that's what they do.   But rather its electoral difficulties stem from the fact that its "principles" (as described above) cannot be converted into a governing ideology.

Rather, they - these "Great Principles" arise as a part of a reactionary movement against "modern" administrative state government (and the double-super-duper-extra mean Obama).  This means in practice, conservative governance becomes a negative exercise about the emotions of an "out group," i.e., those who are unreconciled with the development of American Governance and the established social compact developed over the last 125 years (in particular). You may oppose social programs and regulation in theory, but practice it is not wise to try to take away folks' medicare, social security, clean air and safe drinking water and redirect the funding used to pay for these things to the "upper class."

And as such and since RINOs correctly understand the upsetting the accepted social compacted is suicidal for the party, it is necessary to keep the crazy vote from consolidating around a single crazy candidate who would drive away all swing voters. Thus "Operation Batshit" becomes an essential exercise every 4 years.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dispatches from the Conservagentsia - apocalyptic conservatism in action

What does "apocalyptic conservatism" look like?

It looks like this:
Given present developments issuing in some of the outcomes just listed [ed note: the outcomes refer to ideological sorting out of the electorate into a conservative party and a liberal party], it really is imaginable that a series of crises could lead either to the 1) dissolution of the U.S. and the creation of new confederations (but likely without a major civil war), or to 2) a series of right-wing “emergency” dictatorships that purport to want to return us to true constitutionalism.  Perhaps just as imaginable, and not requiring crises, would be the gradual implementation of a 3) leftist or “liberal-tarian” Soft Despotism in which the citizens are totally dependent upon government, and discouraged from exercising any meaningful associational liberty, including religious liberty of the non-privatized sort.

I can imagine one of these scenarios occurring within 50 years, perhaps even 30.
NRO-bot at PoMoCon Blog
The end, apparently, is near. That's a recurrent theme in conservative counter culture. But all is not lost. There is a solution to this dire situation that is kinda Marxist at its base. And it goes like this: Things get so (bad, tyrannical, ungood, etc) that Americans decide, naturally, en masse to become far right wing ideologues and dissolve the administrative state. This "peaceful revolution" of the proletariat- so to speak, returns the nation to the good ol' days (that never really existed). And a Conservative Utopia - whatever that means, ensues freeing mankind. 

In this regard, Right Wingers hold the salvation of the human race in their hands, but, ironically, only at the right moment in history will the rest of the nation come to understand this fact. Until that date comes they are largely ignored.

As to the timing of that date, wingers debate when it will occur. "Will Obamacare be so (bad, tyrannical, ungood, etc) that it triggers the "Eureka" moment that causes the revolution to occur. Some, and I am specifically thinking about a Romney Landslide predicting Right Wing Professor thought so. But it didn't happen (again, sigh).

Maybe its kinda like the Bible when it says "hey asshole don't go trying to predict the exact date that the Savior is to return, because you will FAIL. I am SERIOUS. Don't do it LOSER." That verse is from the brand new version that's coming out soon. Maybe it is predictable and you can predict that:
(health insurance regs + greenhouse regs + fillintheblank-gate) x Obama = Revolution
 But just maybe (ordinary) shit happens every day that is not a big deal in the larger scheme of things. The Government enacts public sanitation laws that in essence impose restroom MANDATES on everyone. This may seem tyrannical and the conservatives of the day certainly thought so, but in hindsight these mandates weren't a bad thing - especially if it means your Papaw did not die a senseless death during childhood due to lack of public sanitation.

That he lived to adulthood means that you are here today and are FREE to bitch about whatever it is that gets you worked into a tizzy. And yes even though the government IMPOSED public sanitation laws 100 years ago, FREEDOM ain't dead (yet). The same will be true with health insurance regulation.

Anyway. That is one of the features of conservatism - you need to have something to be afraid of. Maybe this was a useful trait as the species evolved. Now that I think of it, I bet it was.

And so it goes.

Tea Party Insurgent Calls for IMPEACHMENT of RINO traitors

Fanning the flames of a growing intra-party insurgency, the RedState Blog Editor issues a call to frag the weak-willed John Boehner and the spineless Mitch McConnell:
Again and again and again the President of the United States has met the boundaries of his powers and stepped across them. The Senate is now on the verge of confirming his Attorney General appointee who sees no limits to the power of Octavius Obama.

Given Barack Obama’s continuous overreaching of power, I must now ask if it is time to consider impeachment proceedings. Is it even possible?

Of course some of you think I mean against Barack Obama. No, can we impeach, remove from office, or otherwise put metaphorical cement shoes on Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell.
The only reason Barack Obama can and is doing what he is doing is because Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell have enabled, emboldened and incentivized him....in reality they are scared school girls. They will fund the government, extend temporary funding, and otherwise bend over in front of Obama declaring, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”...They are so scared of political damage to themselves that they are willing to allow policy damage to the country and an undermining of the very constitution they swore an oath to defend.

At some point men have to stand up and damn the consequences to do what is right.

But we are not led by leaders of men. We are led by cowards — cowards for whom no oath is meaningful or sacred.
Again this bears repeating. The Republican Party is a hierarchical party. On the top resides the RINO and his allies on K-street and Wall-street. The RINO is supposed to call the shots, set the priorities and reign supreme. The party leaders enter the smoke filled rooms, decide how to divide up the spoils and then issue marching orders. Under optimal circumstance this is how it works. 

On the bottom is the patriot. While allowed the freedom to shout at the AM radio and to be really angry at the status quo and believe in all sorts of "bullshit," ultimately once he is given his marching orders he is supposed to STFU and do as he is told.

Having been emboldened by the Teahadist Uprising of 2010, Erickson seems to be having a hard time understanding the way the world works. I will elaborate. Back in the dark days of 2010, the marching orders encouraged anger and civil disobedience. It was part of the plan. The RINOs wanted patriots like Erickson acting with maximum rage. Such unruliness was necessary to slow the Obamunist menace and ultimately defeat it. And while there was some collateral damage in an occasional GOP primary calamity, a debt ceiling debacle and a government shutdown, the strategy enjoyed some success before ultimately failing to achieve its objective, i.e., to defeat the Kenyan Strongman in 2012.

That this occurred is established history and cannot be honestly disputed by anyone. But it is indeed history. Today, we live in 2015. Times have changed. Acting with maximum rage, while useful during the Tea Party Uprising, is no longer useful today under the present circumstances. The RINOs have given marching orders. There will be no more government shutdowns. The GOP will behave as a governing party and not as an insurgent party anymore. And the Tea Party is to STFU.

These are the rules and Erickson just does not get it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What the Bubble Looks Like, cntd

It looks like this:
 “The extreme polarization in what media outlets people trust continues this year. Fewer than 25% of Republicans trust ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, MSNBC, CNN, and NBC. They’re closely divided on PBS with 37% trusting it and 39% distrusting it. But really they just trust Fox News and nothing else with 66% saying they put their faith in it to just 25% who don’t.”
“It’s almost the opposite story when it comes to Democrats. Majorities of them trust ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, and PBS. And more of them than not (44/30) trust Comedy Central as well. The only outlet they don’t trust is Fox News, although 33% who do trust it is still more than the share of Republicans who trust any of the major networks.”
If you can only get reliable news from foxnews while acting like the rest of the media from the local newpaper and Local News Team for Channel 8 or 4 or 3 to all the major networks are involved in an elaborate conspiracy to hide the truth, then you  have a problem.

There is an old saying in Tennessee or at least it is an old saying in Texas and if its not an old saying in Tennessee, it should be and it goes like this. If only one fella thinks that you are an asshole and the rest of the folks don't, then that one fella is the problem. He's the asshole. On the other hand if everyone you meet thinks that you are an asshole, then you are the asshole.

Such is the case with Foxnews and the Lamestream Media. If you distrust 99 out of 100 sources of news, some of which are published by your friends, neighbors and members of your church then you have the problem - not them. The assholes are not the ones that are publishing the 99 sources of news  that you don't trust. The Assholes are the one publishing the only source of news that you do trust.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let the Walker Coronation Begin

Since the GOP base does not change its minds on frontrunners this one is done.

According to Some Poll among likely Iowa Caucus goers Walker is CRUSHING the fools in his rear view mirror:
25% - Walker
13% - Paul II
11% - Huck
11% - Crazy Ben
10% - Bush III
  9% - "Don't Know"
  5% - Tailgunner Ted
>5% a bunch of losers
I have not seen this type of dominance since Romney STORMED through the 2012 Florida Primary. And its not just that, Walker has officially reached Palinesque Levels of enthusiasm:
“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is taking the Republican political world by storm,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Assistant Director Peter A. Brown. “He’s gone from being unknown outside Wisconsin to the hot candidate, poised to become the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. Front-runner status would make it easier for Gov. Walker to raise money and recruit top talent for his staff, but it also puts a target on his back.
“Perhaps most impressive about Walker’s numbers is that 57 percent view him favorably to only 7 percent who view him unfavorably – a heck of a first impression.”
Well. So far so good. We'll see how he fares once the RINO whispering campaign sets in. Then the fun begins.

Teahadist "Bewildered" by latest RINO capitulation

So this is happening.

Instead of letting congress vote on immigration reform, which could result in a full fledged Republican Civil War costing Billions of Dollars in Damage to the US economy and thousand of lives but could ultimately settle the debate on fixing the immigration system, securing the borders and bringing hard working folks into the light, Speaker Boehner had a different plan.  Why would he choose to fight a civil war against the "unreconstructed" wing party when he could distract them with a bright shiny object.

Instead he'd trick his Teahadist wing of the House Representatives into believing that he was on their side in the immigration debate- "if you are brown, you can't stick around." He'd make a symbolic gesture against the Obamunist Executive Order extending civility towards immigrant relatives of US citizens and work permits to law abiding undocumented working folks by threatening to Defund the Department of Homeland Security. Then he'd throw in the towel at the last moment when the stunt does not work- "I tried but the Obamunist Forces in the Senate Filibustered it and there is nothing we do about that. Time to move on." 

To do otherwise and defund DHS, would, in a sense be political suicide. It be like lemmings wearing suicide vests or kamikazes crashing into their own ships or like the Tea Party aligning with the Terrorists in order to win an immigration fight.  And while Boehner (surely) does not hate Brown Folks more than ISIS Terrorists, that's what defunding the DHS makes it look like. 

Naturally, whenever there is a government shut down, ordinary folks blame the anti-government party for it. That means the GOP. And again, naturally, when headlines about the coming DHS shut down occur next to headlines about the latest terrorist threat, ordinary folks will put two and two together and blame the GOP. "Can you believe they are doing it again," folks will say as once more (sigh) as the GOP acts recklessly at the expense of the nation.

The inevitable retreat, naturally, will occur as an embarrassed GOP retreats in shame, anger and, in some cases, BEWILDERMENT. So you don't go there if you don't have to. You advance in a different direction instead. But some just don't understand how the game is played.

And such is the case with RedState Blog's Erickson. Shockingly Erickson still doesn't understand that he and his fellow Teadadists have two roles to play in the process. One is as a foot solider who is expected to STFU, vote and follow orders and the other is as a rube who get played:
I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily. I assumed he’d do a major song and dance first, but instead he just went all Ned Beatty in Deliverance the moment Barack Obama looked at him funny. Good grief. Even CNN’s website declared that the Democrats were the ones blocking Department of Homeland Security Funding.

McConnell behaved as if he needs testosterone injections. His minion in the press want everyone to know the steel in his spine, but it is more silly putty....
Harry Reid has made McConnell his gimp, only letting him out of the cage when Reid points at other Republicans and calls them “Butch.” It is all pathetic. It is also all predictable. McConnell never had any intention of fighting on this. Notice he announced his cave on the day the President vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline legislation hoping everyone would be distracted by that shiny object.

No, we are not distracted.
Maybe distracted is not the word for it. But its same play book different day. Its like Charlie Brown and Lucy. The end result is the same and Teahadists fall for it every time.

Poor Bastards. Poor miserable bastards.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Walker STORMS ahead Nationally

The momentum behind the terrifying Wisconsin Strongman continues to grow as the latest PPP poll shows him taking the lead over his rivals for the GOP nomination.

Link [pdf]
Walker .............................................................. 25%
Crazy Ben Carson............................................. 18%
Bush III ............................................................ 17%
Someone else/Not sure .................................... 11%
Good ol' Huck... ............................................... 10%
Christie............................................................... 5%
Tailgunner Ted.................................................... 5%
Paul II.......... ...................................................... 4%
Gov Oops ........................................................... 3%
Jr FL Senator Rubio............................................ 3%
According to the cross tabs, we see that Crazy Ben is dominating the Teahadist vote leaving Paul and Cruz without much juice.

But its early. Cruz still has plenty of time to accuse Crazy Ben of links to Al Qaeda or Feminists or the like.  And the RINOs still have time for some treachery.

Walker continues to CRUSH his foes

So writes Jennifer Rubin:
There are a few takeaways here. First, pressure may build on less viable conservatives not to run — precisely so that Walker can consolidate the “not Bush” support. Second, in Texas not only Cruz and Walker but also Bush, Ben Carson and Rick Perry do better than Paul and Cruz (neither of whom lack name recognition). Perhaps this is the anti-D.C. sentiment at work (although the two freshmen senators attack the establishment, they are just as much a part of the D.C. dysfunction and inability to solve problems). This also suggests that another governor may be the only one to really compete with Walker for the base. Third, the more marginal right-wing candidates may have no choice but to start attacking Walker as insufficiently conservative. (The whisper campaign that he has somehow changed his views on abortion is already circulating.) This is problematic for the minor characters, who risk the ire of the conservative media and Walker’s growing base of support; and it allows Walker to position himself right where he wants to be — right of Bush and more centrist than the hotheads.
According to the wingnet, Rubin is best understood operating not as a movement conservative  or even as a "House Broken Conservative," but rather as a Likudnik - a member/sympathizer of Netanyahu's political coalition.  That's what the wingnet says anyway.  And her issue advocacy along these lines leads other parts of the internets, wonder if, perhaps, Rubin is an unregistered foreign agent engaging in issue advocacy on behalf of an unnamed foreign government. I don't know if this is fair, but it is fair to say that her foreign policy views fall inline with Neocon dogma. 

With that being said, I think she is a best understood as a RINO by convenience or a Neocon by preference  and someone who is perfectly willing to stab "Real Americans"or "hotheads as she labels them - like a Ted Cruz or a Rick Santorum in the back at the drop of a hat.

That being said it appears that the Wisconsin Strongman is a suitable candidate for the Neocon elite at this time.  Bush III is good too, but if Walker can help keep the "Crazy Vote" from consolidating around a single "hothead" she'll continue to fluff for Walker. This is increasingly important in GOP presidential primary - diluting the crazy vote.  It is also likely that she'll gleefully stab in the back, too, at some point in the future.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Deep Thoughts from RedState Blog, cntd

Erickson gives us more cowbell, again (sigh):
They routinely lament on twitter that there surely must be more important things than conservatives focused on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Libyan disaster, the Syrian disaster, the growth of ISIS, the resurgence of Al Quaeda, etc., etc., etc. They lament that we are a frivolous society easily distracted from important things. They give awards to deep thinkers who write 20,000 word pieces on subjects no one cares about outside of the Circle of Jerks who make up the political press.

Then Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and failed Presidential candidate who will never serve in public office again, suggests President Obama does not love America (he doesn’t, by the way). The very same Circle of Jerks who lament a lack of seriousness in American discourse, immediately swing into action to protect their precious.

These are Barack Obama’s boot lickers....

They could be focusing on all the important stories they lament are being ignored, but instead they have to ask Republicans whether they believe in evolution and whether they believe President Obama is a Christian. He’s not, by the way.
This is all really good stuff and is typical of the anger and resentment found on the wingnet. This type of rhetoric gets even more awesome when GOP presidential candidate feel that they have to repeated it on camera. Romney either fell for the 47% bullshit made popular on places like RedState Blog or he was just saying what the rubes with checkbooks wanted to hear. Either way it did not work out too well for Mitt.

So more cowbell is good.

Walker CRUSHING foes in Early Polling, cntd

In Texas, a recent poll shows Walker in a virtual tie with home state favorite Tailgunner Ted Cruz. Notably the polls shows Rick Perry mired in 6th place.
20% - Tailgunner Ted
19% - Walker
13% - "Don't Know"
  9%  - Bush III
  9% -  Crazy Ben Carson
  8% -  Governor Oops
>6% -  a bunch of losers
Walker continues as the latest bright shiny object for movement conservatives to fixate upon. But unlike past favs - I'm looking at you Herman Cain and you Michele Bachman, Walker has a shot at uniting the RINO wing and the Tea Party wing of the party.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Walker Crushing Foes in early Polling, cntd

The Wisconsin Strongman is on the March in South Carolina Walker is "virtually tied" with Bush III according to a recent PPP poll.
Bush III - 19%
Walker - 18%
Crazy Ben and Grahamnesty both at 13%
Huck - 12%
A bunch of losers with less than 7% each.
However in California, Walker is Crushing the Fools trying to stand in his way:
Undecided - 19%
Walker  - 18%,
Bush III - 16%
Paul II - 10%,
Crazy Ben  - 8%
Jr. Senator from Florida - 7%
Its practically a coronation.

When Will the Madness Stop- Dispatches from the Conservagentsia

The Teahadists hate us for our Freedom and our Security, too:
...when the Republican candidates act like conservatives are stupid, that leaves conservative voters no good options even as it weakens Republican candidates in the general election. Republican candidates end up treating the party’s conservatives as either obstacles to be overcome or marks to be taken down.

You have the Jeb Bush allies saying that you have to be willing to lose the (Neanderthal-populated) primary in order to win the general election. That is from the alleged moderates looking for the establishment vote....At some point, the American public is going to revolt against the nanny state and the leftward march of this president. I don’t know when the tipping point will come, but I believe it will come soon.


Because the left wants: The government to explode; to pay everyone; to hire everyone; they believe that money grows on trees; the earth is flat; the industrial age, factory-style government is a cool new thing; debts don’t have to be repaid; people of faith are ignorant and uneducated; unborn babies don’t matter; pornography is fine; traditional marriage is discriminatory; 32 oz. sodas are evil; red meat should be rationed; rich people are evil unless they are from Hollywood or are liberal Democrats; the Israelis are unreasonable; trans-fat must be stopped; kids trapped in failing schools should be patient; wild weather is a new thing; moral standards are passé; government run health care is high quality; the IRS should violate our constitutional rights; reporters should be spied on; Benghazi was handled well; the Second Amendment is outdated; and the First one has some problems too.

Their philosophy does not work and it got our nation into the mess it’s in.

Eventually Americans will rise up against this new era of big government and this new reign of politically correct terror.
NRO PostModernConservative Blog bitching about the widely held perception in American society that RINOs are smart and conservatives are stupid.
Will Americans will rise up someday and replace the natural order of society, such as it has become today, with a new "reign of error" such as we saw during the Second Bush Administration?  At some point its inevitable.  That's what happens in American politics - eventually your side/their side wins an election. But when this occurs and if a new reign of error is ushered in, The People will eventually tire of its excesses and correct course. Such is life.

But what Americans will not do is turn back the clock to whenever the good ol' days were supposed to have been when all was right and just and people knew their assigned places.  Society has "progressed" for the better as The People, in their wisdom, trade certain freedoms - like the freedom to needlessly die in a preventable industrial accident for security provided by an orderly system of regulation which respect the both freedom and the safety of all of the governed.

There will always be those who oppose the regulation of dangerous and greedy industries or equality under law for all, but their numbers will be far exceeded by the good folks who are unwilling to trade away safety and security and fairness for abstractions about FEMA run Camps, jack-booted IRS Agents, Benghazi style conspiracy theories and Death Panels. 

The RINOs get this. Democrats get this. Yet the Teahadists suffer and will continue to suffer because there is a "social compact" and The People, in their wisdom, accept it as being "established."

But one shouldn't automatically assume that Teahadists are stupid. Many Teahadists are just ordinary folks  - some of whom have been left behind by "the steamroller of history." While others have been "infected" by the vitriol and hard right ideology that is fed to them by Foxnews and the AM Radio. These folks are our brothers and sisters and they are our friends and neighbors, too. They deserve our help and empathy. We are our brother's keeper.

Others - those occupying the far right fringe and doing so willingly as a "lifestyle choice," have become "unreconstructed" malcontents who snarl at progress, chatter impotently at all things that are decent and hate on every "reform." There is not much that can be done about this scurrilousness other than a FEMA run camp -  but these camps are imaginary so there you go. Until then, the Teahadists are going to have a hard time breaking away from society's "stereotypes" that label RINOs (and Democrats) as "Smart" and Teahadists as "stupid."

And so it goes.