Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly Standard now a "feral beast" that is "persecuting Sarah Palin"

At one time the Weekly Standard was on the front lines defending Sarah Palin from unjust Persecution from the media elite.

In fact one of its Lieutenants wrote a book titled: The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down a Rising Star.
when the beast saw Sarah Palin appear out of thin air and captivate the American imagination, it tore her apart. The hate machine whirred and hummed and swung into high gear.
Lies became facts, the smarmiest allegations jumped to Page One, and anybody who had something horrible to say about Sarah Palin was handed a megaphone and told to speak as loudly as possible. Wherever the Palin-haters gathered, they flaunted their contempt. Anything that complicated their prearranged story was shunted aside. Bias, inaccuracy, and self-obsession ruled the day. The pack became frenzied. Rabid. They did not miss a single opportunity to slight Palin. They could not leave her alone—even after the election was over and their preferred candidate had won; even after Palin resigned her office in July 2009.
This is a book about how the feral beast hunted down its prey.
And how she fought back.
But that was then.  But things change.  Today the Weekly Standard has become one of the "Feral beasts" unfairly smearing Sarah's character:
Whatever one makes of either one of them, the similarities between Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina (who’s just announced she’s running for president) stop more or less at the chromosomal level. Fiorina is an accomplished (if controversial) businesswoman; Palin, a half-term governor and television star. Fiorina is a graduate of Stanford (with a degree in philosophy and medieval history) and MIT (with a master’s in management); Palin received a degree in, alas, journalism. Fiorina is an unusually articulate for a candidate for public office; Palin is . . . well, Sarah Palin.
SHAME. Enough is enough. The Weekly Standard owes Sarah an apology.

Powerline Blog declares WAR on fact checkers, sigh

That Powerline Blog holds that Fact Checkers from the media cannot be trusted is so predictable.

Who could tune to Channel 7’s Action News Team and not think that these “journalists” are on the payroll of the United Nations.
The Democratic Party controls almost all of the news media. Some years ago, the Democrats came up with a great idea: they established “fact checkers” within Democratic Party newspapers to spin unfortunate facts in the Democrats’ favor. Today, several such “fact checkers” are well known. Are they reliable? Of course not. ....the lesson is that liberal “fact checkers” can’t be trusted. At all. They are Democratic Party operatives, no more and no less, and they will be out in force in anticipation of the 2016 presidential campaign.
So predicable. Yawn.

The internets teach us many things. Of such, it teaches us that the wingnet operates according to certain laws.  In fact that are many rules of the Wingnet, such as:

Information that contradicts the Ideology is a lie. This is a straight forward rule that is very prevalent on the wingnet.

A corollary to this law tells us that losers like those in the Lamestream Media, the “Scientists,” and other so-called experts that publish these lies are the enemy. Everybody knows this, too, of course.

And next there is a related law to the ones stated above. It is called “Frum’s Rule.”  Frum's Rule tells us that those individuals who consider whether or not there is any the merit to these "lies" are, naturally, heretics. This law is aptly named "Frum's Rule" because everyone knows that David Frum is a heretic who was rightly excommunicated from the party.

And on to one last law of the internet- not just the wingnet - and it holds this: The First Thing A Cult Does Is Claim Everyone Else Is Lying To You – like Fact Checkers. Sigh.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

General Rules of the Wingnet: Number 11

Word of the day:
non se·qui·tur
 nän  ˈsekwədər  / noun
1. an inference that does not follow from the premises; specifically:  a fallacy resulting from a simple conversion of a universal affirmative proposition or from the transposition of a condition and its consequent. 2 a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement. 3. a bunch of words posted on the wingnet.
Jonathan Chait explains the "bunch of words" theory in relation to a spectacular example of WRONG on the wingnet:
When you’re an environmental “expert” for a conservative think tank publishing an op-ed in National Review, your job is to instruct your readers that environmental regulation is terrible. Then you have to write a bunch of words. Whether those words fit together in any coherent way, other than following the rules of grammar, is beside the point and not germane to the job description.
Bryce makes three major points in his column. Point No. 1 is that Obama’s Clean Power Plan is horribly burdensome [it costs way toooo much and would destroy western civilization**]. .....we get to Bryce’s third point, which is his most original contribution to right-wing climate thought. Bryce argues that the United States is reducing emissions so quickly and cheaply that further regulations are not even necessary to reach Obama’s targets.
To recap.

Point 1 - The Obamunist Strongman's goal of reducing carbon emissions will lead to certain doom.
Point 2 - Nonsense
Point 3 - Because moving toward Obama's goal has been really easy so far, there is no need to try to achieve the goal.

This is Perfect. We learn that it will cost way tooo much to get "there" however since we are almost "there" and everything is OK, i.e., without the predicted doom, we should do nothing else at all.

So yes. This post is indicative the application of General Rule 11 to the wingnet.

**EDITORIAL NOTE: Just about anything can be turned into a treat to western civilization on the wingnet. This is another rule of the Wingnet, i.e., General Rule 6. General Rule 6 is also an important rule. It is often found on the wingnet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poll: Walker on RAMPAGE in Iowa

The newest PPP poll of Iowa GOP primary voters shows the governor from wisconsin with a growing lead over the fools foolish enough to challenge him:
23% The Wisconsin Wuss
13% - Young Marco
12% - Bush III
10% - TIE Ol' Huck, Paul II
  8% - TIE Tailgunner Ted, Unsure
  7% - Crazy Ben
  5% - Christie
  4% - Gov. Oops
Man rough break for Santorum. After winning Iowa last time around  - despite Romney's sneaky, weaselly, underhanded attempted to "steal" the glorious victory from him, Santo is not even included in the poll. Poor Bastard. He gets no respect.

So Much Meanness.

Latest Gravis Poll shows Bush III LEADS in NH

The results are still pretty jumbled and its still a Gravis Poll which means that in a darwinian times, the Gravis Poll would have lost out in the struggle for survival against better adapted Polls.  But we don't live in a Social Darwinian time anymore, Paul Ryan's latest Manifesto excepted of course.

This means the Gravis Poll get to keep muddling along and producing numbers like this:
18% - Bush III
16% - The Wisconsin Wuss
15% - TIE Paul II and Unsure
11% - Young Marco
10% - Tailgunner Ted
  5% - Christie
  4% - Crazy Ben
  3% - TIE Fiorina and Huck
  1% - Santo
They say that the GOP field is deep this time around but it sure doesn't feel that way to me. It just seems to be missing something. Crazy Ben is crazy and all and still Santorum believes all the crazy things that Ted Cruz mouths in front of cameras. So that's good. But still this something missing. I wonder what Sarah is doing these days?

New Pope to lecture "douchebag" Climate Deniers

The New Pope is a badass: Francis prepares to deliver what is likely to be a highly influential encyclical this summer on environmental degradation and the effects of human-caused climate change on the poor, he is alarming some conservatives in the United States who are loath to see the Catholic Church reposition itself as a mighty voice in a cause they do not believe in.

... top Vatican officials will hold a summit meeting Tuesday to build momentum enact a sweeping United Nations climate change accord [that]... would for the first time commit every nation to enact tough new laws to cut the emissions that cause global warming.

...the effort is already angering a number of American conservatives, among them members of the Heartland Institute [a bunch of douchebags] ... “The Holy Father is being misled by ‘experts’ at the United Nations who have proven unworthy of his trust,” Joseph Bast, the president of the Heartland Institute, said in a statement. “Though Pope Francis’ heart is surely in the right place, he would do his flock and the world a disservice by putting his moral authority behind the United Nations’ unscientific agenda on the climate.”
....Speaker John A. Boehner, Republican of Ohio, invited the pope to speak to Congress, but some Catholics say that Mr. Boehner should prepare for some uncomfortable moments. Mr. Boehner, who is Catholic, has often criticized the Obama administration for what he calls its “job killing” environmental agenda.
“I think Boehner was out of his mind to invite the pope to speak to Congress,” said the Rev. Thomas Reese, an analyst at the National Catholic Reporter. “Can you imagine what the Republicans will do when he says, ‘You’ve got to do something about global warming’? ”
If the Pope says that American Conservatives need to buck up and grow up and you know "put away childish things,"  the response will not be hard to predict. They'll - or at least some of them that can't keep their yaps shut - will just accuse him of being a terrorist.

The rest will take the ostrich approach. That's probably Boehner. He's got to deal with so many mouth breather as it is, "doing the right here" ain't a possible option. There is an old saying from the Nixon administration that "when you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds follow." That's the leverage the unreconstructed wing of the republican party has on Boehner. They got a hold of him firmly. Poor Bastard. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Poll: Walker Favorite on the Wingnet

According to a Weekly Standard straw poll, the race for the crazy party's nomination has narrowed into a 3 person race with the rest of the field far behind:
30% - The Wisconsin Wuss
24% - Tailgunner Ted
18% - Young Marco
>6% - All the rest
I guess this is to be expected from a bunch of neocons, wingers and malcontents.

RINO: GOP should nominate a RINO

Shocking News: thetop two choices of RINOs are RINOs:
If Not Bush, Who?
If I were a betting man, I would be that Jeb Bush would win the GOP nomination and that he would face off against Hillary Clinton. Sounds kind of boring, but after 8 years of President Obama, boring sounds great.
But what if it’s not Bush. Who would it be?
Here is my top ten list, from worst to first:

10) [Tailgunner ]Ted [basically a loser and definitely the worst]
9) [Crazy] Ben [the next] Herman Cain [and is pretty bad]
8) Mike Pence: ... signed Religious Freedom bill [creating a right to discriminate against gay folks]
7) Christie: ...Bridgegate [toasted him out]
6) Paul II: ... has about the same amount of experience that Mr. Obama had when he ran
5) Santorum:...[doesn't have] the cash to make the effort worth it.
4) [Governor Oops]: ... he could be very formidable.
3) [Young] Marco: ... a bit green [and wet behind the ears].
2) Walker: executive experience... has [won]...a blue state.... hired plenty of talent.
1) John Kasich: The voluble and hyper Ohio governor ... great personal story, connects with middle class voters, cares about taking care of the poor, lives out his faith, and is a terrific communicator. If it’s not Bush, I think it will be Kasich.
I did not see this coming. Never in a million years could I have guess this. A RINO you don't say?

David Frum once again shows us why he got kicked out of the Party

He just called out at least half of the denizens of the Corner, and foxnews along with the tinfoil hat brigade at Powerline Blog and lots of with serious people like Michael Barone as residents of the "Fever Swamp"...indirectly of course.  One needs plausible deniability:
Barack Obama has come under relentless attack since 2009. That’s the new normal in presidential politics. ... In this difficult environment, President Obama’s high personal integrity provided a bulwark of security for his party. Whatever policy failures have occurred, whatever errors and mistakes of judgment, nobody not lurking in the fever swamps has ever questioned that this president is acting to serve the public interest as he sees it.
Fever Swamps! I rest my case.

In Frum's defense - if calling out the lunatic fringe is wrong, then I don't want to be right. That must be how Frum sees it too.  Fever Swamps.

Maladjusted Blogger gets the Vapors, again

Via Powerline Blog. Someone had his feelings hurt.
There has been quite a bit of news coverage of this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Don’t ask me why. The annual lovefest between Democratic politicians and Democratic journalists hasn’t generated any actual news in a long time. But this year’s event was perhaps notable because it exposed our president’s bitterness, as he approaches the end of his term. Humor is often revealing. Obama began with a joke that would be considered crude in a junior high school locker room:
 "After the midterm elections, my advisors asked me, “Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?” And I said, “Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.’” (Laughter and applause.)

    Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. (Laughter.) New climate regulations? Bucket. It’s the right thing to do. (Laughter and applause.)"
If I had said something like that when I was 12, my father would have whacked me. Now, we have a president so pitiful that he thinks such crudeness is appropriate humor.

What followed wasn’t humor, it was political aggression
In other word jokes were told, laughter was the result and the butt of the joke repeatedly turned out to be the far right fringe...i.e., the wingnuts.

When you are riding shotgun in the clown car, it is highly likely that this can cause one to lose a sense of awareness to the larger world around. You think that Global Warming is a hoax. You think that people that do not practice your (goofy) ideology are stupid. Michele Bachmann becomes a reasonable serious politician who just happens to predict that Obama will cause the Biblical End of Times appacalypse.  You see no contradictions here.

And when events do not unfold in a way that conforms to your narrow views, you lash out in a bewlidered rage. Everyone else becomes the "mean spirited" ones now.

That's the bubble. Poor ignorant bastards.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Rubio maintaining Alpha-dog DOMINANCE in latest Poll

The new national foxnews poll, besides showing 110% approval for paul ryan's latest plan to replace medicare with health care coupons, shows Rubio pulling ahead of the pack of lovable losers among GOP primary voters.
13% - Young Marco
12% - The Wisconsin Wuss
10% -  Paul II
  9%  - Bush III, Huck, Don't know
  8%  - Tailgunner Ted
  6% -  Crazy Ben, Christie
  5% -  Trump
  3% -  None of the above
 >3% -  The rest of the pack
I guess this is over.....except for the clown car.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Young Marco SURGES to the Top of Latest Poll

A new national poll surveying GOP primary voters has Rubio taking his rightful place at the top of the pack.
15% - Young Marco
14% - Don't Know
13% - Bush III
11% - Wisconsin Wuss
  9% - Tailgunner Ted
  8% - Paul II
  7% - Good ol' Huck, Christie
  3% - Crazy Ben, Perry
>3% - Santo, Grahamnesty, Kasich, Fiorina, Jindal, someone else, won't vote
Rubio's 10 point gain in this poll from last month appears to be coming at the expense of Walker and Bush III. Rubio has gained 10 points while Walker/Bush have collectively lost 10 points.  If this Trend continues Rubio will have a 105% approval rating by the beginning of next year. He'll be unstoppable.

But the attack ads have not even started and the public has not yet heard the slanderous allegations the other candidates will throw at young marco. Some may say that he reminds them of another 1 term senator in his 40s with a foriegn born father.

Others may question Rubio's loyalty to America. Tailgunner Ted may return to the bag of tricks he used against Chuck Hagel and suggest that Rubio could be a secret agent of despotic regime. "We just don't know one way of the other" the Senator from Canada might muse before asking if  "anyone has seen Rubio's birth certificate, anyway?"

Perry can get into the game and point the three major flaws in Rubio Tax Cut Plan. While he'll list two of the flaws before forgetting the last point, another candidate will pipe up and point out the last flaw of the tax plan, i.e., that while cutting taxes for the most wealthy Americans it also includes a tax cut for the moocher/looter class.....which is bad. So the fun still is yet to come.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wingers accusing the Wisconsin Wimp of "Wimping Out" again?

Scott Walker likes to think of himself as a tough guy.

He's stood up to the libruhls and the democrat party time after time and walked away gleeful. But tough guy, he ain't. There's no honor sucker punching a Union Man or kicking a single mom when she's down. Sure it may feel good, but it does not make you a tough guy.

In fact, Walker, who some on the right refer to as the "Gutless Wonder" - I don't because it sounds kinda mean - has been a "wuss" at times (this term is more politically correct) such as when he bowed to the lunatic fringe and fired a staffer. That was weakness and you could say wimpiness. 

Rubin after defending Walker for Wimping Out in the past chides Walker gently about his latest less then manly machinations:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been dinged by principled conservatives for reversing course on ethanol and letting go of social media guru Liz Mair under heat from Iowa Republicans. One might chalk up those actions to the inevitable small adjustments one makes given the exaggerated import of the caucuses. (Well, it’s Iowa, so what do you expect?) Unfortunately, Walker now has created concern that he is doing the same with regard to immigration, going to the extreme right in the GOP to warn against legal immigration....The notion that legal immigration hurts the economy and native workers has been rebutted repeatedly and is widely disparaged by a host of pro-growth conservatives and scholars. Mair, whose work on immigration reform is well known, took to Twitter to denounce “the full, Olympics-quality flip-flop.” Before this, Walker had spoken favorably about the benefits of legal immigration, in keeping with his free-market outlook. He has already acknowledged changing his mind on illegal immigration, citing the president’s failure to enforce laws.
So this is hardly surprising. The shrillarity on Wingnet has been turned up to 11 on immigration for sometime now.  That Walker is selling out to the crazy does not make him a Wimp this time - it makes him a sell out. If you want to grab a larger cut of the crazy vote you got to earn it and selling out is as good a way as any.

The last poll I looked at showed the Crazy Vote spread out. Crazies were supporting Walker, Paul and Cruz pretty evenly....according to the poll.  Crazy folks were supporting other candidates to be sure. But these 3 guys formed the unholy trinity of the cray-cray.  If you're Scott Walker this sucks, because you are a greedy bastard who wants this vote all to yourself. Like I wrote earlier, to get it you got earn it.

In the '12 primary, Minnesota Governor Pawlenty flirted with the cray-cray as a way of being the official "Not Romney" candidate much in the way that Walker wants to be the "Not Bush" candidate in '16. But back then T-Paw never could pull the trigger. He had his chances, sure, but he never did what needed to be done.

I mean this guy was a border state governor. All he had to do to start earning street cred was to demand that the National Guard seal the border. And wingers would be like: "whoa he just sealed the Canadian Border. Think what he'd do as President of the United States. What a Serious Badass, man." But he never did.

At one point, Pawlenty came up with the super-genius term "Obamneycare" to try to link "Mitt Romney" and "Romneycare" to that hated Kenyan Strongman, but ultimately each time he had a chance to bust out the cray-cray, he passed and the primary passed him by.

Walker ain't making that mistake. No way. He going to take his Obamneycare moments whenever he can get them. If he can earn street cred with the "if you are brown, we don't want you around" crowd by bashing immigration, he's gonna do it. You can call him a sell out - but don't call him a Wimp this time Jen-Jen. And if he consolidates the Crazy Vote you can call him "Mr. President" and pretend you were his biggest fan all along.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Instapundit: Jefferson Davis Warned Everyone that this would happen but did people listen? Noooo...

...and now here we are.

Maybe its just me but Reynolds seems to be "losing it" more and more.  Or perhaps, maybe, he's auditioning for a new gig as head of the National Association of ANGRY White Men or at the NAAWP. Who knows, really, but this is sad and pathetic
Democrats are beginning to reap the electoral effects of the hatred and divisiveness they’ve sown.  White, male voters are increasingly abandoning the Democrat party, which has shown disinterest in their concerns about economic opportunity and national security, preferring instead to focus on balkanizing Americans with the “war on women,” paranoia about/hostility toward police, and climate change.

Good luck, Democrats.  With op-eds like this one from Charles Blow at the New York Times, I think you’ve got a lot of introspection and attitude readjustment to undertake before you will convince any Americans who define themselves as just “American” rather than “hyphen-American” to vote Democrat.  Blow’s attitude is typical:  Shut up and take it, white men.  You’re increasingly irrelevant, we think you are “privileged,” angry closet racists (talk about projection) and we don’t care about you.  Message received.
I know what some folk may be thinking - what is to be done about the Angry Conservative Man Question?  In the old days you used to add the word "Question" after a political issue. What do we do about "the Mormon Question," "the Negro Question" or "the Woman Question," Etc., etc. This signified that there was a public policy debate affecting the rights of a particular group of people.

Founding Father 1. The women be all uppity and stuff. They want to vote. What is to be done?  
Founding Father 2 (hint):  If we allow that then lads from 12 to 21 will think their rights not attended to, and every man, who has not a farthing, will demand an equal voice with any other in all acts of state. It tends to confound and destroy all distinction, and prostrate all ranks to one common level.
Founding Father 3: Whoa that's whack!
Founding Father 1: Clearly nothing is to be done about the question then.
And so on.
Politician 1: the Mormons are getting uppity and stuff. They want polygamy or god's law as they put it to be above the law of the land.
Politician 2: “our country is governed by law, and no assumed revelation justifies any one in trampling the law. If it did, every wrong-doer would use that argument to protect himself in his obedience to it.”
Politician 3: Whoa that's whack!
Politician 1: Looks like we are going to have to do something about "the Mormon Question" then.
It happens over and over.

Today we have a new "Question" to ponder and to wonder "what is to to be done." The Question today is what is to be done about the Angry Conservative Man - men such as Instapundit, perhaps, or folks of certain generation who have been "left behind" by the 21st Century.

Ever since the dawn of the very first AM radio, Angry Conservatives have been screaming over the airwaves about some outrage of the day. This behavior at one time was tolerated if not considered "normal." Today this behavior is no longer considered an acceptable "customary norm" that is embraced by the majority. There have always been outrages to scream over the AM Radio about. And, presumably, there will always be outrages, so in our present circumstances, what is to be done? This is a perplexing problem.

Perhaps Mandatory Diversity Training could help. But even though this approach would encourage folks who are not Angry Conservative Men to view this group as "normal" and as a nonthreatening out group that can blend in and bcomee productive members of society, this approach would likely produce more Anger and more Screaming over the AM Radio.  Imaginary FEMA run camps are out because even if the AM radio says otherwise, they don't exist.

So that get's us back to the Question. What is to be done? Other than aging out of the system, I simply don't know.

Editorial Note: The title of this post is Satire.

Operation Batshit Powers Bush III to lead in Iowa

With the crazy vote disorganized and aimless, The reign of Bush the Third nears:
Unsure:       17
Bush III:       16
Walker:       13
Young Marco: 12
Paul II:         9
Crazy Ben:   9
Ol' Huck:      8
Tailgunner Ted: 6
Christie:       5
Friorina:       3
Santorum:   2
There is a natural order to life. Contrary to the words written in the declaration of independence, in society not all are created equal. Some are born booted and spurred destined to ride while some are born to be ridden.

In this regard it is well established that within the GOP, the RINO occupies the highest of stations and the Patriot's lot is mired at the bottom. This is how things have been since the creator formed the parties in their current form, because if he hadn't wanted this natural order to be so, he would have done differently.

With that said, Patriots everywhere should prepare to be ruled by their RINO betters, resign to follow the laws of the land, endeavor to be good and compliant citizens once again and most importantly they should put the keyboard down and STFU when told to do so. Its just the natural order.

Wingnet: ISIS Camp a few miles south of US-Mexico Border

They aren't just afraid of FEMA Camps coming to a location near them, now they are afraid of ISIS Camps, too.
Mexican intelligence sources report that ISIS intends to exploit the railways and airport facilities in the vicinity of Santa Teresa, NM (a US port-of-entry). The sources also say that ISIS has “spotters” located in the East Potrillo Mountains of New Mexico (largely managed by the Bureau of Land Management) to assist with terrorist border crossing operations. ISIS is conducting reconnaissance of regional universities; the White Sands Missile Range; government facilities in Alamogordo, NM; Ft. Bliss; and the electrical power facilities near Anapra and Chaparral, NM.
Now there is a natural law of the internets and this law holds that the odds of the Wingnet discovering the answer to a problem that all the smart people have tried and failed to solve is infinitesimally small.

Its kinda like a corollary to Occam's Razor (i.e., when faced with a series of possible answers to a problem, the simplest answer that takes account of all the factors is most likely the best answer) in so far as when confronted with a series of hypotheses about a particular issue, the one proposed by the wingnuts is most likely the worst answer.

Its just a general law. I mean this is the same group that posited that Saddam could attack America using is balsa wood remote controlled planes that would somehow make it across the Atlantic Ocean before the rubber bands powering the propellers unwound.

Just saying.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bush III Reigns Supreme in new Poll

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Bush remains ahead of the clown car that is the GOP primary. He's gained 2 points over Mr. Personality, Scott Walker, since last months CNN/ORC poll.
17% - Bush III
12% - the Wisconsin Wimp
11% - Paul II, Young Marco
  9% - Good ol' Huck
  7% - Tailgunner Ted
  5% - Someone Else, Nobody
  4% - Crazy Ben, Christie
>4% - Perry, Santo, Fiorina, Grahamnesty, Jindal, Kasich, No opinion, Pataki
Still a lot of chaos abounding. And still a lot of time to crank up Operation Batshit.

Operation Batshit is really about supply and demand. If the demand for the crazy is high, then there is a likelihood that the supply of people willing to supply it will rise to meet the demand. In that regard, the more crazy the better......if you are a RINO.  The one really bad thing that can happen is if the crazy-vote consolidates around a single crazy candidate giving that candidate a "monopoly" on the crazy. This is bad if you are a RINO.

So operation batshit is about supply and demand, and its also about "dividing and conquering." This means, basically, diluting the effect of the crazy by maximizing the number of crazy candidates with each of 'em taking a small share of the crazy vote. You divide the crazy in manageable portions then you conquer. 

That's Bush III's likely plan and its the one Romney followed too. This is not a new phenomenon. Bourbons have been doing it in the Red States for over 100 years.  Typically its best in a three way race with a RINO going up against two unhousebroken conservatives. This allows the RINO to slide across the finish line first even though he's being outgunned by the crazy by a margin of 60-40.  However when the Cray-Cray is really juicing, you need more artillery i.e., more candidates to compete for the crazy.

Look at the poll results above and you'll see Paul II, Carson, Perry, Santo, Cruz, Fiorina and Jindal sucking up a touch over 30% of the vote. Add in good ol' Huck and you are up to 40% of the vote  - all divided up among a bunch of losers.  This means that in a crowded race, the RINO can win with as little as 20% of the vote. Sure this is risky but its possible and its a helluva lot better than losing to riff raff like Scott Walker. 

So that's the plan. Just learn to love flying that freak flag high.

Deep Thoughts with Powerline Blog, cntd

In the battle of ideas between middle age high school graduates who post shit from the parents' basement and actual climate scientists, who do you find more persuasive?

If you read Powerline blog, you don't go with the guy with the PhD. You go with the basement dweller, instead:
Almost 10 years ago one of the major figures in the “mainstream” climate science world confided off the record to me that the biggest problem at his prestige graduate department of physics was convincing first-rate students to take up climate science as their specialty field.  The best students were avoiding the subject precisely because it had become too politicized and too conformist—a career dead end.  And so the field is left to a lot of second-raters, and people from tangential scientific disciplines. An entirely typical example is the recently resigned head of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, typically described in the media as the UN’s “top climate scientist.” He is a railroad engineer.  If you look at a lot of the technical literature about climate change, it becomes apparent that it is dominated by second-raters, or first-rate ranters like Michael Mann.
I'd take a second-rate physicist over a first rate conspiracy theorist any day of the week. So there is that.

Winger Embarrassingly uninformed about GOP dysfunction

 Via Powerline Blog:
This Republican Senate is embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing that, notwithstanding the lawlessness of the Holder Justice Department, the Republican Senate will confirm a Holder ally who has been unwilling to repudiate the Attorney General’s most outrageous policies and practices. It’s embarrassing that the Republican Senate previously backed away from a showdown with the White House over executive amnesty. The confirmation of Lynch means that the Republican Senate will exact no price on the Obama administration for it unconstitutional rewriting of our immigration laws.

It’s embarrassing that Senators like Corker are claiming victory because, if they can muster a super-majority of two-thirds, they can block a bad nuclear deal with Iran. Under the Constitution, the president needs a two-thirds super-majority to have a deal like this approved. Corker’s legislation thus stands the Constitution on its head. To celebrate his bill is an embarrassment.
When you consume too much Foxnews and read too many right wing blogs and listen too many angry old men shouting at you through the AM Radio, you are at risk for catching "the derangement syndrome."  And if this happens and you "catch it," you are at risk of becoming embarrassingly misinformed.

This is how the game is played and the wingers get played.
Step 1. President Obama nominates highly qualified and well respected person to replace a member of his cabinet.

Step 2 - Media reports that there are no Republican objections to the nominee if not a general consensus of support for the nominee.

Step 3 - Hucksters briefly stop urging folks to convert their retirement savings into gold based investments and start a meme that gets gradually repeated through the conservative echo chamber, i.e., the nominee must issue a fiery repudiation of the President's policies to show she is different from the last cabinet secretary.

Step 4 - When no fiery repudiation comes, this is taken as proof that the new cabinet secretary will aid the Obamunist Thugocracy as it commits greater and greater acts of lawlessness, tyranny and crimes against ideology which are so outrageous that decorum prevents further discussion.

Step 5 - The nominee is eventually approved leaving wingers everywhere embarrassingly bewildered at the outcome.

Step 6 -  The process repeats for the next bright shiny object in news cycle.
With the GOP dysfunctional and absent FEMA run camps, I don't know if there is anything that can be done. The Poor Bastards seem destined to live out their lives in state rotating between utter bewilderment, seething anger and despair.

A program run by some top notch government bureaucrats relying on the latest social science gently nudging lost souls back to reality or a political party that polices its own and cracks down on hucksters and scam artists could help. However neither are likely in our foreseeable future, I fear.

Remember. Don't hate the winger. Hate the game.

Friday, April 17, 2015

New Poll demonstrates Walker DOMINANCE

A Marquette Law School Poll, probably conducted by liberal elitist has good news and some not so good news for the Wisconsin Governor. "Among Wisconsin Republicans and independents who lean toward the Republican Party, Walker leads as the choice for the GOP presidential nomination" by a big margin:
40% - The Wisconsin Wimp
11% - Don't Care
10% - Paul II
  8% - Bush III
  6 % - Tailgunner Ted; Christie
  5% - Good ol' Huck, Crazy Ben
  4% - Young Marco
  2% - Jindal, Santo
>1% - Perry, Fiorina
But the bad news is that the poll which might need to be unskewed shows Hillary 12 points ahead of Walker. Republicans should probably ignore this number, because like I said it is likely in need of unskewing.

New Poll Shows Rubio SURGE

In Florida, a recent Mason-Dixon poll found support for Young Marco has him Basically tied with Bush among GOP primary voters in that state
31% - Young Marco
30% - Bush III
17% - Undecided
  8% - Tailgunner Ted
  7% - Paul II
  2% - Walker
Wow, this is a good result for someone that Jennifer Rubin has labeled a "show pony." People can be so mean. But if a respected Right Wing Neocon calls another right wing neocon a "show pony," there must be something there because one Neocon would not stab another neocon in the back in this manner. 

However it maybe that Rubio is not actually a Neocon, but just rather repeats their talking points out of convenience or because he's too lazy to do his own thinking. In that case, calling Rubio a "show pony" is kinda like calling him a dumb "himbo" which is also mean. People can be very mean.

This leads me to wonder if Rubin is merely playing her stab in the back game again. This is the game where she soberly  discredits the non-establishment candidates while pretending that her praise for preferred establishment candidate is not the propaganda that it is. However this would mean that in Rubin's eyes, Rubio is a light weight - or that he was a light weight at one point in time when she was stabbing him in the back. But this all can change because one day the candidate that you once praise must be stabbed in the back and vice versa. The technical term for this condition is called not having a soul.

Anyway Hurray for Rubio....for now. We'll see how popular he is once Scott Walker gets a shot at him. As sure as Walker can kick a single mom when she's down, or sucker punch a Union Man when's not looking, he'll put Rubio in his place too.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

NH Poll: Walker CRUSHING foes

According to latest PPP poll [pdf] of NH GOP voters, Scott Walker is running away the from the pack of losers choking on his dust:
24% - The Wisconsin Wimp
14% - Tailgunner Ted
12% - Paul II
10% - Bush III
 8% - Young Marco, Christie
 7% - Crazy Ben, Good ol' Huck, Not sure
 4% - Governor Oops
Maybe these clowns should just give up and bow down to the better man. And by better man, I mean  Scott Freaking Walker. 

Stupid Poll Shows Chaos dominating Primary

According to an April 2015 Winthrop Poll of Likely SC GOP 2016 Presidential Primary Voters, the GOP is not an organized political party anymore.   Rather its clinical (and likely belongs in one giant FEMA run camp):
25.1 – Not Sure
13.6 - The Wisconsin Wimp
12.7 - Bush III
  8.1 - Tailgunner Ted
  7.6 - Grahamnesty
  6.2 - Paul II
  5.0  - Christie                                                                                  
  4.9 - Crazy Ben
  4.9  - Good ol’ Huck
  4.0 - Young Marco
  1.9 - Governor Oops    
  1.9 - Trump                                                                             
  1.4 - Somebody Else
  1.2 – Refused to Answer
>1  -   Jindal, Santo, Bolton
The one thing that stick out when you look at the details SC republicans are more interested in a candidate that "shares their Values" than one that can "win."

This crucial stat should be directly linked to the entertainment value of the primary. The higher the values to win ratio is the higher the entertainment value will be.

Winger disqualifies Young Marco from GOP Nomination

Via Powerline Blog - The Case Against the Traitor, Marco Antonio Rubio:
But Rubio is the only serious contender ...who (1) reached across the aisle to collaborate on amnesty/path to citizenship legislation, (2) was rolled by Chuck Schumer and company into sponsoring a bill he no longer stands behind, and (3) helped smear key opponents of his legislation and, when called on this, did not disavow the smear.

A president will have to work with Democrats at times. Personally, I want a president who, when appropriate, is willing to do so. But I want that president to outmaneuver, or at a minimum hold his own with, the Democrats he works with. And I don’t want that president to demonize those in his own party who question the fruits of his collaboration with Democrats.
Party Doctrine is always 110% correct. Never deviate from it. And since you do not know what Party Doctrine will be next year or next month or even next week, one should not take a stand on any major issue. It is best to find out what the opposition party supports and publicly declare your opposition. It can be frustrating at times to operate in this manner, especially when Obama has not taken a position on an issue that you want to talk about. But they say that youth is wasted on the young and that patience is a virtue.

Young Marco should know this by now. Has not the lesson of Nationalized Romneycare been enough to convince him of this "natural law" of conservatism? Who knew that the architecture for 21st century slavery would be a health insurance reform signed into law by some republican governor of Massachusetts. Not Willard Mitt Romney, for one. Poor flat-footed bastard.

Maybe some day Rubio will gain the necessary wisdom and experience to gain the trust of the Base, but his conduct shows us that he is still a wet behind the ears greenhorn.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cruz Calls Out Foes

The Senator from Canada is giving 'em hell:
Mocking candidates in past primary races for having an all-hat, no-cattle approach to key issues, Cruz is urging voters in primary and caucus states to challenge candidates to show where they have led on the policy battlefield.

"There are a lot of good men and women thinking about running in 2016 and we've been around the block before," he said Friday before 4,000 NRA members gathered for the group's 114th annual meeting. "We understand that in a Republican primary and everyone stands up and says, 'Gosh diddley, I'm the most conservative guy who ever lived.'

"And somehow actions don't always seem to follow those words," added Cruz.
The solution: Challenge every Republican to show their wounds. "For far too long politicians have said one thing and done another. Everyone of us should ask any candidate that shows up in front of you, 'You say you believe these principles, show me. When have you stood up and fought for them, when have you bled for them, and what have you accomplished?'" he said to cheers...."You know," he said, "I had a former boss who used to say, 'If I'm ever accused of being a Christian, I'd like there to be enough evidence to convict me.'

"The same is true of being a conservative. In a Republican primary every candidate is going to stand up and say, 'I oppose Obamacare.' The question we ought to ask is, 'Great, when have you stood up and fought to stop Obamacare!' And every candidate is going to say they don't support amnesty. Alright, great, 'When have you stood up and fought the president's illegal and unconstitutional executive action?'"

Right Said, Ted. If you are going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.

I can't think of anything better than the ol' Tailgunner dragging these poor bastards deep within the fever swamp to duke it out like real men. And somewhere Mitt Romney is having flashbacks and nightmares....."I have to share a stage with Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich again....just shoot me now."

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wingnut says whaaat, cntd????

Those wingers can write some pretty wild stuff:
Who ya gonna believe, our Supreme Leader or theirs? I have found Iran to be a more reliable guide in these matters than the Obama administration. President Obama has adopted a variant of Ring Lardner’s “‘Shut up,’ he explained” approach. “It needs to stop,” Obama commented on criticism of the pending arrangement over the weekend.
Glad that cleared everything up.

Hillary announcement means Anti-Obama Dissident Camps one step closer

Or so tweeted David Frum yesterday - not the part about Hillary honoring the legacy of Barack Obama by (finally) building a series of FEMA run camps if elected president. Not that part at all.

Frum may not believe in Anti-Obama dissident camps. And maybe this is one the of the reasons he got kicked out of the Republican Party. Another reason he was asked to leave the party is that Frum is unwilling to fight the good fight in the face of the democratic menace.

As Party Ideology is always 110% correct, one should always give 110% in defense of Party Ideology. And you have to do this even when the doctrine of the moment appears to be batshit crazy. Never admit a mistake, never retreat and you never surrender. Perhaps its his Canadian upbringing that compels him to apologize when he finds his side on the wrong side of history. And there is no more a glaring example than yesterday's tweet unilaterally ceding the white house until 2020.

One campaign video and the first thing the poor fella' does is hoist a white flag in the air. Which of course is nature's way of telling us that those FEMA run camps are one step closer. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

150 years later and its still going on

Today marks the 150th year anniversary of Robert E Lee's surrender and the Lamestream Media just can't help itself:
The Southernization of the Republican Party and the increasing domination of Wall Street’s brand of shareholder capitalism over the nation’s economic life have combined to erode both the income and the power of U.S. workers. Unions are anathema to Wall Street and the GOP. Federal regulations empowering consumers and employees are opposed by both.

Fueled by the mega-donations of the mega-rich, today’s Republican Party is not just far from being the party of Lincoln: It’s really the party of Jefferson Davis. It suppresses black voting; it opposes federal efforts to mitigate poverty; it objects to federal investment in infrastructure and education just as the antebellum South opposed internal improvements and rejected public education; it scorns compromise. It is nearly all white. It is the lineal descendant of Lee’s army, and the descendants of Grant’s have yet to subdue it.

"Douche-bag" calls Obama "worst president" ever

I guess with Cheney's declining health, you try to spin hard on your legacy now before you kickoff. Because as the years pass by the depths of his  fuck-ups will become more clear and they'll be fewer folks willing to defend his reputation.

Says Cheney:
If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing. I think his actions are constituted in my mind those of the worst president we’ve ever had.”
Of course when you think about it and realize the Cheney has the Mad Mullahs of Iran on the brain, Iranian influence in the region skyrocketed about the same time Dick Cheney was in office - that whole Iraq War thing creating a regional vacuum that Iran filled, naturally. It leads one to wonder if turning Iraq from an adversary of Iran into a client of Iran, was part of the plan all along. Its almost as if Cheney couldn't have orchestrated Iran's rise any better had he tried to do it.

And this leads one to think, Cheney must have meant for this all to happen because otherwise the Iraq War would be the biggest fuck up in history and he'd and his boss would go down as the worst dynamic duo ever. Since Bush/Cheney are not the worst in history (according to Cheney), aiding Iran's rise must have been done on purpose.

Of course I may be wrong. Maybe that old saying about war always bringing unintended consequences is right in this case too, which means then that Cheney is probably responsible for the biggest fuck up in American Foreign Policy History. I guess that is what folks will remember once he's no longer around.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lamestream Media Takes Shot at the Wisconsin Wimp

Is Walker afraid of the Base or is he merely a weasel like Romney (or both):
[As Gov. Scott Walker] continues to consider running for president, he appears to be following the playbook of Mitt Romney in 2008: Adopt positions that are more conservative than your record, in an attempt to appeal to the Republican base. But the strategy is raising questions about his core convictions, and threatens to take him out of the top tier of candidates in the crucial early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire

Bring on the circus!

I think this ad is good ol' Huck's way of suggesting, along with the Neocon funded ads following Rand Paul around the country during his campaign appearances, that Paul is naive and probably an appeaser:

It looks clear to me that Huck (wisely) ignores that part of the bible that talks about taking up serpents to demonstrate one's faith. Smart. That part of the book is clearly bullshit, unlike that other part of the Bible where Jesus laid down the ban hammer on wedding cakes at same sex marriages.

But aside from that, Huck is touching on something important here. Paul said yesterday when he announced his candidacy for president, that he'd follow Reagan's approach when dealing with the terrorizers.  As everyone knows, this means giving them weapons in exchange for releasing hostages. Essentially this was appeasement and Paul following Reagan's example would be an appeaser.

Huck, having seen Rand Paul's speech yesterday, is most likely honing in on it.  So that leaves me with one question: What do other candidates have to do to get to the right of good ol' Huck.

"No effing appeasement, Rand Paul," says Huck.  "He won't fight the terrorizers," Crazy Ben exclaims. "Does he plan on surrendering them," Perry wonders. "It seems that Rand Paul may hate America," says Marco Rubio thoughtfully stroking his chin. And on it goes.

The GOP presidential primary never fails to disappoint.

Winger discovers that being on the losing side of the culture war sucks

we know the basic ingredients of a typical skirmish in Culture War 4.0. It goes something like this: a) a leftist claque starts loudly pushing the “correct” Culture War position onto b) a field previously considered fun, innocuous, apolitical, purely personal, or recreational, and c) accusing anyone who opposes them of being a racist, sexist, bigot who relies on oppressive “privilege” to push everyone else down, while these claims are d) backed up by a biased press that swallows the line of attack uncritically and repeats it.

Any of that sound familiar? It’s just daily life for anyone on the Right, and it’s slowly becoming daily life for everybody else.
It can be tough when it sinks in that the "correct" side of the culture war means equal treatment under the law for all regardless of the circumstances ones birth.  So ya....that sucks. 

But there will always be fond memories of the good ol' days. At least we all can be assured that Murphy Brown is still and always shall be a trollop worthy of Vice Presidential Scorn.  Those were the days.....the salad days of the culture wars.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RedState Blog: Business Community targeting Whack-jobs

The lunatic fringe Conservative movement just can't catch a break. When they aren't getting kicked in the balls by the bi-coastal liberal elites or getting bullied by gay folks that want to enjoy the same rights as everyone else or are being run over by Obamunist Thugs, now they're being targeted by Big Business, Too.

So posits the editor at RedState Blog:
While we’ve been distracted by pizza restaurants in Indiana, you need to pay attention to what big business is doing. With the blessing of Republican leaders, they have begun systematically targeting conservative members of Congress.... It s a group backed by Speaker Rep. John Boehner's allies and funded by corporatist interests. ...Businesses around the country are lining up to profit off taxpayers. They are more and more supporting Republicans who give them your tax dollars. At the state level, these same businesses are deeply opposed to protections for religious liberty.
There are a lot folks out there in desperate need of help. Now if we could just convince Big Business to create some privatized FEMA-run camps. Maybe it'd do some good.

While I am skeptical about privatizing a bunch of stuff, if we wait for Congress to do create 'em, it'll take forever and a day.  Maybe deregulating the FEMA run camp industry, is the best way to get things done. I'm open to it, anyway.