Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Internets: 1st GOP Debate Likely Set

With the clock winding down, the first GOP debate in Cleveland looks set - barring any last minute "bullshit" moves or big polling swings. Polling averages show Trump waaay out in front and place the fight for the last debate podium between Kasich and Perry with Kasich having the edge.

Here's how it looks:

It almost seems unfair that Rick Santorum will be left off the debate stage since Santo was the runner up in 2012. However life is not fair. Today he is just some "loser."

But there is good news for the "losers."  Some of their competitors are sure to implode in the next several months creating an opportunity to "move up" to the adult table at future debates.

Monday, August 3, 2015

POLL: Trump CRUSHING field

A new Monmouth Poll is out and it shows the power of Trumpmentum as The Donald is waaay ahead of the pack.

Could it be time for a “Draft Mitt Romney” moment? Of course. No election is really complete without some sort of Mitt Romney defeat along the way.

To the polls:
26.0% - Trump
12.2% - Bush
11.1% - Walker
  5.8% - Cruz
  5.7% - Huckabee
  4.6% - Carson
  4.4% - Christie
  4.4% - Paul
  4.4% - Rubio
  3.2% - Kasich    ---Line of Death---              
  1.9% - Fiorina
  1.8% - Perry
  1.2% - Jindal
  1.0% - Santorum
  0.7% - Graham
  0.4% - Pataki
  0.0% - Gilmore
In sense this shouldn’t be too surprising.

You have an establishment candidate named “Bush” that the Base has little use for.  Walker has the charisma of a 40-watt bulb.  Cruz-Carson-Huck should all be carnival barkers.  Paul can’t decide if he is a warmonger or not.  Rubio is a first term senator who can do little else other than give a good speech and maybe someday “Community Organizing.” 

Kasich recently told an Obamacare Hater that she may be going to hell.  Fiorina was John “The Fundamentals of the Economy are strong” McCain’s economic advisor.  Try as he might, Perry cannot live down his “Oops” moment.  Jindal has trashed Louisiana. 

Santorum was the second place finisher in 2012 – by default. Unfortunately, this time around a vast Anti-Santorum conspiracy is keeping him down.  I don’t know if this true, but I hear that Rick Perry is a lot smarter than Graham. This may because Graham is dumb enough to believe that climate change is real. So he's out.

Gilmore and Pataki? Nobody has heard of these guys – if they are even real people. So of course Trump is at the top. It’s where he belongs.

Game Changer: Cruz UNLEASHED

In a world dominated by the crazy, One candidate strides above the chaos and confusion. And that man is Ted Cruz who offers "the base" the most compelling argument for his candidacy to date....:

Friday, July 31, 2015

Possibility of Government Shutdown on RISE; Dark Clouds on Horizon

Currently the possibility of a government shutdown this fall is estimated at 40% - just up from 33% where it stood at in mid-July. This according to long time budget expert Stan Collender. The reason (again) is Republican Party turmoil. Speaker Boehner is unable to mollify hard core tea party demands on Military spending, various items in the budget, and bright shiny objects like the Ex-Im Bank. Add to that mix the clown car that is the GOP primary with it attendant publicity seeking stunts and we have a recipe for disaster. Plus if there is one thing you can expect from the Tea Party, like raccoons, they are unable to resist bright and shiny things.

Well, it may be time to add another birght and shiny thing to the must have wish list and ratchet up the possibility of a shutdown even higher. Over at RedState Blog, noted Goat Procreation Expert Erick Erickson is calling for a Government Shutdown to Shutdown Planned Parenthood likening the organization to the Nazis (sigh).

 I know what people are thinking. "Erickson is a nutjob." This is true, ya. But he is also a nutjob who can spin a web of craziness that can ensnare the most seasoned GOP presidential candidates.

Remember a guy named "Mitt Romney" and his "47%" meme. It came from Erickson last time around. Why Romney felt he had to belittle 47% of Americans as moochers is a testament to the Crazy. Its a Powerful force, man.  Add to it the strange fact that GOP Presidential Candidates feel compelled to attend and speak at his RedState Blog events. Add in some Crazy, Plus some undercover edited videos intended to cast a shit storm down on Planned Parenthood and we may have the makings of a perfect storm.

The call has been issued:
If Republicans are not willing to make this their hill to die on and even see the government shutdown to stop this, the Republican Party needs to be shut down.

The Party of Lincoln that rose from the ashes of a whig Party that would not stand up to slavery must stand up to this evil. The American public is staring evil in the face and it looks a lot like them. It must end.

If Abraham Lincoln’s party will not fight to stop a practice that defends itself with the same arguments used by proponents of slavery, it is time for a new party....You will be made to care about this. You will not be allowed to sit by and make excuses. You will be not be allowed to say it is tissue, goo, or innocent. These are human beings. These are the future of this country harvested for their organs. They are being killed. The arguments in support of it are the arguments in support of slavery. This is evil and you must care.

This must end

And if anyone does not think that Planned Parenthood has replaced Obamacare as the 21st century's version of chattel slavery, Erickson offers this:
This is really, really simple.

If Republicans do not defund Planned Parenthood, they will see a great portion of their base vanish overnight. That is not an exaggeration.

Planned Parenthood, we now know, is killing living children who have already been born, cutting them up, and harvesting their organs.

If Abraham Lincoln’s Party cannot go to war against that where war is not bullets, just a government shut down until the President relents, then Abraham Lincoln’s Party needs to be put on the ash heap of history. It really is that simple.

Either defund Planned Parenthood or do not defund Planned Parenthood. The future of the Republican Party is at stake
 Playing Abraham Lincoln trying to lead a secessionist movement in the states of the old confederacy over health insurance was always destined to fail. And it was always blisteringly stupid, too. "If Health Insurance is not wrong," thundered Lincoln, "then nothing is wrong!"  Nope. That doesn't work. Various wingers tried this approach and failed (sigh). The abortion thing works much better.

So. Which GOP candidate plays carnival barker on this issue? Ted Cruz is the obvious choice. When it comes to cray-cray, he always seems to find a way to the front of the line.

Time to gear up the culture war and lace up your boots. It may be getting deep soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wingnut Perplexed by World Again

Via Powerline:
We Live In a World Gone Mad
These are perilous times: Iran is on its way to getting the bomb, Russia is on the march, China’s economy is teetering, the U.S. has a historic election in prospect. So what is the number one news story in the world? Cecil the lion....
Others have pointed out the weird disproportion between the world-wide outpouring of outrage over the death of Cecil the lion, and the relatively muted and mixed reaction to Planned Parenthood’s selling of babies’ body parts. Fair enough. But all such analogies aside, global interest in Cecil strikes me as inexplicable....
I don’t know, maybe it’s the silly season–the dog days of summer, or something. First Caitlyn, now Cecil. One can only hope that the world will get back to serious news before long.
It's got to be tough being a winger. Popular culture don't get you and you don't get it. But there are always clouds to yell at. So there is that. Plus - "get off my lawn."

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NRO Guy "Loses it"

Nordlinger has a "sad:"
Everything is too hard for Americans now. We can’t do anything. We can’t complete construction projects, we can’t stop Iran from getting the Bomb, we can’t host the Olympics. We whine everything to death, or green-eyeshade it to death. We’re like some giant public-employee union, inept, incompetent, and immovable. And we’re belligerently proud of it. Could today’s Americans have possibly carried out the Apollo project? What would the Right have said? I shudder to think. I fear the can-do nation has become the can’t-do nation — or more accurately, the won’t-do nation.
So there will be no Boston Olympics held in 2024.  People in Boston didn't push hard enough for the chance to host the games.  It is a sign of America in decline, the wingnet moans.   Every so often wingers go down this road - pondering whether its time to move to France or what not. The good ol' days are gone or at least the good ol' days as you remember them are long gone.  In reality, the good ol' days as you remember them never existed.  However in such lamentations, usually these wingers don't bash "the right" along the way. 

It is obvious what "the right" would say about an "Apollo Project" today. If Obama proposed it, they would reflexively hate it.  In 2009 when Obama supported Chicago's attempt to bring the 2016 games to the USA, RedState Blog celebrated with tremendous glee when America lost out to Rio. 

When you hate President Obama more than you love America, you have a serious problem.  It is almost as if Obama could announce a cure to cancer one day and find a Pro-Cancer opposition lobby - fully staffed with global warming denial/Ex-Tobacco flacks the next day. 

But the nation has done some pretty big "stuff" recently. Nationalized Romneycare or Obamacare counts. I seem to remember that it is a big f'ing deal.  C'est La Vie.

Obama Officially now "Effing" with the Lunatic Fringe

So President Obama visited Africa and said this:
"I am in my second term...It has been an extraordinary privilege for me to serves as president of the United States. I cannot imagine a greater honor or a more interesting job. I love my work, but under our Constitution, I cannot run again. I can't run again. I actually think I'm a pretty good president. I think if I ran, I could win. But I can't. So there's a lot that I'd like to do to keep America moving, but the law is the law, and no one person is above the law, not even the president."
A third Obama term?  I don't know but it sounds like he might be thinking about it.  And if he is actually thinking about it, could FEMA-run anti-Obama dissident camps and that secret gestapo like force that the wingers have warned us about be very far away?  Reasonable minds may be wondering.

Meanwhile Donald Trump leads the field for the GOP nomination.

h/t Weekly Standard

Polling Trend: Trump DOMINANT; Kasich leads "also rans"

If Foxnews were to use Huffington Post's consolidated polling average to set the 10 person debate, it look this with The Donald taking center stage with Perry and Christie occupying the Fringes.
Jesus Loves Me Division
22.2% - Trump
14.2% - Bush!!!
10.5% - Walker
 6.4% - Crazy Ben
 6.4% - Young Marco
 5.8% - Paul II
 5.6% - ol' Huck
 4.6% - Tailgunner Ted
 3.3% - Christie
 2.2% - Perry

Not Debate Worthy Loser Zone
 1.8% - Kasich
 1.7% - Fiorina
 1.6% - Santo
 1.3% - Jindal
  0.3% - Grahamnesty
  0.1% - Pataki
  0.0% - Gilmore?
This could make for some pretty good television. Nobody will get a lot of time to speak, presumably. So you'll want to make the most of your chances. Do you stick to bashing the Obamunist Tyrant in Washington or....do you go right after Bush and/or Trump?  I think that will be a split decision with the so-called grown-ups attacking The Donald and the Exotics (those vying for Teahadist, Evangelical and Winger votes) attacking Bush.

So. There is a real possibility for an entertaining evening in a train-wreck meets demolition derby meets professional wrestling battle royale kinda way.

Cherry Picked Polling Data Reassures Wingnut

These guys tend to hurt themselves when the play with polls.

Via Powerline Blog:
Following the headlines every day, one could easily give in to despair. But if you want a shot of optimism, focus on these NBC/Marist poll results in states where voters might actually be paying attention–Iowa and New Hampshire.

This poll is a simple approval/disapproval comparison. ... the findings are encouraging....
Iowans like Sanders, Rubio and Walker–that’s good–don’t think much of Jeb Bush–fine with me–and really, really don’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. On the whole, that shows pretty good judgment.....Now for New Hampshire....These results are generally similar to Iowa’s. ...It is reasonable to assume that voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are typical of swing state voters, except that they are taking the election more seriously so far. If that is correct, these numbers suggest that Republicans shouldn’t be too discouraged about the bizarre headlines that have seemed to dominate the race in its very early stages.
I think this polling data needs to be unskewed before its of any good use.......IMO.

Monday, July 27, 2015


....toward 10th place

As the countdown for next week's brawl in Cleveland comes down the home streach, the Ohio Governor is making a "late push" for the 10th debate podium. His support is now up to 4% in latest CNN poll! And that's good enough for 10th place.

This is pretty good, all things considered.  He'll need to keep up the BIG MO this final week to make it on the big stage - one poll ain't enough. He'll need some more of 'em to pump up that average. Rasmussen we are talking to you. You guys can usually be counted on a to spike a poll or two to mess republican voters. Do Republican voters really need to see Rick Santorum again? No, not really.

Tenth place likely gets him a spot next to Crazy Ben or Rick Perry or perhaps Christie.  That means it'll be a chance for some contrast.

Polls: Trump Leads Nationally, NH; gaining in Iowa; Chaos Reigns Supreme

The latest batch of polls are out all showing that The Donald has the MoJo.

Nationally , Tramp is leading the field. A YouGov Poll has him way up 28% to 14% over Bush!. While a CNN poll has Trump leading 18% to 15% over Bush!.  Furthermore, according to the CNN poll, Trump appears to be solidifying support in a key demographic: the republican "Exotics."  According to some study "the Exotics" are fundamentalist groups that form the Base of the party kinda like a "three legged stool:"
“The majority of those Republicans surveyed that wants Trump to remain in the race includes numbers of those seen as the core of the GOP primary electorate: 58% of white evangelicals, 58% of conservatives, and 57% of tea party supporters.”
In New Hampshire, Trump is lacerating the field with a 21% to 14% lead over Bush!. And in Iowa, where Cross Border Strongman Scott Walker's appeal with the so-called "Exotics" has translated in a consistent lead in the polls, Trump is on the rise having cut Walker's lead to 19%-17%.

But its not just the Polls that are giving the GOP fits. In the Senate, Tailgunner Ted Cruz has fixed his sights on Mitch McConnell having taken to the floor of the senate to denounce Mitch as a liar. At issue is the descruction of the Export Import Bank. Wingers (conservative ideologues, see above) see the Ex-Im Bank as an abomination to all that is holy.  The Market, in its infinite wisdom should decide "winners and losers" not some Bank of last resort. That all other advanced countries provide financing to some of their key  producers is not considered.

Wingers are demanding that America unilaterally disarm in the name of doctrine.  Business leaders see no wisdom in sacrificing the Bank on the alter of purity and McConnell knowing who pays his freight is dragging re-authorization of the bank over the finish line. Cruz seeing a chance to suck up to the loons is seizing the moment to lead the circus yet again.

Huckabee, not getting any juice from the Media, has compared the international agreement to limit Iran's nuclear weapon's capability to the Holocaust - the "Door of the Oven."  Meanwhile Lindsay Graham, is grubbing for attention by destroying cell phones while Marco Rubio is holding his breath and stomping his feet whenever he's in sight of a camera.

And while this is all happening, the first GOP debate is just a week away in Cleveland. So - its all good.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Wingnet Struggling with RISE of The Donald

Via the Washington Examiner:
Donald Trump has surged to the top of the Republican presidential field on the strength of his unpredictable and unforgiving rhetoric toward his own GOP running mates.
Now the question for the other candidates is how to avoid letting Trump turn the first Republican debate on August 6 into yet another platform that he dominates, which could let him consolidate his lead even more.
Trump's ability to climb the ladder has shocked not only his Republican foes, but also those in the media, who are now struggling to figure out how Trump will factor in the debate that many other candidates are hoping can be less about Trump, and more about them for a change.
So the wingnet and the conservative entertainment complex have been carefully pimping white populism as a clever way to fight the Obamunist Menace. Hey if it feels good and it works, why not do it?  And so they did. And now after having built a solid platform of fear, anxiety and resentment, Trump comes along and says "I think I'll use this as the foundation to build my campaign upon." And he does and he rises in the polls.

The wingnet is very confused about how this all could be happening.

Powerline Blogger finds new "Black Guy" to hate on

So this is happening.

TaNehisi Coates has a new book out to lots of Media Buzz. It seems like something people would want to check out because he's an excellent writer and is sincere.  However the buzz is not positive on the Wingnet.  While the book is just out, the wingnet has taken and instantaneous dislike to the book. The wingers know that they are gonna HATE it. 

Here is a mean-spirited review via one of the malcontents at powerline blog in what is to become a series of denouncements, he promises:
Coates reiterates every racial shtick of the past 50 years up to and including those of the moment. Black power, black is beautiful, Malcolm X (Coates takes up Malcolm X’s case agains the nonviolent civil rights movement), the Black Panthers, “mass incarceration,” the leading cases of Black Lives Matter — they’re all recycled here as though time has stood still and nothing has been learned. Even “pigs” returns for another workout, though with an important variation that we will come to later.

The book is so overwritten that it is a continuous annoyance. Coates is full of himself. He is drunk on the sound of his own voice. He makes understanding needlessly difficult. Even so, one can rarely miss the gist of his words. His thought is not exactly subtle....Coates fancies himself something of a poet. He describes himself as a bad poet during his college years, but notes later that he worked on his craft. He seems to think he has become a good poet. He badly needed an intervention by a friend or an editor during the writing of this book.
...I take it, for example, that he did not get good grades as a student at Howard University. This is how he puts it: “I wanted to know things, but I could not match the means of knowing that came naturally to me with the expectations of my professors.” No further explanation is offered.

Although the book is short, Coates is both verbose and repetitious. He must speak of the “breaking” of the black “body” more than a hundred times. The repetition is incessant. ... Coates made his name arguing “The case for reparations.” If he would only quit yammering, I thought to myself, I would get out my own checkbook and try to make a deal.
These wingers are always wondering why they can't find any "black friends." Hint H8 ain't cool, brother.

Movement Conservatives are pretty good at lecturing people. They are not so good at listening to people and demonstrating a sense of empathy.  They are good at anger and resentment so maybe this balances everything out. So just another day on the wingnet.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Powerline Blogger Befuddled by Efficiency Standards

First THEY came for your outhouse and insisted that flush toilets and public sanitation was good.

Then THEY came and did a bunch of other stuff that made wingers really angry but turned out to be so bad after all. Who knew that Medicare wouldn't end freedom? Nobody really.

Then THEY came for your Ford Pinto because they said cars that burned people alive were not good.

Then THEY came came for your old fashioned light bulbs because they said the new technology was better for global warming, efficiency and stuff like that.

And now THEY are coming for energy inefficient appliances.

I will say absolutely nothing because I am not a maladjusted raging wingnut. But others will speak up because they will not be silenced:
First They Came fo Your Light Bulbs. . .
I’m always struck by the irony that the same kind of people who say government should stay out of your bedroom have no hesitation about getting into your bathroom, and have mandated such splendors as low-flow shower heads and toilets (or commodes that are no longer commodious). And then they moved on to light bulbs and clothes washers and dryers.
So now the feddle guvmint has a new idea to save your material soul. Washington plans to invade your kitchen and regulate your dishwashing machine.
So this is the chicken little effect. The wingers are always shrieking about something. Its always been this way. It's a natural law and the universe operates according to laws, so we just have to get used to it.  So pretty soon it becomes a social norm just to tune out their cries that the sky is falling.

Ominously though, some day the sky may indeed fall. The wingers will shriek (just like usual). And nobody will listen. And even though this time they are right, it won't matter because in the end everyone will die. C'est la vie.

Back in the old days, I remember participating in a conversation about upgrading a fleet of tractor trailers. "We need to buy 'em this year before the feddle guvmint raises safety and efficiency standards like they is a fixin' to do. Next year them trucks won't be able to go up hills or scream down the interstate at an ungodly speed," they said. Some AM radio asshole said it was all true.

I don't remember how the decision about the trucks turned out, but 12-15 years later these more efficient Trucks still (somehow) can go up hills and scream down the interstate at an ungodly speed. It turns out that all that shrieking on the AM radio was just the same old bullshit.

Whether its the "Obamabulb" and the Failed Light Bulb Freedom Summer of 2010 to the latest outrage - real or imagined  - its always the same old shrieking.

Great Moments in American Wingnuttery, A Series

Peggy Noonan steps up to the plate and offers this for posterity:

I thought of that yesterday when Gov. Bush took the podium in Austin, relaxed and in something like command. These days he's Bush in bloom, expansive and settled, and the selection of Dick Cheney reflects his new confidence. Some bad luck (a Concorde down, a Mideast peace process gone bust) and some leaking (never let your father call the doctor and expect the neighbors not to hear) dulled the impact of the announcement, but it was still the story of the day, not only on its own terms but because of what it revealed about Mr. Bush. He didn't choose someone who'll help him win, he chose a man who'll help him govern. He is certain he is going to win. He is thinking of the future.  Thus the choice. If you were president, Dick Cheney is precisely the kind of man you'd want working down the hall. ...
The choice of Dick Cheney seems so grounded, mature and constructive that, as a citizen, I am astonished. An adult has been picked for an adult job. We appear to be entering a new era. Perhaps it will be called the restoration.
Peggy Noonan, May 2001

Can it be too long before Noonan wistfully ponders a new Bush “Restoration.” It has to be on everyone’s mind.  How can it not be?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

GOP: 60% Sane; 40% Radicalized?

Electoral prognosticator Charlie Cook diagnoses the ills of the GOP:
Like Kids in an Ice-Cream Shop
So far, the crowded primary field is nothing but good news for Republican voters....
The GOP splits roughly 60-40 these days: 60 percent of its voters are pretty conventional, mainstream Republicans, while the other 40 percent are of a somewhat more exotic variety, up from just a third a decade ago. This latter group is made up of three subgroups: secular, anti-establishment, tea-party adherents; evangelical conservatives driven chiefly by cultural issues; and those who are just really conservative and more ideologically driven than your normal garden-variety Republicans.

Historically, this collection of less-conventional Republicans has loomed large in Iowa, then gradually given way to more-mainstream GOP voters in the final stretch, but the harder-edged Republicans have been on the ascendency and may play an even greater role in choosing the nominee this time around than in the past.
 Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, and Governors Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and John Kasich can be expected to dominate the competition for that 60-percent bloc of more-conventional conservatives, while Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, former Governors Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry, along with Ben Carson and former Senator Rick Santorum, among others, will fight it out for the more ideologically driven 40 percent of the GOP electorate. But, at least at the outset, in this field, there is something for everyone.
I don't know where Cook gets these numbers: Sixty percent of republicans are sane and forty percent have been radicalized.

Did some PhD Political Scientist crank 'em out as a result of meticulously crafted study?  He doesn't say. Assuming there is some basis for the ratio, I suspect the 60/40 ratio is not geographically consistent. It may flip to a 40/60 ratio with the Exotic variety forming the majority in certain parts of the country.

But I think he is right, in that the "Exotics," whether they are 40% or 60%, are having a greater impact on the electoral process.  While "sane" republicans stay at home in larger numbers, the "exotics" turn out for the primary and demand the cray-cray.  They'll vote for the one that delivers it. So that is what the GOP candidates want to showcase without turning off "Sane" voters that they'll need to win the general election.

Exotics. That's funny.  It is also very mean and hurtful too.

Florida Poll: Bush! schooling "young punk" Rubio in home turf brawl

A recent Bendixen & Amandi International poll of south Florida republican voters shows STRONG support for Bush who leads fellow South Florida Resident Marco Rubio by a comfortable margin in a crowded field.

One of the notables to take away from the poll is that Bush! earns more support from Cuban-American Republicans (43-31 percent)  than Rubio - a son of Cuban immigrants (and the Canadian Born Ted Cruz who also claims ties to Cuba for that matter).

To the Polls
35% - Bush!!!
25% - Young Marco Rubio
  9% - No Fucking Clue
  6% - Tailgunner Ted; The Donald
  5% - Paul II
  3% - Crazy Ben, Huck, Walker
  2% - Christie, "Other"
  1% - Perry
Things change, but for now investing in a Florida Firewall may be Bush!!! best option.  That strategy did not work for Rudy Giuliani in '08 but was A-OK with Mitt Romney during his brilliantly executed "Operation Batshit" campaign of '12. 

If Bush! can keep the crazy from consolidating around a single crazy candidate and just deal with the batshit until he comes home, maybe he has a shot at this thing.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Poll: Walker takes CONTROL of Iowa

A new Monmouth Poll [pdf] of likely Iowa caucus goers is out and its Show the Wisconsin Strongman grip on the cross border state is firming up. Not reported at this time is whether or not annexation talks have begun. Surely, this will occur soon.

The Donald holds second place with Bobby Jindal making his debut at the adults table at 7th and Santo, Perry, Fiorina in a three way tie for 10th. 
22% - The Wisconsin Strongman
13% - The Donald
11% -"undecided"
  8% - Crazy Ben
  7% - Bush; Tailgunner Ted
  6% - Good ol' Huck
  5% -  Young Marco; Paul II
  4% - Jindal
  3% - Santo, Perry, Fiorina
  2% - Kasich
 >2% - Christie, Pataki, Graham, Gilmor
Walker's Dominance is notable in the crosstabs. He dominates support from the "Big Three" fundamentalist groups: Teahadists, Evangelicals and Ideologues.  Under Charlie Cook's analysis, these Republican "Exotics" make up 40% of the party. So this is a pretty good base for him.

It is still hard to believe that Santo actually won Iowa last time around, but given Walker's dominance over the "exotics" maybe not so much.  Romney still must be having flashbacks.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Poll: Trump Dominant; Alpha-Dog; Leader of Pack

The latest Fox news nation wide poll of GOP primary voters is out and it confirms what everyone is slowly coming to understand. In field of Malcontents, Losers and RINOs, one man stands out. And that man is Donald Trump. Hey, its from Foxnews so these poll results have to be right. 

Anyway, The Donald checks in a top of the leader board (where else) followed by Walker who is on the rise since the last Foxnews poll and Bush III who ain't. Kasich and Santo are both one step ahead of a Death Panel, hoping that the black helicopter nabs the other one first.
18% - The Donald
15% - The Wisconsin Strongman
14% - Bush !!!
  8% - Paul II
  7% - Young Marco Rubio
  6% - Crazy Ben
  4% - Tailgunner Ted
  4% - Good ol' Huck
  3% - Christie
  2% - Kasich or Santorum
  2% - Kasich or Santorum
  1% - Fiorina, Perry, "Other"
>1% - Graham, Pataki, Jindal

13% - undecided
Reading the crosstabs and the thing that stands out is absolutely nothing. There is no pattern here. Just chaos. Take Trump out of the equation and his support does go to any one person. Same with Bush and Walker.

Once upon a time, Will Rogers is noted to having said that he did "not belong to an organized political party" bcecause he "was a Democrat. It seems to me that the parties' positions have changed over the years.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Right Wing Professor just can't quit Cosby

Once upon a time Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe wrote that Bill Cosby was one of "only a handful of African Americans" who really care about "the welfare of their fellow African-Americans." That distant day was in 2014. That's kinda hard to believe that were are only a "handful" of African-Americans who actually care about other black folks. But whatever. Don't hate the winger hate the game.

Now unable to Promote Bill Cosby as his ideal model anymore, the FAR Right Wing Professor has retreated to a more defensible position: a defense of TV Dad Cliff Huxatable:
That’s right. The reason Judge Robreno released court documents under seal was that he did not like what Cosby — disguised as Dr. Huxtable — had to say about African-American conduct, and the silencing of Dr. Huxtable has happened. As Bill McGurn observes, a day after the release of those documents, Black Entertainment Televisions Centric Network, Bounce TV, and TV Land stopped running reruns of The Cosby Show, and in Salon and The New Republic the show as such has come under fire.

You see, Dr. Huxtable and his family were not victims. They were not harassed by the New York City Police Department, and they were not out there attacking “white privilege.” They were working hard, playing by the rules, and making their way. As such — the left liberals are agreed — they were a bad example to their fellow African-Americans. They were not playing the role which the left has assigned black Americans.
Conspiracies are everywhere, man.

Last week the Liberal Anti-Cosby Conspiracy was desperately trying to thrown down the ban hammer on re-runs of the Cosby show.  If black folks watched the show, maybe they'd be inspired to become a Doctor, marry a Lawyer and live happily ever after, too. As a doctor you could prescribe your self the date rape drug, so bonus.  But this "role model" of family life was simply unacceptable to these dark forces. But despite their best efforts the Anti-Cosby forces could not seem to take that show down.  BET and TV Land wouldn't cave. People were watching it.

But then something happened that shifted the momentum in the great struggle. As evidence of Bill Cosby was actually a criminal became insurmountable, the Networks' position reversed. They relented to the pressure and  bowed down to the great Anti-Cosby forces and did what they were told to do.  No more Cliff Huxtable. Mission Accomplished.

Plausible I guess.

Alternately these networks could've made a business decision. Maybe they determined that Cosby tainted their brand to the point where the costs outweighed the benefits. Either way.

You would think that someone pimping Bill Cosby as recently as 2014 might take a step back, perhaps reconsider his previous commentary or, preferably, just shut the fuck up. One would think.  But not Rahe. This dude is a hard core winger. He tips the jug and doubles down with more conspiracy theory.  No wonder this guy cannot get a job at a real college.

Poor Miserable Bastard.

Its a "Good Deal" according to the Nuclear Proliferation Experts

The smart people are starting to weigh in on the Iranian Nuclear Weapon Deal negotiated by the P5+1. They're impressed.

It, Option 1- The Deal, is a good step to keeping the bomb away from Iran. There are inspections, verification and roll back. It represents a much better approach than the alternatives: Option 2 - War and Option 3 - Go it alone.

Option 2 is probably the preferred route of Neoconservatives. To go Option 2, Iran needs to be not just scary but super scary. If Iran has potential of getting the bomb, the Neocons have an easier time scaring the nation into another war.  You need to kill the deal to "give war a chance." Option 2, ironically, incentivizes Iran to go nuclear as a means of preventing the neocons from pressing this option forward.  So option 2 fails on its own terms.

Option 3 - Go it alone looks doomed to failure. This is the approach GOP presidential candidates are initially taking. Accordingly to people like Lindsay Graham, a better - stronger deal with Iran is possible. Somehow, through his winning personality perhaps, he can force Iranian Hard liners into capitulating to all of his demands. How Graham will accomplish this on his own is uncertain.

International cooperation from the 5 permanent security counsel members plus Germany has forced Iran to the negotiating table.  It takes international cooperation to enforce the sanctions regime in place that has incentivized Iran into agreeing to limits on its nuclear capabilities. If a hypothetical President Graham were to walk away from the international framework, he'd lose international support and the sanctions regime that go along with it. Essentially he'd be going it "Bush Style." 

Under the "Bush Style" approach, Iran would have some sanction relief as the international sanction regime dissipates- which is what Iran wants and Iran would have some ability to continue toward a bomb which Iranian Hard liners presumably also want. The US and the region would get nothing. However President Graham would get to issue lectures and threats on a daily basis. Which seems very ineffective leading me to believe that he really is an option 2 kinda guy. War is what he wants.

So that leaves Option 1 - The Deal. The Deal may not work, ultimately. But it represents the most effective way forward to achieving the objective of a non-nuclear Iran.  Besides, Option 1 would be the approach that Reagan would have chosen if he were around today. So there is that.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Teahadism: WHINOs and Reaping the Whirlwind

The Lamestream Media explains how all the Tea Party Bullshit is working against the GOP:
It’s been said before that Democrats hate their base while Republicans fear their base, and the second part seems to be more true now than ever. The Tea Party experience of the last six years, which helped them win off-year elections and also produced rebellions against incumbent Republicans, has left them living in abject terror of their own voters.
It’s as though the GOP got itself a vicious dog because it was having an argument with its neighbor, only to find that the dog kept biting members of its own family. And now it finds itself tiptoeing around the house, paralyzed by the fear that it might startle the dog and get a set of jaws clamped around its ankle.
Another way to put it is the GOP has been "riding the wolf" in the form of its tea party protest movement. You hold on tight to the wolf's ears and hope that he'll either tire out soon or move to Florida.  Either way. Until then if you let go of the wolf, he'll turn on you and he'll do what comes naturally.

With Trumps rising in the Polls, the rest of the GOP candidates must tip toe about in fear - hoping not to startle the vicious beast and get a set of jaws clamped down around their ankles. In the meantime, Trump is on a red meat roll riling up the Base with the crazy. 

NRO-bot Kevin Williams has had enough of the Grand Teahad - that his blog has lovingly nurtured. And now the opera-loving tough guy is taking a stand against the cray-cray. 

He's calling out his readers as a bunch of "whiners:"
You know the RINO — Republican In Name Only — but you may be less familiar with the WHINO. The WHINO is a captive of the populist Right’s master narrative, which is the tragic tale of the holy, holy base, the victory of which would be entirely assured if not for the machinations of the perfidious Establishment. Never mind the Democrats, economic realities, Putin, ISIS, the geographical facts of the U.S.-Mexico border — all would be well and all manner of things would be well if not for the behind-the-scenes plotting of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and their enablers, who apparently can be bribed with small numbers of cocktail weenies. The WHINO is a Republican conspiracy theorist, in whose fervid imaginings all the players — victims, villains — are Republicans....
Ask the WHINO to explain [anything complicated] and you will get the characteristic WHINO whine: “But what about the baaaaaaaaase!?!”...
We must give some consideration to Trump, Breitbart’s Boyle informed me, because he is a vessel for the expression of the base’s frustration.
The base should get a hobby. 
Politics is a slow, maddening, incremental business. Bawling that Mitch McConnell is a mean meany won’t change that. Whining is no substitute for winning.
The "whiners" love Donald Trump right now. This is their real crime. Otherwise they're just useful idiots serving the glorious cause in their own "special" way.

The whiners love FREEDOM and zany right wing media like Palin TV, Glenn Beck TV and Brietbart Media. NRO, one wonders, do they like that?  You betcha.  They groove on the Tea Party and gold coins. They thrive on the Survivalist - Goldbug schemes that are advertised on the NRO all while haunting that blog's comment section.

Want to turn your retirement account into gold based investments at the height of a Gold Bubble? No problem. The NRO would be your place to find a pitchman just a click away. Need to stock-up on end of times supplies after the Armageddon brought on by the Obamunist Tyrant? Who doesn't? Go to the NRO. They have something for you to click on. 

Williamson, unsurprisingly, misses these basic observations - that his readers are the very problem that he is "whining" about. Not only that, he fails to mention that they are a problem due in LARGE part to believing decades of crazy shit posted at the NRO and elsewhere in the conservative entertainment complex.

But that is besides the point as Williamson haughtily notes, after straightening his ascot. They are all WHINOs now.


But this is a problem for the conservagentsia and the GOP establishment. They've been spinning people they treat as rubes for so long that these folks actually believe in all the hookum and moonshine.  Is it the rubes' fault that they got conned or are the con men to blame?

Trump doesn't care. No need to assign blame. He didn't build this. He's just styling in the house that the cray-cray built.

Poll: Trump SURGES back in front; Bush Stumbles

The latest national Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll of likely GOP primary voters shows The Donald back in front of the pack of GOP contenders. Bush !!! switches spots back to second place with a virtual 7 way dead heat for the last debate podium.
17% - The Donald
14% - Bush !!!
  8% - The Wisconsin Wuss
  6% - Tailgunner Ted
  5% - Young Marco Rubio
  4% - Crazy Ben
  4% - Paul II
  4% - Good ol' Huck
  3% - Christie
  >2% - Perry, Santo, Jindal, Fiorina, Kasich, Grahamnesty, Pataki
The Donald keeps giving the Base Red Meat. And all the stuff that they bash President Obama about on Foxnews is being redirected to the other candidates.

So yeah. This kinda stuff can happen. You demagogue against Obama for almost 7 years building a platform and then some asshole comes along and stands on it to preach to the masses. 

The establishment is all like "whoa...White populism is all fun and games when its used against the democrats but when its used against us....Holy Shit this sucks!"

The Donald is a very bad man.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Santorum lays down the BOOM

What do you do when you are dangerously close to the Fox News Line of Death that may keep you off the debate stage?  Good question and lots of candidates are sweating it.

Last time around's runner up knows just what to do. Go after "the gays." So it is hardly surprising that the lamestream media is reporting that Rick Santorum is attacking the GOP clown car from its far right flank stating he wants:
 “a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a man and a woman in all 50 states” ...
“I believe we need a national standard for marriage. I don’t think we can have a standard from one state to another on what marriage is,” adding that he wants “to define marriage the way it was defined for 4,000 years of human history.”
Double BOOM on the shout out to Creationism and the Earth being 4,000 years old! 

Most of the cats out there play the 6,000 year game.  But that's not how Santo rolls. Why be just like those other wingers out there that believe the Earth was created on October 23, 4004 B.C. and is 6019 years old?  Anyone  can do that, Man. And Santo isn't just a any random asshole watching the 700 Club. No, this Dude is stone cold. He'll see you 6000 years and and cut it too 4,000.

So yeah, this is how you play the game. Let's see Tailgunner Ted, Good ol' Huck and Bobby Jindal try to top that one. They'll try something, of course. And it'll probably be mean spirited and overly reckless - or just another day in paradise.

Poll: Bush SURGES ahead; Trump Bewildered

The latest national Monmouth University Poll [pdf] of Republican voters finds Bushmentum pushing Bush !!! into first place with The Donald relegated to the second place spot. There is a four-way no-holds barred texas steel cage barbed wire death match for the last two debate podiums. 

The top 10:
15% - Bush !!!
13% - The Donald
  9% - Tailgunner Ted
  7% - The Wisconsin Wuss
  7% - Good ol' Huck
  6% - Young Marco
  6% - Crazy Ben
  6% - Paul II
  2% - Perry and/or Santo and /or Jindal and/or Christie

The rest of the pack of losers sees Fiorina and Kasich at 1%, Grahamnesty and Pataki at less 0.5%. Gilmore is at 0%.
18% of GOP voters remain undecided in the poll. This provides the much needed chaos factor in the race. And the chaos factor means that anyone has an opportunity to be that new bright shiny object of the day who moves up the ranks earning the love of the base.  Santorum? Why not! Huck? You bet.

Anything can happen, man.

Report: Iranian Nuclear Deal could be announced as early as today

And this means, of course, that Opposition to the whatever the Deal is, could be announced as early today be Angry Hard Right Wingers.

The Deal should be judged on its merits, but any time something unites religious hard line fundamentalists in Iran with hard right wing fundamentalists in America in angry opposition, there must at least something to it worth considering.

This is a general rule of the internets. Sigh.

Friday, July 10, 2015

America's Enslavement Nearly Complete

Someday everyone will be able to go to the doctor when they get sick. 

And when this day occurs, FREEDOM dies.

Hey, Reagan predicted this all back in 1964 when he said that allowing elderly folks the piece of mind to visit a doctor without the risk of bankruptcy would end freedom. Turns out that he was RIGHT!

POLL: TRUMPMENTUM steam rolling competition

The lastest YouGov national poll of GOP primary voters confirms that the Donald's "Base driven" campaign is gaining the big MO. Trump leads the pack.

This is especially striking when republicans are asked for their second choice. The Donald extends his lead when those results are combined. 

Unsinkable Trump
With George Pataki in last place (sigh), is it surprising that Pataki has challenged the much admired Trump to a debate? Not really. He wants some of The Donald's MoJo to rub off on him. That way maybe he can move past Graham or even Kasich in the polls.

Essentially, Trump is telling the Foxnews crowd what they want to hear. While this great when the rhetoric is directed at the Obamunist Strongman in Washington, it is problematic when its thrown at other Republican candidates. Its a classic good for the goose, good for the gander situation.

Fun times.

Ramblings of a Troubled Mind - Powerline Blog edition

Over at Powerline Blog one of the wingers displays a remarkable lack of self-awareness.
All Confederates were Democrats. The Southern states seceded because a Republican had been elected president, and Republicans led the effort that defeated the Confederacy and abolished slavery. Yet, through sheer stupidity, as best I can tell, Republicans in Congress are on the verge of making the GOP, in the public’s eyes, the party of the Confederacy and slavery.
This happened long ago - the parties switched roles on the issue of civil rights. The old abolitionist strongholds of New England and the Great Lakes region switched allegiance from the GOP to Democratic Party at the same time as Southern advocates of Segregation switched loyalty from Democratic Party to the GOP. This wasn't just a spontaneous coincidence.

That the GOP became the party of resistance to civil rights and by extension the inheritors of the tradition of segregation is not a new "thing."

History is not a "thing" that powerline blog does. There, the wingers speculate, that if Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he'd be leading a secession movement in the states of the old confederacy over the health insurance tyranny. Abe once said, after all, "If health insurance is not wrong, how can anything be wrong." You see at Powerline Blog, Health Insurance is really just chattel slavery for the 21st century.

It is simple, really. Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains insured. Lincoln said that, too. Or perhaps it was somebody else. Whatever.  Sigh. So much crazy in the world and not enough imaginary FEMA Camps to handle it. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Poll: The Donald regains TRUMPMENTUM; rivals running SCARED

A new PPP poll of North Carolina GOP voters shows The Donald resurgent in the Polls. The Donald leads the pack He also enjoys a surprising 53% approval rating in that state.

Now to the top ten!

16% - The Donald
12% - Jeb Bush and Scott Walker
11% - Good ol' Huck
  9% - Crazy Ben Carson and Marco Rubio
  7% - Paul II
  6% - Tailgunner Ted Cruz
  5% - Christie
  4% - Fiorina

The remaining losers are 2% for Rick Perry, 1% each for Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum, and less than 1% each for John Kasich and George Pataki.

These guys seem scared to me. The next thing you know, Trump will buy the GOP and start firing these guys - one right after another. Looks like its time for alot of these guys to face reality and quit the race.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Consolidated Poll Results: Bush Leads Pack; Chaos still abounds

As the clown Car rolls slowly forward, and the first GOP presidential debate less than a month away, the Lamestream Media has put together the polling average from the last five national polls.

Unsurprisingly, GOP primary Voters don't have much love for Santo, Fiorina, Grahamn, Kasich or Jindal leaving them off the debate stage.

Consolidated Poll Results

It looks to me that Operation Batshit, may be Bush's best bet here to win the primary. Fill the stage up The Crazy and keep the crazy vote from consolidating around a single guy. Bush III may be able to skate by with as little as 20% in a crowded field. As long as their is money to keep candidates from dropping out, it may work.

When the field narrows, that Crazy Vote becomes problematic. Mitt Romney was sweating bullets narrowly knocking Rick Santorum off in the 2012 Michigan primary in what had narrowed to a two man contest. And Michigan was one of Romney's home states, i.e., one of 37 states where either he used to live in, owned a home, estate or yacht....at least if the lamestream media is to be believed.

There are a lot of wildcards still out there and lots of right wing billionaires ready to Eff with the whole process along the way.

RINO slowly starting to realize that he's basically "just a Democrat"

In the wake of being called out as a "Vichy Republican" i.e., a democratic party or Nazi collaborator (take your pick) by noted right wing goat procreation expert "Erick Erickson," RINO activist John Feehry has published a manifesto calling for the modernization of the "Grand Old Party."

Put into practice in this manner, a modern Grand Old Party would be a lot like today's Democratic Party:
To build a modern America, we have to modernize the Grand Old Party.

Events over the last week have put an exclamation point on the past. We must move to bravely embrace the new world.

The Civil War is over. Finally. Let’s retire the flag of resistance and work to heal the wounds of past sins.

The Supreme Court has decided that everybody deserves a right to have a family, no matter what their sexual orientation. So be it. Let’s move on....

The Republican Party should stop being afraid of the future.

We should be the party of the immigrant. ...

We should be the party of technology and applied science.

We shouldn’t be the party at war with the scientific community over issues like climate change. We should be the party of environmental protection and environmental innovation.

We can grow the economy smartly without destroying the world we live in.

We should apply social science to social problems.... 
Social scientists, with the helps of vast reams of data provided by social media, have answers to [social problems] ...

We should think creatively about applying science to the work force and to transportation issues....

We need to make the American people smarter, too. We should make it a national campaign to raise the collective IQ of the nation by 20 points.

... we need to understand better how nutrition and other environmental factors affect our brains. ...

Campaign finance reform is essential. We live in an oligarchy — less than 1,000 people really decide election results, based on their huge checkbooks....
Democracy run by the few is not democracy....

We have to end affirmative action based on race, because racial distinctions are meaningless. ...Instead, we should focus exclusively on class.

If your parents didn’t go to college and you want to, your tuition should be free, no matter what your ethnic makeup. ...

The Census should be simplified to this simple question: Are you an American citizen?

If the answer is yes, then we want you to vote for the Grand Old Party...
And if the answer is no, we want you to learn to become an American as soon as possible, so you too can have a chance to pursue happiness...
A modernized Republican Party can modernize America. And it can win presidential elections, too.
There is a place for a Republican Party as a force for "modernization." However, to be a force for modernization, the party needs to be invested in the social compact of the land. It cannot reject science out of "great principle." It cannot easily embrace the future when so many in party are committed to "standing athwart history yelling stop."  This task will be very hard for "the party of no" to do because the roots of it dysfunction go back decades.

I will explain.

Once upon a time but not too long ago, in many a smoke filled room, the RINO and the Unreconstructed Right Winger debated the value of trying to "Out Seg" Democrats to win elections in the Solid South.

In these debates it was common for the RINO to say "when given a choice between a real racist and a pandering one, voters in the Jim Crow South will choose the real thing and vote Democratic." The RINO reasoned, quite practically that  "trying to 'Out Seg' the democrats in the South is a waste of time. We know, we've tried it."

And quite practically the RINO suggested an alternate course. "Rather we should court a broad coalition of voters in the rapidly developing cities of 'a new south.'" Because this had been one of the pages in the game book for the Grand Old Party for some time to varying degrees. As newly industrialized areas modernize and become more connected to the modern/global economy, the voters could be attracted toward WASPish RINOism and away from local control - the states right legacy that has haunted the region since before the civil war.

To which one day during a debate in the smoke filled room, an Unreconstructed Right Winger snarled that the Party ought to "stop chasing the votes" of African-Americans and trying to convert folks in the cities of the new south and instead “go hunting where the ducks are.”  According to the Unreconstructed Right Winger, in the south the ducks were white Democrats who were in revolt against integration and civil rights. "We'll hunt 'em where they are at using the local folkways to do it," i.e., "we'll Out Seg 'em."

And thus the battle was joined and the RINO and the Unreconstructed Right Winger fought for the soul of the Party. And today, decades later the RINO is endangered and hunted mercilessly. Where it is not endangered, the RINO is extinct and it roams no more.

The Solid South remains solid, still enamored with "states rights" but now it is Republican Red. Though the Republican Heartland is modernizing -  suburbs have replaced dirt farms in portions of the solid south, it remains very much gripped by reactionary politics.

Becoming a force of Modernization depends upon the attitudes, values and beliefs of its core voters and is not a simple as writing a hopeful manifesto.  Joining the Democratic Party to achieve many of the goals in the manifesto would be a more practical way to court the forces of modernity.  That way you don't have to worry about persecuting scientists and "stuff" like that. Just a suggestion.

RedState Blog: Open Season on RINOs, Vichy Republicans and Nazi Collaborators

Erick Erickson does not like RINOs. In the real world, sometimes you "bag" the RINO and sometime the RINO gets you. C'est la vie; its just business. It is not personal. But not so with the ill-tempered Erickson who compares his fellow republicans to Nazi collaborators or Vichy Republicans as he calls them:
Marshal P├ętain came to power to make peace with Nazi Germany. Somewhere along the way, he no doubt resigned himself to Nazi occupation and muttered “we can now move on to the important things.”

He has a kindred spirit in John Feehery, who ... started with Bob Michel...then moved to Tom DeLay before winding up with ...Denny Hastert. After... Feehery went into the private sector where, for a price, any organization can... make Feehery sing their song.

His song has mostly been of the big government variety. He’s bashed Rush Limbaugh. ...the tea party.... Ted Cruz ...[and] virtually any conservative who might actually shrink government.

He supported [various RINOs]...Now, he wants you to know, that the Republicans actually won big in the Supreme Court by losing. That’s right. The GOP should thank ...the Supreme Court [that] kept Obamacare intact and ...gay marriage ... because now the GOP can move on to what really matters
And what really matters are tax cuts for folks that don't need 'em and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries. It is truly unfortunate that their "children," don't share their parents Old-Timey values preferring the "culture war" themes that were prevalent in the GOP during their "formative years."

This is what happens when children are not "raised right." Never having been told "no," never having been "disciplined" by their elders, these "rebels" lash out at their "betters" when they don't get their way.

UPDATE: Meanwhile Erickson continues to do "what ever feels good" making his parents - the RINOs and their "permissive parenting," look atrocious:
Because, and let’s get real here, Barack Obama’s ideology is one that tells people they have no tomorrow, no higher and best use, and need government to take care of them until they die and are eaten by worms — but in the meantime buggery is cool. Secular leftism does not sell well when contrasted with an ideology that promises an afterlife filled with virgins and a present filled with heroic struggle against a Great Satan sissy in mom jeans.
This kinda stuff permeating into GOP primary could go wrong.

Monday, July 6, 2015

IOWA POLL: Bush SURGE underway

According to a KBUR and Monmouth College Midwest Matters poll of likely GOP Iowa Caucus voters, Bush No. 3 is enjoying a spike in the polls. He's risen to a "solid" second behind the Wisconsin Strongman, Scott Walker. 

The Donald, according to this poll, has fallen into the middle of the pack with Perry and Santo fighting it out for the last debate podium.

To the polls!
Trump Fades

Angry Blogger Still Hot and Bothered; Still Blaming Obama

Some folks, and by some I mean wingers at the NRO, can't stop thinking about Same Sex Marriage.

One particular winger, "Nordlinger," is holding a hateful grudge against the president over it. He's really mad, dammit!  Perhaps Nordlinger doesn't know that same sex marriage is merely optional now - meaning if you are not gay, it does not apply to you. But perhaps he knows this and is mad for other reasons. Whatever the case he is still mad at Obama, sigh:
...he is one of the most divisive leaders we have ever had. I think of a slogan he used in an ad in the last presidential election: “Mitt Romney. Not one of us.” And I think of how he spiked the football after the Supreme Court’s gay-marriage decree: He bathed the White House in rainbow colors. To much of America, that was a middle finger in the face. And isn’t the White House supposed to belong to all of us, sort of? Has the building ever been used in this fashion before? Eventually, there will be a Republican in that house. And he will not be allowed to behave as Obama has. Why? Because the media et al. would go nuts. It takes a Barack Obama to get away with all this. And it’s a shame he would want to. “First-class temperament,” they said. I think his temperament, or sense of civic responsibility, is about as bad as his politics.
This is the second post that I've seen Nordlinger whine about the rainbow colored lights on the Whitehouse. Dude must really dislike gay folks.

Poor hateful fella.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

STUDY: Trumpmania continues to GROW; may be UNSTOPPABLE

According to the lamestream media, the nation craves the leadership of The Donald if social media and the internets are to believed:

Trump dominating GOP field

It may be time to call this thing over with and anoint Trump as the GOP nominee.

NRO Guy Angry about random "stuff;" Blames Obama

Life can be very hard for the unreconstructed malcontents that call the NRO their home:
I know no one cares about the national debt — that’s yesterday’s news, and the new normal — but it’s now over $18 trillion. And I was thinking: Since Barack Obama uses the White House the way college students use their quad, maybe he could bathe the White House in red, to symbolize the debt? P.S....Cuba...... P.P.S. Independence Day is coming. Maybe O could splash the White House in red, white, and blue — he’d only have to add two colors — or is that too unsexy? Too square? If you want to play around with the White House, light-wise, there are plenty of ideas. But should this national symbol, this national house, really be used like the campus quad?
I know what this poor bastard is worked up about. Its "the gays" and rainbow flags. Now that equality treatment under the law is starting to be extended toward gay folks, some people are having a hard time to adjusting to "the new normal."

Really when you think about, this NRO guy really could use our help. You can't drag them around to the other side of the barn and lay into 'em until they shape up and conform to the customary norms of society. Fifty odd years ago that may have been acceptable, but not today. Of course, 50 odd years ago, it'd be gay folk that risked this sort of violence for not fitting into society's expectations.

Things have changed. The bottom rail is now on top. Likewise we, too, should be charitable toward our right-wing brothers and sisters as they adjust to finding themselves in the position of being a "the out" group. It must be terribly difficult for them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

POLL: Trump SURGE real; Prepare for TRUMPMANIA?

The latest CNN/ORC national poll [pdf] of Republican presidential primary voters shows support for the Donald continuing to surge with the candidate holding firmly onto second place (again).

Some poor guy named "Bush" holds the top spot with Tailgunner Ted, Christie and Santorum locked in a a three way death match for the last two debate podiums.

To the Polls!
CNN Poll shows Trumpmania catching on
 My money is on Cruz and Christie to make it on the stage because they'd fight dirty. This would  mean that the 2012 runner-up will left behind as the candidate take to the Foxnews debate stage. And one things for certain here, these guys hate the idea of getting "left behind."


Wisconsin Wannabe Strongman Scott Walker continues to maintain his lead in the latest Quinnipiac poll of likely GOP Caucus goers...but his lead is slipping.

Earlier Quinnipiac polls showed Walker's support at 25% in February, 21% in May and now to just 18% this week. While the Wisconsin Wuss slides, The Donald is on the move upward as he has maintained the second place spot in the 4th poll in a row.

To the polls:

Quinnipiac IOWA Poll
Can President "Trump" be far away?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Redstate Blogger: Walker UNACCEPTABLE.

According to the wingnet, the Wisconsin Wuss Governor Scott Walker is trying to toughen up some by hiring a RINO Street Tough for his campaign team.  While this is a Good Move, a RedState Blogger is having none of it. Walker is now unacceptable, he says. Sigh.

If the clown car comes down to an Establishment Guy and a tea party loon and if you are Scott Walker and you've taken down the unfortunately named Jeb "Bush" to be that establishment guy, you are gonna want some RINO hit-men at your disposal. So hiring some henchman that RINOs use from time to time just makes sense.

On the wingnet, grudges are serious business. Say you are far right winger gazing starry eyed at far right ideologues like the creepy Milton Wolf, the hyper-belligerent Tom Cotton and neo-confederate Chris McDaniel. These guys and their right wing utopian visions (i.e, "dystopian") for America are just so dreamy. Having these 3 guys in the Senate is going to make it an angrier less functional place. So you are stoked and can't wait to watch the stuff they burn to the ground after they arrive.

But then some RINO hit-man comes along and savages your preferred candidates causing 2 of these 3 campaigns to crash and burn - ultimately costing the Tea Party seats in the Senate.  YOU GET REALLY MAD. 

While Cotton won his race, the other two did not. In the case of Wolf, it wasn't so hard to brush aside his primary challenge to a sitting GOP senator. RINO operatives just pointed out that Wolf had done some really "messed up" and "creepy" stuff on the internets - which he had. Boom. RINO victory.

In the case of McDaniel's primary challenge in Mississippi, all you have to do is to remind folks that McDaniel really doesn't have much use for Black Folks and then ask black folks to turn out and vote for Good ol' Thad. When given a choice between a Tea Party Guy who hangs out with confederate flag waiving malcontents and grandfatherly fella' who supports local historically black colleges.... well, then, you get another RINO victory.

So hell yeah, when you go into these Red States you are gonna need to have muscle on your side if the crazy is gunning for you. Walker knows this. He's not above knife fighting.

While grudges are serious business on the wingnet, so to are "bright shiny objects." New bright shiny things are very distracting. They can suck up all the oxygen on the wingnet. This factor can be used to Walker's advantage due to the concept affecting the wingnet called "Rage Confusion."

If there are enough "bright and shiny" things going on at once, hardcore wingers have a hard time focusing on any one thing.  More often than not, they will focus on the "wrong" thing to me enraged about. When confronted by the base for his RINO dalliances, all Walker will have to do is say "Obamacare," "Benghazi," "Jack-booted IRS agents," and "Hillary." The "rage confusion" will set in and he'll skate by unscathed.

Walker should be fine even if he's deemed unacceptable by portions of the lunatic fringe.

UPDATE: RINOs can be pretty mean when they are cornered.

Wingers are Still Really Angry at RINOs for this flyer

Charlie Cook is Shrill

Good luck doing this:
 “The momentous events of the last week can be interpreted in numerous ways. But one thing has become increasingly clear: The Republican Party needs to change.”
“Simply put, Republicans are loaded up in a car, racing toward a generational cliff with their eyes focused on the rearview mirror, with many (but notably not all) oblivious to the societal changes taking place all around them and the growing wedge building between their comfort zone and presidential swing voters… Republicans need to do some soul-searching about their future and their relationships with voters of generations to come. Vibrant parties change with the times, adapt themselves to changing conditions and circumstances. Maybe this past week will help the GOP do this.”
Right now this whole demographic and generational cliff thing is "just a theory." But there are lots of things that have been "just theory" in the past - like Global Warming, Gravity, Evolution, and Heliocentrism.  So there is that.  So who knows. Maybe the moon landing was a hoax after all.

Deep Thoughts with Powerline Blog, cntd

A sober commentary on the state of the GOP clown car:
So with the entry today of Gov. Chris Christy into the GOP presidential sweepstakes, the field is now complete from the diversity standpoint. Christy means we Hefto-Americans have a candidate, to go along with Cuban-Americans (Cruz, Rubio), Indian-Americans (Jindal), Uterine-Americans and Italian-Americans (Fiorina), Slavic-Americans (Kasich, eventually), Arko-Americans (Huckabee), folically-challenged Americans—or are we “Toupee-Americans?”—(Trump), Phamacolocigal-Americans (Paul), Cheesy-Americans (Walker), and the plain vanilla middle class—better known to academics as the “Bushoisie”—has a candidate, too
Crazy Ben Carson is not on this list?  A Faux Pas?

Is it any accident that the Powerline Blogger left "the black guy" off the list?  Probably not.  I wouldn't say that this is a mistake as much as it is a "Freudian Slip." This is just how the GOP does diversity and outreach and such.

There is one other glaring screw up. Cruz was mistakenly included with Rubio as a "Cuban-American." This is a "Rookie" mistake. 

When you bring Cruz's "birth certificate" into the mix, and this is proper because right wingers are "into" this kinda deviant behavior, he is more accurately identified as a "Canadian-American." How could he forget the birth certificate?  Its almost like its amateur hour at Powerline Blog.