Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Show Pony" Skyrocketing up POLLS!

Show Pony.

That's the name that the ever mean-spirited Jennifer Rubin calls young Marco Rubio. She does things like this in part because she is mean-spirited but also because she's an all too eager knife fighter in GOP intra-party politics.

That Marco is wet behind the ears is beyond dispute, but his Naïveté also means he has a tendency to reflexively repeat neoconversative foreign policy talking points - which is good if you want more wars like Jen-Jen seems to be a big fan of.  But for now youthful exuberance must give way to the sage experience of Bush III who she supports. This means that, for now, Rubin is very mean to people like the young whippersnapper from Florida. But all this can change if need be.

With all this being said, perhaps there is a Rubio BOOMLET underway if the latest stupid poll is to believed.
Romney is on top with support from 16% of the voters, followed by Bush and Rubio with 13% each. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is next with 11%, followed by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with 9%, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at 6%, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl with 4%, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz all at 3%. Other names included South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez, and former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum --- all receiving less than 1%.
Being tied for second place is not bad at all! Maybe the show pony is on his way up the polls.

If there is one thing that is for certain in today's GOP presidential primaries its that there is no shortage of bright shiny objects that can rise to the top of the polls.  If Bachmann and Cain did it despite being far crazier, why not young Marco?

Quote of the Day

Former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating on the sheer number of potential GOP presidential candidates:
 "People have walked into a brightly lit grocery store and are looking at all the attractive fruits and nuts," he said. "They want to make sure the fruit they pick up is delicious because we can't afford to lose again."

"Nuts" is good comparison. I wouldn't have used the word attractive. A more pragmatic approach would be to coalesce around least worst option.

A Man for All Seasons: Mitt Romney

According to the lamestream media - if it is to be believed, if Romney runs for President again, he'll run as a completely different candidate than the one that ran in 2008 and 2012.

He'll run as Mitt Romney this time:
“If he runs again in 2016, Romney is determined to re-brand himself as authentic, warts and all, and central to that mission is making public what for so long he kept private. He rarely discussed his religious beliefs and practices in his failed 2008 and 2012 races, often confronting suspicion and bigotry with silence as his political consultants urged him to play down his Mormonism.”

Said son Tagg Romney: “If he were to run again. I believe he would be much more willing to open up and share who he is — not by asking others to learn the doctrines of his faith, but by speaking of the values of love and service that it has taught him.”
I don't know if he's wired after 60 odd years on the is earth to tell an audience what he believes instead of telling that audience what he thinks they want to hear.

And if he stops telling 'em what they want to hear the audience is going to be very angry at him. For example the wingnet is very angry about Romney's latest flip-flop on climate change. Climate change is basically bullshit, according to the base. For Romney to say otherwise is heresy. They get very mad about stuff like this.


Teahadist Forces Launch Counter Attack; Aim to roll back RINO offensive

After being told to STFU and behave themselves at the beginning of the 114th congress, Congressional Teahadists plot their response.

Via the Corner
A group of 30-40 House Republicans — more than enough to prevent House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) from mustering 218 votes for anything — is organizing into a formal caucus and hiring staff.

The organization is devoted to pushing conservative legislative goals... it could be an important component of the next leadership elections. ...
“Any leadership election is pretty much about organization and who has votes lined up or who can reach a lot of members quickly,” says one member of the newly-formed Freedom Caucus. “That is going to be a factor in a contested leadership race.”

It’s quite a risk to challenge a sitting speaker on the House floor, which is one reason that some critics of Boehner refused to vote against him in the last two failed coup attempts. By forming as a caucus that works to pressure House leaders, potential challengers can gauge the appetite for new leadership without overtly crossing Boehner...

Representative Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) will chair the new caucus, raising the possibility that he will use it to springboard into leadership. ...other candidates could try to build a bloc of support in the GOP conference by working with the caucus. And, the caucus could mobilize quickly during the next leadership election.
Jordan, a fellow Ohioan has stabbed Boehner in the back before .......with impunity. If Boehner had a pair, he'd have worked with the Ohio State Republican Party to Redistrict Jordan after the  first Tea Party Putsch in 2009-2010 in which Jordan was a ring leader. He didn't though and Jordan was never punished.

That is the thing with these guys. If you don't discipline them; if you don't teach them the meaning of "personal responsibility," they keep acting up.

Monday, January 26, 2015

More Right Wing Bloggers Flirting with Stage 3 of Climate Denial

About 4-5 years ago, being in Stage 3 of Climate  Denial would have gotten you BANNED from the NRO.

There are stages to global warming denial. First off in Stage 1, we get pure conspiracy theory. Global Warming, is simply the greatest hoax in the history of mankind. Its predicated by tricky scientists and the shadowy government bureaucrats. The scientists are in it for the money and the bureaucrats playing along because they hate freedom. In stage 2, the denier moves from conspiracy theory simply to more of a religious outlook. During this Stage, the Denier puts away his tinfoil hat - the climate may indeed be warming, but now becomes convinced that "answers" can be found in "alternative Climate Science" - a system of "cherry picked" factoids  that seemingly provides an alternate explanation for climate change.

That this "Alternative Climate Science" is actually cooked up by former big Tobacco types, the paid and professional right and right wing bloggers is not a concern. What is important is that there is a now an organized system of belief for those who reject anthropogenic climate change.  Sure one cannot prove that greenhouse gases are not to be blame, but faith that there is an alternate explanation, what ever that is, i.e., in things unprovable sustains the denier.

Eventually Stage 2 fails under the weight of middle school text books and the broad consensus of corporate America. And when this occurs, the next step, naturally, for the denier is to move to Stage 3 where one is able to put aside the unpleasant discussion of greenhouse gas emissions and simply proclaim Climate Change to be a "positive good" at best or simply "not that bad" at worst. 

In stage 3, discussions move invariably onto computer models and economics . To these "Luke warmers" that the industrial revolution may have had something to do with the increase in temperatures over the past 200 years is quite a boring topic. Of course it did. In stage 3, one has options since Climate Change won't be that bad. There are computer models that show the low range of potential warming - a 1°C increase by 2100, aren't there? Of course there are.

This being the case, quite obviously, you can state the climate is change is manageable.
Developed nations will rise to the challenge such in the manner that Japan was able to survive the Fukishima related tsunami while Haiti was devastated from its recent earthquake.

On days when you have a little more tact you post that "the remedies proposed by the experts are enormously costly and damaging, especially to China and other developing countries. ... Unfortunately the global warming hysteria, as I see it, is driven by politics more than by science. If it happens that I am wrong and the climate experts are right, it is still true that the remedies are far worse than the disease that they claim to cure."

Or if you lack that degree of cleverness and you're at the NRO, you hint that people have predicted the end of the world before and it did not happen. Therefore, global warming  probably won't turn or to be bad, either.

Whatever your approach is, it is imperative to show firm resolve that future warming is likely to be limited to the low end of the scale. That the models showing low end temperature increases depend upon immediate greenhouse gas reductions that the Stage 3 Denier opposes is conveniently not addressed. Its just how you play the game.

Stage 1 - It is all a hoax
Stage 2 - It is not (significantly) from CO2
Stage 3 - It is not bad
Stage 4 - There is nothing we can do about it
Stage 5 - It is too late to try to do anything about it.

Romney Crushing Foes in Latest Polls

A new Rasmussen Poll of likely Republican voters shows some serious "Mittmentum"

24% - Mitt
13% - Bush III
12% - Crazy Ben Carson
11% - Walker
7%  - Tie Paul, Christie
5% - Tie Rubio, Perry
12% -  Undecided

One thing is certain. The wingnet is very angry about Mitt's 3rd presidential campaign. However the wingnet is wrong about Mitt 2016.

Voters should have the option of voting against (or for) Romney in every election. It should be a law.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Wingut Says Whaaat.....cntd?

Having spent a week or so outside the states of the old confederacy the last thing you really want to do is to read the wingnet. Sure you'll miss out on the latest outrage because while you are away some "thing" will have happened and what ever that something is, you can rest assure that the fringe will be angry about it. Its a law of the internets. "Things" happen and just like clockwork, people get very angry. So during the past week lots of "things" probably happened, and as a result of "things" happening and such, the wingnet was probably very angry. And I missed it.

So checking back in today, I learned that the RINOs are back at it running rough shod over the Debt Ceiling Kamikazes telling them they have to retreat in the war against the abortionists - apparently the Tea Party Caucus was told that they can't have latest abortion ban.  And if that's not bad enough. the RINOs are also telling the hard right that they may have to bow down and accept the latest decree from the Kenyan Strongman. Apparenlty the RINOs have wimped out when it comes to deporting children. Those RINOs!

So I was right. "Things" happened this week and wingers are mad, naturally. But while "things" do make wingers mad, sometimes "things" make them write crazy stuff. And by crazy stuff, I mean the type of stuff you find the tinfoil hat crowd pounding out at Powerline Blog:
If the Olympics ever make Shark-Jumping an official sport, the climatistas will dominate the medals.

It seems the desperate climatistas are really getting serious now: they’re going to hold a “Live Earth” rock concert!  Whoa—the planet is surely saved now!  Well, okay, so this is reported in Rolling Stone, which means it has less than a 50/50 chance of being accurate. But let’s give them the doubt of the benefit.

If they were to practice what they preach and power the event by solar panels, windmills, and unicorn flop sweat, they’d have to call it “Live Earth, Dead Air.”
Now I don't know exactly what this blogger is writing about and he may not know either, but one thing is for sure: its pretty cray-cray.

So in the real world, maybe entertainers will get together here before too long and Bruce Springsteen will sing about a bunch "stuff" that right wingers do not care about. "Things" such as this happen.
And since we know that "things" happen and that one cannot stop "things" from happening I think the best "thing" for wingers to do is to go on the offense.

My suggestion is that they ask Ted Nugent to perform at the next annual Heartland Institute Global Warming Denial Conference at the Peoria Best Western and Suites - or where ever they decide to hold it this year. Because if there is anything that the "Climatistsas" - whoever they are - hate more than Global Warming Denial its probably Ted Nugent singing to the tinfoil hat crowd about Global Warming Denial.

This will show them you are serious a lot more than a stupid blog post.

Just saying.

Friday, January 16, 2015

NASA: 2014 Warmest Year on Record

Despite what you read on right wing blogs, something called "CO2" has something to do with it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Report: Congressional GOP divided over immigration

According to the lamestream media, following its takeover of congress, congressional republicans are falling into two camps when it comes to immigration reform.

The first camp believes some scary and aggressive but ultimately doomed action must be taken while the other camp prefers a symbolic and meaningless action.

New Poll: Romney Crushing it in Iowa

A new Gravis  poll commissioned by the wingnet of Iowa Republicans shows Mitt Romney leading the pack of 2016 GOP potential presidential candidates. 
21% - Mitt 
18% - Somebody named "Undecided"
14% - Bush III 
10% -  The Wisconsin Strongman
9% -  Huck
8% -  Paul
7%, - Tailgunner Ted
5% -  Christie
5% -  Ryan
4% -  Rubio
There is a glaring problem with this poll.  It suffers from Santorumnesia. He won Iowa last time. It looks like he's running again so quite obviously he should be included in the poll.

So it appears that the person from the wingnet that ordered this poll is an elitist who may eat brie while wearing an ascot.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Richard Muller calls out the Conspiracy Theorists

Apparently man-made CO2 emissions have something to do with global warming. Who knew?


Back in the day, UC Physicist Richard Muller was the cat's pajamas on Powerline Blog. The reasons were simple. He was a Climate Contrarian and he was a credible mainstream scientist - which made him pretty much unique. When you are in the global denial racket, any time you can use scientist outside the fringe is golden.  So it was unsurprising the Tin Foil Hat Brigade at Powerline latched onto an upcoming Koch Industries fund study on climate change that Muller was leading. Muller wanted to see for himself whether anthropogenic global warming was real, non-existent or twice as bad as the other scientists were saying. So that's what he did.

"Keep your eye on this; it will take time--years more than months probably--but may prove to be the thread that unravels the main prop of the climate campaign" blogger Hayward snickered. This is one of the rules of the wingnet. The Global-Global Warming Conspiracy is always just one step away from collapsing like a house of cards. Will it be the next Sean Hannity Foxnews program that does it or the next clever blogpost or perhaps the next Scientific study like Muller's?

The end seems tantalizingly nearby but just as the marxists of old waiting the conditions to be just right for the revolution of the proletariat to occur, the day when the sheeple wake up and finally get it about the global warming conspiracy never seems to get here. I guess that's the cherry picking part of climate denial. The Tin Foil Hat Brigade picks some factoid interprets it according to his previously held biases and says "Aha. Once people learn this new thing, the scam is over." But it never comes to pass. Sean Hannity's super spectacular Foxnews special comes and goes without having changed a thing.

So to was it with Muller's Study.

The wingnet waited with baited breath for the results somehow knowing that this time could actually be the time that the sheeple woke up to the truth. But quite shockingly, when the study was released and the underlying data provided for outside scrutiny, Muller and his team ended up confirming that CO2 is driving climate change. Shocking, I know in kinda like that certain Romney Landslide way.

So as it turns out, if you study every way that the climate can change and eliminate each one, i.e., its not the sun, its not this and its not that and you are left you with data that corresponds to CO2 rationale, then that's your answer.  Further to say the climate could "just be changing for some other reason" without offering up another hypothesis and making a prediction for future warming based upon that hypothesis while rejecting the CO2 record is not a scientific response.

But this is not how the wingnet works. New information does not mean that you change your position. Ideology is never wrong - rather it is always 110% correct. And one simply does not take off his Tin Foil Hat and meekly prepare to surrender to the coming blue helmeted troops.

The Mitt 2016 Mini-boomlet continues

Larison weighs in and hits on some good points but misses the most obvious one:
As strategies for doomed campaigns go, I guess this makes as much sense as anything else. Romney has evidently forgotten that he already tried this approach in 2008, and he succeeded mainly in getting all of the other candidates to hate him. Back then, Romney was a famously recent convert to almost every conservative position he then professed to hold, but went out of his way to attack the records of other candidates for their real or imagined deviations from whatever the movement conservative line at the time happened to be. The absurdity of Romney of all people lecturing other candidates on their insufficient conservatism reflected the extent of his phoniness and showed everyone his desperate desire to be accepted by conservative voters. In this cycle, the desperation and phoniness will be even more obvious.
It's True that the seething hatred toward Romney that McCain and Huck exuded on the debate stage were some of the best moments of the 2008 GOP primary. And it is true that Romney ran as a Pre-Tea Party Loon in 2008 and then tacked back toward the center to run as the one non-crazy candidate in 2012. Having ran once as Tea Party and another time as a RINO his choice for 2016 is obvious.

If Hillary doesn't run, Mitt could run as a democrat and a progressive. Its worth a shot. Mitt could easily tell democrats:
"Look. I know you are skeptical but I mean what I say. In the last election I told my supporters that it they voted for me that gas prices would be under $2.50 and now they are; that unemployment would be under 6% and now it is; that economic growth would reach 5% and now it has; that the budget deficit would be reined in and now it is under control. If you support me in the primary I will keep my promises to you."
Its worth a shot. Otherwise, having run a Tea Party campaign in 2008 and a RINO campaign in 2012, he could go full metal neocon in 2016, but that may be even below Romney's standards.

Mitt Romney Hinting at another Presidential Run

That's the word on the internets anyway. Romney has pulled together his biggest donors and most loyal yes-men and has told them that he, Mitt Romney, is the man for the moment. And while the internets seem to look at this development at as a challenge to Jeb Bush, there is no inkling as to which party's nomination Romney is considering running for.

There is a huge opening in the democratic primary if Hillary decides not to run. If that's the case, why not Mitt to fill the void?   Why go through all the cray-cray BS like sharing a stage with Michele Bachmann, when you can put away your severely conservative views and bust out your progressive views and run as the father of Obamacare and a champion of carbon regulation.

When you have a policy record like Mitt Romney, there is a chance that this is what he's thinking.

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Winners - Co-Champions!

2014 Co-Champions
Johnson and Erickson

There will be no single champion in 2014.
It was the best of times and the worst of times and, of course, almost the craziest of times. And while there are many worthy notables who stepped up to the plate and posted crazy shit on the internets in 2014, this year there will be two GWA winners. They’ll be kinda like co-champions of the winget.

First off to Powerline Blog. Three of the malcontents at Powerline blog are lawyers. That means they at least have the training and education to know bullshit when they see it – much more so when they write it. So for someone who finished a 4 year degree and then finished a law degree and is really old (i.e. experienced), the stupid and the crazy aren’t just something that happens to you when you are young and impressionable in your parents basement. No going off the deep-end has become a lifestyle choice. You should know better, but you just can’t help doing whatever feels good. And that’s what you do.

Co-winner that Johnson guy at Powerline Blog

You’d never know that President Obama got clobbered in the midterm elections held — when was it now? — earlier this month, a few weeks ago. Last night Obama was buoyant — not like Mark’s Twain’s “Christian with four aces.” He was way beyond that. He was gleeful.

What what he so happy about? He’s not facing the voters again. He’s free at last and it’s time for payback. He’s giving it to us good and hard. He’s sticking it to us big time.

Today he jets off to Vegas to take care of business and begin the celebrations. The symmetry is perfect. The last time he took off for Vegas this excited, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three colleagues had just been murdered by Islamist terrorists.

Next to Redstate Blog. Whether Erick Erickson should be eligible for a Golden Wingnut Award is debatable when you remember that the random asshole posting crazy shit from the equivalent of his parents basement is not eligible. But while Erickson does post emotional and crazy shit, he’s not just a random asshole.  Those 47% comments that Mitt Romney got in trouble for in 2012, RedState was an early adopter of the moocher/looter line back in the day. And who knows, but for RedState, Romney may never have come up with his 47% talking points.

Like the Powerline guy, Erickson too is lawyer. In addition, he also has been an elected GOP official and a lamestream media talking head. And since that is the case it really isn’t fair to deny him a shot at the award. So here’s to it.

For the longest time I have chosen to chalk our President’s stumbles, bumbles, and disasters up to incompetence. He is in over his head. He is inexperienced. He is out of his league. It is hard to accept otherwise.

But it is clearer and clearer that is not true. It is clear that President Obama’s disastrous policies are premised not in incompetence, but in maliciousness. Our President — and he is our President — is not a stumbler and a bumbler, but a Nero who when not persecuting Christians, plays golf while the world burns.

President Obama has surrounded himself with a group of people who comport to his own world view. That world view is very simple to explain: Barack Obama and his advisors belief that in order for the world to be safer, they must make the United States less safe. In order for the world to be stable, the United States must be less stable.

In short, Barack Obama blames America first.
Congrats go out to Erickson and Johnson on a good hard fought win.

Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Golden Wingnut Lifetime Achievement WINNER - Paul Rahe!

Paul Rahe puts our some pretty crazy stuff including such gems as: Pravda-on-the-HudsonPravda-on-the-Potomac (i.e., New York Times and the Washington Post).

He's called the President of the United States "the great unmasker" - whatever that means - and has also referred to him as the African-American answer to George Wallace. He predicted a Romney Landslide that had a chance of sweeping from the Jersey Shores to the suburbs of Portlandia.

Rahe wrote that this was one possibility
In 2014 he fell for Instapundit's 71% prank, i.e., a post teasing readers that 71% of democrats in some poll regretted voting for Obama in 2012. The polling data was actually 2.5%.  Close I know. 

Here he is stoking the conspiracy fires hoping that something scary like .....oh....I don't know say ......influenza could be linked to President Obama.
Paul Rahe Earned It

Maybe it could be called the Obamaflu:
As you may have noticed, there is “a mystery virussweeping America. Or so we are told, for there is no mystery as to the identity of this virus. ...[link to other right winger]... the mainstream media is strangely silent about the debacle that the Democrats brought on the country when they invited the inhabitants of Central American to come here.

So, now, we have not only Obama’s War but Obama’s Epidemic. If the Republicans had any brains . . . Oh, never mind!
A little later in the year and right before the midterms elections, with the Obamflu meme not having panned out, the Right Wing Professor found an answer to his prayers gold in Ebola and accused the President of deliberately endangering the public:
I fear that it will require that a number of Americans will have to die in anguish and that the American people will have to become enraged. I have seen a great deal of foolishness in the course of my life, but never have I seen anything to compare with the irresponsibility of our current President.

Yes, I know, I know. Ron Klain is now on the job. He came on board today, and I have confidence in the man. I believe that, as the midterms approach, he will do everything in his power to prevent us from learning about the number of people entering the US who turn out to have Ebola. But I do not have confidence that he will prevent us from being endangered. That is, after all, not his job. He is a political operative. He is not a physician.
Of course more Americans have been divorced by Newt Gingrich than died of Ebola last fall. But hey it seemed scary (like everything else) at the time just like the very scary possibility of "Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping doing a Hitler-Stalin tango."  Which I guess means dividing up Poland and then attacking each other in a war of racial annihilation. This does not seem to be a very fun way to spend 5 years, but that is just my opinion.

2014 was the year that he had the good fortune and timing to hold up Bill Cosby as one of just a handful of African Americans that care about black folks while writing:
The most grievous problems that African-Americans face today have little or nothing to do with the conduct of ordinary white people. Of course, they may well have something to do with white conduct in the past, which has a lingering effect. But nothing can be done about that.
There's lots more to add to these examples but this is enough to show that this guy's Derangement Syndrome is, sadly, incurable. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

NRO-Bot Mad that Obama has embraced another GOP Idea

This one was totally predictable.

News hit the internets today that the President has announced an initiative that if approved would provide tuition assistance for students nationwide attending community colleges. The (soon to be Scary) Obama Plan looks a lot like a Plan implemented in Tennessee by a Republican Governor through a Republican state legislature with a super-majority. Under the Tennessee plan, prospective students are able to receive tuition assistance if they keep their grades up and. If they need additional cash for tuition  after applying for the available federal grants, the state kicks in the rest. Under the Nationalized Community College Plan the feds would provide up to $3800 for tuition if the student maintains a 2.5 GPA.

To date this Tennessee Plan has avoided wingnet outrage, because much like Romneycare, movement conservatives did not know that they were supposed to hate it. But just as when Obama embraced Nationalized Romneycare as a model for healthcare reform, conservatives today are discovering that like Obamacare a Nationalized Tennessee Community College Plan, too, signifies the end of freedom and basically all sorts of bad things they have not had time to think up yet but will do so pretty soon.

Touching things off is NRO-bot Charles C.W. Cooke who comes from France or somewhere nearby and definitely would not be mistaken for a local at any Cracker Barrel in Tennessee. Focusing on the 2.5 GPA eligibility requirement, Cooke takes umbrage:
Does anybody believe for a single second that the federal government would kick anybody off this program? Ever? In that it provides the Democratic party with the chance to impishly say, “but I thought Republicans liked hard work and self-improvement,” this is a nice play for the Left. But the promise that the funds will go only to “good” and committed students simply cannot be kept. Not only is the federal government extremely poor at enforcing the rules (look, by way of example, at the immigration system), but the pressure for the program to be expanded and entrenched would be considerable. How long do we imagine it would be before community college would be sold as a “right,” akin to, say, high school? And how easy do you think it would be to discriminate between the hard workers and the layabouts once that idea had been established? (“I got pregnant and slipped behind, and now they want to kick me out!”)

Moreover, the staggering amounts of money involved would naturally tempt the receiving colleges toward chronic grade inflation and the routinely false reporting of standards. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better way of ensuring that everybody has a 2.5 GPA than to tell those who directly benefit from the cash that their institution’s health is now contingent upon everybody having a 2.5 GPA. Government is already destroying higher education. This seems to be little more than a recipe for acceleration.
Poor bastards. Up until now this was a GOP idea created in a Red State. The NRO-bots didn't know they were supposed to hate it. But isn't this just like Obama - always tricking people. There is no telling what he'll do next.

RINO confused by Teahadist Opposition to Boehner

Feehery Wonders:
So, why did two dozen House Republicans vote against John Boehner for speaker?

I have been mulling this, and I can’t come up with a satisfactory answer.

Is it because he is not conservative enough?

That doesn’t make sense....Mr. Boehner is a true conservative...he has long fought against such conservative bugaboos as earmarks.
He is pro-life and pro-gun. He likes to cut taxes and cut spending...[his] voting record is much more conservative than...the so-called hard-core conservatives.

The members who voted against Mr. Boehner for speaker never collectively articulated a convincing reason to replace him....nor did they put forward a candidate who could have beaten Mr. Boehner.

Maybe it’s because Mr. Boehner isn’t tough enough when it comes to facing off against President Barack Obama.

But the speaker...was willing to try the Ted Cruz strategy of shutting down the government in an effort to get the president to sign a repeal of his signature legislative accomplishment. ...

Sometimes congressional leaders lose their jobs when elections don’t go as well as expected. .... But Mr. Boehner’s party was hugely successful in November, thanks largely to his efforts...
Largely the problem is two fold. Large numbers of the Base have been "radicalized" in part by rhetoric condoned (birtherism) and in some cases adopted by Boehner (government takeover of Healthcare, etc). They have been told all sorts of crazy things about the end of Freedom, prairie fires of debt, decline, retreat and defeat and when it is condoned by the RINO establishment and other thought leaders, they are entitled to believe some of it.

When that guy up in the party hierarchy says our position on a very complicated issues "is X and these are our reasons." Ordinary folks who don't understand the very complicated issue, are allowed to accept what they are told and treat it as true.  Is it surprising that having come to accept what they have been told about the end of western civilization that some will act out?

This works really well when you want to ride a wave of midterm anger to victory at the polls - Death Panels are Coming for Grandma. But it also lends to Tea Party extremism that fuels the true believers while scaring the bejesus out of normal republicans who fear being primaried by a hard right winger.

So Boehner is basically this guy who has coddled the extremist view point that President Obama is a dictator bent on destroying America who cannot be trusted. At the same time he's the guy that has to cut deals with him that essentially amount to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic if party rhetoric is to be believed. This why these 25 Teahadist congressmen did what they did. They either believe in the bullshit or they are afraid of folks back home who believe it.

Class Dismissed.

Naive Neocon Scolds Lamestream Media

Jennifer Rubin often offers up disparagement towards patriotic Tea Partiers on her blog. Its not uncommon for her to label them "Cranks," "backbenchers" and to use other pejoratives that quite frankly are very mean and hurtful. In her blog, The RINO and The Neocon are always presented as the hero that can save the day against legions of villainous foes from the clueless Rand Paul or the Stupid Rick Santorum or the "delusional" Ted Cruz or an assortment of evil doers from Ahmadinejad to Harry Reid. The blogposts basically write themselves. Its her schtick.

One of the related themes you go with to bolster the heroic RINO narrative is to constant remind readers that the opinions of "Real Americans" as Sarah Palin calls them living in places Sarah calls "Real America" don't really count anymore.  The RINO is ascendent and just two years away from his rightful place in Washington. That Michele Bachmann once led in the 2012 GOP presidential polls or that the bewitching Christine O'Donnell once won a GOP Senate Primary or that Tea Partiers nearly caused a global financial crisis should all be forgotten. According to Rubin, only stupid journalists remember these things and think them to be significant:
To be blunt, there are a lot of gullible liberal journalists who are easily bamboozled by individuals and groups claiming to speak for the conservative movement. Like tourists without benefit of the native language or historical background, they are easy prey for swindlers and charlatans. The mainstream media do not understand that talk radio show hosts don’t reflect Republican opinion at large. They assume the loudest voices on the Internet have the widest readership and reliably report on the inner workings of the GOP (Only 4 votes more and Boehner will be gone!). Every hanger-on and eager operative claims to speak for candidates, so self-serving or inaccurate information gets funneled to the mainstream media and reported as truth. Even conservatives make the mistake of believing what they read in the mainstream media, taking as gospel, for example, the notion that there was an early plot to pick a GOP winner.
Now when Rubin writes about people without "historical background" not having the benefit of "the native language" one might assume she's talking about Mitt Romney. But she's not. She is talking about her fellow beltway journalists living far away from Real America and Real Americans - just like her.

I would submit to you that while Ms Rubin may be a good ol' gal in DC, she knows very little about monster trucks, moonshine and mega churches. That's because unlike those of us living in Real America, she's doesn't get out much among the Real Americans to talk to them and see what they really think. Maybe its because she doesn't speak the native language or have the historical background, but I don't think the gullible journalists are necessarily limited to the ones she's thinking about. Instead, maybe the person who looks back at her in the mirror in the morning is one of the gullible ones, too.

The fact of the matter is that 6 years of vituperative rhetoric has influenced if not radicalized large numbers of the GOP base who read crazy stuff on the internet and watch crazy propaganda on the Foxnews. That these folks are supposed to forget every crazy thing they have heard, every scary threat to freedom whether real or fabricated and just become good RINOs who collaborate with allies of the Kenyan Strongman as Rubin wishes, may be a little naive. Just an observation.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

GWA Lifetime Achievement Finalist - Scott Johnson

Somebody is pretty upset that Mitt Romney was not elected President:
Obama is a shameless liar for petty partisan purposes. A shameless liar for petty partisan purposes is a man of bad character. Obama’s mendacity exposes him as a man of bad character, or so it would have been thought in ages past.

Obama’s lies permeate his attacks on the Republican Party. They are part and parcel of the permanent campaign. The campaign is a parade of lies marshaled in a malevolent partisan cause. That’s a story too.

    The shamelessness of Obama’s prevarication in part reflects Obama’s character but it also reflects his judgment that he won’t be called on his lies by Woodward’s colleagues in the mainstream media. He has undertaken to wage a campaign of lies already knowing that Woodward had put the true story on the record in the book he published this past September.

    So Obama’s campaign is predicated on the judgment that Woodward’s colleagues in the mainstream media will do nothing to disturb the party line. Although Obama is a man of poor character, he has a good bead on the character of the journalists who are paid to cover him for a living. His judgment is that they will cover for him rather than cover him, and in this judgment he is right on the mark.
When journalists don't report wingnut mythology as "fact" some people lose it.

This leads them to claim that President Obama is a "shameless liar" with both "poor character" and even worse "bad character" who when not engaging in "a campaign of lies" engages in "a parade of lies" instead. He is both "petty" which is bad and "malevolent" which is worse and he knows that members of "mainstream media" will for some unspecified reason "cover for him" rather than reprint bullshit post on rightwing blogs.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Japan joins Global-Global Warming Conspiracy

The Japan Meteorological Agency has joined the international conspiracy:
 it's now official that 2014 was actually the hottest year globally since record-keeping began. So confirmed the Japan Meteorological Agency in preliminary data released Monday.

The Japanese government agency monitors and records the long-term change of the global average surface temperatures and found that 2014 was far warmer than previous years. How much warmer? 2014 exceeded the 1981-2010 temperature average by 0.27 degrees Celsius (or 0.49 degrees Fahrenheit). There was unusually warm weather all around the world, from a record-breaking heat wave in Australia to the hottest European summer in 500 years.

The data shows that four out of the five hottest years on record have occurred in the last decade: In second place is 1998, then 2010 and 2013 tied for third, and 2005 in fifth place. The new numbers reveal that the world has been warming at an average rate of 0.7 degrees Celsius (or 1.26 degrees Fahrenheit) per century since records began.
Who knew that these scientists from Japan wanted to force American Right Wingers into hobbit sized homes with UN guards posted outside and replace their porterhouse steaks with tofu and their SUVs with bicycle sharing programs. Apparently they do. Go figure.

In Putinesque move, Boehner retaliates against critics

Via the NRO
House speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) kicked two Republicans who voted to end his speakership off of the Rules Committee, prompting another opponent to compare the GOP leader to Russia’s authoritarian president.

Representative Ted Yoho (R., Fla.) described the punishment as “something I would assume Vladimir Putin would do,” according to Roll Call, before greeting other lawmakers with the words “welcome to the new USSR.” Yoho ran for speaker and received two votes. Representative Daniel Webster (R., Fla.) received twelve votes. Webster and Representative Rich Nugent (R., Fla.) were both kicked off the Rules Committee.
After appeasing and enabling and coddling these misfits, John Boehner is finally resorting to some discipline. Maybe he's not afraid of his own shadow anymore. Maybe.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Teahadists Rolled by RINOs yet again

In a sign of growing RINO Power, the Sell-out John Boehner was re-elected as speaker, today.

Despite the exhortations of Sarah Palin urging them forward to the sound of the guns, only 24 Teahadists were loved America enough to vote against Boehner. And more shockingly, a staggering 205 RINO aligned congressmen voted for him. 

And so it goes as the sneaky RINOs continue to rein in the influence of their useful idiots.

Speaking of useful idiots, here's Powerline Blog weighing in on the Race yesterday:
Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert announced on Fox and Friends this morning that he will challenge John Boehner as Speaker of the House in the new Congress. I hope Gohmert wins, and urge conservatives in the House delegation to vote for him.

I have generally defended Boehner in the past, but in my view his conduct with regard to the continuing resolution/omnibus spending bill that was passed during the lame duck sessions was the last straw. Boehner has gotten too comfortable with cronyism, power brokering multi-trillion-dollar legislation negotiated in secret, always with the help of lobbyists.
By Wingnet Standards this is pretty bad. Gohmert is the Texas version of Michele Bachmann. But then again if you thought that Michele Bachmann was a good candidate for president in 2012 instead of a complete joke, then I guess you would hope that Gohmert wins.

So this happened and its not surprising

News hit the internets last week that the 3rd ranking House Republican - Steve Scalise - once spoke at a gathering of white supremacists. This is something that one should not do. The reaction has been predictable from the "it was an accident" excuse to calls for his resignation. But while this incident has continued to generate buzz, it really is not that surprising.

White Supremacists are a part of the Republican Party coalition. Sometimes Republicans pander to these groups either intentionally or possibly it is said by accident. When you depend upon the votes of confederate flag waivers, nativists and birthers, these things just happen.

The NRO occasionally has to fire white supremacist writers does it not?   Its not like Rich Lowry just wakes up every 10 months or so and thinks "maybe I'll hire another white supremacist to write for the NRO today." While the NRO has a rich tradition of hiring people who write and speak out about "Why the South Must Prevail" and "On Negro Inferiority" and why apartheid in South Africa was totally awesome and why Black Folks in Mississippi should not be allowed to vote (youtube 54 minute mark), hiring white supremacists isn't as cool as it used to be. So, generally, I think they try to avoid doing it.

However it is part of the cost of doing business as a conservative operation these days. Giving these guys the benefit of the doubt - It is not something you want to do but its gonna happen nonetheless. So to is for the GOP. Unless you stop appeasing the birthers and the nativitists these types of things are going to happen.

GWA Lifetime Achievement Finalist - Michael Barone

From 2005 one of the GOP's "numbers" guys posts some BS on the the internets:
    Michael Barone: The trustfunder left: a previously unidentified segment of the American electorate... a critical mass... a major force... the trustfunder left. Who are the trustfunders? People with enough money not to have to work for a living, or not to have to work very hard. People who can live more or less wherever they want....

    These people... very liberal... have done nothing to earn their money... elite private or public high schools... colleges and universities... propagandized about the evils of capitalism and globalization.... Patriotism is equated with Hiterlism.... [T]hey are citizens of the world with contempt for those who feel chills up their spines when they hear 'The Star Spangled Banner.'...

    Where can you find trustfunders?... Places with kicky restaurants... tolerant of alternative lifestyles... art galleries... organic food stores... Starbucks competitors. The... San Francisco Bay area.... Without the Bay area's 1.15 million-vote margin for Kerry, California would have come within 82,000 votes of voting for George W. Bush.... Blaine County, Idaho (Sun Valley).... Teton County, Wyo. (Jackson Hole).... Martha's Vineyard....
    The good news for Democrats is that they have found a new source of votes and money. The bad news is that an important part of their core constituency has the characteristic that the British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin ascribed to the press, 'power without responsibility, the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.'
Back in that dark period of history, Barone, it seems, suffered from "Kerry Derangement Syndrome"  (KDS) - a mostly eradicated but extremely debilitating affliction. The good news is that KDS has been mostly eradicated. Mostly.

Unfortunately those who no longer suffer from Kerry Derangement Syndrome are now burdened by the far more serious - Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) which Barone suffers from, sadly. In fact, with Barone the ODS became apparent quite early in 2009 - as early as February 5th to be precise - when the right wing polemicist began referring to the President of the United States as a Thug.

Which when you think about it is pretty bad - just 2 weeks into the Obama Administration and the poor fella' was gone. The Tea Party Protesters had far more grace and dignity waiting at least until the end of February before declaring the President to be a tyrant. And that's pretty bad when you out crazy the tea party.

So this bullshit from Barone was from 10 years ago.  And basically when the internets run the numbers using math and stuff like that we find out that this army of trust fund libruhls that Barone warns folks about comes out to just about 75,000 voters.

In a nation of 300 million give or take circa 2005 this is a pretty small number  - unless these 75,000 were to flee to somewhere like Wyoming and then vote as a block. Otherwise it is insignificant. Which makes you wonder why can't Barone make better shit up than this. And when you think about it, the answer is simple: its the derangement syndrome.

A person can be suffering from the derangement syndrome and not even know it. It's not like a broken leg. That's the thing with the derangement syndrome. You can't tell if you got it because you don't have it. But once you get it, you can't tell that you have it because you've already got it  -  just like this poor miserable Barone. Its kinda like a catch 22.

So I think its safe to say that if Barone has not been sent off to a FEMA run dissident camp or if the Death Panels have not (yet) caught up to him, in 10 years time he'll still be posting bullshit.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Golden Wingnut Finalist - Blogger calls New Pope "Stupid" and "Ridiculous"

What do you do when an authority figure says Global Warming is real? And what do you do if that Authority figure is influential within your political coalition?

If you are a right wing blogger, do you reexamine the conspiracy theory that you believe in; i.e., that the scientists are making things up to cash in on research grants and all the wine, women and song that go along with carrying a slide ruler and wearing a lab coat all day? Or perhaps do you call that authority figure out as "stupid?"

And that's what Powerline Blogger John Hinderaker does:
political views are not shaped merely by good will. The differences between conservatives and liberals turn mostly on what public policies produce the best results. That is an empirical question that can only be answered in the light of knowledge. I am afraid that Francis is utterly unqualified to make this sort of empirical political judgment....The statement that “global warming is real” is stupid. Global warming and global cooling both happen–they alternate–and they are both real. For the last seventeen or eighteen years, however, there has been no global warming.
But the new Pope says that the cause of global warming is "beyond doubt. Humans are dumping quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere faster than nature can absorb it, leading to global warming."

Surely one can agree with the new Pope on this statement. People are digging up larger amounts of carbon that have been stored under ground for a gazillion years and changing the form of this carbon from a solid or a liquid to gas which is released into the atmosphere, right?

There is an oil boom in North Dakota right now where this is happening as just one example. It cannot be just another ruse in the global-global warming conspiracy can it be? Of course not. So how does a hard core winger and by hard core I mean that this winger once call President Bush a genius....AND MEANT IT, and that's hard core - address the new Pope's common sense observations you call them:
Ridiculous on multiple levels. The Earth’s climate is always changing, and has been for millions or billions of years. As it happens, we are living in a relatively cool era. It has been warmer for around 90% of the time since the end of the last Ice Age, 12,000 or so years ago. So, could it get warmer? Of course it could. Is it obvious that any such warming is our fault? Not at all. Again, the Pope and his “science” advisers are not well enough informed to be helpful.
Obviously the new Pope has not read enough American Right Wing Blogs to know what's really going on here. If he had taken the time to wade through the fever swamp he'd know that climate scientist really don't believe in anything....at ....all. And that being the case, how can they arrive at a consensus that Anthropogenic Global Warming is real and that adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere increases the greenhouse effect?  If they are really incapable of believing in anything at all, man, they simply cannot.

But nevertheless that the new Pope has either fallen for the global-global warming hoax or more darkly, possibly, joined the international conspiracy is significant. He's influential. Therefore it is all together necessary and appropriate to lecture him.
even the Pope’s most casual comments may be influential. It therefore behooves Francis to either 1) learn what he is talking about when it comes to climate science–probably a poor idea, since the field is in its infancy and there is no consensus about virtually any important proposition, or 2) go back to saving souls and keep his mouth shut about the climate. I recommend the latter course.
That's the thing about the global warming denial. You are outnumbered for starters. And while this is bad, it keeps getting worse. The Pope joins the opposition. Insurance Industry groups join. Military Leaders join. More and more international groups and association keep joining and not just Air Conditioner trade groups which is understandable since they just want to sell more product. Before too long it'll just be American Right Wing Bloggers holding out at Thermopylae.

So that's tough and it means new lectures on right wing ideology each time someone new joins the opposition.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 GWA Lifetime Achievement Finalist - Paul Rahe

The Right Wing Professor gets victimized by the conservative echo chamber yet again (sigh).

When fellow a right wing professor posted a link to a dubious report that he likely didn't believe in, I knew one of his fellow wingers would fall for the hoax hook line and sinker.  In this case, the Bullshit was a blog meme stating that 71% of Dems regretted voting for Obama in 2012.  And quite Predictably, Paul Rahe fell for it. 
Romney can present himself quite plausibly this time around as a man who understands what is going on, as a man who has consistently told folks the truths they did not want to hear. He is a bit like Churchill in 1939. He can say, "I told you so."

Moreover, he has been thoroughly vetted. There are no skeletons in his closet. We know that. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

He is also a known quantity. He is remembered . . . with respect and regret. A recent poll taken by The Economist showed that 71% of the people who voted in 2012 for Barack Obama regret having done so.
Digest that. What do they regret not having done? Some no doubt wished that they had stayed home. Others regret not having voted for Mitt.
Here is the raw data from the survey where the Resurgent Romney Meme aka the 71% meme came from:
In a 999 person sample, 35 of the Obama voters in the poll said that if the election were held today, they would not vote for President Obama. Of those 35 voters, 25 of them or 71% said they "regret voting" for President Obama.
So according to Rahe, since 25 voters (about 2.5%) out of 999 surveyed said that they regretted voting for the President (instead of Romney), there must be a groundswell of support building for Willard Romney to run in 2016.

So this is what the conservative echo chamber does. It keeps them angry and confused.

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Stephen Bainbridge

The Right Wing Law Professor loses it over vicious OBAMAJAMS:
A Dark Horse Candidate?
So at worst NJ Governor Chris Christie created some traffic jams as political payback.... Democrats... and their allies in the liberal mainstream media [are] all worked up.... But where were the latter when Obama knowingly repeatedly flew into Los Angeles and created massive Obamajams so that he could rake in political payoffs by the billions from his liberal Hollywood groupies.... I've had personal experience of Obama's incredibly deleterious effect on our traffic. To me, the difference between jams for payback and jams for payola is trivial. But because he's a Democrat, nobody in the media cares about the latter.
Brad DeLong tries to understand why the Professor is so Angry
Is there any way to read Bainbridge other than that he is really, really angry that (a) a Black man (b) is President and (c) dares to visit Los Angeles (d) with secret service protection in order to (e) maintain his political coalition and (f) raise money for electoral campaigns?

Which of these six do you suppose makes Bainbridge angriest?
It could be option (g) Bainbridge has the Obama Derangement Syndrome but I really wouldn't know.

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - John Hinderaker

First they came for came For Indian Immigrant Documentary Filmmakers, But I said Nothing, because Dinesh d'Souza is basically a douche bag :

A genius will not
win this award
The Obama administration has unleashed a series of attacks on conservatives that at present has no end in sight. One of those attacks was the indictment of Dinesh D’Souza, whose anti-Obama film 2016 is the second biggest-grossing political documentary of all time. D’Souza is accused of contributing $20,000, more than the legal limit, to the Senate candidacy of his friend Wendy Long. The U.S. Attorney in New York announced a “zero tolerance” policy with regard to campaign finance, and D’Souza was arraigned in New York, handcuffed briefly, and released on $500,000 bond....
Dinesh D’Souza has had a tough year, both personally and professionally. He has also clashed, on occasion, with fellow conservatives, including some of us. But now more than ever, conservatives need to heed Benjamin Franklin’s injunction to hang together. Not all conservatives like the Tea Party, or D’Souza, or Chris Christie, or the Koch brothers, or whoever the next target may prove to be. But the Democrats have launched a broad attack against conservatives of all stripes, and they are willing to misuse all of the powers of the federal government to squash dissent. Conservatives can only counter this aggression by sticking together.
So we should support Dinesh however we can, beginning by questioning whether his indictment is a case of selective enforcement.
Via Powerline Blog in a post titled "First They Came For Indian Immigrant Documentary Filmmakers"
Next they are coming for Right Wing Bloggers and they are sending them all to FEMA run camps......And I plan to say nothing because I am not a Right Wing Blogger.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Scott Johnson, again

Powerline Blog makes a late push to win another Golden Wingnut Award.
Putin is to Obama what Samuel Johnson was to James Boswell and Bishop Berkeley. He is a walking refutation of Obama’s fantasy world of the “international community” and “smart power.” When you see Vladimir Putin, think Samuel Johnson:
After we came out of the church, we stood talking for some time together of Bishop Berkeley’s ingenious sophistry to prove the nonexistence of matter, and that every thing in the universe is merely ideal. I observed, that though we are satisfied his doctrine is not true, it is impossible to refute it. I never shall forget the alacrity with which Johnson answered, striking his foot with mighty force against a large stone, till he rebounded from it — “I refute it thus.”
Putin refutes Obama “thus.”

Putin is making Marx look good. I mean Marx the pundit, not Marx the economist. The guy who said history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.
 Meanwhile in the real world, the Russian economy is collapsing without any bullets, boots or tanks and no world war 3 or nothing.

But man you could not make this crazy stuff up if you tried. It takes real honest to god hardcore wingers to write shit this pompous. But its just how the game is played.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Thomas Sowell, again

For Thomas Sowell the year is usually 1938 and so such you go with what you know:

Again with the Hitler?
With his decision declaring ObamaCare constitutional, Chief Justice John Roberts turned what F.A. Hayek called "The Road to Serfdom" into a super highway. The government all but owns us now, and can order us to do pretty much whatever it wants us to do.
Anyone who wants to read one book that will help explain the international crises of our time should read "The Gathering Storm" by Winston Churchill. It is not about the Middle East or even about today. It is about the fatuous and irresponsible foreign policies of the 1930s that led to the most catastrophic war in human history. But you can recognize the same fecklessness today.
This is all too predicable from Sowell. Its like he's phoning it in these days. To win a GWA, I think you have to come up with more than your 1249th column comparing the day's events to fascism.

The schtick goes like this:  if you implement any welfare policies of any sort, directing individuals, taxing for social ends, engineering the outcomes of market relationships you will end up with Hitler.

Therefore all progress is bad. If doing anything good brings the world one step closer to Hitler, it is obvious that nothing good should ever be done.

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Erick Erickson

Via RedState Blog Editor in Chief Erickson:

For the longest time I have chosen to chalk our President’s stumbles, bumbles, and disasters up to incompetence. He is in over his head. He is inexperienced. He is out of his league. It is hard to accept otherwise.

But it is clearer and clearer that is not true. It is clear that President Obama’s disastrous policies are premised not in incompetence, but in maliciousness. Our President — and he is our President — is not a stumbler and a bumbler, but a Nero who when not persecuting Christians, plays golf while the world burns.

President Obama has surrounded himself with a group of people who comport to his own world view. That world view is very simple to explain: Barack Obama and his advisors belief that in order for the world to be safer, they must make the United States less safe. In order for the world to be stable, the United States must be less stable.

In short, Barack Obama blames America first.
No list of Golden Wingnut nominations could be complete without something from Red State Blog. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Ann Althouse

As a past winner the Right Wing Law Professor launches an unlikely bid at another "win" by comparing an Executive Order to Rape.

Most memorable line [from SOTU]: "Are you going to have sex with me or do I have to rape you?" That's a paraphrase. Let me get the actual quote from the text. Obama said he had "a set of concrete, practical proposals," and "Some require congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you. But America does not stand still, and neither will I. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation... that’s what I’m going to do."
 Hey she tried. You have to give that much to her.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Kevin Williamson

NRO-bot Williamson fears the guillotine:
Yep, this is a wingnut
At a time in which the Left is rediscovering the joy of totalitarianism in the pages of Rolling Stone, when Occupy activists are attempting acts of terrorism, and the organs of the state are being turned against the president’s political enemies, it is worth keeping in mind who and what the Left is at its heart. The Left gets good PR, but it is not really about the minimum wage or Head Start or bigger school budgets. Its agenda is control and domination, and it has been known to endorse and use political violence to achieve those ends. When part of the Left’s corporate arm is happily contemplating the Terror, we should take note, and perhaps ask our progressive friends under which other circumstances execution without trial seems to them an admirable course of action.
... If the Left ever gets the revolution it wants, the owners of multi-million-dollar downtown lofts surely will be among the first to the guillotine. Perhaps they will be comforted by the words of Robespierre: “Terror is only justice: prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country.”
Omniphobia is the fear of everything. In this case the scary thing leading to this blog post stems from being exposed to mean spirited posters with mean slogans about the French Revolution from a company called "Manhattan Mini Storage."

This is understandable if one starts with the premise that if Hitler were around today, he'd be plotting a hostile takeover of the Board of Directors of Manhattan Mini Storage. Once achieved, a new reign of Terror would shortly commence and by new reign of Terror I mean something really bad like even meaner posters targeted at people who occasionally wear something kinda French like an "ascot" and write at a publication that has to occasionally fire white supremacist writers.

So, yeah, things are scary. He's got a point. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalists - Paul Rahe, again

Golden Wingnut
Paul Rahe Declares Racism Over
The most grievous problems that African-Americans face today have little or nothing to do with the conduct of ordinary white people. Of course, they may well have something to do with white conduct in the past, which has a lingering effect. But nothing can be done about that. ...

... Apart from Jason Riley (and Bill Cosby), there are only a handful of African-Americans who care enough about the welfare of their fellow African-Americans to have the courage to level with them and there are even fewer whites (liberal or conservative). In the mainstream media the former are treated as traitors to their race and the latter are demonized as racists.
Some on the internets have debated whether or not conservatism is inherently racist. While I think that is unfair in broad terms. But its post like this by movement conservatives that makes me pause and reconsider the issue. It may be for some, that both reside together now and forever, one and inseparable.

That is to say you shouldn't demonize all conservatives as racists, but instead maybe there is something about the ideology (i.e., those drawn to it) that inhibits an ability to empathize with out groups.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Golden Wingnut Award Finalist - Pascal Bruckner

Pascal Bruckner echoes the complaints of conservatives over the ages
Consider the meaning in contemporary jargon of the famous carbon footprint that we all leave behind us. What is it, after all, if not the gaseous equivalent of Original Sin, of the stain that we inflict on our Mother Gaia by the simple fact of being present and breathing? We can all gauge the volume of our emissions, day after day, with the injunction to curtail them, just as children saying their catechisms are supposed to curtail their sins.
When you read arguments like this, one can't help but to compare them to the conservative opposition to public sanitation regulation during the progressive era. "How can you outlaw breathing.... " today's conservative wails sounding like opposition to the flush toilet mandate back in the old days.  "One toilet connected to the sanitary sewer for every two families is simply outrageous" they thundered back then."Its a natural process. When you got to go - you got to go."

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Of course public sanitation mandates beat back disease and dropped mortality rates dramatically back in the day. The experts tell us that carbon emission reductions will prevent a rise in mortality rates in the future. But who cares when you got yours.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2013 Golden Wingnut Award Winner Right Wing Professor David Gelernter

I am not sure how it was that a Yale professor came to string the following sentences together.

The odds seem infinitesimal that one could do such a thing. But nevertheless, this poor fella managed to do it earning him the 2013 Golden Wingnut Award.
You can’t meet brazen liars with reasonable argument. Nor can you assume the public is getting the House Republican message when American journalists are mainly worshipers of Obama Nike, or more properly of their serene highnesses Obama and Omama (“Omybama, please grant me…”). If you’ve seen Mr Smith Goes to Washington, you recall that Jimmy Stewart filibusters his heart out on the Senate floor as a monstrous political machine suppresses all reports of what he is doing—like crushing eggshells–and the public turns against the lonely senator. For Jimmy Stewart, read House Republicans.
There was so much crazy to choose from, but this rant from the frequently unhinged Gelernter really is deserving of the award. He had a shot in 2012 but his unhinged rant lost out to the Althouse Fallacy which won the 2012 GWA.

Belated Congrats go to Professor Gelernter who is the top of the class in 2013.

2013 Golden Wingnut Runner Up Right Wing Professor William Jacobson

This guy was pretty far gone in 2012.

The Obama Derangement Syndrome had him celebrating national empty chair day and posting countless times about "Operation Demoralization." This was a conspiracy theory holding that the media was engaged in a ruse to suppress headlines and hide polling data that favored Mitt Romney. They - the media - want republicans "demoralized" and thus less likely to vote. Does this sound Batshit Crazy, or what.

In 2013 he stepped it down some but still didn't disappoint with this second place finish:
Remember Tuffy the Rodeo Clown?

Who earned the ire of Democratic politicians and a lifetime ban from the Missouri State Fair because he wore an Obama mask?

Tuffy never told other clowns to “make life as difficult for people as we can.”

Tuffy never tried to stop aging WWII Veterans from making pilgrimage to pay their respects to fallen comrades.

Tuffy never tuffycaded anyone.

Tuffy wasn’t a mean clown.

Tuffy just poked fun at a politician.
It probably sounded clever at the time. In retrospect is just sad - the scribblings of a troubled soul.