Friday, October 31, 2014

LIVE from the Wingnet: Urging Black Folks to Vote is Racist

Via Powerline - Wingnut hates the Democratic Party and doesn't care too much for the Democratic Base, either.  Buts that the thing that comes with living in fever swamp - an inability to empathize with the concerns of other folks.
Democrats Race-Bait Across the South
The saddest aspect of this year’s scoundrelly election season is the Democrats’ effort to stir up racial discord in hopes of hanging [i.e., lynching reference] on to control of the Senate. No lie is too absurd for the Democrats when Harry Reid’s future is at stake.....[i.e., they shouldn't talk about Ferguson MO, but outrageously do]..... 
That Democrats appeal to the ignorant [i.e., black folks] is nothing new. That is how they win elections. But it is truly sad that the Democratic Party cares nothing about the damage it is doing to the United States by using lies to stir up racial division. The Democrats care nothing about truth, and nothing about their country’s future. They care only about their own greed for power. Let’s hope that this year, voters [i.e., real americans....also known on the wingnet as white folks] aren’t foolish enough to fall for the Democrats’ hate campaign.
 Another day- more outreach.

The more I think about it, the more I am coming the conclusion that the GOP cannot hope to make any inroads with minority voters until its assholes age out of the system.

If someone became "radicalized" on right wing ideology during the 60s and the 70s and assuming we won't get any top notch FEMA run camps, there is really no hope to integrate these right wingers back into society and help them responsible citizens again. There really isn't.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wingnut links to Climate Disinformer to stick it to "the Climatistas"

No so fast my Friends:
The climatistas are already wetting their pants with the news that 2014 is supposedly on track to be the warmest year evah! The AP’s environmental “reporter” Seth Borenstein (who is really just an environmental activist with a byline, like most environmental “reporters”*) has told us so.

Not so fast, says Dr. Roy Spencer [a noted climate disinformer and right wing activist]....
Sigh. 2014 will either be the hottest year on record or it won't. Whether it is or not does not disprove AGW theory.

I hope that the wingnuts are right about Global Warming. I really do. It would be such a pleasant surprise to find out that they finally got something right. But it just is not wise policy to put faith in their guesswork over the science. Shall we say it just wouldn't be conservative policy to be unprepared for what the smart people are telling us could be a real possiblity.

We don't tell the US military that - sure the Chinese with their Army and nuclear arsenal could be an extensional threat to Freedom and shit, but we should not bother preparing to face that risk in the future. If they invade the United States, the US Government can always issue a no-bid contract to Lockheed Martin to build a miracle weapon run them off.  What's all the fuss? It's a risk, but the best thing to do is to pretend that it does not exist.

Wingnuts. Can't live with them. Can't ship them off to a FEMA run camp, either.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Losing sucks but so too does winning

Winning is better than losing but it can still be bad, too.

Personally I think if the GOP wins the midterm election, it will be because President Obama is trying to distract people from the real issues like Benghazi, but that's just me. But winning has its own problems, too, at least as far as movement conservatives are concerned.

Once you win, you have to be for something instead of bitching about everything. And once you are for something, it better not be something cray-cray or your side will be out on the street soon.  That means moderation and putting away childish things - like Teahad.  All of which do not bode well for the true believers - via RedState:
success will paper over deep problems for Republicans. Its consultants, though they want to win, have structured a system whereby they make millions even in a loss. Many will be heralded as political geniuses when they would otherwise be seen as second rate hucksters and con-artists. Frankly, there are too many consultants and aides in the GOP in Washington who, were they not successful, would probably be in jail for fraud, assault, or worse.

But in structuring a system where they win even if they lose, they have managed to paper over their abusive behavior toward female interns, donors, constituents, and often even candidates. Should things go well for the GOP, all will be forgotten and many who should be removed from the process will further embed into the system.

Papering over their issues too will be evangelical conservatives. Many of them have grown worried about the direction of the country. They have made an idol of it. More interested in the nation than their faith, they’ve decided to enact their faith through their politics. They will get a reprieve.

Hiding under the paper declaring Republican victories, they will grow complacent again with a Republican Party that is moving further and further from their values. Nationally, the rich donors the establishment listens to more often worship Mammon than God. This will affect Republicans long term....When I survey what is shaping up to be a wondrous election for the GOP, I fear there will be so much boasting that the party, its base, and the faithful will ignore the rot and feed their pride. Victory can heal much that ails the party, but it can, like in 2010, just paper over issues that still must be dealt with.
This is why a Full Metal Teahad is needed instead of the path chosen by sneaky RINOs using consultants (who probably should be in jail) to distract people from the eternal truth of conservatism. This path will only lead to the doom of the party and probably to hell too.  And that can't be good. If you think that Georgia is a hellscape, it ain't got nothing on the real pits of hell.....and by the real pits of hell, I mean the type of moderation that sneaky RINOs gin up using consultants (who probably should be in jail). 

But that is the likely course for the GOP in 2016. A RINO will be nominated again (sigh) and he won't spend enough time telling true believers what they want to hear. If RINOism is likely result from a GOP victory in the midterms this basically just means that winning is really just losing.

But I could be wrong and the cray-cray could win the day.

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Improved Jim Crow Now with 90% Less Evil than Old Jim Crow, cntd!!!

Over at Powerline Blog, a Jim Crow Advocate Points to a awesome new Study to justify New Jim Crow Laws.

According to the study - which was no doubt conducted by over-educated bi-coastal elitists who ordinarily should not be trusted AT ALL, because everyone knows that these know-it-alls just basically make shit up - a small number of non-citizens tend to vote in national elections each year. In close elections, this means they they'll likely not be voting for the party which tends to paint itself as intolerant and angry and at times sort of creepy. So that sucks.

This revelation does not mean that we should implement a national ID card to prevent non-citizens from voting. No, of course not. Something like this would undoubtedly lead to UN guards being posted in front of your house, a ban on tinfoil hats, porterhouse steaks being confiscated on sight and of course mandatory gay marriage.  Hell if you're gonna have a National ID administered by the UN, you gotta dance to their tune.

Nope we cannot do any of that shit. This new study only goes to demonstrate that new Jim Crow Measures to reduce the wrong kinds of citizens from voting are like totally justified because of ACORN and stuff. Shocking, I know, considering that voter ID laws do nothing to  prevent non-residents with a drivers license from voting. That's because these laws are in fact designed to prevent citizens without drivers' licenses from voting.

But this point from powerline sounds about right:
How extensive is voter-fraud, especially among non-citizens? Just bring up the question, or suggest we need to have voter-ID at the polls like every other advanced democracy, and the answer will be instantly supplied: You’re a racist.
Its not our fault if large numbers of these right wingers are racists. Really its not because we did not come up with that line about the shoe fitting and such. You know if it fits - it fits.

Just look at the wingnet.

Friday, October 24, 2014

GOP 2016 - Because its never too early for the cray-cray, cntd

And Huckmentum gets ready to crank up:
Now given what happened to the GOP nominating process the last two presidential cycles, there may be an early effort among Christian Right leaders or Constitutional Conservatives generally to unite around a single candidate. And while he has the right credentials Huck doesn't currently have the kind of "It" factor possessed by Ted Cruz, who has the added advantage of a deranged father willing to come right out and say the scary things most Christian Right types merely imply, in public at least. Rick Perry's another competitor for this constituency, if he can avoid the process-servers and convince opinion-leaders he deserves a second chance. Ben Carson's already the favored candidate of the Glenn Beck faction of Con Cons. Bobby Jindal's more conventional and appeals to the same impulse to find a minority champion for White Identity Politics. Rand Paul not only has a strong Iowa base, but also a loyal following among the more consistently anti-government Christian Right folk, including some militant homeschoolers. And Rick Santorum won a lot of the same support in Iowa in 2012 that Huck won in 2008, though you don't get the sense too many people are pining for a second act.

It may well be that the leadership of the hard right will let Iowans winnow the field of acceptable candidates and then unite around the most successful survivor. If that's so, Huck's got a better chance than most.
So it is not surprising that the highly territorial Evangelical leg of the traditional three legged stool would want one of their own to have a shot at winning. With that said one of the other legs of the three legged stool - The hyper-aggressive The Tea Party - Ayn Rand Wing do not trust Good Ol' Huck. For the Tea Party, the fact that Good ol' Huck has read the New Testament and has not rejected it out right as a bunch of tree-hugging, sandle wearing BS has disqualified him in the past.

If anything, and assuming that ol' Huck gets some momentum it will be somewhat amusing watching the Third Leg of the stool - The Extremely Devious RINOs unite with their Teahadist antagonists to beat down poor ol' Huck - because there is a natural order to things. The RINO belongs on top.  Those other guys need to be satisfied with their station in life.

AGAIN and Again, Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe demonstrates (sigh) why he can't find a job in the real world

Writing today about the Kenyan Strongman's decision to not to double-quarantine Africa:
It's a wingnut and it's golden
I fear that it will require that a number of Americans will have to die in anguish and that the American people will have to become enraged. I have seen a great deal of foolishness in the course of my life, but never have I seen anything to compare with the irresponsibility of our current President.
Its the Derangment Syndrome. Without FEMA run camps to quarantine him to send him to for much needed treatment, there really is no hope for the poor devil.

Anyway this is Golden Wingnut Territory.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Right Wing Professor Demonstrates (again) why he can't find a job at a Real University

If you ever read a post on a right wing blog in which the author wonders why he never gets hired for that next Professorship at a real college, you pretty much know the answer. I mean it like the dude has all the credentials and years of experience albeit its at right wing think tanks and conservative counter culture colleges, but nobody returns his calls about the latest job opening.

But its really no secret why this happen. The winger is likely barking mad and has no self awareness. So that's a problem that begets more problems. Its kinda like a death spiral. But unlike the one that was supposed to bring down Obamacare, this one is real. And much is the same with the latest rant from Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe castigating Barack Obama as the new George Wallace:
A few days ago, an article appeared in Pravda-on-the-Hudson, reporting that pollsters had told the White House that, if there is not a huge African-American turnout on the first Tuesday this November, the Democrats are cooked.

In the meantime.... it looks as if the grand jury is about to issue a report, exonerating Wilson [for shooting Micheal Brown in Ferguson, MO] and it looks as if that is the right call. ... In the meantime, of course, the NAACP in ... Louis and the local black politicians, seconded by radicals ... have been hyping racial tensions in Missouri.

We could be in for riots — especially if Barack Obama and his henchman Eric Holder decide to roll the dice. Early on, they played this event for everything it was worth politically — in much the same way that they played George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin. I would not be surprised if, in the next few days, they roll the racial dice again. After all, Barack Obama is the African-American answer to George Wallace.

But, of course, rolling those dice could backfire. People who have been tricked by you in the past get really, really angry when you try to trick them again, and Barack Obama has pulled stunts of this sort time and again.
So this is another example why this cat can't land a real job. If you can't see the world through the eyes of others with different experiences, backgrounds, etc., how can you even begin to explain the how the world works to children - in a way that they can understand. You can't and you shouldn't be in a position to do so.

You can angrily call Pres. Obama a thug or Eric Holder an evil Henchman. You can see dark conspiracies around every corner. You can convince yourself that a Romney Landslide and political re-alignment is imminent -  if only Romney would take to the airwaves and explain to the American public that a vote for Romney is a vote to  repudiate Woodrow Wilson - a guy who was president 100 years ago. And as much as conservatives tell themselves that the 8-hour work day for railworkers and a ban on children labor was when all hell started to break loose in America, I don't think the public would see it that way or even (yawn) give you an audience.

You can write angry blog posts addressed to an audience of the disaffected, the honestly confused and looking for answers and to a bunch of  poor miserably angry bastards that really only  just want to watch things burn. But what you can't do is get a real job in the real world. 

Poor Devil. He really belongs in a FEMA run camp.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Arsonist Apologist wonders why people don't have more confidence in the Fire Marshall

Deep Thoughts with Peggy Noonan:
Saturday morning I was thinking of Pascal, as who was not. He had a mordant observation about the physicians of his time. Doctors in those days dressed fancy—long robes, tall hats. From memory: Why do doctors wear tall hats? Because they can’t cure you.

Why do public health officials speak in public as they do, with the plonking bureaucratic phrases and the air of windy evasion? Because they can’t cure you. Because they don’t really know what they’re doing. I think they are reassured by their voices, like children who wake up from a nightmare and say in the darkness, “That’s not true.”
If scores of people begin over the next few weeks going to hospital emergency rooms with Ebola, how many of their doctors, nurses, orderlies, office staffers, communications workers and technicians would continue to report to their jobs? All of them at first, then most of them. But as things became more ragged, pressured and dangerous, would they continue?

This is why people are concerned. They can imagine how all this could turn south so fast, with only a few hundred cases. This is why the White House claims that we will not have a widespread breakout is fatuous: Even a limited breakout would take us into uncharted territory.

The only thing that will calm the public is competence. Until they see it, warnings about hysteria will be experienced as patronizing and deeply self-serving.
Of course we know that the conservative of past 30 odd years if not the Tea Party mission of the moment has been to reduce the size of government to where it could be drown in a bathtub. To accomplish this mission, it is not only important to undermine funding of critical agencies but also to attack public trust in these institutions by doing such things as lambasting Bear DNA research or volcano monitoring - "do climate scientist really know anything, or they just guessing like the rest of us - the reasonable people on Foxnews think so."

And so it goes when a public emergency arises. Very serious people ask "why am I so scared. I mean I am so consumed by fear that I hardly have any time to spending fear mongering."  Can you really trust what the fire marshal is saying in the midst of this kind of a crisis.

But then the storm passes and the very agencies that the public looks to prevent public health issues are back under assault with very serious people taking time from writing about Benghazi or Solyndra or the Obamaquester to defend tea party kamikaze missions. "It is so very mean spirited to refer to them as arsonists. These are people that have good and patriotic hearts. Its just that the government seems out of control to them. Its no wonder that they feel that way."

And the beat goes on.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Viscous act of Papery leaves Winger reeling in Despair

The new Pope is up to his old tricks again with his new draft Dictate about being all Christian and stuff to Gay Folks:
In pastoral terms, the document published today by the Synod of Bishops represents an earthquake, the “big one” that hit after months of smaller tremors … While defending the traditional teachings that reject divorce and gay marriage, the synod said the modern church must focus more on the “positive elements” in such relationships, rather than their shortcomings, and open a patient and merciful dialogue with the people involved. The ultimate aim, it said, is to use these “seeds” of goodness to bring people more fully into the church.
If you are a winger, clearly this document is devastating. Cats and Dogs living together  Gay folks being treated decently. Here's the reaction from Popular Sovereignty advocate Maggie Gallagher:
I hope to respond intellectually to the synod report. Tears right now are streaming from my face, and it is not about objections to welcoming gay people. There is something more profoundly at stake for me. Is this me? In the corner? [i.e., losing her religion]
Gallagher, back in the heyday of the state level gay marriage constitution amendments, used to be quite comfortable with the idea using a popular vote to determine the civil rights of minority groups. If the people voted for a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, what can you do? The people voted and momentum is on your side.  But that was 10 years ago. Things change - so does momentum. 

With that being said wingers who are dissatisfied by the new Pope can bitch and moan and cry and carry on all they like.  What does this Pope really know anyway?  Other than being God'[s rep on Earth, who care what this guy thinks?

When you think about it, North America Right-wingers have a clear alternative to Papist Tyranny - defect and become a Mormon. The Mormon religion was designed expressly for the new world just as capitalism is taking off. Who needs all the bullshit from the Old World and its stupid rules made up by a bunch of people who lived like a million years ago. Its like they say, when the going gets tough, the tough just change sides.

UPDATE: The draft document failed to pass. Instead of "Don't be assholes all the time" its now "OK to act like assholes some of the time." Gallagher can dry the tears from her eyes for now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Jonathan Chait is a mean SOB, cntd.....

If being wrong about the economy is wrong, I don't wanna be right:
In the fall of 2010, conservatives assembled an all-star team of the world’s wrongest people to issue a clarion call warning the Federal Reserve that its attempts to aid the economy risked terrible inflation. “The planned asset purchases risk currency debasement and inflation, and we do not think they will achieve the Fed’s objective of promoting employment,” warned the signatories, who included, among others, Amity Shlaes, Bill Kistol, and Niall Ferguson. (The person who advised the German army not to bother to pack winter clothing for its 1941 invasion of Russia was, sadly, unavailable.)...
None of the signatories have grappled with the total failure of worldview that this implies. They have all either explained away their failure or refused to acknowledge it. It’s not merely a question of making a failed prediction — sometimes events get it wrong. The inflationistas failed to understand the nature of a liquidity trap, and what happens when interest rates hit zero in a severely depressed economy. They didn’t just predict the wrong team would win. They have a failed economic model....
The inflationistas got the balance of risk totally wrong — unemployment, while falling, has remained above target, while inflation has stayed below it. Shlaes’s defense is not just factually wrong, it’s conceptually bizarre. Somebody has to worry about bear attacks, yes. But if you demand that all children be kept home from school for the year to protect them against bear mauling, it’s not enough to point out that bears exist. You need to somehow engage with the idea of a tradeoff.
When the only tool you got is a hammer, that's what you do. And that what being the product of a failed ideology leads to -  whenever a complicated issue requires a response, all these folks can to is to just hammer away.  Government always Bad. Tax cuts and regulation always good.

The flip side to this sure the inflationistas got it wrong. That was the point. That these fine folks picked this line of bullshit about the imaginary risk of inflation does not really matter. They could have picked some other any equally bad argument to wobble the works as well. Any position that would prevent the fire fighters from arriving on the scene served their purposes. 

If the goal is to save Western Civilization against the terrors of Obamunism, who is going to let a bad argument of the good fight.  Shlaes only real crime is that she fell for the con and ended up believing in the bullshit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LIVE from the Wingnet: Wingnut Really Afraid of Voter Fraud in Colorado

According to one NRO-bot it should be really easy to vote in Colorado this year because the goddamned Democrats rammed new laws into effect making it easy for (the wrong kind of) people to vote.

This means one thing, naturally, FRAUD!
Perhaps the most hard-fought Senate race this year will be Colorado’s showdown between Democratic senator Mark Udall and Republican congressman Cory Gardner. The RealClearPolitics average of polls in the race shows Gardner holding a lead of 1.3 percentage points. The outcome may determine control of the U.S. Senate, and the margin of victory could be less than the 11,000-vote margin by which Democratic senator Michael Bennet was reelected in Colorado in 2010.

But there is a significant difference in this year’s Senate race. In 2013, a new Democratic state legislature rammed through a sweeping and highly controversial election law and convinced Democratic governor John Hickenlooper to sign it. The law, known as House Bill 1303, makes Colorado the only state in the country to combine two radical changes in election law: 1) abolishing the traditional polling place and having every voter mailed a ballot and 2) establishing same-day registration, which allows someone to appear at a government office and register and vote on the same day without showing photo ID or any other verifiable evidence that establishes identity.
Yes adopting a variation of the Washington state ballot and the Wisconsin approach is radical, indeed. 

Note to self: Laws making it easier to vote are "highly controversial," while laws that selectively disenfranchise black folks, young folks and poor folks without any rational basis are necessary to voter fraud.

Basically if the GOP fails to take the Colorado senate seat  this year, like it failed to do in 2010, you can expect the wingnet to explode with charges of imaginary voter fraud.

Which all gets to a law of the internets and it is this: When the GOP fails to win a close election it is always due to one or a combination of the following three reasons.
Reason number 1: The Voters were too fucking stupid to understand the issues; or

Reason number 2: Sure the voters are really fucking stupid and don't understand the issues, but that's because the Republican candidate failed to clearly explain the awesomeness that is conservatism to them; or

Reason number 3
NRO-bot John Fund is cuing up Reason Number 3 just in case his side misses out again.

If there was any justice in this world, Fund would have been rounded up - preferably by ACORN and shipped off to a FEMA camp a long time ago. But as everyone knows, the world is not fair.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Right Wing Professor Reflects back before the Obamapocalypse.

There used to be a time when real men didn't cry and bitch and moan all the time. But them days is gone. We're left with Right Wing Professors like Paul Rahe:
There was a time — I remember that time — when public officials and even political appointees resigned when called upon to carry out a policy they sincerely thought to be contrary to the interests of the American people. There was a time when public servants had a powerful sense of their own dignity and conducted themselves in a manner suited to free human beings. But that time appears to have passed — and those who hold high office act today as if they were the President’s slaves.

What a country we have become! We have journalists who prostitute themselves for a political party. We have civil servants who will gaily break the law for partisan purposes. We have cabinet members who do not believe in the policies they are called upon to implement, but who do not resign. We have an Attorney General who thinks that the obstruction of justice is his job. And we have a Congress unwilling to call anyone to account.

I fear for my country.
But all the sheeple just keep going on living the their lives - kept stupid by the lamestream media and fat, dumb and happy by the wonder working ways of the market economy.  Did you realize that you can buy just about anything at the Walmart - and for cheap too!  The poor bastards don't realize that they, also, should be wetting their pants on a daily basis - unlike those living within the conservative echo chamber.

But that's the way things are.

For Every Winger, not just for College Republican, but for right wing professors, not just once but when ever they want it, there is the instant when it's still not yet Noon on January 20th 2009, the Bush Administration is still in position at the nation's capital, governing wisely as would be expected, the best and brightest minds of a generation are assembled at the Pentagon and are ready to be loosened to break out and launch another war - waiting for Dick Cheney to give the word. It's all in the balance, it hasn't happened yet, it hasn't even begun yet, it not only hasn't begun yet but there is still time for it not to begin yet it's going to begin, we all know that. And then it does - the clock strikes noon and Obamunism turns the people into slaves. All is lost, but the good days are not forgotten.

It must be a terrible thing to live with, being a movement conservative. A terrible burden to bear - being afraid all the goddamn time. And its about everything. FEMA run camps. The Persecution of Dinesh D'Souza, Sarah Palin, the Motch Brothers or that guy who made that video that help cause all those riots - about 70 of 'em in the Muslim world.

But there really is not much that can be done since the FEMA run camps don't exist.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Was it Over when the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Hell no. And this Scary Gay Marriage fight ain't over yet either.

It is one thing to lose the battle to force others to live their lives as second class citizens because of religious doctrines that a minority of the population sincerely believe in. But what do you do about it? Do you re-evaluate your position and fall into line with the long established American cultural norm that holds that its wrong for the state to deny one group of folks the same rights and responsibilities that the rest of society enjoys. No you don't do that. 

For many Right Wingers the response after losing the 1147th Battle of Armageddon is simply: More Lectures:
The Defense of Marriage Isn’t Over
Monday’s action from the Supreme Court is, as I noted elsewhere, a setback for sound constitutional self-government and a setback for a healthy marriage culture.

Rather than a single Roe v. Wade of marriage, where the Supreme Court would redefine marriage across the nation, the Court, by refusing to hear any of the marriage cases, has allowed lower federal courts to disregard the constitutional authority of citizens and their elected representatives to make good marriage policy.

Good laws that reflect the truth about marriage, frequently passed with overwhelming democratic support, have been struck down by judges without any compelling argument that they are unconstitutional.

We should recognize this for what it is: Dozens of minor acts of judicial activism, rather than one major one.

If this is the case, where do we go from here? What should we do to continue defending marriage?...
Whatever the law or culture may say, we must commit now to witness to the truth about marriage: that men and women are distinct and complementary, that it takes a man and a woman to bring a child into the world, and that children deserve a chance to grow up with a mom and a dad.

Too many of our neighbors haven’t heard our arguments, and they seem unwilling to respect our rights because they don’t understand what we believe. It’s up to us to change that perception. We will help decide which side history is on.
So More Lectures in a Loud Slow Voice - so everyone can understand. This is a typical conservative approach to political setbacks - the people just don't get it, maybe if we would have explained ourselves better, etc. 

You hear this on the wingnet every time wingers lose some soul crushing defeat - its a law of the internets. But there is also a Palinesque quality to this statement. Its not just convincing the heathens that the ghey is scary, which of course it is or should be if its not.

No that's only half of the battle. The other half is convincing the public that it when it comes to enforcing the American norm of civil rights, the real victims are certain groups of religious conservatives. If your sincerely held belief requires that gay folks live as second class citizens and the law does not operates in a way to enforce that belief - well then, that makes your group the real victims.  BOOM. 

Sarah must be proud.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Inflation Hawks Suffer Vicious Beatdown at the hands of Pravda on the Hudson

Way back when the economy was teetering on the verge of collapse under dual hammer blows - first from the Great Recession and later from the Tea Party Insurgency, a group of seemingly very serious people came together in opposition to Federal Reserve efforts to stimulate the economy.  It was very-very-very wrong they said. It shouldn't be done they said.

And then they joined in union at an attempted dramatic pronouncement:  That the best way to fight a fire was by doing nothing - Liquidate capital, liquidate working folks, liquidate home ownership, liquidate savings, LIQUIDATE IT ALL - it will purge the rottenness out of the system. High costs of living and high living will come down. People will work harder, live a more moral life. Values will be adjusted, and enterprising people will pick up from the ashes of the less competent people. But first we must just let it burn to the ground. We it owe it to the people.

Some of the very serious people in the Pain Caucus were economists, but some were not. That made me wonder why why anyone would pay attention to Monetary Policy Pronouncements of British Historian Nial Ferguson, or Right Wing polemicist Amity Shlaes or GOP Apparatchik Doug Holtz-Eakin or for that matter 4 time-college transfer student Sarah Palin who didn't get the chance to sign the Liquidation Manifesto but supported it in principle:
n 2010, 23 reasonably prominent economists, fund managers, academics and journalists signed a coalition letter opposed to quantitative easing...The letter warned that it would “risk currency debasement and inflation” and fail to create jobs ... [it] should be “reconsidered and discontinued.”

Four years later, inflation is still low ... unemployment has fallen, economic and job growth has been modest but present, and the stock market has soared. Despite the authors’ insistence that quantitative easing faced “broad opposition from other central banks,” the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan have undertaken similar programs.

So the [lamestream media presented] the letter’s signers with a simple question: Have you changed your mind? And pretty uniformly, the signatories said they had: Faced with empirical evidence that went contrary to their expectations, including low inflation and relatively good economic performance, they have revisited their monetary policy views and promised to stop scaremongering about inflation.
Ha-ha, I’m just kidding. People who obsess over inflation don’t change their minds.

Of the 23 signatories, 14 had the good sense not to comment. The other nine told Bloomberg their views were unchanged since 2010. Real world events notwithstanding, they’re just as worried about inflation now as they ever were.

Their explanations are pretty creative. Jim Grant, for example, told Bloomberg we have had inflation — it just hasn’t shown up in consumer prices.

Doug Holtz-Eakin... explained that the letter was correct because it didn’t set a date on its inflation prediction. ... Several other signatories similarly rested their arguments on the lack of a date in the letter, and warned that high inflation could still come. Among them is Niall Ferguson, the Harvard history professor, who wrote a 2011 op-ed for Newsweek proclaiming that “double-digit inflation is back.” (It wasn’t.)

Mr. Ferguson later admitted he erred.... But another signatory who still says the letter was right, the journalist Amity Shlaes...argue[ing] that “official numbers err” and that inflation really is much higher than the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims. (It’s not.)

...the important matter is the counterfactual: How would the recovery have differed if, as these authors wanted, the Federal Reserve had stopped quantitative easing and pursued a tighter monetary policy?

There is a good case study to look at: the eurozone. The European Central Bank has been the most inflation-phobic of the big four central banks, and until this year it has stayed away from quantitative easing. If the signatories are right, the eurozone’s economy should have outperformed America’s (and Britain’s and Japan’s) since 2010.

Unfortunately for the signatories (and for hundreds of millions of people who live in Europe) the eurozone is in a deeper depression than it experienced in the 1930s. Womp womp.
So there you go. Facts that contradict ideology are just basically a bunch of lies and shit like that. But really its not surprising that when you have apparatchiks and folks who have no business holding themselves out as monetary policy experts are proven wrong, they weasel away from personal responsibility.

Its simple: Ideology Cannot Fail; it can only be failed by insufficient fealty.  With that being said, I blame people like Amity Shlaes for the lack of inflation. If she had been more loyal to the cause - if she had been willing to give 110% for the team, why then Inflation would've upped its game and given 110% too. We'd have runaway inflation at Wiemar levels and Ideology would have been proven right. But she f'd it up and inflation did not appear. People are laughing at the inflation hawks. Its not the ideology's fault. People let it down. People like Amity Shlaes.

And so it goes.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blogger turns into "Cheese Eating, Surrender Monkey"

Or having a chance to Face an Outside Liberal Agitator, the boys at Powerline Blog Tuck Tail and Run Away.

So I was reading on the wingnet the other day and learned that comedian Bill Maher would be appearing in Minnesota as part of his skit to flip a district. In Flipping a District, the premise is that there are plenty of unworthy incumbent congressmen that coast to victory each election due in part to gerrymandering and the influence of big money on politics.  The theory behind Flip a District is that the free media that comes with it, will help level the playing field by bringing unwanted attention to the incumbent congressman who will then have to defend his record.

In this case, the congressman chosen to be flipped is Congressman John Kline of the 2nd CD of Minnesota. The problem with Kline, according to Maher, is that basically he's just a douche-bag in the pocket of for profit universities which as everyone knows preys upon children to suck up their gov't backed student loan money, saddling them with debt at the beginning of their work life but not before leaving a large majority of 'em without a diploma to show for it. 

And a case certainly can be made that someone profiting from being the errand boy of such an industry is an unworthy douche bag who ought to be "flipped." Those are the charges anyway. Kline may or may not be that guy, I'm simply saying that reasonable people may look at Kline and come to this kind of conclusion. It's what the TV tells me, anyway.

But onto Minnesota. The wingnet tells me that Bill Maher is very mean. Of course he is. It also tells me that he plans to take his mean spirited act to Minnesota's second district. There he will form and film a panel consisting of two libertards and two real americans. These folks would discuss the controversy surrounding Congressman John Kline. This being the case, the Maher show decided that in forming its panel, it needed to draw from the indigenous population. You know -  they wanted to find a conservative in its own natural habitat:
Last week I got a phone call from a producer for the Bill Maher Show. Bill is coming to Minnesota on October 7, she told me, and intends to do a public event at an as-yet-unknown venue. (I assume the event will be in the Second District, perhaps on a college campus.) Bill will head up a panel that includes two conservatives, one old and one young, and two demographically-similar liberals. The producer told me that they have already lined up my old friend Ana Marie Cox as the senior liberal, and they very much wanted me to participate as the senior conservative. The event will not be televised live, but it will be filmed. The producer told me that Maher will use clips from the program on his television show and will post them on YouTube.

I had misgivings–the last thing I want to do is act as a foil for the likes of Bill Maher–but she argued persuasively that it would be helpful for me to take part, and that we conservatives would get an even break. I said I would think about it overnight and call her back in the morning.
The Maher show needed a local old conservative guy that would be easy to make fun of, so naturally they turned to Powerline Blog for one. It makes perfect sense. As conservative republicans said in the 60s justifying the Southern Strategy, you go hunting where the ducks are. 

But it is not totally surprising that someone in this position would decline the opportunity as the Powerline Blogger essentially did. You are pretty close to barking mad. The odds are high that you'd say something close to barking mad or maybe even batshit crazy - you can't help it.  And this being the case, the editors at the show would have a field day showing the worst of the worst clips on the internets. People will laugh. Look at the stupid conservative say stupid things.  So why do it at all when its safer just to post shit on the internets and do podcasts for fellow travelers to watch in their parents' basement. Don't hate the winger, hate the game.

But on the other hand, if you are the type of guy that can call Bush a genius, Sarah Palin the most consequential political figure of her day while comparing Obama to Mussolini and writing favorably about Michele Bachmann and say all these cray-cray things AND MEAN THEM ALL, but then back down from a national appearance to defend these views with the fate of Western Civilization at stake, well......... let's just say that's a tad bit on the cowardly side.

Just saying. I don't know if it reaches French WW2 rifle levels - "Never been fired and has only been dropped once." But it is low that when the enemy comes to town and instead of "standing your ground" you skedaddle off for the tall grass and let others do your share of the fighting. What about FREEDOM? It ain't free. It doesn't just get passed on in the bloodstream. Each generation has to fight for it because its just one generation away from extinction.

But I guess that's why the Good Lord invented White Flags. He knows that all men will not be born brave. Some will be, surely.  But some will just end up writing blog posts about global warming being a total hoax on powerline blog, too and before these folks know it, they will face their sunset  years telling their children and their children's children what it was like when America was Free - before there was medicare.

And so it goes.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wingnet Continues to suffer from "Coalition Envy"

Sigh. Has it come to this:
In my latest Washington Examiner column... I wrote the following two sentences. “But Bush’s coalition that went into Iraq included more than 30 nations, most of them democracies. Kerry’s and Obama’s coalition against the Islamic State includes maybe eight, mostly autocracies.”

What I would have liked to add, but didn’t have space for, was a reference to the description, made by Kerry ... in 2004, to Bush’s coalition as a “trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted.” That description was recalled by...Marc Thiessen in a blogpost titled “Kerry’s coalition against the Islamic State fails his ‘global test’”...

I thought at the time that it was vicious of Kerry, and undermined the credibility of the United States, to characterize Bush’s very large coalition in such negative terms — terms that insulted democracies, including many NATO allies. Thiessen provides a much longer list of those who stood with us and sent ground troops into Iraq in 2003...[Thiessen then goes on to list members of the Coalition of the Willing while forgetting to add Iceland and the two guys they sent to the coalition.]  I just hope that in some corner of his mind Secretary Kerry appreciates how contemptible his words were in 2004 and feels just a tiny bit of gratitude that members of the opposition party are refraining from uttering similar words today.
- The Gentle Souled Michael Barone accusing "Liberals"of a conspiracy to "Suppress" the Truth about "coalitions" and things.
Now one should remember that Michael Barone has not always acted like a delicate flower. He once called President Obama a "Thug" and unfavorably compared him Vladimir Putin -  excepting only "that Putin is an effective thug" in a since deleted blog post that is, unfortunately, still remembered by the wingnet. So one needn't feel sorry for Barone's hurt feelings as he as shown a proclivity to engage in less than seemly behavior in past.

However putting the issue of coalitions aside and any discussion whether it is beneficial for such a coalition to contain Sunni-Muslim countries in the same region including Turkey (if the lamestream media is to believed), one should remember that the only reason that a coalition is needed today is because a former president decided to use "a coalition of the willing" to knock Humpty Dumpty off the wall. But for that fact, there would be no need for all the kings horses and all the kings men to desperately try to put humpty dumpty back together again.  

Its kinda of the most important thing that one needs to consider when complaining about the current coalition and whether it was put together too quickly and such.  It just wouldn't matter had the last guy not decided that a war in Iraq would result in a reverse domino scenario creating liberal democracy after liberal democracy instead of falling into civil strife between competing groups.  But we are where we are.

GOP 2016 - Because its never too early for the CRAZY, cntd

The Senator from Canada readies a run:
Ted Cruz is running for president. The only thing left for him to do is say so.
According to sources close to the Texas senator, Cruz could be preparing for an end-of-year announcement and is now dedicating considerable time and effort to cultivating a foreign-policy foundation that might help his candidacy stand out in what is guaranteed to be a crowded field.
"At this point it's 90/10 he's in," one Cruz adviser said. "And honestly, 90 is lowballing it."
The senator's choreography since arriving in Washington has long pointed to a presidential run. His office meticulously documents the details of his meetings and events to guard against opposition research. He has aggressively pursued visits to important primary states, including Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Late last month Cruz hired three prominent consultants with experience in national campaigns and extensive contacts in early nominating states. And he recently moved his chief of staff, Chip Roy, from his congressional office to the campaign operation, sending the clearest signal yet to allies inside and outside the Capitol that a bid for the White House is imminent.
One down. Next up, several folks need to audition for another of the "Bachmann" roles in the Primary. There is still room for about 3 more candidates with that Bachmannesque vibe for the Base. This dilutes the crazy vote by spreading it out over several candidates and it pushes the vitriol even farther to the right!

The libertarian role looks to be filled. The RINOs will put someone up - Wall Street and K-Street will demand that it be so. Ditto with the Neocons. But I don't think they'll be happy with someone that is not yet housebroken like Cruz.  Speaking of Housebroken Conservatives, Marco Rubio seems to be auditioning for the Neocon role with daily vapid calls for more aggression  - "the only way we can fight dangerous aggression in the world is with more dangerous aggression and if I'm president nobody in the world will be more dangerous and aggressive than me." Yeah, the neocon will definitely put someone up.

Also needed is someone to fill the non-crazy "huntsman" role for the 1-2% of GOP primary goers who actually still believe that the GOP can be reformed. Bless their hearts.

The last role that will need to be filled is the "Cain" role. But you can wait to fill this one. It should be filled at the latest possible time when the "Cain" guy can play savior to all voters who realize that the 2016 field is just another clown car.

By timing it right, the "Cain" guy can quickly rise to the top of the polls reeling in the legions of dissatisfied voters. Unfortunately the "Cain" guy, not being a politician is destined crash just as fast because of the laws of the universe i.e., bright shiny objects may rocket to great heights, but they also crash to the earth just as fast. Call it "Sarah's Law."

And so it goes.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Foxnews Personality winds up on Terror Watch List

Is this merely a mistake, or does the Government know something that the public doesn't:
    Stephen Hayes, a senior writer at The Weekly Standard and a regular Fox News contributor, was informed Tuesday that he had been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorist Watchlist.

    Hayes, who spoke to POLITICO by phone on Tuesday, suspects that the decision stems from U.S. concerns over Syria. Hayes and his wife recently booked a one-way trip to Istanbul for a cruise, and returned to the U.S., a few weeks later, via Athens.

    “I’d be concerned if it was anything more than that,” Hayes said.

    Hayes first learned about his status on the watchlist during a trip to Minneapolis a few weeks ago when he was stopped for extra screening.

    “When I went online to check in with Southwest, they wouldn’t let me. I figured it was some glitch,” he explained. “Then I got to the airport and went to check in. The woman had a concerned look on her face. She brought over her supervisor and a few other people. Then they shut down the lane I was in, took me to the side, told me I was a selectee and scrawled [something] on my ticket.”

    “On my way back. the same thing happened,” he continued. “I got pulled out, they closed down the lane, and did a full pat-down and looked in all parts of my luggage.”

    Things got slightly awkward on that return flight, because one of the TSA employees was a frequent Fox News viewer. “He knew I wasn’t an actual terrorist,” Hayes explained, “but it didn’t matter.”
This list thing is probably a mistake.  Probably.  But we know from watching Foxnews that Law Enforcement personnel usually have a pretty good reason for doing what they do.

That being the case, I am going with the Foxnews approach here and am giving law enforcement the benefit of doubt - until I hear otherwise.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tricky RINO trolls Tea Party - Set Eric Holder Free!

As news hit the internets that Attorney Generalissimo Eric Holder had tendered his resignation from the Obama Administration, word also hit the internets that Holder would stay on the job until his replacement had be approved by the Senate.

This creates a dilemma.

Obviously whoever Obama ends up nominating to replace Holder will be the most liberal nominee ever - or the GOP will make this claim and feel compelled to block the nomination. Of course this is not their fault as it is a universal law - the current democrat, whoever it is, must be called the most extreme, most liberal, most this and the most that of all time. The effects of this universal law are really quite unfair, but as life is unfair, our Republican friends are destined to suffer under it compulsive effects.

Republicans should do their best to allow Eric Holder to depart the Justice Department as quickly as possible.

He has been as bad an Attorney General in his way as Alberto Gonzales was in his way.

[And he was worse! He was involved in all types of conspiracies like the New Black Panther Menace and Un-deportation of 11 Million undocumented immigrants and the Bush era gun running program and just badness in general]

He was a friend of the President’s but he was also his alter-ego.  He said and did things that Mr. Obama only wished he could do.

He called America a nation of cowards when it comes to race relations, when the American people have done their level best to live in peace together.   We have come a long way in this country, especially after we elected the first African-American President in our history (a President with a mighty thin resume, I might add).  We deserve better than to be called cowards.

Eric Holder seemed to be a bitter man on a mission to bring not equal justice under the law but rather to deliver a measure of revenge.

The idea that Republicans should filibuster or delay his replacement – a replacement who may be confirmed  in the lame duck — is a mistake.  Of course, we should see who it is the President will name, but I would be dumbstruck if it could be anybody worse than Eric Holder.

Let’s get him to the private sector, pronto.
Smooth. Use the wingnuttery against the wingnuts!

If the mouth breathers do what they want to do - grandstand against the most liberal nominee/worst nominee/etc they will only end up keeping Holder on the job to do more tyranny and shit.
If they really want to stick it to Holder they can run him off his post by approving his successor double-pronto!

This is the way you talk to the base. You just hope they believe you instead of discovering that you are just a RINO up to tricking the foot soldiers for yet the millionth time.

And the beat goes on.

Insurance Industry Insiders Join Global-Global Warming Conspiracy

This is hardly surprising.

Of course the Insurance Industry is hyping the Global-Global Warming Conspiracy. It is quite understandable when you realize that in a world where Global Warming is believed to be real, they'll get to charge premiums for claims that will NEVER HAPPEN.....because global warming is a.... HOAX!!!!

Here's a survey asking them to rank the biggest global risks, probably using a global test or something like that:
No.    Global Risk     
1    Fiscal crises in key economies     
2    Structurally high unemployment/underemployment     
3    Water crises     
4    Severe income disparity     
5    Failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation      
6    Greater incidence of extreme weather events (e.g. floods, storms, fires)     
7    Global governance failure     
8    Food crises     
9    Failure of a major financial mechanism/institution     
10    Profound political and social instability    

Table 1: Ten Global Risks of Highest Concern in 2014
Source: Global Risks Perception Survey 2013-2014.
Note: From a list of 31 risks, survey respondents were asked to identify the five they are most concerned about.
Global Risks 2014, Ninth Edition [PDF] published by the World Economic Forum.
The folks that designed this survey could have expressly added the Tea Party to the list of scary things. But its likely that Global Tea Party risk is reflected in the number 1 ranked risk on the list: Tea Party induced Debt Default and Global Calamity. Probably, anyway.

Of course, the problem with these conspirators is that one of the insurers will (inevitably) try to undercut their competitors by not going along with the global warming scam.

Insurers live in the free market after all. Why overcharge your valued customers and maintain your current market share when you can adjust your prices downward to accurately reflect risk? In doing so, you can increase your market share while kicking your competitors in the balls. But the global conspiracy is strong and the insurers will play along......for a while at least before turning on each other and giving in to will of the free market.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Re-emergence of the Severely Conservative Progressive?

The wingnet reports that Romney 2016 whispers are no joke:
Romney is talking with advisers, consulting with his family, keeping a close eye on the emerging '16 Republican field, and carefully weighing the pluses and minuses of another run. That doesn't mean he will decide to do it, but it does mean that Mitt 2016 is a real possibility.

Nearly all of Romney's 2012 circle of advisers, finance people, and close aides remains intact. Many developed an extraordinary loyalty to Romney, who, in turn, has kept in close touch with them. Romney talks to some of them quite frequently in conversations that cover daily news, foreign and domestic policy, Hillary Clinton, the Republican field -- everything that might touch on a 2016 campaign. "Virtually the entire advisory group that surrounded Mitt in 2012 are eager for him to run, almost to a man and a woman," says one plugged-in member of Romneyland.
A significant number of Romney's top financial supporters from 2012 have decided not to commit to any other 2016 candidate until they hear a definitive word from Romney. They believe they are doing it with the tacit approval of Romney himself. "Spencer Zwick has never said specifically to everyone to keep your powder dry," says the plugged-in supporter, referring to Romney's former finance chairman who remains very close to Romney. "But the body language, the intonation, and the nuance are absolutely there."
Romney, at his core, is the new man for all seasons in today's GOP. That's not because he is of unwavering principle, but rather it is because he can re-invent his core to suit the times - be it as he of very Progressive Views or as a Severe Conservative  promising to lead an uncompromising right wing revolution.  It does not matter which way the winds are blowing. It never has with him.

In the 2008 GOP primary, it was a running joke that Romney's views on issues changed like clockwork depending whether it was an even numbered year or an odd numbered year.  All the GOP candidates on the stage during debates would turn and sneer at Romney whenever attacked one his fellow candidates, often times falsely, for holding views that he himself - Mitt Romney - held just a week or so earlier. That's how he rolls.

But those guys, with the possible exception of good ol' Huck, are gone now. Sleepy Fred makes reverse mortgage commercials targeting Old Folks - "Don't worry its backed by the Government  and based on a law President Reagan signed into law to protect Seniors." The aforementioned Huck keeps busy as an infotainer making millions on the AM radio, possibly to keep the Wicked Witch of Arkansas living in style but under wraps somewhere along the Redneck Riviera. McCain, having forgotten that he needs 2 hands to count the number of houses he owns, now sleeps in a broom closet on the set of Meet the Press where he emerges each Sunday to snarl into the camera and urge going to war with yet another country. And nobody has seen Rudy Giuliani in years leading one to wonder what ever happened to mister 9/11 and a verb.

That leaves a tanned, rested and ready Willard - a Nixonian figure - waiting in the wings as the man who can mean all things to all people.  If you are afraid of the crazies on the far right, and who isn't -  don't worry I'm your man. If you are fearful of folks running the Wall Street K-street Axis - Don't worry Main Street, I too, am your man.

So why not Romney - He'll say what ever the times demand.

Latte Salute Outrages Right Wing Nut, sigh

The stupid cannot be defeated. It can only be contained - preferably in a FEMA run camp:
The video below [depicting the infamous Latte Salute] speaks volumes about President Obama, not only concerning his underlying disdain for our military, but also as regards basic decency. In my opinion, a president who thinks he’s too cool properly to return a salute from our servicemen is presumptively unfit to command them.
- One of the Malcontents at Powerline Blog
Good thing President Eisenhower to read this scurrilous post, because the former 5-star general didn't think Presidential salutes were appropriate. He did do 'em.

But then again the Right Wing Nuts of his day were known to claim that Ike was a Commie Agent, so there is that. The more things change - the more they stay the same. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Threat of TEAHAD looms omniously for John Boehner

The internets are reporting that Cassius and Brutus have been spotted whispering in the shadows:
"For months, several clusters of conservative lawmakers have been secretly huddling inside and outside the Capitol, plotting to oust John Boehner from the Speaker's office when House Republicans regroup after the November elections"

"The strategy -- for now -- seems disorganized and fluid: Find a way to push the Speaker's race to a second ballot, create turmoil in the conference, portray Boehner as highly vulnerable and offer up an alternative."
The King is the King.....until he's not.

When the first long knife comes out.......who knows what happens next.  Maybe the bold - those true of heart - join in what comes naturally while the sheeple look to their own survival.

Liaison to the Nuts F's it up again, sigh

Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe apparently has not gotten the memo: When Republicans talk about sexual assault - bad things happen.
As you may have noticed, in desperation, Barack Obama and his minions are now beating another drum. There is, they shamelessly tell you, a crisis. It is a grave emergency. One in five young women on America’s campuses have been the object of a sexual assault.

It matters not that there is no evidence to support such a preposterous claim.... Our President believes that the women of the United States are so gullible that they will fall for this nonsense, and who knows? He might be right. As the buttons worn by the harpies in attendance at the last Democratic National Convention asserted, “Sluts vote!and let’s face it: in 2012, infuriated at the prospect that they might have to fork over $10 a month to pay for their own birth control pills, they did.
The women folk are just Harpies and Sluts? As GOP Chairman Reince Priebus might say: OUTREACH!

But I guess this sort of shit happens on the wingnet. If Obama and the Democrats are for something even if it started out as a Republican idea, the wingers are against it.  So it is hardly surprising that in drawing attention to violence against women, wingers have been suckered into becoming Men's Rights advocates overnight.

The right wing professor that calls himself Instapundit writes daily on the the topic of the oppression of men, for example.  I don't want to say that this sudden concern for Men's Rights on the wingnet reminds me of David Duke starting up a National Association for the Advancement of White People organization because of........well because he is an asshole and already didn't like black folks.   While this new concern for men is unseemly,  I not implying that these right wingers already held animosity toward women and the public concern showed by Dems toward violence against women pushed them toward doing what comes natural.  No. Just saying that movement conservatism is deeply reactionary at its core. If Obama comes out for something - there is a real high possibility that right wingers will discover some previously unrealized reason to be angrily against it.

ACORN is a perfect example. Before Obama wins the Iowa caucuses, there is no outrage on the wingnet about the community organizational group known as ACORN. Afterward there is a slow and steady fury that builds its way into the 2008 Presidential Campaign when Poor-Poor John McCain felt compelled to denounce the previously unheard of group as a "threat to the fabric of democracy" when all the smart people knew that this claim was bullshit to placate the rubes.

Its just how the game is played...and Rahe's failing. He keeps getting rolled by Obama. Instead of bringing "the nuts" along he makes 'em nuttier.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Obamunist Thugs to "disappear" beloved conservative film maker

Ominous Tidings have hit the internets.

While Right Wing Entertainer, Dinesh D'Souza will not face hard prison time, he will be confined to something that sounds kinda like a FEMA run Camp.

According to the website The Smoking Gun, D'Souza will spend the first eight months of his probation in something eerily named a "community confinement center."  He will also have to pay a $30,000 fine, undergo some FEMA type group hugging process called "therapeutic counseling" (i.e., reprogramming) and he'll have to perform one day per week of community service - perhaps in the form of "community organizing." Then, presumably, he'll need to keep clean with the cops for the remainder of his 5 year probationary period.

Personally, I hope the boys at FEMA or whoever is running this so-called "community confinement center" get all the kinks worked out and get D'Souza back walking a straight and narrow path.

Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe: Just one of the Rubes or just "a Liaison to the Nuts?"

Is the Global-Global Warming Conspiracy real? Yes and No.

Or are there just a bunch of confused wingers posting shit on the web? Yes, my Friends the stupid is VAST:
For some years now, the President of the United States and his minions have been lying to us about the threat posed to our well-being and our security by global warming. In the next few decades, they say, the temperature will dramatically rise and the climate will change markedly for the worse. The consequences will be dire, and human activity is the cause. We must curb carbon emissions … or millions will die. They have even induced the armed forces to list combating global warming as one of their prime missions.
I think he is misrepresenting the opinion of the President and his "Minions" a wee bit and he's certainly slandering the brave men and women of our armed forces by calling them either stupid or frauds. This is simply outrageous. People risk their lives for FREEDOM and for AMERICA while at home the ungrateful basically call them "comsymps".  These people know no shame.

But this really isn't fair criticism. The Right Wing Professor is just playing the game.  Let me explain.

As time has gone on, many of the better adjusted Global Warming skeptics have moved beyond the "its a hoax" stage of climate denial to accepting that at least most of the recent warming is attributable to greenhouse gas emissions. What do do about it is another story. But you can only play that hoax game for so long before getting fitted with a tin foil hat by President Obama's secret gestapo-like force. Once that happens, everyone has permission to laugh at you.

So the game now on the wingnet is to redefine "the 97% meme" i.e., that most every smart person agrees, including 97% of the practicing climate scientists, that man made greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for most of the recent warming on earth.  But this can be tricky if your base believes that "global warming is all a Hoax, man" and you've been reinforcing this belief for years.

The solution is to conflate the responses to Anthropogenic Global Warming like carbon emission regulation with the settled consensus that man made carbon emissions have caused the planet to warm. Just attack "the consensus" as all bullshit, man - without defining what consensus you are attacking. This allows a right winger to dispute whether or not the "Science is settled" because by science he means Hypothetical Computer Climate Model 35.  This is effective because Hypothetical Computer Model 35 will never be perfect. It might be pretty damn good - but it won't be perfect.
"See all those "liberal scientists" and their "religious-like belief" in the settled consensus were WRONG [meaning that Hypothetical Computer Model 35 was not 100% accurate]. I mean how can we take the first step in a long journey toward reducing future man-made greenhouse gas emissions if computer model 35 is all fucked up and shit?
You can't and you shouldn't. It is far more prudent to do nothing. There is no settled consensus. There just isn't. Its like we've been saying all along."
Thus completing the switcheroo. As I said, the brighter wingers know how the game is played while the more maladjusted struggle on. In the GOP, the establishment wants the energy of the "Tin-foil Hat Brigades" but needs to keep them under control to avoid being "Akinized" or "O'Donnellized" or worse "Cruzified" (in the case of Rahe it was predicting a "Romney Landslide"). That means there is high demand for competent folks to serve as "Liaisons to the Nuts."

Which brings us to Right Wing Professor Rahe. 

One would assume that a right wing professor that takes time from his busy schedule to post "stuff" on right wing blogs for the "Tin-foil Hat Brigades" to read does so to help bring "the nuts" along. You don't want them getting out of hand and make themselves known as a "lunatic fringe" that drags the GOP's brand even further down. You just kinda hint that the "settled consensus" was in fact "not all a hoax" but then you turn and attack "the settled consensus." But on the other hand, this Right Wing Professor could just be one of the Rubes and doesn't know it.

Don't hate the winger, hate the game.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Adventures in Wingnutology: Right Wing Blogger provides example of Scopes Trial Conservatism

Via RedState Blog Honcho in Chief:
We live in such a screwed up world, mainstream culture is increasingly submitting the fringe to be normal and the normal to be fringe.

Boys and girls are more and more taught that they can pick their own gender adventure. The prominent scientific voices tell us we are accidents of the cosmos — the product of a swerve in nature. Who we sleep with is now a product of our birth, but what gender we are can be freely chosen. Science proves neither, but science is the new god.

It is maddening. Add into it the politicization of everything and you can certainly understand why some people want to check out of culture. Contra the left, most boys do not need to be told not to hit girls. They know it. But a secular ideology that wants all the trappings of morality without the foundation of that morality is now convinced that when boys are left to be boys, they are left to be monsters.

The whole thing is messed up.
Modernity, inevitably, has a way of coming into conflict with Religious Doctrines and Old Timey Folk ways.  As was the case in the reaction to the progressive period and the rapid modernization spurred on by WWI, rather than re-examining the timeless wisdom behind the folk ways, one opposes science through right wing populist appeals to tradition.

Evolution, Social Science, Global Warming, etc., it's been done before. It'll be done again!