Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If I had a Brother in Jail and Another Brother in Georgia.... I'd bust the One Outta Georgia First

A provision in the Health Insurance Reform bill requires dependent coverage up to age 26 has outraged denizens of the Wingnut-O-sphere. Whoa really outrageous, right?

Case in point, here's R. Stacy McCain:

Twenty-six. Think about that. If you're 18 and really serious about getting health-care coverage, here's a suggestion: Join the Marine Corps.

Not only will the Marines provide you with health care, but you also get free food, free housing, free clothing and free travel to exotic countries where you can actually get paid to kill foreigners.

How cool is that, dude? Not to mention, chicks dig that whole muscular-guy-in-a-uniform thing.

So turn off your gaming console, get your lazy butt off the sofa, go to your nearest Marine Corps recruiting station and sign up today. If the taxpayers are going to give you slackers free health-care, at least you should earn it the old-fashioned way: Killing foreigners.

A real sweet heart ain’t he?

I tell you Georgia is known for some of your more unpleasant varieties of Wingnuttus-Americanus for a damn good reason. Example: Erick Erickson, Rep. Paul Broun, Rep Tom Price, Gingrich, that tea bag guy that may have accidentally taken down Senator Inhofe with theological friendly fire and now Stacy.

Hell for all we know, that Teabag Guy may actually be R Stacy McCain. Can't tell for sure.

UPDATE: I just have to add Zellephant Miller and Three Commandments Westmoreland for good measure.

It is so bad in Georgia that Erick Erickson (on the list) is proposing to break out the guillotine to get rid of the GOP dead wood in Georgia. The suck factor is sky high.

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  1. Not bad, not bad, I especially agree as to the characterization of Gingrich, who has become somewhat of a cow of late.