Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wingnut Resurrects 47% Meme

Via Powerline Blog:
Barack Obama really is a Teflon president: for close to half of Americans, the facts bounce off him. Because they really don’t care about the facts; either that or they are cashing government checks and are indifferent to anything else. This does not bode well for our democracy.
When everyone you know voted for Romney and the Foxnews programs you watched and all the blog posts you read agreed that Obama was the worst president in history, coming to grips with the President's re-election can be quite challenging, naturally.  You start blaming everyone but yourself for your confusion and anger. The voters are stupid. The voters don't care about facts i.e., wingnut mythology. The 47% are just in it for the handouts, etc.  It's not your fault that more people don't understand what is really happening, i.e., wingnut mythology.

It is sad. So sad.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GOP hires $500/hr Ambulance Chaser to sue "Tyrant" Obama

In meanwhile in America, the fella' working at the Walmart makes $7.25/hr:
House Republicans revealed Monday they will pay an outside law firm $500 an hour to pursue their lawsuit against President Barack make the legal case that Mr. Obama overstepped his legal authority in implementing the Affordable Care Act. ...

The contract signed and released by Rep. Candice Miller (R., Mich.), who chairs the Committee on House Administration, calls for the law firm to be paid $500 an hour in attorney’s fees while litigating the case. It also sets a hard cap of $350,000 for the total that can be paid to the law firm during the contract, which runs until the next Congress takes over in 2015.
Not a bad three months work - $350,000. This is true.

But the real victim here is not the ordinary workin' fella' who is helping to foot the bill for this tom foolery and its certainly not truth and decency either. Truth and decency have no place in the Mad House known as the House of Representatives. This is true. Everyone knows this - especially Speaker Boehner, bless his heart. 

The real tragedy here is the marginal tax rate that someone like this Ambulance Chaser is likely to pay on the hard earned fruits of his labor. This is true.

Who will speak for him?  But the sad truth is that nobody will speak for him. He's history's forgotten man.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Strange Things that Enrage the Fringe

The GOP is always denouncing something to placate the far right fringe of their party. Its not that it really wants to denounce the outrage of the day, but rather that it feels that it has no other choice than doing it. Think of it as a cost of doing business.

One day its the Octo-mom and the next day its the High School Advanced Placement US History Test. DAMN the Octo-mom and DAMN AP-USH as Reince Priebus issues a stern denunciation written in THUNDER!  Its always something. 

While the GOP has yet to denounce it (and surely won't-can't???), one of the latest outrages seems to focus on the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The ice bucket challenge is really outrageous for a number of reasons.  You see, the (liberal) Scientists may use stem cells during their research, i.e., they are murdering people, yet all is fun and games as Folks across America watch videos their friends and neighbors as buckets of ice water are poured over their heads. You'd think that having a bucket of ice water poured over their heads would bring the sheeple to their senses about the mass-murder underway, but it doesn't.

There are other reasons for the outrage (of course) like conformity in the face of liberalism - whatever this means and that whole thing distracts people from the real issues of the day - like Benghazi. 

And so it goes.

Well one of them has had enough of it and is calling out the bullshit:
In the last six years, I’ve heard constant laments about how conservatives have lost the culture and how that has ruined our country. I hear apocalyptic predictions and rants about Hollywood, the media, the schools etc. I hear people complain about how we aren’t fighting enough and we’re being too nice to our “enemies.” In short there is a lot of unpleasantness, nastiness, and just flat out whining.

Case in point is this silly thread, wherein a bunch of members whinge insufferably about one of the most fun and creative philanthropy efforts ever created,  one of the few truly useful and worthwhile things that Facebook has ever contributed to the world: the ice bucket challenge. ...
You know why no one wants to listen to conservative messages? Because all too often they are couched in the sour grapes, scolding sentiments that are expressed here. No one listens to cranks and no one wants to follow them either.

You don’t like the ice bucket challenge? Well, I won’t bother asking you to be a part of it. What I will do, though, is point out that if you want to change the world, you better show you have a sense of humor, are willing to laugh at yourself, and have a heart that cares about the suffering of your fellow man.

If people don’t believe you are capable of those things, you can’t expect them to be persuaded by you.
In other words "I know this is an asylum but you are not in charge of it. You are the inmates so just STFU for a little while."  

In a perfect world, there would be a government run program to assist folks as they try tame the crazy and rework the GOP into a functioning party that can be trusted to govern the country in the event that an ill-timed recession or scandal turns the Democratic Party out of office. 

It'll happen - it always does because in America eventually your side / the other side will win an election.  So the conservative thing to do - kinda like buying insurance - would be to lay the groundwork to allow the GOP return as a responsible partner in shaping America's future. America needs a sane opposition party. That it does not have one is a problem.

Not sure how to do this. Maybe a series of FEMA run camps and public education campaigns - maybe we go hardcore by amending Common Core to kill the cray-cray in the crib.  And since we are getting blamed for doing this with Common Core now, we might as well just go ahead and do it in the real world too.

Or maybe we just say to hell with it and start up a government program to re-establish the Whig party as a sane alternative. I don't know. Something should be done.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Yep. Both the GOP and the Tea Party treat the Base like RUBES

For a generation, the RINO Establishment has been feeding their voters a steady diet of lies, half-truths, horror stories, fables or just "bullshit" so to speak. Hey, the end justifies the means if it gets them angry enough to get to the polls. That's because them RINOs want these foot soldiers marchin' to the polls!  The Downside is the risk that enough of 'em will end up believing in the bullshit they've been fed and decide go marchin' down to the polls to do some RINO hunting, too. C'est La Vie.

And of course we know that The Base is also preyed upon by hucksters in the Tea Party, some of whom urge these mostly older working folks to convert their retirement funds into Gold Based Investments at the height of a Gold Bubble to avoid the Obamapacalypse. And yes - their is a special inner-circle of hell set aside for these Hucksters as they age out of the game.

Now comes this Mean-spirited Chart as a further example of Tea Party Hucksterism:

Rippin' off the Rubes
I know what folks are thinking.

So what if these Tea Party Groups like the losers at the Madison Project are ripping right wing millionaires off. This is true, but Hucksters like the ones running the Madison Project are also ripping off ordinary folks guilty of mainly not knowing the Foxnews was mostly "just a bunch of BS." The Rubes are our neighbors, friends and even family members and when they are not in a position to help themselves, the rest of us can still give 'em a helping hand up.

Dispatches from the 2012 Campaign - I speak for the Makers and all their Makering Ways

Man. Some day the social scientist and historians are going to have a field day looking back at the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  The conclusion will be simple. The GOP was barking mad and probably should have just been put down (in a perfect world).

Take this Doctor Seuss style remake of the Lorax but spun into an ominous tale about the Nortax, the Makers and the Entitl-eeds. Seriously take it. Somebody at the AEI wrote it and probably got some wingnut-welfare dollars to do it!

What great fun - hoisting the libertards on their own petard and it was sure to help Romney win his historic landslide victory....Lots of poor deluded bastards believed these things back in those days....because the GOP was barking mad - really really barking mad.

Anyway here's the tale of the Nortax....and of the makers and the takers and of the looters and the moochers.....and the coming landslide.
At the far end of the land once red, white, and blue
Is the spot where the Nortax spoke what was true
The Sam-ler’s still there; he knows why the Nortax set sail
Ask him politely and he’ll tell you the tale. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Deep Thoughts with Thomas Sowell

LIVE FROM THE WINGNET - If its Thursday, its Hitler-time, baby!
British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was a hawk compared to Barack Obama. At least Chamberlain was building up his country’s military forces while trying to appease Hitler. Obama is cutting back on our military forces while our enemies around the world are expanding theirs.
Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly.

If the world was a fair and just place, one wouldn't have to travel far or suffer in pain and shame for very long being finding relief from Hitler-tourette syndrome. I mean you wouldn't have to right like a million blog posts comparing your political opponents to Nazis before a kindly (government subsidized) counselor heard your desperate cries and got you the help you need.  "There, there fella'. You're with friends now. My name is Bob. I'm from the government and I'm here to help. How about we set the keyboard down, sit-a-spell and talk about it."

But the world is not fair and it is not just and there is no government provided refuge for sufferers of Hitler-tourette syndrome. Instead they are cast about the internets with nothing to calm their fear - impulsively pounding out pixel and pixel about the Nazi style horrors that they see reflected in everyday life. It must be a terrible fate to suffer.  But the world is not fair.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

OPERATION OUTREACH Continues to flounder

Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe provides us of another example of why Conservatives basically just piss people off when writing about race.
Once upon a time, Eric Holder called for us to engage in a conversation about race. If that conversation were to be frank, it would have to start with the brute and ugly fact pointed out by Jason Riley. I do not doubt that racial prejudice still exists, but it does not constitute a serious obstacle to African-American advancement. The most grievous problems that African-Americans face today have little or nothing to do with the conduct of ordinary white people. Of course, they may well have something to do with white conduct in the past, which has a lingering effect. But nothing can be done about that. ...

If Barack Obama and Eric Holder were actually interested in the welfare of the likes of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, they would level with their fellow African-Americans. They would initiate a genuinely frank conversation about race aimed at altering African-American conduct. As things stand, they are only interested in manipulating African-American fear and anger for short-term political gain ... Apart from Jason Riley (and Bill Cosby), there are only a handful of African-Americans who care enough about the welfare of their fellow African-Americans to have the courage to level with them and there are even fewer whites (liberal or conservative). In the mainstream media the former are treated as traitors to their race and the latter are demonized as racists.

Do not get me wrong. I am not so naive as to suppose that simply telling the truth about moral breakdown within the African-American community will miraculously change conduct. I will only assert that, until the truth is acknowledged and becomes a subject for rumination within that community and the nation at large, things will most certainly not get better for those among our fellow citizens who happen to be black.
In other words, America has operated with a racial caste system for 350 out of its 400 year history in which people of color have been systematically oppressed. But this legacy of institutional racism is over now and "nothing can be done" about its "lingering effects." And certainly we should not talk about any of this late unpleasantness.

All that matters now is that Racism is over. If there is a problem within the African-American Community it is not due to racism or "its lingering effects" but rather due to "moral breakdown." This is "a hard truth."  Furthermore, the few African-Americans who care enough about their fellow citizens "to level with them" are traitors to their race and the few white folks that speak the Hard Truth are demonized as racists.

All of which is really astounding.  In right-wing counter culture, it is believed that there are only a "handful" of African-Americans who actually care about other black folks. ONLY A HANDFUL. The rest, by inference do not. I'd say that's a fairly arrogant statement.

But such is the perspective of an ideologue. Which leaves one wondering how conservatives who believe that the timeless wisdom of the past, tradition, and community should serve as the basis for the cultural norms that society is to respect today, can also lecture black folks that they have to forget their own history while demanding that they pretend that all those "lingering effects" of the racial caste system don't matter.  Because.....and get do otherwise is ......what the real racists do.

So all of which goes to demonstrate that when movement conservatives try to address race, the discussion invariably descends into yet just another lecture about family values. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paul Ryan Viciously MOCKED!!!!!!

This is simply awful. 

According to the internets, Paul Ryan's book publisher mistakenly put the wrong cover on the upcoming Ryan Manifesto.

Fortunately there is something you can do about it. Simply go to this (mean spirited) web site, print the right cover and take it down to the local book store and swap it out. Its citizen's action at its best.

Sounds good, right?  But its not. It's a HOAX!!!!

This book cover goes with one of Paul Ryan's old Manifestos - The Roadmap, not his new one "The Way Forward." You see new Paul Ryan is not so sure that he still believes in the stuff that old Paul Ryan was selling.  Or at least The New Paul Ryan agrees that he needs far better marketing.

There is so much meanness in the world and the internets are full of it.

TEA Party Celebrating VICTORY in TN CD-4

"Them RINOs been run off."

The "Georgia Effect" may have sealed the deal for Tea Party.

As the Grim House to House, Precinct to Precinct fighting provisional ballot counting winds down, the internets are reporting the possibility of a dangerous and dark scheme.

Reading between the lines, it appears that someone may have tried to steal the election, but who!?!

Everyone knows that the RINOs are (usually) up to no good and would screw over the Tea Party in a heart beat - if they can get away with it, but did the Tea Party out-do them this time?   Nobody really can tell yet.
Grundy County May Be Key In DesJarlais-Tracy Vote

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A tiny Tennessee county could take center stage in the bitter Fourth Congressional Republican primary.

More than a week after election day, Congressman Scott DesJarlais is clinging to a 38-vote lead over his challenger, state Sen. Jim Tracy.

All 16 counties in the district will have certified their election results by Thursday.

After that, the losing candidate has five days to challenge the outcome.

If the race is challenged, Grundy County, which cast fewer than 1,000 votes, may become critically important.

On Election night, Tracy boldly declared that he had won.

"We've counted all the counties," Tracy said. "We know where we are. We are up by 1,900 votes with Grundy County out."

Grundy County being out became very important.

After Grundy reported its results, and other counties finished reporting their totals, Tracy fell behind by 35 votes.

Some Tracy supporters question why Grundy waited so long to release its results.

When the county did, DesJarlais won big: 736 votes to 197.

The Tennessee Secretary of State's Office, which oversees elections, said a vote counting machine in Grundy County crashed, forcing workers to count ballots by hand.
But Tracy supporters also question the wide margin of victory.
Here is what we know.

Teahadists, fresh off stinging defeats in Mississippi, Kansas and Oklahoma had fled to and were rallying for a last stand in rural Tennessee. We know that several Teahadists recently were caught locked in a County Building after hours doing who knows what to ballots from the Mississippi runoff election.

We know that a vote counting machine "crashed" in Grundy County (near the Georgia State line) and that workers in the "county building" had to "count" ballots by hand. After the "count" there was a huge swing in the margin that was just "enough" to surprisingly put the Tea Party guy in the lead by "35 votes." And today with just 10-15 provisional ballots left to be counted, the Tea Party guy's "lead" has grown to "38 votes."

And this all means that we are expected to believe that the RINO guy has lost to a guy who is basically just "the worst fucking guy" in Congress, a "shitheel" and "an all around douche-bag."

I wonder.......

I don't know but this all sounds kind of fishy to me. The internets say that Grundy County is pretty close to Georgia as a crow flies. And we know that "the Georgia Effect" is likely real as Georgia really is locked in a death struggle with Texas for the distinction of having the most crazy-extreme State GOP in America.

This means that the Cray-Cray has a tendency to "spill over" state lines like it has when it spread southward into suburban Jacksonville, FL,  stronghold of Impeachment Hawk Ted Yolo who is definitely "out there." As a practical matter, we know or have know that the crazy that has infected North Georgia - specifically FEMA Camp Follower Congressman Paul Broun's District does not obediently stop at the Tennessee Line. You have to know that some of it will "spill over" over the state line and move say, maybe, Grundy County. You just have to accept that this is the way things are and that things are the way they are for a reason. That's Burke talking and its solid.

Technically, the Georgia Effect could partially explain the suspicious "crash" of the vote countin' machine - large numbers of voters infected with "the crazy" marched en-mass to the polls and voted for the worst guy in Congress. That's possible. Or, perhaps, a single voter or a "Tea Party cell" did something sinister which lead to the vote countin' machine to crash which then introduced "human error" as an explanation for the surprising vote margin in favor of "the worst guy" in congress.

Either way a long detailed and thorough investigation to get to the bottom of all this is warranted.  In the meantime there must be a recount. Leave no chad un-scrutinized.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

GOP Rep.: Obama tryin' to trick us into impeaching him!!!

According to GOP congressman Rep. Mick Mulvaney the President is setting an impeachment "trap" for the GOP:
"Believe me, let's make one thing perfectly clear. The only people who want impeachment more than the right wing of the Republican Party is the entire Democrat Party....

They're desperate for impeachment. They would love to be able to talk about impeachment and immigration between now and the November elections, instead of talking about jobs, and the economy, and health care. They are desperate to change the dialogue, which is exactly why you heard the president starting to talk about his amnesty cause he's begging to be impeached."
Obama's always up to something.  When he's not busy tyrannizing people, he's busy surrendering or apologizing to 'em. And when he ain't doing them things, he's trying to trick folks.  It just that when the GOP finds out what he's up to, its too late to do anything about it.  By then Obama has 'em!

Wingnut says whaaat.....cntd???????

Every once and a while one can find some good Stuff out on the internets and by good I mean Cray-Cray:
the Erdogan and Obama administrations are eerily similar. However, the fact remains that while the Turkish leader can easily be referred to as a tyrant without fear of reprisal, even a whisper of the same about Obama will earn one relegation to the “tin-foil hat” crowd. We’ve known this for a long time, but Erdogan may actually become useful to conservatives that want to point out the real problems the Obama administration has been creating.
Via Ricochet Blog comparing Liberals to Tyrants
When you look at the front page of Ricochet blog, you see that there is just one guy out dozens of front pagers who is intellectually honest and interested in improving discourse and not suffering from derangement syndrome. Just one guy.

The rest of 'em chatter amongst themselves about various conspiracy theories, foxnews nonsense, coming Romney landslides and outrages of their own imaginations. Some of 'em no doubt try their best at making sense of things - bless their hearts - but that's the state of the wingnet. Its just bankrupted into a collection of delusional and disillusioned souls. Its sad, really.

As to what can be done about it, there is one thing we can do. Invest in "tin-foil" because there is always gonna be a demand. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wingnut says whaaat....cntd?????????

Here's another is a series of ramblings from the wingnet re-posted but without context....because it really just doesn't matter.

Let's go to the grievance of the DAY!
Is Krugman auditioning for a minor supporting role in a statist remake of The Graduate, in which phosphorus is substituted for plastic as the world-beating one-word advice for the ambitious?
There's not much that can be done, here. Obamacare, thankfully, includes mental health care. But you know the old saying - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make 'em drink.

But in this case it would be polluted water, because that is the grievance of the day - the damn government has taken away the god given right to polluted rivers. Now they have to be all clean and shit and aren't allowed to catch on fire anymore. Stupid Clean Water Act. Stupid Krugman just doesn't get it.

So life is tough.

But that is the thing about modernity. We live in communities. As we join the community we give up certain individual rights in exchange for security provided by the community. In this case we up the right to dump shit in rivers in exchange for the security that comes with not poisoning children with pollution.

Surprisingly, it is a tough trade off for some. They lash out and write stupid blog posts and such, but what can you do?  You can lead them to water - even clean safe drinking water thanks to the community- but you can't make 'em drink.  But you know...FREEDOM!

Did a Tea Party Leader Just Declare "Teahad" against the GOP in Mississippi???

Is a "Holy War" on the horizon?

Meanwhile Mississippi smolders amid the failed candidacy of Tea Party Insurgent Candidate Chris McDaniel's senate run. With anger still consuming the base, some are turning to a higher power for VENGEANCE against the transgressor - Old Testament style: 
Charles "Controversy" Johnson, as Tea Party member Tricia Raymond calls him, buddied up to radical conservatives last night at Life Church Jackson in Flowood at one of three of his speaking events here in Mississippi this week. Preaching to their cause and throwing in a little God talk, Johnson spoke to Tea Party members about his role in the recent U.S. Senate election in Mississippi.

At the beginning of the meeting, just after asking God in the opening prayer to "be violent against" the GOP establishment, Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Roy Nicholson thanked Johnson for getting "down in that dirty, muddy trench and exposing a lot of truth" in Mississippi politics.
This sounds like, if not mighty close, to a formal declaration of holy war to me. RINOs take note; these "Teahadists" don't look like they will not be appeased through traditional means this time-  i.e., redirecting their anger toward folks of color.This is how the redirection usually goes.
RINO: People sure are angry with us. I know what to do. "Hey everyone, the Negro is coming for our white women, y'all! We got to do some thing about it."
PATRIOT: "Uh, it seems that you and them made friends in the last election and decided to whup up on me and my kind. So it sounds to me like you think I'm stupid. Do you think I'm stupid, boy....."
RINO: Shit. I followed the 3 step plan. Step 1: blame colored folks. Step 2: refer to step 1. Step 3: repeat. This usually gets 'em riled up enough to forget they're mad at me, but something ain't working this time. I'm so screwed........
Nope. They now have seen the REAL enemy and declared it to be you. The RINO created Frankenbagger, now its turning on them.

And such is life.

New Mean-spirited Poll HATES America

Has the Lamestream Media turned Sarah into a walking punchline?  Why no, it didn't.  Sarah did that herself!
PPP’s newest Alaska poll finds that voters in the state continue to hold a very dim view of Sarah Palin and any aspirations she might have about running for President in 2016. Only 36% of voters in the state have a favorable opinion of Palin to 55% who view her negatively. Just 20% would like to see her make a bid for the White House, compared to 74% who think she should sit it out. There’s actually almost as many Democrats- 17%- who want Palin to run as there are Republicans- 23%- suggesting there are as many Alaskans who want to see her run for the entertainment value as because they actually want her to be President.
Entertainment value? Now that is a very mean thing to write.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great Moments in American Wingnuttery...cntd

Because American Wingnuts are the Best. USA number 1, man!

From May 1, 2003 at Powerline Blog:
Yeah, we’ve had better leaders. Their names were Washington and Lincoln. And maybe Roosevelt. I had a long flight today and bought the second volume of Edmund Morris’s biography of Theodore Roosevelt. So far, so good. But George W. rates very near the top, in my opinion. The ultimate test, I guess, will be what he does about Saudi Arabia–a test no postwar leader has chosen to tackle.
I hope Bush passed the Saudi Arabia test - whatever that was. I'd hate to think that he could fall lower than 4th place on the list of the greatest presidents.

Meanwhile Sneaky RINOs plot, most likely, to Steal another Election

It would not surprise me to see ACORN tour buses roll down from Canada to TN CD-4 to help steal another election.....because that's just how they roll.

This as Tea Party Congressman Scott DeJarlais holds a 35-vote lead in the GOP primary as provisional ballot counting starts up to determine the winner of the primary.
According to unofficial election totals from the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office, Desjarlais came in with 34,787 votes, and Tracy had 34,752 — a 35 vote difference.

District provisional ballot voters had until close-of-business Monday to make their way to their local election offices with a proper form of identification to ensure that their votes count, though it could be several days until the total vote tally is completed, according to the AP.

Calls to both the Republican State Executive Committee’s National Committeeman John Ryder and National Committeewoman Peggy Lambert to discuss what to expect after the provisional ballots are certified and counted were not immediately returned Monday afternoon.

Because they are committed to neutrality in primaries, officers for the Tennessee Republican Party “cannot speculate” about the outcome of the 4th District race, said TNGOP Chairman Chris Devaney in e-mailed statement.

“According to state law, any Republican election contest would have to be submitted to the Tennessee Republican Party, acting as the State Republican Primary Board, within 5 days after election certification,” Devaney wrote. “If an election contest is received, the Primary Board would consider all arguments regarding a contest in a just and fair manner.

There really is no evidence that the RINOs are planning to do anything other than count all the votes in a fair and open manner. There is no evidence that scores of provisional-ACORN-style ballots showing Mickey Mouse voting for the RINO candidate will suddenly appear, though anything is possible.

There is really no evidence of any of that. But then again there is never evidence of in person voter fraud which means that the risk is real and that RINOs are likely plotting to steal another one..... because of ACORN and because RINOs are sneaky.

Such is life in the Tea Party. But it would be funny to see the RINOs "find enough votes" to come up victorious.

Deep Thoughts with David Frum.....Libertarianism basically "sucks big time"

I though Canadians were supposed to know more polite.  Who knew the little fella' could be so mean:
Like all political movements, libertarianism binds together many divergent strands. It synthesizes the classical liberalism of the 1860s with the human-potential movement of the 1960s. It joins elegant economic theory to the primitive insistence that only metal can be money. It mingles nostalgia for the vanished American frontier with fantasies drawn from science fiction. It offers three cheers both for thrift, sobriety, and bourgeois self-control and three more for sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.  It invokes the highest ideals of American constitutionalism—and is itself invoked by the most radical critics of the American state and nation, from neo-Confederates to 9/11 Truthers....
Those conservatives who succumb to libertarianism do so in despair, not hope. Instead of competing to govern the state, many now feel that their only hope is defend themselves—with arms if necessary—against an inherently and inevitably hostile and predatory state.
So be it.

In many ways, and I am sure that neoconservatives like David Frum would agree,  neoconservatism is far more coherent than Libertarianism. For starters, like Marxism, Neoconservativism was designed from the bottom up based upon the economic, historical and social conditions of a specific period of time. By definition this makes it far more coherent for conservatives to fall back upon than libertarianism. Of course, the people that it was designed to appeal to are dying off,  so there is that. That being the case, it should not be surprising to see a Neoconservative talking smack about a goofy bunch of contradictory bullshit like libertarianism - but it doesn't mean Frum's wrong!

But we are where we are. Jackbooted Obamunist forces lurk seemingly everywhere but always in the shadows. Whether its improving nutritional standards in the school lunchroom to fight a childhood obesity epidemic or making sure that folks who don't work at a job with an employer sponsored health insurance plan can also purchase health insurance with the same tax preferences as those who do have the employer sponsored coverage.

They are relentless. Instead of enforcing 100% of the laws with 100% efficiency with resources it does not have, it prioritizes preferring to deport criminals before children and enforcing court ordered clean air standards instead of health insurance mandate regulations that don't exist yet!  This is outrageous. Clearly so.

And naturally conservatives are afraid and have fallen spell to the siren song of Paul Ryan Style Social Darwinism. The State must be burned to the ground in order to engineer a more perfect union - just don't take my medicare scooter.  Plus RIP freedom.

And so it goes.

Monday, August 11, 2014

LIVE from the Headquarters of the 101st Chairborne Division Angry Right Wing Blogger Still Angry

Surprisingly a Powerline Blogger is angry (again, sigh) at the President:
From the first days of his administration, President Obama has sought to befriend our enemies and betray our allies. Those of us who understood Obama as a member of the leftover left with friends in all the likely places have not been surprised. How could we find Obama taking in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright over all those years and not get a clue? As we see in his yammering to the apostle Thomas late last week, Obama is unrelenting in his views. The phenomenon is remarkable. It should not go without saying.
I like it! Now all this poor fella' needs to do is to drop the Keyboard, pick up a weapon and man a post. But on the other hand, the Peshmerga are probably not gonna take just any asshole that wants to join up. So here we are.

This screed is typical of the reactionary criticism hurled at Obama from the start of the administration - like the simple fact that Obama could not instantaneously clean up the mess he inherited on day 1. On day 1 the deficit was projected at $1.4T. About 40 days later, tired of waiting for the president to wave a magic wand making all the red ink disappear and turn the great Bush Bust into a Boom, the Tea Party forms and declares the President a Tyrant.

Likewise, Obama has not been able to turn Iraq into Iowa, as Neoconservatives blithely predicted it would be now.  According to one of them Baghdad would be filled with grand public squares named in honor George W. Bush by now.  That Iraq is not Iowa and will never become Iowa, is never considered.  And despite having broken Iraq during a failed neoconservative social experiment, the anger remains and it is projected outward instead of at those who planned the "brave new world."

And then this outrage: Obama has been unable to wave a magic wand and force all of the different peoples - many of whom hate each other - to "hold hands" and to just "get along."  And why can't he force them just to "hug it out," the critics angrily demand!  Certainly Obama should have had them singing kumbya in unison by now - after all lots of 'em are already wearing sandals. The nerve of that guy.  These things, too, are Obama's fault and the neocon anger burns on.

So Predictable. So naive. So childish.

Dispatches from the Conservagentsia - The Internets Operate on LAWS, dammit.....

The Internets tell us that "conservatives a[re] people who agreed about one important thing—that at some point in the past, something went terribly wrong. After that, conservatives splinter into untold numbers of camps, since they disagree ferociously about the date of the catastrophe."

As an example of this natural law in action, the PoMoCon Blog summarizes debates from a recent gathering of conservative students at a forum dedicated to studying conservative values, principles and to learning more about Right-Wingedness:
Examples: There is a student here who’s pushing hard the case for hereditary monarchy. Nobody much is getting on board the king train, but he really does have a “safe space” to say exactly what he thinks. And just today: One student was talking up Lincoln as our best president. Another claimed he was our worst, the real source of our centralization, big government, the implosion of constitutional morality, and all that stuff other conservatives usually trace to the progressives and the New Deal and/or the Great Society. There was also the claim that you can’t blame Lincoln; America really started to go wrong with the unconstitutional Louisiana Purchase by President Jefferson. There are similar disagreements about whether the American founding was perfect or deeply flawed, whether the Greek polis and/or Plato and Aristotle should be our guides, whether or the Christian idea of the personal Creator and personal creature was a truthful  modification of, transformation of, or decline from the possibly less personal wisdom of the Greeks, whether the modern world is a development or a negation of Christianity, and so forth and so on. There are also subtle discussions on whether America is exceptional and, if so, in what way.
I am OK. You are OK. We all are OK.

Some of us think that Father Abraham was a madman responsible for enslaving a people. Others think he freed a people. Reasonable minds differ and its OK.

This is the new diversity.

Friday, August 8, 2014

RDF "bogged down" in Tennessee; "Sweep and Clear" operations still ongoing

It looks like mixed results in yesterday's RINO-Tea Party battle for the soul of Tennessee.

First off, RINO Defense Forces were able to rout Tea Party Insurgent Senate Candidate Joe Carr and Daily Show Regular State Senator Stacy Campfield.  Love of Country was sadly not enough to weather the vicious RDF barrage against these 2 constitution loving patriots. Tea Party Insurgents were also unable to force 3 Democract Judges off the Supreme Court. According to the Tea Party these 3 Radical Liberals were unilaterally (somehow????) implementing Obamacare in Tennessee.....without anyone knowing it!!!!  Yet all 3 survived a retention vote.

That's the bad news. However there is some good Tea Party news as well - which I credit, at least in part, to the Georgia Effect. Georgia, as everyone knows, is locked in a death struggle with Texas for the distinction of having the most crazy-extreme State GOP in America. But every time I am ready to declare Georgia the winner, i.e., the worst, Texas steps up and ups the Crazy. So this is an ongoing thing.

Anyway, I suspect that proximity to Georgia may have contributed toward the Tea Party retaining control of 2 congressional districts in Tennessee.  Tea Party Congressman and worst guy in Congress Scott DeJarlais (somehow) holds a surprising lead over his RINO challenger in TN CD-4 going into a recount. This has to be proof that the Georgia effect is real.  I think CD-4 shares a border with Georgia and if it doesn't, it should!   In TN CD-3, Tea Party Style Congressman Chuck Fleischman looks to have held off his housebroken RINO challenger 51-49 in the primary. I know that CD-3 borders Georgia.  So......for the time being I cannot say that the Georgia effect played a role here, but the cray-cray certainly could have.

Elsewhere the Tea Party scored a victory in the State House, LD-35. The Tea Party Style guy defeated the RINO incumbent with the aid of a Dark Money group alleging that the poor RINO bastard was a secret liberal in the control of government unions. Not only that, he was not pro-gun enough and who knows, he might even help Obama take folks guns away after the President declares martial law!!!!   So.........not dead yet.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Live From The Kansas GOP Governors Primary - Voters hate Obama so they're taking it out on Brownback

That Obama, he messes EVERYTHING UP!!!!!!!
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, .... offered a theory when asked why significant numbers of Republican primary voters are casting ballots against their incumbents Tuesday.

"I think a big part of it is Barack Obama. That a lot of people are so irritated at what the president is doing, they just, they want somebody to throw a brick," [Like Brownback]

Brownback said he did not believe the contentious Roberts vs. Wolf race was truly "right vs. right" at all, but rather represented an electorate desperate to express their Obama-focused anger at just about anyone, including himself.
The thing about Kansas is that Governor Brownback basically stole his economic plan from a bunch of right wing blogs and Ayn Rand Novels.

And surprisingly four years later, shit is now hitting the fan. People naturally want to blame someone for the poor results. And since they can't blame Obama for Brownback's right wing social experiment, they are voting against hard right incumbents - like Brownback and the Kansas Tea Party Congressmen who lambaste farm subsidies in a farm subsidy dependent state.

Of course Obama is to blame for all of this.

Wingnet pretty sure that new Reagan book is "gonna suck big-time", cntd..........

The Wingnet really does not like the New Reagan book - The Invisible Bridge - that hit the streets this week.

This can only mean one thing for certain....the book does not totally suck. It may be boring. It is a book, after all.  It may contain more words than Sarah Palin can fit on a post card. That means it is probably too long. Aren't they all? And if this was not enough, according to the wingnet it was written by some "libertard" - who may have written a "bunch of stuff" that sounds like "some other stuff" written in a different insufferably long boring Reagan book.

Now what should be done about this libertard that the "stuff he wrote" that sounds kinda like "Stuff" some other guy wrote?

I know - he should be forced to apologize:
There’s also little chance that Perlstein will take this suggestion from Hillyer: “Perlstein could at least partially make amends, and show himself to be more of a man of honor than he now appears, if he would just step forward and offer an apology and a mea culpa.” Based on my one and only experience with Perlstein, I can say that ain’t gonna happen, because Rick Perlstein is a self-infatuated lunatic.
Back when he was still coasting on his book about Barry Goldwater, I commissioned him to participate in a debate at the Los Angeles Times on, as I recall, the future of the Democrats..... 
That began a long and wearying exchange in which Perlstein roundly congratulated himself for having used The Man’s own means of production to expose The Man’s fascist schemes. I no longer have access to my L.A.T. email, and in any event describing an argument you’ve had with somebody inevitably descends into the dynamic described in the Dubliners story “Two Gallants”: “what he had said to such a person and what such a person had said to him and what he had said to settle the matter.” So I will just say it was one of those exchanges where you can feel yourself getting dumber the longer the conversation goes on.

I have had no contact with Rick Perlstein since that time, and I’m sure we’re both happier for that. (For what it’s worth, fellow leftists seem to find him insufferable as well.)
This must mean that "stuff he wrote" about Reagan probably is gonna suck too. I mean how can it not suck big time if the guy who wrote it is a jerk to red blooded right wingers? It simply cannot not suck.

But I will tell you one thing and that is the simple fact that Self-infatuated Lunatics don't apologize for "writing stuff" and probably don't apologize for anything in general.  Rather, it probably motivates them into writing more mean "stuff".  So maybe the thing to do is to pretend that the new Reagan book with all "that stuff" in it does not exist.

But in my case it means that I will probably buy the new Reagan book, despite the likelihood that it is probably not written in crayon. And I will eventually read it, too, if for no other purpose than to teach the controversy about "that stuff" that is so bothersome to some.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Patriot Loses his "Shit" at RINO Oppressors

From the Michigan Front:
[Justin] Amash opened his victory speech by thanking supporters for their grassroots efforts before turning his attention to former Representative Pete Hoekstra (R., Mich.) who supported Amash’s opponent, Brian Ellis.
“I want to say to lobbyist Pete Hoekstra: You are a disgrace and I’m glad we could hand you one more loss before you fade into total obscurity and irrelevance,” Amash said.

He wasn’t finished:  To Brian Ellis: You owe my family and this community an apology for your disgusting, despicable smear campaign. You had the audacity to try to call me today after running a campaign that was called the nastiest in the country. I ran for office to stop people like you, to stop people who were more interested in themselves than in doing what’s best for their district. Everyday Americans are taking back their government from the crooks and the cronies. They’re taking back their government from the political class elites, the people who are so blinded by their arrogance that they thought that they were going to run this smear campaign and be successful. They’re taking it back from the insiders who have contempt for the American people.
I did not know that the Folks running Chamber of Commerce who backed this RINO challenger hated America. Apparently they do.

I have heard the part about the cronyism though.  Don't know if its true, but that's what people say. RINOs are sneaky, so you never know.

Of Course they Did - PR Firms Join Global-Global Warming Conspiracy

The Wingnet points me to this ridiculous story today - Another group of Know-it-Alls decides that shilling for Climate Deniers and Dis-assemblers is immoral (or at least very uncool):
Some of the world’s top PR companies have for the first time publicly ruled out working with climate change deniers, marking a fundamental shift in the multi-billion dollar industry that has grown up around the issue of global warming.

Public relations firms have played a critical role over the years in framing the debate on climate change and its solutions – as well as the extensive disinformation campaigns launched to block those initiatives.

Now a number of the top 25 global PR firms have told the Guardian they will not represent clients who deny man-made climate change, or take campaigns seeking to block regulations limiting carbon pollution.
If you are a global warming denier, you got Tea Party Support (hurray!) and the Support of Corporations dependent upon 19th Century forms of energy and of course Ex-Tobacco Scientists, but that's about it. 

Sure there are RINOs out there who pretend not to understand what all the huff is about. But they are just pretending as is typical of the RINO - they are sneaky and cannot be trusted. Everyone else is signing up to join the Conspiracy.  And its a Giant Conspiracy spanning the corners of the globe, too. 

Of course if you are a climate denier and a hard core one at that, there is a real good chance that you have the "Derangement Syndrome," too, so in that case the poor suffering fella' doesn't even know that he's a poor suffering fella'. That's the thing with Derangement Syndrome - If you don't have it, you can't tell what it looks like because you don't got it. But Once You Got It, you can't tell because you already have it. And then its too late.

But what can you do? Can't argue with them and can't lock 'em up in imaginary FEMA run camps.  I guess you wait until they age out of the system as younger and less radicalized folks take their places.
And so it goes.

RDF declares victory in Battle for Bleeding Kansas; Teahad still burning in Michigan

Last night Teahadist Insurgents suffered yet another setback at the hands of RINO Defense Forces in the GOP Kansas Primary as Sen. Pat Roberts (R) won re-nomination 48-41% against creepy guy and part time right wing blogger Milton Wolf. Teahadist Forces are reportedly in "full retreat" (probably looting and burning along the way) hoping to make a "last stand" in Tennessee for tomorrow's GOP Senate Primary. 

So Close........but it was not all bad news for insurgent forces as Rep. Justin Amash (R) won by 14 points against his Establishment Backed challenger in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District. There is no word on whether future "Sweep and Clear" operations are planned for this area. For now MI-3 remains a "deep red" spot on the map.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Alabama Congressman Auditions to be next "Great White Chief" or perhaps.....the next Cliven Bundy

The Obama Administration is up to baddness again, according to Republican Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks. In a statement made on Laura Ingraham's radio program for misfits and the maladjusted, the Tea Party Congressman declared that President Obama has declared a "War on Whites".
This is not a new claim. But as Ingraham said in response “I just think that phraseology might not be the best choice.”

What Congressman Brooks is guilty of here other than saying "stupid shit", is either auditioning to be the next "Great White Chief" now that Mississippi GOP Senate hopeful Chris McDaniel looks to be out of the running or the next Cliven Bundy.  Since the internets is not telling me that Brooks has a less than reputable past on the issue of race, I think we should assume that what he's gone Bundy and repeated bullshit he heard on the Foxnews or the wingnet but in a much more in-artful and tactless way.

Cliven Bundy went from being a Foxnews Superstar for his opposition to the Obamunist Tyranny to just "some dumb-ass guy" who really wasn't a conservative after all. Bundy made statements about how black folks have it rough these days now that slavery is over and nobody knows how to pick cotton anymore, that was too much for "house trained conservatives" who cut him loose.

Really all Bundy was guilty of doing is repeating "stupid shit" he heard on the Foxnews or the AM radio, but doing so in a less skilled manner. The top tier wingers get away with the slavery/cotton reference is to refer to "the democratic plantation of dependence."

Under this allusion, people get free stuff - like a helping hand up after slipping and falling and then they become dependent on the democratic party. All you have to do to free folks from this form of slavery is to cut off their medicare if they are old or their supplemental nutrition assistance if they can't find work and happy times will follow. Then all the cash that's not spent of medical care or food can go to the truly deserving - the fat cat.

But Bundy Fucked up and got banned from the Foxnews.....which all goes to remind us that Foxnews is a defective product - you consume it as is intended and it messes you up, man.

That's likely what Brooks has done here. Instead of talking about a "War on Whites" he should have said that the Kenyan Strongman was waging a "War on the Suburbs" or a "War on Appalachia."  Its simple, you just pick places where white folks are associated with and that is where the Obamunist forces are looking strike.

So Brooks fucked up. A top tier winger would know how to play the game and Brooks didn't- rather he was likely repeating stupid shit he heard on the AM radio or say on the Foxnews or read on the NRO.

And so it goes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Wingnet Pretty Sure that New Reagan Book is probably "gonna Suck big-time"

Chatter hit the wingnet over the weekend about a new Book which documents the Fall of Nixon and the Rise Of Reagan.

The Book written by a "libertard" (according to the wingnet) who is already being chided as a "plagiarist" (on the wingnet) seems to offer some heavy RINO on Patriot action - with bewildered but well meaning RINOs in danger of being stampeded by folks guilty of only loving their country too much.  And even though it has not been released yet, the wingnet is pretty certain that its "gonna suck bigtime." 

And who can blame them when you read shit like this from "Pravda on the Hudson:"
What’s particularly striking in the new book, though, is the cluelessness of the stalwart Republican grandees of the Ford presidential campaign, who were both blindsided and baffled by Reagan’s guerrilla victories in their own midst. A panicked internal Ford camp memo struggles to parse the “unexpected Reagan success in certain caucus states,” where the voters who turned out in shockingly large numbers were “unknown and have not been involved in the Republican political system before” and were “alienated from both parties.” As if describing an Indian ambush in the Old West, the memo goes on to exclaim that “we are in real danger of being out-organized by a small number of highly motivated right-wing nuts.” Among those shocked was the canny Texas political operator James Baker, the George H. W. Bush paladin, who couldn’t get over how “absolutely ruthless” these uppity Reagan shock troops were. “Our people just aren’t used to this uncompromising hardball stuff,” he told Time.

Baker’s people should not have been caught napping any more than his 21st-century descendants were by the Tea Party.
There have always been right-wing nuts. Each generation has to bear the burden of fighting 'em off.

It's like that old saying - Freedom ain't free. Its never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the united states when folks still had Medicare and were free. 

So that's the best we can do - Beat back the Teahadist Insurgency one day at a time.....because of freedom....and medicare and stuff like that.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The internet operates according to LAWS, dammit, Laws.....cntd

Jonathan Chait is a MEAN SOB. This is true. He writes mean things and many of the times I wish I would have thought to written the VERY MEAN thing first. But it is what it is.
The defining trait of neoconservative thought is analogizing all foreign-policy scenarios to the rise of Hitler, thereby turning every question into a simple Chamberlain-or-Churchill decision matrix in which the correct answer is always Churchill. I have now read Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger’s column today some half-dozen times in a futile attempt to identify a central thesis. None can be found, except a free association linkage between the modern foreign-policy landscape and Europe in 1938. It is just this lack of defined argument that makes Henninger’s latest column such a valuable tool in studying the neoconservative psyche. Stripped of any pretense to prescriptive analysis or specific policy goals, Henninger has instead opened a window into the underlying pathology of his worldview. Reading the column is like listening to Dick Cheney mutter in his sleep.
One of the Laws of the universe/internet is that if Dick Morris predicts a Romney Landslide, it is more far likely that the opposite will happen. Everyone knows that this is true. Its just how the universe operates.

Another Law of the internets is the 1914 / 1938 axis fallacy . It is a well known phenomenon on the wingnet. The 1914 / 1938 Axis represents the pending collapse of Western Civilization. The Fallacy goes like this: things seem OK now, but things also seemed OK in 1914 and 1938 and all hell broke loose. We better take some (fill in the blank) dramatic action or life as we know it could suddenly come collapsing down.  

Thomas Sowell will break it out once a year, it seems. Which when you think about it, basically means that according to Sowell just about every year is like that time when the Arch Duke was assassinated or that time when Chamberlain did not declare war on Hitler before Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia.  Those two things happened and all hell broke loose. It could happen to us too!!!

We have to attack Saddam Hussein or its 1938. That was Sowell in 2003.

But 2003 was not his only foray into 1914 / 1938 Fallacy. In Sowell's World 2001 also was like 1938. And 2006; And 2007. 2007; And 2008, 2008, 2008; And 2009; As was 2012; And 2013, 2013; And 2014; And probably other years I missed.

It’s a rule of the wingnet. All hell is about to break loose (as always) and western civilization stands on the brink. It does matter what the issue is. It could be gay folks getting the same civil rights as other folks. One more  OUTRAGE like this and Western Civilization will collapse!

One of the gripes at the Heartland Global Warming Denial Conference in Vegas was that the "Alarmists" are using “climate change” as an attack on Western Civilization. So a crutch like 1938 is always close by to lend a rhetorical flare to the calamity of the day.

Some day pinhead-ed know-it-all Social Scientists will figure it all out and maybe come up with a cure.  Until that day we just have to deal with bullshit like the 1914 / 1938 Axis Fallacy.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Deep Thoughts from Jokeline - Stop us before we impeach again!!!!!

John Boehner is still riding Thomas Jefferson's Wolf:
"House Speaker Boehner has said there will be no impeachment. That's why he instituted a rather silly lawsuit against the President over--yet again--Obamacare, which aides say could be expanded if Obama goes for broke on the border. Boehner is trying to placate the GOP base. But he also promised that there would be no government shutdown in 2013 and got trampled by his troops. The Speaker knows there's nothing the Democrats would rather have than impeachment and immigration as the dominant issues in the fall campaign. He also knows there's nothing Rush Limbaugh would rather have; indeed, it would be a ratings bonanza--the base would go berserk."
Via Time
Sometimes the Wolf does not do what you tell it to do. You have to keep riding, though, because if you let it go, it'll turn on you and do what comes natural for a hungry wolf.

Just ask Eric Cantor about riding that wolf. Or I guess we could've asked him - once upon a time. But he let go of the Wolf's ears for a moment - just a moment. And that wolf turned on him and took him down.

And so it goes.

Deep Thoughts with John Boehner

Jimmy Fallon reports a scoop: 
“Boehner said Republicans have no plans to impeach President Obama. They were like, ‘We’re too busy figuring out how to impeach Hillary. You know, we gotta think ahead.’
Is this a Real Quote or not a real quote? I can't tell. If it's not a real quote, it could be one soon.

The GOP House engaged in Rare Moment of Bi-Partisanship, yesterday, despite Warnings from RedState Blog

The House of Representative actually did something yesterday - approved a Bill to Upgrade the VA system to meet the challenges of serving a new generation of vets:
US military veterans would have easier access to medical care under a rare bipartisan agreement passed today by the House of Representatives and set for final Senate passage by the end of the week.
The measure, approved 420-5, would cost about $17 billion. It would create 27 new Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities and expand care for veterans at non-VA hospitals and clinics. It also would allow the VA secretary to fire senior executives.
The show of bipartisanship in Congress is so unusual that House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, described House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller, a Florida Republican who negotiated the deal, as a hero.
So they can send them to war, its good that they are agreeing to take care of soldiers returning from war. So there is that.

But it is not all good news. The RedState Blog Editor warned yesterday against "this type of Bullshit:"
It could be as big as Medicare Part D. It is being rushed quickly to a vote so congressmen can then flee Washington and claim they’ve done something to fix the VA situation. It does nothing to fix the VA situation. Did I mention it could be as big as Medicare Part D and will be a new massive entitlement program?

This is how House Republicans want to fix the VA situation. Only it won’t actually fix the problems. It just spends massive amounts of money to bandaid the problems....Remember, these are House Republicans who want to campaign on their accomplishments instead of against Barack Obama. Their accomplishment is growing the size and scope of the federal government without actually fixing the problems at the VA.

Conservatives should oppose this.
Really its not his fault - this poor right wing blogger is merely the product of his environment. He was not raised right and this is what happens.

The Gubmint is always bad. We must fight the Gubmint to save freedom. Gubmint cannot be the Solution; it can only be the Problem.  Too much Reagan is harmful to children. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Instapundit Reminds Me that Kansas is Still Roiling in Rebellion

Teahadist Insurgents are Rallying behind the Creepy Guy in Bleeding Kansas:
Less than a week before primary day, Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is still ahead, but he has a real race on his hands against a tea party challenger .... Milton Wolf, a radiologist who had never run for office, is inching closer, despite being wrapped up in a scandal after posting X-rays of deceased patients on Facebook.

... “It’s definitely closer than we expected,” said one GOP operative close to the race on Roberts’ side.

Except for Wolf’s scandal, the conditions are favorable for an upset: Tea party groups who fell short in the Mississippi Senate race are turning their attention toward Kansas; ...and although Roberts took his challenger seriously, the establishment didn’t consider Wolf a major threat and didn’t come out on Roberts’ behalf as it did for Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran.
Time for some viscous counter-insurgency operations, I'd say.

Them RINOs are sneaky. I imagine they have a surprise or two still in store for the poor Patriot.

Neoconservative Doyenne Calls for Jon Cary's Resignation essentially for not being a Neoconservative

I don't know for sure, but the internets seem to think that Jennifer Rubin may be an Unregistered Foreign Agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  FARA requires agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a "political or quasi-political capacity" to disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances.

Sometimes the internets are wrong, however and Ms Rubin may, in fact, be an honest broker just trying to do her best totally non-biased journalism in a complicated world.

Who knows really.

Today she writes that Secretary of State John Kerry has got to go. Apparently not only does Kerry not take orders from Netanyahu, he thinks he can reason with him using "tree-hugger mumbo-jumbo" and get him to maybe "Chill out" some and "give peace a chance" because like "War is not the Answer":
As a substantive matter, he spent endless time and capital on the “peace process,” which virtually everyone else [i.e., Neocons] could see was going nowhere. He has shown with his Hamas truce that he not only doesn’t understand Israel [i.e., the way Neocons understand it], our closest ally in the Middle East, but also doesn’t understand the significance of Hamas’s defeat in the greater regional conflict between Iran and its neighbors [i.e. as a proper Neocon would]. He doesn’t know when he’s out of sync with allies [i.e., like Netanyahu] and is a poor judge of our foes’ intentions.
[Neocons like] Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has pointed out that Kerry failed in Russia negotiations, Syria negotiations and “peace talks” between Israel and the Palestinians. Even worse, Kerry doesn’t know or accept that he has failed [according to standards determined by Neoconservatives]. A secretary of state this out of touch with reality [i.e., as defined by Neoconservatives] can’t perform his job [i.e., to our satisfaction].

Even if you take a more charitable view of Kerry’s judgment, he has lost the trust of [Neoconservatives in] Congress. (So how can he sell an Iran deal [i.e., to Neoconservatives], if he makes one?) He has lost the trust of Israel [i.e., Netanyhu] and Egypt. (So how can he sell them on an Iran deal or an end to the Gaza war?) Iran — which has played him on the interim deal to get sanctions relief [i.e., which Neocons oppose] for no irreversible changes plus a sunset clause to one day allow it to maintain an unfettered nuclear weapons program [i.e., BOOM] — and Russia have learned to essentially ignore him [i.e., and everyone else too].
The scare quotes around "peace process" are priceless.

I think the real problem that Jennifer Rubin has with John Kerry is that he's not Dick Cheney.  Of course we all know how well things turned out when Dick Cheney, Douglas Feith and Company were running the show.

Anyway, it will be fun watching Rubin in action as the GOP presidential clown show picks steam. You'll know who she's for by which GOP candidates she stabs in the back. So there is that.

Another Day in the Life of John Boehner

Meanwhile Paul Ryan's Brain Posts this on the Internets - President Obama is up to no good again and that can only mean one thing - more acts of badness.

According to the wingnet, the next/latest act of Badness may be even more Bad than his most Bad thing he's done to date - which is probably really Super Bad. Even more shocking, this next Bad Thing may be the Most-est Baddest Thing a President has ever done in the History of History:
Many people in Washington seem to be talking about the prospect of the president unilaterally legalizing the status of several million people who entered the country illegally as though it were just another political question. But if reports about the nature of the executive action he is contemplating are right, it would be by far the most blatant and explosive provocation in the administration’s assault on the separation of powers, and could well be the most extreme act of executive overreach ever attempted by an American president in peacetime.
NRO-bot Yuval Levin soberly discussing waves of child criminals armed with teddy bears attempting to take over America.**
I don't claim to know what/if anything that the administration is planning to do regarding immigration reform. However, it would not surprise me if members of the administration and super mean folks in the senate [i.e., Harry Reid] weren't just fucking with these clowns.

I mean here you have congressional republicans [i.e, the far right] claiming the the President is a "lawless" tyrant who does whatever the fuck he wants. So instead of Impeachment which is a loser to the majority of American who don't watch Foxnews, the GOP plans to sue the President for "Double-Super Lawlessness." This will show the President [i.e., the far right] that the GOP is all serious and means business about......something.

At the same time, the far right is also demanding the President do something about the scary brown children arriving on border, i.e., act without congressional authority in a "lawless" manner. The funny thing about this is that they want the President to act without congress because the far right does not trust their own team in Congress when it comes to immigration legislation.

What if they - those sneaky RINOs - sneak some "sort of reform" into the immigration legislation when nobody is looking [i.e., through normal processes like reconciliation]?  This could mean Millions of New Citizens who are not driven by the internal cultural norms that white folks who grew up in the good ol'days hold dear. That would mean the end of America!!!

So now basically you have a tag team going with Harry Reid volunteering to fix the border situation while addressing "some sort of reform" via the congress and then the Administration saying maybe they'll go all "lawless" and do it themselves since Congress [i.e., house republicans] basically cannot accomplish anything other than doing the bare minimum to avoid a crisis of its own making at the last possible moment.

And then what you have is desperate RINOs warning that the President is about to go all "lawless" and that such "lawlessness" ultimately could cause some type of Tea Party Impeachment Shit Storm - which is a definite loser for the GOP.

And at the same time you have Tea Party shrieking about the possibility of "some sort of reform" [i.e., brown folks] sneaking through the congress aided and abetted by those sneaky RINO bastards.

So now, let's talk about Impeachment and the fact that a recent poll shows 57% of Republicans favor Impeachment [i.e, a Tea Party Shit Storm]. Any questions about Impeachment today?  In other words, it sucks to be John Boehner.

**[h/t George Will who, apparently, is not dead yet]

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Day, Another Conspiracy Theory or it's Tuesday at Instapundit Blog!

Stupid Polls show that, just like the Debt Ceiling Debacle and the Government Shutdown, large percentages of Republican voters favor going all crazy and impeaching the President. I think the last stupid poll I saw showed 57% of 'em supporting Impeachment.

Naturally the Cray-Cray is the tricksy Obama's fault:
ARE THE DEMS PUSHING AN IMPEACHMENT NARRATIVE NOW, so that when Obama does something really awful they can say it’s just politics, the Republicans were talking impeachment all along?...[These Tricksy Obamunist Oppressors] manifestly don’t care about the division and debasement, but rather see it as a feature — division and debasement of the political system make it easier to rule, if you don’t care much about the well-being of the country you’re ruling.
The other Day, the Number 3 GOP Guy was on the Foxnews Sunday Show and refused to say that Impeachment was Cray-Cray when he was asked by the Foxnews Host.

This seemed like an easy thing to confirm - that impeachment was a path to stupid. All he had to do was say "Ya, Man. That's really Stupid. Even we know that this is a bad idea" but the poor bastard was afraid to say it. 

In other words. It. Is. All. Obama's. Fault. Just. Like. Always.

Dispatches from the 2012 Election - Instapundit Passes on the Stupid

The internets tell us that there are are two books that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged.

One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.

Via Instapundit (from a reader) on Election Night:
“If Obama is reelected, good hardworking people should give up and go Galt. The tipping point is the 2012 election. Will the makers finally succumb to the takers? It’s pointless to think that if America reelects the most unqualified disastrous president in recent memory, we should stand our ground and continue fighting. it’s a signal that marxist free-lunchism and free birth control for everyone trump economic well-being and prosperity in the minds of the masses. Give up. Go Galt. Protect what few assets you have left, and start to hunker down for the coming storm. America is beyond screwed, well past the fiscal insanity of a number of EU countries. Think of it this way – we sit and watch California destroy itself and wonder who could be so foolish as to remain there and dedicate himself to indentured servitude in a state headed for disaster. Why don’t those fools just leave!! Same for Venezuela. as they descend into chaos and totalitarianism, do they reject Chavez more? The answer is plainly no. The spiral down the drain is irreversible and obvious. The more the government creates misery, the more they create programs to help people cope with the misery they’ve created, and we achieve a perpetual negative feedback loop. My advice is simple – if Obama is reelected, get a lawyer and a financial advisor, cash out as much of your assets as you can, and prepare yourself for a nosedive off a cliff. anything else would be imprudent and irresponsible to yourself and your dependents. Who wants to be a Dagny Taggart dedicating themselves to a life of indentured servitude trying to correct the wrongs of a heavy handed government? i will not be volunteering. I didn’t give up on America, America gave up on me.”
Something tells me that this guy has not moved to France.........Yet.  Why? Its simple. The USA is number 1, man! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

LIVE from the Wingnut-O-sphere: Its Happy-Happy Fun Time at RedState Blog!

Via RedState Blog Editor in Chief Erickson:
For the longest time I have chosen to chalk our President’s stumbles, bumbles, and disasters up to incompetence. He is in over his head. He is inexperienced. He is out of his league. It is hard to accept otherwise.

But it is clearer and clearer that is not true. It is clear that President Obama’s disastrous policies are premised not in incompetence, but in maliciousness. Our President — and he is our President — is not a stumbler and a bumbler, but a Nero who when not persecuting Christians, plays golf while the world burns.

President Obama has surrounded himself with a group of people who comport to his own world view. That world view is very simple to explain: Barack Obama and his advisors belief that in order for the world to be safer, they must make the United States less safe. In order for the world to be stable, the United States must be less stable.

In short, Barack Obama blames America first.
And from there it only gets worse - the badness happening around the globe is purposefully being caused by the President.

Its this kind of shit that riles up the wingers and causes the "Mitt Romney's of the World" to live in fear.

How do you do you appeal to crazy and non-crazy at the same time and not come off as a complete phony? Its the 2012 problem; the 47% makers-takers bullshit problem. Your base wants the cray-cray, but if you give 'em what they want, you're limited to just 27% of the vote or in Romney's case, ironically, 47% of the vote.

And if you don't give 'em what they want and they'll turn the pitch forks on you. But such is life.