Thursday, May 19, 2016

EXPERTS - WHIG Style Split on Horizon

The Social Scientists tell us what "the data" says about the problems facing the Former Party of Lincoln:
As we argued in our last post the Republican Party in the House seems very likely to split into two factions as the result of the 2016 elections. Many Republican voters (enough to make Donald Trump the nominee) are angry at the Republican “Establishment” for not stopping President Obama on a variety of issues. The various charges that Paul Ryan is some sort of secret agent of “The Establishment” echo craziness from the days of None Dare Call it Treason (1964) and A Choice Not an Echo (1964) with their conspiracy theories about Communists and New York Bankers.
Unlike in the 1850s there is no second dimension of Congressional voting. Almost all issues — including lifestyle and affective — have been drawn into the first dimension. The split in the Republican Party will occur on this strange dimension that mixes economic and the classic “social” issues.  ...
Suppose the split occurs somewhere to the right of [House Benghazi Conspiracy Theory Committee Chairman Trey] Gowdy. Not everyone to the right of Gowdy listens to “talk radio from Area 51”. So some sorting out will occur between the two factions — traditional Republican Conservatives vs. “Conspiracy Republicans”. Assuming that Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential election, it is difficult to see how the Republican Party could ever again win the Presidency given the alienation of Hispanics, Blacks, and Social Liberals from the Republican Party. In addition, the traditional Internationalist Conservative Republicans will be willing to make deals with President Hillary Clinton to increase Defense Spending which will mean the end of the sequester. This will further divide the Republicans.
But what might finally trigger a realignment of the New Deal Party System are the obvious divisions in the Democratic Party that to this point have been papered over by their solid opposition to the Republicans.
All persuasive observations from the Experts. Two points to consider.

1) the Democratic party's tendency toward unity in face of a dangerous opposition party may dissipate if the GOP goes "Whig."  As the insurgent forces trying to destroy parts of the American Social Compact lose their effectiveness as  fighting units, Allied Coalition forces formerly threatened by this common foe may disband from their current alliances.

2)  If the current and corrupt version of the GOP goes "Whig," individual pieces, factions, groups, etc., will group into a new alliance. The two-party system is likely to survive just in a different configuration.

Whatever the next iteration becomes, the current version of the GOP is wholly unfit for governance and its toxic influence should be limited at the federal level to the extent practicable. BUT - the next WHIG party, however it shakes out, has gotta be better than today's GOP. Its gotta be.

THUGGERY on the LEFT - Matt Taibbi is mean

--- A WHIG WATCH  is in effect ---

This is a very mean way to describe the former party of Lincoln:
“If this isn’t the end for the Republican Party, it’ll be a shame. They dominated American political life for 50 years and were never anything but monsters. They bred in their voters the incredible attitude that Republicans were the only people within our borders who raised children, loved their country, died in battle or paid taxes. They even sullied the word ‘American’ by insisting they were the only real ones. They preferred Lubbock to Paris, and their idea of an intellectual was Newt Gingrich. Their leaders, from Ralph Reed to Bill Frist to Tom DeLay to Rick Santorum to Romney and Ryan, were an interminable assembly line of shrieking, witch-hunting celibates, all with the same haircut – the kind of people who thought Iran-Contra was nothing, but would grind the affairs of state to a halt over a blow job or Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube.”...
“A century ago, the small-town American was Gary Cooper: tough, silent, upright and confident. The modern Republican Party changed that person into a haranguing neurotic who couldn’t make it through a dinner without quizzing you about your politics. They destroyed the American character. No hell is hot enough for them. And when Trump came along, they rolled over like the weaklings they’ve always been, bowing more or less instantly to his parodic show of strength.”
Trump is just the guy holding the match. It is not like he built the modern republican party. Its not his fault that the party is a 5 alarm fire just waiting to go up in flames.

Shit happens after all. Its a fact of life. Everyone know this is true.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY -Thomas Sowell blames RINO scum for Trump

Poor Deranged Bastard:
We must frankly face the fact that the front runners in both political parties represent a new low, at a time of domestic polarization and unprecedented nuclear dangers internationally. This year's general election will offer a choice between a thoroughly corrupt liar and an utterly irresponsible egomaniac.
The Republican establishment, whose serial betrayals of their supporters created the setting for a Donald Trump to arise, must now decide how best to deal with the apparent inevitability of his candidacy. ...
Seeing the freedom for which generations of Americans have fought and died eroded away by judicial sophistry in the coming years is certainly a grim prospect.
nuclear annihilation is one of the few prospects that are even worse -- and a man with a runaway egomania may not have the finesse or the depth to steer through troubled international waters that include a nuclear Iran and a nuclear North Korea.
Extremism begets Extremism. Loosing control of the Supreme Court after 40 plus years of domination is not almost as bad nuclear annihilation.  Sigh.

When your readers vote for Trump due in part to the crazy shit you write (see above), look in the mirror for a culprit.  Sure blaming the RINOs has its place, but there is a verse in the bible about throwing stones while living in a glass house. Its goes something like that - the point is that you should not do it. Instead you should attend to your own sin first.

If you were one of those guys who pumped out "bat shit crazy" rhetoric urging the mob to roll out the guillotine, you don't get to whine about collateral damage. The mob is attending the business that you urged it to address.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

NATURAL LAWS of the WINGNET - Law of the "Bright Shiny Object"

One of the universal "Laws" affecting how the internets operates is the Law of the Bright Shiny Object.

On the wingnet and within the conservagentsia, the Bright Shiny Object can take many forms. In its core essence, the Bright Shiny Object is that thing, person or event that will, for once and all, cause the masses to peacefully cast aside the current social contract for a new more perfect (i.e., Utopian) set of social norms preferred by hardcore right wingers.  The masses, when the circumstances are appropriate, will do just that.

Larison explains the Right Wing Utopian's Dilemma
The desire of some movement conservatives to recruit Sasse for their pointless, doomed effort might seem strange until you remember that these people excel at identifying future political talent in the GOP and then going out of their way to destroy it by seeking to promote it too quickly. The moment they see a promising first-term senator or second-term governor, they start talking about him as the party’s deliverer, but no politician is ever able to live up to the hype. If Sasse were foolish enough to listen to the people trying to get him to run, he would be humiliated and then the same people that urged him on would cast him aside and look for the next new talent to waste.
If you think highly of Sasse, it makes no sense to encourage him to make himself politically radioactive to the vast majority of Republicans, but it is perfectly in line with the mentality that has touted and ruined one Republican “rising star” after another. Given time, Sasse might eventually become a credible national figure with a shot at higher office someday. His increasingly silly #NeverTrump fans want him to throw all of that away right now to satisfy their need to make a point.
The next "Reagan" is an example of the "Bright Shiny Object." Under current movement conservative ideology, "conservatism" never fails.  In practice, conservative policies may appear to "fail." However, when such is the case, it is people, fallible human beings, who fail conservatism. It is not conservatism failing the people.

The "Next Reagan" will be that individual who can effectively communicate the "good news" of how tax cuts for those at the top of the economic scale and deregulation of dangerous and greedy industries better of the lives of people that actually work for a living.  This next Reagan will be a man among the people -  someone who has acquired the smell of the sheep from having walked among the flock.

S/he'll animate conservatism as the next Bright Shiny Object who delivers the "Gospel" and leads the people to the promised land of low marginal tax rates, a state that could be drowned in a bathtub but yet ironically would still be strong enough to mandate government sanctioned prayer. Or whatever.

But reality intervenes as it always seems to do for Utopians throughout the ages. The hopes and dreams of the true believer will be dashed until the next time a New Reagan appears on the horizon.

Where once The National Review proclaimed that Starbursts of conservative brilliance shone from the smiling eyes of Sarah Palin casting The Way toward an enlightened future, today most know her as a blundering fool - who is in no way fit to manage a Walmart in Wasilla much less be the leader of the conservative movement in America.

The process of discovery and disappointment repeats with each Bright Shiny Object.  As I said it is a Natural Law. But the Bright Shiny Object does not have to be a person. It can be a "Symbol" of the modern state such as Obamacare.

Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe explains how allowing working class Americans and the self employed to purchase health insurance on the same Tax Preferred Basis as folks working for larger corporations could usher in a right wing revolution:
So sit back, my friends; put your feet up; and pour yourself a tumbler of Scotch. Things are about to come unraveled as the prevarications of the Great Prevaricator catch up with the man and consume him as well as his allies. The counter-revolution that the Democrats successfully dodged in 2012 may still happen. 
Obamacare may be remembered as a turning point in American history. It may be remembered as the time when Americans woke up, saw to the heart of the administrative entitlement state, and began the process of dismantling it and restoring limited government.
Wingers, like raccoons, cannot escape the lure of bright shiny objects. Starbursts, Scary Obamacare, Benghazi, anything that reinforces a previously held belief. It does not matter.

And so it goes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

REAPING THE WHIRLWIND - Erick Erickson edition

In the history of American Politics has there ever been a bigger LOSER and/or CLOWN than Erick Erickson?

Who knows for sure. Some might think not while others may disagree. I remain undecided but acknowledge that reasonable people could disagree on the issue. Whatever the conclusion, it is beyond doubt that the guy is seriously one F'd up dude.

While these days the Former RedState Blog honcho writes anti-Trump screeds directed at his former readers, Erickson was once a band leader urging folks down the very same road that leads to a Donald Trump. Which, by the way, is an irony that has seemed to escape the poor bastard. Your peeps take your lead down the path to radicalization and ruin at your urging. And it is all all so shocking.

But whatever.

Anyway here's a blast from the past with Erickson playing around with what would become Marco Rubio's "Let us dispel Myth" line:
For the longest time I have chosen to chalk our President’s stumbles, bumbles, and disasters up to incompetence. He is in over his head. He is inexperienced. He is out of his league. It is hard to accept otherwise.
But it is clearer and clearer that is not true. It is clear that President Obama’s disastrous policies are premised not in incompetence, but in maliciousness. Our President — and he is our President — is not a stumbler and a bumbler, but a Nero who when not persecuting Christians, plays golf while the world burns.
President Obama has surrounded himself with a group of people who comport to his own world view. That world view is very simple to explain: Barack Obama and his advisors belief that in order for the world to be safer, they must make the United States less safe. In order for the world to be stable, the United States must be less stable.
In short, Barack Obama blames America first.
Sweet wingnuttery comes with a price.

BORING RINO - rules out independent Presidential Bid

Yesterday the Lamestream Media reported that Ohio Governor John Kasich has ruled out an independent run at the White House.

Sources around Kasich attributed the decision to lack of interest. "John hasn't burned any shit down since the 1990s," said one unnamed source. "I mean those were good times. Impeachment, shutting down the government, countless oversight hearings, Dan Burton shooting those melons trying to prove Hillary Clinton had some guy whacked. Classic times." He added" but since that time, John's had to move on like that saying in the bible about putting away childish things." Back in the day, we could shit where we lived. That ain't the case anymore."

Explaining why Governor Kasich couldn't get more support from the electorate, the source offered more. "...this hasn't been John's life in a long time. So it turns out that winning over the GOP base  was not really a possibility for us in 2016. They want today's freak-show with the bells and whistles - Not the type of mellow adult vibe that John tries to offer. But man you shoulda seen us back the day. We were freakin' Giants, man."

 And so it goes.

Monday, May 16, 2016

DOLCHSTOSS - Layin' groundwork for next conspiracy

Say what you want about Snidely Whiplash but the Senator from Canada sure knows how to run the con old school-style.

As in Old School, I mean "The LIBERAL Media," in a conspiracy of course, sat on "damning" Trump stories until he won. Then "they" took out the knife and stabbed Real America in the back.

Cue the maniacal laugh:
This Cruz-inspired grievance is suspiciously convenient for every faction of the fractured right: It works for anti-Trump conservatives wanting to explain why they failed to stop him; for Republican candidates trying to rationalize their 2016 difficulties; and for Trump supporters who’ll be eager come November to lay his general-election failure at the media’s feet. That means the liberal-media conspiracy will become a central and unquestioned piece of the GOP’s inevitable 2016 revisionism. But everyone on the political right articulating this theory—everyone who knows how campaigns work, at least, and understands their interplay with media—will be consciously perpetuating a myth. And in so doing, they’ll be passing off blame that rightfully belongs to them....
Don't hate the winger. Hate the game. There simply is no need to give 'em Hate when the Truth will do. They'll see the Truth and call it Hell.

So its all good.  The no hate part is good for you. The Hell part is justice and justice is what is good for folks.

Friday, May 13, 2016

CIVIL WAR on the RIGHT - Sarahgeddon comes to Wisconsin

Paul Ryan has a primary opponent:

Sounds plausible to me.

DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Wingnut Professor just can't quit Obama

Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe is, once again (sigh), back at his nocturnal scribblings - lashing out wildly at Obama, condemning all things decent and railing against the sun, moon and the very existence of the tides. Devoid of rational thought, its the Derangement Syndrome and the attendant delusions, the hard right nut jobber can't quit his obsession with the President of the United States.
Never in the history of the American Republic has there been a President as devoted to self-referential pronouncements and to self-praise. Nor have we ever had a President before who supposed that his knowledge and ability was superior in every particular to that of the experts whom he had hired to advise him. The self-confidence of Barack Obama knows no bounds....we have a President who sees us as pawns in a work of fiction designed to demonstrate his greatness. Most politicians think of themselves as public servants. Most suppose that any glory they will achieve will be a function of the actual service they perform. In Barack Obama’s world, those of us who make up the public are simply extras, and he is the impresario, staging a drama for his own adulation. If he has been careless in a thousand ways, it is because he really does not care at all about our welfare.
I care about Rahe's welfare. I think he is sick and needs help. That Rahe needs professional treatment is demonstrably true.

Otherwise one would think after having leveled every charge he could feverishly dream up about Kenyan Strongman and his Street Thugocracy and having been beaten back resoundingly at every turn - there was no Romney Landslide from the Jersey Shores to the suburbs of Portlandia. Obama is not "George Wallace." Fighting the Ebola outbreak was not Obama's deliberate attempt to KILL Americans, by plague, Bill Cosby is not the only African American who cares about black folks in America, SIGH, etc., that he'd take a moment of retrospection. Possibly, maybe, his judgment is less than keen.

But not Rahe. The poor devil has got the derangement syndrome bad.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

KEVORKIAN SUICIDE PACT - GOP teeters on edge of oblivion

Don't drink the kool-aid.

It is probably too late- as in decades too late, but Former Trump Apologist Erick Erickson has taken to the internets (again, sigh) to urge his former readers and party stalwarts to retreat from the path of madness the people like Erickson have long advocated. Movement conservatives have these moments.

Events didn't have to turn out this way. They still don't:
“For every [unreconstructed conservative], not once but whenever he wants it, there is the instant when it's still not yet two o’clock on that July afternoon in 1863, the brigades are in position behind the rail fence, the guns are laid and ready in the woods and the furled flags are already loosened to break out and Pickett himself with his long oiled ringlets and his hat in one hand probably and his sword in the other looking up the hill waiting for Longstreet to give the word and it's all in the balance, it hasn't happened yet, it hasn't even begun yet, it not only hasn't begun yet but there is still time for it not to begin against that position and those circumstances which made more men than Garnett and Kemper and Armistead and Wilcox look grave yet it's going to begin, we all know that, we have come too far with too much at stake and that moment doesn't need even a [unreconstructed republican] to think This time. Maybe this time with all this much to lose and all this much to gain: Pennsylvania, Maryland, the world, the golden dome of Washington itself to crown with desperate and unbelievable victory the desperate gamble, the cast made two years ago....[Faulkner - Intruder in the Dust]
But the partisan shrieks at the top of his lungs standing astride history and nobody listens:
It should be increasingly clear to Republican delegates that their rendezvous in Cleveland is going to be a ritual mass suicide. In addition to losing the presidency, they will lose the Senate, endanger the House, and see catastrophe all the way down the ballot. But they can choose not to commit suicide. The Republican delegates have the power to reject the purported nominee.
Over the next two months we are all going to witness the Schadenfreudenfuhrer beclown himself and retreat from all the values of the Republican Party. At the same time, we will see a party fail to unite. It’s standard bearers will flee. Those who carry its ideas will distance themselves.
The white nationalists are already creeping in. The protectionists will drive out those who support the free market. The isolationists will finish collapsing the post World War II order that Barack Obama likewise wishes to break apart. The evangelicals with any sense of shame will flee.
Donald Trump is going to fundamentally alter the party and still lose to Hillary Clinton. With his loss will come recriminations. The party will cripple itself while the Democrats themselves do very little — very little except win.
All of this can be avoided. The delegates themselves can stop the madness and halt the party’s suicide. They can do it by unbinding themselves. The delegates have that power. They can take that vote. The delegates can save the Republican Party from those outside forces who have launched a coup of the party.
If the delegates refuse, the suicide of the Republican Party is on them.
Sigh. But they're gonna do it.

The journey has been long and painstaking. They are all assembling - called to arms from around the wingnet one shrill blog post, one Sean Hannity "news" special, one AM Radio rant at a time.

Tri-corner hats, medicare scooters, and tattered copies of the National Review from more hopeful days under arms. Flags, confederate and Gadsden flags, are unfurled and waiving defiantly.  Retreat  or worse - surrender to the Kenyan Strongman, is not an option.

At some time the signal will be given and the delegates will assemble marching up that hill toward that stone wall. Maybe it'll all be different this time. But some know that it won't be.

Monday, May 9, 2016

SARAHGEDDDON LOOMIN' - Ryan to be "Cantored"

The GOOD Witch of the NORTH has had enough bullshit from "squishes" like Paul Ryan.
Sarah Palin will work to defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan by backing his primary opponent in Wisconsin... Palin said in an interview ...that her decision was sparked by Ryan’s bombshell announcement ...that he wasn’t yet ready to support Donald Trump...“I think Paul Ryan is soon to be ‘Cantored,’ as in Eric Cantor,” Palin said...“His political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people, and as the leader of the GOP, the convention, certainly he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who he will not support is not a wise decision of his,” ...
Palin speculated that Ryan’s announcement was driven out by a desire to seek the White House in 2020. “If the GOP were to win now, that wouldn’t bode well for his chances in 2020, and that’s what he’s shooting for,” Palin said. Ryan, who has repeatedly ruled out a 2016 bid, has not publicly commented on whether he’ll seek the White House in 2020. ...
Ryan’s primary opponent, Paul Nehlen, endorsed Trump soon after Ryan’s announcement last week. Palin... endorsing him, [said]“I will do whatever I can for Paul Nehlen.” “This man is a hard-working guy, so in touch with the people,” Palin said.
“Paul Ryan and his ilk, their problem is they have become so disconnected by the people whom they are elected to represent.”
Amen, sister.  Sharpen that guillotine.

You know the RINOs thought that busting out the Dan Quayle's and Sarah Palin's of the world was a really clever way of "buffaloing" ordinary folks into thinking that the Red Team was on their side. I mean who doesn't enjoy labeling their opponents culturally depraved cheese eating surrender monkeys while stealing their own voters' birthright in order to funnel the spoils to their wealthy benefactors and deregulate dangerous and greedy industries?

I mean its not my favorite thing to do, but I definitely see why some people (cough...RINOs) get a kick outta doing it.

And so, it seems, that the bill has come due.  Sarah's handing it Paul Ryan for immediate payment. I guess the term at play here is blowback.

Friday, May 6, 2016

PREDICTED THE RISE of TRUMP - Expert explains; GOP "broken"

Norm Ornstein has been warning RINOs and blowing the whistle loudly for anyone that wanted to hear for some time now. The GOP was "F'ing" itself up by following a path of nihilism and anti-government radicalism that would lead to very dark places.

Naturally, the RINOs ignored him and the tinfoil hat brigade belittled him.

But here we are. RINOs are run, dodging "Patriots" like they have been during the Obamunist Era but now the Unreconstructed Right finds itself targeted, too, by Patriot ire - lead by Trump.

Via the "Lamestream Media:"
Andrew Prokop: So where, exactly, do you think this anger within the Republican Party electorate has come from, and why do you think it's so powerful?
Norm Ornstein: When you look at populism over the longer course of both American history and other countries that have suffered economic traumas as a result of financial collapse, you’re gonna get the emergence of some leaders who exploit nativism, protectionism, and isolationism. They’re components — sometimes greater, sometimes lesser — that are baked into the process. So you’ve got a bit of that.
But if you forced me to pick one factor explaining what's happened, I would say this is a self-inflicted wound by Republican leaders.
Over many years, they've adopted strategies that have trivialized and delegitimized government. They were willing to play to a nativist element. And they tried to use, instead of stand up to, the apocalyptic visions and extremism of some cable television, talk radio, and other media outlets on the right.
And add to that, they've delegitimized President Obama, but they've failed to succeed with any of the promises they've made to their rank and file voters, or Tea Party adherents. So when I looked at that, my view was, "what makes you think, after all of these failures, that you're going to have a group of compliant people who are just going to fall in line behind an establishment figure?"
Trump clearly had a brilliant capacity to channel that discontent among Republican voters — to figure out the issues that’ll work, like immigration, and the ways in which populist anger and partisan tribalism can be exploited. So of course, to me, he became a logical contender.
And so it goes. Recklessness fostered by RINOs begets Radicalism from the Fringe followed by unintended consequences as the "Extremists" are empowered and take control.

CIVIL WAR on the RIGHT - Lunatic Fringe hits Trump

Erick Erickson, A Guerrilla Leader within the Unreconstructed Right, hits the GOP Standard Bearer:
Republicans owe Bill Clinton an apology for impeaching him over lies and affairs while now embracing a pathological liar and womanizer. That apology will not be forthcoming. In fact, for years Republicans have accused the Democrats of gutter politics and shamelessness. Now the Republicans themselves have lost their sense of shame.
As Marco Rubio withdrew from the Republican primary in Florida, Trump supporters showed up to heckle him as he was giving his withdrawal speech. In South Carolina, a Trump supporter refused to help a disabled woman who had been in a car wreck because the woman had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car. The man actually said he thought the Lord came to him. But these people have learned this behavior from their party’s new political leader.
...Many conservatives and people of common decency will support neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. They will hope for a third party. ...Angry voters made a terrible miscalculation in the Republican primary. They presumed that the rest of the nation shared their anger. They were wrong and now, with so much on the line, the Republicans will field as their Presidential nominee the least popular Presidential candidate in American history. God save the republic.
Well, if Trump ever becomes President, the Fringe can try to Impeach him. Its in their there is that.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

SCORNFUL; CONDESCENDING - Bush Flack bashes Base

This is uncalled for. Shame on Pete Wehner:
Well done Republicans.
Presented with the strongest presidential field in 36 years – filled with accomplished conservatives — you have succeeded in nominating a man who is enamored with conspiracy theories, from President Obama’s birth certificate (Obama wasn’t born in America) to vaccinations causing autism to the Bush administration lying our way into war with Iraq to Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.
Maybe people serving in high positions within the GOP should not have fostered so many conspiracy theories to grow within the Base. In retrospect that appears to be indisputable now.

All the Tea Party Extremism in the midst of a global economic collapse sure was fun and games when it was aimed at the Kenyan Strongman and his attempt to destroy western civilization. BUT its not so fun when the devil turns back around and targets you.

Maybe, instead of blaming the rubes, you should blame the carnival barkers within the conservative entertainment complex who were running the scams.

Mean spirited.

FAILED IDEOLOGY - GOP needs a "New Nationalism"

Over at the NRO PoMoCo Blog the Conservagentsia is issuing the call to RETREAT and regroup. Wise move.

It seems that their current arsenal is outdated, ineffectual, flaccid and the product of a lost age.  Going forward their next offensive to remake America in the Image of Mississippi or whatever it will eventually be marketed as should be girded in a "New Nationalism."
Whether it is Clinton or Trump,  we are going to get terrible judges.  That’s what happens when you lose.
But my vote doesn’t matter. What matters is that we start the process for rebuilding.  The relationships within the center-right are broken.  The myths of the Reagan Era can no longer hold the coalition together (much less win converts.) 
No message from the conventional Republican candidates resonated.  There was something poignant about Ted Cruz after Wisconsin.  He put together a technically sound campaign, but he seemed to realize that he had nothing to say to anyone who wasn’t already on his side.  Cruz’s Tuesday concession speech was an imitation of Reagan’s speech to the 1976 Republican National Convention.  It was less terrible than some of his other big speeches, but the best parts were a feeble imitation of a speech from forty years ago.
We need an agenda that can speak to the concerns of people in our time. We need to look to the people we live among and not live among the ghost of a lost heroic age.
 The problem is that Trump’s nationalism is, functionally, a nationalism for old and white Americans.....the GOP should be a nationalist party.  It should also be a party whose nationalism appeals to every ethnic and racial group in our nation. 
Take the issue of immigration reform.  A broadly nationalist party would be comfortable making the argument that foreign-born American wage-earners would be the biggest economic beneficiaries of restricting future low-skill immigration.  What is more, that nationalist party would make that argument because it wants foreign-born American wage-earners to have better lives in the country we all share.    
A coalition for that broad American nationalism would have to include both those who were enthusiastic Trump supporters and conservatives who could never support Trump.  This nationalism will even have to include some people who voted for Obama in 2012 and will vote for Clinton this year. We ought to start practicing how we live with each other, and how we find common ground in the years to come.         
The "New Nationalism" as compared with the GOP's current version of nationalism is fine and all.

It, the New Nationalism, was Teddy Roosevelt's Bull Moose platform in 1912 - which by the way, irony has it was/is part of the basis for much of the National Review's "Liberal Fascism" meme. The Kenyan Stongman played along in the 2012 campaign when he revisited TR's old stomping ground in Osawatomie, Kansas with his own New Nationalism themes - 100 years later. BOOM! Obama can be hardcore, sometimes, man.

And so it goes.

Maybe, the unreconstructed right will "convert" and now will follow TR call for a more progressive style of politics for 2017.  In some way it makes sense. They're usually behind the times. So this is as good as place as any for them to start.

BUT, I would hope that they skip over this century's version of the Scope's Trial and cut out all the global warming conspiracy theory.

Just a suggestion. Anyway, they need a "New" something.

WINGNUT WELFARE - Viewed from the Inside

Right Wing Flack Tucker Carson explains one of the "horrific" facets of the wingnut welfare system:
Consider the conservative nonprofit establishment, which seems to employ most right-of-center adults in Washington. Over the past 40 years, how much donated money have all those think tanks and foundations consumed? Billions, certainly. (Someone better at math and less prone to melancholy should probably figure out the precise number.) Has America become more conservative over that same period? Come on. Most of that cash went to self-perpetuation: Salaries, bonuses, retirement funds, medical, dental, lunches, car services, leases on high-end office space, retreats in Mexico, more fundraising. Unless you were the direct beneficiary of any of that, you’d have to consider it wasted.
Pretty embarrassing. And yet they’re not embarrassed. Many of those same overpaid, underperforming tax-exempt sinecure-holders are now demanding that Trump be stopped. Why? Because, as his critics have noted in a rising chorus of hysteria, Trump represents “an existential threat to conservatism.”
Let that sink in. Conservative voters are being scolded for supporting a candidate they consider conservative because it would be bad for conservatism?
This is what Wingnut Welfare does.

It creates a cycle of dependency where the victim, in order to get his "fix," is compelled to pump out ever more shrill rhetoric in support of a shop worn 20th century ideology that has long since run its course. These "toilers" serve no one but themselves and their benefactors - many of whom are scions of inherited wealth.

America is in desperate need of Wingnut Welfare Reform to break the chains of this "addiction" and set these long suffering denizens on the path toward meaningful work within the free market.

STUMBLEBUM JOHN - Trump Knocks out Paper RINO

Kasich was the guy, on paper anyway, that shoulda had a shot at the GOP nomination. On Paper Anyway.

But John did not offer the GOP electorate anything really. He was basically just a guy who took credit for the Clintonian Boom of the 1990s while having voted against the blueprints laid out by Bush 1 and Bill Clinton.  That's good work if you can get it. Let the other guy(s) do all the heavy lifting and then take credit for the results a couple of decades later.

He was also the guy said he ran the Repbulican Machine in Ohio. But, if that's true, he was also the guy who did not lift a finger to help out Ohio Speaker of the House John Boehner as he was being stabbed in the Back. In a redistricting year with a credible threat of force perhaps Tea Party Caucus Radicals would not have targeted the highest ranking republican official in America - with impunity from sanctuaries within Ohio.

Instead, basically, John was just another another RINO who sat on the sidelines holding his force outta action while watching the barbarians storm the gate - in the process making Trump's job that much easier.

So Stumblebum John gets no profile in courage.  But he does get the privilege of saying "Yes Sir Mr. Barbarian. Excellent Idea, Sir!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GOP 2020 - Because it is never too early for Crazy

The more Crazy - the Better?

 It worked in 2012. The Cray-Cray could never consolidate around a single crazy candidate allowing Mitt Romney to weasel his way to the GOP nomination. In 2016, initially it seemed that maximizing the Crazy would allow a Rubio or a Bush or  Walker to power their way through a mine field riddled with bat shit. But that was not case.

What kinda stunt will Tailgunner Ted Cruz pull in 2020. Only the gods know.
Ted Cruz’s Political Masterstroke 
by MICHAEL POTEMRA May 4, 2016 3:17 AM 
The more I think about Senator Cruz’s stunning announcement last night that he is suspending his campaign, the more brilliant I think it is. The No. 1 political handicap he had in this campaign is that people thought he was too nakedly ambitious, too laser-focused on his own advancement, as opposed to, e.g., the good of the party. But in one fell swoop last night, he managed to put paid to this idea. He could have stayed in the race and played a backroom guerrilla war for the next couple of months, delegate by delegate. But he looked at the Indiana results . . . and stepped away. In future years – and even later this year, if something cataclysmic happens to Trump and Republicans need another nominee — conservatives, and the GOP, will not remember just the Ted Cruz whose ambitions many of them distrusted earlier in the year. They will also remember the man who showed a hell of a lot of grace in bowing out. Cruz looks pretty good as Cincinnatus at the plow
Reasonable. Sound. Wise.

George Washington modeled himself after Cinninnatus - a farmer who set aside the plow only long enough to save Rome once duty called.

Washington was and is credited as being the father of America.  Legend has it that General Washington or President Washington, if you prefer, could not tell a lie.  That's the legend anyway.

The next person that comes to mind in this discussion, naturally, is Ted Cruz.


Yeah, one could see it coming for days, weeks.  (And sure, a contested convention might still stop him.)  But, now that it’s here…it’s horrible.  Almost as horrible a feeling as when Obama won in 2012. How, pomocon readers, do you feel?  About your fellow Americans?  About democracy?  
A time for strategy will come.  A time for prayers and Bible-verse quoting also.  For now, let’s just be straight-up about how we’re doin’.  Or share whatever you want to.
UPDATE:  Cruz has “suspended his campaign.”  I alternate between feeling numb, and very sick.
I Feel Sick
Of course the good news is that it really is not hard to say "Yes Sir Mr. Trump. Excellent Idea!" Most wingers will get in the grove soon enough.

Of course its all their fault - the conservagentsia for running the GOP into the ground that is.

They confuse the GOP for some reactionary ideology built during the past century. And they act as if today's republican voters are the servants of this ideology instead of remembering that a party should serve the tempered needs of actual people. And then the Conservagetsia are surprised when these very people revolt against this lunatic fringe lording over them?

Living in a bubble puts you at risk of being on the wrong end of the whipping post - as some may be belatedly learning.  When this happens, there is not much you can do other than come to the light and try to make amends.

Perhaps you apologize to the voters for playing 'em like rubes for a generation or so. It is only fitting that they found you out by now. I you are quick, any risk of 'em breaking out guillotines will be negligible.

Perhaps you apologize to the Obamunist Madman and his Thugocracy and never existed.   Perhaps you pray to the Gods that ushered in the Kenyan Strongman's landslides "elections" that future President Hillary be merciful and forgo building those Anti-Obama Dissident Camps.   While I kinda hope she does (finally) get up and runnin',  I suspect that she will be merciful - to a point.

And so it goes.


APPOMATTOX: Movement Conservatism waives "White Flag"

Yesterday, Donald Trump crushed the last major bands of opposition forces that had gathered for a last stand in the battle of Indiana.

And just like Lee as he surrender to Grant, broken, cut off from escape, out of resources, dreams of a slave holders' republic crushed, etc., Ted Cruz capitulated to the "better man" yesterday who vanquished his cause.

And just like that, many conservatives scattered throughout America, both Real and otherwise,  now beaten, broken, perhaps even "house broken," are emerging from the ashes and begin to "Bow Down" to their new "master." Fealty is demand and when it conflict, power comes before principle, sadly.

For some, however, surrender is not an option. "Cruz may have surrendered, but I didn't," many thunder. They flee to the Red Hinterlands vowing a guerrilla campaign of resistance until that day when, perhaps a "New Reagan" can rally their forces on to a victorious counter-attack against the throngs calling themselves "Patriots."

Other movement conservatives, understandably fearful of retribution from victorious Patriot forces and, perhaps wearing women's clothing, prepare to flee the victors. There will be no oaths of fealty from them.

Like Cruz, maybe these conservatives  will consider scurrying off northward back to Canada like their Tory Forebears did after defeat, while others tack southward toward Brazil like their confederate forebears (hopefully not to return, though). Maybe these conservatives will find a new god given "paradise" to create their long dreamed for right wing utopia based upon bullets, bibles, big business and banjos.

And so it goes. The Bottom Rail is now up on top and the world turned upside down. The madness is profound.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

NRO-GUY SAD - Through his works you shall know him

Poor NRO guy Nordingler is Sad. He unable to vote for Cruz today in Indiana. Sigh.
I Wish I were a Hoosier
… so that I could vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow. A sterling Reagan conservative. A classical liberal. A believer in limited government, the rule of law, free enterprise, peace through strength, the right to life. A smart man, a decent man. A bold man, a persistent man. My friend (incidentally). The kind of person who ought to be president of the United States. He’d be great for the country, and world. So would Carly Fiorina, as vice president. They are a dream ticket for me. I believe a Cruz-Fiorina administration would be curative. I believe we would see quick and marked improvement in the economy, foreign policy, the courts — everywhere.
Cruz could in fact be a good president EXCEPT......for four important reasons
1) He is repellent to all Democrats
2) He is repellent to most Independents
3) He is repellent to most of the GOP establishment
4) He has earned every bit of this animosity
Other than that he has a real chance.

Monday, May 2, 2016

PRESIDENT TRUMP - According to the polls

This just in. From Rasmussen Reports:
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump with 41% support to Clinton’s 39%. Fifteen percent (15%) prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.
These results are astounding: 61% of those polled did not pick Hillary as their choice for President. While a case can be made that Trump only leads 41-39 over Hillary in this partisan poll, this is really a narrow way to look at it.

Basically the two were tied in last week's  Rasmussen poll at 38%, but now Trump is ahead by 2 points.  If Trump gains 2 points each week from here on out, he'll win in a landslide 72-28 next November!

H/t The wingnet

TRUMP CORONATION IMMINENT - Trump now basically "the republican party"

What a difference a cherry picked poll makes.

Late last week, an "unskewed poll" hit the right side of the internets causing great rejoicing among the unwashed denizens of the lunatic fringe. It showed Indiana GOP base voters rallying to Ted Cruz's Battle Cry of Freedom.

It was what the fringe wanted to believe - that the carnival barker Trump could be rolled back starting in the Indiana primary. And the stakes were high. If the Donald were to conquer the hearts and minds of the Base in the Cornbelt, he'd have a near unstoppable path to lead the party of Reagan in its fight with the Kenyan Strongman's chosen successor. With Indiana a winner take all primary and with winner take all primaries scheduled on the last day of the freak fest in delegate rich states of California and New Jersey it'd be over. A Trump win in Indiana, coupled with wins the bi-coastal states where Cruz is understandably despised, the delegate math would seal his  victory and put movement conservatives firmly on a path to practice saying "Yes sir Mr. Trump, excellent idea, sir," in front of the bathroom mirror each day from here on out.

In the history of the American Democracy, these were the times that try winger's souls. So Indiana was/is that big.

And so it is that new polls are out - new polls that have yet to be unskewed. They all show Trump up big and the shameful Cruz trailing mightily - probably due in significant part to his shamefulness. If true, this is the handwriting on the wall showing that the Cleveland Convention will be a Cleveland Coronation for the Republican Party's New King, Donald J Trump.

Tomorrow will tell. And Wingers should be prepared for the worst.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

THUGGERY on the LEFT: Matt Bai is Mean

This is the kinda stuff that hurts people's feelings:
“Like Stalin and Churchill huddled over a map of Europe in 1944, Ted Cruz and John Kasich began a very odd week by announcing — publicly, for reasons known only to them — that they were divvying up the remaining primary states in order to maintain individual spheres of influence. Cruz would get Indiana (which is next to Ohio), while Kasich would get New Mexico (which shares a border with Texas). Super-logical.”
“Of course, primary voters — unlike, say, Polish peasants — tend to do whatever they want, so all this plotting didn’t exactly make Cruz and Kasich grandmasters of global domination. More like a couple of guys playing Risk in somebody’s basement… And like most games of Risk, the whole thing fell apart within a few hours, as both campaigns backtracked and said they weren’t telling voters in any state not to vote for their chosen candidates, exactly. They just weren’t telling voters they should vote for their chosen candidates, either.”
This is not "allowing the working poor to go the doctor when they are sick" mean. But its still pretty mean stuff.

EXPERTS - Whig-style "split" Looms in 2017

According to people in the know - guys with PhD's and decades of experience in the field studying a type of "witchcraft" known as "political science," the GOP is in a really precarious position right now. It could self destruct in the not too distant future.

As the clown car meets demolition derby that is the GOP presidential nomination process nears its catastrophic conclusion, with a demagogue like Donald Trump and Right Wing Extremist in the form of Ted Cruz the logical outcome, the party appears headed for a wipe-out in the polls that could even run down ballot. And as rare as a coattail effect is in a polarized nation, this "Whupping" could lead to an existential crisis that puts in on the path to its ultimate extinction.

Sonuvabitch. Or Karma, I guess.

But, perhaps, maybe the good ship will right itself or "reform see the error of its ways and set a safer course. One could wish for a return to the days when there was "a steady hand on the helm in high seas, a knowledge of where we must go and why, a resolve to achieve safe harbor." That's Peggy Noonan on George W. Bush and the last time when the Party was in good hands - or so we were told.

But maybe the party will continue onward toward the looming crisis. Perhaps instead of a return to normalcy, it might accelerate full-speed into that iceberg that everyone knows is just ahead and everyone seems resigned to believe in unavoidable. That's a real possibility, too.

Some real "Losers" and "Clowns" have been piloting the ship, so you shouldn't sell 'em short when it comes to clusterfucks.

In the mist and darkness, danger lurks on the horizon.....:
Although it is way to early to predict doom ...however, just as a snowball gets bigger when it is rolled down a hill...prospects look very bleak...Trump ...will lose to Hillary Clinton with near certainty. Perhaps not as much as Barry Goldwater lost ...or Senator McGovern lost ... but Clinton’s victory will be at least as big as ...Obama’s 2008. If [its]... Cruz (clearly the most unpopular member of Congress), Cruz will lose almost as badly as Trump and Trump’s die-hard supporters will be mad as hornets.
Assuming that the Senate flips back to the Democrats ... Suppose that Clinton subtracts 7% from every Republican’s two Party percentage from 2014... then the Republican Caucus would come in around 220 members. ...enough to retain “control” but ... be badly split...and it is safe to say that the far, far, right will be even less likely to be cooperative in passing necessary appropriations bills. Suppose this “suicide” caucus leave[s]... 41 members to gum up the works in 2017.
To get anything done, President Hillary Clinton will have to negotiate cross-party deals in the House. This...will... infuriate the “suicide” caucus and it could lead to a permanent division within the Republican Party.
The last major Party to break up were the Whigs from 1851-1854. We may be living through an equally historic period. Time will tell.
While the experts will no doubt say that the problem with the GOP is complicated and requires charts and graphs and studies with statistical models and shit like that to explain - that gets you to the "learned" explanation which is probably pretty boring, I blame two main types of scumbags for most of the problem with that party.

You can drill it down to the assholes who get their kicks conning ordinary people that they treat as rubes - put the scare into 'em about the coming Obamapocalypse or the end of Western Civilization, tell 'em one thing and do the other, try to sell them gold for their retirement accounts and moonshine and hookum for the days in between and then the other is the ideologues - various groups of true believers, nutjobs, cranks and right wing utopians all trying to remake America in the image of Mississippi or 1952 or 1861 or whatever their vice is.

These groups think the voters exist to serve their pet interests and their bank accounts instead of the other way around. So having led 'em down this path over the course of a generation to the likely destination ahead, we are to a point were the Whigs were at one time.

Interesting. Karma, again and such.

THUGGERY on the LEFT: Jonathan Chait is Mean, cntd

Like Gravity, The Moon Landing and AGW, Obamacare, too, is real man.
Most Republicans still refuse to accept the theory of anthropogenic global warming despite decades of scientific consensus. For that matter, you still have white Southerners denying the Civil War was about slavery. So the cause of decrying Obamacare as a disaster will go on and on and on. But the law’s future is secure because it’s making life better for millions of people, and Republicans have no politically viable alternative.
Stone Cold.

To reform the system, improve the system, modernize the system and ultimately serve "the people," you have to understand the system and be invested in the system. Standing on the sidelines shrieking about the Tyranny of climate scientist and their stupid theories about greenhouse gases trapping heat in the atmosphere and Obamacare being more tyrannical than slavery and stomping your feet and holding your breath about the outrage of the day only gets your voters thinking that Donald Trump appears to be a reasonable alternative to the GOP. Good job Red Team.

And so it goes....

PAID PROFESSIONAL ANGRY RIGHT - Trump's rise confuses us

This is what Wingnut Welfare can do to someone.

It hooks you with cash for propaganda. It cuts you off from the reality based community. And  it leaves you unable to compete in the free market of ideas.

No one is a more sad example than Thomas Sowell: 
The sudden appearance of Donald Trump on the political horizon last year may have been surprising, but not nearly as surprising as seeing some conservatives supporting him.
Does Trump have conservative principles? Does he have any principles at all, other than promoting Donald Trump? A smorgasbord of political positions — none of them indicating any serious thought about complicated issues — is not a principle. Nor is cheering for himself and boasting about all the great things he is going to do as President.
Haven't we seen this movie before?
Wasn't Barack Obama going to heal the racial divide, end the partisan bickering in Washington, have the most transparent administration ever, lower the cost of health care and let you keep your own doctor?...It was bad enough for the voters to make the colossal mistake of being taken in by appearances and ignoring realities. But to repeat that very same mistake with Trump, immediately after the Obama administration, is truly staggering. How many pied pipers are we going to follow off to parts unknown?...It has been enough politically to put some of the great demagogues of history in power, especially after the existing establishment has discredited itself.
The discredited Weimar Republic in Germany was vulnerable to the verbal attacks by Adolf Hitler that brought him to power. Now we know, too late, that Hitler turned out to be a bigger catastrophe — for Germany and the world — than the Weimar Republic.
Donald Trump is not an evil man like Hitler. But his headstrong shallowness and fecklessness make him a dangerous man to have in the White House....
When in doubt go to Hitler. Something happens that you do not like or understand. Naturally the way to correct the bad thing is to implement the policy preferences you are paid to shill for. The danger for ignoring your advice is severe - its Hitler. That's what the wingnut welfare does to a person. And it happens all the time.

A tailspin cycle of dependence. Lashing out wildly. Projecting your weakness on others. Etc. Its  bad stuff, man.

If it were up to me, I'd set 'em all free. Tough Love, some call it. Kick 'em off the sauce cold turkey, others say. But there'd be no more wingnut welfare. Instead there is nothing like the magic of the free market to reorient one's priorities and help 'em learn the dignity of productive work.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NEW "MR. REPUBLICAN" - Trump cruises to victory, again

The "Alternative" Media Reports:
Donald Trump steamrolled the GOP field and swept all five Northeast primaries Tuesday night, putting even more distance between himself and his competitors for the party’s presidential nomination as he tries to win enough delegates to avoid a divisive convention fight.
Networks called races ...citing exit polling that showed Mr. Trump with insurmountable leads among primary voters... Returns showed Mr. Trump winning above 50 percent in all five states and crossing the 60 percent mark in several... “This was to me our biggest night because it shows such diversity,” Mr. Trump said ... “I consider myself the presumptive nominee.”
The results were a severe disappointment for Sen. Ted Cruz... Likewise, Ohio Gov. John Kasich...Worse yet for the two men, there were already signs that the deal they struck this week to divide and conquer Mr. Trump in upcoming states has backfired, with voters saying they were switching to the billionaire businessman in protest.
There is a new sheriff in Town...err in the GOP. His name is Donald Trump. And if you don't like it, clear on out of town - LOSERS!!!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FEVER on the RIGHT - If it were a dog, Powerline Blog woulda been put down by now, CNTD

Sometimes the Internets can be cruel. But they are sometimes both cruel and FAIR:
End of the Powerline: "With the Schiavo memos proven to be from a Republican source and Powerline not apologizing for their truthless innuendo and slander...'s time to break out the popcorn and see if Big Trunk and Hindrocket can clear the shark. Odds are on massive carnage.... It's not just that they have no shame, it's that they once met shame on a street, beat the shit out of him, rolled him up in a carpet, and threw him off a bridge. And don't even ask me about the nightmare they put truth through. To paraphrase Marv in Sin City, after what they did to poor honesty, hell must have seemed like heaven.
Powerline, we must begin to understand, has no fucking idea what they're talking about at any given moment. Once upon a time, some GOP operative sent by the Ghost of Nixon got something right for them in the Free Republic comments section, and ever since then the homo-erotically named bloggers over there have thought his success their own and tried to get a bunch of other Important Stories About Treasonous Democrats right too. But they don't. Reading their site is like watching a blind child in a dog park -- you keep trying to warn him not to step in the piles of shit, but you're never able to get there quite quick enough. They want to make a point on Carter and end up calling him a traitor -- ooh, all over your shoe! They want to attack the AP but end up proving themselves utterly ignorant of how cameras work -- damn, you got it on your sock! They try to accuse Democrats of faking the Schiavo memo until an aide to current Republican Senator and Bush's former HUD Secretary Mel Martinez admits to writing it -- Agh, it's all over you!
They get nothing right. Their fact-checking skills are atrocious. They neither report nor call experts, it's just whatever they invented twenty seconds ago. Watching them work is like attending a high school debate match in the impromptu event. Arguments are created on the fly, accuracy is unimportant so long as the product accuses the 'MSM' or Democrats of some cardinal sin that'll leave Powerline's sycophantic readers moaning with the exquisite pleasure that comes only from having one's biases expertly stroked.
The plausibility of their claims ranges from pathetic to laughable (has Big Trunk debated PZ Myers on the biological uncertainty of evolution yet?) and their traffic and credibility is entirely predicated on the work someone else did, success they've been totally unable to replicate. They have failed.
So enough's enough -- can we please stop taking them seriously? They've exhausted their purpose, which was proving that the blogosphere isn't self-correcting and, in fact, offers rich rewards to opportunists with a polygamous relationship to the truth. Powerline's not useful anymore. They're not funny, like Glenn, or intellectually interesting, like Tacitus (old school Tacitus, anyway), or rhetorically talented, like Sullivan. They're just there, hopping up and down and begging someone to take their latest theory -- thought up seven seconds ago on the can -- seriously. Don't oblige them.
SMOKED. That 11 years ago from a Member of the "Juice Box Mafia."

And its tough too.  If someone accused of drinking from a juice box smokes you and a decade later you still have not reformed, repented, "come to the light" it is a sign, I fear, that the individual is Irredeemable. It is also a sign that the "Juice Box" guy is probably "better" than you - a lot better.

Some call this condition, described above and afflicting the Tin Foil Hat Brigade at Powerline Blog as  the "Derangement Syndrome."  Its a dangerous and debilitating condition that affects the victim's ability to reason, feel empathy and to lose all sense of proportion on any given issue.

Experts believe that without proper treatment the "Derangement Syndrome" never goes away.  Just when you think the "victim" may have beaten it, the disease mutates from one form into another form.  It is axiomatic that yesterday's "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome did mutate into today's "Obama" Derangement Syndrome.  They've done tests to prove it - I think.

It is also just as certain that today's Obama "Derangement Syndrome" is in the process  of mutating into a virulent strain of "Clinton" Derangement Syndrome once again. AGAIN. Its just plain sick.

The Derangement Syndrome also takes most victims unaware.  Potential victims can't tell what it looks like and how it works because they don't have it. But once they get it, they can't tell they have it and cannot grasp its effects because they've already got it!  But then its it too late.

That is the thing with the derangement syndrome. It does not go away on its own. The victim needs TREATMENT - professional help from an EXPERT before it becomes virtually "irreversible."

Unfortunately for Powerline Blog, decades of suffering likely means that the syndrome is irreversible. Like with Old Yeller, there can be no cure.......and few options remain.

h/t DeLong

FEVER on the RIGHT - The Party of "NO" Ideas

It is, sadly, a feature of the Modern GOP not a "bug"
Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) criticized his party for a lack of ideas Wednesday in a wide-ranging and occasionally combative interview with The Washington Post’s editorial board.
Kasich, who sees the April 26 primary in Maryland as a way to increase his delegate total, argued that neither of his rivals could win the presidency, because of their negativity.
“If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn’t like ideas,” ­Kasich said. “They want to be negative against things. We had Reagan, okay? Saint Ron. We had Kemp, he was an idea guy. I’d say Paul Ryan is driven mostly by ideas. He likes ideas. But you talk about most of ’em, the party is knee-jerk ‘against.’ Maybe that’s how they were created.”
Sadly, no.

Paul Ryan's main contribution to his Party has been to legitimize Righteous Opposition to whatever President Obama offered. Charitably, one could say that Ryan was sincerely pursuing Right Wing Utopian-ism - a hopeless attempt to remake American in the Image of Ayn Rand teachings. But that is to be charitable.

A more fair assessment is that Ryan and the rest of the GOP gleefully settled into a campaign of nihilism in early 2009 and signaled to the base that the only approach to the five alarm fire that was 2008-2009 financial collapse was to the oppose the Obamunist Madman and his efforts to fight the flames upon all fronts.

And so that is what happened. Total opposition without ever a rational and positive Plan B.

Kasich presents what could have been Plan B, the Republican alternative to the Obama years. BUT in 2016, TRUMP and Cruz are the progeny of Ryan and nihilism. They are the logical Plan B to Kenyan Socialism/Fascism/End of Western Civilization-ism/Destroy America-ism. Can there be any other choice?

And that is where the GOP is today - choosing a leader to fight a straw-man. Karma.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

FEVER on the RIGHT: If it were a dog, Powerline Blog woulda been "put down" by now

Every Four Years, Hard Right Wingers wonder why their Peeps are running full speed on the crazy train to oblivion while dragging their candidates along for the ride. Sad, I know. But it is true.

This year its Donald Trump racking up GOP support in droves. Last time around it was Poor Mitt Romney struggling to crack 30% of the vote amid a cast of clowns so ridiculous that some of actually would have been better served earning a living as a carnival barker instead of a Republican politician. I mean making Romney try to compete with the 9-9-9 guy and Michele Bachmann was damn near suicidal.

After the bitter tears, and the screaming rage and after the mourning period that follows getting crushed by some Kenyan Strongman-like figure, some of 'em wonder "How did this happen?" We should have won but we blew it, another one says. Lots of pondering follows. Powerline Blog is such a place where this confused pondering occurs.

The answer is simple - "why does this shit keep happening." It because their readers having read all the "bullshit" posted there and digested the stream of rage flowing over the AM radio and infotainment emanating from Foxnews, acted upon their interest as they understood them to be. The next thing you know Mitt Romney is spouting some line about "makers and takers" and the 47% of America being Looters and Moochers, while trying to peel away some campaign contributions from some of the same type of poor wingers that consume right wing media and the 47% meme that was common during that period of time.


Some on the Right vow to learn from the mistakes of the past and improve for the future. Yet others hit the keyboard and start pounding out a call of more of that Good Old Time Religion or more purity but with better lectures delivered in a slow loud by clear voice so that even the "low information" voters can understand 'em. In reality that means tax cuts for folks that have already had more than their rightful share, tax increases/benefit cuts for poor folks who are already struggling to get by, deregulation of Dangerous and Greedy industries when more cops should be on the beat not less and, of course, the call goes out to punish "those" people - the looters, moochers and dregs of society. Hint, cough. Build a wall many say and so forth. Legislation to stop non-existent in person voter fraud others might add.

And so it goes.  And here we are again with the GOP masses marching like lemmings while led by jackasses i.e., Donald Trump is cruising toward the nomination. What is to happen next, sadly, seems eerily familiar to last time around. David Frum gives it a shot  describing what America and Democratic Party will face in the aftermath of the coming electoral carnage.
Whatever they do, they will confront an out-party in the GOP even more embittered than in 2009, because this time Republicans will feel not only the usual sting of defeat but the extra anger of people defeated by their own errors.
Some will outright deny the legitimacy of the Democratic win; all will expect it to be a briefly passing thing to be resisted at all costs until normal politics reasserts itself. While the same people who wrote the “party autopsy” after 2012 will proclaim after a Trump defeat that now it is time to revert to the true Reagan-Kemp-Ryan gospel, Republicans with an eye to the future will recognize that Trump discovered something new and important about national politics. Trump inspired millions of Americans to vote as if “white” were an ethnic bloc, something often seen in state elections in the South, but rarely if ever before seen in a presidential contest. Yet this new sighting will likely recur again and again as the relative wealth and power of downmarket white America shrink—and especially if a President Clinton’s immigration policies accelerate that shrinkage. President Obama’s famous hope that the “fever will break” in favor of a more calm, deliberate, and technical politics of adjustment between a pro-market right and a pro-intervention left will seem even more forlorn, as November’s winners perceive a non-recurring opportunity to take all—and November’s losers fear they could lose all.
That's certainly within the realm of predictability. So quite naturally one the members of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade at Powerline Blog has other ideas. Instead of Comrade Frum, he finds more in common with Romney Landslide Predictor and early adopter of the meme labeling President Obama as a "thug" Michael Barone:
....Trump’s nomination will assure the election of Hillary Clinton in November. That is cause for good cheer and optimism, for it will doom the Democrats....
Everybody says the Republican Party is facing a crisis, but I’m with Michael Barone—it will survive this black swan/train wreck of an election, and win everything in sight after Hillary’s approval ratings drop below 30 percent. And if the FBI comes in with a strong report about her criminality after she’s elected, I suspect this time, a Clinton impeachment might actually succeed.
Just a "Black Swan?"  In others words a fragmented GOP electorate that might prefer a loon like "Rick Santorum" to "Mitt Romney" or prefer Trump or Ted Cruz to anyone with a pulse is a "Freak Accident" that won't happen again?

Except it does, because there is a pattern here. Again. And again.  So yeah, these guys have got the fever and it looks like there is no cure.  Again here's one of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade pounding out some more fun drivel to help radicalize the masses.
Historians and political theorists have long puzzled over how to resolve the glaring contradiction of Progressive ideology—namely, that Progressive “reform” emphasizes greater “democracy,” and championed innovations like the direct election of Senators, the initiative and referendum, etc. Give the people what they want! Up with democracy! At the same time, Progressives also advanced the theory of government administration deliberately remote from politics and popular accountability—the Administrative State staffed by elite “experts.” We can’t have those grubby people telling the government what to do! Down with democracy!... Progressives are indistinguishable from totalitarians. An elitist minority defines a priori what the majority must believe to be truly “democratic.”
Sweet Totalitarianism! This is a good example of the scamming that goes on in the conservative entertainment complex.

It is not hard to understand why people chose active government 100 plus years ago, if you want to try.

Things like Child Labor bans, reducing the 12 hour work day, reducing industrial accidents and the number of widows and orphans that they caused in a given year, reducing infant mortality from 3 in 10 births in some parts of the nation and securing a safe food supply for starts.

Say you went to the store and bought a gallon of Milk. It looked fresh and seemed safe but it killed your family. Maybe you'd want some LAW and ORDER to ensure this kinda shit like that never happens again. Those are all factors people considered and acted on in their best interests back in the day. It was all "rational" and such.

Republicans say they are concerned about the "unborn" today. If preventable infant mortality were as high today as it was 100 years ago, maybe they'd be in favor of intervention, too. Just saying.  So its not really hard to understand "progressivism" and history - if you try or are not just one of the carnival barkers scamming the rubes.

So yeah. If Powerline Blog were a dog, it shoulda put down by now.  Otherwise the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, the Screaming AM radio shock jocks and the Foxnews Infotainers can enjoy GOP Candidate Donald Trump. And if he actually wins, he'll owe 'em big time, because he couldn't have done it without them.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WHITE CULTURAL SUPERIORITY: NRO Editor Dismayed by NY primary Results

Maybe its just me, but when your Publication has to fire "White Nationalist" authors every so often (I hate it when that happens) and its writers once advocated White Cultural Superiority, Apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow in the American South, it is hardly surprising when your team favors the guy running on a White is Right platform.

Again, maybe its a coincidence or something warranting Shock, Befuddlement and DISMAY, but I may see things differently than National Review guy Rich Lowry:
Well, That Was Brutal by RICH LOWRY April 20, 2016 9:40 AM 
New York was pretty much everything Henry Olsen said, and more. My favorite piece of data from the exit polls is that Trump won 51 percent of voters with a post-graduate degree. How Trumpian was the New York electorate? Sixty-eight percent favored the Muslim ban, and Trump won 72 percent of them.
Another day. Another Clown Car Crash.

RINOs and TEAHADISTS ROCKED: Trump "cruises" to Victory in NY

Trump scores monumental victory leaving rivals stumbling at New York primary moving him step closer to "Total Control" of Cleveland Politburo.

RYAN FLAILING: Social Darwinist unable to cow Teahadists

Watch our for the sans culottes bearing Guillotines
Paul Ryan has had a tough couple of months.
The House GOP’s response to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is stuck....2017 budget plan is stalled...legislation to overhaul the Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t left the’s easy to overlook the new speaker’s troubles running the House these days.... Ryan has flattered the House Freedom Caucus and pursued promises to empower rank-and-file Republicans with reforms to how the House operates — yet it’s yielded little in the way of actual results.
Democrats are openly mocking their GOP counterparts, and Republicans grumble — in private so far — that nothing is getting done under Ryan. Like Boehner, Ryan is finding out that becoming speaker is easier than being speaker, at least in the still badly divided House GOP Conference.
The rise of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump ...has also injected more uncertainty into the legislative process....GOP members don’t want to do anything that could alienate pro-Trump voters back home. “Don’t piss anyone off” has become the unofficial mantra for Republicans, which has led to paralysis.
Via the Lamestream Media
This is the natural result of APPEASEMENT.

When you never discipline your children, decline to teach them "right" from wrong and instead fill their minds with pretty little lies, they become unruly and and rebellious when its their turn to "spread their wings" and go it to the world. The GOP has done this to its base over the last generation in general and last 7 years specifically.

Now they are off in the world standing tall in their own goddamn boots with no interest in following orders from the "Man."

Good job guys.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TINFOIL HAT BRIGADE: 8 person Supreme Court Good Idea

Hey, whatever feels good!
In defending their unwillingness to proceed with the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, Republican Senators argue that the confirmation of a new Justice should await the upcoming election. “Let the people decide” has become the mantra.
It’s an okay argument, made stronger by decades of Senate practice regarding the treatment of judicial nominees in a presidential election year. But it implies that there should be no obstruction of a nominee once a new president takes office.
That’s not a concession I’m eager to make. Nor does precedent require that we make it.....Sooner or later, one side will obtain a majority on the Supreme Court. If Republicans win the White House and the presidency, I’ll be hoping it’s sooner. But the idea of holding on to the eight-Justice Court for a few years isn’t something conservatives should rule out.
via Powerline Blog
Everyone knew this was coming.

The nutters were always gonna get here....once it started.  The process is simple, really. One nutter, then another one comes up with some reason to justify the position they already want to take. The rationale is based upon misstatements, half truths and outright bullshit, but it gets going the direction you want to take.

People having a way of believing in self-serving bullshit. It happens all the time.  Say you are a lobbyist for the Flat Earth Society. You have a much greater chance of believing in Heliocentrism than the average guy on the street. Same is true with Big Tobacco and smoking being good for you or with Global Warming Denial and the Heartland Institute. Or perhaps you are a really stone cold hardcore winger and have worked for all three at times. You could believe in all sorts of crazy shit in that case.

The point is that this kinda thing happens. And some are more susceptible than others.  Conservative echo chamber, I talking about you. But that's a story for a different day.

Anyway, the Lunatic Fringe is well on its way to justifying why the Third Branch of Government, built on a system of checks and balances, isn't really needed these days. Maybe its corrupt, having been controlled by GOP majorities for about 45 years. They might have a point there, but the remedy for this "illness" isn't shutting it down. It would be changing who controls it. But the reason could be anything really. It could be this, that or the other thing. Whatever! You get to pick your reason.


Don't hate the poor winger. They're victims, too.  Hate the game.

Monday, April 18, 2016

SLAMDUNK: Republican Hellscape Looms Menacingly on Horizon

 Kareem Abdul Jabbar calls it from the Lamestream Media (h/t Powerline Blog):
America was founded on the principles emanating from the Age of Reason, also known as the Age of Enlightenment. But today, with the rise of Republican candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, we are witnessing a rejection of these foundational ideals in favor of a hellish chaos of lies, misdirection, attacks on the Constitution and, most harmful to the country, a rejection of reason. This last item is especially evident in Trump’s continued dominance despite the fact that so many high-profile people in his own party have vigorously rejected his inflammatory rhetoric, empty promises and lack of knowledge.
I’m frustrated and angry at hearing about frustration and anger toward Washington gridlock as an excuse for embracing candidates who will only add to the problem. But that’s what is happening with Trump and Cruz supporters.  These voters share a distrust of experts, preferring “the wisdom of ordinary people.” Really? I prefer the wisdom of a trained physician when I have pain in my chest. One of the problems in Washington is that some legislators ignore the experts, such as the international community of scientists who have studied and confirmed global warming, so as to bury their heads and do nothing. When did we start devaluing intelligence and knowledge?
 All good points.

Expertise cannot always be evil - no matter what GOP leaders say. Expertise is needed to make the modern economy - which is increasingly complex, interdependent, requires heightened cooperation by competing groups, regulation and rules, to work in the public interest.

Even "Conservative" Leaders need experts, too. Yammering on and on about expertise being "bad" does them no good when its their turn to get off the bench to try to change the outcome the game in some manner.

Say you are a member of the conservagentsia and you are going to do entitlement reform - which probably means "privatizing"  or swiping some of Grandma's Social Security and Medicare to fund a tax give away to the donor class - and you want to do this "reform" efficiently and effectively and not be overturned with the next election, you'd rely upon experts to design the new system. As tempting as asking Sarah Palin to do it in crayon on a postcard, the best bet is to use someone who is a part of the current system and knows what the hell s/he's doing. To reform the system, one needs to be a part of the system.

Instead, for the past 7 plus years, the malcontents and their enablers in the conservative echo chamber have been screaming tyranny from the sidelines. They don't take their ball and go home and do us favor and STFU so the grownups can work. But at the same time, they don't get on the court and play ball either. Its just shrieking and sabotage - lemmings with suicide vests, debt ceiling kamikazes, Suicide Caucus, Anarchists, etc., etc., etc.

This is, in a sense, kinda like painting yourself into a corner. These Losers and Clowns have been telling their peeps for years that Expertise and experts are to be shunned. Better to be governed by random names out of the phone book than have to listen to a smart person. The Terrifying Obamacare Law was over 2700 pages long. No law should use that many pages!!!!

And now, when you are laying the groundwork for Paul Ryan's latest Manifesto to rob entitlements in order to fund the super-elite, all your voters are shunning the this new social darwinian compact in favor of a Carnival Barker's promises to "Make America Great, Again" using smoke, mirrors, moonshine and hokum BUT without all those draconian entitlement cuts either. Who needs 1000s of pages of special interest mumbo-jumbo when a simple slogan can do?
Conservative Yells at Clouds, Again

But such is life.

Anyway good job by Kareem to layout the Gospel for all to see. Good job by Powerline Blog to shriek about it as well. Its what they do.

And I  guess this is the new natural order.

Some are at the top, solving problems leading America forward into a new century and others on the outside, by choice  just yelling at clouds.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

APPRENTICE WATCH: Cruz Steps up Boldly

As news filters through the internets elucidating the Machinations of the Vile Ted Cruz, stealing a delegate here, pilfering some in the darkness there, absconding, deception, deceit and gaming the system to over turn the will of the People - American People not the Canadians, the odds are becoming more and more favorable that the Tailgunner will surpass the people's Tribune Donald Trump sometime around the Third Ballot on a hot Cleveland day in July.

Hey, all is fair in wartime. The guy was one of the dirty tricksters on the Bush v Gore legal team so yeah, its in him. It kinda  comes naturally to Cruz.  BUT at the same time, Stealing a Nomination is a perfectly acceptable practice. It not usually recommended but sometimes its called for. And this instance may be such a time.

And its like this. You cannot steal it in the first place if it was not there for the taking and so he's taking it - bit by bit. Trump only ever had the support of Rubes, and we know how much respect the Party Establishment affords these folks. Cue up another doomsday ad at the NRO or the Foxnews to covert your life savings into gold before the Gubmint gets it. Sigh.  

Don't hate the Wingers. Hate the game.

Anyway. News has hit the internets that Tailgunner Ted may have Little Marco in "sights" as a VP candidate.
Ted Cruz said Wednesday night that he has started looking at possible vice presidential running mates, and that it would be a mistake not to consider former rival Marco Rubio for that slot.
Speaking at a CNN televised town hall, Cruz heaped praise on Rubio, saying the Florida senator's campaign "inspired" him and that he considers Rubio "a friend."
"Anyone would naturally look at Marco as one of the people who would be a terrific person to consider for VP and we're in the process now of considering a number of different options," Cruz told Anderson Cooper.
He added: "He would be someone that you would be a fool not to look at seriously."
Just when we thought we wouldn't have Marco Rubio to kick around anymore. But somehow I doubt Cruz is going here - if he gets that far.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

VICIOUS: Lamestream Media Figure Dope-Slaps Party Boss

This is a mean thing to write about GOP Chair Reinhold Priebus
Reince Priebus, the beleaguered and balding Republican National Committee chairman, was asked a few days ago about his mane.

“How much gray hair do you think you’re going to have by December?” CNN’s Jake Tapper inquired.
“Gray is fine,” the party boss replied. “I just want to make sure I have hair.”
Alternatively, he could try a Whig.

This could be the first time in 160 years when a major American political party splits, and Priebus, the young technocrat from Wisconsin brought in to improve the Republicans’ infrastructure, is in over his head.

The Whigs were essentially undone by ....
The Whigs were done in by slavery, which like Global Warming….if it even existed at all, was definitely not MAN-MADE. “Noah’s flood,” bondage, or whatever, the natural world exists as it does for a reason. As such there is little one should do to change the natural order of creation. That should be old school conservatism, but unfortunately it’s still in style in certain parts of the GOP coalition.

But such is life.

That’s one thing. Another other obvious question is that if your given name is “Reinhold” and you are going to pick a “nick name” why the hell would anyone pick “Reince?”  This is especially true if you are in charge of the country’s nativist party.  I mean a fair number of these guys are (unfairly) pre-disposed not to like you. Was “Bob” not good enough for Chairman Preibus? Just saying its almost like malpractice in a way. 

Lastly, when the Party was been doing its best to pump up the crazy in opposition to the Kenyan Strongman’s pragmatic-center-left yet somehow Totalitarian agenda, and when it was flying the Freak Flag high playing the birther game, shutting down the government, threatening to default on the national debt, claiming the Obamacare was worse than slavery (or almost as bad), etc., you can’t just tell all your people to forget all the crazy shit and crazy games we’ve  been playing the past 7 years. "Its time to put that behind you and be good republicans, follow orders and get the fuck in line," etc.  

The world is either burning or it is not.  Marco Rubio, the establishment pick at one point, had a line in his standard stump speech about “dispelling the myth” about the President. According to Marco, the President of the United States was deliberately trying to harm America. So all this happened on Reince’s watch.

The time has come again 
It seems that as Reince was complicit in all the fun and games over the past 7 years and that as his team’s voters have become radicalized for believing in what Reince and his team said and trusting in the actions the Reince took, the blame is on him and the establishment.  That karma may have a role to play should not be shocking.

Besides. The Whigs weren’t so bad. A 21st century Whig party can’t be any worse that what it’d replace. Just saying. Look on the positive side.

CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Wingnut says whaaat???

Those right wing nuts write the kookiest stuff sometimes:
Nurse Ratched returns to the asylum. That’s my take on Hillary Clinton’s conference call with the editors of Philadelphia newspapers earlier this week (audio below). Pressed in the interest of transparency by one of the editors to disclose the transcripts of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street audiences, Madam Hillary quickly drops her public mask. At a time when she holds no office and is still wooing the electorate, this is what she really sounds like. Now hear this.
Nurse Ratched is likely to be administering the meds come January 2017. She too is about to send a powerful jolt into mainstream America if she wins the election, though it is more akin to electroconvulsive therapy than the kind of thrill Mailer anticipated with JFK.
-Courtesy of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade at Powerline blog
Someday this current generation of right wing nuts will age out of the system slipping the surly bonds of "Real America" to "belong only to the angels."

But, when that day comes, their words and valuable contributions to the national dialogue will belong to posterity. They will be gone, true. But they will not be forgotten.

Sick Bastards.

APPRENTICE WATCH: Trump considering Wisconsin Strongman, Others

Little Marco also under consideration for VP:
In an hour-long interview ...Trump assured me that he is ready to “start building coalitions” at the right moment. “I’ll tell you what else is going to be soon. My whole life I’ve gotten along with people. ... People you see excoriating me on TV ... are calling my office wanting to get on the team....Could he build coalitions with people who had wronged him? Could he, for example, see appointing Sen. Marco Rubio to a position in his administration?
“Yes. I like Marco Rubio. Yeah. I could,” he answered. As for a potential Rubio vice president: “There are people I have in mind in terms of vice president. I just haven’t told anybody names. ... I do like Marco. I do like (John) Kasich. … I like (Scott) Walker actually in a lot of ways. I hit him very hard. ... But I’ve always liked him. There are people I like, but I don’t think they like me because I have hit them hard.”
I think this would be a win for Little Marco or the would be tyrant Scott Walker. Both have a lot to learn and after 4-8 years under the tutelage of Trump as his apprentice would be in a position to excel at the next level.

When you think of it both guys have shown their raw inexperience. They have potential, yes. But like the very low energy Jeb Bush, neither could take a punch. So yeah, man. This would be a sweet gig - learning at the side of a master.