Monday, May 2, 2016

PRESIDENT TRUMP - According to the polls

This just in. From Rasmussen Reports:
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump with 41% support to Clinton’s 39%. Fifteen percent (15%) prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.
These results are astounding: 61% of those polled did not pick Hillary as their choice for President. While a case can be made that Trump only leads 41-39 over Hillary in this partisan poll, this is really a narrow way to look at it.

Basically the two were tied in last week's  Rasmussen poll at 38%, but now Trump is ahead by 2 points.  If Trump gains 2 points each week from here on out, he'll win in a landslide 72-28 next November!

H/t The wingnet

TRUMP CORONATION IMMINENT - Trump now basically "the republican party"

What a difference a cherry picked poll makes.

Late last week, an "unskewed poll" hit the right side of the internets causing great rejoicing among the unwashed denizens of the lunatic fringe. It showed Indiana GOP base voters rallying to Ted Cruz's Battle Cry of Freedom.

It was what the fringe wanted to believe - that the carnival barker Trump could be rolled back starting in the Indiana primary. And the stakes were high. If the Donald were to conquer the hearts and minds of the Base in the Cornbelt, he'd have a near unstoppable path to lead the party of Reagan in its fight with the Kenyan Strongman's chosen successor. With Indiana a winner take all primary and with winner take all primaries scheduled on the last day of the freak fest in delegate rich states of California and New Jersey it'd be over. A Trump win in Indiana, coupled with wins the bi-coastal states where Cruz is understandably despised, the delegate math would seal his  victory and put movement conservatives firmly on a path to practice saying "Yes sir Mr. Trump, excellent idea, sir," in front of the bathroom mirror each day from here on out.

In the history of the American Democracy, these were the times that try winger's souls. So Indiana was/is that big.

And so it is that new polls are out - new polls that have yet to be unskewed. They all show Trump up big and the shameful Cruz trailing mightily - probably due in significant part to his shamefulness. If true, this is the handwriting on the wall showing that the Cleveland Convention will be a Cleveland Coronation for the Republican Party's New King, Donald J Trump.

Tomorrow will tell. And Wingers should be prepared for the worst.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

THUGGERY on the LEFT: Matt Bai is Mean

This is the kinda stuff that hurts people's feelings:
“Like Stalin and Churchill huddled over a map of Europe in 1944, Ted Cruz and John Kasich began a very odd week by announcing — publicly, for reasons known only to them — that they were divvying up the remaining primary states in order to maintain individual spheres of influence. Cruz would get Indiana (which is next to Ohio), while Kasich would get New Mexico (which shares a border with Texas). Super-logical.”
“Of course, primary voters — unlike, say, Polish peasants — tend to do whatever they want, so all this plotting didn’t exactly make Cruz and Kasich grandmasters of global domination. More like a couple of guys playing Risk in somebody’s basement… And like most games of Risk, the whole thing fell apart within a few hours, as both campaigns backtracked and said they weren’t telling voters in any state not to vote for their chosen candidates, exactly. They just weren’t telling voters they should vote for their chosen candidates, either.”
This is not "allowing the working poor to go the doctor when they are sick" mean. But its still pretty mean stuff.

EXPERTS - Whig-style "split" Looms in 2017

According to people in the know - guys with PhD's and decades of experience in the field studying a type of "witchcraft" known as "political science," the GOP is in a really precarious position right now. It could self destruct in the not too distant future.

As the clown car meets demolition derby that is the GOP presidential nomination process nears its catastrophic conclusion, with a demagogue like Donald Trump and Right Wing Extremist in the form of Ted Cruz the logical outcome, the party appears headed for a wipe-out in the polls that could even run down ballot. And as rare as a coattail effect is in a polarized nation, this "Whupping" could lead to an existential crisis that puts in on the path to its ultimate extinction.

Sonuvabitch. Or Karma, I guess.

But, perhaps, maybe the good ship will right itself or "reform see the error of its ways and set a safer course. One could wish for a return to the days when there was "a steady hand on the helm in high seas, a knowledge of where we must go and why, a resolve to achieve safe harbor." That's Peggy Noonan on George W. Bush and the last time when the Party was in good hands - or so we were told.

But maybe the party will continue onward toward the looming crisis. Perhaps instead of a return to normalcy, it might accelerate full-speed into that iceberg that everyone knows is just ahead and everyone seems resigned to believe in unavoidable. That's a real possibility, too.

Some real "Losers" and "Clowns" have been piloting the ship, so you shouldn't sell 'em short when it comes to clusterfucks.

In the mist and darkness, danger lurks on the horizon.....:
Although it is way to early to predict doom ...however, just as a snowball gets bigger when it is rolled down a hill...prospects look very bleak...Trump ...will lose to Hillary Clinton with near certainty. Perhaps not as much as Barry Goldwater lost ...or Senator McGovern lost ... but Clinton’s victory will be at least as big as ...Obama’s 2008. If [its]... Cruz (clearly the most unpopular member of Congress), Cruz will lose almost as badly as Trump and Trump’s die-hard supporters will be mad as hornets.
Assuming that the Senate flips back to the Democrats ... Suppose that Clinton subtracts 7% from every Republican’s two Party percentage from 2014... then the Republican Caucus would come in around 220 members. ...enough to retain “control” but ... be badly split...and it is safe to say that the far, far, right will be even less likely to be cooperative in passing necessary appropriations bills. Suppose this “suicide” caucus leave[s]... 41 members to gum up the works in 2017.
To get anything done, President Hillary Clinton will have to negotiate cross-party deals in the House. This...will... infuriate the “suicide” caucus and it could lead to a permanent division within the Republican Party.
The last major Party to break up were the Whigs from 1851-1854. We may be living through an equally historic period. Time will tell.
While the experts will no doubt say that the problem with the GOP is complicated and requires charts and graphs and studies with statistical models and shit like that to explain - that gets you to the "learned" explanation which is probably pretty boring, I blame two main types of scumbags for most of the problem with that party.

You can drill it down to the assholes who get their kicks conning ordinary people that they treat as rubes - put the scare into 'em about the coming Obamapocalypse or the end of Western Civilization, tell 'em one thing and do the other, try to sell them gold for their retirement accounts and moonshine and hookum for the days in between and then the other is the ideologues - various groups of true believers, nutjobs, cranks and right wing utopians all trying to remake America in the image of Mississippi or 1952 or 1861 or whatever their vice is.

These groups think the voters exist to serve their pet interests and their bank accounts instead of the other way around. So having led 'em down this path over the course of a generation to the likely destination ahead, we are to a point were the Whigs were at one time.

Interesting. Karma, again and such.

THUGGERY on the LEFT: Jonathan Chait is Mean, cntd

Like Gravity, The Moon Landing and AGW, Obamacare, too, is real man.
Most Republicans still refuse to accept the theory of anthropogenic global warming despite decades of scientific consensus. For that matter, you still have white Southerners denying the Civil War was about slavery. So the cause of decrying Obamacare as a disaster will go on and on and on. But the law’s future is secure because it’s making life better for millions of people, and Republicans have no politically viable alternative.
Stone Cold.

To reform the system, improve the system, modernize the system and ultimately serve "the people," you have to understand the system and be invested in the system. Standing on the sidelines shrieking about the Tyranny of climate scientist and their stupid theories about greenhouse gases trapping heat in the atmosphere and Obamacare being more tyrannical than slavery and stomping your feet and holding your breath about the outrage of the day only gets your voters thinking that Donald Trump appears to be a reasonable alternative to the GOP. Good job Red Team.

And so it goes....

PAID PROFESSIONAL ANGRY RIGHT - Trump's rise confuses us

This is what Wingnut Welfare can do to someone.

It hooks you with cash for propaganda. It cuts you off from the reality based community. And  it leaves you unable to compete in the free market of ideas.

No one is a more sad example than Thomas Sowell: 
The sudden appearance of Donald Trump on the political horizon last year may have been surprising, but not nearly as surprising as seeing some conservatives supporting him.
Does Trump have conservative principles? Does he have any principles at all, other than promoting Donald Trump? A smorgasbord of political positions — none of them indicating any serious thought about complicated issues — is not a principle. Nor is cheering for himself and boasting about all the great things he is going to do as President.
Haven't we seen this movie before?
Wasn't Barack Obama going to heal the racial divide, end the partisan bickering in Washington, have the most transparent administration ever, lower the cost of health care and let you keep your own doctor?...It was bad enough for the voters to make the colossal mistake of being taken in by appearances and ignoring realities. But to repeat that very same mistake with Trump, immediately after the Obama administration, is truly staggering. How many pied pipers are we going to follow off to parts unknown?...It has been enough politically to put some of the great demagogues of history in power, especially after the existing establishment has discredited itself.
The discredited Weimar Republic in Germany was vulnerable to the verbal attacks by Adolf Hitler that brought him to power. Now we know, too late, that Hitler turned out to be a bigger catastrophe — for Germany and the world — than the Weimar Republic.
Donald Trump is not an evil man like Hitler. But his headstrong shallowness and fecklessness make him a dangerous man to have in the White House....
When in doubt go to Hitler. Something happens that you do not like or understand. Naturally the way to correct the bad thing is to implement the policy preferences you are paid to shill for. The danger for ignoring your advice is severe - its Hitler. That's what the wingnut welfare does to a person. And it happens all the time.

A tailspin cycle of dependence. Lashing out wildly. Projecting your weakness on others. Etc. Its  bad stuff, man.

If it were up to me, I'd set 'em all free. Tough Love, some call it. Kick 'em off the sauce cold turkey, others say. But there'd be no more wingnut welfare. Instead there is nothing like the magic of the free market to reorient one's priorities and help 'em learn the dignity of productive work.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NEW "MR. REPUBLICAN" - Trump cruises to victory, again

The "Alternative" Media Reports:
Donald Trump steamrolled the GOP field and swept all five Northeast primaries Tuesday night, putting even more distance between himself and his competitors for the party’s presidential nomination as he tries to win enough delegates to avoid a divisive convention fight.
Networks called races ...citing exit polling that showed Mr. Trump with insurmountable leads among primary voters... Returns showed Mr. Trump winning above 50 percent in all five states and crossing the 60 percent mark in several... “This was to me our biggest night because it shows such diversity,” Mr. Trump said ... “I consider myself the presumptive nominee.”
The results were a severe disappointment for Sen. Ted Cruz... Likewise, Ohio Gov. John Kasich...Worse yet for the two men, there were already signs that the deal they struck this week to divide and conquer Mr. Trump in upcoming states has backfired, with voters saying they were switching to the billionaire businessman in protest.
There is a new sheriff in Town...err in the GOP. His name is Donald Trump. And if you don't like it, clear on out of town - LOSERS!!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FEVER on the RIGHT - If it were a dog, Powerline Blog woulda been put down by now, CNTD

Sometimes the Internets can be cruel. But they are sometimes both cruel and FAIR:
End of the Powerline: "With the Schiavo memos proven to be from a Republican source and Powerline not apologizing for their truthless innuendo and slander...'s time to break out the popcorn and see if Big Trunk and Hindrocket can clear the shark. Odds are on massive carnage.... It's not just that they have no shame, it's that they once met shame on a street, beat the shit out of him, rolled him up in a carpet, and threw him off a bridge. And don't even ask me about the nightmare they put truth through. To paraphrase Marv in Sin City, after what they did to poor honesty, hell must have seemed like heaven.
Powerline, we must begin to understand, has no fucking idea what they're talking about at any given moment. Once upon a time, some GOP operative sent by the Ghost of Nixon got something right for them in the Free Republic comments section, and ever since then the homo-erotically named bloggers over there have thought his success their own and tried to get a bunch of other Important Stories About Treasonous Democrats right too. But they don't. Reading their site is like watching a blind child in a dog park -- you keep trying to warn him not to step in the piles of shit, but you're never able to get there quite quick enough. They want to make a point on Carter and end up calling him a traitor -- ooh, all over your shoe! They want to attack the AP but end up proving themselves utterly ignorant of how cameras work -- damn, you got it on your sock! They try to accuse Democrats of faking the Schiavo memo until an aide to current Republican Senator and Bush's former HUD Secretary Mel Martinez admits to writing it -- Agh, it's all over you!
They get nothing right. Their fact-checking skills are atrocious. They neither report nor call experts, it's just whatever they invented twenty seconds ago. Watching them work is like attending a high school debate match in the impromptu event. Arguments are created on the fly, accuracy is unimportant so long as the product accuses the 'MSM' or Democrats of some cardinal sin that'll leave Powerline's sycophantic readers moaning with the exquisite pleasure that comes only from having one's biases expertly stroked.
The plausibility of their claims ranges from pathetic to laughable (has Big Trunk debated PZ Myers on the biological uncertainty of evolution yet?) and their traffic and credibility is entirely predicated on the work someone else did, success they've been totally unable to replicate. They have failed.
So enough's enough -- can we please stop taking them seriously? They've exhausted their purpose, which was proving that the blogosphere isn't self-correcting and, in fact, offers rich rewards to opportunists with a polygamous relationship to the truth. Powerline's not useful anymore. They're not funny, like Glenn, or intellectually interesting, like Tacitus (old school Tacitus, anyway), or rhetorically talented, like Sullivan. They're just there, hopping up and down and begging someone to take their latest theory -- thought up seven seconds ago on the can -- seriously. Don't oblige them.
SMOKED. That 11 years ago from a Member of the "Juice Box Mafia."

And its tough too.  If someone accused of drinking from a juice box smokes you and a decade later you still have not reformed, repented, "come to the light" it is a sign of, I fear, that the individual is Irredeemable. It is also a sign that the "Juice Box" guy is probably "better" than you - a lot better.

Some call this condition, described above and afflicting the Tin Foil Hat Brigade at Powerline Blog as  the "Derangement Syndrome."  Its a dangerous and debilitating condition that affects the victim's ability to reason, feel empathy and to lose all sense of proportion on any given issue.

Experts believe that without proper treatment the "Derangement Syndrome" never goes away.  Just when you think the "victim" may have beaten it, the disease mutates from one form into another form.  It is axiomatic that yesterday's "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome did mutate into today's "Obama" Derangement Syndrome.  They've done tests to prove it - I think.

It is also just as certain that today's Obama "Derangement Syndrome" is in the process  of mutating into a virulent strain of "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome once again. AGAIN. Its just plain sick.

The Derangement Syndrome also takes most victims unaware.  Potential victims can't tell what it looks like and how it works because they don't have it. But once they get it, they can't tell they have it and cannot grasp its effects because they've already got it!  But then its it too late.

That is the thing with the derangement syndrome. It does not go away on its own. The victim needs TREATMENT - professional help from an EXPERT before it becomes virtually "irreversible."

Unfortunately for Powerline Blog, decades of suffering likely means that the syndrome is irreversible. Like with Old Yeller, there can be no cure.......and few options remain.

h/t DeLong

FEVER on the RIGHT - The Party of "NO" Ideas

It is, sadly, a feature of the Modern GOP not a "bug"
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) criticized his party for a lack of ideas Wednesday in a wide-ranging and occasionally combative interview with The Washington Post’s editorial board.
Kasich, who sees the April 26 primary in Maryland as a way to increase his delegate total, argued that neither of his rivals could win the presidency, because of their negativity.
“If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,” ­Kasich said. “They want to be negative against things. We had Reagan, okay? Saint Ron. We had Kemp, he was an idea guy. I’d say Paul Ryan is driven mostly by ideas. He likes ideas. But you talk about most of ’em, the party is knee-jerk ‘against.’ Maybe that’s how they were created.”
Sadly, no.

Paul Ryan's main contribution to his Party has been to legitimize Righteous Opposition to whatever President Obama offered. Charitably, one could say that Ryan was sincerely pursuing Right Wing Utopian-ism - a hopeless attempt to remake American in the Image of Ayn Rand teachings. But that is to be charitable.

A more fair assessment is that Ryan and the rest of the GOP gleefully settled into a campaign of nihilism in early 2009 and signaled to the base that the only approach to the five alarm fire that was 2008-2009 financial collapse was to the oppose the Obamunist Madman and his efforts to fight the flames upon all fronts.

And so that is what happened. Total opposition without ever a rational and positive Plan B.

Kasich presents what could have been Plan B, the Republican alternative to the Obama years. BUT in 2016, TRUMP and Cruz are the progeny of Ryan and nihilism. They are the logical Plan B to Kenyan Socialism/Fascism/End of Western Civilization-ism/Destroy America-ism. Can there be any other choice?

And that is where the GOP is today - choosing a leader to fight a straw-man. Karma.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

FEVER on the RIGHT: If it were a dog, Powerline Blog woulda been "put down" by now

Every Four Years, Hard Right Wingers wonder why their Peeps are running full speed on the crazy train to oblivion while dragging their candidates along for the ride. Sad, I know. But it is true.

This year its Donald Trump racking up GOP support in droves. Last time around it was Poor Mitt Romney struggling to crack 30% of the vote amid a cast of clowns so ridiculous that some of actually would have been better served earning a living as a carnival barker instead of a Republican politician. I mean making Romney try to compete with the 9-9-9 guy and Michele Bachmann was damn near suicidal.

After the bitter tears, and the screaming rage and after the mourning period that follows getting crushed by some Kenyan Strongman-like figure, some of 'em wonder "How did this happen?" We should have won but we blew it, another one says. Lots of pondering follows. Powerline Blog is such a place where this confused pondering occurs.

The answer is simple - "why does this shit keep happening." It because their readers having read all the "bullshit" posted there and digested the stream of rage flowing over the AM radio and infotainment emanating from Foxnews, acted upon their interest as they understood them to be. The next thing you know Mitt Romney is spouting some line about "makers and takers" and the 47% of America being Looters and Moochers, while trying to peel away some campaign contributions from some of the same type of poor wingers that consume right wing media and the 47% meme that was common during that period of time.


Some on the Right vow to learn from the mistakes of the past and improve for the future. Yet others hit the keyboard and start pounding out a call of more of that Good Old Time Religion or more purity but with better lectures delivered in a slow loud by clear voice so that even the "low information" voters can understand 'em. In reality that means tax cuts for folks that have already had more than their rightful share, tax increases/benefit cuts for poor folks who are already struggling to get by, deregulation of Dangerous and Greedy industries when more cops should be on the beat not less and, of course, the call goes out to punish "those" people - the looters, moochers and dregs of society. Hint, cough. Build a wall many say and so forth. Legislation to stop non-existent in person voter fraud others might add.

And so it goes.  And here we are again with the GOP masses marching like lemmings while led by jackasses i.e., Donald Trump is cruising toward the nomination. What is to happen next, sadly, seems eerily familiar to last time around. David Frum gives it a shot  describing what America and Democratic Party will face in the aftermath of the coming electoral carnage.
Whatever they do, they will confront an out-party in the GOP even more embittered than in 2009, because this time Republicans will feel not only the usual sting of defeat but the extra anger of people defeated by their own errors.
Some will outright deny the legitimacy of the Democratic win; all will expect it to be a briefly passing thing to be resisted at all costs until normal politics reasserts itself. While the same people who wrote the “party autopsy” after 2012 will proclaim after a Trump defeat that now it is time to revert to the true Reagan-Kemp-Ryan gospel, Republicans with an eye to the future will recognize that Trump discovered something new and important about national politics. Trump inspired millions of Americans to vote as if “white” were an ethnic bloc, something often seen in state elections in the South, but rarely if ever before seen in a presidential contest. Yet this new sighting will likely recur again and again as the relative wealth and power of downmarket white America shrink—and especially if a President Clinton’s immigration policies accelerate that shrinkage. President Obama’s famous hope that the “fever will break” in favor of a more calm, deliberate, and technical politics of adjustment between a pro-market right and a pro-intervention left will seem even more forlorn, as November’s winners perceive a non-recurring opportunity to take all—and November’s losers fear they could lose all.
That's certainly within the realm of predictability. So quite naturally one the members of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade at Powerline Blog has other ideas. Instead of Comrade Frum, he finds more in common with Romney Landslide Predictor and early adopter of the meme labeling President Obama as a "thug" Michael Barone:
....Trump’s nomination will assure the election of Hillary Clinton in November. That is cause for good cheer and optimism, for it will doom the Democrats....
Everybody says the Republican Party is facing a crisis, but I’m with Michael Barone—it will survive this black swan/train wreck of an election, and win everything in sight after Hillary’s approval ratings drop below 30 percent. And if the FBI comes in with a strong report about her criminality after she’s elected, I suspect this time, a Clinton impeachment might actually succeed.
Just a "Black Swan?"  In others words a fragmented GOP electorate that might prefer a loon like "Rick Santorum" to "Mitt Romney" or prefer Trump or Ted Cruz to anyone with a pulse is a "Freak Accident" that won't happen again?

Except it does, because there is a pattern here. Again. And again.  So yeah, these guys have got the fever and it looks like there is no cure.  Again here's one of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade pounding out some more fun drivel to help radicalize the masses.
Historians and political theorists have long puzzled over how to resolve the glaring contradiction of Progressive ideology—namely, that Progressive “reform” emphasizes greater “democracy,” and championed innovations like the direct election of Senators, the initiative and referendum, etc. Give the people what they want! Up with democracy! At the same time, Progressives also advanced the theory of government administration deliberately remote from politics and popular accountability—the Administrative State staffed by elite “experts.” We can’t have those grubby people telling the government what to do! Down with democracy!... Progressives are indistinguishable from totalitarians. An elitist minority defines a priori what the majority must believe to be truly “democratic.”
Sweet Totalitarianism! This is a good example of the scamming that goes on in the conservative entertainment complex.

It is not hard to understand why people chose active government 100 plus years ago, if you want to try.

Things like Child Labor bans, reducing the 12 hour work day, reducing industrial accidents and the number of widows and orphans that they caused in a given year, reducing infant mortality from 3 in 10 births in some parts of the nation and securing a safe food supply for starts.

Say you went to the store and bought a gallon of Milk. It looked fresh and seemed safe but it killed your family. Maybe you'd want some LAW and ORDER to ensure this kinda shit like that never happens again. Those are all factors people considered and acted on in their best interests back in the day. It was all "rational" and such.

Republicans say they are concerned about the "unborn" today. If preventable infant mortality were as high today as it was 100 years ago, maybe they'd be in favor of intervention, too. Just saying.  So its not really hard to understand "progressivism" and history - if you try or are not just one of the carnival barkers scamming the rubes.

So yeah. If Powerline Blog were a dog, it shoulda put down by now.  Otherwise the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, the Screaming AM radio shock jocks and the Foxnews Infotainers can enjoy GOP Candidate Donald Trump. And if he actually wins, he'll owe 'em big time, because he couldn't have done it without them.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WHITE CULTURAL SUPERIORITY: NRO Editor Dismayed by NY primary Results

Maybe its just me, but when your Publication has to fire "White Nationalist" authors every so often (I hate it when that happens) and its writers once advocated White Cultural Superiority, Apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow in the American South, it is hardly surprising when your team favors the guy running on a White is Right platform.

Again, maybe its a coincidence or something warranting Shock, Befuddlement and DISMAY, but I may see things differently than National Review guy Rich Lowry:
Well, That Was Brutal by RICH LOWRY April 20, 2016 9:40 AM 
New York was pretty much everything Henry Olsen said, and more. My favorite piece of data from the exit polls is that Trump won 51 percent of voters with a post-graduate degree. How Trumpian was the New York electorate? Sixty-eight percent favored the Muslim ban, and Trump won 72 percent of them.
Another day. Another Clown Car Crash.

RINOs and TEAHADISTS ROCKED: Trump "cruises" to Victory in NY

Trump scores monumental victory leaving rivals stumbling at New York primary moving him step closer to "Total Control" of Cleveland Politburo.

RYAN FLAILING: Social Darwinist unable to cow Teahadists

Watch our for the sans culottes bearing Guillotines
Paul Ryan has had a tough couple of months.
The House GOP’s response to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is stuck....2017 budget plan is stalled...legislation to overhaul the Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t left the’s easy to overlook the new speaker’s troubles running the House these days.... Ryan has flattered the House Freedom Caucus and pursued promises to empower rank-and-file Republicans with reforms to how the House operates — yet it’s yielded little in the way of actual results.
Democrats are openly mocking their GOP counterparts, and Republicans grumble — in private so far — that nothing is getting done under Ryan. Like Boehner, Ryan is finding out that becoming speaker is easier than being speaker, at least in the still badly divided House GOP Conference.
The rise of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump ...has also injected more uncertainty into the legislative process....GOP members don’t want to do anything that could alienate pro-Trump voters back home. “Don’t piss anyone off” has become the unofficial mantra for Republicans, which has led to paralysis.
Via the Lamestream Media
This is the natural result of APPEASEMENT.

When you never discipline your children, decline to teach them "right" from wrong and instead fill their minds with pretty little lies, they become unruly and and rebellious when its their turn to "spread their wings" and go it to the world. The GOP has done this to its base over the last generation in general and last 7 years specifically.

Now they are off in the world standing tall in their own goddamn boots with no interest in following orders from the "Man."

Good job guys.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TINFOIL HAT BRIGADE: 8 person Supreme Court Good Idea

Hey, whatever feels good!
In defending their unwillingness to proceed with the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, Republican Senators argue that the confirmation of a new Justice should await the upcoming election. “Let the people decide” has become the mantra.
It’s an okay argument, made stronger by decades of Senate practice regarding the treatment of judicial nominees in a presidential election year. But it implies that there should be no obstruction of a nominee once a new president takes office.
That’s not a concession I’m eager to make. Nor does precedent require that we make it.....Sooner or later, one side will obtain a majority on the Supreme Court. If Republicans win the White House and the presidency, I’ll be hoping it’s sooner. But the idea of holding on to the eight-Justice Court for a few years isn’t something conservatives should rule out.
via Powerline Blog
Everyone knew this was coming.

The nutters were always gonna get here....once it started.  The process is simple, really. One nutter, then another one comes up with some reason to justify the position they already want to take. The rationale is based upon misstatements, half truths and outright bullshit, but it gets going the direction you want to take.

People having a way of believing in self-serving bullshit. It happens all the time.  Say you are a lobbyist for the Flat Earth Society. You have a much greater chance of believing in Heliocentrism than the average guy on the street. Same is true with Big Tobacco and smoking being good for you or with Global Warming Denial and the Heartland Institute. Or perhaps you are a really stone cold hardcore winger and have worked for all three at times. You could believe in all sorts of crazy shit in that case.

The point is that this kinda thing happens. And some are more susceptible than others.  Conservative echo chamber, I talking about you. But that's a story for a different day.

Anyway, the Lunatic Fringe is well on its way to justifying why the Third Branch of Government, built on a system of checks and balances, isn't really needed these days. Maybe its corrupt, having been controlled by GOP majorities for about 45 years. They might have a point there, but the remedy for this "illness" isn't shutting it down. It would be changing who controls it. But the reason could be anything really. It could be this, that or the other thing. Whatever! You get to pick your reason.


Don't hate the poor winger. They're victims, too.  Hate the game.

Monday, April 18, 2016

SLAMDUNK: Republican Hellscape Looms Menacingly on Horizon

 Kareem Abdul Jabbar calls it from the Lamestream Media (h/t Powerline Blog):
America was founded on the principles emanating from the Age of Reason, also known as the Age of Enlightenment. But today, with the rise of Republican candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, we are witnessing a rejection of these foundational ideals in favor of a hellish chaos of lies, misdirection, attacks on the Constitution and, most harmful to the country, a rejection of reason. This last item is especially evident in Trump’s continued dominance despite the fact that so many high-profile people in his own party have vigorously rejected his inflammatory rhetoric, empty promises and lack of knowledge.
I’m frustrated and angry at hearing about frustration and anger toward Washington gridlock as an excuse for embracing candidates who will only add to the problem. But that’s what is happening with Trump and Cruz supporters.  These voters share a distrust of experts, preferring “the wisdom of ordinary people.” Really? I prefer the wisdom of a trained physician when I have pain in my chest. One of the problems in Washington is that some legislators ignore the experts, such as the international community of scientists who have studied and confirmed global warming, so as to bury their heads and do nothing. When did we start devaluing intelligence and knowledge?
 All good points.

Expertise cannot always be evil - no matter what GOP leaders say. Expertise is needed to make the modern economy - which is increasingly complex, interdependent, requires heightened cooperation by competing groups, regulation and rules, to work in the public interest.

Even "Conservative" Leaders need experts, too. Yammering on and on about expertise being "bad" does them no good when its their turn to get off the bench to try to change the outcome the game in some manner.

Say you are a member of the conservagentsia and you are going to do entitlement reform - which probably means "privatizing"  or swiping some of Grandma's Social Security and Medicare to fund a tax give away to the donor class - and you want to do this "reform" efficiently and effectively and not be overturned with the next election, you'd rely upon experts to design the new system. As tempting as asking Sarah Palin to do it in crayon on a postcard, the best bet is to use someone who is a part of the current system and knows what the hell s/he's doing. To reform the system, one needs to be a part of the system.

Instead, for the past 7 plus years, the malcontents and their enablers in the conservative echo chamber have been screaming tyranny from the sidelines. They don't take their ball and go home and do us favor and STFU so the grownups can work. But at the same time, they don't get on the court and play ball either. Its just shrieking and sabotage - lemmings with suicide vests, debt ceiling kamikazes, Suicide Caucus, Anarchists, etc., etc., etc.

This is, in a sense, kinda like painting yourself into a corner. These Losers and Clowns have been telling their peeps for years that Expertise and experts are to be shunned. Better to be governed by random names out of the phone book than have to listen to a smart person. The Terrifying Obamacare Law was over 2700 pages long. No law should use that many pages!!!!

And now, when you are laying the groundwork for Paul Ryan's latest Manifesto to rob entitlements in order to fund the super-elite, all your voters are shunning the this new social darwinian compact in favor of a Carnival Barker's promises to "Make America Great, Again" using smoke, mirrors, moonshine and hokum BUT without all those draconian entitlement cuts either. Who needs 1000s of pages of special interest mumbo-jumbo when a simple slogan can do?
Conservative Yells at Clouds, Again

But such is life.

Anyway good job by Kareem to layout the Gospel for all to see. Good job by Powerline Blog to shriek about it as well. Its what they do.

And I  guess this is the new natural order.

Some are at the top, solving problems leading America forward into a new century and others on the outside, by choice  just yelling at clouds.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

APPRENTICE WATCH: Cruz Steps up Boldly

As news filters through the internets elucidating the Machinations of the Vile Ted Cruz, stealing a delegate here, pilfering some in the darkness there, absconding, deception, deceit and gaming the system to over turn the will of the People - American People not the Canadians, the odds are becoming more and more favorable that the Tailgunner will surpass the people's Tribune Donald Trump sometime around the Third Ballot on a hot Cleveland day in July.

Hey, all is fair in wartime. The guy was one of the dirty tricksters on the Bush v Gore legal team so yeah, its in him. It kinda  comes naturally to Cruz.  BUT at the same time, Stealing a Nomination is a perfectly acceptable practice. It not usually recommended but sometimes its called for. And this instance may be such a time.

And its like this. You cannot steal it in the first place if it was not there for the taking and so he's taking it - bit by bit. Trump only ever had the support of Rubes, and we know how much respect the Party Establishment affords these folks. Cue up another doomsday ad at the NRO or the Foxnews to covert your life savings into gold before the Gubmint gets it. Sigh.  

Don't hate the Wingers. Hate the game.

Anyway. News has hit the internets that Tailgunner Ted may have Little Marco in "sights" as a VP candidate.
Ted Cruz said Wednesday night that he has started looking at possible vice presidential running mates, and that it would be a mistake not to consider former rival Marco Rubio for that slot.
Speaking at a CNN televised town hall, Cruz heaped praise on Rubio, saying the Florida senator's campaign "inspired" him and that he considers Rubio "a friend."
"Anyone would naturally look at Marco as one of the people who would be a terrific person to consider for VP and we're in the process now of considering a number of different options," Cruz told Anderson Cooper.
He added: "He would be someone that you would be a fool not to look at seriously."
Just when we thought we wouldn't have Marco Rubio to kick around anymore. But somehow I doubt Cruz is going here - if he gets that far.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

VICIOUS: Lamestream Media Figure Dope-Slaps Party Boss

This is a mean thing to write about GOP Chair Reinhold Priebus
Reince Priebus, the beleaguered and balding Republican National Committee chairman, was asked a few days ago about his mane.

“How much gray hair do you think you’re going to have by December?” CNN’s Jake Tapper inquired.
“Gray is fine,” the party boss replied. “I just want to make sure I have hair.”
Alternatively, he could try a Whig.

This could be the first time in 160 years when a major American political party splits, and Priebus, the young technocrat from Wisconsin brought in to improve the Republicans’ infrastructure, is in over his head.

The Whigs were essentially undone by ....
The Whigs were done in by slavery, which like Global Warming….if it even existed at all, was definitely not MAN-MADE. “Noah’s flood,” bondage, or whatever, the natural world exists as it does for a reason. As such there is little one should do to change the natural order of creation. That should be old school conservatism, but unfortunately it’s still in style in certain parts of the GOP coalition.

But such is life.

That’s one thing. Another other obvious question is that if your given name is “Reinhold” and you are going to pick a “nick name” why the hell would anyone pick “Reince?”  This is especially true if you are in charge of the country’s nativist party.  I mean a fair number of these guys are (unfairly) pre-disposed not to like you. Was “Bob” not good enough for Chairman Preibus? Just saying its almost like malpractice in a way. 

Lastly, when the Party was been doing its best to pump up the crazy in opposition to the Kenyan Strongman’s pragmatic-center-left yet somehow Totalitarian agenda, and when it was flying the Freak Flag high playing the birther game, shutting down the government, threatening to default on the national debt, claiming the Obamacare was worse than slavery (or almost as bad), etc., you can’t just tell all your people to forget all the crazy shit and crazy games we’ve  been playing the past 7 years. "Its time to put that behind you and be good republicans, follow orders and get the fuck in line," etc.  

The world is either burning or it is not.  Marco Rubio, the establishment pick at one point, had a line in his standard stump speech about “dispelling the myth” about the President. According to Marco, the President of the United States was deliberately trying to harm America. So all this happened on Reince’s watch.

The time has come again 
It seems that as Reince was complicit in all the fun and games over the past 7 years and that as his team’s voters have become radicalized for believing in what Reince and his team said and trusting in the actions the Reince took, the blame is on him and the establishment.  That karma may have a role to play should not be shocking.

Besides. The Whigs weren’t so bad. A 21st century Whig party can’t be any worse that what it’d replace. Just saying. Look on the positive side.

CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Wingnut says whaaat???

Those right wing nuts write the kookiest stuff sometimes:
Nurse Ratched returns to the asylum. That’s my take on Hillary Clinton’s conference call with the editors of Philadelphia newspapers earlier this week (audio below). Pressed in the interest of transparency by one of the editors to disclose the transcripts of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street audiences, Madam Hillary quickly drops her public mask. At a time when she holds no office and is still wooing the electorate, this is what she really sounds like. Now hear this.
Nurse Ratched is likely to be administering the meds come January 2017. She too is about to send a powerful jolt into mainstream America if she wins the election, though it is more akin to electroconvulsive therapy than the kind of thrill Mailer anticipated with JFK.
-Courtesy of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade at Powerline blog
Someday this current generation of right wing nuts will age out of the system slipping the surly bonds of "Real America" to "belong only to the angels."

But, when that day comes, their words and valuable contributions to the national dialogue will belong to posterity. They will be gone, true. But they will not be forgotten.

Sick Bastards.

APPRENTICE WATCH: Trump considering Wisconsin Strongman, Others

Little Marco also under consideration for VP:
In an hour-long interview ...Trump assured me that he is ready to “start building coalitions” at the right moment. “I’ll tell you what else is going to be soon. My whole life I’ve gotten along with people. ... People you see excoriating me on TV ... are calling my office wanting to get on the team....Could he build coalitions with people who had wronged him? Could he, for example, see appointing Sen. Marco Rubio to a position in his administration?
“Yes. I like Marco Rubio. Yeah. I could,” he answered. As for a potential Rubio vice president: “There are people I have in mind in terms of vice president. I just haven’t told anybody names. ... I do like Marco. I do like (John) Kasich. … I like (Scott) Walker actually in a lot of ways. I hit him very hard. ... But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard.”
I think this would be a win for Little Marco or the would be tyrant Scott Walker. Both have a lot to learn and after 4-8 years under the tutelage of Trump as his apprentice would be in a position to excel at the next level.

When you think of it both guys have shown their raw inexperience. They have potential, yes. But like the very low energy Jeb Bush, neither could take a punch. So yeah, man. This would be a sweet gig - learning at the side of a master.

Monday, April 11, 2016

BELTWAY EXPERT: Ryan plotting to swipe nomination

...that’s what Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been doing the past few weeks. Instead of focusing on the legal requirement that Congress adopt the fiscal 2017 budget resolution by April 15, that is, by THIS FRIDAY, Ryan made the obligatory trip to Israel to demonstrate his foreign policy chops and began to air a political advertisement on YouTube that is remarkably similar to the standard political biography candidates use to introduce themselves to voters.
You wouldn’t know it by Speaker Ryan’s actions, but this week is supposed to be the critical moment for Congress on the budget. The April 15 deadline is written in law, and was specifically designed to prevent spending bills from being considered by the House and Senate until there is a fiscal blueprint in place to keep them in check.
This wouldn’t be so bad if the spending committees were planning on waiting until a budget resolution was adopted and the constraint was put in place. But the Senate Appropriations Committee says it is planning on moving ahead as it’s allowed to do if the April 15 deadline comes and goes without Congress getting its budget act together.
The budget resolution is one of the primary things Congress is supposed to do every year and, therefore, one of the most important things on which speaker should be focused.
Two points.

First, the observations above come from the experts and are by definition "suspect." The reasons are all too simple and need not be explained for those having paid attention but for those who have not, expert "opinion" has not percolated "organically" into the public conscious from the people's inherent wisdom or due to repetition from AM radio. As a result, and such is more often the case than not, expert opinion should be seen as it really is: negativity from nattering nabobs that should be afforded all the respect that those purveying it deserve.

Next. The GOP has not been interested in "Governing" especially since the teahadist insurrection broke out in Ought-9. Its been a matter of survival, simply put. In the struggle for existence, when the virtuous are surrounded by competing mobs, survival need not by "brute" force alone, for that is the rule of the mob. Sometimes, however, the fittest may survive through reliance upon guile and more importantly capital accumulation.

The teachings of Darwin and to some extent Rand instruct us that being the "fittest" does not mean being the strongest. It means being the most adapted and capable to survive the environment as it exists.  Let the mobs smash each other against the tide of history. Let the virtuous pick up the pieces and build anew.

So it would seem and it is not surprising that Paul Ryan has chosen, deliberately some would argue, not to break bread with the unwashed and engage in the dangerous and self destructive practice of "governing." Can he be judged harshly for this decision? Perhaps he is doing what is necessary for survival. Such is the natural order.

But maybe Paul Ryan is plotting to screw over all the "Real Americans" who voted for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, too. And as there is a natural order within society, these "Real Americans" like those nattering nabobs are "entitled" to the respect of their station.

So the Clown Car rolls on - another day, another clusterfuck.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

ERICKSON: Obama is now basically Adolf Neville Hitler Chamberlain


These nutbags just keep screaming to the high heavens that the sky is about to fall. Its insufferable. And everyday its something new. As sure as the sun sets in the west and then rises in the east, a new outrage will be on the horizon. And, just as certain, these Nutters will be shrieking about it.

This is a bad at a personal level, surely, and its bad for democracy in general with that whole part about an informed electorate and it is bad for the GOP, too, as these guys are their "foot-soldiers."  But the truly sad part of it all is that instead of calling Erickson out as a bed wetting ninny in need of counseling who should put away childish things and try being a "man" someday, the grownups - the RINOs have basically sucked up to these nutcases. When Romney, went off on the 47% of America as losers and moochers, he was parroting Erickson in front of a crowd of fellow travelers.

So, like reaping the whirlwind and instead of shutting the shit down early on, the RINOs have appeased these losers and clowns - in some cases for decades. Once appeased the fringe becomes emboldened to break more and customary norms of decency. Before too long and after appeasement after appeasement, nutbag leaders have convinced a not insignificant bunch of folks to follow them off on a march to the Lunatic Fringe - next stop the Sudetenland.  After that its a non-stop first class fare to Trumpville. And then everyone is surprised at the outcome.

Anyway, here's the Erickson back in the day playing the comparison game with Obama and Hitler - practically begging for help.
Time and again in Mein Kampf, Hitler makes it clear that he believed his greatest gift to the party wasn’t his ideas but his ability to speak,” Goldberg writes. I’m reminded of that story Harry Reid tells about Obama where Obama said he, Obama, had a gift. “A real gift, Harry,” he said. It was oration.This is not to make an Obama=Hitler comparison. It is just to note that like most good demagogues, Hitler and Obama both know the public is more interested in the silver tongue and the Greco-Roman columns as a backdrop than they are in the substantive policy positions.

Today, Erickson wonders why so many of his former followers are marching all jackbooted-style constantly refreshing RedState Blog to Donald Trump's call. It just doesn't make sense.  And when he's not busy scratching his head and wondering what the hell happened, he's comparing Obama to Neville Chamberlain.
China is spreading out into the sea. It is building man made islands then installing military units on them. They have been harassing their neighbors and saber rattling. The Chinese want empire and are becoming a new Reich. Instead of a Rhineland to stretch into, it is the sea. And our American President is the new Neville Chamberlain. He has rebuffed American naval attempts to more aggressively counter the Chinese. Why? Because he wants an easy ride out of office.
These poor bastards really should be locked up in the imaginary FEMA run anti-Obama dissident camps that exist in the penumbra of right wing blogs and the AM radio. Who knows, maybe when Trump is elected President, the first guy he puts in an anti-Obama dissident camp will be Erickson. It'd only be fitting. God knows the RINOs won't stand up to this rabble.

BACK to NORMAL - The Donald regains lead in NY; Cruz last

According to the Lamestream Media, all is right with the world once again - according the polls [pdf].
Donald Trump is positioned for a sweeping primary win in his home  state of New York according to the Monmouth University Poll. He currently has the support of an outright majority of likely voters, a margin that suggests he could win nearly every delegate awarded by the state.
Currently, 52% of likely Republican primary voters in New York support Trump compared to 25% who support John Kasich and 17% who will vote for Ted Cruz. ...“If this result holds in every single congressional district, Trump will walk away with nearly all of New York State’s delegates,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. ... Any candidate who wins an outright majority – i.e. 50% plus one – in any district wins all three delegates allocated to that district.
Get them Fire-hoses Ready, Cleveland.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CRUZIFICATION NEARS: Tailgunner Ted Scores Big Win

EXCLUSIVE...Excerpts from an Advance copy of Tailgunner Ted Cruz Cleveland Convention Speech, 2016.....:
Having behind us the Makers of this nation and supported by righteousness of certain parts of the Bible, we will answer the Takers demand for a Federal Reserve Bank by saying unto them: You shall not press down upon the brow of Real America this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a Cross of Worthless Paper Money!!!!!!!!!!"
And so it was a night for the ages, as a repugnant outsider assembled a Victorious "conservative" coalition in the home state of Joe McCarthy and Scott Walker.

These facts should encompass the headlines. That upon this critical battlefield rival hosts met. Ted Cruz, joined by the GOP Establishment with its fortifications built resolutely on the Corner of Wall and K Streets, beat back the barbarian horde led by the Pretender Donald Trump. And so on and so forth.

You know if you were to travel back in a time machine and ask Reinhold Priebus his opinion as he was downing 18th shot of  50 year old single malt scotch donated by a lobbyist while trying to forget the debacle that was the 2012 GOP primaries (which begat the 9-9-9 guy, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum as serious challengers to the throne) and as he was attempting to to game the rules for the 2016 primary so that the aforementioned unspeakable unpleasantness would not happen again, just what would be the ideal situation for the GOP "cruising" into the April 19th primaries. Of all the phrases he could have uttered, there would have been -0%- chance that any of them would have included "Establishment Candidate Ted Cruz may not be able to catch Donald Trump in the delegate chase, but he's closing the distance!"  Nor would the discussion include the terms "contested convention," "internecine warfare" "I can't believe this shit is happening.....again" or "its a complete clusterfuck" either. Today, all of these phrases apply.

And so it goes.  BUT MEANWHILE......The NRO's (sane) Election guy weighs in on the Wisconsin results.
Every reader of this blog knows I have been critical of Ted Cruz’s election strategy. For good reason: for months he has seemed to focus solely on the party’s most conservative factions and ignored the two-thirds of GOP voters who do not tell pollsters they are “very conservative”. But last night’s results show that the pugnacious Senator may finally have broken through with the voter group that always decides who wins, the somewhat conservative voter.....Cruz’s gambit that former Rubio voters would prefer the devil they knew to the devil they didn’t clearly paid off. There’s little reason to think that will change in future states. Trump’s persona, like Cruz’s, is pretty clearly fixed. And while Rubio voters would prefer neither man, they clearly prefer the conservative Cruz to the phlegmatic Trump.
This probably won’t help Cruz as much in New York. Popular candidates always do better in their home states, and New York is The Donald’s universe. States in the New York City media market – New Jersey and Connecticut – may also prove impervious to the Senator’s charms. But Trump needs much more than a Big Apple romp to win. He needs to win in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and California to triumph. And his ability to do that is now in question....
There’s now no way this race ends before California. The peculiar factors at play in the Golden State, especially the large immigrant population and the enduring housing crash, make it more favorable territory for Trump than Wisconsin. But Cruz now can have hope that if he keeps beating the #NeverTrump drum, he can win the somewhat conservative vote and with it the lion’s share of California’s 172 delegates. And that would send him Cruzin’ into Cleveland on a big, big high.
The NRO guy's best case scenario is a ClusterFuck at The Convention.  That's never the plan. But whatever.....

Full speed ahead for the Clown Car meets Demolition Derby meets Texas No-Holds-Barred Barbed-Wire Winner Take All Battle Royale - sanctioned under New Jersey Rules (knives allowed).

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CIVIL WAR on the RIGHT: Alliances Crumbling

Via one of the nutters at the Federalist:
Hey, lefties, we finally found your racists for you.
For as long as I can remember, people like me—by which I mean advocates of capitalism and free markets and freedom of speech—have been accused by the left of being secret racists who pine for the gold old days of the antebellum South. Tiresome stuff like this. Then along comes a group of actual, declared racists who really do pine for the antebellum South, and who is one of the main targets of their invective? People like me.
Kind of ironic, eh?
Roll out the Guillotine!

I don't know but it seems kinda hard to believe that, say, a guy handling the coat check at a house of ill repute would someday be shocked-SHOCKED to find there was whorin' goin' on upstairs. Its in the freaking business model, for pete's sake.

But that's the thing with riding the wolf - like the GOP has been doing with its Grand Southern Strategy. It can be all fun and shit watching the wolf devour the other side. But when its time to get off the beast's back, Watch Out!  It'll turn on you and do what comes naturally. It is a wolf.

In this case watch out for the guillotines and Tea Party on Medicare Scooters. They are coming for you.

Monday, April 4, 2016

JOE McCARTHY ACOLYTE SURGING: Cruz ahead in Wisconsin

With latest polls out showing a lead for Ted Cruz in the key Wisconsin primary, Trumpkins should find some solace. Sure the Donald is poised to suffer a monumental beat-down tomorrow but all is not lost.

For starters:

(1) Wisconsin is kind of a Border State with Canada just on the other side of the Lake. Cruz fairs well in border states where his Countrymen can play some role in the affairs of state. So that'll be a factor tomorrow - Border ruffians and all. Gotta build that wall.

(2) Cruz has modeled himself after Joe McCarthy - a famous former Republican Senator from Wisconsin.  So there is some appeal here with local republicans - one would think.

(3) Speaking of Tailgunner Joe, Cruz is still despised by large numbers of Republican Insiders. Will they line up to kiss his ring or give him the middle finger if given a chance. So he's got this baggage. AND

(4) Trump still holds the lead in delegates. With the National Republican Party run by men too cowardly to stand up to Trump, Tea Party and/or the mob, it will have a hard time unifying behind anybody else. Sure the GOP can oppose someone like Trump or the Kenyan Strongman, but being against someone is a lot more difficult than coming together in favor of Ted Cruz.  The guy is one of the most hated people around - and not by accident.

So Trump has all these factors going for him as the GOP clown car continues to careen forward to Pennsylvania, New York and California.

Friday, April 1, 2016

PALINIZATION: Meanness Is Multiplying

This "joke" from Late Night Media Figure Seth Meyers is uncalled for:
“Donald Trump was in Washington DC today to meet privately with members of his newly established foreign policy team. They went over key points like, ‘This one is Europe and, no, no, no, this one is Europe.’” 
First there was Megyn Kelly inspired meanness directed at Trump.  But now its spreading......thanks to Foxnews and the Lamestream Media.  And actually we could be witnessing a wave of meanness that will continue to build and not peak until November.

Megyn Kelly still has not apologized.

TRUMP IGNORANT- Fmr Bush Admin Flack Flays Trump

This seems somewhat ironic and its more than a window into the current state of the GOP.

An adviser of the last Republican Nominee who, literally, did not know anything - George Bush if you recall promised to make up for his weaknesses by surrounding himself with wise and capable advisers, who along with Bush's gut instinct, would guide Bush in the difficult trade of Statecraft - is now excoriating Donald Trump as being "ignorant" and a "lightweight!"

Which when you think about it sounds very elitist, bi-coastal, condescending and mean. This Former Bush Guy is now a "Professor" at "Stanford."  Presumably this means he is a "better" man the rest of the God Fearing and ordinary people living in Fly-Over Country.

There is a reason a that a wise man once said that he'd rather be governed by - and I am paraphrasing - 200 random names from the Palo Alto phone book rather than by the faculty of Sanford.  This is because, according to a certain way of thinking that has dominated one to the major parties in America, elites are decadent. When conflict arises, their counsel should not be trusted over the common wisdom of ordinary folks. I hear Global Warming is an international conspiracy by the way.

Anyway......The Bush Guy writes:
Donald Trump is an ignorant, unprincipled, amoral policy lightweight opposed to free market capitalism and limited government. …
He is not doing his homework. I don’t blame him (much) for starting his campaign as a policy novice. Yet he appears to be no better informed today than when his campaign began. Policy is serious, hard work. He shows no interest and no effort in learning anything about the issues and decisions he might face as President. As a result he babbles in interviews, avoids Q&A sessions with voters, and changes the subject whenever he is stumped (several times per interview on average). He should be improving over time and he’s not. Even if he intends to reject the advice of experts and be an outside-the-box thinker, he should at a minimum understand what he is rejecting and where that will lead him.
His policy views are cartoon-like when not entirely absent. Shouting STRENGTH is not a policy. His views seem to be unmoored by any intellectual structure or philosophical approach. He is unprincipled: he appears to view the world through dual lenses of transactions and of people he likes and dislikes.  …
I had no idea how difficult the job of president was until I saw it up close. For more than six years and through hundreds of briefings I helped advise a president and coordinate the implementation of his economic policy decisions. A successful president must be smart, disciplined, and tireless. He or she has to use expertise effectively and to make sound decisions based on core principles and values. At the same time being president is not just about effectiveness and efficiency, it’s also about moral leadership and character.
Donald Trump lacks the character, the values, and the sound judgment essential to fulfill this awesome responsibility. He is unqualified and unfit to be President of the United States.
Where was this guy during the Bush Administration? We coulda used him at the ear of the president or something. I don't know it seems like there coulda been a role for him in government.  Wait. He was riding shotgun along side the President just about the whole time it seems. Sigh.

Nice party you guys built.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CIVIL WAR on the RIGHT: Wingnuts under FIRE

This is sad.

Its a terrible thing to see Team Red fighting among its factions, rather than than aiming its fire at its traditional enemy - the forces opposed to regressive taxation and the Deregulation of Dangerous and Greedy Industries. This true existential foe, which as all good foot soldiers should know, is the Kenyan Strongman and his heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.

In the war for the heart of Real America, it would therefore be unwise for the various Red Army factions to be fight among themselves. But fight they do with each faction labeling the other as a usurper to the glorious cause and demanding the "other" to stand down and relinquish command of their forces in favor to the former.

And so it goes. Wingnut arrayed against Establishment arrayed against RINO arrayed against Libertarian arrayed against Neocon with short term and shifting alliances with all willing to use the knife when opportunity is presented.

The one thing that all factions agree upon is also what drive them apart. How did we get to this point?  The answer is simply that it is "their" fault:
Donald Trump is not the fault of some mythical “Establishment,” nor is he the natural result of righteous public anger with “Washington.” He is, rather, the unfortunate byproduct of one political faction and its all-consuming fight for power within the Republican Party. ...
Sadly, one GOP faction has taken its intraparty war to the streets, inadvertently giving rise to the incoherent populism of Donald Trump. They call themselves the Conservative Movement, but really they’re just a group of professional activists — an anti-Establishment Establishment that is really at odds with the real conservative movement: millions of Americans who are rightly alarmed at the growth and size of government.
This battle is not about policy and it is barely about principles. In truth, it is all about primacy within the GOP. It is an effort to oust Republican elected officials as party leaders and replace them with these professional activists and their allies.
We should, though, take care to make an important distinction between conservatism ... and the professional activists of the Conservative Movement. The difference is ..the professional activists ...are also a faction within the Republican Party, jockeying ...for power and influence.
Here, Here! The wingnuts need to be taken down a few rungs. But then again if deserve has something to do with it, the Establishment, the cowardly RINOs and the sneaky Neocons all deserve a dose of justice. They shouldn't be allow to profit from using these foot soldiers as useful idiots for a generation and then just cast them aside when they've outlived their use. This is cold.

So yeah. Its about power and corruption. All the factions want power and all are corrupt to varying degrees. That means that a fight must be fought -preferably  like a rock fight. You don't really care who wins a rock fight among your rivals. You just hope it goes on for a long time.

SMOKED - Obama still schooling the Wingnuts

One of 'em has a sad:
President Obama is many things, but humble isn’t one of them. You get the impression he believes that if he were around when Rodin sculpted The Thinker, the artist would have asked him to be the model; the man who so thoughtfully sits there, his chin resting on his hand, the essence of intelligence. How smart is Barack Obama?  Well, he once said he was “a better speechwriter than my speech writers.” He boasted that he knows “more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.” And that he’s “a better political director than my director.” How lucky we are to have such a bright man leading our country. Or maybe he’s just a narcissist. But even wise men have their lacuna, and Barack Obama’s knowledge gap involves his inability – or unwillingness – to recognize how illogical and inconsistent he can be, when it suits his purposes.  Or maybe he just doesn’t care.
h/t NRO
These poor bastards still don't understand why Donald Trump keep stealing their voters. This nutter is a prime example. For a generation and especially during the last 7 years, the conservagentsia has been treating right leaning folks the same way snake oil salesman treat their marks. Its kinda shameful, but they say that politics ain't beanbag. And so it goes.

But then one day a better salesman comes along, steal their pitch. The audience rushes away to the next big top over leaving this cast of clowns stammering and speechless. But its a cruel world and they say that only the fittest survive - or at least Paul Ryan says that.

So this just keeps happening. The ordinary folks flee the scene while the wingers are powerless to do anything about it. May be its just me, but its almost as if there is a pattern emerging in the conservative echo chamber.


Anyway if I were advising the President right now, I'd urge him to use his pen and his phone and implement some sort of low-interest-tax-credit-ready Guillotine financing program - available for Trump supporters only.  It'd give the Conservagentsia something real to complain about for a change. Turnabout would be fair play in that instance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

THUGGERY on the LEFT: Jonathan Chait is very mean

This is really mean. It is almost Chicago-Street-Thug Mean. Its so mean that I would have like to have written it first.
Conservatives have gone from absolute ideological certainty that health-care inflation would rise in the wake of Obamacare to absolute ideological certainty that the drop in health-care inflation has nothing at all to do with Obamacare. It’s obvious that no conceivable data can falsify conservative opposition to Obamacare. The premise that Obamacare has failed is a matter of doctrinal writ, as holy as the sanctity of the great Ronald Reagan. To abandon this position is to abandon conservatism itself.
Conservatives can try to redirect their base’s rage toward the construction of an alternative plan to replace Obamacare, but they cannot concede that the law has actually succeeded in advancing its stated goals. Republicans hate Obamacare not for its concrete outcomes but for what it represents to them. If Trump’s campaign has demonstrated anything, it is the hopelessness of crafting technocratic justifications for the pulsating right-wing Id.
This mean-spirited observation is accurate.

On the wingnet there is a theological belief that Obamacare has failed. Not only has it failed, which every feels is true but it will continue to fail as the faithful all agree.  And because of these "self-evident" truths, Obamacare will be replaced.

Doctrine further holds that Democrats, Republicans and those in between all either agree on this premise or will be forced to accept the conclusion once nature has fully taken its course. Obamacare simply put in the most basic terms is a sin against the free market and nature itself. It's demise has been ordained by the all knowing free hand. There simply can be no other conclusion.

So these observations by the inconsiderate Jonathan Chait are all true. Mean, yes. But its true.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Via the NRO:
When the sorry, sorry history of this election year is written, the chief villains of the piece must be the press. You know how the TV and radio channels have enabled Donald Trump by letting him play by special rules — for example phoning in rather than appearing in person — because he goosed ratings. There’s a name for people who relax their standards for money, but never mind. 
And let’s not even get started on talk radio, Trump’s royal road to credibility with a part of the Republican electorate.  
Lower Standards? Truthiness? A special place in hell?  This sounds like a wholesale denouncement of the Conservative Echo Chamber to me!

As I recall, Trump was a regular on Fox news spouting off about birtherism before he was rallying the GOP to his cause. Having been raised on right wing propaganda for a generation, full-grown "Trumpkins" infest the NRO comment section now turning on the ones of who raised 'em - calling them "Housebroken Conservatives."  The AM radio is the AM radio, resplendent with screaming and shrieking about the Outrage of the day - which is always outrageous and usually threatens "freedom" and the extreme the future of Western Civilization. There was Ed Whelan at NRO Bench Memos suggesting that under President Obama, Transnational Law could come to America allowing Gay-rights and sharia law to preempt American law at the same time. This scary possibility would legalize Same Sex Marriage one day but allow Islamic Fundamentalists to execute those same folks the next day. MAN that was AWESOME rhetoric!

There was NRO guy Stanley Kurtz and his claims that President Obama did not believe in individual civil rights. Instead he was a secret socialist who did not practice socialism in public - ever.  Unlike foreign socialists, American Socialists don't do socialism in "government" and "commerce."  If they did, people would know that they are "socialists" and their cover would be blown!  Hence the secrecy and lack of actual evidence of socialism.  BEAUTIFUL.

There was the Benghazi Conspiracy, the Fast and Furious Conspiracy, the Global Warming Conspiracy, the Wreckovery and the Porkulus, there was the Romney Landslide, the Debt Ceiling Kamikazes, Government Shutdowns, the IRS and Intimi-gate, Death Panels and more!

So yes. These wingers should be vilified by "history" for their role in this election and every fevered conspiracy theory leading up to it.

TINFOIL HAT BRIGADE: Govt Bureaucrats totally Kicking Ass

Over at Powerline Blog, one of the members of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade takes a moment in his busy day to offer PRAISE for the (not-so-scary) bureaucrats working at the Department of Energy.
The grasping rent-seekers of subsidies and mandates for wind and solar power have been sniping at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) for supposedly overestimating the costs of wind and solar power compared to coal- and gas-fired power, and underestimating the growth of wind and solar. EIA does a terrific job of data gathering and analysis, even if some of their work requires great care, such as the widely used and abused “Levelized Cost of Electricity” calculations.
So it is rather extraordinary to see the EIA report released a few days ago that essentially says to the grasping greenies—you’ll all a bunch of ninnies. Being a government bureaucracy, they didn’t put it as directly as that, but if you read between the lines of officialese, that’s what they’re saying.
The report is entitled Wind and Solar Data and Projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration: Past Performance and Ongoing Enhancements, and it makes for fun reading. ... One of the things the EIA rebuttal makes clear is how heavily—and permanently—dependent on government subsidies wind and solar are.
In essence this is one of the things about the anti-science agenda and global warming denial. Sometimes the Tinfoil Hat Brigade is wants to use "facts" to further its arguments that Solar Energy is "all bogus" and "completely lame" or "nowhere close" to as "awesome" as "burning shit" which is what we should be doing instead. Solar energy is stupid.....just like global warming.

Its got to be hard for the right wing fringe to compartmentalize these incompatibilities. You would think it would be anyway. Its almost as if you could picture a member of the tinfoil hat brigade describing President Obama as a 98-pound weakling that the axis of evil laughs at and then in the next post describe him as a totalitarian strongman striking fear into the hearts of his political opponents. Sigh. They are predictable.

Underlying the issue is that the EPA is a professional organization that can be trusted to do the Lord's work. It'll "regulate the hell outta stuff" that needs a strong fair but firm hand. But at the same time, it can publish factual information on solar energy.......or global warming. These functions are all in the public interest which is part of the agency's mission. So its not really hard to understand.

Anyway one of the Universal Laws of the Wingnet holds, and it is a law and it is universal, that the Right Wing Fringe tends to disfavor government initiatives into new technology.

Back in the day it would not be uncommon to hear that one should never recycle newspaper because there is not an established market for it.  If recycling newspaper were efficient, the argument would go, the free market would have already created an incentive to do this. Since there was no market (at that time), recycling paper should not be done by the government.

There would be shrieking, table pounding and perhaps fax machines would over heat at some Pro-Big Tobacco Operation as missives (there not being a government created internet at the time to post shit upon) were blasted to the faithful and there would be great emotion.  But life would go on and recycling became something people just did without feeling any oppression or anything like that.

Solar energy, too, may share a similar fate. Someday, people may flip on the light switch without realizing that they are being oppressed. But maybe something better will take its place. And chances are, whatever the "better thing" is, if there is a "better thing" the lunatic fringe will probably be against it, too.

So this type of whining is not new.

Friday, March 25, 2016

FREEFALL, DISARRAY - GOP turns to Cruz to save it

The Lamestream Media calls it:
 “If I told you at the start of the 2016 race that Mitt Romney would vote for Ted Cruz in the Utah caucuses and that Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham would endorse the Texas senator’s presidential campaign, you would have laughed. Probably loudly.”
If the most despised guy in the party is the only one it can turn toward to stem the tide of Crazy sweeping up it voters, it is really, really fucked up. And that makes Karma a total bitch.

One of the themes that has reverberated throughout the wingnet and with the lunatic fringe over the last eight years is a near universal belief that all the GOP needs to improve its position with the electorate is (1) a better marketing strategy and (2) the right pitchman to deliver that old time religion to the masses.  If it can find the next "Reagan" the party won't need to address the the nihilism, social darwinism and racism infecting its rhetoric and ideology. It will be full speed ahead.

And maybe these people are right is some way. If you consider that the majority of the opinion leaders of the unreconstructed right will "age out of the system" in 10-15 years, why not go for broke now?

It makes far more sense to throw all in with that old time religion for One Last Glorious Victory. The downside is a Soul Crushing, but pure, defeat. In this sense going for broke, offers better return on investment than the tedious process of training your side to adapt to a viable 21st century ideology - especially when you won't be around to see the fruits of your labor.

Personally, I'd urge the RINOs to consider resurrecting the old the Whig party as a counterweight to demagogues like Trump, as counterweight to Paul Ryan and his social darwinism and a counterweight to Ted Cruz and his lunatic fringe.

Abraham Lincoln used to be a Whig before becoming one of the early members of the GOP.  He made a change when circumstance warranted.  If someone like Honest Abe were around today, they'd be thinking about that Old Whig Party and its role in the future of America.

Just saying.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

BAD MESSAGING- Ryan apologizes to the Takers

"I was just wrong," the speaker of the house of representatives said yesterday. Not everyone inherits money and not everyone winds up with a sweet government job with government provided healthcare, a pension and a 3-4 day work week for a couple of decades. Its nice "work" if you can get it.

Instead, some folks actually struggle to get by - sometimes working two, three jobs. Sometimes these folks are not able to work at the moment, having once put themselves in harms way storming a beach or patrolling the streets that of a large city on the other side of the world in a country you asked them to invade. Labeling these folks as scumbags for their troubles is not helpful to the cause.

So yes, it was kinda coarse to label half of America as Looters, Moochers, and a Takers. Whatever. They should just get over it, now.