Monday, August 22, 2016

PAINTED INTO CORNER - Wingers face no good options

After years of playing the extremism game, right wing activists find themselves with no good options to deal with the coming Trumpocalypse.

Though these activists seem to be repelled by the consequences of their conduct- they "built it," with "it" being the toxic combination of nihilism and white nationalism that is the foundation of the Trump Candidacy - there appears to be no easy way out.  And that is a good thing. In the parlance of the "street" - if you do the crime, you serve the time.

They did the "crime" - laid the groundwork and nurtured "Trumpism" to its logical position.  And now, these activists, should accept the full weight of the consequences. The most hardcore and culpable parties need to "do the time."

Anyway, Andrew Klavan, a hard-right activist and wingers' winger, weighs in on the coming recriminations by and among the righteous:
Of course, for the young, there very much does seem to be a future in which the conservative movement can rebuild no matter what damage Hillary wreaks on the nation. For those of us who have graduated into the Sage class, this may not be the last election...  but we can see the last election from here. For us, it will be harder to keep hope alive during a Hillary presidency.
I make this point only to remind those on both sides that, no matter what happens — whether current trends continue and Trump is buried beneath a flaming landslide or whether an election year of anomalous surprises delivers yet one more — conservatism will certainly be finished forever if we on the right remain at daggers drawn in the aftermath. Angry charges that our fellow conservatives "sold out," or "stabbed us in the back," are nearly always absurd. Most of us are just trying to figure out what's right for the right. When the choices are impossible, reasonable people may disagree.
Again, the thing about hard decisions is: They're hard. A little respect for differing opinions among conservatives young and old may help us rebuild from whichever no doubt ruinous disaster is about to come crashing down on top of us.
A whole bunch of "Someones" need to accept "personal responsibility" for the state of the GOP.

If it were up to me, President Obama's Secret-Gestapo-like force, the death panels traveling by black helicopters in the middle of the night and the imaginary FEMA run camps would all play import roles.

Throw in some jack-booted IRS agents, some super-duper-scary black panthers, some non-existent in person voter-fraud and, of course,  ACORN, all deliberately targeting the virtuous and stealing elections and we'd have something.

But none of these "threats" exist. And that is the point. Build your house on of foundation of bullshit and a circular firing squad eventually may come your way.

They "built this" after all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PRESIDENT OF THE COMMENT SECTION: Breitbart "Shockjock" in charge of Trump campaign

Via the Lamestream Media:
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is bringing two new managers to the top of his campaign in a bid to recover ground he has lost in recent weeks.
Stephen Bannon, executive chairman of Breitbart News LLC, an outspoken Trump supporter and a former Goldman Sachs banker, will assume the new position of campaign chief executive. At the same time, Mr. Trump also is promoting Kellyanne Conway, a veteran GOP pollster and strategist, to become campaign manager. Ms. Conway has been a campaign adviser for several weeks.
More Cowbell. Sweet.

What was a strength in the GOP primary - using the rhetoric of Right Wing Blogs to position Trump ahead of the timid "Losers" and/or "Clowns" in the rest of the field - has become a liability with a national audience.

That is unfortunate. But surfing a wave of crazy shit only gets you so far.  Eventually that wave breaks against the reality of shore. Demographics that is. The lunatic fringe, while significant, may just be 5% of America. And while these hardcore soljas may overwhelm a GOP primary electorate with just 15% of Registered Voters participating, these nutters get over-run when the rest of America joins in.

And so that's the thing with the right wing echo chamber. The poor bastards don't realize that they live within a contained eco-system. The crazy noise that these "Losers" thrive on is just that. It's noise that feels good, full of sound, fury and Reagan but it signifies jack shit. But they are ultimately outnumbered and growing more so everyday.

Sigh.  Its Karma really. For years, Con-men have been running a game on "Real Americans." They give 'em nothing - excepting only tax cuts for rich folks and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries. And they keep 'em angry and ignorant - sending 'em to the polls in even years to defeat a boogeyman of these con-artists making.

The bill comes due at some point in time when a better Conman comes along and steals the audience with his own con. Its all a game. Don't hate the winger, hate the game.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

WHIG WATCH - Internal GOP grievances at "Sarajevo" levels

The next spark might do it.

Via the Conservagentsia.
Republicans are pre-disposed to purge. Democrats are used to being a coalition party that caters to interest groups that are divided by race, class, and region. Since the Cold War, Democratic infighting tends to take the form of demonstrations of strength between its constituent parts. This helps the party rank its priorities. The GOP, however, is practically controlled by the conservative movement and so its disagreements tend to be less about setting priorities than about the party's philosophy itself. Republican infighting tends to be more like a campaign of persecuting heretics.
The urge to remove certain people from your movement is not without its merits. Nuts can add savor to a dish, sure. But they can also repel. Moderates voters and moderate members of Congress are generally allergic to nuts. Yet they are the key ingredient to building a majority party.
But if the party really wants to rebuild, it should start by subtracting orthodoxies. ... If it means electing protectionists in the deindustrialized mid-West and coal country, so be it. If it means electing a more secular-flavor of Republican in the Northeast, so be it. It often works out better for some of the GOP's factions when they aren't totally in charge. Pro-lifers benefited when pro-choice Republicans voted to confirm Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. Gun law liberalizers benefited from the same dynamic.
The alternative, a war of all against all, is too destructive to contemplate.
There are lots of "nuts" though. Lot of 'em. Its gonna be difficult to put 'em in their place and avoid an all out war of all against all.

For decades the "nuts" have been told that because they are "special," they will never have to compromise. Doing what "feels good" for the nuts became a way to practice ideological purity, but also became a means to enforce discipline on the less pure. The heretics.

So for them that win this coming Feud and it will likely be them with money, they'll need to rein in them nuts and put 'em in their place.

As conservatives are hierarchical in nature, this means that "the nuts" will need to devolve down to their "natural" place within that group. The bottom rail ain't gonna on top no more.

Or it all goes to hell. So there is that - a war of all against all.

Monday, August 15, 2016

WINGNET "COMING TO JESUS" - Its role "F'ing things up" questioned

Over the past 8 years RedState Blog has been the home of great and super awesome fun like:
  • Operation Leper - a scheme to vilify republican critics of Sarah Palin;
  • The Red State Strike "Farce" - which among other launched an all out effort to find Mitch McConnell's lost "balls;" 
  • naming "Hills to Die on" -  taking down insufficiently "pure" republicans; 
  • Early apologists for Donald J Trump, and 
  • all the low-lights of the last 8 years 

But now the former Editor of RedState Blog is having second thought and offers this mea culpa  on the role of the Conservative Entertainment Complex on the Collapse of the GOP and corresponding rise of Donald J Trump:
...never trust a politician, political consultant, or pundit who says they had nothing to do with the rise of Trump.
For some, like me, perhaps we pushed too hard on issues and held too many people to many promises we took more literally than we should. Perhaps we encouraged activists to have too little grace for others. For others, it was making promises they had no intention of keeping. For others it was peddling stories they knew to not be true, but were just too good not to talk about. And for others, it was ignoring very real concerns of Americans in favor of the concerns of check writers. Republicans and Democrats both deserve blame for the rise of Trump — the one for talking a good game and not delivering and the other for flat out ignoring the conditions and concerns of a disaffected group of Americans in favor of identity politics.
I think, if anything, the coin operated conservative movement will never account for its participation in the rise of Trump, but deserves much blame. It decided to define conservatism based on the highest bidder instead of the highest principle. Conservative activists turned lobbyists and suddenly their issues became conservative even if they were not really.....
Over the years the "crimes" these infotainers committed against ordinary folks are infamous. These con-men actively tried to:
(1) scare the shit of their voters - many of whom are elderly - with such nonsense as death panels for grandma;
(2) Scam their voters' with schemes like convert your retirement savings into gold (thanks NRO!); and
(3) Exploit the ignorance of normal voters on complex issues of national security, science, etc (global warming conspiracy anyone) by actively and deliberately misinform them.
These scumbags did all of these things for the very best reasons, no doubt and because the ends justified the means. When those ends were defeating the Obamunist Thugocracy, it was all good.

But now that the means have led to the rise of Trump, these "losers" and "clowns" are having second thoughts about their conduct and basic morality.  Shit happens I guess.

Monday, August 8, 2016

KRUGTHULU: Let 'em "burn"

Frankenbagger meets Trumpenstein and its on!

Via the Lamestream Media:
There’s absolutely no evidence that tax cuts for the rich and radical deregulation, which is what right-wingers mean when they talk about pro-growth policies, actually work, or that strengthening the social safety net does any harm. Bill Clinton presided over a bigger boom than Ronald Reagan; the Obama years have seen much more private job creation than the Bush era, even before the crash, with job growth actually accelerating after taxes went up and Obamacare went into effect. ...
The Trumpification of the G.O.P. didn’t come out of nowhere. On the contrary, it was the natural outcome of a cynical strategy: long ago, conservatives decided to harness racial resentment to sell right-wing economic policies to working-class whites, especially in the South.
This strategy brought many electoral victories, but always at the risk that the racial resentment would run out of control, leaving the economic conservatives — whose ideas never had much popular support — stranded. And that is what has just happened.
... Trumpism is basically a creation of the modern conservative movement, which used coded appeals to prejudice to make political gains, then found itself unable to rein in a candidate who skipped the coding.
If some conservatives find this too much and bolt the party, good for them, and they should be welcomed into the coalition of the sane. But they can’t expect policy concessions in return. When Dr. Frankenstein finally realizes that he has created a monster, he doesn’t get a reward. Mrs. Clinton and her party should stay the course.
Its all fun and games until somebody nominates Donald J Trump and puts tax cuts for those that don't need 'em and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries at risk. Then this "unpleasantness" becomes serious.

The monster running a muck menacing the villagers part can be manageable as long as the tax cut and deregulation part is all good. But once the tax cuts are threatened or cops are sent to walk the dangerous and greedy industry beat, that's when some start having second thoughts.

Friday, August 5, 2016

CIVIL WAR on the RIGHT - Trump Republican "whips" primary challenger in TN

RINOs suffer "grave" set back. Freedom marches on.

Via the Wingnet:
Good for Rep. Scott DesJarlais. He soundly whipped former Romney aide Grant Starrett, 52 to 43 in the Tennessee 4th District primary.
The campaign was marked by the same attacks DesJarlais endured in 2012 when it emerged that he had previously encouraged his ex-wife and a mistress to have abortions. The mistress was a patient of DesJarlais, who is a doctor.
The ironic part is that DesJarlais was one of Trump’s first supporters in Congress. Yet nowhere did you see The Donald stumping or helping his campaign in any way. In any case, this is a win for the House Freedom Caucus, the best voice conservatives have in Congress–and likely the only voice (apart from certain senators) for the next four years.
Desjarlais is basically about the worst guy in Congress that people have not heard of. But in this bible belt district, this distinction has not been held against him as the congressman has beaten back primary challenges from establishment backed candidates in cycle after cycle.

Here is how once and future Presidential Candidate David French (NRO) described his fellow Tennessee Republican:
He had a whopping six affairs on his ex-wife and supported her decision to get two abortions before their marriage. A doctor, he had affairs with two patients and prescribed one of them drugs. The Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners fined and admonished DesJarlais for this misconduct. He actually taped himself pressuring one of his mistresses to get an abortion, and then — when word of the tape leaked — lied to his constituents, claiming that the conversation “was recorded without [his] knowledge.”
That aside, Desjarlais seems to be a "good fit" for the voters of his district. The voters no doubt are reminded about this sordid tale every two years full of human frailty, abortion on demand, and vice but this year with Trump!  They send the guy back to DC, anyway.

So the lesson, if there is one, is that a political party can parachute in some establishment pick to lecture the "hay seeds" about "conservatism" and read NRO blog posts to them. It might work from time to time. But apparently it does not work in this part of Real America.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

FUMIGATION; EXTERMINATION-NRO attempts to "right" the ship

Its all fun and games until someone loses a limb or nominates Donald Trump to be President of the Comment Section.


The comment section at the NRO can be a truly frightening place. The place is over-run with malcontents, scumbags, conspiracy theorists, powerline blog readers, goldbugs, survivalists, militia wannabes, racists and/or white nationalists, Trump fans, and various "losers" of the lowest common denominator. In other words its the place their readers go to behave very badly. This behavior has been going years to no good end.

I mean whipping up crazed opposition to the Kenyan Strongman and his Chicago-Style Thugocracy was all in good fun and had its uses!  But now that this fun and games has gotten out of hand and helped to lead to Donald J Trump, something has to change.

And so it is that the NRO has decided that it will try to help clean up some of the mess that it has created over the years.  It will try to BAN some of its readers from the comment section.
As of this evening, NRO will be moving its comments section from Disqus to Facebook. If you have built up a set of conversations over the years, worry not: All comments on existing posts will remain intact and linked to Disqus. But in order to comment on new posts, you’ll need a Facebook account. If/once you have one, there’s nothing special you need to do. Just navigate down to the comments section and log in.
This is a good move. And its long overdue.

If the NRO can take the next reasonable step and ban some its worst bloggers, they may have something.


A former Trump apologist and RedState Blog Honcho has officially "lost" it:
...Donald Trump asking if NATO countries “have paid” if they want American protection from a potential Russian invasion.
Do you people supporting Trump know the only time NATO has ever invoked Article 5 of the 1949 Washington Treaty that established NATO? That’s the article that recognizes an attack on one NATO ally as an attack on all NATO allies requiring defense.
Do you Cheeto Jesus worshipping fools have any idea? Your orange god, of all people, should know.
The only time NATO has ever invoked Article 5 and rushed to the aid of a NATO ally in response to an attack was on September 11, 2001. On that day, monsters murdered 2,977 people in New York City; Washington, DC; and Shanksville, PA.
Almost 3,000 Americans were murdered by monsters and our NATO allies for the first time in the history of the NATO Alliance rose as one and defended American airspace and American interests around the entire freaking world while we wrestled with what had happened.
Donald Trump wants to turn NATO into a damn shakedown scheme and you people are cheering him on. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be ashamed of the fact that your cult leader who claims to have been personally affected by 9/11 does not even know our NATO allies protected his ass that day. You should be ashamed that he wants to turn one of the strongest military alliances in the history of the world into a racket where protection is bought. You should be ashamed that you are not ashamed.
These are allies. They are not vassal states. These are friends. Our promises do not require shakedowns. We are not the global bully demanding lunch money for protection. We are the shining city on the hill.
You people reflect the evil character of your god. You should be ashamed, but you have no shame left. You all deserve to be defeated and annihilated. You disgust me in cheering him on. He disgusts me.
On September 11, 2001, our NATO allies surrounded our nation and our nation’s interests globally while we buried our dead and you people cheer that braying jackass on ignorant of that fact and demanding money from our allies.
Donald Trump can go to hell and perhaps you will do the rest of us a favor and follow him there.
Shame on you all. Shame on you.
In many ways Republican Party politics is like a "Cult." The victim only starts to understand the intense depravity once he's out.....if he's lucky enough to escape.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CIVIL WAR on the RIGHT: RINOs "bag" Unreconstructed Republican


Via the NRO:
Representative Tim Huelskamp lost his seat Tuesday the Republican primary in Kansas’ 1st District...the incumbent is the fire-breathing conservative, and the challenger...[had] the backing of the establishment. The race was a blowout. ... Certainly, the result is a warning shot to the Freedom Caucus and other conservatives in congress
Rep. Huelskamp was/is one of the more extreme Tea Party scoundrels haunting the halls of congress. How extreme one may ask? Well, he was so extreme that he one of two such extremists who opposed (in committee) a Ryan 2012 Budget manifesto - not because it was toooo extreme but because it was not extreme enough.

You know someone is hardcore when he goes this route. Think about this. Say there is a bill that would prevent 99 of 100 sick kids from seeing a doctor or 99 hungry kids from eating a subsidized school lunch. While Paul Ryan and his posse may be "stoked" about the "cuts" because they'd then get spend all the cash savings on tax cuts for the super rich, naturally many folks would oppose it.

Some would oppose the bill because it is no longer the 19 century and social darwinism has been discredited. Others wouldn't care about that kinda stuff and oppose it because it is unnecessarily harsh and mean-spirited and also cruel and all of above. And still others would oppose it because its counter-productive - public health is a public good - plus the 19 century is over, etc.

Only the most stone cold would vote against it out of the principle that all 100 kids - not just 97 or 98 or even 99 should be denied medical care.

So the RINOs took this guy out. Big deal. If they can't defend themselves from the Huelskamps of the world, they deserve to go extinct.


Monday, August 1, 2016

KNIFE WORK - Rubin goes to work

Jen-Jen has Reinhold Priebus in her sights and she's gonna do what comes naturally:
When you have one party enthusiastically embracing its nominee and the themes highlighted at its convention and the other running in the opposite direction, you know one convention was a bust. In other words, Priebus managed to run a much worse convention than Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), who had to resign in disgrace. Think about that when you contemplate the future of the current RNC.
That should leave a mark.

I don't know why they fired the black guy that used to have Priebus's job. They must've had their reasons. Who can say really?

But ever they made the switch in Chairmen, the Republican Party has gone from tea party crazy with sane people in charge to batshit barking mad crazy with a lunatic at the helm. And it only looks to get worse!

But all is not lost. I hear there are job opening with the Whig Party. So its not like Priebus won't have some options.

FULL METAL WINGNUT - The Bill comes "due"

Via a Neocon in the Lamestream Media:
“In a way, the joke’s on the Republican Party: After decades of masquerading as the ‘stupid party,’ that’s what it has become. But if an unapologetic ignoramus wins the presidency, the consequences will be no laughing matter.”
“Even if we can avoid the calamity of a Trump presidency, however, the G.O.P. still has a lot of soul-searching to do. Mr. Trump is as much a symptom as a cause of the party’s anti-intellectual drift. The party needs to rethink its growing anti-intellectual bias and its reflexive aversion to elites. Catering to populist anger with extremist proposals that are certain to fail is not a viable strategy for political success.”
Paul Ryan and Mitchell McConnell went "all in" with their full court press nihilism and obstruction scheme in 2009. Anything Obama was for became a threat to the American Republic.

Rescue the nation from the Great Recession: Tyranny. Save the American Auto Industry from extinction: Outrageous. Expand access to health insurance to millions lacking access to health care: death panels. Green Energy investments: an International conspiracy. Putting cops back on the Wall Street beat to keep crooks from stealing any more retirement accounts: a job killer. And on and on it went from one monstrosity to the next.

That's one thing. The RINOs and the Grand Old Party fostered this "culture" of extremism. While its been ongoing in some form for decades, the effort went "nuclear" during the Obama "regime." Someone like Trump or the 9-9-9 guy does well in conditions like these.

The flip side of this coin is that by being against "everything" reflexively, the GOP never informed and educated its voters on possibilities and policies that it could support in the 21st century. Essentially, it abandoned the field in the battle for the free market of ideas.

Under this Republican Anti-intellectualism, "facts" became the "enemy" of Truth and the other side's marshaling of fact in support of its preferred policies become the basis for conspiracy theory.

If one adds this Ryan-McConnell nihilism to the parties base anti-intellectualism you get "Trump."

And they did build this.

Friday, July 29, 2016

THUGGERY IN THE MEDIA - Josh Barro is mean

Wingers under siege:
“Many of the conservatives who watched with dismay as the Republican Party nominated Donald Trump have now watched with amazement as Democrats co-opted some of Republicans’ favorite themes at the Democratic National Convention.”
“Democrats’ thinking was clear: We’re the only political party left for grown-ups, so we’d better make sure we have something to offer voters on both sides of the aisle.”
“There was a clear choice about tone, especially on the last two days of the convention:
Speakers would not mock conservatives for getting into bed with Donald Trump. They would mock Trump and make the case that conservatives should be embarrassed and ashamed that their party nominated him — and should look across the aisle at a party that shares more of their goals and values than they may have realized.”
If getting viscous and periodic beatings from the Kenyan Menace with his allowing the working poor and the self employed to buy health insurance on the same tax preferred basis as folks working for larger businesses was not enough, Right Wingers have suffered relentless pummeling from the elitists in the Lamestream media over the past 8 years as well.

It just does not stop. You can turn the AM radio to 11 and listen to the shock jock scream for 3 hours while wearing a tri-cornered tinfoil hat and even that won't stem the tide.

Life just is not fair. The Whigs probably felt this way too.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

ROLE REVERSAL - GOP now infested with "America" bashers

The roles of the two major parties have been undergoing some slow and some not-so-slow changes over the years.

The Republicans are now firmly the party of White Nationalism after years of trying to appeal to the internal cultural norms of the white majority. They reached their logical destination.

The Democrats, once the party of white supremacy, now are the undisputed party of civil rights and the declaration of independence.

The GOP once styled itself as the "party of ideas" while today people know it as the party of NO (no ideas, no clue and no will to govern responsibly).

And so to it is with the Party nominating conventions.  The GOP's message is that there is nothing right with America that cannot be undone with that is wrong with America - and lots and lots of things are WRONG with America according to GOP standard bearers.

With the Democrats it is the opposite:
“As soon as President Obama finished his speech here Wednesday night, it was immediately clear that Donald Trump and Republicans made a fundamental mistake by abandoning a hopeful, optimistic message in Cleveland. And Obama and the Democrats seized that message.”
Noted former George W. Bush spokesman Tony Fratto: “Watching Democrats talk about America the way Republican candidates used to talk about America.”
“Oof. Over the last seven and a half years, Republicans have criticized Obama for not believing in American exceptionalism. But last night, Obama and the Democrats owned the optimistic message about the country.”
America cannot build roads and bridges anymore. It is too hard for the current generation.

America cannot and should not modernize its health care delivery system. It is too hard to do what other modern nations have done - plus Obama might hurt someone feelings.

America can no longer educate its children to compete in the 21st century. Yes America may have put a man on the moon, invented the internet but NO it cannot develop a new generation of renewable energy.

Americans should give up. They should quit. The best days are behind us. And on and on.


At least the Whig Party was pro-America. Maybe they'll come back in style in the near term.

Friday, July 22, 2016

WHIG WATCH - Conservatism never fails; People Fail Conservatism....UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!

Or is that the case anymore - that there is never anything wrong with Conservatism?

Usually this is the line. Whenever suffering a setback, the refrain is simple. Conservatism is not to blame. Instead, people let down conservatism. The lectures about Tax cuts and deregulation weren't delivered by an effective messenger. Better communication with the masses is the ticket. If only the next pitchman is more like Reagan!

Sometimes, conservatism appears to have failed. But it hasn't. It only looks this way because the other side cheated. There was imaginary in person voter fraud; ACORN is running rampant, the election was stolen, etc. The AM Radio has been shreiking about this for a generation.
Or, perhaps conservatism appears to have fails because 47% of Americans are scumbag moochers; or perhpas its because the other side keeps black folks locked on the democratic plantation, etc., etc.
But conservatism is never to blame. NEVER. Better messaging will heal all wounds and lead to victory

But maybe not anymore. Perhaps Trump happened because Conservatism has failed. One guy thinks so:
The Republican presidential candidate was usually a gray, bland figure, a stalwart conservative but not a fire-breathing one...
...who had worked his way up the ranks. Romney, McCain, Bush II, Dole, and Bush I all fit this description[, and even] Reagan... did not deviate too far from this model. As a conservative, the Republican nominee would support tax cuts, a business-friendly attitude, a tough-guy attitude toward America's enemies and rivals, and traditional family values based on Christianity. That's what conservatism was.
But in the past fifteen years, the three pillars of conservatism--economic, foreign-policy, and social conservatism--have all had huge, dramatic failures.... The Bush tax cuts failed to reverse [middle-class] income stagnation... [and] a lax regulatory climate appeared to give rise to a financial crisis that devastated the job market.... The formula of 'cut taxes[, deregulate,] and let businesses do as they see fit' is now pretty discredited.... Older intellectuals [who] continue to fight doggedly for this economic program... are rightfully ignored....
Foreign policy conservatism... failed... when Bush turned bellicose rhetoric into bellicose reality with the disastrous Iraq War.... A more minor failure was the seeming emptiness of Bush's bellicose rhetoric when it came to actual threats. Under Bush's watch, Putin's power grew inexorably, and North Korea got nukes, while Bush barked impotently.... Finally, social conservatism... [which] promised to restore family values by promoting Christianity and resisting things like gay marriage. But... Americans have resoundingly rejected the values pushed on them by Christian conservatives in the 80s, 90s, and 00s.... Add all this up, and what do you get? A massive, total failure of all three pillars of modern conservatism within a 15-year period....
That leaves us with the... the question of why Trumpism filled the void that conservatism created with its rapid collapse.... That's a question I don't think I know how to answer... race, religion, tribalism, xenophobia, etc... globalization and import competition from China... a faction that was there all along.... Or all three. Or something else. I don't know. But... a necessary piece of the Trump takeover equation was the collapse of the conservative ideology... [which] is what inevitably happens to an ideology when it succumbs to overreach, dogmatism, and an echo chamber. I hope I don't ever have to watch the same thing happen to the American left.
I've tended to blame the rabble-rousers from playing the extremism game. You think that since riding the tiger seems to work at first that the dismount will be easy.

But its not. When you get off, it turns and does what's natural, Then you get stuck with Donald Trump.

But who knows.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WHIG WATCH - It is in effect

All good things must come to an end. The same is true for the not-so-good as well.

The Internets consider the coming Destruction of Grand Old Party. Vice, Avarice, and Ignorance are not especially to blame any more so than natural causes like "old age," some posit.
Legend has it that after leveling Carthage in the Third Punic War, Roman army generals ordered that the city’s fields be sown with salt so that they’d lie fallow for years, Roman generals not being particularly well known for their benevolence in victory.
Many Republicans think Donald Trump’s nomination is doing roughly the same thing to their party: destroying any chance for growth it once had and leaving the GOP to wither and die on Trump vineyard vines.
“My general sense, looking at this election, is that what we’re witnessing here is the end of something much more than the beginning of something,” Yuval Levin, editor of the conservative policy journal, National Affairs told me recently.
Moments of historical change in the course of a party’s life can be difficult to spot. In “Party Ideologies in America, 1828-1996,” political scientist John Gerring marks the beginning of the modern Republican Party as Herbert Hoover’s shifting campaign rhetoric in 1928 and 1932, when he talked more about the virtues of the American home and family than hard-tack economics. Hoover’s oratory about the progress of the individual being threatened by an overzealous government bureaucracy stuck around for the next eight decades, and the wisdom of generations has helped us discern that this was indeed the start of a new Republican era.
The shock of 2016, though, is just how self-evident the inflection point at which the Republican Party finds itself is; Trump is a one-man crisis for the GOP. The party has been growing more conservative and less tolerant of deviations from doctrine over the past decades, so what does it mean that a man who has freely eschewed conservative orthodoxy on policy is now the Republicans’ standard-bearer?
If Trump lost, Soltis Anderson said — which seems at this point, not an unreasonable possibility — the factions in the party would only become more entrenched. It would not just be the Trump supporters vs. the Never Trumps; instead, Never Trump would be pitted against Never Trump in a civil war of the moral resistance. Lacking a common enemy, they would revert to their differences.
“On the one hand, you have the autopsy folks, right?” she said, referring to those who concur with the findings of a 2012 report that said, among other things, that the GOP should reach out to minority voters. “You have the people that look at Donald Trump and they go, ‘He’s alienating Latino voters, he’s doing damage to the brand, he’s looking backwards, not forwards, he’s the opposite of what we needed.’”
The other Never Trump faction — “the Ted Cruz folks, the conservative purists,” as Soltis Anderson put it — would disagree with the diagnosis of why Trump was bad for the party. “Their main argument with Trump is not that he’s mean to Latinos; their main argument with Trump is that he’s not really a conservative, he’s not really one of us,” she said. “When all is said and done, those two Never Trump forces are going to blame each other for his existence.”
The prospect that the GOP leaders wouldn’t even be able to agree on why Trump — arguably the worst crisis the modern party has experienced — was even a crisis to begin with, seemed to say it all.
“There is no happy ending to this story,” she said
Sometimes shit just happens and alotta shit has happened to the former party of Lincoln- self inflicted or of natural causes. And both are true to varying extents.

And as the predictions of a doomed Republican Party come and possible come to fruition, there looms an unasked question.

Why not give the Whig party another chance? They can't be any worse.

Monday, July 18, 2016


From the Archives in 2012!

One of the members of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade ponders seriously on the nature of political nominating conventions - as would be expected from an operation like Powerline Blog. The democratic party is infested by loons, it seems. Upon observation, one must conclude this to be true. They did nominate Obama.

Whereas for the Grand Old Party the convention is marked by the somber, reflective and measured judgment of its participants. Its party members are no way loons:
Tonight, delegates to the Democratic National Convention will cheer the prospect of another term for Barack Obama. You may wonder: who are these people? Who could possibly approve of Obama’s almost unbroken record of failure? Well, to begin with, many of them are not very bright. Many more have financial skin in the game. But a considerable number are even worse than that….It is often said that there are nutty people in both political parties, and that no doubt is true. But the assumed equivalence is false. We are talking here about senior Democratic Party officials and delegates to the Democratic National Convention. There is no analogous craziness at the same level on the Republican side. Democrats frequently describe Republican office-holders and candidates as “crazy,” but that simply means that they aren’t Democrats. In the Democratic Party, we see the real thing. [em-mine]
I guess when you are one of the crazies, all the other loons seem "normal."

Michele Bachmann becomes a serious person and her views warrant to be taken seriously.  Next Herman Cain becomes dominant momentarily before being swept away by a Newt Boomlet which is replaced by Santorumania.

Donald J. Trump strides into the debate next and powerfully captivate hearts and minds with his "measured" judgment. Compared to the democratic party, this march to Cleveland occurs with all due dignity  - as would be expected.

And so it must be the case that many wingers lack a sense of self awareness. Some say its the echo chamber, others say the right wing immune system is more to blame as the party's deeply nurtured anti-intellectualism leaves the body particularly susceptible to con men, hoaxes and the favor of the month.  Yet others may attribute this lack of awareness to the Derangement Syndrome. I think all are somewhat to blame.

And so it goes.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

BOYCOTT ESPN - Wingers in a tizzy, again (sigh)

It is hard to be a card carrying member of the tinfoil hat brigade these days.

Culture is against you. Science is against you. Facts are as biased as the polls are skewed. And the Kenyan Strongman with his socialist mind trick has everyone - but right wingers - fooled.
Its everything, man. You just can't win.

And now it has got even worse. Sports are against you, too.

The boys from Powerline Blog explain:
Each year, ESPN holds something called the ESPYs. Apparently, the event is a sort Academy Awards for sports. The idea seems ridiculous. Part of what makes sports wonderful is that it’s not show business.
According to Larry O’Connor at HotAir, and confirmed by other reports I’ve seen, “the ESPY award broadcast was filled with about as much race-baiting, left-wing politics as the Democrats convention in Philly will have two weeks from now.” Moreover, “ESPN, the Disney-owned network that created and produces the awards broadcast on their parent network ABC, went out of their way to feature and celebrate the divisive Black Lives Matter grandstanding.”
The broadcast apparently began with luminous social critics Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James mouthing Black Lives Matter lines. Pretending to “follow in the footsteps” of “legends like Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Brown, Billie Jean King, [and] Arthur were pitches for gun control and for more government spending on medical research. President Obama and Vice President Biden were featured.
But the worst manifestation of ESPN’s leftism isn’t the ostentatious leftism of the ESPYs, but rather the network’s suppression of other viewpoints....We should conclude that ESPN is the worldwide leader in bulls**t.
If you’re a committed sports fan, it’s difficult to avoid ESPN. But if you’re a conservative, you should consider avoiding it as much as you feel you can.
If you think the healthcare system in America is to the 21st century as Slavery was the 19th century. Fine. Don't use it. Boycott the doctor.

If you have no capacity for empathy or can't view athletes as people who may also have "opinions." This is fine too. Don't watch sports.

But they won't. I've seen wingers boycott ESPN before. Apparently Disney, the parent company, not only let gay people in its theme parks but encouraged them to attend from time to time.  As outrageous as this practice was, the Boycott against sports did not last.

This, too, shall pass. as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

DIOCLETIANIC PERSECUTION – A new age of “Lions” Dawns

According to the Wingnet, those Radicals in Robes are back at it.

Not content just to usher in a new age of conservative jurisprudence over the last 4 decades of conservative dominance on the high court, the justices of the US Supreme Court and its allies in the Obamunist Thugocracy are about to throw down the Ban Hammer of the Gods on Christians in the Workplace.

Washington is the only state that has this specific regulation on pharmacies. Now that the Supreme Court has greenlighted it, look for Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion radicals to start lobbying friendly state legislators across the country to pass similar legislation.
Welcome to the new age. It is real, and it is happening.
... I want you to notice something. The Left always accuses the Right of advancing the culture war, even though it is usually the Right playing defense. The pharmacists’ situation is a classic example. Nobody in Washington state had the slightest problem finding Plan B. If they couldn’t get it at the Stormans’ pharmacy, there were plenty pharmacies nearby where they could. Conscience exemptions are standard nationwide, and state and national pharmacy professional associations filed amicus briefs supporting the Stormans. Nobody wanted this regulation, except the Jacobins of the Sexual Revolution.
And now they have it. .... these Jacobins decided to create a problem where there was none, just to destroy Christian pharmacists.
The illegitimacy of the regime grows by the day. 
Render unto Caesar all the stuff that belongs to him. Render unto the Pharmacist who is also a "christian" religious fundamentalist all his stuff too.

So life is not fair. And they have a point. I am sure Muslim Fundamentalists agree, too.  Adjusting to modernity is tough for those who rely on old time folkways and teachings of ancient religious texts to understand all that happens around them on this spinning blue marble.

But there still ain't no Lions.

Friday, July 15, 2016

THE CENTER MUST NOT HOLD - Extremist repudiates America - yearns for "Utopia"

When the only tool that you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. And so to is it with Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe, who is either one of the craziest wingers inhabiting the lunatic fringe, or is a caricature of all the vices of American right wingers rolled into a glorious sock puppet.
I am non-judgmental as to which turns out to be the case.

But anyway, one can always count on Rahe to bring the crazy whether its conspiracy theories about the President importing ebola into the US to harm the people or the fevered dreams that the father of Nationalized Romneycare was likely to win a landslide election framed around the repeal of Romneycare as tyranny and repudiation of the last 100 years of American history, of the American administrative system of governance and of progress toward opportunity and participation in public life for all Americans.

If Romney would have only spent more time watching Glenn Beck and explaining this vision (of utopia) more clearly to the American people, this future could have been realized. But it was not to be.

Today is a new day, however. Unfortunately, this day is no different from the days that have gone before. Because when all you have is a nail.....
I think of this poem often [that the Center cannot hold, the extremes are empowered and the virtuous silenced]. I thought of it when John Roberts turned himself into the legal equivalent of a pretzel in a cowardly attempt to dodge the fact that Obamacare was, on the face of it, unconstitutional. I thought of it later while sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis as Mike Pence collapsed when Tim Cooke of Apple called him after the Indiana Legislature passed a facsimile of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I thought of it when Nathan Deal vetoed an act passed by the Georgia Legislature specifying that bathrooms be allocated in that state by sex. And I thought of it today when James Comey, Director of the FBI, recommended that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted for gross negligence for doing all of her business as Secretary of State via an email server lodged in her home, pleading that the poor girl had not intended harm.
We, too, live in a time when the best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity. It has been ugly the last eight years, and it is going to be uglier still.
The Lunatic Fringe has been ugly, this is true.  But one wonders if it can get worse. When will we hit "peak wingnut?"  Trump may instruct us on this point.

Normally, in a functioning Political Party, such lunacy is kept in check, beaten down or simply dismissed.  The Modern Republican Party is not a healthy party however. It has weakened to where it is unable to fight off these all to frequent bi-annual bouts of near-fatal infections and periodic bouts of delusion.

And now comes a new Champion for the American Right.

Donald J Trump.  This is a man who ran for the nomination of major political party not as a man of the Party but as an embodiment of a right wing blogger catering to a lunatic fringe.  Trump would copy shit that semi-crazed right winger bloggers had been yammering about for years and the opportunist in him would use it to carve out a niche within the GOP electorate.

He did not "Build it" himself.  Rather the foundations of "Trumpism" had already been laid. Its walls and roof framed and fitted by a variety of different workmen - Barking mad bloggers at the NRO and other dark places within the conservative media, Conspiracy theorists and nocturnal scribbling Right Wing Professors, Screamers on the AM Radio and Infotainers posing at "TV News personalities" at the Fox News and others, all of these "workmen" laboring together as if a common plan or blueprint for Trumpism existed long before The Donald's arrival.

And so to did extremism become normalized and moderation become demonized so that when the bi-annual infection came again -like it always seems to come, there were none left sufficient to fight off the fever. The GOP succumbed to delirium unchecked its "grown-ups" vanquished and the Kenyan Strongman supreme.

And now right wingers wail in despair - seemingly oblivious to their complicity in "building" the new GOP and many shriek to the heavens with each new moment that invites formerly marginalized folks to emerge from the shadows of civic life to enjoy their birth right as Americans.

If only more people watched Glenn Beck.....It could have all turned out differently.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

WINGNUT STUCK IN PAST - Trumpism offers New "hope"

Over at Powerline Blog, one of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade bangs out a familiar refrain:
For a while I thought we were re-living the 1970s, with Carter era stagnation and weakness. Now we seem to be moving back in time to the 1960s. That was when the Democrats first tried to claim that “law and order” is code for racism. The Democrats lost that one. It turned out that Americans really do care about upholding the law, and really are opposed to crime.
So now the Democrats want to re-enact their losing strategy, believing, apparently, that this time it will win for them. If I were a Democrat, I would attempt an intervention. But I am not a Democrat, so I am happy–well, not happy, since the whole thing is inexpressibly sad–but willing to let them go down the same sterile path to defeat.
Essentially many wingers have been unable to move past the 1970s and routinely have filter current events through the prism of Soviet aggression, Ayatollah's and Stagflation. Events invariably tend to be viewed through a Reagan - Carter prism, though inflation has been arrested, the Soviet Union does not exist and the gospel of tax-cuts for the wealthiest among us has been uniformly discredited.

And so it went. Every problem looked a nail. Obama was to be the new Carter even as he rescued the economy from brink of collapse and eliminated Bin Laden. And, of course, inflation is always just a moment away from washing over the nation like a tsunami instead of the deflationary pressures that exist today.

But all good things must come to an end. The 1960s now beckon many, as they ever do for conservatives seeking to understand "history's great error" and how to reverse the tides of "progress." They gleefully rally around Donald J Trump's call to action.

Many wingers have never left this decade. Many fixate on other decades - the 1860s, 1910s, 1930s, etc., etc., and yet for others it will always be july 1980 in America, "not once but whenever s/he wants it, there is the instant when it's still not yet two o’clock on that July afternoon, the brigades are in position behind the rail fence, the guns are laid and ready in the woods and the furled flags are already loosened to break out...waiting for" Reagan to give the order to take that hill.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NRO GUY SAYS WHAAAT - Soccer Befuddles Winger

Another in a series on North American right wing rhetoric - offered without context, because wingers can right some of the wackiest stuff sometimes.

The topic is Soccer:
The answer starts with a “R” and ends with an “acism!” White people angry about their economic dislocation aren’t interested in palling around with the dirty Mexicans stealing their jobs. That’s why they’ve embraced the sport that Latinos everywhere love! Sure, why not. The Pacific Northwest, hotbed of Confederate nostalgia. Thankfully, immigrants are not fooled. Anyone who doesn’t understand why so few Mexican-Americans root for the United States national team “doesn’t need to look much farther than the crowds who gather in M.L.S. stadiums and bars and sing songs inspired by groups who shove black men off subway trains and travel to foreign cities to taunt Muslim immigrants.” 
It has to be very difficult to be an un-assimilated North American Right Winger in America circa 2016.  Life outside the comment section at the NRO can be strange and confusing.

I feel for these guys. But there is little that can be done until treatment is actively sought out.

They, the experts - those know-it-alls - say you have to hit the bottom first. Maybe Trump will help 'em out in that regard.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CONSPIRACY! RACISM! - Fun times at Instapundit blog

Its a terrible thing when a good meme turns bad.

And over at Instapundit blog they got a good one dog-whistled out to the masses: Barack Obama is hiding something from Black Folks.

The evidence is in a chart - made up by right wingers purporting to show that it is hard for black kids to find entry level jobs.

Shocking. Kids having a hard time finding summer jobs since the great recession?  According to the chart, yes. And, naturally its all Obama's fault.

Apparently this "development" could have been prevented if Obama had extended the Bush Tax cuts for those earning the most. or if the President had deregulated some dangerous industry. Or maybe it has to with minimum wage laws enacted by local or state governments that Obama apparently is responsible for....somehow.

If Obama would have just gutted the Safe Drinking Water Act, or children labor laws or something like that the economy would be booming but nooooooo, he wouldn't do it  That Obama. He's always F'ing things up.

But that's how you play the game on the wingnet. Anyway the nutters had a pretty good thing going until the comment section chimed in.  Because in the wingnet there is a universal law that black + unemployment = racism!

Fun-times man. The Hitler reference is good. References to attending grade school at age 19 is also priceless.

When Barack Obama says "you didn't build it." He doesn't mean the modern republican party. They did "build" that. Its all theirs.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

VULGAR BLOGGER - "Outraged" by vulgar "Commenters"

It is hardly surprising that Powerline Blog has been suffering a bad case of Reap-Sow-Karma in its comment section. But such a thing is not uncommon on the wingnet in dark places like the NRO, etc., etc., where the loudest angriest voices become empowered leading to evermore anger, loutishness, excess, vice and barbarity.

Naturally, I blame the American Mussolini and Lawless Tyrant Obama along with his 21st century version of chattel slavery - Obamacare - for the incivility.

TO the Wingnet!!!!!
As I have mentioned a time or two before, we seek to maintain a tone appropriate to civil discourse on this site. It is a tone that comes naturally to most of our readers and commenters.
I review comments for abuse and vulgarity. Most of our commenters have no problem speaking in polite company. However, every day I now moderate comments by commenters who are routinely vulgar. Some commenters appear to be incapable of expressing themselves without resort to words such as “ass” or “asshole” or “dumbass” or “bastard” or “shit” or “bullshit” or “fuck” or “balls” (of the anatomical variety) or the like and their many colorful variants. One commenter specializes in “libtard,” a word which is not acceptable here.
Our software generally holds such comments and prevents them from appearing without approval, but I am tired of reading them. Those of you who use such language in comments are warned to behave. Those of you who persist in using such language are cordially invited to take your business elsewhere. If you don’t, we will resort to the expedient of banning you from the comments.
Personal abuse of fellow commenters or of the proprietors of this site is also discouraged. Even without vulgarity, personal abuse is unwelcome. Commenters who engage in it will be banned summarily.
These are the guidelines we apply:
We prize civil discourse and ask our commenters to observe elementary courtesies.
Exceptions may be made, and the line may be blurry, but vulgarity is prohibited.
Personal abuse of Power Line authors and commenters is prohibited.
Anonymous/pseudonymous comments are discouraged. If you have a good reason for hiding behind a pseudonym, send a message to my attention at our email address and I will entertain it.
These guidelines are not exhaustive. They may be applied inconsistently and their violation may result in the deletion of comments and the banning of commenters.
If your site has software to screen out the number of commenters using the term "libtard," because it is a problem, your site not only has problems, but its a sign that extremist rhetoric has become the norm: its a feature not a bug.

Not only that but its highly elitist to castigate those using extremist rhetoric in your comment section for buying into and believing in the product that Powerline Blog sells - which is built on extremist rhetoric. "You build it." And so you own it. Deal with it.

Its sad to say (not really) that if Powerline Blog were a dog, it woulda been put down by now.