Monday, August 31, 2015

Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Wheaties join International Conspiracy

The Global-Global Warming Conspiracy is still Growing....Globally thanks to the losers at General Mills:
Food company General Mills Inc. said it is pledging to cut greenhouse gases 28 percent over the next decade across its entire supply chain.

The company said it is embarking on its pledge in order to do its part toward preventing the worst effects of climate change.

“We recognize that we must do our part to protect and conserve natural resources,” Ken Powell, the company’s chairman, said in a Monday statement. “Our business depends on it and so does the planet.”

General Mills, based in Golden Valley, Minn., described its commitment as stretching from “farm to fork to landfill,” covering every step its foods take.

Such a broad approach means that the company can have an impact on many other companies and their suppliers and customers,’ ti said.

“We know our greatest impact is outside our four walls — particularly in agriculture, ingredients and packaging,” Powell said.

“To reduce emission levels, we must work across our value chain with growers, suppliers, customers and industry partners. Together, we will identify new solutions and promote sustainable agriculture practices that drive emission reductions.”
Et Tu, General Mills?

Maybe its time for right wingers to engage in a little Shareholder Activism. Since Global Warming is a Hoax (as all good right wingers know), spending corporate resources to fight an imaginary foe is a waste of shareholder value. That means they could sue those bastards at General Mills for wasting all that cash on a problem that does not exist.

I think 3 of the Powerline Bloggers are lawyers and they're global warming deniers, too. If they were to purchase some General Mills stock, maybe they could sue the Board of Directors for waste. Picture one of the Powerline Bloggers hammering the General Mills Chairman of the Board, under oath, until he cracks and admits the whole thing is a hoax.  Tearfully he would confess that:
 "it was part of my plan revive the market-share of Trix and Coco-Puffs. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it was for you pesky bloggers." 
BOOM. Anthropogenic Global Warming theory would come crashing down like a house of cards.

Sadly, I don't think any of the Powerline Bloggers are man enough to try it. LOSERS.

Crazy Ben Catches Trump in Iowa

The latest Iowa Monmouth Poll [pdf] shows crazy-big movement for Crazy Ben Carson, who now is tied with Donald Trump for first place in Iowa.  Favor-ability appears to be the big advantage Carson has at the moment. Republicans either like him or don't know who he is. Trump can't say that.

To the Polls:
23% - Crazy Ben; The Donald
10% - Fiorina
  9% - Tailgunner Ted
  7% - Walker
  5% - Bush !!!
  4% - Kasich; Rubio
  3% - Paul II
  2% - Huck; Santo
The rest of the field comes in below 1%. Losers.

Third Party Watch....RedState Blog Chimes in

Via Erickson
The Republican Party is dying because the GOP in DC has gone corporate and K Street. They attack any Republicans who dare hold them to their promises. They’ve gone to war against Heritage Action for America, Club For Growth, the Madison Project, etc. They’ve blackballed any political consultant who does work for outsiders.

But even more importantly, the GOP protects their failed consultants who keep bringing in the bacon.

The Project ORCA guys are doing quite well. The guys who collapsed Voter Vault are doing well. The idiots who run outreach for the GOP go out and form consultancy groups, then get embedded within the NRCC, NRSC, or RNC itself and hand contracts back to themselves.

In short, the GOP has become so incestuous it continues to hemorrhage and will die.
Erickson is a zealot who, naturally, believes that any problem can be solved by applying  more zealotry! Hooray.

So this is a problem. For a generation, the Ericksons of the world have been told that they can have anything they want - can do whatever they want. They've never been told "no."  Shutdown the government, again and again, impeach the president, whatever feels good is A-OK.  Now, the tables are turning and the RINOs are starting to pay a price for this over-indulgence.

In the old days, it was much easier to manage a bunch of rat finks, yaffers, birchers and douche bags. They were a minority of the party - fringe dwellers who could be put in their place. Today not so much any more. There are a lot more of 'em today and they have the benefit of modern - instantaneous communication. 

Back in olden times when some malcontented member of the lunatic fringe started "acting up," the local RINO party boss could send a few goons out to knock some sense into the poor miserable bastard - bringing him into line with community standards of behavior and decency.  That approach doesn't work anymore. Today, members of the lunatic fringe tune into the AM radio or take to the wingnet and find that there are alot more people just like them. They are not the outcasts and outliers that the stupid RINOs portray.

That being the case, these folks feel that they don't have to listen to the stupid RINOs anymore. This leads to thinking that, maybe "we" are the majority and not the stupid RINOs....and maybe the RINOs are the ones out of line with community standards of decency. Maybe the RINOs deserve a visit from some goons to knock them into line. One thing leads to another.  Since the RINO's have not been able to maintain the natural hierarchy of the Party in recent times - largely through lack of discipline, the Fringe has become more numerous and "emboldened" as evidenced by Erickson.

Poll: Carson threatening Blowhard in Iowa

A Seizer poll has hit the internets showing that Crazy Ben Carson has the big MOMENTUM among likely Iowa caucus goers. Carson now moves into second place recently held by "that loser" Scott Walker who is tied for third with Tailgunner Ted Cruz. Previous Iowa winner Rick Santorum brings up the rear with 1%.
23% - TRUMP
18% - Crazy Ben
  8% - Cruz, Walker
  6% - Rubio, Bush !!!
  5% -  Carly
  4% - Paul II, Huck
  2% - Jindal, Kasich, Christie
  1% - Graham, Perry, Santo
Between Cruz, Crazy Ben and TRUMP, the crazy vote almost forms a majority. Sweet.

Is the GOP establishment is second guessing its decision to whack Mitt Romney at the knees several months ago?  Probably. I know I am.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Great Moments in American Wingnuttery, a Series

Perennial favorite Peggy Noonan unknowingly stumbles upon "Pre-Trumpism" in 2012 leading her to believe that there was something special about Mitt Romney:
    "I am one of those feeling very strongly that, while the political in America is looking at the polls and looking at the storm coverage, Mitt Romney is very quietly stealing in and rising and cementing something that I think we'll see tomorrow night, which is a Romney victory. I think that's probably coming.

    You sort of feel it, you watch his rallies.... they're exciting, they're big, it's all together, something big's going on out there."
But there wasn't anything special about Mitt. He was just the front man leading the circus onward.
In that sense, it would seem that The Donald has stolen Mitt's crowds. Maybe that's all it takes - a good con man up on the center stage.

Friday, August 28, 2015

OFFICIAL REPORT: Obama is now just effing with the "crazies"

 President Obama is proving that he is not a typical Lame duck. Not only can he sign treaty-style accords that drive the wingers absolutely nuts. He can also Flame them by doing symbolic things like visiting Kenya and now visiting Alaska to highlight the urgency of fighting (double-super-fake) global warming:
“The President will visit Anchorage, Alaska, on Monday, August 31, to address the State Department's GLACIER conference. GLACIER will convene foreign ministers from Arctic nations and key non-Arctic states with scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders from Alaska and the Arctic region to discuss how climate change is reshaping the Arctic, increase global awareness of how Arctic climate change is affecting the rest of the world, and identify individual and collective actions to address these challenges. Further details regarding the President's travel to Alaska will be available in the coming weeks."
Man it's a sprint to the finish with a secret gestapo-like force in one hand and a FEMA run dissident camp in the other.  And its also pen and phone time, baby. And by phone, of course I mean an "Obamaphone." Them's the best kind.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kelly, Foxnews "reignite" hostilities with TRUMP

The Wingnet reports:
Donald Trump sent out another series of hostile tweets about Megyn Kelly last night, and now the Fox News crew has responded: Bret Baier, Brian Kilmeade, Bill Hemmer, Janice Dean, Geraldo Rivera and even Sean Hannity Tweeted that Trump should knock it off. Roger Ailes issued a statement, declaring that Trump’s “surprise and unprovoked” attack was “unacceptable” and “disturbing.” Note that the only thing Kelly did last night… was return to the airwaves. As Baier noted, it’s been nearly three weeks since the debate, and Trump is still clearly angry about her. It’s as if her appearance on the screen represents some sort of unacceptable provocation to him.
She was only gone for less than 21 days. Rob a Walmart and you'll get more time than that. Just an observation.

In bringing Megyn Kelly back sooooo soon, clearly, Fox put Trump in a position where he had to respond. And that's what happened.  Trump was forced to "defend" himself, again, against continued unfair treatment from this self-proclaimed "Fair and Balanced" network.

There have been no apologies. There's no accountability. The people are fed up. It's Simply Ridiculous.  I score this a "solid" win for The Donald.

SC Poll: Trump "Hammering" it

The latest Monmouth University Poll [pdf] of South Carolina likely rupublican voters has  The Donald up BIG over over the pack of "losers" chasing behind him. Crazy Ben Carson is his nearest competitor at 15%.
30% - TRUMP
15% - Crazy Ben
11% - Undecided
   9% - Bush !!!
   6% - Young Marco; Fiorina
   5% - Tailgunner Ted
   4% - Walker; Grahmnesty
   3% - Kasich, Huck, Paul II
   2% - Christie
   1% - Santo
The cross tabs are striking. Trump sweeps almost all categories. He's first with very conservatives, somewhat conservatives, moderate to liberals, evangelicals, Teahadists, men and women. TRUMP rules 'em all, man.

This white populism thing the GOP has been doing to oppose the Obamunist Thugocray may have gotten out of hand. C'est la vie.

Monday, August 24, 2015

NRO-bot: Trump could go Far

As much of the wingnet struggles to understand why The Donald is still surging forward and why "The Base" is not following the script, a winger at the NRO notes this:
Most of the rest of the field, particularly Rubio, Bush and Cruz, launched their bids with heavy doses of sunny optimism – my fellow Americans, our best days are ahead of us, etc. Except a lot of Americans aren’t feeling that way right now. Enter Donald Trump, declaring, “This country is a hellhole. We are going down fast.” Right there in his slogan, “Make America Great Again” is the assertion we’re not great anymore. And any Republican can point to a pile of evidence that the country is slipping fast ... A lot of Republicans have felt an atmosphere of crisis since, oh, Election Night 2012 or even earlier.
I wonder who is responsible for scaring the bejesus out of folks with daily manufactured outrages to the point where "the Base" feels that western civilization is on the verge of collapse? 

I wonder who could have been doing that the last 7 years.  Surely the fine folks at the NRO might be able to throw out some names.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Great Moments in American Wingnuttery, a Series

All good wingers love to say "Benghazi." But only the most hardcore wingers were yammering about it and year and half before the 2012 attack on the US consular building.
Obama may be putting while Rome burns, but you gotta hand it to him on his brackets: He got 29 of the 32 first-round games. I believe he picked Gaddafi Fembots to meet the Muslim Brotherhood in the championship game in Benghazi April 4th, so that's looking good, too.

Mark Steyn, NRO Guy
Steyn is stone cold.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Conservagentsia: RINOs caused Trumpmentum

This critique of the state of the GOP sounds like gratuitous RINO-bashing and Anti-Trump Elitism to me. Disgusting.
There is a chasm that separates right-leaning voters (a group that is larger than the conservative “base”) and the Republican Party’s establishment. A grotesque figure who had supported single-payer health care and a recent supporter of Planned Parenthood is leading the polls for the Republican nomination. A famed surgeon who has no experience of elective office is running second, while the Republican senator most hated by the Republican senatorial conference is running third. These polls are a terrible predictor of the next Republican presidential nominee, but they still tell us something important.

Donald Trump’s current support is remarkably broad. Trump’s coalition contains social conservatives despite his socially liberal policies. It includes fiscal conservatives despite Trump’s history of crony capitalism and support of socialized medicine. Above all, the billionaire’s support is disproportionately drawn from ideologically heterodox, Republican-leaning whites who have completed less than four years of college. The Republican establishment is facing revolts from both the populist right and the centrist, working-class segment of the Republican center.

The Party’s establishment has forfeited the trust of so many kinds of Republicans because of choices it made in the aftermath of the GOP’s defeat in the 2012 election.
OK, RINOs have bad judgment. They make bad choices. They have a history of doing this.  They are RINOs and not wingers after all. If they had good judgement they wouldn't be RINOs.  So this is hardly a surprising conclusion.

But just what did the stupid RINOs do to lose trust after the 2012 election? The answer apparently is that they did not wage the CULTURE WAR effectively.  They shouldn't have promoted immigration reform in the senate and they should have pushed through abortion bans. Instead, they thought they needed to grow the big tent by attracting new voters. This was wrong - serving only the interest of their masters on K-street and Wall-street.

I don't know. These seems like a stretch that two years debating merit of "legitimate rape" and the virtues "self deportation" would have paved the way for the Third Bush Administration.

He goes on:
This is how social conservatives end up supporting fantasy candidates like Donald Trump. The Republican establishment has created a sense among many members of the Party’s coalition that it doesn’t matter what politicians say during election season, and it doesn’t matter which politician wins. Even if Republicans win, the office holders will always find some excuse to deemphasize social issues and push the donor class’s preferred immigration policy.
Uh, yeah. This guy is just getting this now. Riling up the Base about social issues is how the Southern Strategy has worked since the great Murphy Brown Wars of the 1990s. Its part of the script, man.  You get working folks all worked up about some boogey man and then promise to protect them if they vote for you. Remember George Bush's defense of marriage schtick in 2004? The gays weren't gonna break up your marriage on his watch, he promised. It accomplished the mission - to get re-elected, that's about it.

So yeah, it how the game was played...... until now. The percentages don't work anymore and RINOs are trying to figure out a new script.  The hardcore wingers don't like it though. For the last generation, the RINOs have been telling them that they are special and their ideas are important and that the RINOs were their bestest friends. But now the RINOs are looking for new friends and its driving these hardcore fringe dwellers to petty-childish name calling:  
Why are so many social conservatives, tea partiers, and working-class moderates supporting Trump? How is it that so many Republican-leaners are willing to say that they support someone who plays a belligerent monster on television? Maybe it is because the RNC, and the Republican congressional leadership (among others), have convinced much of the public that the Republican establishment is composed of slimy, unctuous weasels. Perhaps the Republican establishment should try statesmanship for a change.
Trump a belligerent monster? The RINOs are unctuous weasels? Well of course they are. Poor Bastard is a day late and a dollar short.

Krugthulu Explains “Trumpmentum”

“As pundits are discovering to their horror, there’s probably more to the Trump phenomenon than mere celebrity. The fact is that the central planks of modern conservatism — slashing taxes on the rich and benefits for the public at large — are deeply unpopular. Republicans have won elections only by wrapping these policies in other stuff; it’s about cutting benefits for welfare queens and ‘strapping young bucks’ (that’s a Reaganism, in case you’re wondering) buying T-bone steaks with food stamps. And this in turn means that there is a sort of empty box in U.S. politics waiting to be filled.”
The people supporting Trump have been lied to for a generation. Foxnews treats them like rubes in a big con. Maybe they’re getting tired of it all.

Great Moments in American Wingnuttery, a Series

On the wingnet, science and climate change is really just an international conspiracy bent on forcing people into "hobbit-sized" homes.
The real agenda, I suppose, is to force the rest of us to be vegetarians. The hoaxers and bureaucrats who stir up global warming hysteria would no more stop eating filet mignon than they would give up their private jets. They just want power over the rest of us. Thankfully, hardly anyone is silly enough to believe that humanity can regulate the Earth’s climate by eating tofu instead of bacon. Still, next time you are in a restaurant, it might be fun to order a 32-ounce Porterhouse. In addition to all the usual reasons, you will be defying some of the world’s most obnoxious busybodies. 
If there is any justice in the world, if this guy ever gets locked up in a FEMA run camp staffed with UN guards, Tofu will be the only thing on the menu.  It'd only be fitting.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Republican Health Care War has Begun

At the beginning of the Obama Administration, the President met with leading Congressional Republican and asked for their cooperation passing health care reform legislation. “Give me conservative ideas addressing Health Care Reform and we’ll work as many in as we can. I know that I may not like some of the them but we need to compromise working as partners for the good of the American people” the President pleaded.

Congressional Republicans by and large said NO. There will be no cooperation, no compromise, no nothing. “We don’t want to compromise 60/40 with you. For us it will be all or nothing.” And they got nothing while the Obamunist Madman achieved a spectacular victory for the American people. The self-employed, those barred from insurance by pre-existing conditions, the working poor and  underfunded rural hospitals largely won out while the hardcore right suffered a howling, bitter, soul crushing defeat for the ages.

Over the next 6 years Republicans would thunder on and on about "Repealing and Replacing" what they derisively called “Obamacare.”  And over the past 6 years people have asked Congressional Republicans for their "plan" to “replace” Obamacare. “Can you show us the details,” folks would ask. “How much will it cost? What will it do to address pre-existing condition coverage bans,” they wanted to know.

This put Republicans in a bind. Having repeatedly (and deceitfully) told their voters that Obamacare was “tyranny,” and a “complete government takeover of Health Care system in America,” or would create “death panels for grandma” or would “destroy jobs” or "increase the deficit" or was “unconstitutional” or  would “embolden a culture of dependency” or would actually “kill people,” they now needed to come up with Obamacare-lite minus all the super-scary stuff.

Now, coming up with a replacement plan should not be all that difficult. Obamacare after all was thought up by a right wing think tank. At one time, it offered a conservative approach to health insurance reform – before conservatives realized that their ideas would result in the enslavement of  mankind. Minor detail. So there are various Right Wing Think Tanks out there working on replacement plans.  Some goofball is in a basement somewhere in D.C. at this moment offering up paeans to whatever “conservative” healthcare reform means this week while praising the “Free Market” almighty.

Offering a replacement plan should not be too difficult. They're out there. Just pick a plan off the shelf, dust it off, fill in some of the nuts and bolts details and pitch it to the public…..and hope you are not savaged by Tea Party Lunatics.  They're out there too. Which is the reason that the GOP has not offered a replacement plan during the past 6 years.

This all leads the 2016 Presidential GOP primary. Now that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has slid to 10th place after sitting near the top of the polls, he has, perhaps reluctantly, dusted off a right wing health insurance plan and is pitching it. Young Marco Rubio, too, is pitching a Obamacare replacement "concept." And Bobby Jindal has taken up the role of Tea Party Lunatic by denouncing them. In doing, it appears that the Republican Health Care Wars have begun.

Turning to Scott Walker.

He would do the “unthinkable.” He would create new “cradle to grave entitlements” killing whatever “conservatism” is supposed to mean. First he would give people money to buy insurance – just hand out money to “moochers.” In english this means advancing a tax credit (based upon one’s age) in an amount intended to equal the cost of catastrophic health coverage. The credit could also be used toward the premium of another low cost/low benefit plan.

Currently State insurance commissioners regulate the quality of insurance that can be sold to that state’s residents. Walker would outrageously ban local oversight of health insurance by vesting all such powers in some bureaucrat in a far-away capital city.   In other words he would allow the sale of insurance across state lines starting a race to the bottom between states competing to offer the lowest levels of consumer protection in order attract health insurance companies to relocate to that state.  Can “Mutual of Nigeria” be very far away under a President Walker? Probably an exaggeration, but not too much.

Under the Walker Plan, the Federal Government in Washington D.C., would MANDATE that pre-existing conditions be covered in all insurance policies - if and this is a big if - you maintain continuous coverage i.e., never lose a job. The Walker Plan would provide some funds to States to deal with people with pre-existing conditions who are not covered by the new system though there are no details how this would work.

The Walker plan would almost double the annual contribution limit on HSAs. Anyone starting a new HSA would get a one-time $1,000 credit to start the account – i.e., a new birth right entitlement.   It would allow Association Health Plans - employers pooling together to offer group plans. The Walker Plan will ask the states to voluntarily undertake tort reform.

And of course, the Walker Plan will pay for these new entitlements by gutting of Medicaid and block granting its functions to the states. What will happen to the children depending on the CHIP program (which provides coverage to children of low-income parents) and folks depending on the Medicaid program like poor folks, the disabled, poor seniors, the blind, children born with cystic fibrosis and other horrible diseases and those needing long-term care like the disabled and elderly folks suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc., goes unsaid. Somehow the “Market” will come up with a solution to deliver affordable care to these groups of people. It always has in the past.

The results of the Walker plan is that it would reduce federal health spending on lower-income Americans by trillions of dollars. Since the Walker Plan reverses the Obamacare reductions to Medicare, it will increase federal health spending on Seniors and upper-income Americans by trillions of dollars over that same period of time. Plus, compared to the Super Scary Obamacare, the Walker plan adds an additional $1 trillion to the deficit over 10 years. What's not to like?

Next to Rubio.

Rubio's plan is a mismash of a bit of everything. It's part Scott Walker, part Rick Perry, part Donald Trump and part Paul Ryan. He's spreading the wealth around so to speak.

As a shout out to Rick Perry, Young Marco's healthcare "concept" is a "3 point plan" that's purposely vague and easy to forget. 

Step 1. He'll do some sort of Walker-style tax credit - but also phase out employer provided health insurance tax deductions. 

Step 2. He'll reduce overall healthcare costs by Trump style reforms i.e., he'll beat the hell out of the stupid health care regulations until the costs go down. Reform, baby. Why hadn't anyone thought of this yet?

Step 3 - He'll end Medicaid and replace it with Paul Ryan-style health insurance coupons. And of course no republican health care plan would be complete without the obligatory gutting and block granting of Medicare to the states. Naturally, Rubio proposes to do this too.

The whole individual tax credit with the employer phase out has been proposed before. As many as 12 senate republican once sponsored a bill to do this. But this was before health insurance reform became a form of tyranny. Chief sponsor Fmr Senator Bob Bennett found out the hard way after he was purged by Tea Party Lunatics in the 2010 Utah Primary. Who would have known?

So we'll see how this all goes. For every Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, there will be someone like Bobby Jindal to compare them to Judas betraying Christ. That's just how the game is played, brah.

And one more thing. None of these replacement plans will work. All this stuff about "market-based magic" and "tort reform" and the like, the time to ask for these ideas has long since gone. These "conservative" bells and whistles were on the table in 2009, but the GOP walked away. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

REPORT: Wingnet roiling in "Civil War;" Trumpist and Anti-Trump forces clashing; Meltdown, Carnage Imminent

Via Erickson at RedState Blog:
Right now conservatives seem outraged more by other conservatives disagreeing on candidate choices than outraged by Hillary Clinton or the Iran deal or a Republican Congress letting the President get away with everything. There are those who seem to think that whoever screams loudest or most hysterically will win. There are those who seem to think we should replace a President who has exceeded his constitutional authority with a Republican who will exceed his constitutional authority to do what the GOP wants.

... Where are the happy warriors on the right? Where is the laugh at the lunacy?

Our ways are not their ways. We do not need to adopt the left’s ways to win. The left would use the state to seize us and those who dissent. Instead, we should blind them in the light of sound policy and a positive message and then lead the nation to a better place.

Right now, the right is at each other’s throats screaming one way or the other about Trump, and angry. The left is headed toward the nomination of a humorless future felon. All of us should be enjoying this. Open your eyes. We are surrounded by a majority of Americans who do not trust Hillary Clinton and would not re-elect Barack Obama. There is not just one Republican who can win. Most of them can. But none of them will if the undecided are met by scowling, angry yellers instead of the open arms of conservative policy that believes in the freedom to make a better life for oneself.
Vicious Anti-Trump rhetoric has fallen upon RedState Blog? Terrible news indeed.

For years the forces of in-toleration, resentment and anger have found a home at RedState Blog. Welcomed in from the cruel hard changing world, RedState served as a beacon of hope to those who have been left behind - those who go out into the world and find that they don't fit in anymore. Culture has gone to hell in a hand basket. Decent paying jobs are harder to find.

But log on to RedState Blog and the troubled reader learns that that it ain't them, buddy. They are not to blame Nope, the reader is A-OK -  he's "special." Its just everyone else that's messed up from the Obamunist Thugocracy, the Baby Killin' Abortionists, the Libruhls, the Feminazis, the Illegals, the 47%, the Sell-Out RINOs all the way to the goat molesters on US Supreme Court. Its all them man, not you. The reader ends up angry and afraid.

Then, at long last, a "conservative" hero appears on the horizon he tells the Reader that he can make the world right again. All the crazy bullshit that's posted on RedState Blog over the years, all the simple solutions to complicated problems, he can do 'em.  Except for one thing, the TRAITORS on RedState Blog say that he can't.

There ain't no magic wand - you are just a rube in a con game, they say. Its time for the readers to STFU and be good little wingers and follow orders. There will be NO TRUMP for you.  And if that was not enough, the RedState Blog Elitists, rolling in cash, laugh at the rubes because they are such easy marks. Pixels start to fly and a FLAME WAR follows.

Poor, Poor Bastards. These are truly the times that try men's souls.

Grahamnesty resorts to "name calling"

Perhaps fueled by envy, The Gentleman from South Carolina launches a "Sad" and "Petty" effort to smear The Donald:
Donald Trump’s immigration plan will be “his eventual undoing,” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says.... outlin[ing] the shortcomings that he said would prevent Trump from getting the Republican presidential nomination.

“I think the more he exposes himself, putting forward solutions that are unworkable, the charm begins to fade after a while when you realize there’s nothing behind the curtain,” Graham said, calling Trump “the Almighty Oz” in the Republican field.
...Trump and Graham have a history — last month ... Graham called Trump a “jackass” [after Trump justifiably defended himself against a mean thing Graham said]....As far as Trump’s call for... Iraq...Graham predicted that would be a good way “to start World War III.”

The South Carolina Republican laced into Trump for “silly stuff” that takes Republicans backward “when we need to go forward.”

I would urge Linsay to cut out the naming calling, straighten up and get with the program. If he admits that he was wrong and apologizes to Trump, maybe Trump will have a place for him in the Trump Administration like Ambassador to Iraq or maybe Paul Wolfowitz's old job. Something like that.

Poor Grahamnesty. When someone is at less than 1% in the polls, I guess it is understandable that he'd lash out. Still it is sad.


A new batch of lamestream media polling data is out and the results are uniformly outstanding (of course) for the Donald and absolutely devastating for the candidate unfortunately name "Bush."
First the CNN /ORC Poll
The survey finds Trump with the support of 24% of Republican registered voters. His nearest competitor, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, stands 11 points behind at 13%. Just behind Bush, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 9%, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 8%, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul 6%, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former tech CEO Carly Fiorina and Ohio Gov. John Kasich all land at 5%, with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee rounding out the top 10 at 4%.
Next a new Morning Consult poll of self-identified Republicans and Republican-leaning independents shows Trump POWERING AWAY from his "moron" challengers
32% - TRUMP
12% - Bush !!!
  7% - Crazy Ben
  6% - Huck, Rubio
  5% - Tailgunner Ted
  4% - Fiorina, Christie, Paul
  3% - Walker
Maybe its just me, but by now it seems painfully obvious that Christie and Paul cannot hit a fast ball while Walker is flailing away at the curve ball. These guys need to go down the minors to work on their game and wait for a September call up. They are pathetic - terrible - awful candidates who do not belong on stage with Trump.

Perry and Santo, on the other hand, deserve a another shot at the major leagues. Nobody rocks a sweater vest like Santo and Perry's smart person glasses shows his commitment to honing his craft. I bet he remembers those three things on his list now. 

Bobby Jindal, who may or may not have a 4% approval rating in Louisiana - whatever it is, it is really bad, is toast. No call up for him. As a matter of fact he should be sent down to the developmental leagues. Maybe after a few months of posting diaries on RedState Blog he'll be ready for another look. But for now he definitely does not have to class to occupy the same stage as Donald Trump. Just saying.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Operation Batshit - Or a Brief History of the GOP

All good things must come to pass. Operation Batshit is no longer Viable.

One of the themes the GOP establishment has grooved on during the Obama Administration has been "the crazier, the better."  Whenever  President Obama proposed some measure to help the economy or to do anything really, Party Bosses would loudly shriek that his proposal was the worst in human history - which to them is 6,000 years.  And when you think about all the ideas that there have ever been during the last 6,000 years, the odds seem very unlikely that Obama's idea to appoint "some guy" to the postal commission would be up near the top of the list of bad decisions, but you'd be wrong.  Like Obama's decision about the postal commission, most of history's worst decisions have happened in the last 6+ years with republicans shrieking tyranny and societal collapse on the loudest terms possible. About. Everything. Continually.

This has been part of the plan - bathshit crazy objections to everything causing your voters to become insanely mad about the coming destruction of western civilization. Then you blame it on Obama and cash in on the backlash and resentment. The Party Bosses thought it represented the best way to get back to majority status. You could cut deals with the democratic majority and watch the popular young center left  president rack up achievement after achievement for ordinary Americans or you could, perhaps, shorten your time in the wilderness and follow a different path - oppose EVERYTHING in the middle of an economic collapse and gleefully watch as the President struggles to put out the flames.  And that's what they chose to do.  And thus Operation Batshit was born.

Four years later into the scheme with the Tea Party and its attendant crazy getting out of hand - Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll, the Hermann Cain phenomenon would be hitting soon - the Bosses decided just to go with the flow. Sure the Crazy was dominant, but if it could be managed, spread out, divided up, diluted among several crazy presidential candidates, an establishment guy could weasel his way to the nomination with just a third of the primary vote.So they decided to ride it out.

And this worked. During the primary, Mitt Romney - the one sane candidate  in a sea of crazy - was able to crush the competition as the crazy vote was never able to coalesce around a single crazy candidate. But Romney would go on to lose against the Kenyan Strongman in the general election due to the fundamentals - an improving economy, steady job growth over a long period of time and an incumbent with an acceptable job approval rating. But at least it was not a Goldwater wipe-out. So that being the case it was  "mission accomplished," to use a popular phrase.

Evaluating the results of the 2012 election and the demographics of the upcoming 2016 election, the Party Bosses went back to the drawing board to scheme out a new approach to capture the white house. It was decided that the GOP must present a kinder gentler machine image to the public as opposed to the image of the Tea Party lunatics associated with the First Obama term. This new image would enable the Party to attract the new voters that the GOP would need to compete in 2016 - younger voters, latinos, and basically anyone who is not angry senior citizen.  To do this Party decided on a 3 point plan: (1) tone down all of the "bullshit," (2) pass immigration reform, and (3) use its majority in congress to do something called "governing."

So it came to pass that the Bosses handed the baton to a promising young first term Senator renown for giving good speeches. As a son of hyphenated-Americans, or Cuban immigrants, Marco Rubio would introduce a a plan for comprehensive immigration reform. He would be the face of the Party. A savior, so to speak. Right wing publications like the Weekly Standard would promote Young Marco and his immigration plan. Sure the Base would grumble along the way. But the new "Branding" initiative would, so it was planned, start off with a solid "success" story.  And the groundwork would be laid to attract new voters to the shrinking tent.

Unfortunately the Party forgot to address step 1 - tone down all the "bullshit" before moving to step 2 - immigration and step 3 - "governing." This "error" proved fatal to the "branding" initiative. Without having accomplished step 1, Young Marco's plan turned into a slow moving train wreck as tea party lunatics savaged the plan while bringing the House of Representatives to the verge of a palace coup.

And as Tea Party snipers turned their focus away from the Obamunist Thugocracy and trained their sights on GOP congressional leaders, the Party Bosses still held out hope that the 2016 primary could go as planned. Surely the Neanderthals would fall into line then.  The Party promised to field a "deep bench" of "impressive" candidates giving the voters a choice of several high quality candidates. What could go wrong?

Everything, it seems. It turns out that the crazy vote is bigger than the housebroken vote.  Without the ability to concentrate the establishment vote around a single non-crazy candidate circa Romney 2012, the crazy is reeking havoc with the selection process again turning the whole thing into a circus. Currently a scion of inherited wealth - a billionaire reality TV-show performer leads the field instead of someone from the "deep bench." A crazy former "brain" surgeon is next followed by a Joe McCarthy impersonator who turned renouncing his "Canadian citizenship" into a bizarre public spectacle. Rounding out the cast of clowns is the failed former Hewlett Packard CEO who was paid $21M by the corporation just to, and I am paraphrasing "please go away and stop hurting the company." So much for the "deep bench."

As we sit here in 2015, Operation Batshit has turned into a Frankenbagger meets Trumpenstein freak show. Operation Batshit, what once was seen as a fun way for the Republican establishment to sabotage the administration of the first African American President, has turned into frantic attempt to find the kill switch on the killer robot they created -  before it destroys Manhattan.

The time has come for good men to put country and party over personal ambition.

All RINOs and all RINOs in name only must immediately drop out of the race. This means Bush/Walker/Rubio/Kasich/Christie/Pataki must ALL drop out and endorse Mitt Romney.  He is the One Man who can be both Pro-Tea Party and Anti-Tea Party, Pro-Crazy and Pro-Sane, and Pro-Establishment and Pro-Insurgent AT THE SAME TIME.

This must come to pass. Only Romney can put this Beast down. He's done it before. If anyone can do it again, it's Mitt (maybe).

Redstate Blog: New "Southern Strategy" in works.....

....Cruzification of GOP is "plausible"

Via Erickson - Noted Goat Procreation Expert:
Cruz has a very plausible path to the nomination.

Consider as well the electoral map. Normally we have Iowa then New Hampshire then South Carolina then Florida then clusters of states.

This time we will have Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, then most of the southern states including Georgia and Texas before Florida.

Cruz, having horded his money and spent it wisely thus far, has the ability to bounce from Iowa into South Carolina doing well, then fan out across the South. There’s a reason he took a swing through southern states after the RedState Gathering. Cruz knows his path to victory lies through the south and the election calendar puts Southern states in play for the first time in a very long time.

We are still several months from the first votes being cast. But right now it is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) time and he has a team of people who know what is at stake
Keep in mind that Cruz does not likely have William Tecumseh Sherman in mind as he plans his march through Georgia and the rest of the South. I'd say the ol' nullifier and intellectual "father" of the Tea Party, John C Calhoun, is a more appropriate comparison.  Cruz, doubtfully will be appealing to the better angels of our nature as he descends upon the Appalachian Red Crescent and the states of the old cotton belt. More likely he'll be in full metal wingnut drag complete with tri-corner hat and confederate flag instead. 

All of which portends ominously for the party as a whole when you remember that its Party Elders are desperately trying to present a kinder gentler facade to the public. Here comes Cruz, his Southern Strategy and wagon train full of crazy as yet another nail in coffin of the Party Bosses Plans.

The Clown show could really crank up to 11 early next year.

Poll: Trump POWERFUL

The latest Foxnews Poll is out and it confirms what everyone already knows. Donald Trump is a Giant in a field of "morons."
25% - Donald Trump
12% - Crazy Ben Carson
10% - The Senator from Canada, Ted Cruz
   9% - Jeb Bush !!!
   6% - Mike Huckabee
   6% - Scott Walker
   5% - Carly Fiorina
   4 %- John Kasich
   4% - Marco Rubio
   3% - Rand Paul
   3% - Chris Christie
   1% - Rick Santorum
   1% - Rick Perry
   1% - Bobby Jindal
   1%-  George Pataki
   0% - Some Guy named "Jim Gilmore"
   0% - Lindsey Grahamnesty
I think we need lots more debates and a better Format too. If there were smaller groups with live voting via twitter or text knocking out the obvious losers in "real time" and then the "survivors" moving on to a next round, it'd be more relevent to what the public wants. 

You just repeat the process until there was a "winner," who of course would be Trump because he's simply terrific in any format.

Did Crazy Ben Carson win the first GOP debate?

Yes - according to Foxnews polling data:
Fox News released the results of the first major-outlet national poll since the first Republican debate  two weeks ago. Comparing those results to the Fox poll released immediately before the debate, we can, as objectively as possible, declare a winner: Ben Carson, who saw a five-point jump in the polls — a 71 percent increase over where he was two weeks ago....Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) also saw a big jump, rising four points. Carly Fiorina gained three — impressive because it more than doubled her support....Trump essentially held steady. ...Jeb Bush's change: He dropped six points — and three spots in the ranking.... Scott Walker also dropped a fair amount and is now in the third tier, which Fiorina has just joined. (Marco Rubio and John Kasich, whose debate performances were generally praised, basically didn't move.)
Young Marco and Kasich turn in "solid" performances, but it gets them no traction. Crazy Ben does his man yelling at clouds routine and Fiorina does her mean girl routine and both make the big moves. I guess this proves it. The GOP base love the cray-cray and the more you dish out, the bigger the reward. 

So this all means that Marco needs to step up his game. Desperately. Instead of holding his breath, stamping his feet and then shrieking about Cuba, I suggest proposing a "negative" capital gains tax. Instead of paying a capital gains tax to the IRS on profits after the sale of an asset, the government pays the tax to you, instead. That way every time a job creator sells one of his yachts, he'll get cash back from the government to go create more jobs or buy more yachts.

Its a crazy idea to be sure, but that's the whole point. People take tax cutting as "gospel," so they'll eat it up.  And maybe it'll be enough to move Marco up 10% in the polls.  

Friday, August 14, 2015

Huck lays down the DOUBLE BOOM

This is how you roll.  Being a player in the GOP requires lots of skillz that normal people just don't have. To be really good at it you have to be adept at what is called "making shit up." Don't hate the winger - hate the game.

When one of your rivals announces a super-secret plan to juice the economy, what do you do? Do you steal it, denounce it, belittle it or ignore it? No, man, not if you are Huck. You just announce a new DOUBLE-super secret plan the juice the economy!
Huckabee, the winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses, who is running as an economic populist, said 6 percent growth or more — notably upping the ante over Jeb Bush’s promise of 4 percent growth — would be possible through what he calls the Fair Tax, a type of national sales tax. Economists have expressed skepticism at Mr. Bush’s promise of 4 percent growth, so Mr. Huckabee’s 6 percent plan may cause even more raised eyebrows.
This follows the same script as the quadrennial GOP tax plans. Candidate A releases a reckless plan to take for poor and middle class folk in order to cut taxes for the mega rich. Candidate B sees this and thinks "Mother Fucker.  If that SOB thinks he can out Reagan me, he's crazy. Watch this. Medicaid you're a goner. School lunch for needy children - TOAST. All that shit gotta go under my administration."  Cue manical laugh.

So Huck is going hardcore Bush? Ya, man.  He'll see Bush's bullshit bogus plan and DOUBLE it. "You see me now Jeb!?"  Smooth Huck. Smooth.

Huck Steps up his GAME

Via the Wingnet:
Mike Huckabee: I would put a nativity scene outside the White House

If Mike Huckabee wins the presidency in 2016 you can expect to see a nativity scene outside his White House around Christmas, and he doesn’t want to hear any complaints about it.

“When the president lit up the White House the other night with rainbow colors, I guess that’s his prerogative,” Huckabee said on ABC’s This Week. “If I become president, I just want to remind people, please don’t complain if I were to put a nativity scene out during Christmas and say, ‘If it’s my house, I get to do with it what I wish, despite what other people around the country may feel about it.”

The former governor of Arkansas is a staunch social conservative who is not ready to give up the fight over same-sex marriage. He has called the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, “judicial tyranny,” and said the court’s decision will allow “a new level of discrimination against people of faith.
Smooth, baby. That 1-2% of the GOP that still support Rick Santorum, it sounds like Huck is their man.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

This is how you roll, baby!

Crank up the Foxbox to 11 and jam.
“In the modern Republican Party, making sense is a secondary consideration. Years of relentless propaganda combined with extreme frustration over the disastrous Bush years and two terms of a Kenyan Muslim terrorist president have cast the party’s right wing into a swirling suckhole of paranoia and conspiratorial craziness. There is nothing you can do to go too far, a fact proved, if not exactly understood, by the madman, Trump....

The irony is that this was supposed to be the year when the Republicans opened the tent up, made a sincere play for the Hispanic vote, and perhaps softened up a bit on gays and other vermin. But then the lights went on in the race and voters flocked to a guy whose main policy plank was the construction of a giant Game of Thrones-style wall to keep rape-happy ethnics off our lawns. So much for inclusion!”
Wow. Some people can be really mean.

Wingnut "confused" about mining, regulation and "stuff" in general

Via Powerline blog:
We wrote here and here about the Environmental Protection Agency’s colossal, three million gallon spill of mining waste containing lead, arsenic and other toxic substances into the Animas River in Colorado. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the agency is very sorry...

I don’t doubt that the EPA’s bureaucrats are upset, but will they actually bear responsibility for the spill as a private company would? Yesterday we contrasted the Animas River disaster with the far smaller Elk River, West Virginia discharge that happened last year. In that case, employees of the responsible company, Freedom Industries, were criminally prosecuted and did jail time. Does anyone at the EPA, or the EPA’s contractor that directly caused the Animas River spill, have to fear any such penalty? I doubt it. ...
The issue is that government is inherently less accountable, less transparent and less responsive than private industry. Bureaucrats are at least as likely as corporate executives to make mistakes, and when they do, they are far less likely to be held accountable to correct them. This is one of many reasons why we should repose less power in government, not more.
The EPA is responsible for cleaning up the environmental damage accumulated over 100 years of unregulated mining. There are 1000s of abandoned mines in the western US containing lead, arsenic and other toxic substances. Who did this? Who is responsible for this mess? Wingnut is very confused. It may all be related to the "Obamabulb" for all he knows. 

But, in the reality based community, the answer is very simple. Private Companies operating without environmental regulations did this. The people that ran these companies "externalized" the environmental damage, privatized the profits and walked away leaving the public to deal with the aftermath. A century later the public is still dealing the consequences of their conduct.

Wingnut's response is classic - we need more unregulated industry. Sigh. There are some days when I feel great disappointment in the Kenyan Strongman. Still. Despite everything we've gone through over the past decade and there are no FEMA Run Camps. What gives?

Here we have the unhinged, unwashed lunatic fringe flailing around free to spout bullshit about this and that. But nothing ever gets done. To the tinfoil hat brigade the "tragedy of the commons," like global warming, is all part of a conspiracy being pushed by a cabal of Middle School teachers.

 Don't trust Mr. Brown and the 7th grade power structure. They're all in on it, man!


I guess, practically, those FEMA run camps were never a realistic possibility. Instead we will have to wait until many of these poor souls age out of the system. Such is life.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

POLL: Trump ASCENDENT; Dominating; Spectacular

Yesterday a PPP poll of Iowa likely caucus goers showed the Obvious. Trump is simply "the Best" candidate out there. Also notable is Fiorina move up from the children's table to the big time.
19% - Trump
12% - Crazy Ben; Walker
11% - Bush !!!
10% - Fiorina
  9% - Tailgunner Ted
  6% - Good ol' Huck; Rubio
  3% - Kasich; Paul

  2% - Jindal; Undecided; Perry; Santo
  1% - Christie
  0% - Gilmore; Graham; Pataki
There is also news on the internets - possibly Good News for Rick Santorum! And the news is this: Rick Perry and perhaps Rand Paul are on the verge of dropping out of the race. This, of course, means that Santo has a chance to move up a couple spots toward the big leagues.

Perhaps this has been Santo's strategy all along. Just wait until the candidates ahead of you crash and burn and then move up. If he plays his cards right and say there is a couple of multi-candidate collisions resulting in abhorrent carnage, Santo could find himself in the top 5. From there its anyone's race. Crazy like a Fox that Rick Santorum.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Trump solidifying Lead amid Kelly inspired VICIOUSNESS

There is a certain presidential test that people want the candidates to meet to gain their approval. Its toughness. Its the 3AM phone call.  People want to know that the President can get the job done when the chips are down.

 If you can't stand up to Megyn Kelly, how can you stand up to Vladimir Putin? People want to know.  If you can't stand up to the Goat Explicative Child Molester Bullshit from RedState Blog, how can folks expect you to stand up to the radical fringe in America?  There is one man in America who has stared down this challenge. Donald Trump passes this test....easily.

The people get this. And nothing reflects the Trumpmentum sweeping America like this new post-debate super scientific poll released over the weekend. Despite an organized effort by the propagandists at Foxnews and despite desperate effort by his RINO challengers, Trump remains in control:
 23% - Trump
 13% - Cruz
 11% - Carson
   8% - Fiorina
   8% - Rubio
   7% - Bush!!!
   7% - Walker
   5% - Huck
   5% - Paul II
   2% - Perry  ---LINE OF IRRELEVANCE---                
   2% - Kasich
   1% - Christie
   1% - Grahamnesty
   0% - Santorum
   0% - Pataki
Tailgunner Ted Cruz is the one guy who has been brave enough not to join in the Anti-Trump Foxnews inspired propaganda campaign. He has refused to criticize Trump and the people are rewarding him with second place in the poll. They probably want him to be Trump's VP.  It makes sense when you think about it like that. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

ITS OFFICIAL: Trump "crushes" it in debate

Some take aways from last night's debate.

First. If you watched the debate and played the drinking game, you probably don't remember
too much of it....which probably is not a bad thing.

Biggest Disappointment.  That is took so long to say the word "Benghazi."  Seriously. I expected better from these guys.

Best performance. Trump. Trump simply is the best at what he does. Whether its building hotels, filing for bankruptcy or firing Meatloaf and Little John, nobody is better at it than Trump.

Least Bad performance. Christie.  You have a problem with that?

Most Lame performance. From the "JV" team, the nod goes to Grahamnesty. When he wasn't about to nod off, he was busy turning questions about anything (like abortion) into a pitch for sending  American teenagers to fight and die in Iraq and Syria.

Meanest Performance. From the JV team, it had to be Fiorina. The wingnet is unanimous about this one. It was almost a "starburst" level performance for John McCain's economic adviser. I can almost see Rich Lowry replacing the Sarah Palin Poster on his bedroom wall.

Ramblingest Performance. Bush!!! Bush needed to come off as the grown up. He didn't. This gives one more admiration for Mitt Romney and his ability to be surrounded by even bigger losers while appearing calm. Can a draft Mitt movement be far off. One can dream.

Most charismatic performance. Anyone but Scott Walker. The Wisconsin Wonderkind played to form last night showing as much warmth as a 40-watt bulb. And by 40 watt bulb, I don't mean the old fashioned burn your hand kind but the new-fangled energy-efficient  Obamabulbs.

Most Surprising Performance. Rick Perry - from the JV team. In a demolition derby, it is reasonable to expect someone to run shrieking from a wreckage while in flames. That he'd didn't catch on fire shocked many. Maybe the new "smart" glasses work. Congrats to Perry.

Showed the Most Potential. Young Marco Rubio.  The youthful senator has his schtick down. Past - bad. Future - Good.

Dan Quayle Award. Crazy Ben Carson.  Foxnews is going to send one or more of these guys down to the minor leagues. It could be Crazy Ben.

Candy Crowley Award. Megyn Kelly.  While Foxnews is supposed to be "Fair and Balanced," the Foxnews Blonde repeatedly asked Trump questions that were "not nice” or "appropriate”  and in general behaved "very nasty" toward The Donald. Someone should file a complaint with Roger Ailes or better yet ban her from future debates.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

OFFICIAL: GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules

The internet has released the official GOP drinking game rules. These are "official."

Some highlights:
1. Donald Trump mentions his wealth, or how smart he is.

2. A candidate mentions Benghazi

3. A candidate says, "This president..."

4. A candidate whines about not getting called on enough.

5. Someone promises to "take America back."

7. Anyone mentions Hitler, Nazis or Neville Chamberlain. Includes related imagery, e.g. "ovens."

8. The crowd cheers a racist/bigoted statement by a candidate.


10. A candidate talks about "stopping Hillary Clinton."


13. Anyone invokes St. Ronald Reagan.

Drink EVERY time a candidate:

14. Claims a positive relationship with a minority. Also known as the, "Some of my best friends are…" rule.


Drink EVERY TIME you hear the word(s):

17. "I'm not a scientist."

18. "You can keep your doctor."

19. "ACORN."


23. "Culture of dependency."


24. "Kenya."

25. "All Lives Matter."
FWIW. This could be a very dangerous game.

Wingnet: Candidates "running scared" before debate

According to the wingnet, people associated with the GOP primary know that they are riding in a clown car. This becomes a big a problem when the rest of America has a chance to turn on Foxnews for tonights debate.  Will viewers see a debate, a carnival or something even more fucked up like a full out freak show. 

What is good for Foxnews and ratings may not be good for the GOP, is what these guys are thinking. And who can blame them? The GOP has descended into a teabag fueled crazy fest throughout the Obama Administration, so why should the cray-cray stop now.
Conversations with aides from some of the leading campaigns suggest that, while they know the presence of Donald Trump makes the primetime debate unpredictable, they have a hunch — and certainly a hope — that it could be a pretty well-behaved and fireworks-free discussion. And that would be absolutely fine with them.
They readily admit that what Trump does will determine the character of the debate. They've been watching Trump's statements in the run-up to the debate and have noted that he has not sounded particularly aggressive or confrontational. Looking back on Trump's behavior the last several weeks, they note that his attacks on other candidates came after those other candidates attacked him — when Trump is hit, he tends to hit back twice as hard. But they haven't seen Trump initiating fights with his GOP rivals, and they have a feeling — again, the hope — that if they don't try to pick a fight with him, he won't go after them.
For some of the candidates, an event this big, with so many eyes watching, and at the same time so early in the primary schedule, means that there is no good reason for them to try something spectacular, to try to hit it out of the park.
There is an old saying about curiousity killing the cat. But for some of these guys, if they don't go big they are going home. And by going home I mean they'll get relegated to the kids table for a "losers" debate next time around. You think Bobby Jindal ain't chomping a the bit for a call up to take one of these clowns place in the "major leagues," then you are smoking crack.  So caution may not be your friend. You better be prepared to mix it up.

Aaron Burr did not almost get to do be a dictator of a new country based in Mississippi by playing it safe. No man. He did it by stabbing people in the back and shooting them in the face. If you are down GOP, you got to do the same if you are going to play the game.  That's all I am saying.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Steele gets it - It's all a Con job, man

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele:
“If you look at the whole Republican Party, from libertarians to evangelicals to the Tea Party, you have a group of people who’ve been lied to for 35 years.”
The rubes have told for years that if they "play along" eventually they'll win a giant stuffed animal.  It may take a long time, but in the end they'll be winners. But.....they never win because the game is rigged. The rich fella' gets a tax cut and their job gets shipped over seas. So instead of winning the prize, they get kicked in the balls. Over. And. Over.

If that is not bad enough, some of the poor bastards don't know that they are pawns in the game. They think that the carnival is real.   These are the people backing Donald Trump.

RedState Blogger slowly realizing that he's a member of an"out group"

The "end times" may come soon (for the the GOP).

Via Erickson
We live in interesting times — times where those who used to rail against the culture embrace it and times when those who thought they were the culture realize they are on the outside.

We live in times when politicians hide behind lies to avoid action.

We lives in times where the accumulation of the lies suddenly unravels them.

The current fight over Planned Parenthood has given Republican and pro-life activists a cause that unites a vast part of the Republican coalition. The pro-life cause, after all, is about the only seam left holding the Republicans together. While there are more pro-abortion Republicans than pro-life Democrats, the GOP is fundamentally still the pro-life party.

If the Republican Party is to continue to exist, it must have this fight. And it will have this fight.
Its good to have these "useful idiots" when your game plan is to generate maximum anger at the Totalitarian Obamunist Regime in Washington. Its all one big happy Tea Party then. But then it gets late and its time for everyone to go home. Everyone laughed, imbibed too much and a great time was had by all - RINO and Patriot alike. Except for one thing - these assholes refuse to leave. They won't go anywhere. You can't get rid of them. Its a one big effing tea party 24/7 for them.

So now you are stuck with them. But they are not like a crazy drunk uncle that you can ignore at thanksgiving. You need these guys in even numbered years. This means that you just have to put up with all the bullshit - like a vote on a bill to protect displays of confederate flags at Federal locations while funeral services are being held in Charleston. And it is always like this - some crazy demand followed by drama. Drama. There is always drama. These guys just can't quit the drama.

This leads to another Law of the Wingnet. On the wingnet "We live in interesting times." Important and dramatic times. Significant times. Perhaps near the end of times. Whatever the case may be, out of all of human history, the shit that is happening today is the most significant/dramatic of all time to the wingnet. This means that the next election will always promise to be the most important in all of history. Hint: it won't be.

This also  means that if you are a winger in a basement in Georgia and you are writing a post about the significance of HR 372 (or some other birght shiny object) to mankind and positing that unless it becomes the law of the land, humanity is doomed, you are punch drunk on the wingnuttery again. In all of human history HR 372 (or whatever) is relatively insignificant.  The next election may be important, but the odds are high that it won't be the most important one in history - regardless of what the wingnet says, because of ....drama.

That's the law of the wingnet - drama.

Why is Marco Rubio so "Lame"

The Wingnet knows why the youthful inexperienced compelling speaker has caught on in the polls yet:
But Trump's ascendance has affected all the Republican candidates. For Rubio, though, something else is happening. "Rubio has an even bigger challenge...Jeb Bush is beer, and Rubio is lite beer. [Bush] has a more mature brand in his category. Many voters see Rubio, charismatic as he is, as Jeb Bush without the experience. In NASCAR terms, Rubio is drafting behind Jeb's car and only has a chance if Jeb's car hits the wall and clears the way ahead, so voters can pay attention to him."
This means, naturally, that Rubio must be praying for a demolition derby style crack up in the far turn.

Lots of flames, wreckage, hilarious news coverage as candidate implode, etc. You know, just normal stuff that happens every 4 years when the clown show starts up. So....its business as usual in a GOP primary.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Internets: 1st GOP Debate Likely Set

With the clock winding down, the first GOP debate in Cleveland looks set - barring any last minute "bullshit" moves or big polling swings. Polling averages show Trump waaay out in front and place the fight for the last debate podium between Kasich and Perry with Kasich having the edge.

Here's how it looks:

It almost seems unfair that Rick Santorum will be left off the debate stage since Santo was the runner up in 2012. However life is not fair. Today he is just some "loser."

But there is good news for the "losers."  Some of their competitors are sure to implode in the next several months creating an opportunity to "move up" to the adult table at future debates.

Monday, August 3, 2015

POLL: Trump CRUSHING field

A new Monmouth Poll is out and it shows the power of Trumpmentum as The Donald is waaay ahead of the pack.

Could it be time for a “Draft Mitt Romney” moment? Of course. No election is really complete without some sort of Mitt Romney defeat along the way.

To the polls:
26.0% - Trump
12.2% - Bush
11.1% - Walker
  5.8% - Cruz
  5.7% - Huckabee
  4.6% - Carson
  4.4% - Christie
  4.4% - Paul
  4.4% - Rubio
  3.2% - Kasich    ---Line of Death---              
  1.9% - Fiorina
  1.8% - Perry
  1.2% - Jindal
  1.0% - Santorum
  0.7% - Graham
  0.4% - Pataki
  0.0% - Gilmore
In sense this shouldn’t be too surprising.

You have an establishment candidate named “Bush” that the Base has little use for.  Walker has the charisma of a 40-watt bulb.  Cruz-Carson-Huck should all be carnival barkers.  Paul can’t decide if he is a warmonger or not.  Rubio is a first term senator who can do little else other than give a good speech and maybe someday “Community Organizing.” 

Kasich recently told an Obamacare Hater that she may be going to hell.  Fiorina was John “The Fundamentals of the Economy are strong” McCain’s economic advisor.  Try as he might, Perry cannot live down his “Oops” moment.  Jindal has trashed Louisiana. 

Santorum was the second place finisher in 2012 – by default. Unfortunately, this time around a vast Anti-Santorum conspiracy is keeping him down.  I don’t know if this true, but I hear that Rick Perry is a lot smarter than Graham. This may because Graham is dumb enough to believe that climate change is real. So he's out.

Gilmore and Pataki? Nobody has heard of these guys – if they are even real people. So of course Trump is at the top. It’s where he belongs.

Game Changer: Cruz UNLEASHED

In a world dominated by the crazy, One candidate strides above the chaos and confusion. And that man is Ted Cruz who offers "the base" the most compelling argument for his candidacy to date....:

Friday, July 31, 2015

Possibility of Government Shutdown on RISE; Dark Clouds on Horizon

Currently the possibility of a government shutdown this fall is estimated at 40% - just up from 33% where it stood at in mid-July. This according to long time budget expert Stan Collender. The reason (again) is Republican Party turmoil. Speaker Boehner is unable to mollify hard core tea party demands on Military spending, various items in the budget, and bright shiny objects like the Ex-Im Bank. Add to that mix the clown car that is the GOP primary with it attendant publicity seeking stunts and we have a recipe for disaster. Plus if there is one thing you can expect from the Tea Party, like raccoons, they are unable to resist bright and shiny things.

Well, it may be time to add another birght and shiny thing to the must have wish list and ratchet up the possibility of a shutdown even higher. Over at RedState Blog, noted Goat Procreation Expert Erick Erickson is calling for a Government Shutdown to Shutdown Planned Parenthood likening the organization to the Nazis (sigh).

 I know what people are thinking. "Erickson is a nutjob." This is true, ya. But he is also a nutjob who can spin a web of craziness that can ensnare the most seasoned GOP presidential candidates.

Remember a guy named "Mitt Romney" and his "47%" meme. It came from Erickson last time around. Why Romney felt he had to belittle 47% of Americans as moochers is a testament to the Crazy. Its a Powerful force, man.  Add to it the strange fact that GOP Presidential Candidates feel compelled to attend and speak at his RedState Blog events. Add in some Crazy, Plus some undercover edited videos intended to cast a shit storm down on Planned Parenthood and we may have the makings of a perfect storm.

The call has been issued:
If Republicans are not willing to make this their hill to die on and even see the government shutdown to stop this, the Republican Party needs to be shut down.

The Party of Lincoln that rose from the ashes of a whig Party that would not stand up to slavery must stand up to this evil. The American public is staring evil in the face and it looks a lot like them. It must end.

If Abraham Lincoln’s party will not fight to stop a practice that defends itself with the same arguments used by proponents of slavery, it is time for a new party....You will be made to care about this. You will not be allowed to sit by and make excuses. You will be not be allowed to say it is tissue, goo, or innocent. These are human beings. These are the future of this country harvested for their organs. They are being killed. The arguments in support of it are the arguments in support of slavery. This is evil and you must care.

This must end

And if anyone does not think that Planned Parenthood has replaced Obamacare as the 21st century's version of chattel slavery, Erickson offers this:
This is really, really simple.

If Republicans do not defund Planned Parenthood, they will see a great portion of their base vanish overnight. That is not an exaggeration.

Planned Parenthood, we now know, is killing living children who have already been born, cutting them up, and harvesting their organs.

If Abraham Lincoln’s Party cannot go to war against that where war is not bullets, just a government shut down until the President relents, then Abraham Lincoln’s Party needs to be put on the ash heap of history. It really is that simple.

Either defund Planned Parenthood or do not defund Planned Parenthood. The future of the Republican Party is at stake
 Playing Abraham Lincoln trying to lead a secessionist movement in the states of the old confederacy over health insurance was always destined to fail. And it was always blisteringly stupid, too. "If Health Insurance is not wrong," thundered Lincoln, "then nothing is wrong!"  Nope. That doesn't work. Various wingers tried this approach and failed (sigh). The abortion thing works much better.

So. Which GOP candidate plays carnival barker on this issue? Ted Cruz is the obvious choice. When it comes to cray-cray, he always seems to find a way to the front of the line.

Time to gear up the culture war and lace up your boots. It may be getting deep soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wingnut Perplexed by World Again

Via Powerline:
We Live In a World Gone Mad
These are perilous times: Iran is on its way to getting the bomb, Russia is on the march, China’s economy is teetering, the U.S. has a historic election in prospect. So what is the number one news story in the world? Cecil the lion....
Others have pointed out the weird disproportion between the world-wide outpouring of outrage over the death of Cecil the lion, and the relatively muted and mixed reaction to Planned Parenthood’s selling of babies’ body parts. Fair enough. But all such analogies aside, global interest in Cecil strikes me as inexplicable....
I don’t know, maybe it’s the silly season–the dog days of summer, or something. First Caitlyn, now Cecil. One can only hope that the world will get back to serious news before long.
It's got to be tough being a winger. Popular culture don't get you and you don't get it. But there are always clouds to yell at. So there is that. Plus - "get off my lawn."