Friday, November 21, 2014

Official Sources: Plan to "Reaganize" large numbers of undocumented "aliens" apparently "legal"

According to a Justice Department memorandum obtained via the internet through a right click and selecting "save as" from the menu, I've learned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has proposed a policy to prioritize the removal of certain aliens unlawfully present in the United States. Since there are estimated 11.4 Million undocumented aliens present in the US and DHS only has the resources to deport up to 400,000 people per year.

It is an appropriate use of discretion to prioritize the removal of aliens who present threats to national security, public safety, or border security instead of focusing on grandma. This makes sense as an appropriate use of resources.

And since this is an appropriate use of discretion, DHS's proposed deferred action program for parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, aka to "Reaganize" them in line with past precedent would also be a permissible exercise of DHS’s discretion in enforcing the immigration laws.

Should congress pass a law mandating and funding mass deportations, then the above prioritization policy would be changed to include a crackdown on grandma as well as those who present threats to national security, public safety, or border security.

So that's it in a nutshell. 

Which brings us to the inevitable FREAK out from the usual suspects. While I have not looked at the wingnet yet, I am sure that it is very angry.  And I am also sure that one of the outrages will focus on the "Take Care" clause impeachment argument that is popular in certain darker corners of the wingnet.

Under the "Take Care" impeachment argument, the President is basically omnipotent. He is responsible for ensuring that 100% of federal regulations are being complied with at all times - which is impossible. This means that he is not allowed any discretion in enforcing these requirements. This inevitably means, according to the winget, that whenever there are not resources to enforce a rule and the president has not prioritized this thing or that thing, he is violating his duty to "Take Care" to ensure that the laws of the nation are enforced. Its a really fun argument!

Imagine how this would play out during a Republican Presidency. As a thought experiment try imagining this. Say an employee working at hypothetical Moch Brother Industries slips and falls during shift. It is subsequently discovered that other people also have slipped and fallen during shifts at Moch Brothers. A pattern is established.

An angry partisan writes a Blog post:
"Where is OSHA? When was the last time Moch Brothers was inspected. Why hasn't the President ordered OSHA into Moch Brothers to put a stop to all this stuff? How many people must be injured before anything is done. Why has the President not shut Moch Brothers down. OSHA is the law. I want the law enforced. Why won't the President "Take Care" to enforce all the laws. Is he a tyrant? If we can't trust him to protect workers and enforce OSHA what can we trust him to do. NOTHING! These "Take Care" violations cannot be tolerated. I want him impeached." 
And on and on and on.

Now this is a little extreme. But the next mine accident will occur. Unfortunately when this happens Mine Safety and Health Administration will be under funded. It will also be headed by former Mining Executive or Mining Lobbyist. We will learn that MSHA did not adequately inspect the mine because it is underfunded - not because the MSHA Department head is an asshole.

Subsequently we will find out that the mine has a history of either borderline compliance or non-compliance and that everyone basically knew it was only matter of time before there was an accident. And of course since this is how things work out, the head of MSHA will be on record as opposing goddammed regulatory dictates from Washington because "mine owners know what's best for their workers, the community and the environment."

That's when the "take care" game that the wingnet has taught us would start up and you get to blame the systematic lack of resources for mine safety on the President.
What did he know? When did he know it? Why didn't he do anything about it? Seems to me that Republicans must not like working folks very much, because if the President had time to golf, he should have had time to call MSHA and protected those workers...
And on and on and on.

And so it goes.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tales from the Fever Swamp: Mitt Romney becomes Latest victim of "Grubergate"

Et Tu Powerline Blog:
Talk of running Mitt Romney again in 2016 has died down in the aftermath of the mid-term election...but the last nail in the coffin of a Romney repeat is his connection with Jonathan Gruber.  The video below, put together by the Obama campaign in 2012, uses Gruber extensively to attack Romney ...for being a hypocrite over Romneycare, which Gruber helped design.

The video raises the essential problem with Romney from the beginning.  He is a good man and would have made a decent president, but he is at the end of the day too much of a technocrat, who doesn’t understand why we must stop empowering the Grubers of the world ... We need a president who wants to tame the administrative state, not expand it further.  I don’t think Romney ever got that.  To be fair, a lot of Republicans don’t really get it.
This post criticizing health care and the "administrative state" is an example of Glennbeckism.

Glennbeckism and its adherents tell us that all was good and just and right in the United States until 1789, when congress full of founding fathers, turned their back on their own founding principles and created the first administrative agency within the government.

It was really stupid and perhaps tyrannical.

Later on succeeding congresses created other administrative agencies to deal with things like the railroads and interstate commerce. All of which was also a bad, bad idea because problems should solve themselves rather than being solved by people. Glennbeckism teaches us this. 

Later on other agencies were created to deal with increasingly complex issues that ordinary folks do not understand nor have time to "How should far away dairies be inspected and regulated to cut down on the number of people senselessly dying of poisoned milk supply, how should dangerous chemicals be handled to ensure that neighborhood children are not accidentally harmed, how should nuclear power be regulated to ensure things don't get blown to hell up."  These things are hard to do. But at the same time, the American people demand that they be done.

Glennbeckism teaches us that instead of having nuclear safety experts regulating reactors or infectious disease experts at the Center of Disease Control or stupid environmental experts at the stupid EPA, the public should vote directly on rules rather than having the experts draft the rules.  This is the real democratic way of doing things - Sarah Palin proposes a rule written in crayon on an index card and then there'd be a vote, dammit.

We know this because the founding fathers did not fear direct democracy.  Rather when they created the senate and the electoral college restricting democratic impulses it was because they were bored. That in doing so, they created these hedges against "popular passion" is just not relevant.  Sometimes stuff just happens - like the senate and electoral college.

We also know that these founders probably thought administrative agencies were not constitutional  because they waited until the very First Congress to create one.  If they thought administrative agencies were constitutional, these founders would have created an agency with fairy dust before the first congress convened.

So Glennbeckism teaches us all this.

And Glennbeckism is fundamental to understanding the Tyrant Mitt Romney and the Tyrant Barack Obama and the truly insidious guy named "Gruber" who said mean things before audiences of know-it-alls back in the day but which hurt the tender ears of wingers today.

For right wing health care to work in America without an administrative system, Glennbeckism teaches us that Medicare - a popular government run single payer system for seniors - must end. Medicaid, also a government program which provides medical care to the disabled, to the blind, to those born horrific diseases like cystic fibrosis, those suffering end of life diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinsons and to the poor must also end.  Assistance to needy children through CHIP must also end. This is simple. These programs are issued through an administrative system of government. 

Without the Administrative state, once the free hand of the market is free to work its magic, the problem of delivering health care to vulnerable populations would (somehow) just be solved.  The market would respond and provide a solution for caring for penniless or soon to be penniless seniors with Alzheimer's. Ditto for the disabled or for children born with birth defects. And to it those without the ability to pay, too, but get care anyway through the emergency room. It would all just be magically solved. Perhaps the market would use pixie dust to ensure care for these folks. 

But instead, we have an administrative system of rules providing the framework for providers and insurers to meet market demand.  Romney and Obama and some guy named "Gruber" and lots of other people, too, just don't understand any of this.

IMPEACHMENT ALERT: The Wingnet Starts Whirring

Via the Wingnet:
As Andrew McCarthy points out in Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, the Constitution provides three safeguards against abuse of power by the President: elections, the power of the purse, and impeachment. That’s it. Those are the tools.  Speaker John Boehner may pretend that suing the President will impede his lawlessness, but (as McCarthy has pointed out in several columns) the threat of a law suit is an empty threat.

Elections. The power of the purse. Impeachment.

We just had the election. The people spoke. Congress is unwilling to wield its power of the purse effectively. That leaves impeachment.

People scoffed a few months ago when the “i-word” was uttered.  Fewer are scoffing now.  After tonight, I suspect, you’ll start hearing a chorus demanding it.
You know that deep down the lunatic fringe is dying to go full metal wingnut on impeachment. It would just feel so good. After years of being told by AM radio and the Foxnews (and by RINOs) that Obama is tyrant, it looks like they're finally gonna get a chance to impeach. The poor miserable disgruntled bastards.

They are America's problem, yes, that is true - sabotaging the credit rating and initiating this crisis and that. But they are also the RINOs problem. The RINOs raised 'em up, nurtured 'em and urged 'em to cast stones. Now they own the chaos.

WARNING: Anarchists could resort to Anarchy

Outgoing Sen. Tom Coburn warns us:
“there could be not only a political firestorm but acts of civil disobedience and even violence in reaction to President Obama’s executive order on immigration,” ...The country’s going to go nuts, because they’re going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and it’s going to be a very serious situation. You’re going to see — hopefully not — but you could see instances of anarchy… You could see violence.”
Well, the Tea Party has that Anarchist vibe going sometimes. One California Republican referred to them as "Lemmings in Suicide vests" while the Wall Street Journal has referred to them as "Kamikazes."  So in that senses one should be aware of the threat.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wingnuts Officially Lose it over "Grubergate"

How do you know that someone has the Derangement Syndrome and I mean know for sure that they have it?

Its not just saying something stupid because people do that all the time. And it can't be like to old definition of pornography - you know it when you see it.

One way to spot it - that a winger is seriously infected with the derangement syndrome when they go into Hitler mode - like they do at Powerline Blog:
In the video below, we catch a glimpse of Hitler’s reaction to the Grubergate videos. I’d love to see Obama’s reaction. It can’t be too far off from what is depicted here.

I can’t help myself; I think the video is funny as hell. The thing is full of quotable quotes, but I’m picking this one: “Even Ron Fournier knows we think he’s stupid.”
Dude is sick. But then again these guys thought Michele Bachman was a serious thoughtful politician too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RINO War Plans Befuddle Conservagenstia - We've always been at war with executive deferrals.

What war plans? I don't see any war plans. These Poor Bastards really are confused.

With President Obama's pending Executive Order temporarily possibly deferring deportation of up to 5 million undocumented workers and their families for the duration of the Obama Administration- the biggest deferral since the 1.5 Million deferrals that occurred during the Reagan/Bush era - about to be unveiled, the true keepers of the faith fume and rage and wonder in bewilderment: "WHY ARE PEOPLE AS NOT AS MAD AS I AM ABOUT THE TYRANT OBAMA!!!!!!!!"

The answer is simple. Obama is only a tyrant deserving impeachment to those living in a fever swamp because immigration reform is complicated. But for folks that don't do nuance and actually believe that we've always been at war with Executive Deferrals, this issue is truly befuddling.  Its as iIf everyone you know says that Obama has done all these bad things and that he deserves impeachment for doing these bad things and that temporary Executive Deferral of deportation is like the totally worst most-est unconstitutional thing ever, then how can we -Real Americans - not be threatening this Tyrant with impeachment. GODDAMMIT!?

And the question answers itself. Resources are scare. If Congress wants mass deportations it should pass a mass deportation bill. If congress wants the status quo - defacto amnesty - it should do nothing. If it wants comprehensive reform, it should do that. But in the absence of congressional action, the President has discretion in how immigration resources are allocated. That he like President Reagan and President Bush would defer deportation is significant but hardly unprecedented ......unless you live in the fever swamp.

But the anger and the rage and denunciations cannot be suppressed:
So the ones I most denounce for leadership failure are top conservatives across the land, in conservative media, think-tanks, political organizations, etc.  I’d guess that at least a third of these people disagreed with the way Boehner his ilk continued, after repeated rejections, to pursue an immigration deal repugnant to most of the conservative base. So why didn’t these ones begin to make noise, or otherwise prepare for action?  And why couldn’t even some in the “Boehner camp” have tried to forcefully distinguish between the policy issue and the constitutional one?  The approach of this monstrosity has been visible for months.  The pattern of take-care-clause violations, ones with lower stakes, has been unfolding since 2012 and rather obviously so from the summer of 2013 on.  And as of today, I know of no organized group action to stop it, either from inside or outside the official GOP and conservative organizations.  Why don’t I?  On comment-thread after comment-thread, in poll after poll, evidence of astonishment and anger about Big Amnesty is seen again and again.  Is there no “entrepreneur,” either as politician, organizer, or media-salesman, who has stepped up to serve such sentiments?  Or, why haven’t we heard about them?  ... And no, the mere fear of uttering the “I-word” prior to an election cannot fully explain what’s going on here.
Why aren't there more people who have drunk the kool-aid or are still posting shit from their parents' basement or are warriors for the true cause wiling to take on these RINO overlords to make them do the painfully obvious?   

That's not a tough one.

The RINOs won the last election and the far right true believers lost. To them now that they are in charge, the Boehners and the McConnells have lived amongst the lunatic fringe their entire careers. Walking the tightrope between placating the cray-cray and not scaring the bejesus out of middle-America are the facts of life. Threading this needle - not making American lives better- is governing for now.  The Patriot should go out and vote - yes this is true, but at the end of the day they should STFU and submit to the will of their "betters"- the RINO. That is the natural order in the GOP.

Poor Bastards. I think they are going to try to drag down the GOP.

The GOP has really got itself worked in a tizzy over immigration

Has it come to this:
“Pope Francis announced that next year he is coming to the United States, or as Fox News is reporting it, Obama lets in yet another guy from South America.”
- Conan O’Brien

Adventures in Wingnutology: What is "Grubergate?"

Word of the Day:
The word "gate" added to some guy's last name as a means to express anger at President Obama about national health care reform.
Some Guy named "Gruber"
So it goes like this. Gruber is this guy who back in the day helped design Romneycare. Back then, the wingnet did not care about him. Why should they have? I mean Romneycare was A-OK and a blueprint for healthcare reform nationwide.  A little later on he was the guy that helped design National Romneycare. Still wingers did not really care about him, especially with GOP President in waiting have written that National Romneycare was the model for American Healthcare Reform.

However today, now that national romneycare is now called double mean Obamacare, wingers are furious with the guy. It's not that the sausage tastes bad -  no it does not taste bad at all. If you get past the TYRANNY and that's a big if, people think it tastes kinda good.  It turns out that this guy described how the sausage gets made on video. One should never do that.

Now this poor bastard Gruber is ground zero for wingnut-rage - at least until folks start talking about the next "ground zero" mosque being planned or the next bright and shiny object. But that's my explanation about the wingnet's fixation on that guy Gruber - who basically is just some guy.

How about letting an actual wingnut in his native habitat using his own words describe "Grubergate?" That sounds fun! Lets  go to Powerline Blog:
What is Grubergate all about? It’s about more than Gruber’s obnoxious account of the passage of Obamacare, an account that exposes the illegitimacy of the law’s enactment. It is about more than the corruption through which he has profited handsomely in selling the law. It is about more than the sewage he pumped out for distribution by the White House, by Democratic leaders and officeholders, and by the mainstream media adjunct of the Democratic Party; the sewage was intended for consumption by the American public. Grubergate is about all of these things and more.
In other words they are mad - still mad that the President took their idea and turned it into national health reform.

This type of Pixel-fury is who these people express their emotions. When you think about, I guess its a lot better than shooting up a post office.  All in all its better that these guys are posting stuff from some basement rather than walking the streets. But that's just my take.

Monday, November 17, 2014

John McCain is really OLD

Via Jimmy Fallon
“This week, Bill Clinton tweeted a photo of himself reading George W. Bush’s new book ‘41.’ And then George W. Bush responded to that post on Instagram. And then John McCain said, ‘You two are hilarious’ by telegraph.”
This is actually just a joke. There is no evidence that McCain has ever used a telegraph.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Just like Clockwork Wingnut Blogger sounds the Alarm: She could be Worse than Holder.....

One of the laws of the wingnet is that when Democratic President's nominate someone to head an agency or the like, winger suddenly discover that the nominee is like the worst person in the world ever. Totally. And this new person is even worse that the last guy who used to be the worst person in the world.

It is a law of the internets. Someday social scientists may offer us clues as to why said phenomenon infects the wingnet, but until that day we have this:
The nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General elicited praise from many familiar with her work as a prosecutor. From some conservatives, it brought relief that President Obama hadn’t nominated Tom Perez. And nearly everyone is relieved that Eric Holder will depart.

But there was a time when Holder received the same kind of praise Lynch is getting now. Indeed, he was something of a golden boy during his time as a prosecutor. It was only after he obtained significant administrative power that Holder revealed himself as a lawless left-wing ideologue and race-monger.

We don’t yet know whether Lynch, if installed at DOJ headquarters, would [duplicate] Holder’s lawlessness. But, as Hans von Spakovsky shows, there is evidence that she shares the left-wing mindset that induced Holder to act as he did....Eric Holder has done great damage to the rule of law. The Senate should not confirm Lynch unless she can show that there is meaningful difference between her and the man whom she would replace.
via powerline
First of all this von Spakovsky guy is a barking mad jim crow enthusist whose "vote fraud" theories routine get laughed out of court. So if you are a wingnut blogger, taking your cues from someone even wackier than you - well let's say that its not a good sign.

And this is the last thing the RINOs soon to be running the senate want for optics - a bunch of Tea Party Senators publicly persecuting a highly qualified African American woman over the conspiracy theory of the day. But you go with the majority you got not the one you hope to have one day. For now that means keeping the mouth breathers under wraps......if you can.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wingnut says whaaat, cntd???

Another in a series reposting ramblings from right wing blog - posted without context because really these poor bastards write some pretty weird shit.

Via Powerline:
In short, Blacks seem to have responded at least as intelligently and nimbly as Whites to the simple changes in North Carolina’s voting procedure. Eric Holder’s expert witness and the leftists who share his views appear to have been wrong in assuming that Blacks are dumber and less civic-minded than Whites.
Right wing ideologues really should not be writing about race. They really shouldn't.  That does not mean the fair minded center right people and conservatives who read instead of sneer at books written by smart people should never engage in dialogue. That would not be a fair statement.

Its just when wingers do go there, I feel like we are just a step away from hearing them tell us "about the negro."

Just saying.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meanwhile in Deepest Darkest Tennessee, fears of "counter-revolution" loom ominously

It was the best of time. It was the worst of times.

Yes keeping America free from UN rule through its non-existent Agenda 21 scheme was an important mission for the Tennessee State  Republican Party in the last legislative session.

Agenda 21, according to one Tennessee Republican legislator, represents “a step-by-step methodical process that denies United States citizens their property rights.”
“This is what we’re talking about: aesthetics, government overreach, overstepping — this is Agenda 21,” Republican State Representative [Rick] Womick said. “And what we’re saying in this resolution is: No, you cannot come in our country, in our backyard, on our property and tell us what we can and cannot do with our private property.”
Other Tennessee Republicans agreed:
 Rep. Glen Casada, R-College Grove, raised the specter of forced abortions as a potential consequence of allowing the U.S. and other national governments to pursue a “caring capacity of the planet.”

“They [Agenda 21 proponents] want to cap the number of people that this planet can have,” he warned. “That reminds me of children ... [and] China.”

Citing that country’s policy of one child per couple, Casada said, “how do they attain that cap? Forced abortions. If that doesn’t scare you, we need to talk. To reach [U.N. goals] you’re going to have to get rid of some people, period.”
And so it was that the Tennessee legislature acted, bravely, and passed HJR587 calling for a ban on all things Agenda 21. The anti-Agenda 21resolutions passed by a 73-27 vote back in those dark days of 2012 and all was good or .....appeared to be good.

Of course it seems bizarre that 70-odd (emphasis on odd) elected republicans signed onto this conspiracy theory - which is if you find it hard keep up with all the wingnut mythology these days - a UN plan to kill 97% of the world's population by poisoning folks with aspartame and fluoride after a deliberate and subversive scheme creating shady sidewalks, traffic roundabouts, reintroducing wolves into the wild (probably foreign wolves like Canadian wolves or worse - well groomed European wolves), of course bicycle lanes,  followed by denver-styled bicycle sharing programs, oppressive conservation easements, common core, and stupid-stupid art all over the place. And after all these outrages - that when the fluoride in the drinking water kicks in.  And BOOM. That's Agenda 21 in action.

No. So many establishment republicans can't seriously believe in the Agenda 21 conspiracy theory - yet still they all voted for it.  But rather its likely that the upper crust just play along with the lunatic fringe allowing them to be distracted by bright shiny objects. If everyone votes on a  resolution to ban imaginary UN rule, what's the big deal. It keeps the crazies busy. So there is that.

But still a fair number of GOP legislators got to believe this stuff, right?

Damn right. Enter GOP State assemblyman Womick and Anti-Agenda 21 crusader. He's tired of not being taken seriously by the blue-blooded establishment. If its not commie core its another thing:
State Rep. Rick Womick announced tonight that he'll be running for speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

A resident of the Rockvale community southwest of Murfreesboro, Womick said he'll be competing Dec. 10 to unseat a fellow Republican, incumbent Speaker Beth Harwell of Nashville, to lead the House in the 109th General Assembly.

"Right now our current leadership starting with the speaker is not representing the elected representatives in the Tennessee General Assembly," Womick said during a phone interview. "Instead they have been more inclined to represent the interests and the desires of the governor. We need new leadership that is going to represent the people of the state because this is their House and not the executive branch."
Of course Womick is angry. He recently called Tennessee's Gazzillionaire Governor a "Traitor" for failing to buy into the common core part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy. Now he gets to take his campaign directly to his fellow legislators. If you want to keep the Tea Party Revolution going and are fed up with the counter-revolutionaries in Nashville and want real change, vote for Womick.  It'll be sharia law bans and persecution of scientists 24/7!

Wingnet ecstatic about (parts of) latest Gallop Poll

From the Wingnet:
A new Gallup poll released Tuesday showed that the majority of Americans trust the incoming Republican Congress over President Obama to set the nation on the right track.

53 percent of respondents indicated they preferred Republicans in Congress to lead the direction of the United States, while only 36 percent preferred Obama.
They all like this poll - or parts of it, anyway.
Of course of the other part of the poll asked now that Republicans have won control of congress will the nation be better off. Only 34% indicated that America would be better off. 63% said America would be worse off or it would not make a difference.  Those zany wingnuts!

In other words this polls confirms that there is a 110% approval rating for Congressman's Ryan's budget and great enthusiasm for Red Republican Rule.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Meanwhile, the Conservagentsia fumes over "Big Amnesty" whatever that means

If you do something that we do not like - whether its real or imaginary, we'll double hit you back twice as hard.....maybe:
The essence of my proposal here is that the GOP would hold a caucus in which its members pledge not take any action against one future Republican president elected in 2016, 2020, or 2024, if he or she were to issue one executive order of equivalent impact with Obama’s threatened Big Amnesty order, if Obama goes through with it. 

You Dems dare to get Big Amnesty by unconstitutional executive-branch de facto legislating? Know this, then: The next time we elect a president, we get Big Fence, or Big Obamacare Repeal, or some other Big conservative wish-list law, by a similar executive order.
Simplicity, ladies and gentlemen. You allow your president to blatantly violate the Constitution for X amount of policy/political gain, we will allow one of ours to do the same in the future.  We will do so regardless of what might happen in the courts, or with any shut-down or impeachment threat.

It’s the people’s Constitution. Republican representatives, show the people with actions they don’t need legal or budget-rules expertise to understand, that you stand up for it.

Via NRO PoMoCon
Sigh.  I'm assuming that we'll get a "Big Moat" filled with "Big Electric Eels" anyway the next time a GOP president decides to mollify the lunatic fringe. This or something like it is virtually inevitable.

As to "Big Amnesty" which is "Big Scary" to many bed wetters without question, we don't even know the substance of any potential executive order. These poor bastards are scared shitless (again, sigh) without even knowing really what the President is contemplating doing.
Goddammit, whatever it is will surely be OUTRAGEOUS and just knowing that it could be something whatever that something could turn out to be, makes me MAD!
So I'll offer my suggestion for an executive order. And my suggestion is for the President to announce the creation of National Reagan Day - nay National Reagan Month in honor of President Reagan's signing the landmark immigration law back in November of 1986.

To kick off the month long celebration of Reagan, each November, Presidents from any party would be granted broad authority - call it an "amnesty" from pesky laws or established norms, to hand out work permits to law-abiding undocumented workers and their family members. This would allow valuable government resources to focus on things like border security and deporting criminals until congress can finally come together, acting responsibly and pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

But Reagan Month cannot just be just about immigration. No, indeed. So in addition to Presidential authority to issue work permits, my proposed executive order would also mandate that all school children learn and be able to recite portions of Ronald Reagan's Berlin Speech.
Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!!!!!!!
All school children would have to recite portions of that speech during Reagan Month each year. So its a win-win.

But the remedy really is simple. If they believe that Reagan Month or whatever the President actually does oversteps constitutional authority, they should go for Impeachment.Just go for it.  Its really what lots of 'em want to do. In their hearts they know that it feels so right. Its just that for the more clever ones, in their guts know its really nuts.

Sigh (again). You just can't win with these people - can't send them off to an imaginary FEMA camp either.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jonathan Chait is a mean SOB, cntd

Some must die for the greater good and by the greater good I mean the free market. So to it is with repealing Super Scary Obamacare. That the market be freed, means that many will be asked to sacrifice.
Yes the Republican Obamacare Strategy will KILL people
...The fact that repealing Obamacare will kill some people does not settle the question of whether Obamacare is better than some imaginary alternative Republican health-care plan, or even whether it is better than the pre-reform status quo. Conservatives are within their rights to prefer freedom from taxes and regulation even at the cost of David Tedrow’s well being. But any morally serious position has to account for the brutal realities embedded in this trade-off. Truman’s war strategy involved killing a lot of Japanese civilians. The Republican health-care strategy is to flip a switch whose immediate effect will be to impoverish and kill a lot of people. Is there a single conservative who will admit this?
This is not an unfair argument.

If one believes that hurt feelings - the burden of knowing that Obamacare is the law of the land - are reasons enough to justify repealing the law, then one should be able to make the argument that one's own hurt feelings outweigh the cost of repeal.   Likewise if one thinks that some should be called on to sacrifice i.e., give up access to healthcare for the good of the Market, you should just say that - "Yes, people or Martyrs for the Market will die, but the benefits outweigh the costs."

 Its not really hard to admit it - if you really believe it.

Mean Spirited Neocon Gloats: The Mouth Breathers have been CRUSHED!!!

According to one GOP apparatchik, no it is not the democratic party that suffered a crushing defeat last Tuesday.

The real losers are the Teahadists and the lunatic fringe that attack party elites. These America loving "far right cranks" have gotten their "comeuppance" RINO style. And its a good thing too, because one must remember the natural order of things  - RINO on the top and Patriot on the bottom:
The right-wing pols and the Beltway groups who make money attacking fellow Republicans are a tad desperate for attention. Their guys wiped out in Senate primaries. Their nemeses Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will soon stand astride the Congress, not only leaders of their majorities but also leaders of bigger majorities with more members beholden to them....

The right-wing, self-appointed conservative leaders have drifted into unintentional comedy. The Hill reports:   In fact, they’re claiming victory on the issues, if not for the candidates themselves, and pledging future fights to hold the GOP-led Senate accountable if senators stray from their campaign promises.  “Every single Republican ran as a conservative,” Brent Bozell, chairman of For America, told The Hill. “Name me one moderate issue that won. Moderation was defeated everywhere.”  ...

Indeed, if anything, incumbents can stop looking over their shoulders, afraid these groups will — do what? — primary them with Matt Bevin? ....Whatever. Knock yourself out.

“The emperor has no clothes” doesn’t begin to describe the predicament of the far right, which is no longer feared and is now ridiculed. Its members must fight against the establishment to generate donations and stay in the limelight. But what if they are just ignored? ...

The rabble-rousers elected in 2010 and 2012 bet that rhetoric and style, mostly untrammeled aggression, would endear them to the base. It did for a time. But anger is hard to maintain year after year. And now there is the chance to accomplish real things. They are now noisy distractions from the business of conservative governance. ...In comparison with the new A-team, the shutdown squad seems, well, childish and uninteresting.

... This is a debunking of the right-wing racket that claims to speak for conservative voters. ...

The great lesson for conservatives is to listen to real voters, not to those at Beltway steakhouses who claim to know what “real” conservatives think. ... And lawmakers maybe will turn off a lot of the shrillest talk-radio show types and stop reading micro-blogs with a tiny (relative to the electorate), aggrieved audience. Those guys once again picked the wrong fights, the wrong candidates and the wrong tone.
Same as it always has been.

Once the foot soldiers have won the war, they don't return to a hero's welcome. No not at all. There are no parades. Instead, these Patriots are derided as losers, as radicals and as shrill by the very people that sent them to war. So much for gratitude.

This is just another reminder that these RINOs are very very sneaky and should never be trusted. I mean how many frontal assaults did John Boehner order along the Obamacare Front during the past 4 years?


Yes 50 seemingly futile attempts to defeat a menace to freedom and now that the war is over, will casually be adopted as part of the social compact? All while those who gave it their all on that front are told to STFU and forget all the sacrifice.

But yes. This is all correct.  It is time for the Patriots to simply go away and give way to their betters.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Breaking: Pentagon Latest to suffer "Brainwashing" from the Climatistas

This is what the global warming conspiracy looks like my friends.

First the Tree Huggers slip granola into MREs and the next thing you know, Soldiers are dropping weapons and picking up tambourines:
The responsibility of the Department of Defense is the security of our country. That requires thinking ahead and planning for a wide range of contingencies.
Among the future trends that will impact our national security is climate change. Rising global temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, climbing sea levels, and more extreme weather events will intensify the challenges of global instability, hunger, poverty, and conflict. They will likely lead to food and water shortages, pandemic disease, disputes over refugees and resources, and destruction by natural disasters in regions across the globe.

In our defense strategy, we refer to climate change as a “threat multiplier” because it has the potential to exacerbate many of the challenges we are dealing with today – from infectious disease to terrorism. We are already beginning to see some of these impacts.
While scientists are converging toward consensus on future climate projections, uncertainty remains. But this cannot be an excuse for delaying action. Every day, our military deals with global uncertainty. Our planners know that, as military strategist Carl von Clausewitz wrote, “all action must, to a certain extent, be planned in a mere twilight.”

It is in this context that DoD is releasing a Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap. Climate change is a long-term trend, but with wise planning and risk mitigation now, we can reduce adverse impacts downrange.

Via Pentagon [pdf]
In other words, the Military is telling us that the security of AMERICA demands planning ahead and being prepared for known risks. Its smart. Its prudent and its the conservative thing to do with FREEDOM at stake.  And what I take this serious report to mean is that those sabotaging AMERICAS ability to deal with a known risk might as well be called out for who they are.

What's the wingnet's response to those charged with defending the American way of life?

Hand waving:
For all its potential perils, climate change is not a threat to America’s national security, much less an immediate one. A sea-level rise of 1.5 feet in 50 years is less ominous than a nuclear Iran next year—a point that should be obvious. Rather than declaring war on the weather, the government should focus on the people who have declared war on us.
What this BASTARD is saying that despite being prepared to fight two and half wars on different continents at the SAME TIME, this defacto flag burner does not think our brave men and women in uniform can WALK AND CHEW GUM at the the same time.

This is Simply Outrageous. These guys should be labeled an enemies of AMERICA and FREEDOM and DECENCY itself.

Its days like this that I wish FEMA camps were real instead of a figment of these nutjobs' imagination. At least Guantanamo is still open. There is that.

Operation Overreach Cranks Up

Over at Powerline Blog, the blogger that once called Bush a Genius, Sarah Palin the most consequential political figure of the day and unfavorable compared President Obama to Mussilini, gloats.

The GOP is [real] America's Party and other people are soooo stupid:
We’ve been hearing such statements about the Republican brand for years from ostensibly mainstream commentators. But where does the main stream actually flow? And what is the state of the Democrats’ brand, about which we never seem to hear anything?...
So-called mainstream commentators, like Washington politicians, mostly live in a bubble. And it’s the same bubble: the I-don’t-know-anyone-who-voted-Republican, Sarah-Palin-is-an-idiot, Republicans-have-turned-off-young-people, all-the-cool-people-are-Democrats bubble. The bubble is where people think it is a big advantage to have Lena Dunham on their side.

But outside the bubble, where nearly all Americans live, voters have made Republicans the party of choice. The GOP has become America’s party–the party that reflects most Americans’ values and aspirations, and defends their interests. It is quite remarkable, and certainly an indictment of our chattering classes, that the GOP’s steady ascent to dominance has attracted so little notice. And what must have happened to the Democrats’ brand, to account for that party’s decline to minority status? That is a story that, for some reason, no one seems eager to tell.
I guess the reason why people say the Republican Brand sucks is because that it polls so low. Congress polls at 9% approval rating while the GOP polls consistently below the President's the Democratic Party's approval ratings.


The GOP has built its brand on negative right wing populism, anger and fear. While that may be a sound enough basis to win some elections - running against the powers that be - folks still know that a brand built on anger and fear sucks.

The trick for the GOP is for the RINOs is to avoid overreach and to pivot away from right wing populism, racism, radical rhetoric all while keeping the mouth breathers placated and on board. To do that, you stop burning buildings and start building bridges. No more arson, extortion or hostage takings will be allowed.

If the sneaky RINOs take this course and start to pull it off, and they are very sneaky so it could happen, I predict the bloggers at Powerline will reluctantly follow along.  They may gripe along the way, but the inevitable "Mitch McConnell's a Genius" post can't be too far off.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Last night saw RINO efforts to tamp down the crazy pay off as the GOP held or picked up several governorships, a respectable 10ish seats in the House and up to 10 Seats in the Senate. The notable feature is that across the country the GOP was able to nationalize the election on RINO terms. Gone was Christine O'Donnell, Legitimate Rape and with the exception of Joni Ernst any talk of a UN invasion of Denver. Instead there was rank negativity. Obama Bad. The world is scary. It must be his fault. No ideas. No anything. In other words classic RINOism.

But this is how things are supposed to work applying that general rule that the longer a party is out of the white house the more pragmatic it tends to be - stop talking about crazy shit all the time and appear like a somewhat responsible political party. That means its RINO time.

But that doesn't mean that last night was a total failure for the forces of Teahad. Not at all. In fact there were shining victories for Tea Party last night too and one needed look any further than Alabama to find two examples.

For those concerned about the grave and gathering threat of Sharia Law gaining a foothold in Alabama, Alabamians threw down the ban hammer approving a constitutional amendment to stop all that shit at the Tennessee(istan) state line. American Law will apply in Alabama just like it always sometimes does from now on instead of some scary foreign stuff. 

Now you may ask "are there border tensions along the Tennessee Alabama line?" And of course the answer is that there could be someday!  That's due in part to state religious freedom laws passed in Tennessee to protect evangelical churches from zoning code nazis, noise ordinance goons, parking restrictionsists and all sorts of other (evil) bureaucrats who try to apply local land use laws on a even hand basis to Church construction. Nope none of that shit is allowed in Tennessee anymore.  Them churches get special protections in Tennessee from the rule of law.

Ironically since religious freedom laws apply to all religions equally, there is some religion called "Islam" that also covered by the law.  Under Islam, it has buildings called "Mosques" that are basically the same thing as a Church. That being the case it is now much harder for local parking nazis and other evil bureaucrats from blocking the construction of some Mosque over "parking" concerns or other stupid local land use laws like so-called "noise ordinances."  That means after taking over Tennesseeistan the growing Iraqi refugee communities around Nashville could spread south OVER the Alabama line. Naturally, the people Alabama were compelled to stop that shit in its tracks making Tennesseeistan more likely to spill northward over the Kentucky state line. So that's a big Tea party victory!

Also in Alabama voters approved another state constitutional amendment - this one banning UN gun laws from applying in that state. Ya, thanks to the Tea party, the UN expansion and control of America will be limited just to the Denver city limits. It will stop there and go no least not into Alabama.

So Boom. Two big Tea Party victories. 

In fact I think the RINOs are quite happy that their Tea Party allies getting back to basics and focusing on bright shiny objects again -  just like the way things are supposed to be.  But how long is this going to last?  I would think that Teahadists can only be placated for so long by things like imaginary Sharia Law Bans and Imaginary UN gun confiscation bans before they start making dangerous and reckless demands again.Why not another hostage crisis? Why no more extortion? Surely the next person nominated by Pres Obama to be Attorney General will be like the worst person ever. Why not angry and mean spirited hearing to denounce whoever Obama appoints?

And so it goes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is how you roll RINO style - Deal with it Mouth Breathers its RINO time!

Over at Ricochet, one of the two members of the conservagentsia that blogs there amid the confused denizens warns the Mouth Breathers. Obamunism is a clear and present danger to western civilization. FEMA camps, for all she knows, could be real. And while this is true or in the case of the FEMA camps may be true, people still pretty much don't like the GOP. So we have one shot to correct course and that one shot is RINOism - not all the crazy shit we've been saying the past 6 years.
My interpretation of this putative victory — and I don’t think this is controversial — is that we’ve got a nation of disgusted, fed-up Americans on our hands, not an electorate that’s suddenly enamored of gloating Republicans. In other words: we’ve got one shot at this. If we screw it up, it’s the last shot, and not just for us....
If Republicans can’t deliver quickly, with maturity, and without gloating — or if they fail to realize just how much is at stake — then liberal democracy is at the end of the line. That’s not hysteria, I don’t think: it’s just the way it is. It’s a lot to hope that a bunch freshly-minted and inexperienced congressmen will fully appreciate this. But it’s true, so they’d better grow up fast.
Nothing about this makes me feel like gloating. I would hope, if I were a politician, that I’d say “I’m grateful to the electorate for giving me a chance. I know that if I screw it up, it will be the last chance: for me and for a lot of people who are hoping, against all odds and expectations, that I can get something done. Thank you. I’ll skip the celebration party. I’m heading straight to the office. I’ll let you know when I’ve achieved something, and I won’t leave that office until I do.”

Via Ricochet
So that's how you do it. You keep them ignorant, angry and living in fear for as long as it is necessary. But there comes a time when fear, anger and ignorance won't get you were you need to go.

There is a scene near in the film version of wizard of oz. Within sight of the emerald city, Dorothy comes across a field of red poppies between her and her destination. To get to where she's traveling she crosses the field but the poppies (opium) causes her to fall asleep. The good witch (not Christine O'Donnell) saves her by making it snow to counteract the intoxicating effect of the red poppies. Dorothy is then able escape and continue along her journey to progress.

The poppies represent Socialism or Communism or take your pick. Red, Inviting, fragrant, pleasant - it seems a better and more fair system. But not all is as it seems. Ultimately they'll stop your journey down the path of progress. This is because if you stop moving forward, you'll get hooked and you'll be stuck there.

So to it is with Teahadism.

Yes, for the last 6 years in the face of the Kenyan menace, Teahadism has seemed like a better system. Who does not want to return to a simpler time. That this simpler time never existed does not matter.  It feels like it did and that's all that really counts.  But fighting modernity only gets you so far and it'll never get you to where ultimately you (i.e., RINOs)  want to go.  So you have to move on, they say. Have to go forward.

That's the sneaky RINOs job now - telling the base that it is time to put away childish things.
But its not a necessarily easy thing to do. Imagine that the base believes that a world without red poppies is not worth living in. Why leave the comfort of the poppies, why get rid of the poppies when you've told that getting rid of the poppies means the end of western civilization. Who cares if the emerald city awaits if civilization ends.

And so it goes.

GOP 2016 - Because its never too early for the crazy, cntd

With the 2014 mid term elections looking to wrap up in a glorious victory for the GOP, the conservagentsia has started targeting its patriotic foot soldiers -  who are guilty of only trying to do the crazy things the conservagentsia advocates. They need to know there place, writes Neocon Doyenne Jennifer Rubin:
But if, as some suspect, he covets the presidency, he likely is in for a rude awakening. Like the president he wants to duel with, Cruz lacks much self-awareness and has a skewed vision of his own appeal and accomplishments. If Cruz continues his angry-man obstructionist role, he is destined to be regarded as a crank, not a bona fide presidential candidate. Indeed, Cruz is beginning to resemble Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich in his quest for attention and fame with the far right and total disregard for good governance. And the mainstream media laps it up, eager to affix the extremist label he carries to the entire party and thereby discredit its members as serious leaders. It is so much more fun to regurgitate Cruz’s outrageous statements and give his claims of influence credence than to cover the deep bench of talent on the right where credible presidential contenders can be found.
Teahadism is extremism?

This is not nice stuff here. When you attack people whose only crime is that they love their country so much that they are willing to do anything to save it from impending doom from Obamunism, death panels, a prairie-fire of debt, FEMA camps, immigrants, Ebola, ISIS, ISIS shock troops posing as immigrants armed with Ebola assembling on the border, well then correct me if I am wrong, but I think the patriotic folk of America will see you as part of the problem.

But this is hardly surprising. Last time around in 2012, Rubin dutifully fluffed Romney as man of the hour and by man of the hour she meant the only one who could talk to the Tea Party, Main Street and Wall Street without scaring the bejesus out of a large number of 'em. At the same time she savaged the other candidates of faith and family values.

So the sharpening of the long knives is just part of the game.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dispatches from the 2012 election, cntd

An AEI Honcho takes to the NRO to call the election in favor of the Obamunist Madman:
I started this analysis by asking if conservatives faced twilight or dawn. I’ve shown how Wednesday could be a bright morning, but it is likely to bring twilight. But twilight is found twice a day, so conservatives, like Benjamin Franklin at the dawn of America, must ask themselves if we face a rising or a setting sun.

Win or lose, we are in the twilight of the Age of Reagan. Romney’s efforts have almost recreated the Reagan coalition, but in today’s America that is no longer enough. To prevail in 2014 and beyond, the Republican party will need to learn to adapt its principles to new times and new voters.

Echoing Rabbi Hillel, Reagan summoned conservatives to action with two related questions: If not us, who? If not now, when? We must take on this challenge anew as we undertake our rendezvous with destiny and remake the conservative majority Reagan bequeathed to us.

To do that, we must also ask and answer two other questions. If we didn’t, why? If we must, how? I believe we can and will answer these questions, as painful as the discussion amongst us will be at times, and I believe that regardless of what happens tomorrow, the American sun will rise and set with conservatism. For there is nothing wrong with conservatism that reapplication of conservative principles won’t solve, and there is nothing wrong with America that rededication to conservative principles won’t cure.

Henry Olsen. Right Wing Rhetoric as smooth as smoking two packs of Pall Malls - at once.
Two years later it is evident that Conservatives have failed to take the painful steps to renew and remake the conservative majority bequeathed to them by Reagan. Rather, they've doubled down on the house that Romney built - white is right.

That's the thing. RINOs like Olsen want to undertake the party's rendezvous with destiny with foot soldiers that are not just a bunch of angry old white dudes. But if going with what you got leads to victory in the midterms, why change horses, the Tea Party replies. Clearly in that regards, all that's needed is more cowbell and to turn it up to 11.

The RINO, a tricky species, will remind everyone that the GOP may be able to win midterm elections when only 90MM people show up to vote, it does not fair so well when the rest of America shows up to vote. To the Tea Party this only demonstrates that more eternal conservatism is needed for the American sun to rise and set with conservatism.

And so it will go. Patriot and RINO locked in a struggle that is likely to bring on the twilight. But twilight is found twice a day, so RINOs and Patriots must ask themselves if they face a rising or a setting sun.  For the RINO the sun is setting and painful changes necessary. But for the Patriot dawn nears, for there is nothing wrong with conservatism that reapplication of conservative principles won’t solve, and there is nothing wrong with America that rededication to conservative principles won’t cure. In other words nothing is settled.

Deep Thoughts with Michael Barone, cntd

There is a law of the internets regarding conservatives and hatred of Woodrow Wilson.

Maybe its the 8-hour work or throwing down the ban hammer on child labor or something else that is decisively not conservative.  One theory is that Woodrow was smarter than 99.99% of contemporary wingers - making him a know it all. After all Woodrow was the most distinguished Political Scientist of his day.  He even wrote stupid books with god knows how many pages about American government that everyone pretended to have read to seem smart.  Conservatives hate know-it-alls generally and political scientists and especially climate scientists in particular. So there is that.

My guess is that the hate may goes back to WWI. During WWI Woodrow implemented as much of Theodore Rooosevelt's 1912 platform as he could as a means of implementing a war economy to win the war (i.e., Super scary Statism).  Its kind like President Obama nationalizing Romneycare. The poor bastards didn't realize that Romneycare was tyranny until Obama said he was for it. Much may the same as Wilson stealing ideas from TR 97 years ago.

If you are a conservative, hating on TR is problematic -  he was a republican after all. So it is very convenient that all your angst about modernization of the government gets transferred to Woodrow. Its all his fault, dammit. If it weren't for Woodrow and even though he was already dead, the Coolidge Administration would never have created the 30-year mortgage allowing the undeserving to buy a home and a bunch of shit like that - you know statism.

But back to Barone.  Barone is what passes as an expert on the wingnet and foxnews. He even knows what the word Psephology means. Hint: its a stupid word that know-it-alls use about elections.

In 2010 after the GOP victory in mid term elections, he wrote a blog post insinuating that despite different electorates that voted in 2008 and 2010, there would be no second term for someone he previously referred to as a Chicago Thug. How could there be if the GOP won the 2010 midterm. It was inconceivable that Obama could be anything other than a one term president.

And of course, since it was inconceivable that Obama could be reelected in  2012, he predicted a Romney landslide, naturally. It was simple, he declared. "The fundamentals" (i.e., his feelings) mandated this result. Now he's back at it reporting (i.e., talking about his feelings) on the 2014 Midterms.
Obama will leave the Democrats in shambles

...Before the election results are in, and keeping in mind that there may be some unpleasant surprises for one party or the other — or both — it’s possible to assess how the Democratic Party has fared under the leadership of President Obama. To summarize the verdict: not so well....Why has the Democratic Party fared so poorly under Obama’s leadership? I can see two reasons: one ideological, one demographic.

Start with demographics. The Obama coalition, even more than Bill Clinton’s, is based on overwhelming support from constituencies with some conflicting interests. It’s a top and bottom coalition: he carried the very lowest and highest income and education groups, while his support sagged among those in the middle....That gets us to ideology. ... President Obama’s ideology — expanded government, Obamacare — has been less widely acceptable and his reputation for competence is currently in tatters. He was able to eke out re-election with a reduced percentage by good organization. But he leaves his party in trouble.Yes, Hillary Clinton leads in polls for 2016. But her numbers have been sagging. And other Democrats poll worse against not-very-well-known Republican alternatives than I can remember any party’s potential candidates polling in the last half-century.
Predicting 2016 when 2014 isn’t over is risky. But it looks like President Obama has left his party in worse shape than any president since Woodrow Wilson nearly a century ago.
He just had to go there and kick Ol' Woodrow one more time. Maybe its the whole child labor thing that he can't get passed.

But yes the GOP will likely pick up seat and after blowing a chance to take the Senate the last two elections, the third time is likely the charm. That this is so is unsurprising. A lot of the churn in congress that has been continuing since the Start of the Southern Strategy is the ideological sorting out of the parties into a mainly Southern Based Conservative party and an urban Liberal party. That Obama did not reverse this historic trend is unsurprising, as well. Sure it would be have been beneficial if he was able to use force of will to keep more red areas of the map colored blue. But between forcing unemployment down, keeping the rate of health care cost escalation down and gas prices down while forcing the stock market up.....well one only has so much force of will to go around.

 As to 2016 - looking at a map, I think you'd rather be wearing blue at this time. At the start of the Southern Strategy 40+ years ago, legend has it that there were concerns that the strategy would break the country in half. Yes. But if you get the bigger half, it may be worth giving it a shot. As it stands now, the GOP no longer has the bigger half but rather smaller and shrinking base. Sure the GOP gerrymandering efforts mean that its likely - absent Cruzification of the GOP - that the House will remain painted in Republican Red until at least after the next redistricting. It as they say because of the Fundamentals.

But so it goes.

Meet the New and Improved Jim Cow - now up to 90% LESS EVIL than Old Jim Crow, cntd

Circa 2011. A blast from the wingnet past:
Why are left-wing activist groups so keen on registering the poor to vote?

Because they know the poor can be counted on to vote themselves more benefits by electing redistributionist politicians.  Welfare recipients are particularly open to demagoguery and bribery.

Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.  It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country -- which is precisely why Barack Obama zealously supports registering welfare recipients to vote.
Via a Winger at the ironically named American Thinker vibing on neo-fascist rhetoric
I don't know if this winger came up with this argument on his own or he ripped it off from one of the Original Jim Crow advocates, because it falls nicely in line with the conservative line 100+ years ago i.e., that the democratic process will lack legitimacy if black voters have the ability to cast the deciding votes in disputes between competing groups of white voters. The next step is to apply this rule to poor whites, i.e., why let them participate in the process either. And then what happens is that 99% of potential black voters and 80% of potential white voters are disenfranchised in bastions of conservatism like Mississippi.

When you think about it, I don't know if its accurate to categorically state that the New Jim Crow is 90% less evil than the original. Maybe at times it could be up to 90% less  evil than the original version. But at other times maybe its only 75% less evil -  or worse.

And so it goes. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

LIVE from the Wingnet: Urging Black Folks to Vote is Racist

Via Powerline - Wingnut hates the Democratic Party and doesn't care too much for the Democratic Base, either.  Buts that the thing that comes with living in fever swamp - an inability to empathize with the concerns of other folks.
Democrats Race-Bait Across the South
The saddest aspect of this year’s scoundrelly election season is the Democrats’ effort to stir up racial discord in hopes of hanging [i.e., lynching reference] on to control of the Senate. No lie is too absurd for the Democrats when Harry Reid’s future is at stake.....[i.e., they shouldn't talk about Ferguson MO, but outrageously do]..... 
That Democrats appeal to the ignorant [i.e., black folks] is nothing new. That is how they win elections. But it is truly sad that the Democratic Party cares nothing about the damage it is doing to the United States by using lies to stir up racial division. The Democrats care nothing about truth, and nothing about their country’s future. They care only about their own greed for power. Let’s hope that this year, voters [i.e., real americans....also known on the wingnet as white folks] aren’t foolish enough to fall for the Democrats’ hate campaign.
 Another day- more outreach.

The more I think about it, the more I am coming the conclusion that the GOP cannot hope to make any inroads with minority voters until its assholes age out of the system.

If someone became "radicalized" on right wing ideology during the 60s and the 70s and assuming we won't get any top notch FEMA run camps, there is really no hope to integrate these right wingers back into society and help them responsible citizens again. There really isn't.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wingnut links to Climate Disinformer to stick it to "the Climatistas"

No so fast my Friends:
The climatistas are already wetting their pants with the news that 2014 is supposedly on track to be the warmest year evah! The AP’s environmental “reporter” Seth Borenstein (who is really just an environmental activist with a byline, like most environmental “reporters”*) has told us so.

Not so fast, says Dr. Roy Spencer [a noted climate disinformer and right wing activist]....
Sigh. 2014 will either be the hottest year on record or it won't. Whether it is or not does not disprove AGW theory.

I hope that the wingnuts are right about Global Warming. I really do. It would be such a pleasant surprise to find out that they finally got something right. But it just is not wise policy to put faith in their guesswork over the science. Shall we say it just wouldn't be conservative policy to be unprepared for what the smart people are telling us could be a real possiblity.

We don't tell the US military that - sure the Chinese with their Army and nuclear arsenal could be an extensional threat to Freedom and shit, but we should not bother preparing to face that risk in the future. If they invade the United States, the US Government can always issue a no-bid contract to Lockheed Martin to build a miracle weapon run them off.  What's all the fuss? It's a risk, but the best thing to do is to pretend that it does not exist.

Wingnuts. Can't live with them. Can't ship them off to a FEMA run camp, either.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Losing sucks but so too does winning

Winning is better than losing but it can still be bad, too.

Personally I think if the GOP wins the midterm election, it will be because President Obama is trying to distract people from the real issues like Benghazi, but that's just me. But winning has its own problems, too, at least as far as movement conservatives are concerned.

Once you win, you have to be for something instead of bitching about everything. And once you are for something, it better not be something cray-cray or your side will be out on the street soon.  That means moderation and putting away childish things - like Teahad.  All of which do not bode well for the true believers - via RedState:
success will paper over deep problems for Republicans. Its consultants, though they want to win, have structured a system whereby they make millions even in a loss. Many will be heralded as political geniuses when they would otherwise be seen as second rate hucksters and con-artists. Frankly, there are too many consultants and aides in the GOP in Washington who, were they not successful, would probably be in jail for fraud, assault, or worse.

But in structuring a system where they win even if they lose, they have managed to paper over their abusive behavior toward female interns, donors, constituents, and often even candidates. Should things go well for the GOP, all will be forgotten and many who should be removed from the process will further embed into the system.

Papering over their issues too will be evangelical conservatives. Many of them have grown worried about the direction of the country. They have made an idol of it. More interested in the nation than their faith, they’ve decided to enact their faith through their politics. They will get a reprieve.

Hiding under the paper declaring Republican victories, they will grow complacent again with a Republican Party that is moving further and further from their values. Nationally, the rich donors the establishment listens to more often worship Mammon than God. This will affect Republicans long term....When I survey what is shaping up to be a wondrous election for the GOP, I fear there will be so much boasting that the party, its base, and the faithful will ignore the rot and feed their pride. Victory can heal much that ails the party, but it can, like in 2010, just paper over issues that still must be dealt with.
This is why a Full Metal Teahad is needed instead of the path chosen by sneaky RINOs using consultants (who probably should be in jail) to distract people from the eternal truth of conservatism. This path will only lead to the doom of the party and probably to hell too.  And that can't be good. If you think that Georgia is a hellscape, it ain't got nothing on the real pits of hell.....and by the real pits of hell, I mean the type of moderation that sneaky RINOs gin up using consultants (who probably should be in jail). 

But that is the likely course for the GOP in 2016. A RINO will be nominated again (sigh) and he won't spend enough time telling true believers what they want to hear. If RINOism is likely result from a GOP victory in the midterms this basically just means that winning is really just losing.

But I could be wrong and the cray-cray could win the day.

Monday, October 27, 2014

New Improved Jim Crow Now with 90% Less Evil than Old Jim Crow, cntd!!!

Over at Powerline Blog, a Jim Crow Advocate Points to a awesome new Study to justify New Jim Crow Laws.

According to the study - which was no doubt conducted by over-educated bi-coastal elitists who ordinarily should not be trusted AT ALL, because everyone knows that these know-it-alls just basically make shit up - a small number of non-citizens tend to vote in national elections each year. In close elections, this means they they'll likely not be voting for the party which tends to paint itself as intolerant and angry and at times sort of creepy. So that sucks.

This revelation does not mean that we should implement a national ID card to prevent non-citizens from voting. No, of course not. Something like this would undoubtedly lead to UN guards being posted in front of your house, a ban on tinfoil hats, porterhouse steaks being confiscated on sight and of course mandatory gay marriage.  Hell if you're gonna have a National ID administered by the UN, you gotta dance to their tune.

Nope we cannot do any of that shit. This new study only goes to demonstrate that new Jim Crow Measures to reduce the wrong kinds of citizens from voting are like totally justified because of ACORN and stuff. Shocking, I know, considering that voter ID laws do nothing to  prevent non-residents with a drivers license from voting. That's because these laws are in fact designed to prevent citizens without drivers' licenses from voting.

But this point from powerline sounds about right:
How extensive is voter-fraud, especially among non-citizens? Just bring up the question, or suggest we need to have voter-ID at the polls like every other advanced democracy, and the answer will be instantly supplied: You’re a racist.
Its not our fault if large numbers of these right wingers are racists. Really its not because we did not come up with that line about the shoe fitting and such. You know if it fits - it fits.

Just look at the wingnet.

Friday, October 24, 2014

GOP 2016 - Because its never too early for the cray-cray, cntd

And Huckmentum gets ready to crank up:
Now given what happened to the GOP nominating process the last two presidential cycles, there may be an early effort among Christian Right leaders or Constitutional Conservatives generally to unite around a single candidate. And while he has the right credentials Huck doesn't currently have the kind of "It" factor possessed by Ted Cruz, who has the added advantage of a deranged father willing to come right out and say the scary things most Christian Right types merely imply, in public at least. Rick Perry's another competitor for this constituency, if he can avoid the process-servers and convince opinion-leaders he deserves a second chance. Ben Carson's already the favored candidate of the Glenn Beck faction of Con Cons. Bobby Jindal's more conventional and appeals to the same impulse to find a minority champion for White Identity Politics. Rand Paul not only has a strong Iowa base, but also a loyal following among the more consistently anti-government Christian Right folk, including some militant homeschoolers. And Rick Santorum won a lot of the same support in Iowa in 2012 that Huck won in 2008, though you don't get the sense too many people are pining for a second act.

It may well be that the leadership of the hard right will let Iowans winnow the field of acceptable candidates and then unite around the most successful survivor. If that's so, Huck's got a better chance than most.
So it is not surprising that the highly territorial Evangelical leg of the traditional three legged stool would want one of their own to have a shot at winning. With that said one of the other legs of the three legged stool - The hyper-aggressive The Tea Party - Ayn Rand Wing do not trust Good Ol' Huck. For the Tea Party, the fact that Good ol' Huck has read the New Testament and has not rejected it out right as a bunch of tree-hugging, sandle wearing BS has disqualified him in the past.

If anything, and assuming that ol' Huck gets some momentum it will be somewhat amusing watching the Third Leg of the stool - The Extremely Devious RINOs unite with their Teahadist antagonists to beat down poor ol' Huck - because there is a natural order to things. The RINO belongs on top.  Those other guys need to be satisfied with their station in life.

AGAIN and Again, Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe demonstrates (sigh) why he can't find a job in the real world

Writing today about the Kenyan Strongman's decision to not to double-quarantine Africa:
It's a wingnut and it's golden
I fear that it will require that a number of Americans will have to die in anguish and that the American people will have to become enraged. I have seen a great deal of foolishness in the course of my life, but never have I seen anything to compare with the irresponsibility of our current President.
Its the Derangment Syndrome. Without FEMA run camps to quarantine him to send him to for much needed treatment, there really is no hope for the poor devil.

Anyway this is Golden Wingnut Territory.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Right Wing Professor Demonstrates (again) why he can't find a job at a Real University

If you ever read a post on a right wing blog in which the author wonders why he never gets hired for that next Professorship at a real college, you pretty much know the answer. I mean it like the dude has all the credentials and years of experience albeit its at right wing think tanks and conservative counter culture colleges, but nobody returns his calls about the latest job opening.

But its really no secret why this happen. The winger is likely barking mad and has no self awareness. So that's a problem that begets more problems. Its kinda like a death spiral. But unlike the one that was supposed to bring down Obamacare, this one is real. And much is the same with the latest rant from Right Wing Professor Paul Rahe castigating Barack Obama as the new George Wallace:
A few days ago, an article appeared in Pravda-on-the-Hudson, reporting that pollsters had told the White House that, if there is not a huge African-American turnout on the first Tuesday this November, the Democrats are cooked.

In the meantime.... it looks as if the grand jury is about to issue a report, exonerating Wilson [for shooting Micheal Brown in Ferguson, MO] and it looks as if that is the right call. ... In the meantime, of course, the NAACP in ... Louis and the local black politicians, seconded by radicals ... have been hyping racial tensions in Missouri.

We could be in for riots — especially if Barack Obama and his henchman Eric Holder decide to roll the dice. Early on, they played this event for everything it was worth politically — in much the same way that they played George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin. I would not be surprised if, in the next few days, they roll the racial dice again. After all, Barack Obama is the African-American answer to George Wallace.

But, of course, rolling those dice could backfire. People who have been tricked by you in the past get really, really angry when you try to trick them again, and Barack Obama has pulled stunts of this sort time and again.
So this is another example why this cat can't land a real job. If you can't see the world through the eyes of others with different experiences, backgrounds, etc., how can you even begin to explain the how the world works to children - in a way that they can understand. You can't and you shouldn't be in a position to do so.

You can angrily call Pres. Obama a thug or Eric Holder an evil Henchman. You can see dark conspiracies around every corner. You can convince yourself that a Romney Landslide and political re-alignment is imminent -  if only Romney would take to the airwaves and explain to the American public that a vote for Romney is a vote to  repudiate Woodrow Wilson - a guy who was president 100 years ago. And as much as conservatives tell themselves that the 8-hour work day for railworkers and a ban on children labor was when all hell started to break loose in America, I don't think the public would see it that way or even (yawn) give you an audience.

You can write angry blog posts addressed to an audience of the disaffected, the honestly confused and looking for answers and to a bunch of  poor miserably angry bastards that really only  just want to watch things burn. But what you can't do is get a real job in the real world. 

Poor Devil. He really belongs in a FEMA run camp.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Arsonist Apologist wonders why people don't have more confidence in the Fire Marshall

Deep Thoughts with Peggy Noonan:
Saturday morning I was thinking of Pascal, as who was not. He had a mordant observation about the physicians of his time. Doctors in those days dressed fancy—long robes, tall hats. From memory: Why do doctors wear tall hats? Because they can’t cure you.

Why do public health officials speak in public as they do, with the plonking bureaucratic phrases and the air of windy evasion? Because they can’t cure you. Because they don’t really know what they’re doing. I think they are reassured by their voices, like children who wake up from a nightmare and say in the darkness, “That’s not true.”
If scores of people begin over the next few weeks going to hospital emergency rooms with Ebola, how many of their doctors, nurses, orderlies, office staffers, communications workers and technicians would continue to report to their jobs? All of them at first, then most of them. But as things became more ragged, pressured and dangerous, would they continue?

This is why people are concerned. They can imagine how all this could turn south so fast, with only a few hundred cases. This is why the White House claims that we will not have a widespread breakout is fatuous: Even a limited breakout would take us into uncharted territory.

The only thing that will calm the public is competence. Until they see it, warnings about hysteria will be experienced as patronizing and deeply self-serving.
Of course we know that the conservative of past 30 odd years if not the Tea Party mission of the moment has been to reduce the size of government to where it could be drown in a bathtub. To accomplish this mission, it is not only important to undermine funding of critical agencies but also to attack public trust in these institutions by doing such things as lambasting Bear DNA research or volcano monitoring - "do climate scientist really know anything, or they just guessing like the rest of us - the reasonable people on Foxnews think so."

And so it goes when a public emergency arises. Very serious people ask "why am I so scared. I mean I am so consumed by fear that I hardly have any time to spending fear mongering."  Can you really trust what the fire marshal is saying in the midst of this kind of a crisis.

But then the storm passes and the very agencies that the public looks to prevent public health issues are back under assault with very serious people taking time from writing about Benghazi or Solyndra or the Obamaquester to defend tea party kamikaze missions. "It is so very mean spirited to refer to them as arsonists. These are people that have good and patriotic hearts. Its just that the government seems out of control to them. Its no wonder that they feel that way."

And the beat goes on.