Friday, February 27, 2015

Dispatches from the Conservagentsia - apocalyptic conservatism in action

What does "apocalyptic conservatism" look like?

It looks like this:
Given present developments issuing in some of the outcomes just listed [ed note: the outcomes refer to ideological sorting out of the electorate into a conservative party and a liberal party], it really is imaginable that a series of crises could lead either to the 1) dissolution of the U.S. and the creation of new confederations (but likely without a major civil war), or to 2) a series of right-wing “emergency” dictatorships that purport to want to return us to true constitutionalism.  Perhaps just as imaginable, and not requiring crises, would be the gradual implementation of a 3) leftist or “liberal-tarian” Soft Despotism in which the citizens are totally dependent upon government, and discouraged from exercising any meaningful associational liberty, including religious liberty of the non-privatized sort.

I can imagine one of these scenarios occurring within 50 years, perhaps even 30.
NRO-bot at PoMoCon Blog
The end, apparently, is near. That's a recurrent theme in conservative counter culture. But all is not lost. There is a solution to this dire situation that is kinda Marxist at its base. And it goes like this: Things get so (bad, tyrannical, ungood, etc) that Americans decide, naturally, en masse to become far right wing ideologues and dissolve the administrative state. This "peaceful revolution" of the proletariat- so to speak, returns the nation to the good ol' days (that never really existed). And a Conservative Utopia - whatever that means, ensues freeing mankind. 

In this regard, Right Wingers hold the salvation of the human race in their hands, but, ironically, only at the right moment in history will the rest of the nation come to understand this fact. Until that date comes they are largely ignored.

As to the timing of that date, wingers debate when it will occur. "Will Obamacare be so (bad, tyrannical, ungood, etc) that it triggers the "Eureka" moment that causes the revolution to occur. Some, and I am specifically thinking about a Romney Landslide predicting Right Wing Professor thought so. But it didn't happen (again, sigh).

Maybe its kinda like the Bible when it says "hey asshole don't go trying to predict the exact date that the Savior is to return, because you will FAIL. I am SERIOUS. Don't do it LOSER." That verse is from the brand new version that's coming out soon. Maybe it is predictable and you can predict that:
(health insurance regs + greenhouse regs + fillintheblank-gate) x Obama = Revolution
 But just maybe (ordinary) shit happens every day that is not a big deal in the larger scheme of things. The Government enacts public sanitation laws that in essence impose restroom MANDATES on everyone. This may seem tyrannical and the conservatives of the day certainly thought so, but in hindsight these mandates weren't a bad thing - especially if it means your Papaw did not die a senseless death during childhood due to lack of public sanitation.

That he lived to adulthood means that you are here today and are FREE to bitch about whatever it is that gets you worked into a tizzy. And yes even though the government IMPOSED public sanitation laws 100 years ago, FREEDOM ain't dead (yet). The same will be true with health insurance regulation.

Anyway. That is one of the features of conservatism - you need to have something to be afraid of. Maybe this was a useful trait as the species evolved. Now that I think of it, I bet it was.

And so it goes.

Tea Party Insurgent Calls for IMPEACHMENT of RINO traitors

Fanning the flames of a growing intra-party insurgency, the RedState Blog Editor issues a call to frag the weak-willed John Boehner and the spineless Mitch McConnell:
Again and again and again the President of the United States has met the boundaries of his powers and stepped across them. The Senate is now on the verge of confirming his Attorney General appointee who sees no limits to the power of Octavius Obama.

Given Barack Obama’s continuous overreaching of power, I must now ask if it is time to consider impeachment proceedings. Is it even possible?

Of course some of you think I mean against Barack Obama. No, can we impeach, remove from office, or otherwise put metaphorical cement shoes on Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell.
The only reason Barack Obama can and is doing what he is doing is because Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell have enabled, emboldened and incentivized reality they are scared school girls. They will fund the government, extend temporary funding, and otherwise bend over in front of Obama declaring, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”...They are so scared of political damage to themselves that they are willing to allow policy damage to the country and an undermining of the very constitution they swore an oath to defend.

At some point men have to stand up and damn the consequences to do what is right.

But we are not led by leaders of men. We are led by cowards — cowards for whom no oath is meaningful or sacred.
Again this bears repeating. The Republican Party is a hierarchical party. On the top resides the RINO and his allies on K-street and Wall-street. The RINO is supposed to call the shots, set the priorities and reign supreme. The party leaders enter the smoke filled rooms, decide how to divide up the spoils and then issue marching orders. Under optimal circumstance this is how it works. 

On the bottom is the patriot. While allowed the freedom to shout at the AM radio and to be really angry at the status quo and believe in all sorts of "bullshit," ultimately once he is given his marching orders he is supposed to STFU and do as he is told.

Having been emboldened by the Teahadist Uprising of 2010, Erickson seems to be having a hard time understanding the way the world works. I will elaborate. Back in the dark days of 2010, the marching orders encouraged anger and civil disobedience. It was part of the plan. The RINOs wanted patriots like Erickson acting with maximum rage. Such unruliness was necessary to slow the Obamunist menace and ultimately defeat it. And while there was some collateral damage in an occasional GOP primary calamity, a debt ceiling debacle and a government shutdown, the strategy enjoyed some success before ultimately failing to achieve its objective, i.e., to defeat the Kenyan Strongman in 2012.

That this occurred is established history and cannot be honestly disputed by anyone. But it is indeed history. Today, we live in 2015. Times have changed. Acting with maximum rage, while useful during the Tea Party Uprising, is no longer useful today under the present circumstances. The RINOs have given marching orders. There will be no more government shutdowns. The GOP will behave as a governing party and not as an insurgent party anymore. And the Tea Party is to STFU.

These are the rules and Erickson just does not get it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What the Bubble Looks Like, cntd

It looks like this:
 “The extreme polarization in what media outlets people trust continues this year. Fewer than 25% of Republicans trust ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, MSNBC, CNN, and NBC. They’re closely divided on PBS with 37% trusting it and 39% distrusting it. But really they just trust Fox News and nothing else with 66% saying they put their faith in it to just 25% who don’t.”
“It’s almost the opposite story when it comes to Democrats. Majorities of them trust ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, and PBS. And more of them than not (44/30) trust Comedy Central as well. The only outlet they don’t trust is Fox News, although 33% who do trust it is still more than the share of Republicans who trust any of the major networks.”
If you can only get reliable news from foxnews while acting like the rest of the media from the local newpaper and Local News Team for Channel 8 or 4 or 3 to all the major networks are involved in an elaborate conspiracy to hide the truth, then you  have a problem.

There is an old saying in Tennessee or at least it is an old saying in Texas and if its not an old saying in Tennessee, it should be and it goes like this. If only one fella thinks that you are an asshole and the rest of the folks don't, then that one fella is the problem. He's the asshole. On the other hand if everyone you meet thinks that you are an asshole, then you are the asshole.

Such is the case with Foxnews and the Lamestream Media. If you distrust 99 out of 100 sources of news, some of which are published by your friends, neighbors and members of your church then you have the problem - not them. The assholes are not the ones that are publishing the 99 sources of news  that you don't trust. The Assholes are the one publishing the only source of news that you do trust.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let the Walker Coronation Begin

Since the GOP base does not change its minds on frontrunners this one is done.

According to Some Poll among likely Iowa Caucus goers Walker is CRUSHING the fools in his rear view mirror:
25% - Walker
13% - Paul II
11% - Huck
11% - Crazy Ben
10% - Bush III
  9% - "Don't Know"
  5% - Tailgunner Ted
>5% a bunch of losers
I have not seen this type of dominance since Romney STORMED through the 2012 Florida Primary. And its not just that, Walker has officially reached Palinesque Levels of enthusiasm:
“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is taking the Republican political world by storm,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Assistant Director Peter A. Brown. “He’s gone from being unknown outside Wisconsin to the hot candidate, poised to become the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. Front-runner status would make it easier for Gov. Walker to raise money and recruit top talent for his staff, but it also puts a target on his back.
“Perhaps most impressive about Walker’s numbers is that 57 percent view him favorably to only 7 percent who view him unfavorably – a heck of a first impression.”
Well. So far so good. We'll see how he fares once the RINO whispering campaign sets in. Then the fun begins.

Teahadist "Bewildered" by latest RINO capitulation

So this is happening.

Instead of letting congress vote on immigration reform, which could result in a full fledged Republican Civil War costing Billions of Dollars in Damage to the US economy and thousand of lives but could ultimately settle the debate on fixing the immigration system, securing the borders and bringing hard working folks into the light, Speaker Boehner had a different plan.  Why would he choose to fight a civil war against the "unreconstructed" wing party when he could distract them with a bright shiny object.

Instead he'd trick his Teahadist wing of the House Representatives into believing that he was on their side in the immigration debate- "if you are brown, you can't stick around." He'd make a symbolic gesture against the Obamunist Executive Order extending civility towards immigrant relatives of US citizens and work permits to law abiding undocumented working folks by threatening to Defund the Department of Homeland Security. Then he'd throw in the towel at the last moment when the stunt does not work- "I tried but the Obamunist Forces in the Senate Filibustered it and there is nothing we do about that. Time to move on." 

To do otherwise and defund DHS, would, in a sense be political suicide. It be like lemmings wearing suicide vests or kamikazes crashing into their own ships or like the Tea Party aligning with the Terrorists in order to win an immigration fight.  And while Boehner (surely) does not hate Brown Folks more than ISIS Terrorists, that's what defunding the DHS makes it look like. 

Naturally, whenever there is a government shut down, ordinary folks blame the anti-government party for it. That means the GOP. And again, naturally, when headlines about the coming DHS shut down occur next to headlines about the latest terrorist threat, ordinary folks will put two and two together and blame the GOP. "Can you believe they are doing it again," folks will say as once more (sigh) as the GOP acts recklessly at the expense of the nation.

The inevitable retreat, naturally, will occur as an embarrassed GOP retreats in shame, anger and, in some cases, BEWILDERMENT. So you don't go there if you don't have to. You advance in a different direction instead. But some just don't understand how the game is played.

And such is the case with RedState Blog's Erickson. Shockingly Erickson still doesn't understand that he and his fellow Teadadists have two roles to play in the process. One is as a foot solider who is expected to STFU, vote and follow orders and the other is as a rube who get played:
I told you guys the Senate GOP would screw us over on DHS funding, but even I had no idea Mitch McConnell would capitulate so easily. I assumed he’d do a major song and dance first, but instead he just went all Ned Beatty in Deliverance the moment Barack Obama looked at him funny. Good grief. Even CNN’s website declared that the Democrats were the ones blocking Department of Homeland Security Funding.

McConnell behaved as if he needs testosterone injections. His minion in the press want everyone to know the steel in his spine, but it is more silly putty....
Harry Reid has made McConnell his gimp, only letting him out of the cage when Reid points at other Republicans and calls them “Butch.” It is all pathetic. It is also all predictable. McConnell never had any intention of fighting on this. Notice he announced his cave on the day the President vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline legislation hoping everyone would be distracted by that shiny object.

No, we are not distracted.
Maybe distracted is not the word for it. But its same play book different day. Its like Charlie Brown and Lucy. The end result is the same and Teahadists fall for it every time.

Poor Bastards. Poor miserable bastards.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Walker STORMS ahead Nationally

The momentum behind the terrifying Wisconsin Strongman continues to grow as the latest PPP poll shows him taking the lead over his rivals for the GOP nomination.

Link [pdf]

Walker .............................................................. 25%
Crazy Ben Carson............................................. 18%
Bush III ............................................................ 17%
Someone else/Not sure .................................... 11%
Good ol' Huck... ............................................... 10%
Christie............................................................... 5%
Tailgunner Ted.................................................... 5%
Paul II.......... ...................................................... 4%
Gov Oops ........................................................... 3%
Jr FL Senator Rubio............................................ 3%
According to the cross tabs, we see that Crazy Ben is dominating the Teahadist vote leaving Paul and Cruz without much juice. 

But its early. Cruz still has plenty of time to accuse Crazy Ben of links to Al Qaeda or Feminists or the like.  And the RINOs still have time for some treachery.

Walker continues to CRUSH his foes

So writes Jennifer Rubin:
There are a few takeaways here. First, pressure may build on less viable conservatives not to run — precisely so that Walker can consolidate the “not Bush” support. Second, in Texas not only Cruz and Walker but also Bush, Ben Carson and Rick Perry do better than Paul and Cruz (neither of whom lack name recognition). Perhaps this is the anti-D.C. sentiment at work (although the two freshmen senators attack the establishment, they are just as much a part of the D.C. dysfunction and inability to solve problems). This also suggests that another governor may be the only one to really compete with Walker for the base. Third, the more marginal right-wing candidates may have no choice but to start attacking Walker as insufficiently conservative. (The whisper campaign that he has somehow changed his views on abortion is already circulating.) This is problematic for the minor characters, who risk the ire of the conservative media and Walker’s growing base of support; and it allows Walker to position himself right where he wants to be — right of Bush and more centrist than the hotheads.
According to the wingnet, Rubin is best understood operating not as a movement conservative  or even as a "House Broken Conservative," but rather as a Likudnik - a member/sympathizer of Netanyahu's political coalition.  That's what the wingnet says anyway.  And her issue advocacy along these lines leads other parts of the internets, wonder if, perhaps, Rubin is an unregistered foreign agent engaging in issue advocacy on behalf of an unnamed foreign government. I don't know if this is fair, but it is fair to say that her foreign policy views fall inline with Neocon dogma. 

With that being said, I think she is a best understood as a RINO by convenience or a Neocon by preference  and someone who is perfectly willing to stab "Real Americans"or "hotheads as she labels them - like a Ted Cruz or a Rick Santorum in the back at the drop of a hat.

That being said it appears that the Wisconsin Strongman is a suitable candidate for the Neocon elite at this time.  Bush III is good too, but if Walker can help keep the "Crazy Vote" from consolidating around a single "hothead" she'll continue to fluff for Walker. This is increasingly important in GOP presidential primary - diluting the crazy vote.  It is also likely that she'll gleefully stab in the back, too, at some point in the future.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Deep Thoughts from RedState Blog, cntd

Erickson gives us more cowbell, again (sigh):
They routinely lament on twitter that there surely must be more important things than conservatives focused on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Libyan disaster, the Syrian disaster, the growth of ISIS, the resurgence of Al Quaeda, etc., etc., etc. They lament that we are a frivolous society easily distracted from important things. They give awards to deep thinkers who write 20,000 word pieces on subjects no one cares about outside of the Circle of Jerks who make up the political press.

Then Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and failed Presidential candidate who will never serve in public office again, suggests President Obama does not love America (he doesn’t, by the way). The very same Circle of Jerks who lament a lack of seriousness in American discourse, immediately swing into action to protect their precious.

These are Barack Obama’s boot lickers....

They could be focusing on all the important stories they lament are being ignored, but instead they have to ask Republicans whether they believe in evolution and whether they believe President Obama is a Christian. He’s not, by the way.
This is all really good stuff and is typical of the anger and resentment found on the wingnet. This type of rhetoric gets even more awesome when GOP presidential candidate feel that they have to repeated it on camera. Romney either fell for the 47% bullshit made popular on places like RedState Blog or he was just saying what the rubes with checkbooks wanted to hear. Either way it did not work out too well for Mitt.

So more cowbell is good.

Walker CRUSHING foes in Early Polling, cntd

In Texas, a recent poll shows Walker in a virtual tie with home state favorite Tailgunner Ted Cruz. Notably the polls shows Rick Perry mired in 6th place.
20% - Tailgunner Ted
19% - Walker
13% - "Don't Know"
  9%  - Bush III
  9% -  Crazy Ben Carson
  8% -  Governor Oops
>6% -  a bunch of losers
Walker continues as the latest bright shiny object for movement conservatives to fixate upon. But unlike past favs - I'm looking at you Herman Cain and you Michele Bachman, Walker has a shot at uniting the RINO wing and the Tea Party wing of the party.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Walker Crushing Foes in early Polling, cntd

The Wisconsin Strongman is on the March in South Carolina Walker is "virtually tied" with Bush III according to a recent PPP poll.
Bush III - 19%
Walker - 18%
Crazy Ben and Grahamnesty both at 13%
Huck - 12%
A bunch of losers with less than 7% each.
However in California, Walker is Crushing the Fools trying to stand in his way:
Undecided - 19%
Walker  - 18%,
Bush III - 16%
Paul II - 10%,
Crazy Ben  - 8%
Jr. Senator from Florida - 7%
Its practically a coronation.

When Will the Madness Stop- Dispatches from the Conservagentsia

The Teahadists hate us for our Freedom and our Security, too:
...when the Republican candidates act like conservatives are stupid, that leaves conservative voters no good options even as it weakens Republican candidates in the general election. Republican candidates end up treating the party’s conservatives as either obstacles to be overcome or marks to be taken down.

You have the Jeb Bush allies saying that you have to be willing to lose the (Neanderthal-populated) primary in order to win the general election. That is from the alleged moderates looking for the establishment vote....At some point, the American public is going to revolt against the nanny state and the leftward march of this president. I don’t know when the tipping point will come, but I believe it will come soon.


Because the left wants: The government to explode; to pay everyone; to hire everyone; they believe that money grows on trees; the earth is flat; the industrial age, factory-style government is a cool new thing; debts don’t have to be repaid; people of faith are ignorant and uneducated; unborn babies don’t matter; pornography is fine; traditional marriage is discriminatory; 32 oz. sodas are evil; red meat should be rationed; rich people are evil unless they are from Hollywood or are liberal Democrats; the Israelis are unreasonable; trans-fat must be stopped; kids trapped in failing schools should be patient; wild weather is a new thing; moral standards are passé; government run health care is high quality; the IRS should violate our constitutional rights; reporters should be spied on; Benghazi was handled well; the Second Amendment is outdated; and the First one has some problems too.

Their philosophy does not work and it got our nation into the mess it’s in.

Eventually Americans will rise up against this new era of big government and this new reign of politically correct terror.
NRO PostModernConservative Blog bitching about the widely held perception in American society that RINOs are smart and conservatives are stupid.
Will Americans will rise up someday and replace the natural order of society, such as it has become today, with a new "reign of error" such as we saw during the Second Bush Administration?  At some point its inevitable.  That's what happens in American politics - eventually your side/their side wins an election. But when this occurs and if a new reign of error is ushered in, The People will eventually tire of its excesses and correct course. Such is life.

But what Americans will not do is turn back the clock to whenever the good ol' days were supposed to have been when all was right and just and people knew their assigned places.  Society has "progressed" for the better as The People, in their wisdom, trade certain freedoms - like the freedom to needlessly die in a preventable industrial accident for security provided by an orderly system of regulation which respect the both freedom and the safety of all of the governed.

There will always be those who oppose the regulation of dangerous and greedy industries or equality under law for all, but their numbers will be far exceeded by the good folks who are unwilling to trade away safety and security and fairness for abstractions about FEMA run Camps, jack-booted IRS Agents, Benghazi style conspiracy theories and Death Panels. 

The RINOs get this. Democrats get this. Yet the Teahadists suffer and will continue to suffer because there is a "social compact" and The People, in their wisdom, accept it as being "established."

But one shouldn't automatically assume that Teahadists are stupid. Many Teahadists are just ordinary folks  - some of whom have been left behind by "the steamroller of history." While others have been "infected" by the vitriol and hard right ideology that is fed to them by Foxnews and the AM Radio. These folks are our brothers and sisters and they are our friends and neighbors, too. They deserve our help and empathy. We are our brother's keeper.

Others - those occupying the far right fringe and doing so willingly as a "lifestyle choice," have become "unreconstructed" malcontents who snarl at progress, chatter impotently at all things that are decent and hate on every "reform." There is not much that can be done about this scurrilousness other than a FEMA run camp -  but these camps are imaginary so there you go. Until then, the Teahadists are going to have a hard time breaking away from society's "stereotypes" that label RINOs (and Democrats) as "Smart" and Teahadists as "stupid."

And so it goes.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Walker Crushing Foes in early polling

In Iowa, land of Huckmentum in 2008 and Santorum-Mania in 2012, Walker is scorching the losers in his path, according to a new Poll:
24% -  Wisconsin Strongman Walker
15% - "unsure"
10%  -  Paul II
10%  -  Bush III
  9% -  Christie
  7% -  The Jr Senator from Florida
  7% -  Good ol'  Huck
  6% -  Santo
  5%  - Crazy Ben Carson
  4%  - Tailgunner Ted Cruz
  3%  - Former McCain Economic adviser Carly Fiorina
Mess with Governor Walker and he'll crush you. Folks in Wisconsin found that out the hard way.  Mess with President Walker and off to a FEMA run camp you go.  Walker's GOP rivals may want to reconsider challenging him for the nomination.

GOP-2016, because its never too early for the crazy, cntd

Conservative group: Bush III is not a big enough "Douche-bag" to be President. Basically this makes him unelectable.

One can hope!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Will Italy fall to ISIL, the wingnet wonders

Amid continued chaos in Libya, the usual places on the far right side of the dial are worked up again. This time they are starting to ponder the future of Europe and a potential ISIL invasion of Italy - its not that far away.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for Europe:
The fact that Europeans are worried about Islamic invasion, for the first time in hundreds of years, is striking. That said, my guess is that the invasion will take a more peaceful form. Italy, like a number of other European countries, is in a terminal demographic decline. The reason is simple: Italians don’t have enough children. As the Italians die out, someone is going to occupy Italy. Who? The obvious candidates are the North Africans who are willing to risk (and often lose) their lives in order to reach what, to them, is the promised land. If ISIS is patient, it may make good on its pledge to fly the black flag of Islamic extremism over St. Peter’s Basilica, without having to fight a battle.
This is the kind of things that happen with war - all sorts of unintended consequences. The Bush administration placed its bets in a "reverse domino effect" that would occur after knocking off Saddam. One middle-eastern country after another would fall to liberal democratic revolutions. There would be tax cuts and FREEDOM for all and the people would rejoice.  The French and the Italians may have thought knocking off Qadaffi was the least bad option available at the time, too. Perhaps they were right. Perhaps not.

Perhaps Obama should not have backed them by "leading from behind." It was not my preference, but who knows. Regardless of what happens next, it was always going to be a lot easier to back the French and the Italians to depose Qadaffi than it would have been to sit it out the fight and wait until it was about deposing Qadaffi in Paris rather than Tripoli.

But that's just a joke. Anyway, one of the big wet dreams that Neocons have every single night is that moment when Europe awakes and emerges from the blanket of security provided by the US military and re-engages with the dark corners of the map. Its the law of the jungle out there.  The sooner the Italians realize this and roll up their sleeves and re-enter the fray using whatever means are necessary, the better. 

That's what they used to say anyway.  The wingnet needs to be afraid of something every week. And guess what, this is something.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tyranny Sweeping Across American South

So yesterday was Abraham Lincoln's birthday, a day that if it is celebrated on the wingnet, and this is a big "if" because Father Abraham is not popular with a large percentage of that crowd, likely would be in reference to dreaded Obamacare and its health insurance know because of slavery.

This is so, because  if Lincoln were alive today, he'd likely be leading a secession movement in the states of the old confederacy against health insurance coverage being extended to folks down on their luck, to working folks and to the self employed.  You need only to picture Health Insurance Coverage as the new form of slavery - which is pretty easy to do because of FREEDOM and whatever. 

Anyway, I guess it is altogether fitting and proper that the Lamestream Media reported yesterday that a new birth of slavery is indeed sweeping the South:
“Signups for ObamaCare are surging in southern states, with increases of nearly 100 percent in some states compared to last year, federal health officials said Wednesday.”

“Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina and Mississippi have each seen 80 percent more signups compared to last year, Deputy Administrator Andy Slavitt said.”

“The same states are also reporting the fastest rate of growth in the final two weeks of the current enrollment period, which ends Feb. 15. Each of the states has reported 5 percent more signups over the last two weeks compared to last year.”

“The trend is particularly significant given that the Republican governors in each of the states have made little or no effort to promote signups, leaving the outreach to state and national healthcare advocacy groups.”
According to Abe the foundational creed of the GOP held that the party was for both The People and the dollar, but in cases of conflict, The People came before the dollar. Unfortunately today the current leaders of the GOP take a far different approach. Today the party may say that it is for both the people and The Dollar, however in cases of conflict, The Dollar always comes before the people, plus health insurance is kinda like slavery.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

First Polar Bears and Now Grizzly Bears join the Global-Global Warming Conspiracy

I don't know how the Warmists, the Climatistas and the Climateers got another species to play along with their hoax, but apparently they did:
Grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park are rising out of hibernation weeks earlier than usual this year due to mild winter weather. According to the Yellowstone National Park Service, the first confirmed grizzly bear sighting happened on February 9th when a bear was spotted scavenging a bison carcass. On Tuesday, park spokesman Al Nash said that “the arrival of spring-like weather, with warmer-than-usual temperatures and rain instead of snow” was causing grizzlies to emerge roughly a month earlier than in recent years.
While Boston and much of New England endures a winter of record snowfall, Western mountain ranges are looking on enviously. With Boston communities dumping snow into the harbor, California snowpack, critical to the state’s water needs, is at about 21 percent of average. In Washington state, the mild winter has left snowpack at around 39 percent of normal, as much of the potential snow ended up falling as rain.

An unusually warm, dry January slowed snowpack accumulation across much of the West, according to federal data released this week.
Which all goes to show that one should never trust climate scientists. First they manipulate temperature data and then they manipulate bears!

Its textbook diabolical.

Boehner accuses Obama of listening to "Tea Partiers" on Keystone XL pipeline???

I am pretty sure he's not listening to them or lemmings wearing suicide vests or kamikaze debt ceiling pilots either, but oh well:
House Speaker John A. Boehner accused President Obama of “listening to … anarchists” in his threat to veto the bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, ahead of a final vote in Congress later Wednesday on the long-stalled project.
“We build pipelines all around American every single day,” Mr. Boehner said after a closed-door meeting with his GOP colleagues.
Via the Washington Times
I am pretty sure that Obama would be opening to trading the pipeline for something like official congressional approval of upcoming EPA carbon emission reduction regulations.  But this would require the GOP to compromise with Congressional Democrats and Obama in the face of a revolt from their Teahadist Wing.  That would be a problem because the GOP doesn't play the compromise game unless Wall Street orders them to play it. I don't see Wall Street making that call here.

Alternately, if Boehner doesn't want to crawl to Nancy again, he could try to housebreak his Tea Party Caucus and cut out the humiliation of begging for congressional democrats to bail him out.  So in reality this means, with gas prices low, the pipeline sits on the sidelines for another couple of years.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winger mad that ploy to "Shutdown DHS" may be not working as planned

Apparently not funding the Department of Homeland Security may result in bad publicity for the GOP.

On one hand, the GOP gets to play to the lunatic fringe while sticking it to the Obamunist Regime in Washington by withholding funds to an  agency of Government that administers parts of the immigration process. On the other hand there will be countless headlines about a DHS shutdown followed by headlines about the latest terrorist atrocities in the Middle East.

What to do?

But its not quite so obvious for the Fringe to understand. Predictably one of the malcontents at Powerline Blog is mad about Mitch McConnell's (supposed) decision to  try to steer clear of a DHS shutdown:
The House of Representatives has passed legislation that fully funds the Department of Homeland Security, except that it withholds funding to implement President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional immigration fiats. Republican leadership in the Senate has tried to bring the House measure up for a vote three times, but each time the Democrats have filibustered it. The department is funded, I believe, through February 27. At that point the money begins to run out.

The Republicans hold the cards here. It is close to inconceivable that the Democrats would shut down the Department of Homeland Security by continuing to filibuster the department’s appropriation. Yet, if this account in the National Journal is correct, Senate Republicans may be preparing to fold a winning hand...I generally have high regard for McConnell, and I find it hard to believe that he would let the Democrats bluff him on such an important issue....The Republican grass roots should exert all possible pressure on the Senate leadership to stand with the House of Representatives and insist on defunding Obama’s illegal amnesty.
Ans so it goes that the Base is told once again to STFU, return home, obey the laws of the land and become good Americans once again.

Oh well. The wingers are nothing if not predictable.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Navy unveils new "Railgun" and plans to mount it on drones assigned to Rand Paul

The US government has announced the development of a new gun created by people it refers to as "scientists" that uses electromagnetic pulses instead of gunpowder. This "Railgun" is capable of hitting targets 110 miles away compared to current naval guns with a 13 mile range.

The Government is pretty stoked now that it can keep tabs on Paul by using far fewer drones. For example when Paul is back home in Kentucky, the government would only need a 3 drones to cover the entire state of Kentucky no matter what part of the state he is in.

Meanwhile the Teahadist Insurgency Simmers on

"Operation Tea Bag" John McCain enters the planning stages:
A conservative state senator from western Arizona might take on Republican Sen. John McCain in next year's GOP primary for the U.S. Senate.
State Sen. Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu City, a physician entering her second term in the Legislature, confirmed late Sunday she is considering a run against McCain.
Ward would bring with her a fervent "tea party" base that has rebelled against McCain, pushing through a censure of the senator last year by the Arizona Republican Party....McCain is expected to formally announce his run for a sixth term in the Senate within the next few months.
Speculation about potential primary challengers has focused on GOP Congressmen Matt Salmon and David Schweikert. Schweikert isn't inclined to run; Salmon has been mum....national conservatives with money to spend have been shopping for a candidate to take on McCain.
The last time McCain face a primary challenge, he was fortunate enough to face a guy who was once voted the stupidest guy in congress, or if not, should have been voted as the stupidest guy there.  So at last he'll be prepared for a tea party challenge if one arises.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What Right Wing Counter Culture looks like, cntd

It looks kinda conspiratorial:
We have written many times about the fact that the scientific agencies which are keepers of the world’s historical temperature data are all, or nearly all, under the control of warmists. These warmists have systematically altered historic temperature records, so that the temperatures they report today for past eras are not the same as what were measured, say, 70 or 80 years ago. The effect of these adjustments is strikingly consistent: they almost always make the past look cooler than it was measured at the time, so that the present looks warmer by comparison. The opposite–an adjustment that results in reporting a historic temperature higher than what was published contemporaneously–never, or almost never, happens. These adjustments may or may not be explained; sometimes, they are kept quiet until someone stumbles across the original data and points out a discrepancy.

A man named Paul Homewood, an accountant by profession, has taken it upon himself to research this issue of unexplained temperature adjustments......
What, was Joe the Plumber too busy Moonlighting as a Constitutional Law expert to do it? Perhaps.

My guess is that these guys will construe the data (i.e., cherry pick) in a way that validates what they already believe.

Poor miserable bastards.

NRO-bot hates the term "adult supervision"

The NRO is overrun with angry posts today (again). The wingers are still very angry (sigh) about Obama's comments concerning the Crusades, Slavery and Jim Crow.

Wisely, the wingnet has decided that their latest fight with Obama should stay clear of a spirited defense of Jim Crow and Slavery. Which is smart because the National Review wrote in favor of Jim Crow back in the day. Why remind folks about this unpleasantness.

But this isn't the case  with the crusades. There are no pro-crusade op eds in the NR archives urging the Pope to fight 'em over there so we don't have to fight them over here, so man, why not fight Obama on this ground!

And so it goes that at lease one of them is wonder if the President is just effing with them:
Something I have asked myself: Does he really believe what he says, or is it all just for political effect, to send conservatives into a tizzy, eat up the airwaves, and keep us off-balance? He must have known how ridiculous, how unintelligent, and how offensive his comments were going to sound, correct? There’s a pause after he delivers the Crusades remark, you can see it below, and I just wonder, did he know that this was a stupid thing to say?
One could hope so, that Obama takes time from his schedule to troll the fringe -  to eff with them so to speak, but I don't think he does. I mean as President, he has more important things to do than to babysit the delicate feelings of the fringe:
One of the more pretentious Washington phrases tossed around is “adult supervision.” It’s a way of demeaning and dismissing the arguments of those you disagree with, of saying that they’re simply acting or thinking emotionally. The ones we should listen to, of course, are the “adults,” the right-thinking ones. Not surprisingly, this phrase is usually used by progressives.
But if there ever was a time to say that the White House, and Barack Obama, lack adult supervision, well, this one is as good as his dozens of other ignorant, condescending insults to the American people. But it’s okay, Mr. President, the truth is, we have changed, even if you have not.
Who can blame him for not liking the term - "adult supervision?"

Teahadists get it from both sides. If it isn't the elitist bi-coastal democrats saying that they need "adult supervision," its the establishment RINOs from their perches high up on the axis of K-street and Wall-street saying it.

Both are right, by the way - the Teahadists are in dire need of adult supervision. I just don't think it's Obama's job to provide it.

Anyway the wingers are still very angry about history, inconvenient facts and a President who does not stroke their delicate egos. The more things change, the more they stay the same.....

What Right Wing Counter Culture Looks Like, cntd

It looks like this:
Professor Groseclose devotes chapters 18-20 of Left Turn to his analysis of the effects of media bias. In his preface he briefly states the conclusion of his analysis of the effects: “The effects of media bias are real and significant. My results suggest that media bias aids Democratic candidates by about 8-10 percentage points in a typical election. I find, for instance, that if media bias didn’t exist, then John McCain would have defeated Barack Obama 56-42, instead of losing 53-46.”
Talk about "unskewed polls."

That's the thing that comes with never being wrong. When you lose an election its because of some shadowy reason such as that ACORN stole it.  Here the reason that the McCain/Palin 49 state landslide didn't happen, is because of "media bias." Which when you think about it is simply absurd claim to make  because during an economic crisis, like the collapse of 2008, voters historically blame the incumbent party and vote for the other party's candidate.  This really is not that hard to understand..... if you make an effort.

Another reason that right wingers use to explain away a lost election is that "low information voters" always vote for free stuff. Again when you think about it is a real lazy excuse because if these folks are really low information voters, how do they even know about the supposed free stuff or who's handing it out? But this does not matter. The die is cast.

What you cannot do is to question the ideology - because just like in the Soviet Union, the ideology is always 110% accurate.  And then maybe this is why wingers are always prattling on about media bias. If the media does not present party doctrine as 110% correct in all circumstances regardless of things like facts, it is by definition biased.

The Reign of Bush the Third nears

A recent poll of 400 likely GOP primary voters shows that NH voter think that the third time may well be the charm.

At the same, the poll shows that Bush III  has his work cut out for him as recent GOP primaries have seen wide swings at the top of the polls as the cray-cray moves the Base in wildly different directions.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Wingnuts still infected with "the vapors"

The wingnuts are still losing it over Our President's remarks at the recent prayer breakfast where after calling out ISIL as a bunch of barbaric losers that should be eradicated he also mentioned the other religions had gone through their dark ages as well. Which, while being true, nonetheless turned the outrage scale up to 11, again (sigh).

Some of the rage is due to the derangement syndrome to be sure. Some of its due to irrationality - wingers desperately want to President to say "Islam is bad" or "Islam is violent." You can't say that "ISIL is largely made up as bassakward losers with a medieval perversion of Islam." This won't satisfy the wingers. They demand the Obama use a specific speech code when talking about ISIL.

A lot of it is just shrill, high pitched tantrums from people who once stood athwart history yelling STOP but instead were run over by a revolution of freedom. First black folks left the back of the bus, then women went into Board Rooms and recently gay folks left the closet on the way toward full civil equality. Its been hard for 'em and sometimes they get a little shrill.

With that said (and the previous paragraph was kinda mean), let's go to Powerline Blog for the latest Shrillarity:
Barack Obama speech to those assembled at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday represents the nadir of his presidency....I want only to add this note.

We see events spinning out of control in the Middle East. We see our efforts in Iraq thrown away by the president. We see the slaughter in Syria. We see the rise of the Islamic State. We see the flourishing or al Qaeda. We see mad mullahs of Iran on the march. We see Obama facilitating the mullahs’ efforts and enhancing their power. He seems not to care or to understand that they have never given up the fight against the United States since their ascension to power in 1979. We see the president and his subordinates going to ludicrous extremes to avoid mention of the devil that drives our enemies. We see that the president has become a laughingstock and an object of contempt around the world.

And yet we see him talking down to us with the arrogance and condescension that have become his trademarks. Unto him is vouchsafed a vision and he is its messenger. He is the prophet and object of his own religion.
I don't know how the President "talks down to" them when the far right wing fringe is by no means his target audience. In fact the President simply cannot win with these people. Obama could announce that he just discovered the cure for cancer and the miserable SOBs would hate him for that too.

When you realize that President Bush also refused to declare war on an entire religion and went out of his way to make it clear that it was unacceptable for an entire religion to be blamed for the acts of extremists and you realize that President Obama is following along these lines and you consider that the far right fringe did not come unglued with President Bush on the issue, you realize how pathological this hatred has become. Its imaginary FEMA Camp bad.

Anyway, this is definitely worth a Golden Wingnut Nomination. It may even win this year.

The wingnuts are very angry again, sigh

Aren't they always?

Across the wingnet the comments are about the same. Obama is mean. He is stupid (i.e., is not versed in right-wing counter culture). One nutter even called him a "moral and historical ignoramus." RedState's Erickson, from a part of the country where protestant churches split along sectional lines in 1845, 1861 and in the 1950s over the issue of slavery first and later over ending the racial caste system in America proclaimed that Obama "is not a Christian in any meaningful way" which demonstrates that religion has been used on periodic basis to justify political disputes. 

This is normal. The malcontents are often angry about some thing or another. This time they are angry about remarks our Commander in Chief gave at a recent prayer breakfast.  Condemning ISIL's use of religion to justify its barbaric violence, Obama said, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

This is all together true without any serious debate. Fredrick Douglass, a one time slave and an early member of the Republican Party, notes in his autobiography that religious slaveholders, in his opinion, were among the most vicious of all slaveholders. If god's law says whipping is righteous and just, then cruelty follows.  Some of the most adamant proponents of slavery came from those using religion as a justification. That is not to say that Christianity good, bad or indifferent, but rather that it historically has been used to support illegitimate ends - whether that is religious wars in Europe responsible for the slaughter of millions of innocents or to its use as a justification for slavery and Jim Crow in America.

Here's an example from he Debows Review, 150 plus years ago offering a biblical defense of slavery:
    Society is a whole, composed of many essential and necessary parts, and the whole becomes deranged when one of its great and necessary parts is destroyed. It is a series of subordination, a social chain and when one link is broken, all the chain’s destroyed. Domestic Slavery is an important and necessary link in that chain, and all society flies out of gear when that link is destroyed or removed.

    If our theory be not true, how comes it that faith predominates with us, and infidelity, in its every form, rages elsewhere?

    There is a single form of infidelity, and that is a disbelief in the Bible, to which we intend to confine our remarks for the present, and to attempt to show that the South adheres to Christianity, because the institution of slavery accords with the injunctions and morality of the Bible; and that all free society must reject the Bible if it approve its own institutions and disapprove slavery, because slavery is not only instituted and justified by the Christian God, but, much more, because Christian morality can be practiced only in slave society.

The Future of Our Confederation
"Christian morality can be practiced only in a slave society"? That's a pretty strong statement.  And why limit the defense of slavery to Christianity? Here's a Rabbi "going there," too:
 "Why did not Moses, who, as it is to be seen from his code, was not in favor of slavery, command the judges in Israel to interfere with the institutions of those nations who lived under their jurisdiction, and make their slaves free, or to take forcibly away a slave from a master as soon as he treads the free soil of their country? Why did he not, when he made a law that no Israelite can become a slave, also prohibit the buying and selling of slaves from and to other nations? Where was ever a greater philanthropist than Abraham, and why did he not set free the slaves which the king of Egypt made him a present of?"

Why did Ezra not command the Babylonian exiles who, when returning to their old country, had in their suit seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven slaves, to set their slaves free and send them away, as well as he commanded them to send away the strange wives which they had brought along? It is an historical fact, that even the Therepentae and Essenes, two Jewish sects, who with a kind of religious frenzy, placed their whole felicity in the contemplation of the divine nature, detaching themselves from all secular affairs, entrusted to their slaves the management of their property.

All these are irrefutable proofs that we have no right to exercise violence against the institutions of other states or countries, even if religious feelings and philanthropic sentiments bit us disapprove of them. It proves furthermore, that the authors of the many dangers, which threaten our country with ruin and devastation, are not what they pretend to be, the agents of Religion and Philanthropy.
So it is altogether true that religion and slavery intertwined to promote an evil in America. But over time, religions mature and adopt more of the social norms of the times. They "modernize." The Mormons ended some discriminatory rules in against African Americans, but it took them until 1978 to do it. They overturned some rules unfairly targeting gay folks, but this just happened 2015. Progress!

This is where wingers get into trouble and end up angering folks that they'd rather reach out to. Instead of acknowledging "progress" over time, many claim a monopoly on virtue from time immemorial. But this is not true.

Noting that Islam may be viewed as going through some of the pains that Christianity went through 400 years ago should not outrage them so. But fish gotta swim and birds have to fly, I guess.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paul Ryan would make a great Super Villian in the next Bond film

A Patriot tells us why RINOs suck, big time, and why the Teahadist Insurgency must solider on:
The Republican “establishment” is best understood as the party’s core of right-leaning business owners and executives. In the aftermath of Romney’s 2012 defeat, the establishment decided that the solutions to the party’s problems were to deemphasize social issues and to embrace comprehensive immigration reform (a euphemism for upfront legalization of unauthorized immigrants, delayed—possibly permanently delayed—internal enforcement, and expanded low-skill immigration).

It is easy to describe the Republican establishment in super-villain terms. You have Republican superstar lobbyist Haley Barbour heading up a Mark Zuckerberg–funded group called “Americans for a Conservative Direction” that advocates for comprehensive immigration reform while Haley Barbour’s lobbyist nephew Henry Barbour helps write the Republican National Committee report that advocates that the GOP adopt . . . comprehensive immigration reform. Describing the Republican establishment in terms of Washington lobbyist greed is easy, but it is also incomplete. The Republican establishment has roots throughout the United States....
The Republican establishment sometimes mistakes its own priorities for sound electoral politics. When Representative Renee Ellmers announced her opposition to a popular bill banning abortions after twenty weeks, she claimed it was because she was afraid the bill would hurt Republicans among young voters—even though young voters supported the bill more than other age groups. As House Republicans put the abortion ban aside, a House Republican began speaking on behalf of fracking. Washington Free Beacon reporter F. Bill McMorris noted in frustration that fracking was less popular than banning late-term abortion.

The debacle of the twenty-week abortion ban led conservative writer Timothy Carney to write an article titled “If Republicans won’t fight for late-term babies, what will they fight for?” On Twitter, left-wing blogger Matthew Yglesias replied “high income people who want to pay lower taxes? Fossil fuel extraction companies?”

Carney and Yglesias have hit upon a painful truth...
The Poor Bastards.

Its not that all of them don't know that they are continually being used as the tip of the spear in the latest RINO offensive, because many do. Yet they soldier on.

The RINO will tell the Patriots what they want to hear to inspire them to "go over the top," rushing toward the Obamunist hordes in waves, often suffering crippling defeats but sometime "taking the field" only to realize that what was won on the battlefield through blood, toil and tears was negotiated away in the parlors of the privileged elite.

This is all true.

Its just part of the game. The Patriots say that care about abortion and they should be taken at their word.  But the RINO largely does not. In fact the RINO is quite happy that an activist court has ruled in favor of the right to an abortion. By doing so means that the RINO can avoid doing much to rein in the abortionists. The RINO can say "I agree with you Patriot, but alas, the court has ruled and abortion cannot, unfortuately, be made illegal. So there is nothing to see here. Please move along."

And they do.

The things that the RINO does care about are clear: Deregulation of Dangerous and Greedy Industries and Tax Cuts for the wealthiest Americans. So these end up being the battlefields that Patriots are called upon to give their last full measure of devotion.

And some of the Poor Bastards know it.

Mean Spirited Things Said on Late Night TV

Conan O’Brien:
 “This week Hillary Clinton tweeted, ‘The earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work.’ ... In response, Mike Huckabee said, ‘She lost me at the earth is round. Let’s see some proof on that.’” 

Mr Personality Surges ahead of the Field

Without Romney in the field, Scott Walker looks to be an early beneficiary of Mitt's exit. A New NH poll has the Wisconsin Strongman crushing his rivals:
21.2% - Walker
19.0% - "Undecided"
14.4% - Bush III
 8.3%  - Paul
 8.2%  - Crazy Ben Carson
 7.0%  - Christie
 6.8%  - good ol' Huck
 5.4%  - Florida "Show pony"  Marco Rubio
 3.3%  - Tailgunner Ted
 2.7%  - Governor Oops
 2.2%  - Some RINO named "Pataki"
 1.7%  - John McCain Economic Adviser Carly Fiorina
The same poll conducted two weeks ago showed Mitt with  29% support, compared to Bush III at 11% and Walker at 8%. 

There is another thing that stands out about this poll - no Santorum. Santo essentially was runner up to Mitt in 2012. By historical standards, Santo deserves to be at least considered for "next in line" status. That he has not been included shows either an elitist bias against him or that those conducting the poll suffer from a serious case of Santorumnesia, i.e., an inability to remember  who Rick Santorum is.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Teahadists insurgency continues to simmer.....ominously

Wingnet: Insurgents still sniping at their RINO betters
Congressional Republicans have met a new enemy, and, as the old saying goes, “they are us.”

The Republican majorities in the House and Senate are accustomed to criticism from President Obama. Democrats on Capitol Hill are naturally opposed to their agenda. And conservative outside groups go back and forth, depending on the issue at hand. But now congressional Republicans are absorbing incoming fire on a third front, as their own party’s likely presidential candidates unload on them on one issue after another....Among the potential candidates are at least two former and three sitting governors. In part because they could be competing for the 2016 nomination with three senators — but also because it strikes a chord with many GOP primary voters — it’s simply good politics to attack Republican majorities in the House and Senate as lacking the kind of bold, decisive leadership that only a chief executive from outside the Beltway can offer.

Last month, it was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who essentially called House Republicans wimps for failing to move legislation that would limit abortions to 20 weeks after GOP women quibbled with some of the details. In the weeks ahead, congressional Republicans are expecting more criticism from the campaign trail as they move ahead on tough issues like the fiscal 2016 budget that could require a lot of horse-trading to achieve consensus.
The RINOs deserve this. They've been fanning the flames of imaginary tyranny for 6 years. Now they own the dysfunction.

Congressional Republicans promise (yet again) to reveal Obamcare replacement plan

From the Lamestream Media
[Fred Upton] Republican House committee chairman says he and two GOP senators are preparing to release a plan for replacing President Barack Obama's health care law.... Upton declined to discuss details Tuesday, but said the proposal will give Republicans a proposal that they can stand behind....he, ... Orrin Hatch of Utah and Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina will unveil their proposal Thursday.
They might come up with something - UptonHatchBurrCare. Who knows. There are big problems with this approach, though.

First Off, the lunatic fringe will likely hate whatever they come up with. Coming up with plans can be quite risky. Promoting an alternate health plan got Utah Senator Bob Bennett primaried and overthrown by a tea party insurgent. Bennett's problem was that since insurance mandates were originally a conservative proposal when he included one in his plan, the poor bastard did not know that he was actually proposing the end freedom itself.  The same is likely to occur here to some extent. Upton/Hatch/Burr will come up with a plan and the far right will suddenly discover that they hate key parts it due to some recently discovered "principle."

Next. Whatever they come up with is likely to look like Obamacare for the aforesaid reasons.  We see this play out in real life with Obamacare expansion in Red States. The RINOs that run these states need the Obamacare expansion; the healthcare delivery corporations that run rural hospitals tell these RINOs that they need it to keep their subsidized hospitals open.....serving rural areas where GOP base voters live.

The trick is to camouflage the Obamacare expansion as something else. Its a new "Tennessee Plan" that has nothing to do with Obamacare expansion (wink-wink). But to do this - to run this con on the rubes, it takes years to set the stage. Sure it may seem like Obamacare expansion, but its not- we changed a lot of names and stuff like that. And after a couple of years of headlines about how the upcoming new Red State Health insurance expansion Plan will be nothing like dreaded the Obamacare expansion plan, the groundwork is laid and the con can be run.

Its how the game is played. 

Of course another way to play the game is to say that you are going to release an alternative to Obamacare, but then never do it. That's what could be happening here too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stupid Insurance Industry planning for Stupid Global Warming

If you are a winger, you either understand global warming is real, i.e., not a conspiracy and you feign ignorance. Alternately you may vacillate between the varying levels of global warming denial from Tin Foil hat barking mad level 1 to "hey its not man-made but even if it is there is nothing we can do about it and even if there was something that could be done, its too late to do it at level 4.

Its a tough act to maintain because there is always some new stupid evidence out everyday validating/supporting the consensus on AGW whether its a middle-school text book to the latest industry report (like the insurance industry) or the latest scientific findings from climate scientists or even the national security priorities of sandal wearing Generals and Admirals tasked at protecting the American people.

It just doesn't stop. There's always something new. That the sheeple don't just wake up to what's really going on is frustrating but it's largely the Lamestream Media's fault. You see the lamestream media is part of the global-global warming conspiracy. That's what they do - trick folks with liberal media bias and stuff. This deception keeps everyone who reads their local newspaper or relies upon the Action 7 Newsbeat Team's nightly broadcast for news out in the cold. If only they read right wing blogs instead! But they don't and that's why they're sheeple.

Meanwhile, there are more people falling for the global-global warming conspiracy. If you read the wingnet, increasing extreme weather events are part of the hoax. They just ain't happening. In fact extreme weather events are at a low! Too bad this new group of folks don't read right wing blogs, because it could make their jobs a lot easier because the news is out that a group of insurance company functionaries from something called the American Academy of Actuaries has fallen for the Global-Global Warming Conspiracy.  It seems that they think forecasting "claims" and potential "losses" is important - for whatever reason. They seem to think that forecasting their likely future claims is important. But whatever.

As a result, according to the internets, these insurance company functionaries have created something called Actuaries Climate Risk Index (ACI): an Internet-based index to support scientific consensus on climate risk: frequency/intensity of extreme climate events has increased notably in recent decades. The ACI reflects changes in frequency & magnitude of key climate indicators: temperature, precipitation, drought, wind destructiveness/power (extremes), sea level, and soil moisture (means) based on quality-controlled observational data.

They even have an equation - which is looks like it could be made up!

ACI = mean (T90’ –T10’ + P’X + D’X+ W’X + S)

The problem here is striking in its simplicity. 

It is not that all equations are suspect, though many that “refudiate” party doctrine certainly are, it is that the ACI uses data sets that are gathered, not from right wing blogs but from actual scientists instead. Therefor it (the ACI) supports scientific consensus on climate change: Frequency/intensity of extreme climate events has increased notably in recent decades. 

This means that ACI can be used as a monitoring tool for actuaries, policy makers, public and other interested parties in decisions about climate change and mitigation measures. And this is bad because doing anything good is always bad. The general rule is that if you implement any welfare policies of any sort, directing individuals, taxing for social ends, engineering the outcomes of market relationships you will end up with Hitler.

Therefore all progress is bad. If doing anything good brings the world one step closer to dictatorship, it is obvious that nothing good should ever be done. And this all goes back to why right wingers that  understand global warming is real, feign ignorance. instead. Its because ignorance is better than the alternative. 

Anyway it is too bad that these insurance industry functionaries have fallen for the global warming scam. But it will all work out in the end as the stupid insurance companies that prepare for imaginary risks raise prices, they'll lose market share to the ones that don't. And just like always, the market will sort things out.