Thursday, February 11, 2016

Everyone now trying to make Rubio Cry....

I can't quit you babe....Cruz goes after the GOP version of John Edwards.

This is  Mean.

Rubio: Secret Algorithm could swing convention

I recommend going this route:
“The best hope of the Republican establishment just a week ago, Marco Rubio suddenly faces a path to his party’s presidential nomination that could require a brokered national convention,” the AP reports.
“That’s according to Rubio’s campaign manager, Terry Sullivan, who told The Associated Press that this week’s disappointing performance in New Hampshire will extend the Republican nomination fight for another three months, if not longer. It’s a worst-case scenario for Rubio and many Republican officials alike who hoped to avoid a prolonged and painful nomination fight in 2016.”
Said Sullivan: “We very easily could be looking at May — or the convention. I would be surprised if it’s not May or the convention.”
Of course, a contested convention does not mean that any of the current losers or clowns would get the nod.

Jeb is too low energy. Cruz might not be eligible to even be president. He says he's an American, but that's not what his birth certificate says.  Rubio is not ready for prime time. There is a real risk of Hillary making him cry on a debate stage.  Kasich has yet to be trashed by Trump and revealed for the loser and/or clown that he may well be. And Trump, of course, is a carnival barker.

The party insiders, tri-corner tinfoil hat wearers and fat cats would be free to pick somebody completely outside of the field like the super fabulous Mitt Romney or the up and coming Jim Gilmore. But there is always a chance that they'd pick the next Warren Harding or James Buchannan, too, who are both "probably" below Dubya on the presidential ranking list.

So yeah. Bring on the convention.

Oklahoma POLL: "Clown" and "Loser" within "Striking distance"

According to the latest lamestream poll, The Donald holds a narrow lead at 30% -25% -21% in Oklahoma over a "foreign-born" Loser and a "robotic" Clown.

It is still a wide open race in Oklahoma. So it'll probably come down to global warming denial. Whoever can "out-moon landing" the others guys will likely win the state.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

WINGNET plays "Counterfactual" game

Via the wingnet:
In 1996 Lamar Alexander steamed into New Hampshire after a respectable third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, with hopes that a first or second place finish might pave his way to the Republican nomination. He fell just short. Pat Buchanan won the primary with 27 percent of the vote, Bob Dole finished second with 26 percent and Alexander was third with 23 percent. If Alexander had won just 7,591 more votes — which would have amounted to 0.84 percent of the votes cast later that year in Florida's Republican primary — he might have ended up as the chief opponent of Pat Buchanan, and as such would have won the Republican nomination. He would not have beaten Bill Clinton in November, but he might have run well enough to make him a strong candidate for the Republican nomination in 2000 and the 43rd president of the United States. Don't think he has never mulled over this counterfactual.
But he never became President.  Instead you fast Forward 20 years and see that Alexander's greatest accomplishment may be his exhortations against the Obamunist Thugocracy invading down "Dixie" way.

When Kenyan Anti-Colonial Socialism comes to Tennessee it will be wrapped in Medicaid expansion and holding common core in one hand and a blue helmet in the other, he warned breathlessly. Once the working Poor can see a doctor, we all become slaves.  Sigh.

In the reality based world, if this is the best you can do it basically means that you've been yelling at clouds for 20 years. So not so impressive in retrospect.  Sad. But maybe there is a reason Junior whupped him sooooo easily in 2000.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Alexander was once a Senate Sponsor (Pre-Obama) of a Health Insurance Mandate Law. Perhaps Obama stole the whole "Obamacare" idea from him.  Lamar is also known as "the political godfather of the Common Core" which as everyone knows is how the Anti-Colonialists planned their inroads into American Schools.  This make Alexander, basically, the very type of Kenyan Socialist he has warned folks about. Again. Sad.

RELATED NOTE. The sad tale of Lamar Alexander and his one time support education reform and health insurance reform highlights a LAW of CONSERVATISM.

Conservatives always need to be against "sumthin." The gumint is a' comin' to git ya!  That is the easy part and all the wingers can do this.

BUT. The hard part is know what you'll need to be against tomorrow. What makes sense to some conservatives today, may turn out to be Tyranny tomorrow.  Common Core and Health Insurance mandates were  conservative offered ideas at one point in time. Who knew that both would ultimately turn out to be part of a United Nations' plots to do whatever today.  Again. It is all very sad.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Predictions

Tonight I am looking for a big win by Crazy Ben Carson in the Granite State.  Crazy I know. But so is Ben.

Next. - and the big fight is for Second Place.  If Rubio is unable to claim a big second place finish, he will, wisely in my opinion, claim to have been HACKED by illegal immigrants from inside China. A virus or a bot, perhaps some Malware somehow affected his "memory" causing him to bog down over the past week - leading to the unfortunateness.

Really, this problem starts at the top. Under Barack Obama's leadership our enemies want American candidates like Rubio to fail. It is Barack Obama and his actions that have systematically undermined the GOP Primary leaving republicans vulnerable to such act of malice. Under Obama's leadership, it has become increasingly more difficult to fear monger the public into another war leading candidates to resort to more and more crazy rhetoric causing some to actually turn bright red in the face while talking about ISIS.  Under a Rubio administration this will all cease.

Meanwhile Hillary and ACORN will make the democratic margin closer than expected allowing her to claim status as the new come back kid.

Marco-Bot 3000 series firing on "all circuits" in NH

From the Lamestream Media figure Seth Meyers:
“Chris Christie, in a new interview, continued to  criticize Marco Rubio for his performance in this weekend’s debate, and said Rubio is scripted and not spontaneous. To which Marco Rubio replied, ‘That’s not true, comma. I speak from the heart, exclamation point.’” 
Absent a critical upgrade or a new product roll-out, this criticism is gonna follow Young Marco around for the foreseeable future.  So much promise. So much programming. Its sad......

Note to Marco. If someone asks you how to spell p-o-t-a-t-o or what language they speak in "Latin American" they are just "funning" with you. Be very careful. And speaking of which, this may mean the Youngster won't get considered for a VP nod due to the Quayle-factor - among other reasons.

Monday, February 8, 2016

MIX-UP: Rubio does his future SNL character at GOP debate

So this happened over the weekend.

There is a time and place for presidential candidates to  make fun of themselves and to show folks their human side. For example you can do Saturday Night Live and get some laughs at your own expense while earning some endearment from the mob. This is a normal gig to play these days.

When the cameras are on him Marco Rubio, for example, acts like a Robot - spitting out sound bite after sound bite in rapid fire succession.  It would be natural, as a result, for SNL to make fun of Marco Rubio - portraying him as a robot - but with some bad programming.

The audience would laugh as Rubio spouted off the same line to a whole bunch of different questions. Maybe in the middle of answering a question, Rubio would need to "reboot" or go through "buffering." Maybe he'd need to grab a bottle of water in the middle of a line. He'd suddenly pause in mid-sentence, grab the bottle of water, and then resume the talking point immediately after drinking. but it'd all be good.  Rubio would laugh at himself and everyone would have a good time. And it'd work for him. Everyone does skits like these nowadays.

BUT what you should not do is to break into your SNL character at a GOP debate when you are supposed to be all serious and shit. That only plays to your detriment.

So it was very surprising that Rubio basically got all mixed up and stuff at last Saturday Night's GOP debate breaking into his "newbie" meets "robot" character instead of play-acting as a serious politician. Man, this was a big F'up.

Comedy is good on a comedy show. Its painful to watch at a debate. Obviously this performance earns Rubio the designation of "Clown."

Friday, February 5, 2016

RIGHT WING PROFESSOR: Only a Moron would play the conspiracy theory game

In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, noted Conspiracy Theorist William Jacobson is hitting The Donald for banging the Conspiracy Theory Gong.

Did you hear the latest?
Yesterday in Trumpernoia: Fox News is out to get Donald Trump, after giving him so much airtime people previously had accused Fox News of being in the tank for Trump. Now, the fix it in for Marco Rubio. It’s an Open Borders billionaire conspiracy. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes’ strings are being pulled by a Saudi Prince who was photographed with Megyn Kelly. The daughter of Fox News Executive VIP Bill Sammon works for Rubio. But it goes even deeper, really deep. Someone who used to work for Dana Perino now is Rubio’s press secretary. It’s just rumor for now, but Jasper may be in on the conspiracy, but he’s not talking. And don’t trust the vote count, it’s being done by a Rubio donor. 
So funny! Trump iz Stoopid.

This from a Right Wing Professor who was hammerin' out conspiracy theory 24-7 in 2012 and feeding it the rubes reading his blog.

Back then the "Media" was engaged in something called "Operation Demoralize." According to the purveyors of this Conspiracy Theory, several times a week, seemingly all the members of the Media would get together and discuss how to spin the news of the day into some form of unspecified Anti-Romney propaganda.

Where this would happen and how was uncertain. But what is certain is that, again somehow, this nefariousness would "skew" coverage of the days events in manner that would make it seem like Romney might not win the election. Gasp!

And the Media was cunning, apparently, maybe or who knows really.  Operation Demoralize, it must have been, perhaps, conjured as a deliberate scheme to dupe unbalanced right wing professors and other far right fringe dwellers into becoming what was termed "demoralized."

Once "demoralized," the conspiracy theory went, by skewed polls and skewed headlines and acts of meanness by the media, right wing professors and others on the far right would become less able to fight back against the Obamunist Madman and his devious ilk.

And thus, with his most vociferous and effective, yet seemingly quasi-deranged critics sidelined in a "demoralized" Haze, the President would be able to turn History aside, again somehow, and defeat Romney. Somehow this was all going on, in concert throughout 2012, maybe.  Or who knows.


When Trump becomes President he should send these "losers" and "clowns" to a camp - using black helicopters. But that is a conspiracy theory for another day.

GOP Debate Stage down to 7; Fiorina relegated to Undercard

So as the demolition derby meets the clown car race sheds drivers or "Clowns" from the race, the Debate Stage has shrunk to a more manageable 7 spots.  So this is good.

The GOP debate will have Trump plus 6 Losers and Clowns on it.
Trump Still Leads Huffpost Composite Poll
The parable about the tortoise and the hare comes to mind when thinking about Gilmore not - Fiorina, she just a "Clown" and/or a "Loser." Gilmore has been patient. He need only wait around a while longer to move up to the "Safe Zone."

While once, Gilmore was in 17th place, now he's moved up to 9th. A few more weeks or a month or two and he could be up several more places.  And who knows, maybe we'll get to the point where only Gilmore and couple others make to the debate stage along with the Donald.


ERICKSON: Cruz may Conquer South Carolina

Like Hampton's Red Shirts, the Cruz Organization is Stong on the ground in South Carolina, according to Right Wing Media Figure Erick Erickson:
...the campaigns competing against Ted Cruz aren’t just up against his campaign on the ground. They are up against his super PAC and likely behind the curve to both entities.
The data being collected by the campaign and super PACs for Cruz is impressive. ...For example, data I have seen in South Carolina leads me to believe that the Keep the Promise side of Team Cruz will have touched almost every likely primary voter by March 1st. They are doing literature drops, getting voters to answer questions, then feeding that data into a system that identifies Cruz’s most likely voters so they can get them back out.
Concurrently, based on conversations with the Cruz campaign, the campaign is doing some of the same work, which means voters might get approached multiple times. Studies actually show that this helps voters connect to candidates and reminds them to vote.
From what I have seen on the ground of the various Cruz efforts, there is some duplication because they cannot coordinate, but all sides of the operation are leveraging very precise data to generate massive ground game operations. I do not know that the other campaigns have it. If Cruz does not win New Hampshire, as I and most people suspect, he will be able to bounce into South Carolina with a professional outside operation that has done really, really impressive work.
This does sound impressive (for a blog post).

If the Tailgunner and his right wing activists are actually doing what is reported and then executing on this plan, they may be able to roll back the reconstruction amendments to the Constitution in that state if not win the state outright. In doing so there'd be nothing stoppin' 'em from declaring Cruz the rightful heir of Calhoun. One can hope.

The problem with all this type of information is that sometimes its garbage. Wingers talking to other wingers tell each other pretty little lies - things that each wants to hear. These lies are then misrepresented into the most favorable light and then the significance of the pretty little lie is ruthlessly exaggerated into a meme.

All believe that the meme is true because everyone says it is true.  Romney did not win in a landslide, after all. This result shocked many who had told the the result was just not foreseen but guaranteed. Everyone said it was going to happen just this way. But....

This is one of the downsides to the Bubble.  BUT in the primary, these reports from the ground can be more useful to show Momentum.

SORE LOSER: Establishment Politician Attacks Victorious "Patriot"

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad chastised Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign for “unethical and unfair” practices on its way to winning Monday’s caucuses.
The Texas senator has received significant criticism from rivals Donald Trump and Ben Carson after his campaign passed along reports Monday night that Carson was on the verge of dropping out. That, critics claim, could have dissuaded voters from voting for Carson at a pivotal time.
“We have a strong sense of fairness in Iowa,” Branstad told Radio Iowa on Thursday. “Distributing information that was not true about a candidate right at the time people are voting in the caucuses is an inappropriate thing.”
Branstad lampooned the tactic as “unethical and unfair,” and warned that he thinks there will be “repercussions.”
The Republican governor has made his public distaste for Cruz well-known, specifically criticizing him for his stance against federal ethanol subsidies. Just weeks before the caucusess, Branstad told voters not to caucus for the Texas senator, accusing him of being financed by oil companies and saying his election to the presidency could hurt Iowans.

It sounds like this Branstad-Guy, if that is his real name, may either be a secret Kenyan or perhaps one of Obama "goons" or "thugs."

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BOOM: Rubio brings out the big guns

I've always said that if a candidate was really serious about winning the GOP nomination for president, he'd go all in on capital gains. Any "Loser" or "Clown" can propose a capital gains tax cut. Big Effing Deal.

Bush threw down the big guns on dividend tax cuts when he was in office. It was a moral issue back in the day. Plus, Jesus talked about in the bible. It's at the back or hidden in the middle parts that people skip over, but its there, Bush assured us.

So how can a fella' get into heaven if he kicks the bucket while paying a 35% tax rate instead of 15% rate on income from dividends? Nobody really knew the answer to that one. So, clearly and after much prayer, something had to be done. Don't hate Bush. Its just how the game is played.

So 15 years or so later the field is wide open for one of them to go there again and this time propose a negative capital gains rate. Again any "loser" can call for a cut. But a "negative rate" is economic gold man. That way every time a rich fella' want to sell a yacht, the government will actually have to pay him a tax on the profit instead of the other way around. Think of the resulting economic BOOM, man!  Its Hardcore and a natural position for the GOP.

So now comes Rubio.
the once-fringe idea of abolishing a capital-gains tax is going mainstream this year courtesy of Senator Marco Rubio. His tax plan breaks with past establishment Republican candidates for president in its extreme generosity to taxpayers who derive their income from investments rather than work.
His plan would impose no tax at all on interest, dividends or capital gain income from stocks. It would also set a maximum tax rate of 25 percent on business income, both for large corporations and small ones. In many cases, that would mean business owners would pay a lower tax rate on profits than their employees would pay on their wages — even after counting both taxes paid by the business and those paid by the business owner directly.
So Rubio is moving the ball forward, here, by proposing to abolish what Mitt Romney once called a Fat Cats Tax -  meaning a tax he paid and should have to pay due to fairness.

If Rubio is serious about winning, he'll take his Zero Tax idea for trust fund babies and up it to a Negative Tax on 'em. Politics ain't bean bag. Time to go big or go home.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The wingnet is reporting, breathlessly I might add, that the debate over the last batshit crazy debt ceiling debacle did not have to about shutting down the government. As it was just that, the American people sided with the Kenyan Strongman forcing the far right fringe to put their extortion demands aside.

BUT, while the history books have been written on this event, it did not have to end this way. If Obama had been more responsible, he could have, so the bloggers posit, kept the government up and running until the children were done throwing their tantrums.

Obama did not do this though. Without any regard to their feelings or their self esteem, he called 'em out and took the wood to 'em instead.  And that's what needed to be done in that situation. Discipline. That's how we did it in the good ol' days. You just can't reason with someone holding their breath and stomping their feet, after all.

Now the only way to get back at the Obamunist Menace, is to come up with clever Blog post titles about the debt ceiling dying and such. Sigh. The wingnuts really are so predictable.

h/t Instapundit Blog

BREAKING: Trump knocks Santorum out of race

The Lamestream Media is reporting that Santo is done.

Basically Santo suffered from not having a Billionaire Bank Roll him this time around. Plus, while last time around he was the "most-not-completely" whacked out "conservative" alternative to Romney, this time there is competition for this spot. If you are a Billionaire and want to buy a politician, you had/have lots and lots of choices - except Trump, he can't be bought like the other guys.

So Santo lost out. The Billionaires bought other guys, instead.

BREAKING: Trump knocks Paul out of Race

Via The Lamestream Media:
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced Wednesday that he is suspending his presidential campaign, bringing an end to a bid that began with aspirations of expanding the libertarian base that his father, Ron Paul, built into a powerful national coalition.
But the low-key, philosopher-quoting Kentucky senator struggled in a year dominated by hard-line outsiders such as Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to get attention, and his non-interventionist views on foreign policy were not embraced by Republicans as terror and unrest raged abroad.
"It's been an incredible honor to run a principled campaign for the White House," Paul said in a statement. "Today, I will end where I began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of Liberty."
This puts Paul in a very precarious position. Paul, a vigorous defender of Liberty, once took to the Senate floor to warn America against President Obama's domestic drone program. Presumably the threat of Paul being taken out by hellfire missile while drinking coffee or eating a "big mac" at a McDonald's in Paducah was sooo grave that a Senate Filibuster was needed to prevent this serious threat from materializing. That Obama  never ceases to amaze.

Without this spotlight on liberty that a Presidential run brings, what is going to prevent President Obama from ordering a drone to follow Paul around on his travels in the future. NOTHING.  I say that Paul is just asking for it now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GUTTER POLITICS: Rubio launches attack on Patriot

This Establishment behavior is disgusting:
Rubio consultant Todd Harris is tweeting out a Fortune article that claims that Senator Cruz “wants to raise taxes on your grandma.” The argument goes that Cruz’s plan includes a value-added tax, which would raise consumer prices, including for retirees who are “living off Social Security.” The article is wrong: Seniors would not take a hit, because of an important feature of federal law. The words “cost of living adjustment” or “COLA” do not appear in the article. Assuming that consumer prices would increase under Cruz’s plan (which I believe is indeed probable), federal law will protect retirees because it will automatically increase their Social Security checks. 
The NRO is right to blow the whistle on the deceptive Rubio.  Instead of a he said - she said, however, the NRO should go after Rubio, because it is highly likely that Young Marco has nodded him head in somber approval from time to time when considering plans to take Grandma's Medicare and funnel the proceeds to the likes of the Billionaires Funding his campaign.

If the NRO has any "guts" it won't let this deceptive attack on a Patriotic Conservative go unpunished.  To do so would be appeasement. And appeasement only leads to more and more attacks on Patriots.

KNOCKOUT: Trump knocks Huck, O'Malley out of Race

With Ted Cruz and his supporters enjoying a Maple-Hazed Victory in Iowa, another story is flying under the radar at the moment. And that is the fact that Donald Trump has knocked two more losers out of the race.

While this may not mean much on the Democratic side since the 10 guys supporting O'Malley in New Hampshire won't make much of a difference on that race. Elsewhere the internets are speculating that Crazy Ben Carson may inherit a "windfall" of support from Huck's former supporters. I'm having a hard time coming to this view, but you never know.

Hard Fought Cruz Victory moves the nation one step closer to "Theocracy"

In Iowa, Tailgunner Ted Cruz, shot-down the competition last night going all in on the theocrazy card. Thankfully for Cruz, Allah was paying attention and helped him over the finish line to a big win.

So that's good. And the lesson is to never bet against the cray-cray in Iowa. Iowa Republicans will do whatever feels good and if reordering the republic along the lines of Bibles, Banjos, and Bullets feels like the right thing to do, they'll do it damn it.

Meanwhile the 2012 winner, Rick Santorum went from First to Worst in the feel good state - excepting only that one guy whose name nobody can remember. I am pretty sure that the no-name guy did even worse than Santo. But there really is no way to check on that.

At least nobody is to your "right" when you are in last place on the TV scroll. So that's at least something. Kudos to Santo on that one.

Monday, February 1, 2016

John Kasich launches vicious diatribe against "First Amendment"

Why do people hate the American constitution? And people I mean John Kasich as in why does John Kasich hate the constitution:
Ohio Gov. John Kasich slammed the super political action committee supporting his White House bid Monday for attempting to air an ad that would have attacked fellow Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.
"I woke up this morning and I heard they were going to put a negative ad on television and I was outraged about it," Kasich told voters during a town hall at a local country club.
But, as Kasich noted, federal election laws prohibit campaigns from coordinating with outside support groups.
Free Speech is Free Speech and some Corporations, Shadowy Organizations and/or people are more Free than others Speak their minds.

If the Market for Free Speech is such that it is filled with Anti-Rubio speech, there is nothing that one can really do to stop it.  Its in the constitution. I am not sure just where it is located -  maybe in the back or in the fine print of the disclaimer section. But it is in there.

Kasich needs to stop cryin' about it.


On the GOP side of the ledger, the Polls say that Trump will win. Probably its because he's superb. Fantastic. The best. A-Number 1.  And why should that surprise anyone since Trump is a Winner. He's definitely not a Loser or a Clown or even a  low-class slob. That'd be Ted Cruz.

So it pains me greatly  to say that I'm going with the low-class slob Ted Cruz to Win Iowa. Sure it would have been easy to pick Trump but sometimes the easy way is not the best way. Cruz has the organization and the zealots on the ground so he wins tonight ....unless he doesn't or Romney almost Steals it again.

On the Democrat side, I am going with Hillary because of ACORN and rules regarding fighting the last war. Hillary was defeated in Iowa last time for failing to understand the terrain and the rules of engagement. She won't make the same mistake twice and that should either keep her close or put her over the top.....unless it doesn't.

But then again, I really don't know.

I do know that Cruz is a Low-class slob. That's true. But Iowa Republicans like to do what feels good and voting for Cruz brings provides the maximum cray-cray to greatest number of voters. So I'm going with it.  Cruz feels good so he wins!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Last Night's Debate Winners, Losers and CLOWNS

Last Night's GOP debate was remarkable. It was as much about who wasn't there - TRUMP - as it was about who was there. And without TRUMP there, the dynamics changed markedly.

Usually this award would go to Trump because he's a natural winner. But without Trump on stage, two people get the distinction of "Winner" this time.

Megyn Kelly. Without Trump there to keep her in check and from doing whatever mean things that she does, Kelly was free to ask questions about "stuff" and generally to menace the other candidates. While she did knock a couple of them upside the head at various points in the debate when they were asking for it, the fact that she could open a can of whup-ass at anytime kept a sense of intimidation in the air and the candidates mostly in line. Kelly was a Big Winner.

Just below Kelly on the Alpha-dog scale, but still a winner is Jeb Bush!  Without Donald Trump at the debate, Jeb was more relaxed than he's ever been. And it showed in the answers to the questions thrown his way. In past debates, Jeb was always at risk of leaving the debate at the bad end of a thrashing- stumbling off stage with a concussion or the like. Not last night without anyone there to call him a girl or pummel him with insults. Congrats to Bush! for winning by not losing.

Cruz. Cruz is just a "natural born" loser in life. Sure he's got book smarts and all of that, married a WallStreet Fat Cat, and does all right in the con game that is far right wing politics. But he's also a creep. And last night without Trump on top of the flag pole beatin' back the losers and clowns gunning for number one, it was Cruz that took some of that beating. And it showed.

The Viewers. No Trump meant the freak show was toned down a fair bit. When you tune in to see a Clown car demolition derby, you want non-stop action, dammit!

Crazy Ben. You could say that Crazy Ben is winner for making it this far. But he is rapidly approaching Deer in the headlights status -  if he's not there already.

Rubio. The other losers and clowns pinned an "amnesty" sign to his chest and kept hammering him with it. He tried to weasel out of it, but he's no Romney.

Christie. Spent the night reminding everyone that he does not like Hillary. Big Deal. They all hate  Hillary. Why should voters caucus for Christie? As a former prosecutor, he didn't make a compelling case. But he's doesn't like Hillary.

Kasich. Came across as a crazy uncle, again. I know it has to be hard being a "grown up" at a freak show, but if you don't bring a grown-up presence to the carnival, you become just another side show. Sigh.

Oh and Paul II did OK. Packing the audience with Freedom Lovers was a smooth move. I bet all  candidates wished they beat him to that punch.

I'd rather Die Free (with cancer) than live as a Slave

With the GOP clown show in full force, back in Washington President Obama has launched an initiative to defeat cancer.
President Barack Obama created a new federal task force Thursday to accelerate cancer research, putting Vice President Joe Biden in charge of the....White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force..."We're not trying to make incremental change here," Biden wrote ..."We're trying to get to a quantum leap on the path to a cure."
A presidential memorandum signed by Obama on Thursday says the task force's goal is to double the rate of progress on treatment and prevention [and]...laid out areas for potential progress including better use of federal dollars to support cancer prevention, treatment and early detection.
The Defense Department, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health are among about a dozen federal agencies involved.
Various Republicans have announced vociferous opposition to the effort likening it to "creepy socialism." We are reminded and the sheeple are warned, the right wing media roars "that Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It was not passed to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were to free to die of cancer - if they wanted to."

And so it goes. Obama announces a commitment to fight cancer and Republicans.......

Thursday, January 28, 2016

SMOOTH: Trump, Huck and Santo lower the BOOM on Cruz

As Trump bails out on tonight's Iowa GOP debate to hold a "counter-event" in honor of "the troops," The 2008 Iowa winner and the 2012 Iowa winner have both announced plans to join him on stage while the Losers and Clowns debate at the establishment sponsored event.

While Huck and Santo are yesterday's bright shiny objects they are widely perceived as "fishing" from the same pool of voters as Tailgunner Ted Cruz. Maybe Huck and Santo boost their totals by 1% each while cutting into Cruz's totals with evangelical voters. So, yeah, how does this harm Trump?  It shouldn't.

I'd be up for a little Huck-a-Beat down on Cruz tonight.  The only better thing I can think of would if the 10-Commandment Judge were to join them. But his dance card is likely full in Alabama these days.  One can dream.

So yeah, man, the GOP may be F'd up.....but it is sure hilarious. Roll on Clown Car.

Wingnuts now "Bashing" RINOs for Trump's Rise

This missive from Rick Lowry of the NRO is sad:
Few expected Donald Trump would be in a dominant position days before the Iowa caucuses. Fewer still expected the Republican establishment would be among the mogul’s deluded enablers.  As if to validate every insult ever hurled at it, the GOP elite is putting on a display of fecklessness that has to surprise even its most vociferous critics. It is the quisling establishment. We owe that term to Vidkun Quisling, who welcomed the Nazis into Norway in exchange for heading a puppet government. Of course, this isn’t World War II, and Winston Churchill’s ringing condemnation of quislings doesn’t quite apply here: “hired to fawn upon the conqueror, to collaborate in his designs and to enforce his rule upon their fellow countrymen while groveling low themselves.” But the ground is being prepared for a judicious bout of groveling. All signs are that Beltway Republicans are ready and willing to accept their new Trumpian overlord.
Somebody is Shrill.

The Wingers have demanded Maximum Crazy during the Reign of Obama the Tyrannical - the first of his name. They got it. And now they really need to STFU about the RINOs.

Yes the RINOs are losers. Yes the RINOs should be kicked while they are down, while they are up and just about any time in general. But the Wingers really need to look in the mirror. They've made a mess of their party. They are like a obstreperous teenager, who after totaling the family car, tosses the keys back to the parents blaming them for ever trusting him/her in the first place.
Don't blame me. You are the "Dumb-ass." Its all your fault for not sending me off to military school when you had the chance. 
In some sense it is probably true. Wingers should have never been handed the keys and probably should have been grounded for long periods of time. Military school should have been more than just an "threat." Corporal punishment should have been strongly considered as it was in the good ol' days.
And all of these things could have been tried.

BUT the wingnuts still trashed the family car. And the wingnuts still need to be punished. The RINOs will be justified if they are harsh in their judgment of their rebellious fringe, just as we are harsh in our judgment of them and their behavior.

And so it goes. But man are these Wingers SHRILL

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MSNBC "Misrepresents" Ted Cruz

This is ridiculous:
Hardball host Chris Matthews asked Tuesday night who was going to watch the GOP debate between “two Cuban guys,” referring to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
“Who is going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys? Who’s going to watch the debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz? Who cares? Because you know they are sort of fighting their interleague fight about who’s the hawkish guy or whatever.
Who’s going to watch that Thursday night? Maybe I am building that up too much,” Matthews said.
Cruz's background is "Canadian-American" at best. He is Canadian-born and a (former) citizen of Canada. He was never a Cuban citizen. NEVER. As far as we know he's never been there, wasn't born there, etc. If Cruz were ever at risk of deportation or "self-deportation," it'd be to Canada and not Cuba.

MSNBC should issue an apology CUBA.

GOP front runner "intimidated" by Fox News Blond

Trump long has objected to the participation of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly as one of the three moderators, claiming she has treated him unfairly with both her questioning of him at last August’s debate and her commentary since then.
Trump also said that a “wise-guy press release” that the network issued earlier on Tuesday belittling him was inappropriately antagonistic and childish.
Fox’s statement said that network officials “had learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president.”
The statement added that Trump “has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”
The GOP is broken......but hilarious.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wingnut refines his Global-Global Warming Conspiracy Theory

Over at Powerline Blog, John Hinderaker howls at the moon:
This is the essence of the problem: the world’s governments are pouring billions of dollars into “research” of one kind only: research that supports giving more power over the world’s economies to governments. Huh. Funny coincidence: when the supposed climate problem was global cooling (a more realistic scare than global warming) back in the 1970s, the solution was more government power, too. Global cooling would have worked just as well for statists, probably better. But: cooling, warming, what’s the difference? We want your money, and we want to run your life! That is what global warming hysteria is all about. The money and the power. Global warming activism is perhaps the most corrupt enterprise of the 21st century.
FEMA run camps, Hobbit-sized homes and Black Helicopters are too good for these people.

When UN troops pour over the northern border into Minnesota to enforce Transnational Law and Mandatory Gay Marriage, someone will be having the last laugh. That's all I'm saying and I've probably said too much as it is.

Monday, January 25, 2016

BOMBSHELL: Anti-Santorum Conspiracy Exposed!!!!

Rick Santorum Blows the whistle on a scheme so nefarious that it's very existence has been unimaginable....until now:
"I need to get this off my chest. I can't stand the media," Santorum wrote on Facebook.
"From the start of this campaign, they've decided that we're not worthy of them," his note continued. "They think it's their job to anoint who they think should be the Republican nominee. Seriously? The media determining the Republican nominee? Give me a break!"
Santorum singled out USA Today, which he said "put the final straw on this camel's back."
...In his Facebook note, Santorum called on caucus-goers in Iowa to help him "shove it to USA Today and the reporters like them" by supporting him on Feb. 1, the day of the caucuses.
"They want to hand this election to [Democratic presidential candidates] Hillary Clinton or even Bernie Sanders," Santorum wrote. "They like socialism because it might prop up their failing media companies. I say no!"
Hard to believe that Rick Santorum won the Iowa Caucuses in 2012 and scared the bejesus out Mitt Romney in several primary Michigan. But that's what happened.

The rise of Rick Santorum in 2012 and his inevitable fall highlights one of the laws of modern conservatism.  Wingers love new bright and shiny objects. Today, they'll be fixated on one of 'em. But tomorrow they'll move onto the next bright and shiny object and leave the yesterday's flash in the pan behind. Just ask the 9-9-9 guy.

In the old days, Santo may have been next in line for the GOP given his kick-ass run in 2012.  But them's the old days for you. The good ol' days are long gone and ain't coming back.  The GOP works differently these days and there is nothing you can do about it really, anymore.

NOT FAIR: Fox to use "Anti-Trump" debate moderator

So much for being "fair and balanced." According to the wingnet, Foxnews is planning to use a noted Anti-Trump anchor as a debate moderator in the next GOP debate in Iowa:
GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump is threatening to skip this week’s debate in Iowa if Fox anchor Megyn Kelly isn’t dropped as a moderator.
The real estate mogul would instead hold his own townhall… According to Newsmax:
“GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump might skip Thursday’s debate on Fox News Channel and hold his own televised town hall at the same time if the network doesn’t drop Megyn Kelly from its team of moderators, his campaign manager tells New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.
Trump has been calling on Fox News to drop Kelly, who is scheduled to moderate with two other Fox anchors, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The trio moderated the first GOP debate of the season, in which Kelly and Trump sparred over a question about his treatment of women.
Last week the National Review took a cheap shot at Trump and got banned from debate coverage by the GOP. And rightfully so because NR is notorious. This week, Fox News appears to be playing favorites with its selection of the mean-spirited Megyn Kelly as the supposedly "neutral" debate moderator.

Clearly this is outrageous behavior by the formerly fair and balanced network. Fox should make good by doing the right thing and then it should issue an apology to America.

"Bush Derangement Syndrome" sweeping across wingnet

The Nutcases are now blaming "Bush" for the rise of the Donald:
Powerline Missed Bush until they didn't
...isn’t it time we got rid of the Bush family in politics for good? Look, George H.W. Bush is a very decent man, but his political malpractice in the White House—squandering the Reagan legacy on purpose—opened the door for Bill Clinton. George W. Bush is another decent man, with much to recommend him, but he left the Republican Party even more demoralized than his dad, and for similar reasons. Now Jeb may be responsible for killing off the most electable conservative candidate in the field and leaving us with Trump.No more Bushes, please. Let’s clear all of our fields of every Bush we can find, and drench the dirt with Roundup (before the EPA bans it) so they never come back.
Sigh. These people never take responsibility for their behavior. It is always somebody else's fault.

When you think about it, that is one of the big things wrong with America these days....lack of personal responsibility. People are always blaming others when they fuck up. It wasn't like this in the good ol' days.

It's like this. Your Blog does not get to declare that Bush is a "Genius" while covering for him at every turn and then blame him and his kinfolk for your personal failings. You failed to hold him accountable. You said he was of the top Four Presidents evah.  And now.....? It is sad. Dare I say this sudden enmity is a bit irrational.

And where were these wingers when Mitt Romney was blowing the whistle on the 2016 field?

It was apparent that (Jeb!) Bush was weak against the field. He, Bush, needed to be taken out early to clear the field for a non-Crazy candidate. But when Romney honorably stepped up to the plate these "losers" and "clowns" just watched if not collaborated as the conservagentsia and the establishment united to stab Romney in the back. This act of cowardice, as much as anything, cleared the path for The Donald.

Its personal responsibility. There was ONE man who could have beaten back the barking mad field and cleared the way for a grown up candidate. And that man was Mitt Romney. And then they stabbed him in the back.

Sick people here. Really sick. And kinda deranged too. I hope they apologize to Mitt Romney someday. They should.

TRUMP: Maple-Leaf Manifesto must be Addressed

The Donald says Ted Cruz needs to resolve his "Canadian" Claims.
Running for Prime Minister of America?
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is doubling down on his attacks against rival Ted Cruz, saying the Texas senator needs to "settle" his Canadian birth "problem" or drop out of the race.
"It's time for Ted Cruz to either settle his problem with the FACT that he was born in Canada and was a citizen of Canada, or get out of the race," Trump tweeted Monday morning.
Cruz has dismissed Trump's criticism for several weeks, maintaining that he is eligible for the presidency because he is the child of a U.S. citizen.
This past weekend, Trump told a crowd of supporters in the Sioux City, Iowa that he may file a lawsuit over Cruz's eligibility to serve in the Oval Office.
"Can you imagine if I did it? Should I do it just for fun?” Trump asked. 
During the speech, Trump said Democrats would sue within days if Cruz won the GOP nomination. He also brought up other lawsuits that have already been filed.
Earlier this month, a Texas attorney filed a lawsuit questioning Cruz's eligibility. The case argued that the Supreme Court must decide the issue.
Boy, bashing President Obama for not being from Kenya and whipping their Base into a senseless fury sure seemed fun at the time back in the day. Those wingers sure do know how to party.

Elitist: GOP Party of "Past"

This sounds credible:
The cul­tur­al and demo­graph­ic gulf between the Re­pub­lic­an and Demo­crat­ic elect­or­al co­ali­tions can now be meas­ured not just in space, but in time.”
“Today, the two parties rep­res­ent not only dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the coun­try, but also, in ef­fect, dif­fer­ent edi­tions of the coun­try. Along many key meas­ures, the Re­pub­lic­an co­ali­tion mir­rors what all of Amer­ic­an so­ci­ety looked like dec­ades ago. Across those same meas­ures, the Demo­crat­ic co­ali­tion rep­res­ents what Amer­ica might be­come in dec­ades ahead. The parties’ ever-es­cal­at­ing con­flict rep­res­ents not only an ideo­lo­gic­al and par­tis­an stale­mate. It also en­cap­su­lates our col­lect­ive fail­ure to find com­mon cause between what Amer­ica has been, and what it is be­com­ing.”
“Re­pub­lic­ans rep­res­ent a co­ali­tion of res­tor­a­tion centered on the groups most un­settled by the changes (primar­ily older, non­col­lege, rur­al, and reli­giously de­vout whites). Demo­crats mo­bil­ize a co­ali­tion of trans­form­a­tion that re­volves around the heav­ily urb­an­ized groups (mil­len­ni­als, people of col­or, and col­lege-edu­cated, single, and sec­u­lar whites, es­pe­cially wo­men) most comfortable with these trends.”
“The lar­ger truth is that this cul­tur­al par­ti­tion has frus­trated both parties, by denying either a broad enough reach to es­tab­lish a dom­in­ant, much less dur­able, polit­ic­al ad­vant­age.”
If you are on Ted Red, the antidote is obvious....its Better Lectures on the glories of "Conservatism" from a Better Lecturer.

Its always the same answer. And its always the missing ingredient. If Team Red loses again, scores of wingers will be banging this gong. They always do.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fox News Talking Head: NRO a bunch of nobodies

The NRO will be, according to the internets, declaring WAR on Trump soon. But will it matter?

No according to some Foxnews guy:
Chris Wallace, anchor of "Fox News Sunday," said Friday that even though the conservative National Review magazine created buzz with a lengthy salvo against Donald Trump, it likely won't make any difference.
Wallace said the magazine's influence, which has greatly diminished with most other print publications, isn't strong enough to have an impact on Trump's bid for the Republican presidential nomination.
"Honestly, I don't think it's a big deal," Wallace said.
These observations by the Fox New Elitist are largely true. The NRO is basically full of barking mad reflexive shrieking ninnies these days.  Sure you got a couple of guys that ain't like Yuval Levin and Ponnaru. But both of 'em still play the game, though. The Ponnaru guy published a book called the Party of Death probably to prove his street cred with the crazies.

The Ponnaru Book was not about ISIS or ISIL or Hamas or Hezbollah or anyone like that. Nor was it about the NORK Commies with their actual state run dissident camps who formed the party of death.  It was about the American Democratic Party, instead.  They were the Party of Death.

So he's still a playa and into hatin' when the mood strikes....or the pocketbook requires. But guys like this are supposed to be what right wing insiders call "liaisons to the nuts." Before the crazies can go off howling at the moon, banging gongs or burnin' (figuratively, of course) books (crosses are strictly off limits now) people like these cats were supposed to walk 'em back down from the ledge so to speak.

But we are where we are now.  If there ever was a chance at success, people in the role of "Liaison" have largely a failed. The inmates are in charge of the asylum running wild with the passions of the mob. One of 'em - one of the more radical ones that appears not to bathe regularly may have been seen making inquiries about "guillotines" back in 2010 -  though that has not been confirmed.

But regardless, the NRO is officially declaring War on Donald Trump over the SOUL of the party.  This comes a bit late however. As the time to snuff out the crazy - if that was ever truly possible was way back in the old days before it took over. But back then many of 'em were flacking for Sarah.

And so it goes.

Climate Villain: Leonardo Di Caprio is MEAN

Over at Powerline Blog, the Cop on The Climatista Beat or the KKK (as in Klimate Khange Koolaid) Beat or whatever these - to borrow a phrase from GOP front runner Trump - "Losers" and "Clowns" are calling climate change these days has a Sad at a very mean Movie Actor.
Yesterday I was booked on Fox Business News with the plan of offering some comment on Leo di Caprio’s remarks at the World Economic Forum about how corporate “greed” is preventing global warming from being solved. (Then he hopped back on his private jet and flew away to one of his many mansions that have the carbon footprint of a small African nation.) But the market crash of the morning changed the topic literally on my way to the Fox studio in LA, and I ended up just doing a very short segment on oil prices instead.
Greed? From someone who commands $25 million a picture plus a cut of the gross while some of his co-stars get as little as $60,000 (Jonah Hill’s reported salary for his rather substantial role in Wolf).* Greed? In an industry that demands tax breaks and subsidies to film in desirable scenic locations, and shoots more and more productions up in non-union Canada to cut costs?
Trump is right about a lot of these guys. What a freaking clown. Let me explain so even a winger can understand how this works.  The Free Market teaches us, in its wisdom that blessed are those whose labor produces  high marginal products, for they shall inherit incomes proportionate to their contributions and the right to free speech in proportion to their rightful income.

This Means, according to the MARKET - which is omnipotent and never should be RESTRAINED in any manner because of SERFDOM or the like that di Caprio is a much more valuable member of society than this miserable right wing blogger. Leonardo has earned the right to say whatever the fuck he wants. And if he wants to talk about the settled scientific consensus on global warming, what part-time Foxnews Screamer has any right second guessing him? None of 'em.

Now if the Right Wing Blogger  wants to report back to his basement and his keyboard, he is free to do so at any time. Otherwise he should STFU.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Climate Villains Strangely Silent on New Temperature Record

Rumors and speculation have been all over the internets for some time now, but now officially, according to the Lamestream Scientists, the year 2015 was the hottest year on record.

A Mean-spirited Chart
If you are a Tinfoil Hat wearing howl at the moon conspiracy theorist, this news really does not mean anything because the scientists lie about just about everything. And I mean they lie about everything from second-hand smoke to moon landings to evolutionary biology to anthropogenic global warming. Why believe those assholes and the mumbo-jumbo that they say is science. Simple. You don't. You crank up the AM Radio and the Foxnews instead, man.

But if you are a Climate Villain who  bangs the conspiracy gong to do your part in keeping the mouth breathers angry and ignorant, this is a tough day.  The 1998 scam has been golden, man. You tell the mouth breathers that since the el nino year of 1998 was really hot, that means basically that Global Warming is over. Boom. Finito, brother.

Now you have to think of something else according to the new stupid chart above. Oh you'll do it because that's what Climate Villains do. But it'll be harder coming up with something new that worked as deviously as the 1998 scam.

Wingnuts yet to be outraged over newly discovered "lurking" Obama-era Planet

The lunatic fringe will likely get angry and probably soon once they find out this "Alien" planet somehow "aced" all its common core exams and has some remote link to fast and furious:
Astronomers at the California Institute of Technology announced Wednesday that they have found new evidence of a giant icy planet lurking in the darkness of our solar system far beyond the orbit of Pluto. They are calling it "Planet Nine."
Their paper, published in the Astronomical Journal, estimates the planet's mass as five to 10 times that of the Earth. But the authors, astronomers Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin, have not observed the planet directly.
Riiight. Nobody has seen this planet - just like global warming. Nobody has seen it either.

Just saying the two could be related. NEXT. "Scientists" will claim that global warming "caused" the lurking alien planet. That's how they roll.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Wingnut Trying to "Justify" past bad behavior

A central charge  of the unreconstructed right against President Obama on the economy has been that he simply did not clean up the disaster he inherited on his first day in office fast enough.  The stimulus either didn't work or it didn't work fast enough. Or both.  Whatever.  But the critics are right in that Obama wasn't able to clean up their mess overnight.

Via one of the Malcontented Losers at Powerline Blog:
So don’t let anyone fool you about the economy of the last seven years. Barack Obama was set up for success, as he took office on the heels of a sharp economic downturn that had a limited, specific cause. The economy should have come roaring back as it did under Ronald Reagan, only if anything even more so, since the government errors that gave rise to the 2008 financial collapse were relatively easy to correct. Instead, the Democrats’ left-wing policies inhibited economic growth and produced the worst recovery of modern times.
A global economic collapse - the worst since the great depression happens on the GOP's watch. When the new President assumes office, instead of grabbing a fire-hose or a broom to clean up after themselves - like we try to teach our children when they make a mess -  the opposition party refuses to help in any way with some members of the unreconstructed right actively sought to sabotage the economic recovery.  That was the plan - total opposition and hope the new President fails.

Now fast forward 7 years and the USA has come through the global collapse in the best shape of all the developed countries. The employment rate is not 10% - its 5% instead. The deficit is not 1.4T - its around or under 500B instead. Gas prices are down and stock prices have recovered and like Arsonists criticizing first-responders risking their lives for not trying hard enough, the Lunatic Fringe is trying to justify their past bad behavior on the global meltdown. While the economy burned, they chose not to help.

At some level, this is to be expected. Looking in the mirror and evaluating your conduct in light of the facts as they exist today is hard. Blaming the Obamunist Madman, on the other hand, is easy.  I guess this what happens in American Democracy. There are and will always be those who get left behind. They become disillusioned - understandably so. They can be our neighbors. They need to be lifted up.

But there will always be your more radicalized elements who would rather watch the world burn  before manning a fire-hose and putting the culture war aside. It is these folks, absent all the black helicopters and all the anti-Obama dissident camps and all of the Death Panels in America, that each  generation must fight in order to pass on the American birth right to the next generation.

And so it goes.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Mean-Spirited Lamestream Media POUNDS Cruz

If he has problems with America, he can always go back to Canada. Or so the Lamestream Media posits.
Lady Liberty Takes Sides
So this continues to be a theme for the lunatic fringe to navigate. It was all really fun when it was the Kenyan Strongman getting the business. Now Karma is calling.

GOP Debate: Nothing Changed

This seems about right from some unnamed Republican Insider (i.e, Establishment Elitist) about last night's debate
“To me the morning story is that if GOP was worried about Trump or Cruz on Monday, today they’re terrified. These two dominated the debate… Cruz and Trump separated even further from pack… Rubio/Christie 3rd place draw, Jeb/Carson/Kasich might as well stay home. … It’s Cruz and Trump, rest fighting to stay alive. Sad – but true… Trump has had his best debate performance to date. It pains me, but its true… Marco was fine. Always looked polished. But Trump and Cruz controlled conversation… Marco had to interject to be involved.”...
“The party is starting to look like the banks on Wall Street did in April 2008: ‘What did we do?’… There’s no fixing this — buckle up.”
The RINO losers - Christie, Bush!, Young Marco, and Kasich needed to differentiate themselves from the other four RINO losers.

Kasich and Bush! failed. It appears that they are done. Kasich can go back to Ohio and tell stories about the good ol' days when he opposed all Bill Clinton's economic policies while patting himself on the back for the Clintonian BOOM of the 1990s. This unfortunate experience will end and life will continue probably quite nicely for him.  Bush! can go back to Wall-street and cash in some more while preparing the Next Generation of Bushes to run for president and if elected to invade Iraq, again. At least he'll have something to addition to being forgotten.

Christie and Young Marco survived last night's RINO war to take their cases to New Hampshire.
Carson was on life support before last night's debate with Dr. Kevorkian staying nearby by just in case Crazy Ben "needs anything." So he's done. It will not be long before TV lawyers start running ads with his picture on the screen:
"Have you ever been operated on by this brain surgeon? You maybe entitled to compensation. Call 1-800-AmbulanceChaser to find out more. Call Today!!!!" 
So that's gonna be a thing.

 That leaves Tailgunner Ted and The Donald emerging out in front relatively unscathed.
Oh and just one more thing. The debate has taught us that people will die in their homes in large numbers if Hillary is elected. While this is likely true because people die in their homes every day because of stuff like old age, disease, gun violence and being denied Medicaid if they are poor and live in a Red governed state, the inference is that the terrorizers are planning to invade America and take over parts of the country - killing everyone living here.

So this is clearly a bad thing, too. Which leads me to wonder, that since the target audience of a GOP debate is (1) likely Older, if not Elderly and (2) includes large numbers of people who are predisposed to appeals based upon fear - according to social science anyway - just how many people wet their pants during last night's fear fest. Bet the number was not trivial. Just saying.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

SICK: Cruz watches "Canadian Curling" match instead of College Football National Championship Game?

The internets are now reporting that Cruz may have watched a Canadian Game played with rocks and brooms on Ice called "Curling" during the State of the Union address......and not during the College Football National Championship.

Trading a Canadian boyhood game for an American one would not have been a smooth move for the Native-born Calgarian or whatever people from Calgary refer to themselves as.

 Calgary by the way is a city in "Alberta" which is a "Province" in Canada. It ain't even a "State" or anything real-sounding like that. I guess this makes Cruz a "Provincial Calgarian" from "Alberta Canada" which....I might add is NOT in America.

And what is the deal with a game played with brooms anyway? It sure ain't played in Alabama. If its like Lacrosse which is played with sticks which were historically used to beat the hell out of your opponent....I can see that. But a broom....and its a game? What's next a vacuum-off?

I don't want to be politically incorrect or anything, but maybe Cruz can explain.  File this under what comes around.....or under Karma.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

RINOS shrieking in FEAR about the Monsters they Created


Tailgunner Ted Cruz's rise to national prominence began in the wake of the retirement of Texas Senator Kay "Bailout" Hutchinson. He had been a a local loud mouth in Texas, but when the RINOs devised their "lowest common denominator" approach to opposing the popular young President in 2008 in which everything the President proposed would be vehemently objected to as tyranny, they created political space - so to speak - for the lowest of the lowly voices from the Conservative Fever Swamps to rise to a larger stage. This was the path that the Tailgunner took. With the Texas Senator was hounded out of office in part on fears of a GOP senate primary  and her support of the Super-Tyrannical "Bailout" at a time a crisis not seen since the 1930s, Cruz took aim.

He entered the scene quickly casting aside the  well-bred chosen "establishment" squish and winning the Red State seat for himself. Right Wing Populism was the weapon he used in his ascent. And this was all fun and games when this weapon was aimed at the Obamunist Menace and his Jackbooted Street Thugs in DC. They must be opposed at every turn.

The RINOs took some glee that his arrival meant a new weapon in their arsenal of nihilism in the war against guy they helped label a Kenyan Usurper. BUT this was not to be so simple. The Tailgunner had his own goals and it was not too long before the RINOs found themselves in his sights. They were obstacles in his quest for power. Once the RINOs own survival became imperiled by the Tailgunner's ambition, and the real possibility that he'd destroy the Party in the process, they became "concerned" about his behavior.

David Brooks takes up this "concern" on the pages of "Prava on the Hudson" as right wingers refer to the New York Times. And so it appears that Ted Cruz may in fact be intemperate and vulgar; a demo-gauge who is unfit for office and a man of low moral character unbecoming and insulting the "Christian" mask he hides behind.

Seven Years of GOP Nihilism later and now they tell us.
Ted Cruz is now running strongly among evangelical voters, especially in Iowa. But in his career and public presentation Cruz is a stranger to most of what would generally be considered the Christian virtues: humility, mercy, compassion and grace. Cruz’s behavior ...pharisaism [a long word]...violates the spirit of the law, as well as fairness and mercy....Cruz’s speeches are marked by what you might call pagan brutalism. There is not a hint of compassion, gentleness and mercy. Instead ... long list of enemies, and vows to crush, shred, destroy, bomb them. ...Cruz lays down an atmosphere of apocalyptic fear. America is heading off “the cliff to oblivion.” ... “We’re seeing our freedoms taken away every day, and last night was an audition for who would wear the jackboot most vigorously.”
...Cruz manufactures an atmosphere of menace in which there is no room for compassion, for moderation, for anything but dismantling and counterattack. And that is what he offers. Cruz’s programmatic agenda ... in his speeches, is to destroy things: ...I.R.S., crush the “jackals” of the E.P.A.... Planned Parenthood, reverse Obama’s executive orders, make the desert glow... the Iran nuclear accord.....Cruz exploits and exaggerates that fear. But he reacts to Obergefell [same-sex marriage] in exactly the alienating and combative manner that is destined to further marginalize evangelicals, that is guaranteed to bring out fear-driven reactions and not the movement’s highest ideals.
The best conservatism balances support for free markets with a Judeo-Christian spirit of charity, compassion and solidarity. Cruz replaces this spirit with Spartan belligerence. He sows bitterness, influences his followers to lose all sense of proportion and teaches them to answer hate with hate. This Trump-Cruz conservatism looks more like tribal, blood and soil European conservatism than the pluralistic American kind.
Well. That was predictable - calling Cruz and Trump Fascists without using the term. But it came from "Prava on the Hudson" after all and I think that it may have been Stalin's favorite paper at one time. So such is life.

Not being a member of the Red Team means that I still possess a sense of "empathy." And as such, feeling sorry for these guys and the Monsters that they face feels "natural." However I read right wing ideology quite a bit so I know that "empathy" is a very bad thing that has no place in political life. All that is important is what is "right" and what is "wrong." The last seven years have taught me this.

So that being the case, maybe it is wrong to feel any empathy for Brooks and his RINOs. IT was wrong for them to facilitate Cruz and Trump's rise up to the heights they now enjoy. And now justice, not empathy should reign supreme in what comes next. So it is what it is that sense -  Justice, is what is good for you. Socrates may have said that....but he wore sandals and ate sustainable locally grown non-gmo produce, too. So that advice cannot be all that good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jeb goes all "Street Thug" on Young Marco

Jeb's Super-Pac which is in no way connected to Jeb just laid a classic Bush Family style DOUBLE BOOM down on the first term junior senator from Florida. And it is painful to watch:

I guess the whole thing with the high-heeled boots that Marco likes to style is a gender-role attack. Real Men, the kinda that are Red-Blooded and remember the Good ol' Days, may wear American Boots goddammit, like Cowboy Boots, but anything else just ain't right. And Maybe.... Marco's newfangled fancy boots reminds these Real-Americans of everything that's gone to hell in America.

Sigh. Young Marco is (painfully) too young to realize this or to even remember the good 'ol days. So that's a thing. Also "prancing" in Red America always forebodes some ill tidings during even-numbered years. So Good luck with all of this Marco.

Next. One of the Fundamental Laws of Conservatism is that Conservatives will always-always need to be against something. The problem is diabolical in application for conservative politicians because they never can be sure they'll need to be against tomorrow.There's always going to be something to be afraid of, but they cannot be certain what it is going to be!

Romney and many conservatives thought that Nationalized Romneycare  was a model for health reform and it was too, late as 2009. However in 2010 it became Slavery time two. So that's bad if you are Romney or are a Nationalized Romneycare flack. Ditto for cap and trade as an approach to Climate Change. In 2006, it was all like "I'm gonna do a commercial with Nancy Pelosi and sing kumbya on television." But by 2009 its all like That's stuff is totally bogus conspiracy theory, man."  And the list goes on. Today's common sense becomes tomorrow's heresy.

So Rubio is, according to the Street-Thug Bush, guilty of Flip-Flopping because he used to be for a whole bunch of stuff that now turns out to be just more well choreographed steps albeit stylish steps down the road to serfdom.

Poor Bastard. But it is what it is and its just life as a conservative in America. You never know what you need to be afraid of until the boogeyman is right in front of you. But then its too late. AND HE'S GOT YOU.

Classic Man.

Conservagentsia Blaming Libruhls and "the Left" for Cruz "Birtherism"

I don't know and maybe its just me, but I don't think that this whole Cruz being born in Canada-thing is our fault.

Is Cruz an American? You'd have to ask the US Government. So if some nameless-faceless-unaccountable-government bureaucrat says he's one of us, then that's good enough with me. And I suspect that one of 'em will - or has said so at some point in time.

Anyway, The Wingers are whining again today (aren't they always). And this time its about Team Red's misbehavior, sigh:
I have my concerns about Ted Cruz, but the natural born citizen stuff is silly and idiotic.  It is going to come up in the next debate and here is a suggestion for how Cruz might deal with a question....[George Washington is good and liberal con artists are bad, etc]
Cruz should hit the Founding Fathers idolatry especially hard, but he should also turn it into a fight between the Founders (good) and the left (bad), and let the voters (and Cruz’s opponents) decide whose side they’re on.  There is a subset of Trump supporters who I’m sure could not care less what James Madison thought about anything, but I don’t think that those are the voters Cruz needs in Iowa.   
Ted Cruz and George Washington Vs. The Left
Again. IDK and maybe its just me, but if Ted Cruz was around during George Washington's day, and this is a President who sent out the troops to HANG tax protesters and the scurrilous rabble-rousers trying to sabotage the US government during his term in office, maybe, just maybe he'd be in favor of deporting Ted Cruz back to the land of the Red Coats - or his birth. I would have. But again that's just me.

But its very difficult to put oneself in the shoes of the Founding Generation and to know what they knew and understand the world on the terms that they understand it. The ordinary Tri-corner hat re-enacter does not have a freaking chance of being able to pull it off - DITTO the winger cranking out blog posts about the intent of the founders from a basement somewhere either. It is an exceedingly difficult endeavor - especially if you have become "radicalized" by ideology.

That being said I am sure that some in the founder's generation would have looked in disgust at Cruz - maybe it'd be similar to the way that some of 'em looked at the bastard-born Caribbean Immigrant Alexander Hamilton.  "Natural born" and "Bastard" don't necessarily go together. Were some folks laughing behind Hamilton's back? Was the whole "natural born" lingo added to the qualification section of the constitution just to stick it to Hamilton back in the day? Maybe though existing citizens - like Hamilton were exempt from the natural born requirement.

Would these same people from the 1780s view the charlatan Cruz with anything but contempt? Nobody knows.  I'd suspect that once having met Cruz, they'd take a posture that they felt was appropriate. But I think the government has spoken on Cruz and unfortunately that means he's probably an American.

But (sigh) these Wingers are just so tiresome. I seem to remember all this Birtherism hitting the GOP pretty hard back in the day.

You had the highest elected Republican in government, the Speaker of the House playing the game and helping string team red's rubes along - the rubes had the last laugh with him though when they ran him out of town and over to K-Street on a rail. And you had Elected Republican legislators actually joining suits in the Federal Court seeking to remove President Obama from office as a super-duper-double-secret Kenyan Usurper. How truly ridiculous behavior on the part of the GOP.

Now things changes. When the Conservagentsia was in position to put the Cray-Cray down and tell its peeps to STFU about "all of the bullshit," and about the birther conspiracy theory, they were silent.  Why give the Obamunist Usurper the Benefit of the law and decency and decorum in the midst of a Global Economic Meltdown? Pshaw. What's that got to do with anything when your side is in the right and your ideology is always 110% correct. So the Wingers got busy playing the Crazy Game and whipping up the outrage about this, that and the other thing....because it was great fun and felt sooo good!

But now the cray-cray has turned on 'em and there's nowhere to hide. What do these wingers do when the cray-cray is coming for them? It is simple. Blame "the Left."  Birtherism is from them. They tricked us into doing those things we did and they tricked us into saying those things we said. Sigh. So juvenile.

No sane and decent person has any reason to flack for the GOP, cntd

David Brooks shows us the absolute  HELL that is the state of the Party. On one hand, the much reviled Ted Cruz is a miserable demagogue and scam artist who preys on people's fears to build himself up while threatening to collapse the economic system of the country he claims to serve. Reasonable people all know this and it makes him the most odious of people. David Brooks understands this and decides to take a gratuitous shot at Cruz [via NRO]:
New York Times columnist David Brooks said Sen. Ted Cruz’s “dark and satanic tones” are now being copied elsewhere in the Republican primary. Appearing on PBS’s Newshour this weekend, Brooks said, “Cruz is somehow beginning to get some momentum from Iowa and elsewhere. And so people are either mimicking him, which Rubio is doing a little by adopting some of the dark and satanic tones that Cruz has, and so –” At which point host Judy Woodruff quickly interjected, “What did you just say?”
“If you watch a Cruz speech, it’s like, we have got this enemy, we have got that enemy, we’re going to stomp on this person, we’re going to crush that person, we’re going to destroy that person,” Brooks explained. “It is an ugly world in Ted Cruz’s world, and it’s combative, and it’s angry, and it’s apocalyptic.” Co-panelist David Corn, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones magazine, picked up on the diabolical theme: “If you go to a speech from his dad, who is a pastor, evangelical, Rafael Cruz, it actually is satanic. He — I watched a speech in which he said Satan was behind the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage.” 
Yes that's Cruz. BUT in the same interview, Brooks goes on to PIMP Marco Rubio:
But it’s [Cruz is] dark and combative, and, frankly, harsh. It’s a harsh — he gets some jokes in the beginning, but then it’s just, we have enemies. We’re in an apocalyptic situation. We’re on the edge of the abyss. You need a tough guy to beat that back. And that’s his personality. That’s not Marco Rubio’s personality. He’s a sunny — he’s been running the youthful optimism campaign, but he’s beginning, to prevent Cruz from getting liftoff, to mimic sort of that, get a piece of that. I personally think it’s a mistake, because inauthentic — inauthenticity almost never works. And so, if Cruz starts to go like — I mean, if Rubio starts to go like Cruz, he just doesn’t look like himself, and that bothers people.
Which means that Young Marco is the less threatening character and one the people may feel is LIKEABLE. BUT he's running on the same platform as Cruz.
Don’t focus on the substance of his policy commitments, argues Brooks. Focus on the rhetoric in his speeches. Because when politicians talk upliftingly about their hopes and dreams for hardworking Americans, that is when they reveal their most genuine selves. Pay no attention to the $6 trillion tax cut behind the curtain!.... This is how Republican budget logic works in general. When you add up fanatical opposition to higher revenue, a political need to protect current retirees and a commitment to higher defense spending, you wind up either blowing up the budget deficit or inflicting massive harm on the poor. There are different ways to handle that problem. One of them is the Paul Ryan–circa-2011 plan of just proposing enormous cuts in anti-poverty programs. Another is the Paul Ryan–circa-2014-to-the-present plan of keeping those cuts in the budget but insisting they’re not your actual ideas. Then you have the Rubio-Dubya method.... You don’t get Ryan-esque praise as a serious budget hawk.... But liberating yourself from any pretense to obeying the laws of arithmetic provides certain upsides that seem profitable for Rubio.... The only flaw in the plan is the possibility that reporters will focus on the substance of your agenda instead of the ‘signals’ you send with your political messaging. If David Brooks is any indication, Rubio doesn’t have much to worry about.
Its all a scam man.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Renowned Winger predicts "Romney-esque" Landslide in 2016 - but real this time

A former right wing "free-association" Reagan-era economist has a prediction: The GOP is on the verge of issuing the hardest core of hardcore beatdowns in 2016 as New Jersey Shores to suburbs of Portlandia and every liberal enclave in between turns BRIGHT red.

This is how you ROLL:
“Supply-side economist Arthur Laffer is predicting Republicans will win the White House in a landslide this year, regardless of the nominee.
“I would be surprised if the Republicans don’t take 45, 46, 47 states out of the 50,” Laffer [said] on Sunday.  “I mean, I think we’re going to landslide this election.”
Laffer... said he is bullish on the entire Republican primary field.
“When I look at these candidates, I don’t see one of them who wouldn’t do a great job as president,” 

And you wonder why there are so many fraudsters who target right wingers and their money. This Laffer guy was one the Originals when it came to Tax Cuts, spending increases and Balancing the F'ing Budget AT THE SAME TIME.

Cats that believe in this hocus-pocus are prime targets next time you got a bridge you wanna sell.  So I'm wondering if this ain't kinda of a two-step thing going. You tell the true believers what they want to hear and then you ask them to take out their wallets.

Just saying.